To Rise @the.samurai.prince
A Meeting of Monsters

After walking through the jungle for a good while, he finally found the village.

True to Kawei's log scroll, the perimeter of the village seems to be fenced by stone walls. He entered the village and could see that all the buildings he'd come across were made of the same yellow bricked stone, just like the small home. These stone buildings looked to be dome-looking huts, whereas the home he had been in was square. Also true to the journal log's words, the buildings all seem to be in ruins, the bricks looking worn and missing from their spot. Some of the homes seem to be caved in, as well as vines growing around the buildings. The village is rather big, possibly the size of a Fire Nation village, which the population would probably be about two hundred. He also found the marketplace that circled around the shrine, just like the log said. The shrine is situated right in the middle of the village, the entrance of it facing the bottom part of the town, which the log said it led to the shore.

Ozai went to the yellow bricked shrine first and foremost, the structure larger than the others as he ignored all the other buildings for now. It had a row of stairs that went up inside the larger square sized building. Once he entered the shrine, the area had been slightly illuminated by the countless windows lining up on each side of the walls. However, what greatly illuminated the building would be that the large portion of the shrine's roof was caved in, light pouring in from the outside.

He observes the place a little bit. It seems to be one large room, with a row of pillars - each having torch holders, - lining up to an elevated platform in the center back of the room, a small set of stairs leading up it. However, some of the pillars were toppled over and destroyed by weather use, so most of them were blocking the pathway to the platform. Ozai maneuvered around the fallen pillars and walked a little closer to the back of the area. Once he got close to the platform, there was an intricate stone altar on it, as well as some pictographs behind it and around the walls of the shrine, just like Kawei said in his scroll logs.

Curious as to what the wall behind the altar says, the former Fire Lord ignited a small flame in his right palm to see what the pictographs say.

The images he saw were sprawled on the wall, which the foreign language has been shown on the bottom of the pictures. The pictographs show a row of humanoid figures that looked like they're engaging battle, carrying weapons that either look like swords or spears. However, an aura of what looked like energy - as mentioned in the log – was surrounding them and their weapons.

It was quite baffling and bizarre to actually see the inscriptions in person. What does it all mean? What does it represent? What is this shrine for?

"Hm...this village certainly does feel primitive...but what could all of these images mean?" Ozai asked himself in curiosity, "Is this a place of worship? If it is, then what were they worshiping?"

He observed the pictographs once more, "And this...aura that's surrounding them...could it be some form of bending?"

Seeing as his question wasn't gonna be answered, Ozai, with his hand still carrying the flame, decided to look around the shrine's interior a little more to see if he can find anything else interesting.

After looking at more inscriptions and images, he can safely say that he's nowhere near anyplace that could resemble any Elemental culture. Unless this 'energy' the log and these pictures on the walls described were some forms of unknown and ancient power before bending, then he really could be stuck in the Spirit World...

Ozai growled, "This isn't answering anything."

Extinguishing the flame off of his palm, he made his way out of the shrine. Once outside, Ozai walked through the marketplace, passing the few older stone stalls that could've once been used for vendors selling consumer and food products. Ignoring all of that, he looked up at the Sun to check what time it could be.

"Hmm...the Sun here seems to be going west. It'll be nightfall sometime in the next five or six hours...or whenever night comes here in the Spirit World." Ozai blew literal steam out of his nose in frustration, "Great. Just what can I do to pass the time?"

He stood there to think of his options, looking around the village.

"...I could test out the strength of my firebending," he says to himself.

Deciding to do just that, he breathed in and out, getting into a stance.

He thought of things that brought him anger, hatred, and rage. His brother Iroh, losing his title, his bending taken away, the Avatar...

...his son Zuko.

Growling, he quickly thrust his right arm and fist to create a more powerful, larger fireball stream, making it look like a giant missile. It soared at an alarming rate, striking and destroying several stone stalls and the building behind them with a resounding BOOM!

Mouth dropped and frozen in his attack stance in shock, Ozai looks on at the smoldering and smoking heap that he caused. That time, he used every ounce of force into that attack. And from where he stands, the fired projectile not only destroyed the stalls and the building behind it, it obliterated them!

Amazed by such power displayed in front of him, he surveys the damage he made. The sheer force that was put into that blast was...

"Incredible," Ozai says in a whisper, gazing at his fist in awe.

His firebending definitely felt like it had the same amount of power whenever Sozin's Comet came. If it was at that level of firebending, then he could actually do some serious damage...

He formed a smirk until it became a full-blown maniacal grin. He may be in the Spirit World(or wherever he is), but whatever granted him his bending back, let it be that fruit or by other means, made him more powerful than he can realize.

"I can get used to this," Ozai says with a sadistic grin, opening his hand to ignite a flame in his palm. He looked around the village once more, "Hmm...I should probably keep testing my firebending here just to see if I can still control it. It's been two years since I haven't used it. Wherever I am, Spirit World or not, this so-called island's civilization and its village seems to be empty." he turned his attention back to the flame on his palm with a smirk, "Heh. I wouldn't want to ruin the history here though. I guess I could improvise somewhere else..." he then smiles wickedly at the flame, as the source of heat grew even more intense. "But that wouldn't be fun. Besides, this village isn't mine, so it's not my problem."

With that, he jabbed the air with his fist to launch another powerful fireball at a stall.

"Hm?" hums an abnormally tall man, probably exactly 12 feet, in a query. He is quite thin and carried an emotionless face, his clothes being a buttoned-up pale lavender shirt with long loose sleeves, simple black pants, and a long black cape that shrouds his tall figure, as well as black shoes. His light brown hair hung down on his lower neck and is wearing peculiar glasses, the left lens a rectangle, while the other right lens is circular and basically has a cross-hair on it. He's also carrying an extremely long sniper rifle that he slung over his shoulder.

The man is actually on a giant raft, with a mast and a sail on it. He's also with other men(and a woman) on the raft, as well as what looked to be a huge, large giant creature swimming alongside the raft.

Another incredibly tall man, this time his build being massively big and quite round(but still strong looking nonetheless), turned to the taller man. He has dark skin, black woolly hair that reached the back of his neck, and a stubble beard that's growing on his jawline. He's missing some teeth and is wearing a red buttoned shirt, which is opened up to reveal his round, hairy chest and stomach. He's also wearing green trousers, a golden-yellow sash, and black boots. Lastly, he's wearing a gold and black captain's coat like a cape on his shoulders.

"What is it, Auger?" asks the dark-skinned man, who is known as Blackbeard, aka Marshall D. Teach, gruffly to the taller man, known as Van Auger.

"Hmm..." Auger adjusted his glasses at the faraway island. "Interesting..."

"Well, what it is?"

"It would seem...there's activity on the island we're heading to, Captain."

"Huh. How many people are there?" Teach asked in mild interest.

"Hmm...there seems to be only one, Captain."

"One? Well, what is this guy doing on the island?" Teach asks, now curious.

"Hmm..." Auger squints, "It seems the person is...dancing? Fighting someone? ...I'm not entirely sure."

" it a man or a woman?" Teach asks with a raised eyebrow.

"The outline looks like a man..." Auger looks up and squints again, "Hm...also, there's smoke coming from the island."

"Smoke? Is it that Smoker guy?" says a large, tall, muscular man, his violet hair long and curly wearing a dark brown pro wrestler mask with orange detail and decorations on it. He's also wearing a black shirt, white pants, and black shoes. His name is Jesus Burgess.

"Nah, it couldn't be. What would Smoker be doing in this part of the New World?" says a man in a black police officer/jailer uniform, along with a black officer's hat. He's also wearing a long white jacket over his equally tall frame. Lastly, he has a smoking cigar in his mouth and is carrying a long sword. His name is Shiliew.

"I don't think it's Smoker either." confirms Auger, "This smoke looks black, and Smoker's plume-plume powers show a gray color. This smoke actually looks like it's coming from fires."

"Fires, eh?" Teach asks, intrigued. "Who would be causing fires on that island over there? Some sort of SOS or something?"

"Who knows? We might as well take a look what it could be, Captain, since we're heading over there anyway." Auger comments.

"This person could be a Devil Fruit user." says a smiling, tall, sickly pale, thin looking man with raven black hair, wearing a white collared shirt and navy jumper pants as well as tap dancing shoes. He's carrying a red wooden cane and is also wearing a black top hat. His name is Lafitte.

Another large, tall, sick looking man with long stringy gray hair, wearing a large black fur coat, as well as a hangman's noose around his neck and a beaten black wide-brimmed hat, hacked and cough as he rested on the raft along with his even larger white horse. He was also carrying a cylindrical bag that carries his double edge scythe on his back. His name is Doc Q and his horse's name is Stronger.

"That could be possible. What if someone obtained the Flame-Flame Fruit by then?" Doc Q suggests.

Teach grinned evilly at that idea, "Hey, now that could be a great find! Zehahaha! In that case, we should head on over to that island this instant! Burgess! Doc! Start paddling the raft! Wolf, try to keep up! We're going Devil Fruit hunting!"

The rest of Blackbeard's crew cheered and hooted, while Burgess and Doc Q were paddling the raft to the island.

"Murunfuffuffuffu! Let's see what this little 'Devil' can do!" said a grinning, strong witch looking woman with wrinkles, a long nose, sloping forehead, and black haired girlish pigtails. She was wearing a striped prisoner shirt, lavender cargo pants, along with a large magenta cape and black shoes. Her name is Catarina Devon.

"Toputoputoputopu! Let's have a contest! Whoever can drink as much liquor, get's the Devil Fruit power!" laughed a drunk large man with an abnormally large nose and forehead, smiling drunkenly, tongue hanging out as he downed a big jug of sake. He has three piercings on each side of his neck and is wearing traditional prison garbs, as well as a jester's hat. His name is Vasco Shot.

Lastly, an equally large man with a cyan colored wild mane of hair and a long, droopy, mustache laughed. He looked like a beast, with what looked like two horns on the side of his head, which had black metal plates underneath. His eyes looked like a cat and he had a feline appearance. He was wearing a long coat that has a fur collar on it, making him look like a king. His name is Avalo Pizarro.

"Haha! Nice try! How about I fight ya for it!" Pizarro says confidently.

"Hey! No fighting on the raft!" Teach hollered at his two new crew-mates. "How about this; who feels like getting a fire Logia Devil Fruit the most?"

Before Pizarro said he could, Shot drunkenly hollered out, "ME!"

"Then you get the Devil Fruit." Teach says.

"YAHOOOO!" Shot cheered.

"Hey!" Pizarro protested.

"Zehahahaha! Sorry, Corrupt King! Shot said it first." Teach says with a smirk.

Pizarro mumbles in frustration, while Shot laughed and celebrated by chugging down more sake.

"Now..." Teach looks towards the island ahead with a big evil grin on his face, "Let's see what we can find over there."

Ozai continued to blast stone stalls and buildings with his firebending for about a good ten minutes now. He used fire streams, fireballs, and fire-whips to wreck everything, not caring anything about the history of this civilization.

He had a wild glint in his eyes whenever he unleashed his bending. He felt strong, he felt invincible! From here, he can survive on this island in secret and plan his revenge on the Avatar, his son, and any of them who had defied him! Whenever the Summer Solstice comes to this world, it'll hopefully trigger the portal, making him go back to his world and reclaim his title! The prospect sounds ludicrous, but he felt positive. He hoped to have his bending back so he can kill all those incompetent wretches, and now he does have it back...stronger than ever.

The former Fire Lord kept firing fire jet streams at the buildings, destroying them one by one. Once he was done demolishing homes and stalls, he took a break for a while and looked at the damage that he'd done. They were smoldering rubble everywhere, and he felt like he'd leveled almost thirty percent of the village.

He smirked as he took a deep breath, inhaling the smoke, " feels good to have my bending back."

Looking at his hands as he raised them up to his view, he also wondered if he could lightning-bend now.

Ozai's smirk became even more wicked, "It wouldn't be a total loss if I didn't have it back, but I do want to see if I still have it." he frowned slightly, "Although, I guess I do have inner turmoil, what with my fool of a son being Fire Lord well as the Avatar beating me..." he then scowled, putting his hands down to form into fists at his sides. He sighed irritably, "Well, there's only one way to find out."

With that, Ozai went into another stance and tried to generate and manipulate the positive and negative energy with his hands...

After a couple of seconds, the lightning in his hands started to appear!

Surprised by this outcome, he then strikes the nearest target, which was a piece of rubble from a destroyed home.


It obliterated a chunk of the rock.

Ozai looked on in shock(no pun intended). He smiled in crazed glee, "Well...this just keeps getting better now, does it?"

Once the giant raft came up on the beach(while the giant known as Wolf was little ways away from the shore), Teach hopped off of it, turned to his crew, and told them quietly, "Alright! We need to be really stealthy and quiet to get this Devil Fruit. If this guy is a fire Logia type, then just leave it to me! I dealt with Portgas D. Ace one time with that power."

"How do we even know if it is a Devil Fruit?" Shiliew asked.

"Heh! We'll just find out when we get there!" the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates chuckled.


Blackbeard turned to the sound, "Eh?"

The rest of his crew also turned their attention to the sound.

"Oh my! That was loud." Wolf commented quietly.

"Huh...that sounded like thunder." Auger said, looking up at the sky, "But there aren't any storm clouds in the sky." he then stared off into the jungle, "Does a fire Logia type make that type of sound?"

Teach grinned, "Either that, or it's an electric type. Also, I can feel a little juice in the guy."

"You do?" Burgess asked questionably. "Then does that mean...?"

"Heh, yeah." Teach's grin was even wider. "It's still weak though, so it shouldn't be too bad for all of ya."

"Really? Heh, then this should be pretty interesting." Shiliew said as he stood up, getting his sword ready.

"In that case, let's all fight this little guy!" Devon said with glee.

"Wait a minute. That'll be a little too much. I'm only going to bring just four of you guys with me. Who wants to go?" Teach asks his crew.

"I'll go." Auger states.

"Count me in!" Burgess said with a grin, palming a fist into his hand.

"I might as well come along. I need to slash something," says Shiliew.

"MEEEE!" Shot hollered drunkenly.

"Hey, quiet Shot!" Teach yelled irritably.


Ozai stopped his lightning-bending when he heard the noise, a surprised look on his face.

"Hey, quiet Shot!"

"What? What was that?" Ozai quietly said in confusion. He was silent for a moment, seeing if he can hear any more of the voices. 'Could there be a spirit on this island after all?' he thought with intrigue. Should he investigate? 'Whatever it may be, I could probably face these Spirits head on now that I have my firebending back! Plus, it's stronger than before!' he thought about it quickly. ', I shouldn't do that. I don't want to risk myself being caught. I still don't know where I am, and even though I have my bending back, that doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to go in the direction of potential danger.'

Ozai frowned. 'And if this is the Spirit World, then wouldn't the Spirits warn the Avatar of my presence here when he comes to this realm?' he scowled. 'Damn it! I've forgotten about that detail!'

The former Fire Lord looked around the smoking debris. He spots the closest exit out of the village. 'Well, I might as well hide for now. I don't want to reveal myself too soon.'

So with that thought, Ozai rushed to what he'd think to be the west exit/entrance of the village.

'If worse comes to worse and if they're hostile, then I'll have to fight whatever it is that's lurking here.'

"Toputoputopu! Sorry!" Shot slurred.

Teach groaned, "Well, so much for the element of surprise. Shot, thanks to your big mouth, you're gonna have to sit this one out."

"Awww, why!?" Shot asked with a frown.

"You know why, you drunk!" Teach yelled at him as he sighed exasperatedly, "Lafitte, want to come along?"

"Sure thing!" Lafitte answered with the same smile on his face.

"Awww! I need to drink all my sadness away!" Shot said with a somber look on his face.

"Don't worry, you'll get the Devil Fruit once we capture the guy. It looks like our target is running now." Teach stated.

"Oh, goody! Well, that makes me feel better! I'm gonna have a drink to celebrate!" Shot's face changed into a happy grin as he chugged more of his alcohol.

Teach groaned at his new crew members love for booze. He said to the remaining crew, "All the rest of you just relax for a while and keep watch for any Marine ships or other pirate ships. Got it?"

Doc Q hacked and coughed, "Will do!"

"Eh, I need the beauty rest anyways!" Devon said with a chuckle as she leaned on the mast of the raft.

"Sure thing!" Pizarro smirked and nodded.

Shot gave him a thumbs up as he was still drinking.

"Yes sir, Captain!" Wolf nodded with a smile.

"Alright, good! Let's go boys! This supposed Devil Fruit user seems to be going that way!" Teach directed them with a smirk.

Ozai exited the village and ran to the vast jungle trees. Upon stopping at one of them, he looked at his hands. He wondered if he could transform them into claws again.

"Only one way to find out," he mumbled.

He did the only thing that he thought could work; imagining himself having dragon claws. He stood there, staring at his hands to see if they would morph into claws, but so far, nothing is happening. So decided to concentrate harder. When that didn't seem to do anything, quietly groaned in exasperation.

'Why are they not changing into dragon claws? Was it all a fluke?' He glanced behind him to see if anything was coming through the jungle. He looked back at the tree and thought in annoyance. 'I don't have time for this. I'll just have to do it the old fashion way.'

He went to the tree and grabbed a piece of bark with his fingers, hoisting himself up to let his other hand grab another piece of bark.

It was then he felt his hands were starting to feel stronger. Curious, he glanced at his right hand that was grasping onto the tree. To his surprise once more, his hand was a dragon's claw! He glanced at his left and saw that his other hand formed into a dragon's claw.

Blinking at this, he shook his head, "Oh, now it decides to turn my hands into claws." he mumbled irritably.

He continued climbing up the tree, which he experienced some newfound strength in him. Reaching up on a branch and grasping it with his claws, he heaved himself up onto it. He climbed more of the tree, scaling up the higher branches to get a better viewpoint. Once he found an appropriate branch to hide behind, he stayed there, feeling certain that he won't be spotted...

The former Fire Lord laid on his stomach against the tree branch, balancing his weight on it as he peered down at the ground below.

So far, nothing has appeared...

He doesn't want to hide like a coward, but he might as well conceal himself just so he can see what he's up against. Besides, if chances are he's still is in his world, then he doesn't want to risk being caught by Earth Kingdom or Fire Nations authorities. Once he knows what he's up against, then he can sneak attack on them...he just has to wait.

Teach and his crew passed by the village's southern entrance near the shore to find this mysterious Devil Fruit user. So far, the Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates was following the 'aura' of this person for ten minutes so far, while the four of his crew-mates follow him, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.

"Hmm..." Teach concentrated on where the energy signature was, looking up at the trees. After a couple of seconds, he found it. Another grin formed on his face, showing off some of the teeth that were intact. He talked to his men in a low whisper, "He's up in one of these trees, playing hide and seek."

"Hm. Do you want me to shoot this person down, Captain?" Auger quietly asked, readying his sniper rifle.

"Nah, not until we know what kind of Devil Fruit this guy has." Teach answered.

"Well, how are we gonna bring this guy down then?" Shiliew muttered in question.

"Leave that to me." Burgess said as he cracked his knuckles, a smirk forming on his face, "May I, Captain?"

Teach chuckled evilly, "Sure thing, Champ; go on ahead!"

He kept quiet the whole time. In fact, everything was quiet, which probably would've meant that these people or Spirits know that he's around here somewhere.

'Great.' Ozai thought bitterly, 'That would just be my luck. I shouldn't have destroyed part of that village. I need to be silent and stay here so I won't be spotted.'

So he stayed hidden in the tree for a few more minutes. He stayed there for a good while until he heard footsteps...and then voices.

A quiet, but still moderately loud gruff voice spoke up, "Leave that to me. May I, Captain?"

"Sure thing, Champ; go on ahead!" said an even gruffer voice.

Ozai raised a brow in confusion. 'Captain?' He tried to take a peek at what kind of Spirits these things were, but the leaves and branches were blocking the figures below him. 'Who calls a Spirit a Captain?'

However, as he tried to get a better look...


The tree he was on viciously shook from its spot. He lost his grip on the branch from where he was laying and slid off of it. However, his claws gripped the side of the branch's bark, making him still hold on. Shocked at the force of that blow and hanging on the branch, Ozai thought in surprise, 'What in the world!?'

Did something hit the tree? His claws still grasping the branch, he looked down over his shoulder to see who hit the tree.

His eyes widened, stunned at what he saw on the ground.

What he's seeing...didn't look like a Spirit. In fact, it almost looked...human? Whatever it was, it seemed to rear its right fist, ready to punch the tree, which the gargantuan plant looks like it was struck by a very blunt object. And from an aerial view standpoint, it really did look like a person. But how can that be? This thing was too huge to be a person! It did have two arms from where he was observing, and a full head of long...light violet hair? But these two arms that belong to this person(or creature?) looked massive with muscle; like it could rip a person in two! The creature(he decided to call it that) also looked like it was wearing clothing, as well as some form of...mask?


The tree shook violently again from the hit, but Ozai still held on. Although, his claws slid about an inch on the branch.

The creature looked up, its face exposed as it looked like that it was, in fact, wearing a mask. It had the biggest grin on his face and laughed, "Wiiihahaha! There you are! Why don't you come down from your tree, little kitty cat!? Wiiihahaha!"

Ozai gaped at the creature-person. It talked!

The brute looking man kept hollering, "Come on down and fight like a man! I promise I won't maim you too much! Wiiihaha!" he then delivered another powerful blow at the tree with his giant fist.


Greatly losing his balance that time as his left-hand lets go of the bark, however his right hand still grasping the branch. The tree started to lean inward just a bit, looking like it was about to give in. He slid off just a bit more but kept holding on as he hung there, staggered once more from the force of the hit. He looked down from where he's hanging to see the creature again, but this time stunned at what this thing had done.

This creature punched and greatly damaged the tree!

The former Fire Lord, once again, was shocked, 'He's punching the tree!? That's what was shaking it!? How is that possible!? What kind of monster is this thing!?'

Although, his shock lasted for a couple seconds as he remembered that he had his firebending back. However, he didn't know if he could drop down to the ground from this height. He probably couldn't survive the fall from here, so he needed to find a way down.

"What's the matter!? Not man enough!? Wiiihaha! Don't worry, I'll get ya down one way or another! This ought to do it!" he reared up his fist and landed one final blow to the tree.



The tree was leaning inward at an even more alarming rate! Ozai, who was still holding onto the branch, felt obvious panic as the tree was falling forward. 'No!'

Deciding to act now while the tree's slowly tilting its descent to the ground, he quickly got up on the branch's side that was now facing upward. Climbing on the branch and planting his feet on the bark, he tried to jump off the tree. He quickly concocted a plan to use his firebending to create a shockwave of fire when he's about to land on the ground...

Until something grew and sprouted out of his back!

The appendages ripped through the back of his cloak, creating holes in the fabric. When he felt the sudden jerk of being in the air and saw that he was hovering just a bit, his eyes widened.

He felt the brief wind of what felt and sound like wings flapping. He quickly turned his head and glanced back behind him.

They were wings! Reptilian looking wings to be exact! In fact, they were his!

Ozai gasped in surprise. When he did that, he was slowly descending as his wings were flapping at a clumsy rate. He looked back down to see who else was down on the ground while the tree fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Extremely confused by everything, the former Fire Lord spotted the large man near the punched-off tree, as well as four other large and tall human-ish looking people that were farther away from him!

The one who was dark skinned and had a rounded, hairy stomach laughed a peculiar laugh, "Zehahaha! Well well, it seems we got ourselves a flying Zoan type over here!"

"Huh. Wonder what kind it is?" Shiliew pondered.

"Perhaps it's a mythical type. With wings like that, it could be a dragon." Lafitte commented.

'Zoan type? What are they talking about? Wait, they know I'm a Dragon?' Ozai didn't have time to ponder, take notice of what they were wearing, or how they look, as his wings were flapping like crazy, which they felt like they're working on instinct. His wings then gave out powerful pushing flaps, making him shoot up into the air, through the branches, and above the trees.

"ACK!" Ozai flew upward, his flying a little awkward and shaky. He is now overlooking the landscape of the land, and what he's seeing now made him realize two things:

One is that the land here looked like it really is an island. He could see the seashore, the village he entered a while ago, as well as large trees, mountains, and more land.

Two, a little way from the village, he spotted a huge, immense, and gigantic monster out at the seashore!

Ozai's eyes once again went wide at the sight, his mouth agape.

"Oh! You found me! Or did I found you?" says the monster.

The former tyrant just couldn't believe his eyes.

"What...what is that!?" Ozai exclaimed in shock.


A dull pain ran through his right abdomen, making feel like he was hit by a very blunt object.

"Aaaugh!" Ozai yelled in surprise. He was flying around in a turbulent haze, soaring and heading towards the village. As the village came closer and closer, Ozai was trying to lift himself up as he flew, but the pain in his abdomen was starting to get stronger, making it weigh him down.

'Damn it! I'm going to crash!' he thought as he grits his teeth at the pain and braced for impact. He doesn't even know where he's going, but he hopes it'll be a soft landing.

Auger lowered his sniper rifle after he shot Ozai, "Hm. He's still going. Albeit he's going to crash into something."

"Heh! So he's a tough little bastard, eh?" smirked Teach. He turned to Lafitte, "What do you think, Lafitte? You said those wings looked like a dragon, right?"

"I would think so. And if he can survive a bullet wound, it would mostly be because of the dragon's scales protecting him." Lafitte commented.

"Wiiihahaha! Well, ain't that fantastic!? I've always wanted to wrestle a dragon!" exclaimed Burgess gleefully.

Shiliew smirks cruelly, "Now this ought to be fun."

"Well, let's not waste our time then! Everyone, follow me to the Zoan user! Zehahaha!" Teach laughed as they made their way to the village.

His landing wasn't really soft.


Ozai crashed through the stone shrine's weak, decaying wall, a hole left in its path as he landed on the ground, debris scattered everywhere inside while he was rolling on the floor. Once he stopped, he sluggishly picked himself up on his left side, feeling the same pain in his abdomen intensified.

"Ugh!" he grunted in agony. He sat down on the ground and cautiously used his (now) right human hand to feel the wound on his stomach.

Flinching, Ozai hissed at the surge of pain going through him and looked down at the wound. There was a hole in his shirt, and it looked like it was bleeding. Wanting to know what kind of wound it is, he felt it again. However, he felt something else...


Pain ignored for a second, Ozai blinked and felt the hard, scaly outer skin around his wound.

'Wait, what the...scales?'

Feeling the hard scales that were on the right side of his abdomen, he winched at the spot where he was supposedly shot at. He felt...some sort of knob or something in his now scaly feeling skin. He then proceeded to rip the lower part of his shirt. The light shining on him in the shrine gave him a clear view of what he's seeing.

Part of the skin on his stomach...was a blotch of red scales!

Ozai's eyes widened in awe and interest. He gingerly touched the red scales, which felt completely strong and thick. The hardened layer of skin looked like they can hold off even the sharpest and strongest of arrows. The knob that he felt was revealed to be a little black...orb.

'That's what hit me?' Ozai thought in confusion. 'What is it?'

He poked it and seethed. 'Damn! It's deep in there! I need to get this out.' Using his right human hand, he desperately dug his fingers into the scales, but it only proved to agitate his wound.

"Aaaugh! Damn it!" Ozai pulled his hand away to inspect it for a second. The fingers were coated in blood...until his fingers transformed into claws again.

Ozai, surprised at this sudden change, looks at his hand for a moment, just baffled by everything.

Shaking his head, he decides to ponder on that later as he uses this opportunity to use his clawed forefinger and thumb to get the small black orb out of his scaly skin.

The pain still throbbing on his side, he grunted in agony, but he slowly and surely pulled the projectile out of his skin. When succeeding to get it out, he groans in relief. He looked at it for a second. The projectile was indeed a small round looking orb. He tosses it to the side and clutched the right side of his stomach, applying pressure to his wound. It wasn't a bad wound per-say, but it still hurt like hell.

Now that he's feeling a little better and got the bullet out of him, he stood up and let his mind process all the information that's been given to him.

' seems I am a Dragon. And there's a bunch of giant abnormal human looking Spirits that are attacking least I think they're Spirits. They look too human to be Guardian Spirits or anything of the sort. They also said I was a...Zoan type?'

Before he ponders anymore about it, he heard footsteps.

Ozai looked up at the sound...and his eyes continued to be wide as saucers.

There, walking in the shrine, came in the five of the same huge men. The dark skinned one was in the middle of the group, obviously showing authority. He has a big evil missing teeth grin on his face, as he stared down Ozai.

"Well, hello there! The name's Teach! Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard! We came by to kill you and steal your Devil Fruit power! Hope that's okay with ya! Zehahaha!" the man known as Blackbeard joked morbidly.

Ozai looked at Blackbeard in puzzlement. "...Devil Fruit power?"

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