The Effect of Water @the.samurai.prince

Okay, so...this won't go away. This idea just won't. GO. AWAY! I HAVE TO DO IT! D8

So...yeah, you know the drill, new story, but I'm REALLY not gonna continue this when I catch up to recent episodes/chapters of MHA. So it'll be on hold for a while after this chapter is done. In fact, this will be set in the Avatar world in the beginning. There are some things you should know though before I continue:

1. Katara will have three guys falling for her(well, five if you're counting Zuko and Aang), but the three guys will be in the MHA world. I'm gonna say it right now, but those guys will be none other than:

Izuku Midoriya

Shouto Todoroki

...Katsuki Bakugou(YES, I know! But it'll be interesting, trust me!)

2. Katara will fight back, but she'll be foreign to the world of MHA. She'll be her canon self in the SHOW, not anywhere near herself in those atrocious comics and that garbage Legend of Korra. She's a fighter, and a passionate person, so she won't like it when people are in trouble. She'll help them out and beat anybody who will try to fight her, cause that's who she is.

3. She'll be 15 in this, the right age for when she'll soon join UA. She was said to be 15 near the end of the show, so that's what I'm gonna set her age in.

4. Lastly, she'll get to use bloodbending. Yep. She'll suck it up and use it. But only in tough situations. I think that was something they could have explored more in the show for the positive aspects of it, like healing, getting rid of poisons, maybe even controlling blood from coming out of wounds. She'll even use it on the defense and the offense side of things, which I won't reveal as of yet. ;)

So yeah, that's all on that!

Now, this first chapter of how I set up Katara being in the MHA world will sound a little convoluted, but bear with me, I think it can work. :O You'll see how she'll enter the world of MHA in a little bit. But until then, the disclaimer! :D

DISCLAIMER: I do not own ATLA or MHA. They are owned by their separate and respective companies, them being Nick and Funimation/Shounen Jump. The owners for each franchise respectively are owned by Bryan and Mike(sadly) and the other being Kohei Horikoshi. This story is just made for fun and imagination. ^_^

- The Effect of Water -

The Agni Kai was intense.

Zuko and Azula were fighting each other, each with the intent of one-upping the other. They stood eight feet away from each other as they paused their rigorous bending battle. A battle to show who is the best at their element: firebending. The element of power. But great power comes with great control and responsibility, for which Zuko had years of control from his uncle, his true father figure. Azula though, was a prodigy, emitting blue fire and mastering lightning at a young age.

But even with all that said, they are both equal in their bending. And at this point, the former was winning the match.

Frustrated that her brother was besting her in every move and attack, she panted raggedly in exhaustion. Gritting her teeth in anger, she thought to herself, 'Damn that traitor! He thinks he can best me!? That...that ingrate! How did he become like this!? Where is his strength coming from!?'

Zuko took another stance and said to her, "Give up, Azula! Whether you like it or not, we're evenly matched!"

"Shut up! You can't be better! I'M BETTER! You hear me!? I'M BETTER!" Azula's right eye twitches, clearly losing what's left of her sanity.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, there was one girl who went with Zuko. The dark-tanned skinned girl, her dark hair flowing in the wind as she viewed the fight between brother and sister in the Fire Nation Palace courtyard. Her name is Katara, and she is a waterbender.

'It looks like Zuko is having the upper hand.' Katara smiled in relief.

"Azula. It's over. You will not be Fire Lord. I will be Fire Lord and end this war!" Zuko told her in resolution.

"What makes you think you can beat me, you traitor of a brother!" Azula snarled. "Father never cared for you, and I can see why! You're too weak! You can't even finish me off if you're so sure of beating me! You didn't even finish off Father when you so-called redirected his lightning before you left!"

Katara, shocked upon hearing that, couldn't decide whether she should scowl or frown in melancholy. From what she knew from Zuko, he had a hard life, but never had he spoken about his father and home life.

"That's not weakness! That's compassion! He's my father, and I couldn't do that to him, no matter how matter how much he hates me." Zuko frowned desolately.

The waterbender turned to Zuko with wide surprised eyes. 'So it's true...Zuko's father…' She looked down with an angry expression. 'How dare they treat Zuko that way!?'

Azula then began to form a jagged smirk. "Yes...father did hate you. And he should've done more than just burn your face!"

Katara once again was hit by another bombshell after another. Her mouth flew open as her eyes widened in horror.

Zuko didn't take too kindly to what Azula said, as he glared at her. "Don't you ever dare bring that up!"

"Oh why, Zuzu? Does it bring up bad memories? Well, good!" Azula turned to Katara. "Did you know that Zuzu here spoke out of term in a war council meeting when he was 13? He disagreed with sacrificing soldiers to let the others move forward, and apparently Zuzu didn't like that! So he had to challenge the officer in an Agni Kai, just like you see now! But thinking he was going to face off the officer, instead he was fighting Father!"

Zuko stood there in silence as he gazed at the ground, shaking in anger, but helpless as to what his sister was telling his friend. Meanwhile Katara was just appalled at what she was hearing, putting a hand to her mouth.

"Oh yes! That's what happened. And Zuko was acting like a pathetic little baby about it! He asked Father to forgive him, but it only made Father more upset! He told him 'Pain and suffering will be his teacher!', and then burned his left face! The rest is HISTORY! With that, he was banished, never to come back to the Fire Nation!"

Katara just couldn't stand hearing the rest, and turned to Zuko to see how he was taking all of this. When seeing his shaking form, not so much.

When she was about to turn to glare at her, and as well as about to shout out furious words at Azula, she noticed something in her fingers.



Her eyes widened once more in alertness. She took a quick glance at Zuko, who seemed to be distracted by Azula's words, his body still shaking.


"Aww, what's the matter Zuzu? Did I hit a touchy subject?" Azula taunted him with the same smirk. "Heh, you were always such a crybaby. Maybe I should put you to bed...PERMANENTLY!"

And with that, Azula striked.

Zuko, realizing his mistake, looked up and was about to try to redirect the lightning, but as soon as he was going to…




Zuko looked on in horror...his eyes wide in shock...mouth agape…


...A body hit the floor.

...But it wasn't Zuko's.


Azula cackled.

And Katara...lay limp. Smoke was emitting from her chest...and she wasn't responding.

Zuko stood there in shock. His eyes still stayed wide, his mind now processing what's actually happening right now.

His friend…took a lightning bolt from him…

Katara...risked her life for Zuko.

For him.

Meanwhile, Azula just continued to cackle.

"Hahahahaaaa! Well, well, isn't that sweet!? Your little waterbender peasant took the bolt for you! I find that hilarious! She must be stupid to risk her life for a failure like you!"

Zuko didn't register what his sister was saying. He just looked down at Katara's limp form, hoping for some movement from her.

There was nothing.

Zuko's eyes were wide with horror, the fear that he couldn't save another person. He couldn't...but she saved him. She saved him.

Her once enemy. She saved her once enemy...turned friend.

His friend…

Katara...was his friend.

She risked her life for him…

He...He couldn't save her...

Azula grinned maniacally. "Well, what do you know, Zuzu? Looks like you're all alone now. I guess trash like you deserves that, huh!?"

Zuko didn't say anything...he just stood there looking down at Katara's unresponsive body.

This made Azula frustrated. With a scowl, she gnashed, "ANSWER ME, YOU MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A BROTHER!"

He stood there still...

The Fire Nation Princess glared at him. Taking this as another chance to calm her senses and prepare another bolt of lightning, she then grinned maniacally once more. "You know, really shouldn't avert your attention away from your opponent. Allow me to show you what HAPPENS!"

She then fired another bolt of lightning…

Only for Zuko to quickly redirect it, his instincts on overdrive. He made a swift and hurried turn and then fired back at Azula, the bolt of electricity flying straight at her at great speed.

It struck her in the right arm.



Azula yelled out loud in pain from the shock that punctured her armor and her arm. She held onto it, her arm feeling limp for the time being. Gritting her teeth in agony and glancing at the damage her brother did, she turned her attention to Zuko with a crazed look in her eyes, but also something else…hurt. Hurt that her own sibling did her.

It was then Zuko spoke.

"'ve gone too far this time..." He looked up at her, his expression twisting into what appeared to be of a cold glare...aimed directly at his sister.

For the first time in her life, Azula...was actually starting to feel a little afraid...of her own brother right now.

But she didn't let it show, as she gritted her teeth in rage. "Oh, what!? Did I hit a nerve!? Are you gonna rampage like a child now, all because I brought up bad memories of your worthless childhood!?"

"Azula...I advise you to be quiet." Zuko said in a dangerously low tone.

Azula's eyes widened at the severity of his tone.

"For your information, it wasn't your throwbacks to my childhood...what you did, even if you were targeting me, what you did…was mortally wound one of my true friends. You may throw insults at me, you may belittle me, you may even attack me. I'm used to it all by now. But what you did, even if it wasn't intentional, you struck my friend and laughed at her save me. My friend who I bonded with...telling me that she lost her mother during this war, and how I mentioned we lost ours... there are two things I will not tolerate. You harming Katara, this girl who told me how she lost her mother because of this we lost ours...and you laughing at her, not only just for risking her life for me, but laughing at how you never once consider that you may love Mother just as much as me, and never thinking that Katara had to feel the pain of losing her OWN mother, just like we did!" Zuko said to her in a vehement manner.

The Fire Nation Princess stood there stunned, unable to think up a snarky remark.

"From this point on...we are ending this." Zuko said with steel in his voice.


Then...pure stark light emerged in the distance.


Where was she?

She remembered jumping in front of Zuko and saving him, but...what…


The pain of being stuck by raw energy.

The feeling of hitting the pavement.

...Oh no.

Is she...dead?


...Nothing…and the light was growing bigger by the second.


...There was nothing.

Starting to feel afraid, she was about to say something, anything to make sure she wasn't alone here wherever she's floating(she thinks she felt as if she was floating), until…


Gasping, she recognized the voice.


"Yes. It is me, Katara. I am speaking through you telepathically."

"Wha-...what happened?"

"You risked your life to save Zuko by taking the lightning bolt from Azula."

"Risked my life? You mean...I'm...dead?"

"Not exactly. You are in a limbo of sorts, where your soul has been stabilized in Purgatory, the realm where you are in-between the material world and the Spirit World, also known as Paradise."

"What? What am I...what am I doing here?"

"The reason why you're here, is because you have the will to refuse to die, even when you have passed. You feel as if you have a task to uphold, and help as many people as you possibly can. Such as helping Zuko and his Nation. Helping the Avatar with his responsibilities. And helping your friends, as well as your family, people, and everyone around the world."

"Oh...then, can I go back to my…to my body?"

"I'm afraid it is not that simple. Once your spirit leaves your body, it begins to automatically go to a path called the Passage, where the Passage is located in the realm of Purgatory. The Higher One has stopped you from passing through to Paradise."

"The Higher One?"

"Yes. The most High One out of the Spirits and the One who is in line with the Avatar, has stopped you from passing on. For He knows you have a wonderful purpose in your world. However, once the spirit leaves the body, and if the body is fatally wounded, then that person cannot go back to their body in the material world."

"Oh...well, then, what do I do?"

"For now, you have to remain somewhere else. The Spirits and I have discussed where we should take you from here."

"Somewhere else?"

" a new world per se."

"W-What!? A new world!? Wha-What do you mean!?"

"What I mean is that when you are in the Passage, you'll automatically go into only one direction to wherever you will pass on to, that being Paradise. But we all had to change the location on where you will land instead of your final destination, as you are still needed in your world. So as of now, we stopped you from your supposed destination to Paradise to tell you where you'll be going.

"But...But wh-what about my friends? What about my family? Dad? Sokka? Gran-Gran? Oh no, Aang! And Toph, Suki, and...and Zuko. How will they know that...wait, do they even know I'm...well, here?"

"Do not worry, Katara. I will personally tell them all...that includes your brother Sokka as well…"

"Yue...he really does think about you."

"I know he does. But he has someone very special to him now. He and Suki are inseparable and I'm really happy for him. You don't have to worry about me, I am quite content with how Sokka is doing and finding someone else. I will watch him as he and Suki will prosper together."

Katara smiled. "I'm glad."

"Thank you, Katara. But as for informing them, I will tell them once you go to your destination."

"...Okay. But how does this all work? My spirit will be in this other world or…?"

"Hm-hm. Well, everything is linked to each world in a way. While there is one universe full of living beings, there is also another universe where there are beings that look like us, each having the same physical appearances. There are also different events, timelines, and even geography in each of these different realities of these worlds. You are just added to that world as a stranger there. Your spirit will appear there, but it will morph into your physical body, allowing you to move freely and normally in that world. I hope this makes sense."

"Uh...yeah...I think."

Yue giggled. "I kind of had a hard time understanding this too when the High One explained it to me as well. But just know that you will be alive in your physical body in that world. You will still remember your time over at your home world, but you will be a stranger in this world you are going to enter. However, your other physical body in your world will still be in a comatose. Your body will have time to heal slowly from the damage it was inflicted on you. Azula struck you in the heart, and it will take who knows how long for it to heal.

"Oh, you happen to know how long it will take me to heal? And if I fully heal, does that mean I can go back to my own world?"

"...That's where things get complicated."


"Well, you see Katara, you're still fatally injured. You're more than likely dead, but thankfully, the High One intervened. And the only way to really come back is that you have to be in a full comatose to naturally heal the damage that has been done to you. And that way, when that time comes, you...have to die in the other world."

"What!? Die in the other world!?"

"Yes. But I advise you not to do that...well, not just yet. For one, it is considered suicide, which it's morally wrong, and it will literally lead to that if you do it very early. If you do it the moment you enter this world, it will be all for naught, as not only it will not let you go back to your world, but you will be stuck in Purgatory forever. The reason for that, is that you aren't fully healed, and if you do take your life in this world, you'll be truly dead. With that, I advise you to keep living in this new world until the time is right until you are absolutely healed back in your world. And even if you are healed, you still can't take your life; it is again, morally wrong. This is...where it gets tricky. On how you need to go back to your world when you are fully healed, you need something to happen to you, such as an unforeseen accident or attack. You can't force someone to kill you, it has to happen naturally."

"...Well...that's...that's great." Katara mumbled solemnly.

"Do not worry, Katara, I know you'll prevail. It will be difficult at first, have to keep going. For your friends and family, for Aang...for Zuko."

Katara blinked in the vast nothingness(which the light was still growing into a moderate size, almost filling her vision). "Z-Zuko?"

There was a pause, and for some reason, Katara felt like Yue was smirking during that pause. "Just know that everyone will be waiting for you. Sokka, your father, your grandmother, Suki, Toph, Iroh, Aang, all of your friends...even Zuko. They'll all wait for you. And by the way, Zuko won against Azula. He prevailed because of you, Katara."

Blinking and feeling herself blushing at that, Katara said. "Uh...oh. Well...I'm...I'm glad he defeated her...f-for me…"

"Hm-hm. He is very loyal and very honorable. He didn't even end his sister, he just contained her when he defeated her. He truly is a good person."

Katara couldn't help but smile at that. "Yeah...he certainly is."

Yue just giggled at the statement. "Also, Aang has just now defeated Fire Lord Ozai. The war is now officially over."

That put a surprised, but relieved smile on her face. "Oh, that's wonderful! I-I'm so happy for Aang! He did it! He honestly did it!"

"Yes...and he did it by losing his attachment to you."

Katara blinked. "His attachment to me?"

"Indeed. He realized he needed to make a choice. To save the world and everyone in it, or to hold onto his beliefs and attachments. He chose the former. He has become a fully-realized Avatar."

Katara took a moment to let that sink in, thinking back on how Aang had feelings for her. But upon knowing that he chose everyone in the world and his duties as made her feel proud of him. So very proud of him. He finally realized...he had matured and grew into the Avatar he was meant to be.

But another thought came to her.

"Oh! Wait, then, does that mean Aang...did he...kill Ozai?"

"That is the thing. He was almost about to do so, but he thought of a better punishment for him. He energy-bended his bending away."


"Yes. He took away Ozai's bending, never to let him use it ever again. He was so consumed by power, and what better way to punish him than to take it away? He is now defenseless without his bending, rendering him the only thing he hates to be in his own mind: being weak."

Katara smirked at that. "Hmph. Serves the jerk right."

"Indeed. He is now being carried by the Fire Nation officials for his war crimes. Aang, Toph, Sokka, and Suki are coming back with Appa, who had arrived where they were."

Now Katara felt a little worried. "Wait, will they handle me in my state?"

"I will appear to Zuko in a moment, and then to the others when they come to the Fire Nation Palace. Again, there's no need to worry, Katara."

"Well...okay. Just try to calm down my brother...and Aang…and tell them...first, tell Sokka that I love him. Secondly, tell Aang that I'm immensely proud of him. And tell the other that I will come back soon and that I love them as well. Oh and lastly...tell Zuko...that I would do it all again in a heartbeat."

"I will surely tell them, Katara."

"Thank you, Yue. ...Is...there anything I need to know in this new world?"

"Just know that you shouldn't tell the people there who you really are. We picked this world as it's not the most dangerous. Just act as normal as best as you can be, and use your bending when only necessary."

"Okay…" Katara sees the white light getting larger, definitely flooding her whole entire vision at this point. "Well...I'm ready."

"That's good...oh, and Katara?"

"Yes, Yue?"

"...Your mother is very immensely proud of you...and she loves you dearly."

Katara was stunned.

"...I...I…" She took a shuddering breath. "...Thank you."

She could feel Yue's warm smile.

"It is careful out there, Katara."

...She was now surrounded by darkness once again.

But this time, she felt a familiar weight all around her.

Eyes now gaining sight, Katara flailed her arms and legs around as she seemed to be...swimming in place.

She was in water!

And from the taste of it, it was seawater. She began to swim where she hoped was the way up.

Soon, she emerged out of the water, taking a deep breath and coughing up a bit. As she floated there, the waves of the ocean were pushing her forward. When she tried to rub the seawater out of her eyes, she adjusted them so she could clearly see what was in front of her.

Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her as she floated in the water.

For one thing, it was a little close to the middle of the evening, the sun setting at the horizon. The day was in twilight, and she looked to be near...a beach?

At least...she thinks it was a beach.

The shore was apparently lined with debris(she thinks?) both small and large. And further up past the beach, there was a barrier and...buildings of foreign design, as well as streets and hills that resemble the Fire Nation's landscape.

Curious as to what world she had landed in, Katara trudged along the water to get to the shoreline. As she came up to the sandy part of the beach, she was soaked completely, still wearing her Water Tribe clothing. It wasn't the best attire to go swimming in, but that wasn't her fault entirely.

"Very interesting choice to put me in, Yue…" Katara mumbled.

As she treads up the beach, she stopped for a moment to glance up at the night sky.

Katara sees the moon up in the distance of the sky and couldn't help but be mesmerized by it. 'Wow...they have the Moon here as well.' Katara paused in her train of thought. '...Well, yeah, Katara, they have to have something light up the night...I guess it's just...nostalgic.' She frowned at the thought of leaving her world behind for now. '...It's gonna take some getting used to. But I can manage this...I hope.' Her thoughts went back to Zuko, how she saved his life from Azula's lightning bolt. Looking down at the sand, she thought firmly. 'I would still do it again...anything to help out my friends.'

Then, there was a slight pain that was emerging on her chest. It grew even stronger and Katara couldn't help but grit her teeth at the feeling. When she touched her chest, she felt a sting that made her yelp.

"Ow!" Katara looked down at her chest, and saw that she had a burnt hole on her shirt...and then she realized it was the spot where she was struck by Azula's bolt.

Eyes widening, she flinched at the sudden pain. "Oh...I...I guess that stays as well." She gritted her teeth again at the pain that was searing her chest. "Well...I guess it's better than being dead. Can't let things be too easy for me." Katara joked weakly. Upon inspecting her chest a little more, she thought to herself. 'Well, I'll see if a little healing water can somehow ease this wound.'

Katara gathered all the water she had on her clothes, and applied it through the hole in her shirt and onto the wound onto her chest. It was a weird motion, but it got the job done, the stinging pain easing itself away for now.

Once that's done, she glanced around her surroundings to look at these objects that are scattered around on this beach.

They look metallic and...junky. Some were large, while some were medium-sized and some were small-looking. There were some that seemed to be opened up revealing foreign parts inside of them. While she is interested in these certain things, whatever they are, she decided that now wouldn't be the time to look at them, especially in the dark. So she walked up to the stairs to exit the beach and came across a black paved street with lines painted on it.

'Huh. This is a large street.' As Katara stepped onto the street and began walking on it, something caught her attention to her right peripheral vision.

It had two lights emitting on the front on it was heading straight towards her!

Katara looked to her right at the thing in curiosity, but soon she realized it seemed it wasn't slowing down. Frozen just a bit, her eyes widened as she tried to make a run for it to dodge the fast approaching animal(maybe? What was it?), until when it got closer, it made a complete stop, a screeching sound coming from it once it did.

The waterbender held out her hands in an attempt to tell it to stop, which thankfully it did from what she'd seen. However, what happened next almost confused her.

Something opened from the thing's right side(not her right, but the thing's), and...a person came out of it.

From the lights on the front of whatever this thing was, it was a dark-haired man who was dressed in a weird attire along with a large gray coat on and an odd-looking hat on his head.

"My goodness! Young lady, what are you doing standing in the middle of the road!?" The man exclaimed in concern.

"Oh! U-Uh, I'm, uh…I was just, um, just..." Katara started lamely. "I was, uh...taking a stroll?:

The man just looked at her with an observant look. "What's...that you're wearing?"

Katara blinked. "What I'm wearing?" She looked down and what she wore, which it being her usual Water Tribe garments. "…clothes?"

Now the man blinked. He then looked a little closer at what she wore thanks to the light shining on her form. "Wait...why is there a hole on your chest there, young lady?"

The waterbender froze as she looked down at the burnt hole in the middle of her shirt that was in clear view for him to see.

Then, as if on cue, her chest started to sting again.

"Ack!" Katara hissed in pain, her hand going up to her chest.

The man, alarmed by her reaction, frowned in worry as he said, "My word, young lady, are you alright? What kind of wound is that?"

"Oh, it's, uh, nothing really, I…" Katara faltered there, trying to think of the best lie she could come up with. But seriously, how else is she gonna cover up what this really is on her chest? She can't say she'd been hit by lightning, that would be too bizarre...right? "I, uh...a land leech sucked on me?" She finished lamely with a sheepish shrug.

'Ugh. Nice one, Kat.' She cringed inwardly at that poor excuse of a fib.

The man looked at her with something that was akin to doubt and...sympathy? "Little lady, my Quirk is "Lie Detector", and I can say that right now, I didn't even need to use it to know that you're lying."

Katara looked at him oddly with a blink. "Uh...what?"

'Quirk? Lie Detector? You mean, he's like Toph in a way?'

The odd-outfit wearing male sighed. "Young lady, I think you need to come with me."

Katara's eyes widened at the offer. "What?"

"No worries, I'm a detective in the police force of Musufatu. The name's Tsukauchi Naomasa. Actually, are you lost by any chance?"

Katara looked at the man a little curiously and a little cautiously. 'Detective, huh? I heard about those...I don't know what a 'police force' is, but I know I'm in some place called...Mu-su-fa-tu?' "Um…" 'Should I say I'm lost? ...Well, I might as well. I mean, I basically am.' "Uh, yeah...yeah, I am."

The man named Tsukauchi nodded. "Alright then. You might also need to get someone to check that out." He pointed at her chest.

Looking down at the wound(which stung again), Katara winced. "Uh, yeah…"

"Hm. Well, hop in the car. We're going to get you to a hospital."

"Car?" Katara said in confusion.

Tsukauchi blinked. 'Huh. She must've been hit in the head too.' "Um, yes, young lady. This thing right here." He patted the top of the thing that was called 'the car'.

"Oh!" Katara said in realization of what that thing is in front of her. Tsukauchi patted it and it made a metallic noise, which she realized it wasn't a living animal. "Oh...oooh, so that isn-" Katara stopped herself to not give herself away. "...Uh, o-okay." She approached the car and observed the vehicle's left side and saw an outline that looked like a door. Figuring out the mechanics a second later, she pulled the handle of the door and climbed in the car.

The interior looked...very odd and very foreign to her.

Once Tsukauchi closed the door to his driver's seat, he turned to Katara. "Close your door and put your seatbelt on, okay?"

Katara jumped in her seat, and quickly closed the door with a SLAM! Wincing at that, as well as Tsukauchi, Katara looked at what looked like a 'seatbelt'. She looked to her left and saw an apparatus on the upper part of her seat. She lifted her left hand up to grab it, and as if on instinct, she pulled the apparatus, which it became longer, and wrapped it around herself...only for it to retract back to its place.

Tsukauchi sweatdropped, while Katara just looked confused.

"Uh, here, I'll just, you out." Tsukauchi said as he reached for the seatbelt, pulled it, and wrapped it around Katara and snapped it into the socket that was next to her on the seat's right.

Katara just blinked and flushed in embarrassment. "Um...thanks."

"No problem." Tsukauchi nodded. Before he put the car out of park, he said, "Oh. I'm sorry, I forgot to ask your name. What is it, young lady?"

"Oh, um, K-Katara."

"Katara, huh? That's a nice name."

"Uh, thanks…"

The detective nodded with a small smile. He got out of park and they drove forward, which gave Katara a little gasp.

"You okay?" The detective asked.

"Uh, y-yeah. Just, um…" Katara thought of nothing to say to that. "...N-Nothing."

Tsukauchi just glanced at her for a second until he said, "Okay then." He continued to drive his car. "...So, how did you really get that wound, Katara?"

Katara turned her head to look at the man next to her, looking like he was driving this thing called a 'car'. "Um…"

'Well, what do I say? I can't tell him that I got this injury from saving my friend from his crazed sister who was gonna shoot lightning bolts at him. I mean, this Tsukauchi guy is wearing some pretty odd clothing, I don't even think he knows anything about bending...does he?'

"Actually, I'm sorry."

Katara looked at him again dumbfounded. "Huh?"

"Well, I shouldn't pry. Even though I am a detective and a police officer, and it is my duty to help the public, I won't force you to tell me. I just really want to make sure if you're okay and that you're not in any danger." Tsukauchi told her as he looked at the road ahead of them.

"Oh,, I'm just...well...I guess I'm just...honestly, I am pretty lost right now..." Katara said honestly.

Tsukauchi glanced at the girl, saying to her, "...I see."

They were quiet for a little while, as they stopped at traffic lights and intersections, which Katara caught on that there were more of these 'cars', which was the reason why they had to stop the car at times. They seemed to be in some...concrete and glass-looking city, unlike the stone buildings of the cities of Omashu and Ba Sing Se. People were walking about in this city, which was called Musufatu...

However, there was one thing that Katara noticed that threw her off a bit.

While she was sight-seeing, she saw other people with weird-looking appendages coming out of their bodies, some with strange-looking body shapes, and some who looked like animals that were walking on their two legs.

Katara, even more dumbfounded, was beginning to wonder if she was getting delirious from the injury on her chest.

'What is all of this? What...what kind of world am I in?'

A melodic sound interrupted her thoughts, and Katara jumped in her seat when it came.

Before she could say anything about it, quickly as if he had done this before, Tsukauchi picked up a rectangular object, looked at the front of it(which seemed to have moving words on it), pushed something on it, and put it to his right ear.

"Talk to me." Tsukauchi said into the object. "...Really? Are there any Heroes around? ...Not yet, huh? …" He sighed. "Well, I was going to drop someone off at the hospital before I got home,'s a young lady that I almost ran over near Dagobah Beach...yes, she's fine. She has an injury, and...well, I don't think it's fatal, she seems to be functioning properly." He glanced at Katara for a second, while Katara looked at him, perplexed that he's talking to an object. "...Hm. Well..." He looked back at the road again. "...I mean, I'm almost near the hospital, so..." He sighed again. "...Well, alright. It sounds serious. I'll be there. ...Yeah, don't worry, I will. See ya there." He lowered the object away from his ear and pushed a circular red spot on the front of it.

Katara just looked on in confusion. "Uh…"

"Change of plans." Tsukauchi said as he continued driving. "I have to get to a scene that's happening right now."


"A crime scene to be more specific." Tsukauchi said as he took a turn to a street.

"A crime scene!?" Katara said with shocked wide eyes.

"Well, it's more like it's happening right now. Something about a Villain with a Mud Quirk."

'A Mud...Quirk? There's that word again.'

"Oh…" Katara said dumbly.

The car was almost to its destination, when Tsukauchi asked Katara, "Oh, yeah. What's your Quirk, Katara?"

"My Quirk?" Katara quickly thought back on what the term 'Quirk' could mean here. She thought back on what Tsukauchi said about having a Quirk that made him be a Lie Detector. She also noted back that while looking around the streets and sidewalks, there were multiple strange-looking people walking around. Could those be Quirks? And lastly, the detective said that there's a Villain with a Mud Quirk.

She also noticed that he said 'Heroes' and used the term 'Villain'. She heard them before when she and Sokka played "Good Guys and Bad Guys"(Sokka was always the 'good guy', unfortunately). Heroes are supposed to help and protect people, while Villains do harm and evil towards others for their own selfish gains.


'Oh! Darn it, that's right! I got sidetracked!' Katara shook her head. "Um...water manipu-...lation?"

Blinking at her claim, Tsukauchi hummed. "Interesting…"

"Uh, I call it 'waterbending'." 'Gosh, I hope I'm saying the right things.' Katara thought a little anxiously.

"Huh. That's a nice way of putting it." Tsukauchi said with a nod and a small smile to her. He looked at the road. "Well, here we are."

Katara looked to her left to see a crowd of flashing cars and people in blue uniforms lined up and surrounding something.

"What's happening?" Katara had to ask.

"A Villain is taking a hostage by using his Mud Quirk." Tsukauchi explained. He turned his attention to the girl. "Just stay in the car, okay?"

'What? Someone is taking somebody hostage?' Frowning at that, Katara wouldn't take that sitting down. She then realized something…

'Wait...mud...hey! I could help!' Before she could say anything to Tsukauchi, he already left the car. "Wha-hey!"

The detective didn't hear her as he approached the scene happening right now.

Her frown going deeper, she opened the door to get out of the car and raced over there.

As soon as she went a little closer, a cat person came up to her. "Hey! *Meow* You can't get any closer! A negotiation is being held at place!"

Katara stopped and blinked at the cat cop.

'Okay, this world just got weird.'

"Stand back and let us handle the situation at hand! *Meow*!" the cat cop said.

"Katara?" said the voice of Tsukauchi, who came up to them.

"You know this girl, Tsukauchi?" asked the cat person.

"Yeah, Catchu, it's the girl I told you about. Her name's Katara." Naomasa said. He looked at the waterbender. "I told you to stay in the car, Katara. It's too dangerous to be out here right now!"

"But I can help!" Katara tried to tell them.

"Little lady, listen, if you want to be a Hero, then that's great," Catchu informed. "But you're too young and not registered to be one right now! *Meow!*"

"What!? Registered? What do you mean? I just think I can take this guy if he's made of mud! Mud is basically dirt with water in it, so I can try to take him down with a swipe of my ben-I mean, my Quirk!"

Tsukauchi looked a little surprised at her reasoning, but the cat cop named Catchu didn't take that too lightly.

"Young lady, *Meow* you need to stand back right now! We can't let anybody go pass here and be in harm's way! I know kids want to be Heroes nowadays, but this is a very serious situation. *Meow* We need to hold him off until the Pro-Heroes arrive, so don't get involved with what's happening right now, alright?! *Meow* Now go back to the car, and let us handle this!"

Katara scowled. "No! I'm gonna help whoever's being held hostage!" She rushed past Catchu and Tsukauchi.

"Katara!" Tsukauchi yelled back.


And with that, Katara dashed through the cops and the police vehicles to get to the scene.

'No matter what world I'm in, I will NOT let anyone get hurt! I will never turn my back on anybody!'

And so it begins...from this point on, the decision that Katara made as of right now will alter the course of her journey back home...from here, this different world will be Katara's temporary new home…

Right now...this is Katara's...My Hero Academia!

End of Chapter 1

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