The Effect of Water @the.samurai.prince
Fessing Up

"Um...I can...explain."

"Please do."

"...She's…" Toshinori's completely panicked face morphed into a solemn frown, "...She's someone I greatly admired and respected."

Katara blinked at that answer. She noticed that he said the words 'admire' and 'respect' in the past tense.

"...Oh," she said, suddenly feeling even more guilty about stumbling onto the shrine.

Toshi sighed, "...I...I'm sorry you had to see all of that."

"...Well...I'm not gonna lie, it is creepy."

"'s not like that, honestly. I mean, it certainly looks like it, but…" Toshi looked at her with intent. "...Katara."

Katara looked at Toshinori curiously. "Yeah?"

"...How about this? I tell you something about myself, and...after that, you tell me something about yourself."

Blinking at that deal, Katara asked, "Um...wha-uh, where is this going, Toshi?"

He looked at her somberly. "Katara...I know that you're hiding something."

Katara's eyes widened. "Wh-What? What do you, I mean, how am I hiding something?"

"I just feel like you are," Toshi says with a shrug.

" went to see Tsukauchi a while ago…" Katara's face paled. "...Did he...tell you anything?"

"Honestly, no. He just told me to ask you...but, I'm gonna take a guess here and don't really have amnesia, do you?"

Katara's heart skipped a beat. "Um…"

"...Hm. In that case, I'll go first then," Toshinori said.

I'm really taking a risk here… thought the thin man.

"...Those pictures of that woman you see there...she was my mentor." Toshi said as he looked down at the floor.

Katara looked at Toshi, her brows furrowed in interest. "Your mentor?"

"Yes...she a mother to me," realizing how that sounds, especially since he has a shrine of her in his closet, he looked up and instantly added, "I mean, no! I-I don't fantasize her that way though! I mean, I did have a crush on her one time when I was real little, but...I just...well, she was the only woman that...that actually...well, that actually cared for someone like me,"

"Care for...someone like you?" Katara asked in confusion.

Toshinori looked back down with a smile, "Yeah...I just...I just really admired her," he gave out a short chuckle, "...She was one heck of a woman."

Katara gave a poignant frown, "...But...why would you say that? I mean, the 'caring for someone like you' part?"

"...Before I tell you that, let me ask you you happen to know what Quirks are?"

"Uh...they're what makes the person who they really are, right? I mean, it's their own power, so...that's what a Quirk is." Katara said, hoping she got that answer right.

"Yes," Toshi nodded, "That's what the documentary you saw said."

"Oh, I mean, well, it's...only common...knowledge…" she said as she looked a little trapped and uncertain.

"That it is...but do you happen to already know that knowledge before you have amnesia?"

"...Uh…w-what-I mean...uh...y-yes?" Katara asked nervously.

"...So you don't have amnesia at all?" Toshi asked, tilting his head at her in curiosity.

Katara froze, "…" now she felt cornered.

"...Hmm," Toshinori decided to switch to a different topic, "Well, even though I haven't seen your Quirk in action, it has something to do with controlling water, right?"

"...Y-Yes," Katara nodded, feeling a little timid all of a sudden as she glanced down at the floor.

"...Is your...ability a Quirk?" Toshinori asked curiously.

Surprised by that question, she was about to answer when she paused, not sure if she could say anything about it.

...Well, Yue never specifically said I could tell anyone around here where I came from.

Before she can decide what to say next, Toshinori then tells Katara something else.

"Well...everyone in the world has a certain Quirk. But there are some that aren't so lucky…" He looked down to think back to his time when he was Quirkless...and then began to think about Young Midoriya.

"What do you mean?" Katara asked curiously.

"Well...80% of people on this planet have Quirks. Then there's the other 20%...which don't have Quirks."

Katara listened to every word Toshi was saying…

"...I was one of those 20%."

She blinked at that confession. " don't have a Quirk?"

"...Back then, I didn't."

Now Katara was confused. "Huh? But then…"

"My mentor gave me my Quirk," Toshi revealed. "Or...I suppose it's more accurate to say that she passed down her quirk to me. Of course, it wasn't instant - she still had it long enough for battle."

"Her final battle?" Katara asked, surprised once more.

Toshi winced at that. "...Yeah...she faced...someone horrible. A terrible Villain of unimaginable power."

"A Villain?" Katara asked intrigued.

" was Nana Shimura's last fight."

"Nana…?" Katara looked at the picture of her in her hero costume, which was displayed in the center of the shrine. She processed this information after a pause, which she then asked him, ", you didn't have a Quirk, but you obtained a Quirk from...Nana?"

"I did…" Toshi sighed, "...You met All Might, right Katara?"

Katara stood in puzzlement on the change of subject, but the gears were turning when she actually thought about it. "...Wait...are...wait a minute, are you...are you saying…?"

Toshi looked at Katara with resolution. "...You must not tell a soul, Katara...but none other than-"

The man then suddenly started to grow. Muscles began to fill out the body's skeletal frame, making his size and height swell up exponentially. Before she knew it, she was looking at the proud, muscular All Might, and not at Toshinori, the man who looked so frail that a single shove would end his life.

Katara's eyes went wider than they should. "All Might?!" she gasped.

"Haha! That's right, young lady-oof!" the Number One Hero of Japan laughed well as now being stuck in the doorframe.

She blinked at his particular situation and different the man became, with his voice and demeanor changing radically...

And even though he was stuck in his doorframe, it didn't stop him from saying what he had to say.

"It-..." he grunted, "It is I, All Might. I AM HER-ack!"

And just like that, All Might disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and the fragile Toshinori returned, coughing up a scary amount of blood. He collapsed on his knees as he coughed the last bit of blood that came out of his mouth and onto the floor.

Katara gasped again, but this time in horror, "Oh my gosh! Tosh-I-I mean, All, uh, All Might! A-Are you alright?" she quickly knelt by the hero's side, trying to help him up.

"Oh," hack, "N-Not-" cough, "N-Not to worry, K-Katara," Toshinori wheezed, wiping the last of blood off his lips. "It happens all the time after I transform." COUGH! "Ugh…man, I did not think that through..."

Katara couldn't believe it...the giant man that she met last night...was Toshinori this whole time! did...when...why…

"Okay, I have so many questions right now, now more than ever. How did you do that? And what happened to you? You were big the next and now…" she looked at the blood on the floor, "Just...what happened?"

All Might said nothing for a minute, a shadow growing above his eyes.

"Young Katara...please brace yourself." Without warning, he slowly reached for his large shirt, and peeled it up. Katara's eyes widened as she prepared to cover them- until her hands froze.

What should've been a normal, yet skinny body was instead a body of a survivor. Toshinori's left side was heavily scarred, with a large chunk of it missing. The fact that he was even alive was a miracle in Katara's eyes. The young waterbender wasn't sure if she was going to scream, puke, or faint.

Instead she just stared in shock.

Toshi sighed, "...Yep," he coughed slightly, "This was given to me by…" he lowered his shirt down, his face turning somber, " him."


"The Villain I's someone I wish to forget...I just hope to God he's dead as of right now…" Toshinori told her grimly.

Katara just looked at him with intrigue, and a little bit of surprise.

Wow...whoever this...Villain is, or was, he must've been something terrible. This person looked like he did some serious damage to Toshi...

Feeling as if she would hit a nerve if she asked who this 'person' was, Katara decided to help him back to his feet. "Can you stand?"

"Heh. Of course I can, little lady. This happens almost every time I overuse my Hero form, so I can deal with it," Toshinori reassured her as he tried to walk, but Katara would have none of it.

"Wait! Hold on, let me help you."

She then guided him to his bed, and let him sit there on it.

"I...I can't believe this," Katara softly said to herself.

Toshinori sighed. "Yeah...I'm the one and only All Might. And really, right now you're one of the few people who know my secret identity."

"Your secret identity?" she asked, stunned.

"Yes...this person you see now is my real form...and you must promise me that you will not tell anyone about my condition."

"I-...Is this treatable?"

Toshi let out a small chuckle. "It is treated...but it still hinders me. I've lost my stomach, and my respiratory system is damaged beyond repair. It makes it difficult to fully transform into my All Might form as you just saw."

"But, when you came down to help Dukanara…"

"I can only hold it in for so much. I'm just glad I didn't have to fight anyone at that time. I can't overuse it or do anything else extreme with it, unless I just want to injure my insides even more. I have to limit the time I use it could even maybe limit my lifespan if I keep on using it carelessly."

Katara's mouth dropped open in shock at hearing this. "Y-Your lifespan!?"

"Yeah…" Toshi looked at the young girl. "Seriously though, Katara...please don't tell anyone about me being All Might."

Staring at the man in front of her, she could only look at him in pity.

"If anyone finds out that the Symbol of Peace is…" Toshinori briefly paused to grimly look down, "...gravely injured, then that would cause an uproar. I'm pretty popular among parts of the I said, I'm the Symbol of Peace, and I'm said to be the Number 1 Hero around. I just...don't want them all to lose hope," he looked up at Katara. "That, and I don't want any villains to catch whiff of this. That All Might is weakened…" He shifted his eyes to his left, his demeanor uncertain. "...Just...please promise me…"

Katara looked at Toshinori with such grief, her eyes softened in understanding.

"Of course I'll keep it a secret," she nodded.

Toshi looked back at the young girl in slight surprise.

"I...I may not know much about this place…" Katara looked down as she kept talking, " seemed to be well-respected and well-loved around here. I don't know who would try to cause any harm to fact, I don't know your whole story," she frowned, "but...I really appreciate you taking me in. I...needed someplace to stay. And...since you're being honest...I should be honest too."

Katara closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"...You're right. I am hiding something…" she said as she opened her eyes to look at Toshinori. "I'm...I'm not from here."

Toshinori blinked. "Um...well, I think that's pretty obvious, Katara."

She chuckled. "No, I mean...I'm...I'm really not from...this…" Katara took a brisk sigh. "I'm not from your world."

Toshi...blinked again. "Uh...what now?"

"Well…" Katara blushed a little as she felt embarrassed. "I, uh...I'm not from this world."

"..." Toshinori blinked a third time. "...Um...where are you from, then?"

"...You know, I think I need to show you my...well, my bending."

Toshinori looked at her oddly. "Bending? bend? What does, uh...what does that mean?"

"...Follow me to the kitchen."

Once Katara asked Toshi to turn on the water to come out(she can't believe the type of technology this world has.), the water was flowing downward into the sink.

"Um...okay. So...uh, actually, I heard that your Quirk can control water by Tsukauchi. Is...that what you're gonna do?" Toshi asked.

"Um, yeah...but, I call it 'bending'." Katara explained.

"Oh...wait, 'bending'? Why is that?"

"Well...we bend the element to our will. Thus, that's why we call it 'bending'. In my case, I can bend water, or anything mixed in it."

"Oh...huh." Toshinori then looked at the running water. "Well, uh...I guess you're gonna show me how you do it then, huh?"

Katara nodded. "Yeah…" She then raised her hands as she gracefully slid into a pose. With fluid, water-like movements, she appeared to be doing a smooth, graceful dance-

...Until Toshinori looked back at the flowing water. The water's path suddenly shifted towards them, the outlet of water going to a controlled path. The water kept floating towards Katara as she 'bent' a growing ball of water, her movements not stopping.

Toshinori looked on in wide-eyed disbelief, wonder, and awe.

"Whoa…" Toshinori mumbled in amazement.

Katara kept going with her movements, until she told him, "Uh, Toshi? You might want to turn off the water now."

Snapping out of his stupor at the unreal display, he quickly rushed over to the sink and turned it off.

Turning back, he stared as Katara was controlling a moderate sized ball of water. She moved her hands around gracefully as she directed the water and controlled it like it was alive, like a floating sea serpent. She twirled, letting the water surround her in a tendril, and then, when she stopped, she gathered all the water into a ball again and...froze it. She made an appropriate-sized ice ball, and then, she let it drop in her hands.

"...Wow," Toshinori said, floored. He then realized something as he blinked. "...Wait!" he pointed at the ice ball. "You can freeze things too!?"

The waterbender shyly smiled, "Heh, yeah, that's, um...part of my bending. Anything water-based, I can also freeze it."

"...You surprise me everyday, Katara."

Katara raised a brow. "You only met me yesterday."

"...Oh. Well, yeah, but…" Toshi rubbed the back of his head. "...Still, some people would call that a Quirk, but...I think that looked like something more to it, didn't it?"

Katara smiled. " has to do with, well, the spirit. Chakras, chi, and all that."

"Ah…" Toshi then put a hand to his chin. "…" he looked at Katara. "You don't have a Quirk, then?"

"Heh, no…" Katara said as she nervously tossed the ice ball to each of her hands.

Toshinori stared at her for a second...and he smiled.

" That's...quite amazing, Katara." he complimented.

Katara blushed a tiny bit as she held the ice ball with her left hand. " you believe me?"

"...Honestly...I shared a secret to you, and you shared a secret to me…" Toshi softly chuckled, "...Man, this is deep."

"I mean, I know you probably won't believe me, but I'm not...well, I'm not crazy. It may sound like it, but...well, what I'm telling you is one-hundred percent truth. And yeah, like you said, you shared something, I share it with you...and this it." Katara held up the ice ball.

"...Different world, huh?"


"...Heh. Well, lucky for you, I believe pretty much anything," Toshi said with a smirk.

Katara looked at the thin man, perplexed. "You believe me?"

"Kid, I live in a world where Quirks just popped out of nowhere. And I was one of the unlucky few that didn't have one. Besides, I've encountered even more bizarre stuff on a daily basis," Toshi reasoned. "You coming from another dimension isn't that surprising at this point."

"Uh...okay…" Katara had to blink at that.

Toshi chuckled at her owlish expression. "Don't worry, Katara. I believe you. And your secret is safe with me."

Katara, a little surprised, looked at Toshinori, and just couldn't help but give him a soft sincere smile. "Thank you, Toshi."

Toshi smiled back. He came up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "How tell me all about where you're from? I feel like I need to know your story first."

Katara couldn't help but shed a few tears. Someone other than Tsukauchi believed her...she's really thankful to Yue and whatever Spirit out there decided to send her to where she is now. Not being able to control herself she gave Toshi a hug, almost knocking the thinly man over.

Toshi, surprised by the sudden affection, eventually returned the hug, albeit cautiously, as not to invade her personal space.

...Thanks, Tsukauchi. Toshinori thought, feeling a little tear go down his bony cheek as he smiled.

Patting her back, Toshinori gave her some reassurance.

"...I still think it's kind of creepy that you have a shrine of your mentor," Katara said in a slight joking manner.

"...Um...yes...again, I'm really sorry you had to see that," Toshi coughed in embarrassment.

Katara pulled away and giggled, a hand covering her mouth. "Well, it showed you really did admire her."

Toshi smiled. "That I did."

Katara smiled as well. "...Would, um...would you be willing to tell me your story? I mean, after I tell mine?"

"'s not that I don't trust you, but I...rather keep that a secret for now."

Katara frowned, but she nodded in understanding, "Okay…" she smiled again. "Well then, how about I tell you from the beginning?"

Toshi nodded with a warm smile. "I would like that."

Katara told him everything, her past, her family, and her friends. Toshinori was amazed at what Katara was telling him so far. From what she's saying, there were some people that could bend four elements in her world; water, earth, fire, and air. Similar to his world, not all of the people in her world shared these incredible skills. For example, her brother and his girlfriend lacked the ability to bend, but were nonetheless capable warriors, as well as other enemies that they've fought. She even explained the war that was going on with the Fire Nation and the rest of the nations, the Air Nomad genocide, and most importantly, the Avatar.

"The Avatar is a twelve year boy? Wow...the poor kid. Such responsibility...and his people were all wiped out?" Toshinori mumbled sympathetically.

"Yeah…" Katara frowned at the thought of Aang being the only airbender left...until she thought of something. "But...there could be more."

Toshinori looked at the young girl in question.

"I mean, they are called Air Nomads for a reason, so there is a chance that some of them might've survived..." Katara put a hand to her chin. "Aang would love know that his people might still be out there somewhere." She looked at Toshi, "He basically fought and defeated the Fire Lord. I heard he took his bending away...that ought to be a blow to his ego," she smirked.

Katara was smiling at the memory of the karmic punishment, but Toshi was not. What little color in his cheeks left him as memories of a certain villain returned in full force, his hands latched onto innocent civilians and heroes as their quirks were being stolen from them-


The Number One Hero blinked as he realized that Katara was shaking his arm. All mirth from her face was gone, replaced by confusion and worry. He blinked, and he realized that he reverted back to his hero form.

Letting out a breath he didn't realize he was holding in, he let out a defeated sigh as he deflated to his true form.

"Sorry...just...had a bad memory," Toshi muttered.

"Oh…" Katara wanted to ask what it was about, but she knew that it would be too much. Whatever memories she accidentally triggered, it had to be terrible enough for him to unconsciously revert back to his hero mode, regardless of his limit.

Toshinori decided to change topics. "But what about you and that Zuko boy?"

"Oh, well...we fought his sister, Azula, and…"

The scar…

"...she was about to hit Zuko with a bolt of lightning and...I leapt in front of him so he wouldn't get hit…"

Toshi then knew what that scar meant.

My word...that was what caused that hole in her shirt?

His eyes widened at the thought.

It looked like it was aimed straight at the heart…

"...Wow." Toshinori mumbled. "You jumped in there without thinking...didn't you?"

Katara blinked at that. "I...well, I, uh...I guess I did."

"...Why is that?"

Katara looked up in puzzlement at the thin man, "Why? Well, he's my...he's my friend."

Toshinori smiled at the girl. "You must care about this Zuko fella."

Blushing a little bit, Katara mumbled. "Well, yeah...I leapt in front of him to get hit by lightning. Of course I care..."

Nodding to that, Toshinori's smile became warm. "The ones that...we care the most, are often the ones that change us for the better."

Katara looked at the man in confusion.

"From what you've told me, he must've changed his mind to join sides because you reminded him of himself and how he lost someone...someone that was important to him."

Blinking at that, it took Katara a minute to figure out what he was guessing.

"Oh…" she looked down at her lap.

My mother…

That's something we both have in common…

"...Yeah…" a bittersweet smile made its way onto her lips.

Seeing that smile made Toshinori smile as well. That tender moment was ruined when a thought occurred to him.

"So, you got that wound on your chest, and you got...transported here?"

"Oh,''s Spirit stuff," Katara said with a little bit of uncertainty in her tone.

Toshi looked at her oddly. "…"

"...I don't know myself really. But I'm here for a reason, right?" Katara assured with a shrug.

The Number One Hero sat there to think about that for a second. "...Yeah," he nodded, "maybe you are here for a reason."

Katara looked up at Toshinori. "You think so?"

"I mean...whatever you, uh...believe in, it basically gave you another chance…" Toshi ran his hand over the back of his head. "Sorry, I'm not good at this type of stuff. I mean, I like to think deep, but...I'm just not that good at...explaining it."

The waterbender smiled and giggled. "I get what you mean. Even if you didn't say it."

Smiling at that, Toshi nodded. "Yeah...thanks."

They sat there for a while…

" will you get back?" Toshinori asked.

Katara's eyes widened a little bit.

Oh...I...haven't talked about that yet, have I?

"Um…" Katara sat there, almost unsure how to answer that question.

...I can't. I can't tell him that. He lost someone that seemed to be family to him...possibly almost like his mother…

She didn't know too much about Toshi's real family (mainly because he didn't like talking about them), but with Nana, she sounded like she was a great woman who took wonderful care of him.

I'm a little concerned though about that picture of her in that swimsuit she was in. She did look younger in it though, to be honest, but...

Shaking her head to clear those strange thoughts, Katara made the decision.

I won't tell him how I'll go back...he doesn't need more turmoil in his life...but how will that affect him if I did somehow die any day now?

Katara still sat there, seemingly lost in thought.

"...Uh, Katara?" Toshi said in concern.

"...I...don't know." Katara finally answered.

"Oh...hmm…" Toshi put a hand to his chin. "...Well, that could be a problem for you."

You have no idea… Katara thought in sorrow.

"Well…" she said, "I'll just...uh, figure out how I'll go back...but until then, I'm perfectly fine with where I am right now." she finished with a smile at Toshinori.

Toshi softly smiled as well. "I'm glad you are." He then took a glance at his watch. "'s almost around 2:30. We need to get over to that school and sign you up!"

"Oh, um, do I need to go with you?"

"Hmm...well, I would think so. I mean, I have to let them know that I have a kid with me."

"Oh...well, okay…"

"Hey, I'm pretty certain it will be an easy process. Besides, you picked the closest school to go to after all." Toshi reassured her with a smile.

Katara couldn't help but smile at this kind man. "Well...alright then."

And so, Toshinori and Katara went to the school that the latter chose to attend. Sending the school board the documents, it looked like everything checked out for her to enroll in the school. After everything was settled, Katara was now able to attend the school, which she could now let herself be able to learn a lot of stuff about this new world that she's in.

She just has to wait for three days to go to this school, though. Today was something called a 'Thursday', and she had to wait until three days for a 'Monday' to come around.

Until then, Toshi got to show her things that she couldn't possibly exist in her world. Things such as the internet, laptops and computers, video game consoles, tablets, television, even books and magazines! As of now, Katara is trying to figure out how to use her phone.

"So...this is called an 'app'?" Katara asked Toshinori as she pointed at the little square that was on the right bottom of the screen of her phone. "And...this app lets people? Even when they're further away?"

Toshinori smiled. "That's right, little lady."

Katara looked at the phone in wonder. "Wow...I never had anything like this in my world."

"Heh, you think that's amazing? You can also watch programs on-the-go with it."

"Really?" Katara turned to Toshi, eyes wide with awe.

"Yep!" nodded Toshinori with a chuckle. "Speaking of which, what kind of, uh...entertainment do you like? We have this thing called 'animation', which is categorized here as 'anime'. They also have another form of animation in the country of America that I stayed for a while, which is called a 'cartoon'."

"Oh...uh, well, I don't particularly know what animation is in general, but...could you give me an example?"

"Certainly!" Toshinori smiled widely. "In fact, let me see your phone for a second."

"Oh, uh, okay," Katara gave her phone to him and Toshi basically went to the app store and tapped an anime streaming service app. "There you go!' He gave it back to her.

Katara looked at the screen and saw the colorful and artsy-looking anime character on the homepage of the anime streaming app. "Whoa...they look...different."

"Heh, yeah, each show has a different style. Oh! This one is a classic! It's, uh...a pretty long series, but the adventure, story, lore, and characters are fantastic! It's about a pirate crew trying to find this legendary treasure and go on epic adventures!"

"One Piece?" Katara said as she looked at the title and the characters. "And...they're pirates?" She raised a brow skeptically. "But... aren't pirates bad?"

"Oh, no, they just want adventure and to follow their dreams separately! They also face a corrupt government and face big time evil pirates! You gotta check out an episode at least! ...But you can definitely skip the filler episodes. Nobody in the history of any anime fan likes filler episodes."


"..." Toshi chuckled again, "Here, Katara, I'll show you…'

And so for the next few days, Katara got associated with the new technology in this world, learned about certain events thanks to the news, and learned a little bit about this country of Japan…

She also gave anime a shot, and was immediately addicted. She was hooked on that anime that Toshi recommended called 'One Piece' and never stopped watching it since...until she had to charge her phone battery up.

But Toshi was right...this anime was long.

Monday - 7:00 AM

" I have to wear this?" Katara asked Toshi as she fiddled with her skirt that stopped to her knees. She was wearing a junior-high school uniform that was sent to her by the school she was going to, which was called Onderon Junior High. It consisted of a long-sleeved purple vest that covered her white buttoned up shirt, which she had a red decorative bow on her collar. Her skirt was dark-blue and at knee-high, while she wore black stockings and penny-loafers.

Toshinori was driving Katara to her new school in his truck, with the ride being just about 3 miles away from his home. The thinly man glanced at the young girl and smiled.

"Well, it's the dress code. Here in Japan, you have to wear your school uniform...well, until you go to college."

"College?" Katara looked at Toshi questionably.

"I mean, I don't know how long you'll be here, but there are numerous colleges around the Tokyo area." Toshi said, as he kept his eyes on the road. "But, again, who knows know…" He scratched the side of his head awkwardly with his right hand as his left was on the steering wheel.

"Oh...I mean...y-yeah…" Katara didn't say anything after that.

In fact, the ride was rather pleasant for them. Katara gets to look around her surroundings on where she's at, and observe the school kids that are going off to their designated schools.

If she was honest, she was a little nervous. Katara never actually been to a school before, and she really feels like she's entering unknown territory. She did have an education back at the Southern Water Tribe, but it was very limited. Now she's going to not only a school, but a school in a world that's not her own.

Yes. Nervous...but excited.

Despite the world she was in, she felt like she'd be the odd one out. Then she remembered Mina, and how peculiar she looked.

Yeah...very odd looking indeed. Katara thought. Hm...I wonder if I'll see Mina again?

"Well, here we are!" Toshinori told her as he stopped the truck in front of the school's entrance.

Katara looked at her window and saw the school, the building being three stories high. There were kids her age going inside the facility, the girls wearing the same uniform as her, while the boys have the same vests on, but were wearing dark blue pants with their shoes on.

She looked out the window, suddenly having second thoughts about all of this.

Katara gulped.

Well...this is it.

"Go on, Katara. Let this school give you some knowledge. Not only about this world, but about...about your future." Toshi said with an almost uncertain smile.

Katara looked at the school for a few more seconds, when she took a deep breath. "'re right." she turned to Toshinori with a smile, "Thanks, Toshi. I'll do my best."

Now Toshi's smile became warm. "I'm certain you will."

Katara nodded to the man, returning his smile with her own, and turned to open the truck door. Letting herself out, she stood there...and took another deep breath. She closed the door, and Toshi drove off.

...Okay...okay...just...take a step and...just walk to the building like a normal

Shaking her head a little bit, she took a step…

...And instantly tripped on a crack on the pavement thanks to her new penny-loafers.


Just when she was about to hit the pavement, she felt a hand smacking her on the back.

She blinked, and she realized that despite nobody grabbing onto her back, she was still floating in the air, her face just a foot away from kissing the ground.

"...Huh?" Katara uttered. She thought she was frozen in time, until she discovered that she was able to move her fingers and arms.


"Wow! Oh my gosh! You almost fell down face first! That would've been very unlucky!" said a sweet sounding voice.

Katara turned her head to look at who helped her from her embarrassing fall.

The brown-haired girl who she assumed was responsible for this strange phenomenon was wearing the same outfit as she was, telling Katara that she was going to the same school as she was. She had a cute, round face with nearly equally round eyes that sparkled with kindness.

"Uh...t-thank you?" Katara said with a blink.

"Oh, no problem!" the girl said with a sweet smile. "You would have bad luck on your side if I didn't help you out!"

"...What now?"

The girl giggled cutely. "Here, let me help you up."

She then helped Katara up as the waterbender kept floating in place. Once Katara was looking like she's standing, the girl tapped her fingers again together. Katara then felt gravity pulling her down again.

"ACK!" Katara staggered a tiny bit. Once she got her footing, she looked at the girl in awe. "Whoa...wha-what did you do?"

"Oh, that's my Quirk! Zero Gravity! I touch an object with all five pads on my fingers, and then that object will float in the air at zero gravity! When I touch all five pads on my fingers again, it's back to its gravitational mass!" The girl explained. "Oh!" She put a hand to her mouth, "I'm sorry! I didn't introduce myself! My name is Ochako! Uraraka Ochako! What's yours?"

"Um...Ka...Katara. Ka-I mean, Yagi...Katara." Katara said, still floored by what Ochako did.

"Oh, neat!" Ochako said with a bright smile. "Hey, you must be a new student! I've never seen you around here before!"

"Oh, uh, yeah, I'm, uh...I'm new."

"Well, hey, why don't I show you around the whole campus? Oh! What's your Quirk, if I may ask?"

"Oh, uh...controlling...water."

"Whoa! Wow, really!" Ochako said with stars in her eyes. "That's like, really super interesting! You got to show me some time!"

"Oh, uh...okay, sure," Katara said with a small smile.

And soon, the two girls made their way to the school grounds and entered the building, while Katara listening to Ochako go on about what the school has to offer.

Once they were inside, it seemed that Katara and Ochako shared the same classroom. Katara looked around to see different kids with different quirks and appearances. Ochako told her she could pick any desk for her to sit in, and the waterbender picked the one that was closest to Ochako.

Katara thought Ochako was an interesting girl. She was bubbly, and she always said the weirdest things, which honestly made her laugh. Katara also learned that she was living in a difficult position, where her father's construction business wasn't doing so well, and she and her family had to be frugal with their money (which Katara later learned that the currency here was yen). They basically hit it off.

The teacher welcomed Katara as a new exchange student from somewhere, that place being 'Okinawa', which Toshi said was a lower prefecture of Japan. After introducing herself (rather awkwardly), Katara sat next to Ochako and experienced what her first school day was like.

"You...want me to use my ben-uh, Quirk on...this thing?" Katara asked as she pointed at the water fountain.

"Mm-hmm!" Ochako nodded fervently in excitement. "This will be perfect! I'll turn on the water fountain, and you get to control the water like you said!"

"Uh...okay…" Katara just decided to roll with it.

"Okay!" Ochako then pushed the button of the water fountain, and a spring of water came out.

Seeing the action made Katara pause as she looked at the water shooting upward as it curved down to splatter on the metal base. does it do that?

Realizing that Ochako was waiting for her to demonstrate her 'quirk', Katara snapped back into reality, and then, with a wave of her hand, she gathered some water from the fountain instantly and bent it to her will.

Turning off the water fountain, Ochako looked on in wonder.

"Oooh! Whoaaa!" Her eyes sparkled, her mouth forming an 'o'. "Wow! That's how you use your Quirk?"

"Yeah. I just...wave and gesture my hand around until the water is under my control," Katara explained lamely as she let her hand move back and forth in a wavy fashion while controlling the water. "I also go into different stances to perform certain kinds of attacks."

I don't think I can explain the concept of chi and chakras to her...I guess I just have to explain it as simply as I can, Katara thought.

"Certain attacks?" Ochako asked as she had a cute look of confusion. She then giggled as she covered her mouth. "You sound like you're trying to train yourself to be a Hero!"

Katara blinked as she kept controlling the water. "A Hero?"

"Oh! I mean, if you are, then that's really cool! Great even!" Ochako backtracked. "I just didn't think you would be so intent on being one so soon! Oh, hey! When did you decide that you wanted to become a Hero?"

", w-well…" Katara hasn't thought about the prospect of being a Hero...but she guessed that saving her world was considered Hero-worthy. Still, she's stuck here now in this world with people that have very amazing abilities called Quirks. She wouldn't think that being a Hero (or Heroine?) in this world was her top priority.

...Although, maybe she can do some help...she does like to help people. And Heroes are meant to help people, right?

I never turn my back on people when they need it!

Katara furrowed her brows in thought as she kept controlling the water into an amorphous ball of liquid.

"...Oh! I'm sorry!" Ochako said, her face showing slight embarrassment. "I didn't know it was personal! I was just curious! Honest!"

"Huh?" Katara looked at the brunette, and almost dropped her ball of water, "Oh! Uh, no, I was just...I never really gave it any full thought."

Now Ochako blinked. "You didn't?"

"Well...I mean, I would probably like to someday. I mean…" Getting tired of controlling the water, she froze it into an ice ball.

"WHAAA!?" Ochako said with wide eyes. "You can freeze water too!?"

Startled by Ochako's exclamation, Katara, as soon as the ice ball went to her hands, juggled the ice ball in her hands, until it broke into pieces on the floor.

...The two girls stood there, looking at the ice debris.

"...Um...yes?" Katara said sheepishly.

"...THAT'S SO COOL!" Ochako exclaimed in excitement.

"Uh…" Katara blinked. "Tha...Thanks...?"

"What else can you do with your Quirk!?" Ochako had to ask.

"Oh, well, I…"

Control blood.

She shook her head at the thought. "Well, I just control anything that has water in it."

Ochako gasped. "! That is super cool! Like, you can control anything that's water-based!?"

"Y-Yeah." Katara looked down at the broken pieces of ice scattered on the floor. Then, with a wave of her hand, she used her bending to gather all of the ice particles and form it into water again.

That amazed Ochako even more.

"WHOA!" Ochako exclaimed in surprise

Almost dropping her water once again, Katara formed the water into a ball, and asked Ochako, "Hey, uh, could you open the window so I can dump this out?"

"Oh! Sure!" Ochako said with a beaming grin. She went to the window and loosened the latch, opening it. "Okay! Now you can get rid of the evidence! Hehe!"

Katara looked at her weird, but smiled nonetheless and she bent the water out of the window.

I hope no one is on the ground floor right now. Katara thought.

"Oh man! You definitely have to be a Hero!" Ochako said as she rocked back and forth a bit on her tiptoes.

"Um, you mean Heroine?" Katara corrected.

"Either way! I mean, I really want to try to be a Rescue Hero, but you, on the other hand, have so much potential to be an actual Pro Hero!"

"Oh,, um...okay?" Katara said a little sheepishly. "I mean, are you saying I should be someone like All Might?"

"All Might?" Ochako blinked. "Well, All Might is a whole different level, really. Some don't even know what his Quirk is!"

"Oh…" That would be a good time for Katara to not to say anything of the sort about Toshinori's Quirk. So with that, she said nothing, letting her friend continue.

"Yeah! It's still a mystery! But still, maybe you can be like Endeavour! Well, except for the hot temper and the fire, heh. I just meant you can be like an element Hero or something!"


"Ha, yeah, not a very good comparison, but you get what I mean!"

"...Uh, o-okay."

Ochako giggled, "But still, I want to make it to the top school in Japan! UA! That's where all the first class Heroes work and teach students like us to be top Heroes!"


The brunette laughed sheepishly. "Yeah, I'm really reaching it, but hey! You never know! Although, I just want to become a great Rescue Hero…" She then poked her fingers together as she looked embarrassed. "Also, I would love to make a lot of money just to support my family."

" get paid doing Hero work?" Katara asked incredulously.

Ochako blinked at Katara again. "Well, yeah. You got to make a living somehow."

...Katara doesn't know how to feel about that. "I...just thought helping people would be good enough?" she asked in question.

"Oh, yeah! I totally agree!" Ochako nodded, "But, sometimes saving people doesn't always pay the bills, sad to say."

The bills? "Uh..."


"Oh! That's the warning bell! We got to go to our next class!" Ochako told Katara. "Come on!" she rushed over down the hall, leaving a baffled Katara behind.

"..Huh," Katara glanced down in thought.

...I wonder what they teach at UA?

"Hey, Katara! You okay!? We gotta go!" Ochako said in the hallway

Katara decided to ponder that another time. "Uh, right!" She then rushed after Ochako.

Katara's first school day was quite...exciting, to be honest. She learned a good amount of Japanese history, science, math, and even calligraphy.

Once the final school bell rang, Katara and Ochako were outside of the school as they were walking through the campus.

"So, how was your first day?" Ochako asked Katara as they were walking.

"It was...pretty fun," Katara answered honestly.

"Really? Haha! I actually hate to learn stuff like biology! A lot of hard, scientific terms and words. Like photosynthesis is just plants giving out air, just say that!"

Katara laughed. "That part was interesting, I have to say!"

"Yeah, it can only be fun if you know what it is," Ochako made a pouty face. "I have to make an essay on it."

Katara giggled, as both girls exited the campus. She stopped on the sidewalk and waited while Ochako kept walking.

"Huh? Why did you stop?"

"Oh! uncle is picking me up." Katara told her.

And that's my cover. The niece of Yagi Toshinori.

"Oh! Well, okay! So you have family here? Where in Okinawa do you live?"

"Uh…" Katara froze at the question.


Katara jumped at the sound, as did Ochako. Soon, a truck came driving up the curbside of the school.

"Oh! That's my ride!" Katara said with a smile.

She went over to the passenger side seat and opened the door. "Hey, Toshi!"

Toshinori smiled at the girl. "Hey there, Katara! How was school?"

"Oh, it was really great! Oh! Hold on," Katara then went to Ochako and grabbed her arm, pulling her to meet Toshi, "I met a friend today! This is Ochako! Uraraka Ochako! Ochako, this is Toshi!"

"Oh hi! Nice to-" Ochako said with a bright smile...until she actually looked at the man. Her smile froze, almost looking like it's forced now, as her eyes and expression were giving off a shocked and horrified look as she stared at Toshinori.

"...Um...hey there!" Toshi said with a wave and a smile at Ochako.

"...H-Hi…" Ochako stuttered as she shook in fear.

Katara saw Ochako's expression and assured her, "Oh, don't worry! Toshi is a sweetheart!"

Toshinori chuckled. "Why thank you, Katara! I try to be the biggest sweetheart there is."

"Uh...okay!" Ochako said, feeling a little calmer after Katara's words. "Um...w-well, it's nice meeting you, Mr. Yagi!"

Toshinori chuckled. "Same to you, young one."

Ochako laughed nervously. "Well...okay then!"

She turned towards the waterbender. "It was nice meeting you, Katara! I'll see you tomorrow at school, okay? We should totally hang out again!"

Katara smiled. "Yeah! That would be great!" She climbed into the truck, and said to Ochako, "I'll see you tomorrow then!"

"Yeah! See ya!"

They said their goodbyes, and Katara closed the truck door, with Toshi driving them away.

Katara sat in her seat and took a sigh. "Thanks for picking me up, Toshi."

"Oh it's no problem, Katara!" Toshinori said as he glanced at her with a smile. "It seems like you made another new friend at your school! She seems like a nice girl."

"Yeah, she is! She's very cheerful and funny, and actually told me some stuff about Heroes a bit."

"Oh? What did she say?"

"That they...well, they get paid doing what they do."

"Oh...well, there are Hero Agencies around the city and around other towns. Some Heroes have to make a living, you know."

"Oh, okay..." Katara was silent for a second. "...Do you have a Hero Agency?"

Toshinori smiled at Katara as he glanced while driving, "Believe it or not, I actually don't have one."

Katara blinked. "You don't?"

"Heh...uh, no," Toshi admitted as he drove. "I don't really do it for the money. I mean, I bet there are a lot of agencies out there that save people because they do want to save people, but...I just basically do it because I want to help people."

The waterbender looked at the thin man with...absolute awe.

Toshinori glanced at Katara and saw her expression. Blinking at this reaction, he turned his head to look at the road he's driving. "Um...d-did i say something weird, or...?"

Snapping out of her initial awe, Katara said, "Oh, no! It's just...that's very admirable."

Toshinori smiled sheepishly, "Well, I just do what is right, honestly."

Katara couldn't help but smile at the man. "That's what everyone should do."

"Heh, indeed."

They drove in silence for a while.

When they were almost reaching Toshinori's home, Katara decided to ask, "Hey, Toshi…"

Toshinori glanced at Katara, "Yeah?"

"...I think I want to go to a Hero School."

Blinking at that, Toshi looked at the young woman. "You do?"

Katara thought about it, before nodding, "Yeah. I do."

"...Oh! Well...where do you want to go?"

"...Have you heard of a place called UA?"

- (End of Chapter) -

(Author's Notes)

(This chapter was beta-written by Lucius Walker and Lancelot)

WHAAA!? Wow, who would've thou-...okay, let's not kid ourselves, you all know it was gonna happen. XP

But yeah! Katara is thinking of going to UA in the future! How totally awesome! XP

So yeah, next chapter will be a time-skip where Katara will jump right into the Entrance Exams! I hope I'm not rushing anything by doing that, but I think it's high time to let Katara get into the real nitty-gritty of the story! Not too soon though, there has to be some build-up, and of course as well as more Toshi and Katara interaction! And hey, we'll see more of the same characters we just saw! And finally, Izuku will get to meet Katara! :D

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