To Rise @the.samurai.prince
The Message

Meanwhile, above the clouds, one air-bender is riding his air bison while the animal flies through the air.

The air-bender, Aang, also known as the Avatar, was sitting on top of his air bison's head - named Appa – with his reins in his hands as he directed him through the skies, while his pet flying lemur-bat Momo was resting around his shoulders. Aang was wearing his traditional and custom-made orange Air Nomad clothing, complete with his pants, shirt, and boots. He was also taller and a little lanky, but he was built quite nicely, his muscles hiding in the sleeves of his shirt, and he still has that sweet looking face that he was born with. Looking straight ahead at the vast sky, he looked contemplative as he thought about certain things that happened.

Yesterday, he solved a couple of villages' dilemmas, and he stayed at the Southern Air Temple for the night. He hadn't been to his old home in a long while and he would like to reflect on his old life at the Air Nomad territory one-hundred and sixteen years ago.

He frowned a bit.

Ever since he heard about the possibility of air-benders being alive, he looked everywhere, to the Earth Kingdom and to the Air Temples. He even tried the Fire Nation for a while and went to the Northern and Southern Water Tribes for a bit. He was really going on blind leads, and it was making him tired. But he still has to hold onto hope; the Air Acolytes must've seen something to indicate that there were still more air-benders around.

Although, it made his way of communicating with his friends a problem...especially with Katara.

Aang winced. He really didn't want Katara to think he was avoiding her...she has to know that this was important to him, right?

To be fair, he spends time with his friends on special occasions, such as the time they spent his birthday on Ember Island and on festivals, even surprise visits. They all seem to understand what he has to do. However, Katara seems a little irritated when he goes off to travel when he's finding air-benders.

'I haven't even spent time with her, actually...' Aang thought to himself. Sadly, the reality of it was that being the Avatar certainly eats away your time. The only time he ever saw the gang this year was at his birthday...

He shook his head, 'I really got to make it up to her.'

Either way, he spent the night at the Southern Air Temple to reflect on what has happened after the war during these years. People have grown up, as well as he. No longer the carefree young boy, as he turned into a teenager with responsibilities. Not only he, but everyone else had responsibilities as well. Zuko had a nation to rule, Sokka was lieutenant while Katara was an ambassador at the Southern Water Tribe, Suki was still the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, and Toph had started a metal-bending school. Speaking of Toph, he thinks he's almost at her home converted into a school in Gaoling where he'll be picking her up to join the Gaang at the Fire Nation Capital City to celebrate the Summer Solstice Festival.

Aang smiled at the thought of his earth-bending friend. It had been a while since she last saw her at his fifteen birthday party at the South Pole, and he was glad to see her once more at his sixteenth birthday party at Ember Island last week. Heck, it even meant a lot to him that she would even take a boat to travel over to his birthdays, considering that she hates riding on boats. This time on this occasion though, she'll be flying on Appa with him, which she's very grateful for since he suggested it back at the party.

And just like everyone else, she changed as well...

The Avatar blinked as he blushed, remembering what she looked like when she came to his sixteenth birthday.

...Perhaps maybe...a little too much...physically.

Shaking his head at the thought, he briefly remembered that he's in a relationship with Katara and kept on flying. After about ten minutes of flying, he could see the city of Gaoling just a little bit below him.

Smiling that he reached his destination, Aang said, "Here we are, guys! Gaoling!"

Appa groaned in what appeared to be enthusiasm, while Momo awoke from his sleep on Aang's shoulders and stretched his whole body as he started to chatter away.

Aang chortled, "Me too! Come on, let's all go see Toph! Yip yip!"

As soon as Aang landed on the ground using his air-bending while getting off Appa, the air-bender heard a familiar female voice.

"Twinkletoes! It's about time you showed up!"

Aang directed his attention to the petite earth-bender that stood in front of her earth-bended home and school that she made for herself, hands on her hips as she's wearing a shorter version of her traditional green and yellow clothes, her pants being shorts and her shirt being short-sleeved. Her hair was still in a big bun that's held together by her headband that has the white puffballs on each side of her head, but her sideburns grew out into flowing strips.

Momo, upon seeing the female earth-bender, flew to her and landed on her shoulders. It almost startled Toph but she laughed as she soon recognized the chattering and furry body of the flying lemur-bat.

"Hey there, Fuzzball! Glad you missed me!" Toph said with a smile while Momo rubbed his head on her cheek.

The air-bender chuckled and smiled at his good friend, "Hey there, Sifu Toph! Hope you haven't been waiting too long!"

"Nah!" Toph snickered as she came up to him, "I can't tell what time it is anyway! I know it's daytime with the heat and all." she gave him a good punch on the arm, "So how's everything going with you, Twinkles?"

Aang chuckled as he rubbed his slightly sore arm that was just punched, "Busy. Just helped some villages with some problems while I was traveling yesterday."

"You still doing that?" Toph asked him with a raised eyebrow. "I mean the whole 'traveling around the world' bit?"

"Well...yeah. I, uh..." Aang faltered there as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Toph shook her head in pity, "You still think they're out there, do you?"

Aang slumped, "...Yeah."

Toph gave out a big sigh and looked about to say something, but Aang intervened, "Look, I know, but...I can't help but just hope, you know? I mean, you guys have always believed I could beat Ozai, that I give you guys hope, so...I can only hold onto my hope that there are some more air-benders out there."

The earth-bender's sightless gaze was on Aang as she stood there, her hands on her hips. Shaking her head again as she sighed, she said, "Well, I don't know for certain if it's true, so who am I to say that you can't hope on that? If you believe and hope that there are some more fancy bending air-benders out there, then go on ahead. I'm not stopping ya."

Aang smiled gratefully, "Thanks, Toph. I really appreciate that. And...I really don't care if it's a false hope. It just...makes me feel a little better about my circumstances, you know? It gives me almost feels like a spiritual journey, to be honest."

A smile formed on Toph's lips. "Hey, whatever makes your mind feel at ease. And who knows? Maybe you will find some someday. As Iroh always said," she did a poor imitation of Iroh, "Hope is a very powerful thing. If you hope on something with a positive outcome, it will surely come."

Aang laughed at her impersonation of the jolly old fire-bender, as did she. After his laughter subsided, he looked at Toph with an even grateful smile, "Really, thanks, Sifu Toph."

Toph chuckled as she punched his arm again, "Man, I just asked how were you doing and you get all deep on me! Some things never change, huh?"

"Pfft. You were the one who brought it up." Aang said, eyes rolling.

"Anyways, great to see ya, Twinkletoes!" Toph said as she started to scratch Momo on the head. "And you too, Fuzzball! And don't think I've forgotten about you, Hairball!" she teased Appa.

Appa groaned a hello.

Toph chortled, "Back at you! Well, what are we doing standing around here for? Let's get to the Fire Nation already!"

"Sure thing, Sifu Toph!" Aang said with a smile as he wrapped an arm around Toph's small waist. Both of her hands grabbed onto Aang by the neck, which her breasts were pressed against his chest.

Aang almost paused at the feeling, but his mind was already on autopilot when he air-jumped onto Appa. Once he softly landed on the air bison, he let go of Toph and said, "A-Alright, let's hit the road!" he then air jumped and landed on the top of Appa's head, grabbing his reins. "Yip yip!" he snapped them and Appa was soaring up and away.

Toph was sitting down onto the large saddle as they flew, not saying anything else. He seemed tense for some reason. She felt his heartbeat race when she held onto him...

She blinked her unseeing eyes. She then recalled that moment when her full breasts were on his chest...

Toph smirked knowingly. She then laid down on the saddle, the back of her head on her hands, while she crossed her leg and propped it on the other one as she relaxed. Momo jumped off her shoulders and laid on her stomach to relaxed as well.

Meanwhile, Aang looked onward to the sky, trying not to blush.

'...Yep. Toph's grown for other places.'

"So how are you and Sugar Queen?" Toph suddenly asked.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Aang asked, "Huh? Katara and I?"

"Uh, yeah, that's what I usually call her."

"Oh. Heh, uh, yeah. Um, we're doing great!"

Silence lingered...

"...Okay, well, what have you've been doing with her lately?" Toph asked once more.

"Say what?" Aang asked in surprise turning his head to her.

"Well, I got to know what my two good friends have been doing while we try to rebuild the world again."

"Oh! W-Well...we, uh, we-we saw each other at my birthday last week! She gave me a hug and we talked a little bit about what has happened with us, you know her being an ambassador now, and me...traveling a lot..." Aang faltered. He winced at how that sound, considering that Toph can read peoples voices. "We're..." he heaves a sigh, "...We're doing fine Toph, don't worry."

"From that sigh, you don't sound like you guys are."

"Look, we're not fighting, that's all that matters, you know?" Aang said in defense.

"Twinkles, a healthy relationship is when people do fight. Well, have quarrels if you want to be literal. They have to disagree on certain things so they can challenge each other. That's what makes a relationship stronger," Toph advised.

Aang blinked and turned his head to Toph again, " would you know?"

"I hung around Snoozles and Fan-Girl at times and they seem to be happy even when they get into a disagreement. And I hope you're not implying that I don't have any experience with relationships?" Toph said with slight annoyance.

Aang cringed, "No, no! I was just curious! I mean...oh, hey! How are you after...the, uh, break up with Kanto? I mean, are you two still...talking?"

Toph rolled her eyes, "Don't worry, you're not walking on thin ice with that one. And it's going really well, Twinkletoes. We reached an understanding and we just stayed friends. No big deal."

"Well...I can't believe he broke up with you. I bet any guy would be lucky to have you. You're the type of girl who knows how to have fun! Not to mention you're very pretty! And I mean that too, Toph!"

Toph was silent a couple of seconds until she chuckled, "Well, aren't you a charmer?"

Aang blushed a bit, "Well, I really do mean it. I don't know what Kanto was thinking when he broke up with you. In fact, I don't think he knows what he's missing out on!"

"Sheesh, what are you trying to do, make me blush?" Toph joked with a laugh.

Aang chuckled. "Well, it's true, Toph. You're a great gal."

Toph smiled, "You better know it." she went silent for a second, "...But don't beat up on him. We broke up because we just didn't click..." she muttered, "And he pointed out some other stuff..."

Aang frowned, "Well, I think you'll find yourself a good guy, Toph. Forget him. I know you're not one for being in close relationships, but...I'm certain you'll find and make someone happy. Don't sell yourself short. I bet you're the perfect girl in a lot of guys eyes."

Aang hadn't seen the blush that was on Toph's face. "...Thanks, Aang."

He turned his head to Toph again with a smile, "No problem!" he turned his head back to the sky ahead of him and felt a little bit sheepish, "You know...this made me realize that I need to be there for Katara. I mean, she basically needs someone by her side, and...I haven't really done my part for being there for her. I...I really want to make it up to her. Tell her that I'm sorry and that...I really care about her. I've been thinking too much about me,'s just not fair to her..." he frowned, "...Wow...I haven't really been a good boyfriend..."

Toph was silent.

Aang mulled it over some more, "...I think I'll talk to her when she comes to the Fire Nation tomorrow. I've...been doing a lot of thinking about Katara and I's relationship, and...I don't know, I...I just want to make it right somehow...I don't want her to think I'm avoiding her. I just..." he sighed in melancholy, "...I really need to make it up to her."

"...Realizing your mistakes is a good way to fix a relationship." Toph said.

"...Yeah...thanks, Sifu Toph." Aang said as he turned his head slightly with a smile directed at her, but of course, she couldn't see it.

She had sensed his sincerity in his tone though. "...No prob, Twinkletoes."

They rode off into the air as a comfortable, yet somewhat forlorn silence overcame them.

Soon, Aang flew Appa a little bit more over the coasts and forests of the Earth Kingdom. It was almost getting close to the evening, and Toph was sleeping soundly on the saddle, while Momo was still sleeping on her stomach, his head resting on her breasts.

Aang looked around the sky for a bit and saw that the sun was setting on the horizon. He then took a look at the forest below them.

'Hmm...I think this is Hei Bai's forest.' he looked up at the sunset. 'It's almost close to the evening. We should probably camp out here tonight. Toph would like to get back on the ground soon I bet.'

However, there was a loud howl and crash around the forest that caught his and Toph's attention.

"Whoa!" Aang exclaimed, startled as well as Appa.

"Ack! What was that!?" Toph exclaimed as she woke and sat up, startling Momo as he jumped off of her stomach.

Aang glanced everywhere to locate the sound. He soon found out that the forest under them was swaying a little bit.

Then another loud HOWL and CRASH appeared, and Aang spotted more swaying trees and then a dust explosion emerged from them.

"Hei Bai?" Aang asked in a query.

"Hei Bai? Who the heck is that?" Toph asked.

"He's a spirit that I ran into on my journey. He guards this area of the forest."

"Well, what's he doing wreaking it? Is he fighting someone?"

"There's only one way to find out!" Aang steered Appa into the forest.

As soon as they descend to the forest, Appa landed in a clear area, where Aang air-bended off of the air bison. "Stay here with Appa and Momo, Toph. I'll talk to him," he told her.

"Wait, what if this spirit won't listen to reason?" Toph asked him.

"Don't worry, I'm certain he will. He helped me out during my time in the Spirit World. I mean, he's got to at least remember me. I'm the only guy he knows that has arrow tattoos and a bald head," And with that, Aang went further into the forest to locate Hei Bai.

As he went deep into the woods, dodging each tree expertly using his air-bending, he could hear the commotion of loud footsteps and howls more clearly.

'I'm close,' thought Aang as he air-ran to the sounds. He then decided to air-jump on some tree branches just to make the process of finding Hei Bai quicker.

When he sees an opening and a flash of white and black emerging a little way ahead of him, Aang stops on a tree branch and observes through the forestry.

"Hei Bai?" Aang questioned.

The spirit was in his aggressive form it looked like, his four arms and hands rolled up into fists onto the grass with his two hind legs set firmly onto the ground as well. His back was turned away from Aang, but he soon turned to face him.

Aang air-jumps off the branch and lands on the ground safely with his air-bending. "Hei Bai, what's going on? Is something wrong?"

Hei Bai soon transformed back into his giant panda bear form. He made a little bear noise and walked up to Aang. He stopped as he nudged his nose upward as if to tell him something.

"Uh...everything okay, Hei Bai?" Aang asked in curiosity.

The spirit then lifted his paw and rubbed his nose with it, doing it a couple more times.

"What's the matter? Does your...nose itch?" Aang asked confused.

Shaking his head, Hei Bai kept pawing his nose, hoping he would get the hint.

" want me to scratch your nose?" Aang asked in wonder.

Hei Bai looked at him for a moment, and after a beat, he nodded.


Aang then lifted his hand to touch Hei Bei's nose...

...Then, a blinding white light enveloped him.

Aang seemed to be either standing or floating on...nothing. He is no longer in the forest Hei Bai protects. Now he's in some sort of void somewhere...everything around him was black.

"Huh?" Aang uttered.

The darkness surrounding him then started to morph into something...everything was now forming into flames.

"What the...?" he didn't feel warm or inhale any smoke from these fires. They didn't even harm him. " must be for show."

"Aang..." said a familiar and old voice.

"What?" he said in surprise, "Roku?"

It was then a figure came through the fire. The flames part away as the figure raised his hands out to his sides. The tall figure was none other Avatar Roku. It was then the embers had calmed down once Roku made himself known.

"Yes, Aang. Hei Bai has been entrusted by us to give you this message of vital attention."

"A message? From the Avatars?"

"Correct. Listen closely of what I and your past selves are about to say, young Avatar. We were told by an unknown individual from The Great Beyond that Ozai is coming back in this World."

"What!?" Aang exclaimed in shock, "Wha...h-how!?" he then blinked dumbly, "...Wait. The Great Beyond? A-And Ozai coming on this World?"

"We will explain, Aang. It would seem that Ozai was on another world during those two years that he disappeared."

Aang blinked again. "An...another world?"

"It may sound hard to believe, but hear us out. Ozai was sent somewhere that gave him back his fire-bending."

"What!? Really!?" Aang exclaimed in shock once more, "But...I took his bending away from him!"

"You did. But he seems to have gotten his fire-bending back through unknown means."

"Unknown...means? How? W-What could've given him his fire-bending back?"

"We do not know as of yet. The individual told us to tell you and to hurry so you can gather your friends for battle."

"Battle? Wait, w-who is this individual? A-And how will Ozai come back if he's, uh...already on another world? H-How is that even possible!?" Aang said, head surely reeling.

"The individual is a male from his physique. He didn't tell us much; our connection to him was quite weak. He did tell us a few things when he connected through us in The Great Beyond spiritually."

"What? Wait a minute, what is The Great Beyond?"

"To answer that question, young Avatar, The Great Beyond is a vastness where the deceased of pure-hearted souls live. It is like the Universe, except it applies to the Realm of the Afterlife. The Great Beyond is much larger than the Universe itself, perhaps even larger than multiple Universes."

"Wh...whoa...a-and Ozai is in one of them?"

"That is correct, Aang. He is in another world and universe in this vastness of space. It seems something had brought Ozai there on that world to make him get his fire-bending back, as well as something else."

"Something else?" Aang's eyes widened.

"Yes. From what this man had told us, Ozai has another power within him."

"Another power?" Aang said cautiously, "What do you mean? What could it be?"

"He said it was related to what we use in a way...we are not sure what he meant by that, but it may be involved in old times past."

"Old times past?" the air-bender wondered.

"Long ago, before bending, we used a certain technique for warfare that involved the spirit. Once we discovered bending and applied this technique to it, it became a destructive force. The very first Avatar was the first to discover this ancient power, as well as bending."

"The very first Avatar?" Aang said in amazement.

"Indeed. They used it to stop very powerful and evil spirits from roaming the World."

"Whoa..." he blinked as he realized something, "Wait, why didn't I read anything about this?"

"It was too long ago, and whatever was written in stone and on paper erode away. The only people that know of it are the very first four Avatars. There are still some records out there in the World, but they are very well hidden, as they are not to be unleashed again."

"Not to be unleashed?" Aang repeated in curiosity as he looked at Roku oddly, "Just how powerful is this...uh, power?" he awkwardly asked.

"We suspect it would've been enough to stop even Ozai during Sozin's Comet."

Aang's eyes widened once more, "R-Really!? Wow, um...w-well, I wished you would've told me about this power while I was off fighting the Fire Nation and Ozai the first time!"

"We would have too, but it takes time for this power to make itself known. As we said before, this power is a spiritual energy of sorts. It could probably take a lifetime to awaken it, and you were short on time."

"Oh...well, yeah, I was short on time..." Aang said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Either way, we hope that's not the case for Ozai. Unfortunately for us though, our connection was lost. He did, however, told us to warn you, the recent Avatar, as well as your friends, of Ozai's coming and of his new power, whenever or whatever it may be.

"Wha-...well, o-okay. But do you actually know when Ozai is coming back?"

"That was when we lost contact. He couldn't tell us in time."

"Well, could you, him back?"

"Spiritual connections take great intense concentration, and ones spiritual essence must find and connect with that person while concentrating on that specific person in general."


"We're sorry Aang, but we cannot reach him again. He was the one who found us by using his spirit. He is quite advanced with it, apparently."

"Oh. Well..." Aang sighed pitifully and exasperatedly, "That's great..."

"However, you must gather your friends to prepare your fight with him, whenever that day will come."

"But how strong will he be? And do I have to use the Avatar State to beat him?"

"You may have to. Try to stop him. Whatever he has, you must not let him win."

Aang's expression turned serious, "Don't worry. My friends and I will do everything in our power to stop Ozai once more."

"That is good to hear, young Avatar. I hope you and your friends, as well as my great-grandson, will stop him. This time for good, hopefully."

Aang nodded. "We will." he then smiled, "And I'll tell Zuko you said 'hi'!"

Roku chuckled, "That would be nice, thank you. As for now, farewell, Aang."

Aang bowed to his past self, "Farewell, Roku."

Aang went back to the world of the living, as he retracted his hand away from Hei Bai's nose. He looked at the spirit and said with a smile, "Thanks, Hei Bai."

The panda bear spirit made a little bear noise of appreciation. He then turned around and walked back into the forest, where he continue guarding the forest.

As Aang watched him go, he turned back to the direction he came from, "Well, time to go back to Toph, Momo, and Appa."

"So let me get this straight..." Toph said as she sat on the ground crossed-legged, "Ozai, the big bad ex-Fire coming back from, in your, or theirs, considering you and the Avatars are basically the same person. Anyways, in your words, Ozai is coming back from another world, supposedly stronger than ever, and your past selves just told you and everyone else to get ready for him?"

Aang felt a little red with embarrassed at the simple synopsis, "Well...when you say it like that, it sounds kind of strange..."

Momo was apparently on Toph's shoulders now while Appa laid there as rests on the ground. They decide to camp out in the forest for tonight, which Toph gladly agreed to. It was nighttime and they both set up camp where they have eaten supper, which was nuts and fruit for Aang, a loaf of bread(from the villagers that Aang helped out) and fruit for Toph, while Momo ate some of Aang and Toph's leftovers. Appa contently ate patches of grass and leaves from the trees, him being a herbivore. The campfire that Aang started crackled to life as he was sitting a little bit next to Toph as he explained the situation to her.

"That's because it is, Twinkles. Not only that, but you said that the Avatars were informed by some...guy who spiritually communicated with them from this Great Beyond?"

"Okay, look Toph, I know it sounds really weird-"

"Well, I'm glad we can agree on that."

Aang groaned, "Anyways, I don't think the Avatars would really lie about something like this."

"Apparently. Are you sure it's not 'Fool the Avatar Day'?"

"Toph, this is serious! Ozai could be coming back anytime!"

"Okay. Did they say what day he was coming back?" Toph asked him.

"Of cour-...well, no, but that's because the connection to the guy they were talking to was lost!"

"Okay, okay, I'll humor you. But honestly, I think Ozai's dead."

"That's morbid, Toph. And I checked the Spirit World, he wasn't there."

"Well, who says he went there? Actually, what if he's lounging around somewhere in the mountains, thinking about his past mistakes and turning over a new leaf?"

"Toph, are you joking right now?"

"You should know me by now, Twinkletoes."

"Well, that doesn't explain where he might be! We literally looked everywhere! And as crazy as it sounds, the whole 'being on another world' theory sounds like the best bet on where the heck Ozai is."

"I don't honestly believe in this other worlds stuff. It's too out there for me. The only thing I believe in is that the Earth is my sight and possibly you guys."

Aang blinked. A smile soon formed on his lips, "Aww, thanks Toph."

"Eh, don't get sappy on me now, Airhead," Toph said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

The Avatar chuckled, "But still, while we're on the topic of unknown things, don't you ever wonder what's beyond this world?"

"Like I said, it's too out there for me. I can't think deep like you guys. That's only for people with sight. Besides, I would like to think that I'm a one world type of gal where there's only good old Earth for me to walk on." she said as she patted the ground.

Aang chuckled again as he shook his head, "Sometimes I wish you can see, Toph. You'll love the colors that are displayed, especially the night sky."

Toph smirked, "I can see just well with the Earth I'm walking on, thank you very much. Color-shmolor!"

"Hey, the night sky is dark and black...well, except the tiny speckles of white dots that are littered across the sky," Aang said as he looked up at the stars.

"Hm. You know for someone who's been told news that a tyrant is coming back for revenge, you seem pretty calm." Toph said with a raised eyebrow.

"Heh, if I was honest, I'm kind of nervous to fight Ozai again, especially if he somehow has his fire-bending back and has this new 'power', whatever it may be."

"That's the other thing; how did he get his fire-bending back, and what is this 'new power' that the Avatars are sprouting about?"

"Well, my past selves said he gained it by unknown means, so who knows? And they said this power is related to some ancient spiritual art of warfare here on our world, or...something. It can also apply to elemental bending and is super effective."

"Huh. Where was this when we were fighting off the Fire Nation?" she said as she popped a nut in her mouth.

"I know! It apparently is long forgotten though, and only the first four Avatars know about it."

"Well, your past selves need to cue us in some of this information next time," Toph said with a droll as she rolled her sightless eyes.

"Heh, yeah," Aang sat there after a beat, "Either way, I'm not too afraid. I mean, nervous? Sure. But I have you guys to back me up."

"Aww, thanks Twinkles," Toph smirked, "It's nice to know that someone believes I'm awesome."

Aang chortled. He sat there for a second and said, "Seriously though, you guys will fight alongside with me when Ozai does appear?"

"Hey, as crazy as your story sounds, and if Ozai somehow grew wings while we're at it, I'll still stand by your side throwing rocks at him," Toph said with a smile.

Aang smiled back, even though she couldn't see it. "Thanks, Toph. You really are a great friend."

Toph's smile disappeared as she turned away from him.

Aang blinked. "Is something wrong?"

"Um...nah, I just thought I heard something. It could be that Hei Bai spirit's heavy footsteps or whatever causing the noise," Toph said her face still turned away from him. It was then she turned her face forward as she stretched her arms up and yawned which made Momo hop off of the earth-bender and onto Aang, "Whoo! Well, I'm tired! Thanks for the meal, Twinkletoes! Goodnight!" she said as she laid on the ground on her left side, her back facing him.

Aang looked at Toph oddly but decided to just leave her be. She can be strange sometimes. And if Toph didn't sense anything dangerous, then they're good. He gave out a yawn of his own, feeling sleepy himself.

'Traveling can do that to you...' Aang thought as he laid on his back to rest. Momo chattered, and he crawled onto his stomach to sleep on it.

Chuckling, Aang said, "Night Momo." he turned to Toph with a smile, "Goodnight, Sifu Toph."

When she didn't answer, thinking she fallen fast asleep, he looked up at the stars and gazed at them for a while. His eyelids soon became heavy, and that was when he drifted off to a night of peaceful sleep...

"...Night, Aang."

Aang's eyes opened just a little, smiling as he murmured back, "Night, Toph..."

And with that, Aang and Toph, along with Momo and Appa, slept blissfully, not worrying what tomorrow brings...

...for now.

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