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One Year Later

Note: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Spurge Laurel, happy birthday to you. Hope you all enjoy this one year anniversary celebration chapter, and thank you for all the support I have received. Here's to another great year!

"Aaah~, mmmm, husband," Daphne moaned out around the long, coarse tongue that was plundering her mouth. She was pinned against the cold, hard cave floor, boxed in by the large dragon on top, around, and inside her. He was just so much larger, his form completely concealed her from the outside world. He was like power incarnate, and as Daphne felt his monstrous cock churn the buckets of cum he had already deposited within her inflated stomach she knew she was in deep.

His immovable frame, feeling like the face of a cliff to her soft fingers as she desperately clawed at his back in her pleasure. His unstoppable vigour as he rutted into her and his other wives with no hint of reprieve or respite. His fierce yellow eyes, that would glare unblinkingly at the world and yet meet her gaze with such tender love. Even his rough, sandpapery skin would bring her pleasure when he crushed her against him, her tits smooshing against his chest, sensitive nipples being rubbed raw. Though with her current lactating state, the land shark's skin was more often than not lubricated by a thin film of clear white liquid.

Garchomp untangled his tongue from around Daphne's and pulled back to stare down at her. The girl's black hair was fanned out around her head like a halo, and her blue eyes were glazed and unseeing, her mouth hanging open and tongue sticking out as she panted. In his eyes, she appeared as an angel. Oh how glad he was that he had approached the entrancing human that stumbled upon his desert lair all that time ago. The only way Daphne could be any better, was if her belly was rounded out with his spawn. And that was something Garchomp had no qualms about making happen.

She had already given birth to one clutch of healthy and promising offspring. Three young Gibles that shared his unique colouration. And if the powerful dragon had his way, they would only be the first of many. Currently the children were out learning to hunt from Weavile, while Gardevoir oversaw. Not that he didn't trust Weavile, all his mates were strong and they treated the Gibles as their shared progeny. However, his only son was a precocious little snapper, and was prone to getting into situations he couldn't easily escape from if he wasn't carefully watched. Not that the two daughters weren't handfuls either. Stubborn, prideful, and completely entitled.

Pride and exasperation warred in Garchomp's heart, but he knew that his children would learn in time. Soon they would be capable enough to leave and find their own lairs. His bloodline would spread to all corners of the continent, and then beyond. He growled, and began thrusting into his mate with even more ferocity. All this thinking was reminding him of the day she laid their eggs, the best day of his already incredible life.


It could have been any other day in Garchomp's cavernous lair until Daphne called out excitedly that she felt the eggs moving within her. In a flurry of movement the three pokemon got her situated comfortably against the back wall, as far from the entrance as possible in case of any unfriendly visitors. Garchomp knew that he should be standing guard, but he wanted to be there for this. He had never felt so nervous before. All he knew was how to fight and fuck, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. But damn did she look so hot sitting there with her legs spread wide open, caressing her rounded tummy with such a gentle, happy expression.

Weavile stood beside him, with different thoughts running through her head. It was so unfair! She should be the one carrying the eggs, her! She was strong, second only to the Alpha himself! And yet her claws rested on a flat stomach, and no matter how hard she tried Garchomp's seed never quickened within her. Daphne promised that the children would be all of theirs equally, that they would all be parents together. But Weavile saw the way the dragon would look at the human. Maybe if she was able to bear him more young, he would look at her the same way.

Gardevoir was sat beside Daphne, the wispy pokemon tenderly holding one of Daphne's hands between her own. This was a big moment for the small group, and the physic type was getting a little choked up herself. Sure, she wasn't the one to personally put those eggs inside Daphne, but she knew that without her those eggs would never have gotten there in the first place. To see her beloved trainer give birth to her children, even if they weren't technically hers, was a dream come true for greenette.

Daphne for her part sits back, cradling her belly with one hand and returning Gardevoir's hold asAwith the other, and smiles widely up at her husband and sister-wife. For months she had felt the eggs steadily grow within her, grinding against each other and the walls of her womb. She was so excited for this to finally be happening. She couldn't wait to hold her children in her arms and shower them with love. And then the contractions started.

It began as a simple cramp, then spread like wildfire throughout her core, intensifying as it went until she felt like her whole middle was being ripped apart. Daphne cried out in pain, her lovers watching her with worried eyes. She could feel one of the eggs drop towards her dilating cervix to press against the slowly opening ring. It was too much! Too thick! At least one and half times the girth of Garchomps cock. There was no way it would fit! And the pain!

Daphne howled, throwing her head back. She didn't want to do this anymore. She didn't like this. What happened to her? How did she go from a well-renowned trainer with a promising career to some broodmare living out of a cave? Tears rolled down her face as she thought about her mother whom she missed dearly and her good friends who were probably worried sick about her. And Arceus! Greninja, Charizard, and Gengar! Whatever became of her loyal team?

There were too many things wrong with this situation, she had to get out. But how? The pokemon had her trapped in this cave, and even if they weren't blocking the exit, she had no clue where she was. She had none of her gear on her, having been stripped completely bear, and her stomach was ballooned outwards with three heavy eggs to weigh her down. And that was completely neglecting the contractions currently wracking her frame like hot searing lightning bolts of pain.

Before Daphne's thoughts could run away with her, Gardevoir noticed the panic in her eyes and recognized it as not coming from parental jitters. She caught the humans head, on hand on either temple, and forcibly turned her so their eyes met. Immediately, Daphne stilled, her body stopping its twitching, her arms no longer scrambling for purchase. Instead she simply stared deeply into Gardevoir's red eyes, as if drinking in something the pokemon was all too happy to provide. The psychic cooed, rubbing a finger against her love's cheek with a smile. All was better now.

Why would she ever want to leave the cave, Daphne found herself thinking. That wouldn't be an escape, that would be abandoning those who cared about her. Wasn't she the one who begged and pleaded for Garchomp to knock her up? Didn't she celebrate for a week when they confirmed that his seed had taken within her? And did she not sit both Gardevoir and Weavile down and made a promise that these children would be all three of theirs equally, that they were family now?

Through the sudden calm and devotion that that gazing into Gardevoir's eyes instilled in her, the woman felt the egg press more insistently against her cervix but she was too enthralled to notice. However, there was no way she could not notice when it slipped through, her ring spreading wider than it ever had before to accommodate the passage. Daphne gasped, her breath knocked out of her as her muscles worked in rhythm to try to push out the large orb. Deep breaths in and out, guided by Gardevoir, as she has yet to tear her eyes away.

Slowly the egg makes its way down her birth canal, its progress trackable from the outside as a visible lump separates from her rounded belly. It does not make it very far before it gets stuck, the muscles trying to push it out constricting so tight around it so as to be counterproductive. Daphne whimpers, a flare of pain shooting through her before she is quickly shushed by Gardevoir. But the egg still wouldn't move.

Garchomp growled, uneasy at seeing his favourite mate in pain. This was supposed to be a happy occasion. He taps Weavile with his tail, and when she looks up at him he nods towards Daphne. For a moment it seemed like Weavile was going to complain, but instead she simply nodded back and kneeled down between the human's spread legs. A deep rumble started in the dragon's chest as he appreciated the view of her backside as she leaned over to get right up against Daphne's cunt.

Weavile could immediately see the source of the problem. Despite the fierce and near constant abuse Daphne's pussy has undergone in the past few months, it still somehow retained it's virgin tightness. The ice type gently slipped a single claw inside, carefully not to cut any of the delicate tissue on the razor sharp edge, and moved her mouth over to the woman's clit. With a roll of her eyes at the fragileness of humans, she began to lightly suck and lap at the sensitive bundle of nerves, working her claw in and out of the crushingly tight hole. As the entrance began to slick with the first evidence of Daphne's pleasure, Weavile slipped in a second claw, then the third, curling her hand up into a ball, moving it faster and faster.

Her tongue worked in circles around the clit, rough tongue scraping the flesh for added friction. It was not long before Daphne began to moan, her earlier pain forgotten. Something about the situation—Garchomp watching as Weavile ate her out and fingered her, his eggs inside her and ready to come out, and Gardevoir's arms around her and presence in her head—made the pleasure so much greater, so much more real than she had ever felt it before. This was it, she now knew. This was what she wanted from her life. All she desired.

A scream rips its way out of her, yet this one is not of pain but of ecstasy. Her whole body spasms, having to be held down by the combined efforts of Gardevoir and Weavile as she has her most powerful orgasm to date, squirting evidence of it all over the dark type's face. The rush of liquid along with the rippling of her cunt walls sends the first egg gliding down her pussy, quickly reaching her opening. The tip becomes visible, its deep blue colour a strong contrast to Daphne's pink lips, which stretch wider and wider as the thickest section of the eggs forces its way through a hole that was never meant to accept such a large insertion.

Before Daphne's orgams even ends, the egg slips out with a wet pop, falling into Weavile's waiting hands. Her pussy, gapped and clenching around air climaxes once more as the sensation of being ripped so wide open becomes too much for Daphne to bear, the orgams now doubling up. She has no chance to rest, however, as she feels the second egg push past her cervix into her anticipating canal.

Daphne's eyes roll up into the back of her head and she loses control of her limbs, shuddering with unending, world-shattering orgasms when the second egg barely makes it halfway before the third starts to push its way down. She falls fully into Gardevoir's embrace, letting all her worries wash away in a sea of bliss.


Daphne's arms moved to the back of Garchomp's neck, trying to pull his head back down to continue their kiss while her legs locked behind his back, just below his dorsal fin. But trying to make the earth dragon move was akin to trying to move a mountain, and no matter how much Daphne tugged and whined, he would not go flush with her. Partially to tease her. Garchomp knew she liked this position best, when she was fully encased by him. But it was good for her to not always get everything she wanted.

Another reason was that this position was damn uncomfortable to maintain. He was not meant to curl up that much. Not to mention that thrusting deeply was near impossible. No, there was a time for slow love-making, taking his time to enjoy Daphne's body, and there was a time for brutal fucking to knock up his bitch. And at that moment, his testicles were brimming with virile spunk waiting to be unloaded.

Garchomp raised his chest to be vertical, easily breaking out of Daphne's holed even as she cried out for him to come back to her. With a rumbling chuckle, he hooked one arm behind her hips, and while she was still impaled on his rod he lifted her up and spam her around before dropping her back down. Daphne landed on hands and knees, immediately wiggling her butt as much as she could with the rigid dragon cock inside her.

He used his claws to gently spread her ass cheeks, letting her do the work for now of pushing herself back and forth. Her anus winked at him, the puckered virgin hole tempting him to plunder it the same way he had the others. Maybe someday. For now, Garchomp satisfied himself with just sticking the tip of a claw in, working it back and forth before pulling to the side, letting him see inside slightly. It would take a lot of effort to fit his massive cock in such a tight hole, and it wasn't something he was willing to try without Gardevoir nearby.

The hammer headed pokemon slipped his claw out of her ass, instead hooking both on either side of her waist. Daphne looked back at him from over her shoulder, a coy smile across her face. She knew what was coming, and was visibly eager to get demolished. That was enough to get Garchomp to pull out until only his tip remained within her, before ramming himself forwards at full power, letting out a roar of triumph.

Daphne's whole body was knocked forwards by the force of his thrust, his hold on her hips the only thing keeping her from flying away. Below, her milk engorged tits swayed, dripping her milk onto the cave floor. But the first thrust was only a harbinger of things to come, as Garchomp wasted no time before setting a punishing rhythm, his groin smashing into Daphne's ass with loud smacks that left the pale flesh red and stinging. Not that the woman was in any state to complain. Head tossed back and tongue hanging out, spittle would fly out of her open mouth each time the dragon connected with her.

No matter how many times it occurred, it was always a marvel to witness Garchomp go to town on Daphne. The seven foot dragon just seemed far too big for the just over five foot girl, and yet she somehow took him down to the base, her lips stretching absurdly wide around his girth it looked as though they would tear from the insertion. As if that was not enough, her slim frame would get grossly distorted with the impression of the dragon's pole poking out her flesh from within. Not that much of his cock was visible this time because of how much her stomach was already rounded out by the cum trapped within her uterus, unable to escape past her battered cervix with Garchomp's crown in the way.

He hammered away, being much more rough than he would have a year ago. Daphne's body had gotten used to his penetration, at least so much as it could. Pliant, giving, and elastic. Garchomp loved how every time he fucked her pussy it was as tight as the first time, but would quickly mold to take his shape without losing that crushing grip. She was the perfect mate: fully compatible and utterly subservient.

"H-Aaa-Husband," Daphne's voice pulled him out of his reverie, and he stopped his thrusts to allow her to catch her breath. It seemed she had something to say beyond just moans and screams. But as he stilled, Daphne whined and shook her hips. "No, don't stop! Harder, please! Give me everything!"

And this was why this woman was supreme breeding stock. She was so utterly devoted to him that if it were up to her they would have sex nonstop, twenty four seven, and he would be as rough as he wanted even as her body feel apart around him. Well, no reason to waste her eagerness. Garchomp regained his previous pace, and then turned it up to eleven, showing absolutely no mercy to Daphne's pussy, making her cry out her pleasure.

He reached out with one claw and hooked it on the inside of her cheek through her open mouth, pulling her head back. Immediately he felt her tongue come up and start to lap at the end his appendage as she stared up at him from below her brow. It was nice to see her face and the worship in her eyes, but if she still had enough cognitive function to swirl her tongue so delicately around his razor sharp talon, then he was clearly not going hard enough.

Garchomp stared down at her, unblinking yellow eyes captivating bright blues, as he slowly drew himself out of her. With each extracted inch she would mewl and squirm, trying to wiggle her hips back into him but unable to with one of his scythe-like arms holding her in place. Her mouth closed around his claw, suckling at tip with pouty lips, her lashes fluttering at him. The dragon couldn't help but laugh, the earthy rumble echoing off the walls of the cave. If only she knew exactly what he had in store for her.

When only the head of his penis remained inside of her, the wide crown of the tip stretching and pulling at her pussy lips as it lightly tugged at them, Garchomp reversed his course. Once more he sunk base deep into Daphne's depths, the collision of his muscular frame against her pert bottom sending her flesh jiggling, pendulous breasts swaying, Her mouth opened in a silent cry, spittle sent launching by simple physics, and eyes rolling up. Her tongue went slack, lolling up and down like a dog's, but Garchomp was not finished just yet.

He proceeded at an unforgiving pace, knocking Daphne this way and that as he used her body as a fleshlight. Just a toy to use for his own pleasure. A warm, tight hole to treat as his cum dump. Just the way she liked it. She clenched even tighter around the cock gouging her out, cumming with a full body shudder. Garchomp could feel her walls spasm around his cock, constricting the steel hard pole. Maybe to push it out, maybe to not let it escape. Either way, Garchomp wasn't about to let that stop him.

He kept going, pushing through her climax, not stopping for an instant. Even as she cried out, a long, piercing shriek before her head dropped, held up by his claw hooking her chin. Even as her arms gave out and her body dropped, held up by his claw hooking her waist. He just continued rutting into her. And when her orgasm faded, the woman panting and groaning as her over sensitive sex was brutalized, Garchomp's hips kept pumping. And when she tipped over the edge once more, cumming even harder than before and spraying their legs with her juices, Garchomp did not falter.

The dragon was a fucking machine with only one thought. She wanted more, so he was going to make her eat those words, just like he was making her cunt eat his dick. The pokemon was hellbent on this. Daphne could just get him going in a way neither of his other two mates could. There was no way he could have predicted this when he was just a little Gible approaching a strange and beautiful newcomer in the badlands, but that was undoubtedly his best decision ever as it led to him being wrapped sung by this delicious breeding box.

Garchomp was channeling all his lust and desire accumulated over the entire time Daphne had been his trainer. Every time they had a training session, and she would demand more and more from him due to her high standards, all he could think about while running drills was bending her over and drilling her tight pussy. And here they were, just as he imagined. But it seemed like at least one part of their old dynamic remained because she was still demanding more from him. Well, now he was going to show her that she couldn't handle more.

The dual type sped up, his hips a blur as they thrashed back and forth against Daphne's ass in less of a rhythm and more of a drone, the smacking of flesh sounding continuous. The woman hung in his grip, completely limp. Her rounded, cum stuffed belly jiggled and wobbled under the tumultuous assault, and each time it collided with her milk engorged tits on their down swing it would result in a squirt of liquid out her nipples into the growing puddle on the ground below.

Would that he could pound his mate forever, but he was not Dialga and so time did not heel at his command. Nonetheless, he was a proud dragon all the same; his defeat would not be quiet.

Garchomp's arms raised to the heavens as he reared back—his prodigious prodder hilted within Daphne such that the tip was so deep in her womb the impression of it could be made out through her flesh just below her breasts—and roared his release. The cave shook with the fury of his call, the ground heading its master, even when no command was issued. And Daphne shook with it, her cheek against the floor with her tits cushioning her chest as she collapsed without Garchomp holding her up.

His cock throbbed, growing even thicker, making Daphne raise one feeble hand to her navel as she felt her insides expand and shift to make room. Then it exploded, spraying forth so much jizz that her already bloated gut blew up even more, the woman screaming as she was spent spiraling into her own climax, fleshy cunt walls milking every last drop from her draconic lover. Garchomp grunted, feeling her orgasm once more around him as he came in her baby chamber, unloading a continuous stream of virile pokeseed. If she hadn't already been carrying his next brood, then she surely was now.

As more and more sperm flooded into her overworked womb, the pressure continued climbing until it proved too great, even for the tight seal made by her cervix's crushing grip around Garchomp's girthy cock. Strands of cum seeped through, making their way down her stuffed channel and out to the open air. It started with a slow trickle, a creamy white drop every few, but it quickly grew into a waterfall of semen. The cum trailed down her ass cheeks and thighs to pool on the floor, merging with the milk already present there.

When he was done, Garchomp began drawing out, satisfied for now, but as his dick was slipping out of Daphne's cunt the walls clamped down with a vice grip, not allowing him to move. She panted, too exhausted to even raise her head, so instead in a tired whisper that was just barely audible, voice raspy from her previous screaming, Daphne demanded, "More. Please, give me more."

Immediately his softening dragonhood was revitalized, the restored firmness plugging her leaking hole. Arceus, she was such a little minx. Garchomp knew he should save some for when Weavile and Gardevoir get back or they'll nag and complain at him, but he just couldn't help himself when it came to Daphne. With a pleased grumble he began rolling his hips, starting slow as her soft walls crushed his still sensitive cock in their clenching grasp.

Below him, Daphne moaned as she felt him restart his thrusting. This was the life. It had been a year since the woman had submitted herself to her Master, and he had been such a good husband to her and father to their children that she could not help but want to do something special as a treat for him. She had an idea, but for that she would need her phone. Hopefully someone still remembered where they had left her bag. With any luck, it would still be there.

The last thing Anna expected when she woke up that morning was to get a phone call from her friend Daphne who had gone missing about a year ago. The whiplash she had gotten from running through such a large gamut of emotions had still not passed. They had searched for her for so long, and now finally she was back. Or at least, back in contact with Anna. While on the phone, Daphne had told her that she was taking care of some pokemon, but it was a delicate situation best discussed in person.

That almost certainly meant one of three things: a group of shinies, a legendary, or even an as of yet undiscovered pokemon. It explained why Daphne had been staying in a remote cave in some out of the way forest for a year, but why had she only chosen to call now? Couldn't she at least have sent a message letting people know she was fine? Anna shook her head and sighed in exasperation. Her friend had always been intense, putting her all into whatever caught her fancy at the expense of everything else, often even her own health. Hopefully when Anna found her she wouldn't find an emaciated skeleton with heaps of research notes.

She had made quick time flying to the forest Daphne had directed her to atop her Dragonair, but with poor reception and only vague coordinates, the redhead was having a bit of trouble locating the cave Daphne was using as her main base. Two hours of hiking through the woods left her annoyed and short of breath. She was a lab researcher these days, and no longer went out into the field. Daphne better have found something groundbreaking to have disappeared on everyone for a year than dragged her out here with whispers of secrecy.

A new noise startled Anna, one she hadn't heard yet during her trek. Could it be the pokemon Daphne was taking care of? As she tracked the noise, getting closer, Anna realized it was less one distinct sound and more of a conglomerate, as if there was a group of various pokemon. And was that—yes it was! English! There was a human there! It must have been Daphne!

Anna picked up the pace, no longer being as careful about where she stepped. She'd been so worried, and now she could finally give Daphne a piece of her mind before looking over whatever notes her friend had collected so far. It was good that Daphne knew who to contact first when it came to pokemon research. Anna saw the trees starting to thin up ahead and slowed down somewhat, being more cautious. She didn't want to frighten whatever pokemon were there in case they were skittish. Likely they had not had exposure to humans beyond Daphne, who barely counted.

The redhead stepped out into a small clearing around a cave entrance in a mound she would have totally missed from the air. However the intricacies of her surroundings were lost on her as she took in the scene before her. Standing tall and proud at over seven feet was a shiny Garchomp easily identifiable as the one belonging to her friend, the pokemon she was always showing off. But this time the dragon was showing off on his own. A massive, throbbing, near two feet of pulsing, red dickmeat sticking straight out of his groin, being lavished from both sides by two sets of tongues.

On his left knelt the elegant and svelte Gardevoir, her wispy arms wrapped around the pillar of hard flesh like the drowning cling to flotsam. The psychic pokemon moved her head around the cock placing audible kisses here, giving a suckle there, and rubbing her face all over it, coating her cheek in a fine sheen of precum and saliva. She looked less like a graceful fairy and more like a cumslut whore with no thoughts going through her mind beyond getting railed.

And on Garchomp's right stood the fierce and nimble Weavile, running her clawed hands up and down the pebbled cock that was at least as long as her own torso. The dark type was licking back and forth along the whole length, her sandpaper like tongue tugging on the skin and getting caught on the blunted spikes. She looked less like an apex predator and more like a cumdump fucktoy who couldn't wait to have her insides reshaped.

But what really caught Anna's eyes was her friend Daphne standing a few feet away, with a Gible resting on each hip suckling away at her engorged breasts. A third stood on the ground, hugging her legs and jumping, clearly waiting for its own turn. Daphne turned away from the debauched scene before her and saw Anna standing there in shock.

"Anna! You came!"

She carefully set down the two Gibles, the young dragons wailing their displeasure, and drifted over to the stupefied newcomer. "Oh, you have no idea how excited I am to see you," Daphne said as she wrapped Anna in a hug, "You're going to be so happy here with us, and when you feel Garchomp's babies growing in you—I promise you you've never experienced something more fulfilling."

"Wha—Daphne!" Anna broke out of the embrace and stepped away, "What are you saying!"

Daphne giggled and kneeled down to put her arms around the Gibles that had gathered around her, "Couldn't you tell? These three are mine!" Then she moved her hand over her stomach, "And I've got a good feeling that another clutch is on its way."

"Daphne, what happened to you?"

"Same thing that's going to happen to you. I found love and my place in the world."

Without Anna noticing, the three grown pokemon had stopped what they were doing and walked over, splitting up to box the woman in. She looked from one to the other, her eyes shifting from her old friend, to the menacing Garchomp, to the smirking Weavile, then to the straight-faced Gardevoir.

"Now come, won't you join me?"

There's more to come from this story in the future, as we still have yet to see what becomes of Anna. So you can expect two more scenes I had planned in a bonus chapter as I didn't finish them in time for the anniversary.

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