The Effect of Water @the.samurai.prince
The Entrance Exam

Whew! That written test was actually kind of tricky…

Katara walked alongside Ochako and Midoriya as they made their way to the auditorium for the next phase of the exam: the practical. She was informed by Toshi beforehand that there was an area outside the building that perfectly replicated a typical urban setting; from the generic hamburger restaurant to even the largest office building in Tokyo. This would be where they would use their Quirks against the robots, as well as helping anyone in a tight spot.

Katara snuck a glance at Midoriya, who was ahead of her.

Something about what he said early didn't make any sense. From what she picked up about this world and its (literal) quirks, quirks don't typically just pop out of nowhere. They usually appear at birth, if not around the age of four at the latest, and while cases of extreme late bloomers aren't nonexistent, it was to the point where it was considered a rumor - one for the quirkless so that they could keep their hopes up.

She couldn't help but wonder how and why it manifested so late for Izuku. Did something in his life trigger its activation? Did it come up as he was training on that beach she was at over four months ago? Did he even get to use it? And more importantly, how long has he trained with his new quirk? She just hoped that his lack of experience wouldn't hurt him in the exam.

(Katara wound up thinking about this so much that she almost didn't finish the written test in time.)

Either way, she couldn't tell if it was admirable or just plain reckless to apply to UA even with a newly formed Quirk that he wasn't trained with.

"Katara?" said Ochako's voice.

The waterbender turned to her friend who was walking next to her. "Oh, uh, yeah Ochako?"

Ochako raised a brow. She took a glance at where she was looking at, and from her line of vision, it was where Midoriya was. Her mouth formed and 'o' and she turned back to look at Katara.

Katara blinked. "...What?"

"...Do you think Midoriya's cute?" Ochako whispered simply.

Katara almost tripped on her two feet. "Wh-What!?"

"Oh, uh, sorry! I was only just wonder-"

"Are you okay, ma'am!?" said a loud and boisterous voice.

Both girls jumped and turned around to see…a tall guy with blue dark blue hair and glasses behind them.

Katara blinked again.'s that guy with the glasses! What was his name?

"Uh…" Katara said dumbly.

"Hm?" the young man adjusted his glasses to see who she is. "...Oh! It's you! Miss Yagi!"

Meanwhile, Izuku paused in his walk and looked around, "Huh? Did someone say…" he shook his head. "M-Must be my imagination…" He kept walking to his destination.

"Huh?" Ochako blinked in confusion. She turned to Katara, "Uh...does this guy know you?"

"Um…" Katara looked baffled.

Oh yeah...he wanted to go to UA as well...

The young man turned to Ochako, "Oh, hello there! My name is Iida Tenya!" he introduced himself, "As for knowing this young woman, I do not. But, she inspired me to go and thrive even further to be a Hero beyond fighting villains! It made me realize that being a Hero is sometimes about saving people from very dark places! And she showed that in that news coverage eight months ago, saving not only the person being held captive, but warming the heart of the would-be Villain! It was a brave and thoughtful effort, and it was an effort that paid off! Thus, she had me thinking..." Iida clenched his fist and brought it up to his face, looking determined. "That is definitely what being a Hero is all about! And surely it is a true sign of what being Heroic can truly do to a person's life!"

...The two girls just stood there after that speech, flabbergasted...

Ochako looked up at Iida, a little confused, but upon realizing what Iida was saying, her eyes widened and blinked. She turned to Katara and asked in excitement, "Wait! You stopped a Villain from attacking a civilian!? When did that happen!?"

Meanwhile, Katara just stood there with a blush on her face, looking astonished by Iida's(she's thankful she introduced himself again, she honestly forgot about him) speech. "Uh..."

"What? You haven't watched the news, Miss?" Iida asked in a somewhat shocked tone.

Ochako turned back to Iida, "Oh, um, no. The news always makes me kind of depressed sometimes."

"Hmm...I see." Iida nodded at that. "Yes, the news can be somewhat stressful...oh! Excuse me! What is your name, Miss? I mean, I only ask because I said my name first...I-I hope this is how it goes…" He looked unsure for a brief second.

"Uh…" Ochako then smiled, "Well, my name is Uraraka Ochako! And I guess you already know Yagi Katara!"

"Well, I said I didn't know here, but...I guess I...kind of do now! Either way, it's nice to meet you, Uraraka!" Iida nodded as he stood stiffly. He turned his attention back at Katara, "And I see you're going to UA as well, Yagi!"

"Um…" Katara smiled sheepishly, "Y-Yeah, I...I am. the way, I didn't really stop the person from harming the captive. All Might did."

"Ah! So modest!" Iida said with a serious expression.

"Wha-? No, All Might really stopped him, not me." Katara tried to tell him.

"While that may be true, Miss Yagi, I honestly believe that your words really have an effect on that person with a Mud Quirk!" Iida said with a chopping motion to somehow emphasize his point.

"...Mud Quirk?" Ochako asked in disbelief.

"W-Well, I-I mean, I just-" Before Katara could further explain, a loud booming voice interrupted their conversation.


The voice on the intercom startled the kids.

"Ah!" Ochako said in surprise. "W-We got to get to the auditorium!"

"Yes! Indeed!" Iida nodded. "We've wasted too much time! Let us go!"

"Uh, r-right!" Katara agreed in a rush.

"Hey, all you listeners! Welcome to today's performance! Everybody say 'HEEEY'!" called out the Voice Hero Present Mic at a podium on the stage in the auditorium.

...He was met with silence.

Katara, who was sitting next to Ochako, didn't know why people weren't shouting out the word. She tried to contribute, but Present Mic already spoke again.

"Alrighty! That's cool, my examinees! Now, at this point, I am here to present to you all with the guidelines of the practical! YEEEAH!"

...Still more silence.

Katara looked around the audience and felt like she was supposed to shout out as well. But before she did, Present Mic once again shouted out.

"Okay! Now, this is how the test goes, my listeners! You'll be experiencing a ten-minute long mock cityscape maneuver!"

As Present Mic explained the rules, Katara sat there as she idly listened. She actually already knew about this part from Toshinori. The written test was the actual real obstacle she had to conquer. She feels like this practical exam would be a...piece of pie. (Did she get that expression right?)

Just watch out for the Zero Pointer...and help out as many people as you can, Katara thought.

As the Voice Hero kept explaining each of the seven test sites will have a faux cityscape, she learned that the students from the same schools would be separated into these test sites.

"Aww," Ochako pouted. She turned to Katara, "Then that means we won't be able to help each other out."

"Oh," Katara frowned at that. "Yeah...that's right."

Ochako looked a little dejected...until she perked up again and told Katara, "Well, do your absolute best, Katara! I'll be silently rooting for you!"

Katara smiled at her friend. "Hey, I'll be rooting for you too."

"Excuse me, may I ask a question!" shouted...Iida?

Both girls jumped in their seats and turned around to see that it was indeed, Iida, who shouted.

"There appears to be no fewer than four varieties of faux villains on this handout!" Iida continued. "Such a blatant error, if it is one, is highly unbecoming of U.A., Japan's top Hero Academy! We're all here in hopes of becoming modeled Heroes!"

Iida then turned behind him, and pointed at someone up ahead of them. "And you! You've been muttering this whole time! I advise you to stop doing that immediately and listen to the instructor! It's very distracting! If you don't take this seriously, then you should just leave and go home!"

Hearing an 'eep!', the person that was called out then remained quiet, even though she didn't really hear any muttering.

Wait...muttering...that almost sounds like-

"Nice catch, Examinee 7111! But the fourth faux villain type is more of an obstacle! You'll see..."

As Present Mic kept on explaining, Katara decided to keep listening just in case the rules have changed or anything.

Still...who was muttering? Would that person Iida was scolding at be Midoriya?

Present Mic ended his speech by saying, "That's all for me! I'll leave you my listeners with our school motto! The Great Hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said: True Heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life!"

Huh...good quote. Katara nodded at that. She certainly dealt with many ills in her life.

"PLUS ULTRA! Break a leg, everyone!"

"Ah, the one and only All Might! Welcome, welcome! We're glad you came!" said an oddly excited but dignified voice.

Toshi turned his head away from the screens when he heard the voice. "Oh! Principal Nezu! Hello sir! And of course I came! I mean, I am working as a teacher here after all!"

Up walked a little dog...mouse...bear thing in a suit who had a scar over his right eye. "Ah, yes! That you are! It's so exciting that the Number 1 Hero is now going to be a teacher here at our pristine academy of U.A.!" the principal said. Nezu then climbed up a plush seat and made himself comfortable. "I have to be honest, I was worried for a moment."

"Worried? What do you mean? I love to teach the children of today about Heroics," Toshi said in a puzzled tone.

Nezu chuckled, "You know full well what I meant, All Might."

"...Oh." Toshi rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment as he weakly chuckled as well. "Well, I mean...well, hey, like I said, I wanted to teach kids about Heroics on the side as well."

"And that is very admirable." Nezu nodded. "It shows you're very serious about the job."

"Heh. Well, either way, thank you for allowing me to work here at U.A, Principal Nezu, sir. I promise to teach these kids to become the next best heroes of this generation."

"Oh, I'm very certain you will! Not only will you be helping certain students out, but you'll be helping out your niece as well?"

The two of them were silent as Toshi froze, his sunken eyes wide.

"...Uh, Sir? I, um...I can explain-"

"Oh please do. Cause from what I recalled, you're an only child."

"...Yeah...w-well…" Toshi tried to rack up something...but knowing who he's talking to, he might as well fess up. "...I'm, uh...letting her stay in my home while she's under the impression of being my niece?"

"...Hmm...interesting...go on." Nezu curiously urged him, his tone sounding oddly chipper.

"...Well...would you believe me if…" Toshi glanced around his surroundings as he was seated in his chair. Seeing that no one was within the vicinity of their conversation, Toshi whispered, "If I said she's...from another world?"

...Once again, silence.

"..." Toshi realized how stupid that sounded. "U-Uh, I mean, r-really, sh-she is! U-Um, I-"

"Hold on!" Nezu lifted a paw to signal Toshi to pause from talking. Chuckling, the chimera hybrid being continued. "You'll be surprised to know that I believe you."


Nezu let out a small laugh. "Well, I have been reading about quantum physics and how interdimensional traveling works."


"Oh yes, it is quite interesting. Did you know that there could be alternate realities depending on a person's choice?"


"In a way, yes, but yet, it's so fascinating."

", mean no disrespect, sir, but uh...are you pulling my leg right now?"

"Hoho! All Might, I'm a talking chimera that has a high intellect. Nothing's too strange for me!"

" won't, like...I don't know, tell anyone about this? About her not…" Taking one last look around to see if nobody was close by. Seeing that they were still alone without anybody nearby, he whispered, "Well...not being related to me?"

"Just as long as you won't favor her, and your successor as well."

"...I feel like you're blackmailing me."

"Haha! Oh, you haven't changed a bit. Welcome to the faculty, All Might!"

"..." Toshi sighed, "Neither have you, Principal Nezu. And thanks."

Upon stepping foot outside and in front of the gate of one of the test sites, she can only marvel at how vast it was.

Eyes widened at what's before her, Katara couldn't help but marvel at the buildings that replicate a city's skyline. The whole testing area looked like it stretched around three miles! It was all an impressive sight.

"Whoa…" Katara muttered to herself. She touched her water thermos, which hung by her side faithfully.

Hmm...from the handout, there are actually three types of robots I have to destroy. One is a...well a one-pointer, the other is a two-pointer, and the last one is a three-pointer...and the last is a big fat zero-pointer. I just got to avoid that one as best as I can whenever I see it.

When she realized that she would be alone in this part of the exam, she thought about Ochako and how she'll fare. Frowning at leaving her friend to fend off for herself, she can only hope that she will do well.

Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes to think what led her all to this.

The lightning...taking the hit from Zuko...being in another world while my other real body is recovering...meeting Toshi...and now completing an exam to become a Hero and learning on how to be one in this top Hero Academy…

As she was thinking this, meanwhile, Izuku was worried about his own problems.

The boy was looking around the group, seeing many kids with so many Quirks. It almost made him feel out-of-place here, all of these kids having Quirks and him obtaining it from the one and only All Might, whose real name is Yagi Toshinori.

He hopes he can do this...

But will I be able to do this? thought Izuku. Will I be able to make All Might proud? Proud to be his successor?

Prove those people wrong.

He thought back to what that girl Katara said...

Prove to them that you can be a Hero!

She believed I could be one...even when I was Quirkless.

Frowning, Izuku looked down at the ground in thought solemnly.

...I feel like I...cheated somehow. No...that's not's just...I felt like I lied to her. She really believed I could do it without a Quirk...

Looking up, he glanced around at the kids some more, feeling like he could maybe somehow spot that girl somewhere...and sure enough, he found a long dark brown-haired girl. And it looked just like…

Eyes widened as soon as Izuku recognized who it was.

Hey, it's Katara! She's here with us as well!

She looked to be lost in thought. He wondered what she was thinking about right at this moment...

Izuku winced as he might have the slightest idea.

I mean, chances are she could be thinking about that. I mean, I just basically told her I was Quirkless, and then all of a sudden, I'm not now. I'm pretty sure she was confused...I don't want her to think I lied to her.

Having that feeling of shame eating up inside of him, he felt like he should at least tell her something. Something to let her think that he wasn't really lying…

Had he thanked her for believing in him? For making him believe that he could still keep going?

I feel like I need to say something to her...

Izuku didn't know what he was gonna say, but he could think of something as he made his way up to her. He began to do so, when-

"Excuse me!" said a formal and strict voice. A hand was placed on Izuku's shoulder, which stopped him in his tracks.

"Eeep!" Izuku jumped and turned his head to look at the person who stopped him.

It was the glasses guy who called him out in the auditorium. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"Uh…?" Izuku just looked confused.

"I see that you've been looking at that dark-skinned girl with wavy brown hair for a while. What is your intention?"

"Uh...I was just-"

"Please do not bother her right now. We are all trying to get ready for the practical, and bothering her right now will only make her lose concentration!" Iida scolded Izuku.

"Uh…o-okay..." Izuku could only dumbly stammer.

"...Hmph." The young man let go of Izuku's shoulder and went back to his spot to prepare himself.

...Well...great. I guess I just have to wait after I...wait, how am I gonna pass!? I don't even know how to use my Quirk yet!

Izuku sweatdropped as he shook with anxiety, the whole thing now starting to sink in again.

Meanwhile, Katara just stood there, the feeling of apprehension slightly creeping inside of her being.

This whole Hero business is actually a big deal here. I mean, I don't want to laze around and do nothing in this world, so...I might need to get serious in completing this exam...but, will it matter in the end once I...I go away?

Katara frowned at that depressing thought.

"You seem to be a little troubled," said a nasal voice next to her.

She blinked at the new voice and turned her head to see who it was.

It was a girl who was slouching, her dark green hair tied in a very peculiar way that made her hair look like a bow. She also has wide eyes, big hands with long fingers for a small girl, and her tongue was sticking out...she looked like a frog, to be honest. But in some way, she looked a little cute while doing so.

"Uh…" Katara just looked at her, wondering where she came from, "Yeah...I kind of am."

The girl nodded, "Totally get that. *ribbit* If I'm being honest with myself, I'm kind of nervous too about getting into this school. Chances are, kids like us that are enrolling here at UA are really reaching. But I want to go to this school, not only to try to become a Hero, but to also support my family. And really, in the end, even if I don't get in, at least I tried. I would think having hardships and struggles would build a person's character anyway. And I feel like that would be the most important aspect of not only being a Hero, but in life."

Katara looked at the frog girl, a little perplexed by her speech.

"Don't get me wrong though, I do want to get accepted here. I'm just preparing for the worst if I somehow don't. But my advice? *ribbit* Give it everything you got on any obstacle that stands in your way, and still keep on going after you conquer it."

The waterbender still looked at her, letting the info sink in. Her mouth turned up into a small smile as she said to her, "That's...some pretty good advice."

"Thanks. *ribbit* Sometimes saying stuff that's always on my mind seems to help people...but sometimes though, it often gets them annoyed." the girl muttered the last part. "But anyway, my name's Asui Tsuyu. But call me Tsuyu."

"Oh, uh, okay. Well, my name is Yagi Katara. But, uh, you can just call me Katara."

"Ah, first name basis, huh? Nice," Tsuyu smiled. "Well, before we start this practical exam, what's your Quirk if you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh, um, it's controlling water."

"Really? Ah. That's pretty good."

"Thanks!" Katara smiled. "Um...what's...yours?"

Tsuyu chuckled, "I thought it was obvious, but if you were trying to let me introduce my Quirk, then I appreciate it. Nah, it's just a regular animal Quirk, that being a Frog."

"Oh, a frog? What kind of frog?"

"Um...just a frog, really."

"...Oh. I mean-" Katara winced slightly, "I-I thought there were a variety of frogs?"

"Oh, there are. But I'm just a plain old frog...although I do secrete poison from my stomach."

Katara blinked at that. "Oh. Uh...well, that sounds kind, you know, cool."

The frog girl chuckled again, "Yeah, it's kind of nasty."

"O-Oh, I-I didn't say-"

"Hey, no worries. I can tell by your tone, you were kind of grossed out by that."

"...Well, still, it is a power. I mean, I can even-" she paused at almost saying those next words.

Control blood.

"Even what?" Tsuyu asked in curiosity.

"...even I can control anything that's water...based…"

Tsuyu tilted her head in interest. "Really? ...Even-"


The two girls jumped at the voice and instantly, the kids all rushed into the test site.

"Uh-oh," Tsuyu said, "We better get going," she turned to Katara and waved before she went her way, "Good luck, Katara!"

"Uh, g-good luck to you too, Tsuyu!" Katara called out as she ran to the test site.

Phew! Thank goodness that conversation didn't go any further.

When Katara entered the mock cityscape, she checked her surroundings when she stopped at an intersection. While the kids separated into different areas, she checked which direction she could take.

Let's see...if I was a robot, where would I be?

Katara decided to pick a route and go the right way of the intersection. Once she was halfway at a city block, however…


...A robot came bursting through a building wall.

"ACK!" Katara yelled out in surprise.

The robot looked like a scorpion of some kind...and it had a '1' painted on it.

A one-pointer! Katara then got serious.

She pulled some water out of her thermos, and used a water swipe to create a blade in a super-fast motion.

She cut the robot in half instantly before it can attack.


Katara smirked. She then gathered the water and put it back in her thermos.

Okay. That's one. Easy...pleasy? She thought, trying to think of one of the expressions Toshi says. Shaking her head, she went forward down the road, finding more robots.

"Oh my!" Nezu exclaimed in excitement. "So, this young girl can control water? Is that her Quirk?"

", she finished that robot quickly," Toshinori muttered, blinking in amazement.

"Hm. That girl's got a good reaction time." Power Loader complimented as he watched the screens.

"Indeed." said Cementoss, "If she can cut through sheer metal by using just water, then I wonder if she can cut through stone?"

"Well, I'll tell you one thing, she wastes no time on attacking," Midnight smirked. "Let's see where this one goes."

"Now, now, we must heed attention to the other examinees. Wouldn't you agree, All Might?" Nezu hinted subtly.

"Oh, uh, yes," All Might, aka Toshinori, looked at the other screens as he tried to find Midoriya. He found him on one of the screens...and he wasn't really doing so good.

Hoo boy...come on, kid. I know using One For All would be too dangerous to unleash at this point, but you got to do something…

Toshi looked at the clock as of now.

...Only eight minutes left.

"Huh, that girl took out another robot. A three-pointer this time." Vlad King murmured.

Eraserhead narrowed his eyes at the screen where Katara is, "...That your niece, All Might?"

"Niece? You have a niece, All Might?" Midnight asked, a little flabbergasted.

"Oh, your niece?" Cementoss said to All Might, "I didn't know you had a sibling."

" know, you never talk about your family all that much, All Might." Power Loader said to him. "Is this your brother or sister's kid? Are they Heroes?"

"...Um...well..." All Might sat there, gaze directed downwards. "...I was actually adopted. I, uh...had one brother…" All Might said discretely.

"Oh, you were adopted?" Midnight said in surprise.

"Oh...I see," Cementoss nodded in understanding...somewhat.

Eraserhead looked at All Might with a blank stare. "...Hm," he looked at the screens again.

"Now everyone, let's not ask All Might here any personal questions. Let's continue observing the examinees, yes?"

Everyone held their inquires another time as they watched the screens.

All Might muttered to Nezu, "Thanks."

Nezu, without taking his eyes off the screens, softly murmured back, "Oh, no problem, All Might."

6 Minutes Left

Okay, there goes a two-pointer. So far, that's...twenty, I think.

Katara went through other streets to find other robots, which she encountered and destroyed two one-pointers and one lone two-pointer. While traversing through the streets of this faux city, she could hear the echoes of other examinees destroying robots around her as well.

Once she went to another intersection, another three-pointer came sliding through the left of the road.

Katara huffed, "Okay, buddy, you're gonna have to join your pals in the pile."

But once the robot could attack…


A pink blur slid from the right side of the road at a fast pace. It went underneath the robot and kept sliding until it got out from under it. The figure then slid to a stop, appearing to be a girl…


"Mina!?" Katara exclaimed in shock.

The figure known as Mina turned her attention to Katara. "Wha?" she blinked, "Oh! Hey! Katara! Wow, you're applying to UA too!?"

...Wow. It seems like everyone I know wants to go to UA. What next, that little creepy pervert kid wants to apply here too?

While the waterbender stood there dumbfounded, the robot started to twitch and spark, but still kept going.

"Wuh-oh! Looks like I applied a little too much acid on that robot...although, not enough for it to shut down," Mina smiled sheepishly.


The robot then staggered around, obviously the wires disconnected as Mina applied her Quirk on it. As the robot turned its eye on Mina, the pink girl pouted.

"Well, I guess I have to get rid of it the hard way! Aww, man…" she then threw her arm back and unleashed a swipe of acid on the robot's eye, sizzling it. However, it was still functioning, but it was on the brink of breaking down. But before it could be over, the robot decided to lock on the person who threw the acid substance at it.

"AH! Oh, come on, you stupid robot, just go down!" Mina complained as she backed up, trying not to be in the robot's path as it came her way.

Katara frowned as the robot has its eye on Mina, "Hold on!" she gathered some water out of the thermos, and made a water-swiping blade to cut the already damaged robot in half.


"AAACK!" Mina yelled out as she landed backward on her butt.

"Oh! Mina, are you okay!?" Katara exclaimed back at her as she rushed over to her aid, maneuvering the remains of the destroyed robot.

"Uh, yeah..." Mina replied in a daze. Katara went over to her and helped her up, in which Mina asked her, "Hey, was that your Quirk back there?"

"Oh, yeah. I can control water," Katara told her.

"Control water?" Mina glanced at the thermos that was on Katara's waist and near her hip. "Oh! So you sliced the robot a water blade?"

"Yeah, something like that," Katara answered.

"FIVE MINUTES LEFT!" yelled out Present Mic on the intercom.

"Eep!" Mina jumped, as well as Katara. "Oh, man! I only got, like, ten so far! Sorry to keep this short, but it was great seeing you again! Good luck in getting into UA! I hope I make it in too!" And with that, she slid off into a different street, trying to find more robots to blow up.

"...O-Okay," Katara said with a blink. She then turned to the destroyed robot, "...I wonder if that counted as getting rescue points? Or maybe..." shaking her head, she told herself. "No, can't think about that right now! I got five minutes left, so I don't need to fool around!" She then went up a different street and kept going.

"Oh my! Your niece certainly looks like she has the fine potential makings of a Hero!" Nezu told Toshi.

Toshi can't help but smile at that, "Yeah. That she does..." He looked at another screen and saw Midoriya was struggling to try to get a point from a robot.

...Man. Poor kid...

Nezu also looked in Toshi's direction and sees Midoriya on the screen.

"...All Might?" spoke Nezu.

"Hm?" Toshi turned his attention to the chimera. "Yes, Sir?"

"What I'm about to test these kids the true meaning of being a I do ask you to trust me on this."


"It's time...for the Zero-Pointer."


Nezu then pulled a little remote out of his suit, and pressed a button.

"...Wait, what are you-"

4 Minutes Left


Katara felt the ground rumble underneath her as it shook, making her stagger a bit.

"AH! What the...?" Katara turned her attention to what caused that quake.


...And saw the gigantic zero-pointer robot trudging through buildings out in the distance!

Eyes widening at the monstrosity of this giant thing, Katara could only think one thing.

...I can see why Toshi wants me to avoid this thing.

As it came towards the mock city, it swung its mechanical hands and crashed through buildings, making them crumble, which made the examinees run away from the robot and falling debris in fear and panic. They ran past Katara, some even knocking into her, making her lose her balance even more as the robot came stomping towards them.

"Oof!" Katara grunted as she was nudged by a guy who ran past her.

"Miss Yagi!" yelled out a familiar voice. Katara looked forward to see the familiar frame of Iida, running away from the robot. "It's best we leave this area, immediately!" And with that, he passed her.

Before Katara could say anything, Mina came up to her, "Hey, what are you doing standing there, Katara!? We got to get out of here!"

"Uh, r-right!" Katara was about to turn around and run, when-

"OW! Hey, watch it! *ribbit!* " yelled out the voice of...

"Tsuyu?" Katara turned back to the fleeing crowd and saw someone on the ground…

It really was Tsuyu! And she was further behind the throng of people escaping.

"Tsuyu! Hold on!" Katara then ran through the other direction towards the zero-pointer.

"Huh? Hey! Katara!" Mina shouted as she followed after her.

Meanwhile, Iida, who heard Katara's name, stopped and turned around to see if anything had happened.

Once Katara was out of the mob of kids, she went towards Tsuyu, who seemed to be trying to stand up.

"Ow! Aw, man. That jerk stepped on my ankle," Tsuyu muttered as she hold onto her right ankle.

"Tsuyu! Hold on!" Katara called out to her.

"Huh?" Tsuyu looked to where she was called out and recognized the girl coming toward her. "Katara!?"

Once she came up to the frog girl, Katara asked in concern, "Are you hurt?"

"Uh, well, my ankle hurts. I mean, I think it's not broken, it just had been stepped on from all the chaos." Tsuyu told her.

Katara looked at Tsuyu's ankle. It looked a little bruised, so she quickly got some water out of her thermos.

"Uh...what are you doing? *ribbit?* " Tsuyu asked her in confusion.

"I'm gonna heal you, okay?" Katara said. As soon as she applied the water onto her ankle, she spread the liquid over it. It soon glowed as she moved the water around, the water turning into a light blue hue.

I didn't heal Toshi's wound because it looked pretty aged and worn throughout the, seeing the sight of blood, and...the thought of having to control it...but now, I'm gonna use my waterbending to heal Tsuyu!

As it continued glowing, Tsuyu took notice.

"Huh?" Tsuyu looked down at her ankle to see the phenomenon of the glowing water...and after five seconds, her ankle doesn't hurt anymore! "Whoa! It feels...better!" She moved it around a bit, "Wow! I didn't know you can heal as well, Katara! That's pretty nifty!"

"Thanks," Katara smiled. She then looked up at the zero-pointer to see how close it is...until she looked further up and saw-


"Huh!?" Tsuyu was about to look up at Katara, but she then felt her whole body being pulled and pushed forward. "ACK!"


"Oof!" Tsuyu landed and laid on the concrete. Getting up, she turned to Katara…

...and saw that Katara was under some of the rubble of the buildings.

"KATARA!" Tsuyu yelled out in shock.

"KATARA!" Mina screamed out in horror. She was watching Katara heal the frog-looking girl and saw that she was healing her with the same water.

And then...the rubble came crashing down on top of her! On top of Katara!

Iida looked on in similar horror.

"MISS YAGI!" he shouted out to her. He moved forward to get over where she is, but he stopped.

Wait...they wouldn't let a teenager be harmed in this practical, would they? I mean...she's fine, right?

Iida paused to see if Katara would get out of the rubble. He can see the half of her upper body was sticking out of the debris...but she wasn't moving.

...Until he saw her move under the rubble.

She's alive! I mean...of course she is! This is all a test, right? This isn't real...right?

He looked up at the zero-pointer, which it was getting closer by the second.


He glanced down at Katara, who was sluggishly trying to get up from the stone that was under her...

...What am I doing?

It was then, Iida knew what to do.

She inspired me...I can't leave someone who inspired me behind...I can't leave this girl behind!

Iida's face turned hard as he gathered up the courage.

He then ran up where Katara was.

Once he passed Mina and soon Tsuyu, he yelled out, "Come on, girls! We need to help her get out of there!"

Mina and Tsuyu blinked, stunned at the situation and at the tall boy who was running up to where Katara was likely injured.

"...Right!" Mina said with a serious look and a firm nod. She rushed over to where Katara was.

Tsuyu also looked serious and said, "Yeah! Hold on, Katara!" She too rushed to the scene.

"PRINCIPAL NEZU! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT OF PROTOCO-UURK!" Toshi yelled out as he spurted out blood from his mouth.

"Ack!" Midnight yelped.

"...Hm. So the rumors are true," Eraserhead said with a monotone stare.

"All Might! Are you alright?" Cementoss asked in concern.

"Now, now, All Might, I know this is a little extreme-" Nezu said as he tried to calm Toshi down, but was interrupted.


"Yes, I know. But everything will work out in the end, All Might. Don't you worry."


"All Might, you do remember the zero-pointer, do you?"


"Then you must already know that it will stop upon getting near the children, yes?"

"...Still! My niece is in danger!"

"Is she now?" Nezu challenged him, "Because it seems like she's still breathing from the look of this screen here. And look! Some rather brave kids are very determined on helping her out."

Toshi looked at the screen...and sure enough, not only were there three kids, two girls and one boy, going to where Katara is, but it seems Katara was still moving underneath the debris.

The skinny and frail man's eyes widened.

"As I said before, All Might, do not worry. Everything will work out. This is part of the test," Nezu said in a chipper tone.

...All Might, not wanting to spurt out blood from his mouth again, sat in his seat and calmed down his nerves.

...Kid, wherever you are, I think now is your time to shine.

Toshinori gulped in apprehension.

"Ugh..." Katara groaned and tried to get up...but then felt a stinging sensation hit her left ankle. "AH!" She collapsed on the ground. Turning her head back she sees that her leg was trapped under a piece of concrete.

"Augh..." Katara winced.

Well, thankfully it was just one of her ankles...

Pretty ironic, depending she just healed Tsuyu's a while she needs to put water on hers.

"Katara!" Mina shouted.

"Hang on, Katara!" shouted Tsuyu.

"Miss Yagi! We are here to help you!" Iida called out to her.

Katara turned her head to the voices and sees that they were coming to her aid.

"G-Guys!" Katara winced again, the pain in her ankle becoming more and more present.

"Hold on!" Mina said as they got over to Katara. She rubbed her hands together and grabbed the piece of concrete that was on her foot, letting her acid burn through the stone.

"Come on, young lady!" Iida told Tsuyu, "We have to help her get this debris off of Miss Yagi!"

"Right! And my name is Tsuyu!"

"Uh...r-right! My name is Iida Tenya! Now let's go!"

And soon both of the kids, while Mina was burning the concrete of the stone slab, lifted the debris off of Katara's foot.

But the zero-pointer robot is getting closer, swinging its arms around to destroy many other buildings.

"We got to hurry!" Tsuyu said to them.

"Yes! We need to...OH!" Iida then remembered something.

"Huh? You okay?" Tsuyu asked Iida. She didn't want another kid getting hurt.

"Huh? What's wrong!?" Mina shouted to the taller boy.

"Nothing! I'm fine! I, uh...I just remembered that, um...I can destroy this piece of rubble with my jet kick!" Iida told them, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"What!?" Mina shouted, her eyes widened incredulously.

"You can? Well then, what are you doing!? Kick this stone off of her! *ribbit*" Tsuyu yelled at him.

"Right!" Iida then got prepared for one of his legs to charge up. Before he did, he said to Katara, "Keep your head down, Miss Yagi! I'm going to destroy this debris with my Quirk!"

Katara, who looked up at Iida, said to him with a smile, "That's fine! Thank you all for helping me out!"

"Don't thank us yet! We got to get you out of here!" Tsuyu said.

"Uh, guys!?" Mina said as she pointed up with a look of fright on her face.

Iida and Tsuyu looked up...and saw that the zero-pointer was hovering over them!

"...Oh crap," Tsuyu said with wide-eyed panic.

Iida snapped out of his shock and yelled, "Hold on, Miss Yagi! We're going to get you-"


Then...something shot through the air at super-fast speed...and collided into the nose of the robot!


The robot went back from the force of the hit, its 'face' dented and destroyed beyond recognition. It wobbled back and crashed through buildings as it fell, landing on several other structures and bringing them down with it.


...The giant robot laid there motionless and broken.

"...Uh…" Iida looked at the scene with wide-eyed shock.

Mina just looked on with her mouth dropped in amazement at what she saw.

Tsuyu looked on at the scene, stunned and flabbergasted at the raw strength at whatever eliminated the giant robot.

Katara looked up at what occurred and couldn't help but look on in awe...

It was then she recognized the shape of the well as the hair.

Eyes widening in, Katara shouted out, "MIDORIYA!"

Mina looked at Katara with a blink, "W-Who?"

Tsuyu turned to the waterbender as well. "Midoriya? You mean that person who demolished the zero-pointer?"

"My...word," Iida softly said.

The figure known as Midoriya stayed there in the air for a bit...until gravity began to start working again. He kept falling all the way back down to the ground at an alarming rate.

Katara, seeing that he might be in danger, tried to get up but her ankle was still trapped under the rubble. "Ugh! Guys! Someone has to catch him!"

"Huh?" Iida snapped out of his shock to glance down at Katara. "Uh, r-right!" He then directed his attention at the remaining two girls. "Quickly! What can both of your Quirks do!?"

"U-Uh, mine's Acid!" Mina answered quickly.

"Frog! ...M-Mine's just Frog!" Tsuyu answered.

"Hmm…" Iida then perked up, "It's a long shot, but we have very limited time!" He turned to Tsuyu, "Can your tongue stretch!?"

"Um, yeah, that's what frogs do!"

"Right! So when he's in catching range, wrap him around your tongue and throw him to me!"

"Uh, okay!" Tsuyu quickly glanced at the rubble, "Sorry to do this Katara, but I'm gonna have to stand on this debris for a moment!" She then hopped on the rubble and wait for Midoriya to fall in range.


"He's coming down closer!" Mina yelled out in anxiousness.

"I got it!" Tsuyu stuck her tongue out.

"I'll get ready!" Iida told them. He got the jet engines on his legs ready.

Once Tsuyu caught and wrapped around Midoriya's waist with her tongue as he fell further, she tugged her tongue and swung him over behind them and across the street.

"NOW!" Iida exclaimed, gearing up his jet-engined legs.

He took off, leaving a burst of wind as he ran.

Katara looked on in amazement as Iida boosted his way forward.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Midoriya yelled out.

"Hold on!" Iida shouted to the flying boy.

As soon as Midoriya was about to land on the pavement, Iida rushed over to immediately catch him in his arms. His jet engine legs cut off and he along with Midoriya were rolling onto the pavement to where the rest of the other examinees were.

The girls looked on with fearful anticipation.

All was silent…

...Until Iida shouts in the distance, "HE'S OKAY!"

Katara, Tsuyu, and Mina all had happy looks on their faces and cheered!

"...KIND OF!"

They instantly stopped cheering.

"What?" Katara said in confusion. "What does he mean by that?"

"Oh no! I hope everything is alright with the guy!" Mina said in a worrisome tone.

Tsuyu looked down at Katara from the rubble and back to Mina, "Hey, what's your name?"

"Huh?" Mina blurted as she turned to the Frog Girl, "Um, Ashido Mina!"

"Alright then!" Tsuyu nodded, "Well, you can just call me Tsuyu! Anyway, can your acid dissolve this piece of concrete quickly!?"

"Uh, w-well, I can make it stronger!" Mina informed her.

"Okay," Tsuyu hopped off the rubble and landed on the ground like a frog. "Try to dissolve it to free Katara then, alright!?"

"U-Uh, r-right!" Mina said as she gathered the acid in her hands and laid them on the concrete slab.

"Ah, there we go!" Nezu said as he sipped his tea from his tea cup. Once he finished, he told All Might, "See, All Might? Nothing to worry about! That young man pulverized the zero-pointer just in time!"

Toshinori gazed at the screens with his mouth partially open in shock.

"...Yeah," Toshi then smiled, "...That kid did it."

Way to go, Young Midoriya...way to go.

"Indeed he did!" Nezu nodded, "He certainly has some good potential."

Toshinori's smile became wider. "...Yeah…"

"Wow! That kid really destroyed the zero-pointer and saved all those kids! Now that's heroic!" Power Loader cheered.

"My, that was close," Cementoss muttered.

"Hoo! Yeah. That would've been ugly!" Midnight sighed in relief.

"It looks like the kid injured himself as well. That's pretty reckless." Eraserhead commented.

"Well, good thing that kid with the jet engine Quirk caught him in time." Vlad King murmured.

As the rest of the Heroes murmured among themselves, Toshi listened in on what they were saying…

"...Sir? They...really weren't in any danger, were they?" he asked Nezu in hesitation.

Nezu sipped his tea again. When he finished, he said cryptically, "Everything worked out, All Might. Everything worked out."

"..." All Might was now getting a little worried about what this job entails.

"MY GOODNESS! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" Iida yelled out when he saw the state Midoriya is in.

"Just...Just one point..." Midoriya mumbled to himself, seemingly ignoring Iida's question.


...Midoriya then passed out.

"...Huh? One point?" Iida inquired. He placed Midoriya on the pavement gently, making sure to not injure him somehow even further. As the green haired boy laid there on the ground, Iida stood there over him and looked at the boy that saved their lives.

Iida frowned, "One point? Was he talking about the practical?"

Meanwhile, the rest of the examinees looked on at the scene in awe and wonder. They all murmured and asked among themselves 'who's that kid lying on the ground' is?

"Hey! Iida!" said the voice of Mina.

"Huh?" Iida turned his head to look at where the voice was.

Mina and Tsuyu came over to where the crowd was...along with Katara who had her arms around each girls' shoulders to help support her up.

Iida gasped. "Miss Yagi! Uh, Ashido, and, um, Tsuyu!"

The three girls came up to Iida and Midoriya. Once they did, Katara looked at the condition of Midoriya and gasped as well, but this time in horror.

"What in the world happened to him!?" Katara exclaimed.

"Whoa, he looks messed up." Tsuyu commented with a wince.

"Wow...y-yeah..." Mina said uneasily, feeling a little sick just looking at the poor boy's state.

Midoriya's limbs were strewn around like a ragdoll, as his arm looked beaten up when he punched the robot.

"It would seem he...hit the robot so hard, he...broke his arm?" Iida speculated. "...Or...made his whole body horribly mangled?"

"Now, now, children, let me see who's been injured," said an old elderly woman's voice.

The four kids turned to see…

...A very small old woman whose hair is up in a bun, and is wearing what looked like a doctor's coat, in which she had her pink costume under her coat. She's also holding a cane(?) that looked like a booster shot.

"Here you go. Haribo gummies for you!" The old woman gave a kid some gummy bears. "Oh, and how about some candy for you? Here you go!" She gave another kid some sweet tarts.

As soon as she's near the kids, she sees Midoriya. "Oh, dear. This one definitely needs medical attention. It looks like his Quirk did this to him."

"His...Quirk?" Katara muttered in question.

The old woman sighed, "This one needs to control it a little better."

She then did something a little...out there.

Her lips stretched forward and...gave Midoriya a little kiss on the head.

...Katara blinked.

It was then an examinee with dashing looks said in a weird accent that sounded foreign to Katara, "That mademoiselle is the backbone of UA. Her Quirk has a super healing factor. It's in large part thanks to her presence that UA dares to host such wild exams. Her Hero name is Recovery Girl."

...Recovery GIRL? She looks like an old lady. Katara raised a brow.

"MWAH!" The old woman known as Recovery Girl finished the kiss as her lips retracted back to her mouth. "This young man will be fine. Now, who else is hurt?"

"Oh! Uh, this girl is!" Mina told the woman, motioning Katara.

"Okay then. I'll be over there." Recovery Girl told them as she made her way to the girls. There were two robot paramedics behind her that were carrying a stretcher and scooped up the boy in seconds.

"Wait! Where are you taking him?" Katara asked the old woman.

"Oh, no worries. You can thank him when he wakes up. He's just going to the infirmary where he can rest up." Recovery Girl told Katara. "Now let me see your injury."

While the robots took Midoriya away, Iida kept his gaze on the boy as he was carried off. "...I owe that young man an apology," he muttered. He turned to Recovery Girl and the other girls, in which the old woman gave Katara a healing kiss on her ankle.

"There we go. Move her ankle, young lady." the elderly woman asked the waterbender.

Katara moved her ankle effortlessly. "Oh wow! It's...It's better!" she said, truly amazed. However, she felt a pinch of fatigue in her system. "T-Thank you, ma'am!"

"Oh, it's no problem, dearie!" Recovery Girl assured her with a nod and a knowing smile. "Can I ask you your name, little lady?"

Once she let go of Tsuyu and Mina and began standing again, she looked at the old woman with a confused blink. "Uh, Yagi Katara?"

"Hm-hm. Alright then, Miss Yagi. Just be careful and don't hurt that ankle too much, alright?"

"Uh, sure." Katara nodded.

Wait...Recovery Girl...where did I-

Her eyes then widened in realization.

Recovery Girl chuckled as her smile became even more knowing. She then pulled out some gummies. "Here you go, Miss Yagi. Some gummy bears for your good deed."

"Uh…" Katara stuck her hand out as Recovery Girl handed them to her.

"You kids be good now, okay?" With one last sweet smile, the old woman went to the other kids who needed medical assistance.

Katara watched her go, curiosity running through her mind.

Does...she know about me staying with Toshi?

"Uh, hey, Katara…" said the voice of Mina, breaking out her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, uh, yes, Mina?" asked Katara.

Mina then grinned big. "Can I have a gummy bear?"

"..." Katara chuckled, "Sure, Mina." She gave one to her, causing her to grin even wider.

"Well, either way, I hope we passed this would suck if we didn't. Especially after that ordeal we went through." Tsuyu threw her two cents in.

"Heh...yeah." Katara agreed.

"It's funny you mention that," said Iida's voice. The three girls looked at the taller boy who was coming their way.

"What do you mean?" Katara asked with a concerned frown.

"Well, I was referring to that boy you called Midoriya...he said something a little...troubling I would say. He said…'Just one point'..." Iida relayed it to them.

"'Just one point'? What could he mean by that?" Mina as she was chewing the gummy bear.

"Hmm…" Tsuyu put a hand on her chin, "...Maybe he didn't get any points at all?"

"What?" Katara asked in surprise. "You mean...he had no points?"

"It would seem so from the way he said it," Iida confirmed, "...He basically saved us from the giant zero-pointer. I feel like that would at least give him some amount of points."

Katara then remembered something that Toshi said back then when explaining the practical to her.

"Hey! Th-" Katara then paused immediately.

Oh...I can't say that out loud, can I?

"Uh...what is it, Katara?" Tsuyu asked her curiously.

"...That could be something?" Katara said a little sheepishly. "I mean, he could earn some special points or something...right?"

"Hmm.." Iida hummed in thought, "...He probably could. Maybe he could gain...rescue points, or something?"

"Yeah!" Katara's eyes brighten up, "M-Maybe!"

"Well…" Mina put a finger to her chin. "We could probably ask if we can somehow give our points to him."

"I go with that, just in case," Tsuyu said with a nod.

"Well...we could try that," Katara said.

Although I'm pretty sure he could get in after that display of heroism...I hope. Katara thought.

Twenty Minutes Later...

Katara entered the Yagi household as she opened the front door.

"Oh! Katara! You're back!" Toshinori said as he fixed lunch at the stove.

Blinking at her guardian's presence, she asked, "You're already here?"

Toshi chuckled, "Well, the teachers stopped examining the students around fifteen minutes ago. I just came straight home and waited to tell you that you did great!"

Katara smiled at that. "Thanks, Toshi..." She stood there in thought

"Hm?" Toshi blinked at the girl as she still, "What's wrong, Katara?"

"Hm?" Katara looked at Toshi again. "Oh! Nothing! I did see what happened to the zero-pointer in the screening room, right?"

Toshinori nodded. "That I did," He then smiled. "That kid who pulverized it was impressive,"

"So you think he's a good candidate?" Katara asked hopefully.

His smile became brighter. "We'll see in one week." He continued to grill the fish that was in the pan.

"Oh," Katara then stood in deflated silence.

The skinny man looked back at the girl upon hearing the uncertainty in her tone.

"...I can...uh, spoil the surprise if you want me to," Toshinori advised her.

"Hm?" Katara looked up at the man. "Oh! I mean...well...y-you don't have to. I mean...well…"

Chuckling at her hesitation, Toshi told her, "Don't worry, Katara. He passed."

Her face lit up as her eyes widened in surprise. "He passed!?"

"Of course! He obtained the most rescue points in the whole exam from saving you and your friends! By the way, you got rescue points as well." Toshi said with a wink.

Katara grinned big. "Oh Toshi, that's great!"

"Heh-heh. I guess you'll find it even better that you passed as well!"

Her mouth turned into a surprised 'o'. "Really!?"

"Yep! Congratulations, Katara! You're going to UA!" Toshi said with a big grin.

She couldn't believe it...she's going to UA! And if she's going to UA, then that means...she'll see Mina, Tsuyu, Iida, and Midoriya!

"That's...That's wonderful!" Katara rushed over to Toshi and gave him a big hug.

"Whoa!" Toshi chuckled, "Easy there, Katara! I'm cooking lunch here," He gave out a congratulated smile either way though, "But you did really well out there, Young Lady." He patted her on the back as she hugged him.

Katara let go of him to give him a big smile. "Thanks, Toshi!"

Toshinori's smile turned warm. "No problem. You and Midor-..." His smile then dropped, his expression looking like he realized something. "Uh, y-you should be proud of yourself." And then he continued cooking lunch.

Now the waterbender's smile went down. "What now?"

"I, uh, I said you should be proud of yourself," Toshi said, trying to cover his tracks.

"...But you said-"

"Hey, Katara! Why don't you, uh, get the pepper spice for me?"

Katara raised an eyebrow, but complied and said, "Uh...sure."

She then grabbed the pepper spice from the cabinet and was about to take it to Toshi...when she asked, "You know...the kid that saved us is named Midoriya. Midoriya Izuku."

"...Oh okay." Toshi turned his head to smile at her and turned his head back to grilling…




"...Um…" Toshi turned his head again at Katara, "...C-Can you give me the pepper spice?"

"...Do you happen to know Midoriya?" Katara plainly asked.

...Toshinori just looked at her for a moment.

...Well...I think I did consider one time that I was gonna tell her about Young Midoriya after the Entrance Exam...

"...Hey, uh, Katara, about I fix lunch first? And then...I'll tell you."

Katara looked at him a little suspiciously, but answered, "Okay…"

About Ten Minutes Later…

"Mmm! This fish is great, Toshi!" Katara complimented.

"Thanks! I always like it blackened a bit. It adds more flavor." Toshinori told her with a smile.

"Well this certainly is the best!" Katara said with a smile back at her caretaker and took another bite of her meal.

They sat there and ate in silence…

When Katara swallowed her food, she then began to say, "So...about what you tried to say earlier…"

Before Toshinori could have another bite, he froze, remembering the topic. "...Oh...yeah., uh, Katara, um...did you want to know why I...said that I was proud of you and Midoriya?"

Katara nodded. "Yeah...I mean, I think I know how you knew about his name from the screenings and whatnot, make it sound like you met him before..." She raised an eyebrow, "Have you?"

"...Katara, did you realize that...he has a Quirk?"

Blinking at that, Katara said a little hesitantly, "Um...yes?"

"...When...he didn't have one before?"

Now, Katara's eyes widened in shock. " did you kno-"

"I gave it to him."

. . . . . . .

"...What?" Katara asked, flabbergasted.

...Toshi took a deep breath...and let it out by saying, "I...gave him a Quirk."

"...You're gonna have to explain that to me, Toshi."

"...And I will. Also, I...haven't really been honest with you...about well as Nana's Quirk."


"...This Quirk has been passed down to nine bearers throughout generations who once wielded it. Nana's original Quirk was...a Floating Quirk."


"...And now...the ninth bearer of this none other than Midoriya Izuku."

Katara's eyes widened at that info. "He's...wait, what?"

"...Katara...this Quirk, my Quirk...which was passed down to me by Nana, who has also passed this Quirk over to her by her own mentor...and now earlier on today, this Quirk has been passed down to known as…"

Katara looked at him in sheer wonder, anticipating what he's going to say next.


- End of Chapter 9 -

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