Joke's On You, Kid @the.samurai.prince
Why So Serious?

"...Wha...what?" Izuku stuttered.

...Mr. J just trained his eyes at the boy without a word.

"...I said what's your shoe size, kid?" he asked suddenly.

"...Huh?" Izuku uttered with a blink, a little off-guard.

"...Why's the sky blue, do you happen to know?" the clown-masked purple-suited man asked him in slight ridicule.

"...Wha…" Now Izuku was confused, "...Uh...are...are you-I-I mean...are-are those...r-real questions, or...?"

"...You seemed to be stressed, buddy." Mr. J said to him as he closed his switchblade and store it away in his jacket.

"Wh-Wha-u-uh…I-I, u-um...w-well-"

"Hey, hey, hey," Mr. J said to the greenette as he wrapped his long left arm around his shoulders to somehow calm him down, which only made Izuku squeak in surprise, "You need to relax, kid...lighten up, loosen up a bit, you know? I mean, come on, you're training to be a Hero here! You can't break under pressure or freeze up whenever disaster strikes! I mean, haven't they taught you that in UA or any other school for that matter?"

"U-Uh...wha-uh...I-...u-u-uh-" Izuku tried to say, completely dumbstruck at this sudden turn of conversation. He glanced at the man's hand that was hanging off his shoulder and back to his masked face, feeling unsure and quite frankly frightened at what might occur since Mr. J is so close to him.

"I mean, from what Hacker showed me, you got a great Quirk, believe it or not!" Mr. J told Izuku, as he led him to the edge of the long table, "Tell me, what was it? It was a little generic sounding, but it was something like "super strength" or whatever, right?"

"Uh…" Izuku gulped, turning his frightened gaze at Mr. J, "Y-...Y-...Yes?"

The boy couldn't see it, but a smirk was forming underneath his mask as he looked at him, "Interesting...and you also happen to have some kind of "super speed" as well back at Hosu City, right?"

Izuku's eyes widened at the man. "Wha-what?"

"I mean, granted, the news said that you and your two knocked-out classmates over there," he pointed at the unconscious boys on the floor with his head, "try to fight the big bad villain Stain, and end up losing, but…" his smirk broadened as he kept his gaze at Izuku, "...that's not what really happened, right?"

"...Wha-What?" Izuku asked in a breathless tone.

"I mean, come on, it's three guys against one! Sure, that Stain guy may have that disgusting Quirk that stops people temporarily by letting him lick their blood or something, but Speedster and Freezerburn over there, as well as you, had to overpower him at one point, right?" Mr. J told him.


"Come on now, tell ol' Uncle J the truth, hmm?" Mr. J said, his tone faux-comforting as he one-armed squeezed Izuku's shoulders.

Izuku gazed at the madman dumbstruck, frozen in place as he still trembled in fear.

"...You know," Mr. J began saying, "I came across a lot of liars in my time. They would scheme and steal their way to the top and take all the fame and glory...kind of like how those Pro Heroes took all the fame and glory for themselves, right? And we all know how the news alters every single thing to make it sound grandeur, when it's not. They tell little white lies, so they can have a good story on their hands...but the difference in this news coverage story is and your buddies never got any recognition, did you?"

"...We...Well, they-"

"Ahp, nah-uh-ah!" Mr. J stopped Izuku from speaking as he raised his finger up. "Speak truthfully now. Your parents told you not to lie, right? Or of your parents, right?"

Izuku's eyes widened once more as he froze.

'What? How...I mean, does he know that it's just me and my Mom?'

Mr. J looked like he was smiling something crooked behind that mask. "Let me guess: No father figure in your life. Does that sound accurate?"

"...H-...How...How did you-"

"Because you lack self-confidence," Mr. J told him bluntly.

The green-haired boy said nothing after that…

"...Well, that and I...observe people's body language, demeanor, tone, I analyze, okay?" Mr. J adds on.

Izuku's eyes were never wider than they were now.

'Ob-Observe? Analyze? That...that-that sounds a lot like m-'

"I can see you were never really a ladies man, so I'm betting the only woman, well, hell, maybe the only person in your life you ever talk to was your mother, right? Hence why you would act so indecisive, nervous, and jittery around Why is that, I wonder? You have a good Quirk and you're obviously a capable fighter, so you have nothing to be so insecure about! I mean, why would you freeze up at the chance to take me and my crew down? Why wouldn't you have the chance to take one of my men down, and rescue one of your classmates, thus formulating a plan to beat me and the rest of my guys? Why would you even be scared of little old me? I mean, come on, I'm a Quirkless loser! You can finish me off any day of the week!"

The boy just looked at him, listening to him as he felt unsure of what to do at this point.

"...But I think you wouldn't want to do that, because you wouldn't think that would be the right thing to do, now would it? It would be unfitting for a Hero to kill someone, much less than make them brutally handicap. I mean, that's vigliante crap, and you ain't that! And the publicity would be awful, oh, they would hate you, mock you, question your ideals, and really, no one would want that on their Hero resume, oh, no, no, no, noooo! I mean, goodness, that would go against everything a Hero stands for, you know? And if that's not enough, to kill a Quirkless person like me? Oh-no-ho-ho-nooo, that's automatically a big no-no as well! ...Even though the majority of them wouldn't care. Every Hero just wants to look good in front of the camera, am I right? Like some would just say that Quirkless people are wastes of space, worthless, useless, deserved to be abandoned by the side of the road, put out of their misery, should jump off a bridge and kill themselves, the works, you know what I mean? ...But you know? I don't let it bother me that much. Cause one Hero told me that I can be something more...that I can do something about it..."

Mr J. gazed at the boy in silence behind the mask, which Izuku looked back at him, the boy feeling the same unease whenever this man gets quiet, afraid he'll do something to harm him...

"...And I did," Mr. J said to him, to let that sink in.

The room was silent, so quiet that everyone felt like breathing would make too much noise…

Momo looked on at Mr. J and Midoriya's conversation with wide-eyed fear, afraid for her classmate and newfound friend. The dread sank into her as she watched their interaction, which was all she could do, watch the scene play out. She never felt so helpless like this, so...useless. She can't do anything to create something out of her, her arms and hands tied up by the whip-rope Villain.


Momo hopes he can get out of this situation.

Meanwhile with the rest of the kids, Ochako looked on with apprehension, completely worried for her friend. The others that were conscious, such as Kaminari, who was looking at the scene while having the side of his head pressed on the table by Rubber's hand. The rest of the girls, who were all on the floor, listened in with dreadful anticipation.

"...But, I'm speaking to someone who has a Quirk. I mean, you wouldn't know what it feels like, really..." Mr. J leaned in to Izuku, a wicked grin slowly but surely showing underneath his mask.

...Izuku gulped anxiously.

"...would you?"

Midoriya's heart stopped, shock written all over his face.

"...Heh-heh. I bet you would know a certain thing or two about being Quirkless...right...kid?" Mr. J. taunted him in a tone that sounded too gleeful to Izuku's liking.

"...Wh-...What?" Izuku asked in pure fear.

...Mr. J chuckled, the evil grin probably still plastered behind the mask, "...You're not really a good liar, are you, MidorIya? I mean, I don't have to beat it out of you...your face says it all. "

...The green-haired boy began to tremble again. Not only that, but Izuku felt...claustrophobic all of a sudden. The dread drenched his entire being like flooding water coming out of a broken dam. It flooded every nerve in his body as they locked up, tensed enough to feel overwhelmed.

"...Do you want to know what my father said about confidence?" Mr. J asked the boy.

Izuku didn't speak, he didn't even stutter. He just shook as he looked at this man...this

"Well...confidence is sort of like...gravity...kind of like what that girl's Quirk is over there," Mr. J motioned his head at scared Ochako, who was still contained by Razor, "But, we're talking about something totally different, new concept, new analogy. Now...confidence is, like I said, like gravity. All you a little-"

Then Izuku felt a hand grasp the back of his head, as his forehead went down hard on the table's surface.


The impact made Izuku see stars, a resounding pound of pain coming through his head.

Momo's and Ochako's eyes both widened at the scene in horror. Kaminari cringed as he witnessed Izuku's head colliding to the table, while the girls could only dread what was happening to the boy.

Izuku, dazed, tried to regain his balance as well as his bearings, but Mr. J grabbed him by the back of his shirt and picked him up by his chest and tossed him onto the table. Izuku, on his stomach, slid on the table slightly. Still dazed and having a pounding headache, the boy tried to get up from the attack, but Mr. J quickly got up on the table and kicked him in the chest. Now slammed on his back, Izuku coughed in pain, while Mr. J stood above him, grabbing the front of his shirt as he kneeled on the table and punched him in the face repeatedly.

Momo sat there in shock, her eyes even more frightened and wider than before, while Ochako was shaking hopelessly, her eyes wide and scared as she was cringing at every hit that Izuku was getting.

Denki also just kept wincing at the beatdown, while Jirou, Tsuyu, and Mina all just laid there, wishing they could drown out the punches that are being thrown at Midoriya.

Mr. J kept rapidly beating Midoriya's face in without a word being said, while poor Izuku didn't have any time to guard himself as each hit to his face was more painful than the last.

Then, with one last punch, Mr. J stops his onslaught and drops Izuku on his back. The crook gets up, waving his punching hand from all the impacts he gave to the boy.

"Phew!" Mr. J said, "You gave me quite a workout there, kid! Haha!"

Izuku, in obvious pain, groaned slightly from the beatdown while sluggishly trying to get back up on his shaky arms. As he tried to get back up on his feet, the pain in his head made him lose balance, making him stagger and plop onto his left side. The boy tried to slowly get back up, the blood dripping from his nose and mouth. He was sure his nose was broken and that he had an even worse concussion than before.

"Sheesh, you don't look so good, pal," Mr. J said in mock concern as he hunched at the boy's side, "You know, for someone who has super strength and super speed, you surely don't even try to use them all that much. I mean, heck, I would at least think you had some good reflexes with a Quirk like that."

Izuku turned his head to face the hunched over Mr. J, his whole face bruised and bloodied as he looked up at him in a pained wince.

"But, I guess that's why you're going to UA in the first place, right?" Mr. J continued, "To get that beautiful knowledge on how to be a Hero and all that shit?"

The green haired teen, thinking this is the point of no return, tried to glare at the man, but it came out as a grimace.

"...Hm. Still think you can put up a brave front, huh kid?" Mr. J then stands up, hovering over Izuku, "How about I give you some dancing lessons instead? I really do need to get these old legs here-"

He then delivered another hard brutal kick to Izuku again in the stomach, making the teen collapse onto the surface of the table as he turned over on his side, winded and coughing from the pain as he clutched his stomach.

"...working again! HAHAHA!" Mr. J laughed at his own twisted joke as he gave Izuku another kick again, this time in the ribs.


"AUGH!" Izuku didn't even have time to react, laying there on his side and in too much pain to get back up. Now he felt as if a rib had cracked.

Ochako and Momo, who kept watching Midoriya's suffering, just couldn't bear to look at the scene anymore.

The former, Ochako, just closed her eyes as tears welled up in them, praying that Izuku wouldn't be too hurt from the beatdown that this psychotic man is inflicting upon him. She feels like she has to do something, and maybe she could, but she didn't want to take the risk of letting her friends be murdered by these Villains, or mess up at the last second, causing them to kill her. Even her stance was kept frozen the whole time, just because the Razor guy had a clear sharp finger on her throat, and felt like the slightest movement could trigger him to slit it. She didn't even think she could cover her ears or say anything, either to tell them to stop or to drown them out, if she was going to be cut. She's obviously scared out of her mind, but she wished she could do something...something to save herself, her classmates, and Midoriya. She never felt so helpless before in her life...and she was supposed to be Hero-in-training! What kind of Hero just stands around and does nothing?

Meanwhile, Momo just kept looking on in shock and horror at Midoriya's beating. If she felt helpless before, then this is taking the whole cake. Never had she felt so powerless. Her arms and her whole torso, as well as part of the chair she's sitting in, were completely wrapped around by this villain's whip-rope Quirk, making her be constricted so tightly, that it's making it hard for her to even move or budge, let alone breathe. She can't really create anything that would be useful at this point, thanks to this rope material that's around her school-uniformed body. The rope material was blocking off access to her skin, so she wouldn't create any items, and the only things that were exposed as of right now were parts of her thighs that were in-between her stockings and skirt. There was also her face, but she would never use whatever lipids were on her head. She truly felt weak...

And here they are now, witnessing Midoriya get savagely beaten for no reason by this...maniac of a person.

Mr. J then began to say, "Now, I call this little dance,"


A kick in Midoriya's stomach, causing him to cough again.

"Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight!" Mr. J continued.


He kicked him in the center of his chest.

"OUGH!" Midoriya grunted in pain.

"You know, the one I told you before, but you acted like you didn't hear it!?" Mr. J reminded him as he delivered another kick to his ribs.



"I know, it's a long title, but hey, I added something poetic to it!"

A kick to the stomach once more.



"Like for instance, since he's the Devil, he doesn't dance around daytime to be seen,"

A kick to his ribs again.



"He dances at night, so he can party with his buddies-"

Another kick in the chest.



"Who are just normal people looking for a good time to wreak some havoc!"

Then, for good measure, he kicked him in the face.


She couldn't take it anymore.


...All was silent...

Ochako's eyes went wide...staring in shock at the person that screamed that statement.

Denki, also not wanting to see the brutal beatdown Midoriya is getting, opened one of his eyes and directed his attention to the source of that yell.

Even the rest of the girls recognized who yelled that out...and now, thanks to the abrupt silence, they were instantly afraid for her safety all over again.

The henchman(and woman) all turned to the source of the plea.

Momo just sat there with desperation in her eyes, tears about to flow down her cheeks as her form was shaking in fear.

"Please…" Momo said to Mr J in a quivering tone, "Just...take the money and go. Stop...hurting him...he hasn't done anything to you."

The henchmen all glanced at each other, Hare raising a brow at the girl.

Mr. J directed his attention slowly at Momo.

All was quiet...

"...Now you see, that's where you're wrong, Little Missy," Mr. J said to Momo. He began to kneel on one leg in front of a bruised, beaten, and battered Izuku and turned his head to him, "This...little bastard...had the speak up...while I was having fun."

Momo looked on in horror, her face morphing into one of pure dread, at the man's words and at Izuku's condition.

Izuku looked up at Mr. J with his back on the table's surface, recovering from that kick to the head. Grasping at his skull with both hands, he gritted his teeth through the aching pain.

"...Hrmph," Mr. J harrumphed and got back up on his feet again, making his way exactly in front of Izuku, as well as the others that were watching the beatdown. He stood in front of him, looking down at the boy with his mask still on his face, almost as if he was studying Izuku's broken form.

"...Oh, and apparently he had to play Hero while he's at it!" The clown-masked man exclaimed harshly, pointing at Izuku, "Now that, right there, was un-called for!"


"...And right now, I've lost all my will to laugh," Mr. J said nonchalantly.

He then began to be over and on the boy as he knelt down once more on him. Reaching into his purple suit jacket, he got out…

Momo's eyes widened in absolute terror.

And so did Ochako's.

"Dude...just leave him alone already! He hasn't done anything to deserve this!" Denki said, not standing to see his classmate get this kind of treatment.

"Rubber, knock him out," Mr. J told the big guy as soon as he got out his gun from his inner suit pocket.

"Phew! Thanks, Boss. Was getting kind of tired," Rubber said as he lifted up Kaminari's head off the table and slammed it back onto it. Denki was out like light, Rubber tossing him next to a horrified Jirou on the floor.

The bloodied and bruised Izuku looked up at Mr. J, fear in his eyes as his whole body shook when he saw the gun in his hand.

"You know," started Mr. J as he moved his wrist in lazy circles as he carried the weapon, "You kind of really do remind me of my old man. He was really...completely...ordinary. Nothing special about him at all, honestly, he was know, ordinary! Absolutely...ordinary," he looked down at Izuku, the eyes of his mask narrowing, looking as if he might be smiling in wicked glee, "But you though, my friend, take the cake! You're so ordinary…" he leaned close to Izuku, "...that you're nothing."

Izuku looked at him with such dread, that he almost had tears in his eyes.

'Why...why couldn't I do anything?'

...He has to do something. Now.

With all the strength he could muster, Izuku tried to grab the wrist of Mr. J's gun hand, but the maniac grabbed his wrist just in time.

"Oh, now you fight back?" Mr. J taunted with a laugh, "Ha-ha-hah! Pretty delayed reaction there, kiddo! But on the bright side, you made me laugh again! So congratulations! You put a smile on my face!"

Then, as he was holding onto Izuku's wrist, with his gun hand, he pulled a little bit of his mask off, right to where he could only see Mr. J's horrifying demented smile...laced clown paint on his lips on a stark white chin.

Something about this reveal was...terrifying. To the disturbing makeup, to the yellow stained teeth.

"See?" Mr. J demonstrated with an evil grin, "One big smile!" he roughly twisted the boy's wrist making him yell out in pain.

Then, Mr. J carefully...put the gun inside Izuku's mouth, letting it be positioned onto the inside of his right cheek, the gun barrel stretching and poking his cheek out.

Izuku froze on the spot.

"MIDORIYA! NO!" Momo yelled in a panic.

Ochako didn't care anymore about her predicament, she just screamed out, "MIDORIYA!"

Whip dug a pinkie finger in his ear, "Sheesh, these gals are loud. Louder than Hare."

"Hey, watch it!" Hare glared at Whip, ready to threaten him with a bat, but then she heard a little beeping sound inside her pocket. Looking at the source of the sound in question, she dug out the device, it being a ear communicator. She put it in her ear and turned on the audio in her ear.

"Yeah? ...Oh, okay! I'll tell him! Thanks Hack!" Hare told Hacker as she turned off the communicator.

Meanwhile, with Mr. J and Izuku...

"How about...I...put a smile...on your face, kid?" Mr. J asked him morbidly, "One...big...messy smile."

Izuku was still frozen in fear, unable to do anything with a gun in his mouth.

"Oh, come on, Midoriya, why so serious?" Mr. J asked, his smile getting wider and wider, looking more demented by the second, "You know it's all just a joke."

'This...this is happening. This is really happening! I'm...I'm gonna die right now…'

Midoriya's whole life flashed before his eyes: he saw his mother, his friends, All Might and all the hard work that he gave him to achieve One For All…

To think it would end like this…

"And me? Well...I'm one hell of a Joker." Mr. J...or also known as Joker told Izuku with one last wicked grin aimed at him, "...And spoil alert! That's what the 'J' stands for! Heh-heh-heh-heh-ha-ha-HA!"

'I'm...I'm sorry All…'

"Hey Mr. J!" yelled out Hare.

...Mr. J, aka Joker, ever so slowly turned his head to Hare, his smile still in place.

"...Yes, Hare, dear?"

"Hacker said he got all the loot from the Yaoyorozu's bank accounts! What now, Puddin'? Does that mean our job here is done?"

"..." Joker's smile was still on his face, ""

...There was a brief pause.

Momo was extremely rigid, her heart stopping from the suspense.

Ochako looked on in despair, her eyes wide as her whole body trembled.

And Izuku was still scared out of his mind.

"...Welp! Time to go, folks!" Joker announced.

Joker stood up, taking the gun out of Izuku's mouth.

"Well, you're lucky, kid." Joker told the boy as he pulled his mask down to cover his mouth again, "Time's up, so we have to roll. See ya! ...Or not. Depending on if we'll ever see each other again, which I really hope not in your case. But hey, like I said, on the bright side, you made this fun enough for me to put a smile on my face! He-he-heh-HAAAH!"

And with that, Joker took his leave, walking away from Izuku. The henchmen were also looking ready to leave, when Joker said to Whip, "Oh, hey, Whip. If you could, wrap up Gravity Girl. Razor, that's enough containing her. Wait till Whip comes over for him to wrap her up."

"Sure thing, Boss!" Whip said as he grew out a whip from one of his top wrists, making his way over where Razor and Ochako are.

"Well, Sweetcheeks, looks like this is the end of the road for us. Sorry for not getting to cut off that soft skin of yours," Razor jested sadistically.

""You honestly need help," Turtle said to Razor.

"Don't we all?" Crystal said to Turtle.

"Heh, very funny. Better be careful with the jokes though, you don't want to piss off the Boss," Chameleon said as he passed the others.

"Heh, well, I tell you one thing, UA is slacking off with their education system if they can't teach these kids how to defend themselves," Thermal said, walking alongside Cham.

"Tch, yeah! I mean, damn man, ain't it supposed to be a prestigious school?" Rubber asked anyone, "The only one that actually put up a decent fight was the rich girl. And even then, she was a little mediocre. No offense, Girly," he said to Momo.

Momo didn't even hear him as she just sat there in her chair, wrapped up in the whip-robe, her eyes focused on Midoriya's frozen laying form as she looked on in shock.

"Well, I guess that's what you get when you go to a rich school," Hare says as she looked down at the wrapped up girls on the floor, "You kids need to find better options."

"Alright, alright, enough yapping," Whip told everyone and then said to Razor, "Okay Razor, let her go."

"See ya, Sweetcheeks," Razor said as he let go of Ochako, making Whip do his thing, whipping and wrapping her body up.

"ACK!" Ochako yelped as she fell to the ground, body all wrapped up with whip-rope, securing not only her frame, but as well as her arms and hands, so that she couldn't use her Quirk on anything.

"Okay, that takes care of that," Whip says as he and everyone else begin to walk out, "Now let's get out of here. I feel a little hungry. Who's up for some good ol' tempura?"

"Are you kiddin?" Loco said as he waited for them near the opened double doors, "We should be eating some good Kobe steak right now from all this dough we stole!"

"I want to buy something really nice for myself," Hare said with glee.

Joker then hopped off the table's upper end near the great hall's double doored entryway with just a skip to his jump before he landed. The other crooks walked out of the room, which along with Hacker, who's now just going downstairs, made their way out of the estate.

Before they and Joker could though, the latter spinned around on his heel to face the traumatized UA students.

"Well, thank you kids, you've all been such a wonderful audience, but as of now, I leave not only with loot in my pockets, but I leave you all with this little lesson for today...Don't underestimate your enemies! Ha! I really hope they'd all taught you that at UA! HAAAA-HAHAHAHAHA-HAAAA!" laughed Joker as he turned around and...shimmied his way out of the estate.

And then...they were gone.

...The loud but cold silence lingered on in the great hall of the Yaoyorozu Estate...

Tsuyu was frozen in terror while she was in her bindings, while Mina was trying to struggle out of hers with her acid(but it was proving extremely difficult thanks to the material of it). Jirou just laid there, Kaminari only in her vision, and Ochako, who just got wrapped up, was squirming through her binds. Iida and Todoroki looked like they were still knocked out.

Momo though, just sat there in shock at the whole thing, trying to process everything that has happened as of now.

And Izuku...just laid there, a little bit in pain, and almost suffered from having a heart attack.

"Uh...uh...uuuh…" Izuku droned, too stunned to even register that he can get up now.

...Oh. He can get up now.

...Wait, he can get up now!

Izuku shot up, but his ribs, stomach, and head started aching.

"Ugh! Uuuh…" Midoriya groaned and coughed, hands on his ribs and on his stomach.

"Midoriya!" Momo called out to him in relief, "A-Are you alright?!"

When he placed a hand on the side of his head, he tried to get himself back up on his feet. He answered her though, saying, "Y-Yeah...I...ugh…"

"Midoriya! Oh thank God you're okay!" Ochako called out to him from the ground, "Do you have your phone!? W-We need to call someone!"

"Yeah! You're the only one that is not knocked out or tied up! I think our cell phones would work now since that Hacker guy left! ... At least I hope," Jirou said at the last part in a mutter.

Staggering around as soon as he got up to his feet, Izuku wobbly walked over to the long side of the grand table's side. As soon as some of the pain wore off, he slowly got off the table one leg at a time. As his shoes touched the floor, he almost toppled and fell over, but he caught himself with his hands on the ground and was on his knees. He coughed again from the pain that emerged in his ribs and stomach, the feeling of the dull ache in his head making him have a migraine.

"Midoriya! Can you stand?" Momo asked him in concern.

With one last cough, Izuku got back up sluggishly onto his feet. As soon as he was standing he turned his attention to Yaoyorozu.

"Y-...Yeah. I think I can," Izuku said as he nodded weakly.

Momo looked at the boy's face, and at that moment, she instantly wished she was out of this binding whop-rope so he could help him.

'My word...Midoriya looks...oh my gosh, I should've done something!'

Regret and guilt pinged in her stomach, the self-loathing starting to swell up inside of her.


Momo turned her attention to the boy, looking at him in surprise.

Izuku was giving her a stern look, even through the bruises and broken nose.

"Don't ever think that about yourself. Besides, we were ambushed, we didn't know what to do. What matters is…" Izuku looks down at the floor, "...that the rest of us are all safe."

Yaoyorozu looked at him, amazed that he would even guess what she was thinking…

'Wait...could that...could that be what...could that be what Midoriya was going to try to say back there?'

"O...Okay," Momo said with a nod, still a little stunned from thinking of that revelation.

Izuku nodded back to her, and then reassured her with a small smile, something to muster up so she could feel encouraged. He went to check on the closest and recent knocked out victim, Kaminari. He kneeled down to check his pulse.

"Kaminari's okay. He's just knocked out," Izuku told everyone. He turned to Jirou, "You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm...I'm fine," Jirou looked over at Kaminari and gave out a sad frown, "Glad thunderbrain is okay over here too..."

Izuku hummed in agreement and then stood up, addressing Tsuyu and Mina, "Are you two okay? Make any kind of movement if you both are!"

Tsuyu and Mina wiggled through their bindings, indicating that they are, in fact, okay.

"Okay," Izuku went over to where Ochako, Tenya, and Shouto are.

"Midoriya! I'm fine! Just check up on Iida and Todoroki!" Ochako assured him.

"Oh, uh, okay Uraraka!" said Izuku as he checked both of their pulses, "Yeah, they're okay. I don't know when they're gonna wake up though. Same for Kaminari, but he's knocked out a lot recently," He rubbed his head as he tried to think of something, ignoring the pain in his head, as well as his ribs, chest, and stomach for now.

Then, his phone began to vibrate.

"Huh?" Izuku looked down at his pant pocket and dug out his phone, " phone is working!"

And on it...were two texts from his mom.

"Uh...hold on!" Izuku told them as he walked away from the downed trio to get himself some space.

The first text from his mom said...

Izuku-Honey? Are you there?

Then the second text, which was the recent one...

Oh dear, I must have embarrassed you! Oh, I'm so sorry, Sweetie, I know it's none of my business, it's just that...well, you're my baby boy, and you're growing up and...oh, just know that I love you so very much dear, okay? :)

'Oh man, mom...don't make me cry right now!' Izuku gave out a trembling smile as he looked at the text with watery eyes. 'I really could've been gone...and mom wouldn't...she would', don't think that! You may be beaten up, but you had worse beatings coming from Kaachan! You're alive and well, and so is everyone else!'


That was Momo's voice. With that, he turned his attention to her.

"Oh, uh, y-yes, Yaoyorozu?"

Yaoyorozu just looked at him in concern, "Is... Is everything okay?"

Just when he now noticed that his vision was getting a little blurry, he swiped his hand on his face to rid himself of the tears that were coming from his eyes.

"O-Oh, u-uh, yeah! Yeah, everything is fine, I-uh, I was...I was just really relieved to see that we're all alive and well," he said with a comforting smile.

Momo gazed at him for a moment, until she understood what Midoriya meant, "Yeah…" she gave him a comforting and warm smile, "...Thank you, Midoriya."

"Huh? Wha…"

Izuku then remembered the way he spoke up to that madman to save Yaoyorozu from being carved. If he didn't say anything...then she could've been...

"I...I, w-well-..." Midoriya then just smiled back, "...Well, yeah, of course. It's what a Hero should always do: To look out for others."

Momo nodded, her smile filled with shining gratitude.

"Uh, guys?" Jirou said to them while on the floor with a sweatdrop, "I really think we should call the police right now."

"Oh! Uh, right!" Izuku said with a blush as he went to his phone to dial the emergency number. Once he did, he waited until they picked up.

Once he told the operator what had occurred, Izuku hung up as he took a sigh.

"They're gonna dispatch the police. They're coming," Midoriya said.

"Then all we have to do now is wait..." Momo said with a frown.

Everyone was silent...

"...Do you think that guy really doesn't have a Quirk?" Ochako asked them in dreadful wonder.

Momo frowned further, "...I don't know…"

Izuku, however, didn't want to think about that man...what he did to them, to the staff here in the Yaoyorozu Estate, to stealing money from them, to Yaoyorozu herself...

He knew his name least...his Villain name.


...It ironic name, so to say…

Because he made them all into jokes.

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