Joke's On You, Kid @the.samurai.prince
Wanna Hear a Joke?

"Hmm..." Tsukauchi hummed as he surveyed the scene with narrowed eyes and a frown.

"Well, what do you make of this, Tsukauchi?" said his partner, a short cat-headed guy that has fur around him and wearing a suit.

Before them, was a burnt van that was being extinguished by Backdraft. The flames that were engulfing the van seemed to have a banner advertisement on it with flowers on it, the vehicle looking like it belonged to a floral shop.

"Don't know...what was the report?" Tsukauchi asked his partner.

"Well, some people working in the industrial area saw smoke out of the windows from this warehouse that was once a toy factory. Soon after that, there was an explosion inside the warehouse. They went inside to investigate and saw this van from a floral business caught on fire. They did say that a while back, they all saw the van pass them by, but thought nothing of it."

"Hm...did they get a good look at the driver?"

"That's the thing. Black tinted windows."

Tsukauchi frowned even deeper. "Well now, that doesn't sound suspicious."

"Tch, yeah, not to mention uninformative."

Humming in agreement to that, Tsukauchi looked on at the van, the flames now dying down thanks to Backdraft's water Quirk.

When All Might saved the hostages, they told one of the officers of how the robbery went down. Basically, Tsukauchi was right on the money in his observations. However, what gave him a lead was that one of the hostages saw that the getaway vehicle was that of a van that was advertising flowers, as seen from the burnt vehicle in front of them.

Also, the man in question who did the robbers in...was wearing clown makeup. And he was assisted by a pale woman with blonde pigtails who also looked to have some makeup on as well.

A very peculiar description, to be sure, as clowns were not common in Japan. But it certainly was a start.

Once Backdraft extinguished all the flames, he turned to the detective and his partner and gave them a thumbs up. "Okay! All clear!"

Tsukauchi nodded to the Rescue Hero, "Thanks, Backdraft."

Walking over to the burnt vehicle, he went to the back of it and carefully, with latex gloves on, opened its rear doors. Peering inside, he saw nothing but the burnt remains of the van...but he did spot something that caught his eye.

"Hm…" The detective reached for a piece of material on the van's floorboard. Observing it, he could make the details in his hands.

It was the shriveled up and blackened remains of what seems to be a Buggy the Clown mask.

The cat person walked up to his side. "A You think this is the Buggy mask our perpetrator had been wearing?"

"Looks like it. I can tell the outline of the mask that it used to be that character."

"How can you tell?"

"Heh, back then, I used to read a bit of shonen manga. One Piece was the name of it. Long manga series, but it was a great read. One of the villains was a clown-like person named Buggy."

"Huh. And the hostages said something about the perpetrator looking like a clown when he took off his mask."

"Yeah. Kind of ironic," Tsukauchi noted. He looked up from the mask to the inside of the van. "Hmm...there's no sacks of money inside."

"Seems that way. Either they gathered their goods and probably hid them somewhere else around here, or they brought the cash with them in another vehicle. What do you think?"

"I'm betting it's the latter since our clown guy so far proves to be capable of carefully planning this heist, as well as taking care of the other robbers to get the money scotch-free. Although, our men haven't really found anything yet on the premises, so that's still up in the air for now. This warehouse is pretty big though and we still haven't searched everywhere around here," Tsukauchi speculated. "Either way, this perpetrator burned any evidence for us to track him and his assailant down."

"Do you think this guy will strike again?"

"...Not sure. But we got to find him and whoever else is working for him fast. With that kind of carnage back at the bank, he's bound to be a danger to anyone on the streets."

"Yeah…" The cat-person sighed. "Well, just another day at the office, huh?"

"Hm...yeah…" Tsukauchi stood there in thought as he stared at the burnt remains of the Buggy mask in his hands.

'I hope this maniac won't target any innocent civilians...or All Might for that matter. I wouldn't worry too much about All Might, but I have always to expect the unexpected...he has enough problems already, and I don't want this to be added onto his list.'

"Well, let's see if we can all try to get this area combed out around here," Tsukauchi told his partner, who in turn nodded.

The police continued their investigation on finding the 'crazed clown maniac'...

"Oh! Uh...w-w-well, we, um...well, we, uh, w-we...uh, we all g-got b-beaten pretty badly, and that was when, um...G-Gran Torino, a-and E-Endea-Endeavour came in to stop Stain. And then...u-uh, E-En-uh...E-E-Endeavour, um, b-basically t-...t-t-tired him out, and, uh, G-G-G-Gran T-Torino then fought Stain and, uh...u-uhhh, h-h-he fought S-Stain...a-and...h-he...he won...uh-heh..." Izuku stuttered nervously, trying his best to sound at least convincing…at least he hoped.

Lying wasn't his strongest, at all. His mother told him to never lie, and now he's basically telling his classmates the biggest outright lie he could possibly tell them…

'I am so...SO sorry, Mom.' Izuku thought in anxiety and shame.

The rest of the kids in the limo just stared at him, processing that anti-climatic explanation of how the fight with Stain went down, while Todoroki and Iida sweatdropped at the green-haired boy's take on the story.

'Well...I'll give you points on trying to at least lie, Midoriya,' Shouto thought, feeling a little sympathetic towards him.

'It is quite alright, Midoriya,' Tenya thought in sympathy. 'I couldn't keep it together myself either...although, I never realized how much of a stuttering problem you have.'

Izuku shrunk from the gazes that are on him. "Um...s-sorry, I, um...I'm not a good storyteller."

Ochako was the first who spoke up with a smile, "Oh, no worries, Midoriya! I think we got the gist of it!"

"Yeah, *ribbit*" Tsuyu nodded, "I mean, if I was in that situation, I wouldn't be able to describe everything myself. I mean, you three had a near-death experience! We're just glad you guys are okay."

"Yeah!" Mina giggled, "Although, it's still awesome you guys were able to fight a villain like Stain!"

"Yeah, totally, dudes," nodded Denki with a grin. He then turned a little smug., "I mean, granted, if I were to face him, I would be able to knock him out with my Electric Quirk."

"Ah, confident, aren't you?" Jirou droned at the electric blonde.

"Well, yeah! You and Yaoyorozu were there with me at the USJ! I wiped out plenty of Villains with my Quirk!"

Izuku glanced at Momo when Denki mentioned the USJ incident, which he noticed her expression turning...impartial. She looked to be in thought, her lips pursing slightly, and her eyes looking down at her lap.

He frowned slightly. 'Uh oh...I don't really know what that expression could mean…"

"Yeah, and you turned into a drooling nitwit after using said Quirk," Jirou said with a deadpan look.

"Hey, come on! I have to not only use the electrons in my body, but electricity to try to create a literal shockwave! ...I mean, I think that's what it's called, right? Brain electricity...? Either way, it's a small price to pay to save my classmates!" Denki declared.

Jirou blinked at his statement...and looked like she was blushing just a tiny bit. She shifted her eyes to her side. "Well...okay...I mean, I appreciate the effort. Although, no offense, but you were kind of unhelpful when you went into dumb mode."

Izuku decided to say something positive and on-topic of what Jirou and Denki are saying, "Well, I bet you and Y-Yaoyorozu took care of the Villains pretty well while Kaminari was out of commission."

Momo looked up at Izuku and blinked at him.

Jirou turned to Izuku with a blink as well, and smirked back at him. "Heh, yeah, we like to think we did pretty good out there," She turned to Momo, "What do you think, Yaomomo?"

Looking a little shocked at the praise coming from both Izuku and her friend Jirou, Momo glanced at them dumbfounded. "Uh...I, w-well, Jirou and I kind of fought well. I-I mean...we gave it everything we got…"

Izuku decided to continue that train of thought of hers. "Y-Yeah, and you both came out victorious!"

"Hey, I was there too," Denki muttered with a pout.

Momo stayed silent...but then she looked up at Izuku and smiled at the green-haired boy. "Yes...that we did."

Izuku smiled back too. 'Okay, that smile looked pretty genuine.'

Ochako looked at the exchange with Deku and the Creation Quirk user a little curiously, but then she knew what Izuku was trying to do and smiled as well. 'Aww, that's really nice of Deku! He's trying to make Yaoyorozu feel better!' She then added onto the conversation. "Yeah! You and Kyouka must've fought very well against those Villains!"

Tenya seemed to catch on as well. "Yes! You and Kyouka have certainly fought plenty of Villains firsthand and came out like true Heroes!" He said with a chopping motion with his arm.

Tsuyu nodded with a smile. "I bet you gave them a run for their money."

"Yeah! Go Kyouka and Yaomomo!" Mina cheered, getting into the collective praises.

Shouto nodded with a small smile. "You all did pretty well from what I heard."

Jirou couldn't help but flush a tiny bit from the compliments, but as for Momo, she just looked surprised by all the commending comments.

"I...t-thank you all," Momo said sincerely to them with a grateful smile.

Izuku felt the honesty of those words and smiled back at Momo.

'Okay, so far so good…'

Denki didn't say anything, but he nodded respectively, although he did mutter with a pout, "I helped too, ya know..."

"Okay, take a right turn over here. That'll be our shortcut to the Yaoyorozu Residence," Said the robot-looking man as he checked the GPS mounted onto his arm.

"Got it!" Said the woman as she turned on the right turn signal and took the left turn.

The tour bus full of crooks all prepared themselves for the coming heist that was yet to come. However, they need to breach the premises before doing so.

"Okay, so what's the plan again?" Said an average looking male with a bald head as he adjusted his black gloves.

"Don't you ever prep, Razor?" Asked a man with raggedy brown hair with some gray curled and balled up appendages on the top of his wrists, close to the top of his gloved hands. He was sitting next to 'Razor'.

"Hey, I prep, Whip! I just want to know if you dolts actually got the plan inside your head!" Said Razor.

"Of course I do! It's pretty simple and straightforward. The only hard part is to get in, and I think we can do that easily," The man, whose code name was 'Whip', told him.

"Yeah!" The chameleon guy said, who's sitting next to the thermal vision guy and is a seat behind them. "And Thermal here can actually tell how many people are guarding the joint!"

'Thermal' nodded, "Yep. But just in case anyone of you needs a rundown once more, then I'll just say this one last time, since we're close to our destination. I'll be seeing how many people are in the vicinity of the Yaoyorozu property, and when I do, 'Hacker' will go up to the intercom and talk to the gatekeeper, thus recording his voice box and handing it to 'Chameleon'. Chameleon will use his camouflage invisibility to sneak into the gatekeeper's quarters once Hacker fully deactivates the security cameras and other systems that guard the residence. Once Cham takes out the gatekeeper, he calls out whomever is guarding the front of the estate by using Hacker's voice modifier, and kills them. Meanwhile, some of us will sneak in and kill the rest of the people guarding the place. That's when we swoop in, scare some kids, while Hacker 'hacks' into the Yaoyorozus' bank accounts so we can take their money."

"And what better way to send the message across than attacking their pretty little girl and her friends while they're away?" Chameleon told them with a smirk.

"Yeah, that sounds simple enough." Said the burly crystal skin man, whose code name is, conveniently enough, called 'Crystal'. "But what about the kids from UA? Did we even plan that out? And didn't you say Endeavour's kid is there?"

"Relax." Hacker told him, who was next to him in his seat as he looked at his GPS on his arm. "When I checked the Yaoyorozu girl's records and what class she's in, as well as who her classmates are, I made a list. Did it before the school's antivirus detected me. Man, UA has some good security, but nothing I can't handle. Either way, there are twenty students, and as Thermal said, only nine students are in that limo. And it's not just Endeavour's kid. There's also one other student that has stored up energy inside of him. I'm betting it's the electric kid. That's where you come in, Rubber."

"Heh, well, what do you know?" said a brawny man with light brown skin. "Another use for my awesome Quirk!"

"Hey, my Quirk is way more awesome than yours!" said the large locomotive looking man sitting next to the man.

"Pfft! Is it really? I mean, your entire exterior is made like the front of an old American Western-style train. That's nothing special. Although, I'll give ya points on looking original," 'Rubber' said to the guy who they called 'Loco'.

"Hey shut up! I can ram and crash through walls! And I have hard skin! One that doesn't get easily cut by a knife!" Loco exclaimed to Rubber.

"Uh guys, save it for later," said a large and monster-ish looking turtle man that looks like you would see him in a Godzilla movie. "Besides, some of us, uh...well, the Boss would appreciate it if we don't argue about it a lot, I would think."

Rubber and Loco froze, their eyes wide as they looked like they just messed up royally.

Loco was the first to turn around in his seat and say, "Uh, s-sorry Boss! We were just, um, you know, being, uh, i-idiots! You know, as, um, as, uh, a-as usual!"

Rubber turned in his seat also and said sheepishly. "Yeah! Sorry, sorry! It, uh, it won't, um, happen again from h-here on in!"

Their 'Boss' sat there at the back of the bus calmly as he looked at them with narrowed red eyes, giving them the same unsettling and crooked smile that he had on his face during the whole ride.

"Oh, don't worry about it, boys. No offense was taken," their boss, aka The Joker, reassurred them with a calm and collective tone.

The two big guys sighed in relief.

"Oh okay! I mean, we won't do it again, honestly!" Rubber said.

"Yeah! We'll behave, seriously!" Loco said also.

The turtle man rolled his eyes at the two and turned to Joker to say, "Hey Boss, I do want to ask, but with all the cash you conned those guys into getting, the guy you talked into watching over the money for us will keep his word, right?"

"Oh ye of little faith, 'Turtle'. If I'm not worried, you shouldn't worry your beaky little head about it as well. I gave him something that will surely let him be indebted to our services. He'll keep his promise." Joker tells him with a smirk, "He works not only for us, but for me now."

"Huh..." Turtle shrugged, "Well, okay. If you say so, Boss."

Joker chuckled. "I know so. He's actually gonna become our 'Plan B' when we...might get caught."

"Plan B?" asked Turtle in question.

"Wait, when we might be caught? What do you mean by that, Boss?" Razor asked Joker in confusion.

"Hey, hey. Look. Don't...worry. Everything will go according to the plan." Joker assured Razor in a calm but deadly tone. "All you guys need to do, is to be smart. And I know you guys are smart. Especially Hacker over there."

"Heh, thanks Boss," Hacker said with a grin.

"What about me, Mr. J?" The woman, who was revealed as Hare, as she kept her eyes on the road, but adjusting the rearview mirror on Joker.

"...You're a different kind of brilliant, Hare," Joker said with an eyebrow raised.

"Awww! Thanks, Mr. J!" Hare gushed as she drove. She turned her head back a bit and hollered, "Yo Hacker! What's the status!?"

"We should take a left turn here," Hacker said and then muttered, "Damn, your voice is annoying."

"I heard that!" Hare yelled.

"Alright boys!" Joker called out from his seat. "...And woman. When we're about to reach the vicinity of the Yaoyorozu Estate, Thermal will see how many people will be guarding it. Chances are, these guards will be Quirk users. And they may have guns, as well as some fighting experience. But what they don't have is a plan. A plan by yours truly! Now, this is a classy neighborhood, folks, so, we have to act classy. Which means, Hacker will act all innocent, and go up to the intercom, and record the gatekeeper's voice, and-oh, you know what, what am I doing? You all got the picture already! I mean, it was explained by Thermal a while ago, I don't want to bore the audience with it again!"

"Audience?" Crystal said in confusion.

"Figure it out, Crystal," Joker said with a smirk as he leaned back in his seat. "As of now, I'll just sit back and relax until the real show begins."

As soon as the limo almost reached the Yaoyorozu residence, it came up to a large stone gate where a grand entrance came into view.

"Wow, Yaomomo! Is this the entrance to your estate?" Mina asked in awe.

"Oh, um, yes. Is, um...Is it too much?" Momo asked Mina as well as everyone else.

"No way!" Ochako exclaimed with sparkles in her eyes, "I can't wait to see your home!"

"Calm down, Ochako, *ribbit*" Tsuyu told her.

"Oh, um...well, okay then," Momo said with a smile. "Well, either way, I would think the servers would put something up for us at the great hall. My guess is that they've made certain pastries and treats, as well as drinks to make you all feel at home. The cooks are really good at that sort of stuff."

"Wow, thanks Yaomomo!" Jirou said with an appreciative smile.

"Yeah, nice! That's one way to keep someone motivated to study!" Denki said with a grin.

"Whoa...well, i-in that case, I-I think I need to text my mom then on n-not worrying about making dinner if you're planning on l-letting your servers make something for us," Izuku said as he got his phone out to text her back.

"Oh! Um, well, they're really just making treats, but…" Momo said as she paused to think about it.

However, Izuku took Momo's statement as her being offended, and was now trying to rapidly backpedal what he said in a panic, "I-I m-mean, I'm n-not saying t-they should m-make u-us all d-dinner or anything! I just, uh, I just got that impression a-and-"

"Hey, calm down, Midoriya," Shouto assured him.

Momo blinked at Izuku's backpedaling, "Oh, uh, no, I'm just, um, thinking maybe the cooks could probably fix something of a meal for all of us, if...well, if you all want."

"Oh…" Izuku calmed down a bit. "U-Uh, well, I usually make dinner with my mom, but...I mean, I can ask her if it's okay that I can eat over at your home."

"Aww! You make dinner with your mom, Midoriya? That's so cute!" Mina said as she gushed.

Ochako giggled as Jirou chuckled, the latter saying, "Aww. You must love your mom a lot, huh Midoriya?"

Izuku blushed and felt a little embarrassed, "Well, y-yeah. S-She's my constant support."

"Really?" Denki asked curiously, "What about your dad?"

There was a slight pause from Izuku. "Um...well, he...he's always...well, he's always on trips…" He didn't say anything after that as he looked down slightly, a little dejected.

"...Oh…" Denki instantly felt like he said something that he shouldn't have said, letting his eyes shift down to his lap.

There was an awkward silence, as Mina, Ochako, and Tsuyu both looked uncomfortable by knowing that fact about Midoriya's family life. Tenya frowned at that, but said nothing, in honor of not bringing the topic further. Shouto frowned as well, and suddenly was reminded of his father. Although his father wasn't always the best, either way, at least Shouto's father was somewhat there for Shouto...he felt sorry for Izuku right then and there upon finding this out.

Jirou frowned also, and directed a look at Denki, which he saw and shrunk back a bit in shame, mouthing an apologetic 'sorry'.

Momo, however, looked at Midoriya and she could relate to that in some way.

Her father was always busy working at the Quirk medical company that he owns, and even her mother goes on more business trips lately for her company. They always come home afterwards but it's usually late at night, and she goes to bed during that time. Her butler is usually the one who wakes her up, and her parents...they're off at work again…

Momo frowned at that as he stared at the boy. 'I...I think I know how you feel, Midoriya.'

Izuku looked up a bit and noticed Momo's expression.

Upon seeing that he was glancing at her, the Creation Quirk user quickly straightened up and said, "Um...w-well, uh-" her side door opened, indicating the driver had parked in front of her residence and that they'd arrived. "Oh, um...w-we're here."

Soon the awkward moment had been forgotten when they reached Momo's home, thankfully to Midoriya.

Everyone was mesmerized by how grand and detailed the estate was, making Momo feel a little awkward about the praise. Once they arrived at the great hall, which was quite long and spacious, they got to work on their studies. They've also agreed to the offer of getting a 'light dinner'(they don't want Momo to fix anything extravagant), since Momo insisted that the cooks don't mind making anything for them. Izuku texted his mother that he'll be eating with his friends at Momo's house(which he did revealed before that this student he was helping with is a girl), so he can only hope his mother won't be offended by not cooking with her on his favorite dish, katsudon.

As they did their study group, Momo was tutoring Mina and Tsuyu, while Tenya was tutoring Shouto and Ochako, and Midoriya was tutoring Jirou and Denki. Everything went well and everyone was getting the hang of all the mathematics they've been learning...kind of.

"Why is this called 'elementary' algebra anyway?! There's nothing elementary about it!" Mina asked in frustration as she grabbed her head in her hands.

"You think that's bad, wait until abstract algebra comes into our life, *ribbit*" Tsuyu droned.

"Oh come on, Mina, you must know what this first question here means?" Momo asked her in calm patience, trying to somewhat give her a confidence boost.

"Momo, this problem is just a bunch of letters and numbers...I don't even know what they stand for!" Mina whined.

"I kind of do now...almost." Tsuyu said as she looked at her math sheet.

Momo smiled and chuckled, "Look, it's actually quite simple. Here, the problem lies with…" She continued her tutoring, while Iida was telling them the same thing that Momo was describing.

"Uraraka-san, it's really quite simple. You have 3 and x to the second power minus 2, x, y, plus c. So with that said, what is the equation?"

"...I have to be honest with you, Iida, but I have no idea what you just said." Ochako told him with a sweatdrop.

"Maybe you could think of a better way to teach us how to know the basics of algebra, Iida?" Shouto asked with a small sweatdrop on his head.

"Uh...but, that was my best way," Iida said, baffled.

"..." Shouto sighed. "We might need Midoriya or Yaoyorozu to help us out here a little bit."

Speaking of Midoriya…

"Okay, it's official, dude. I hate algebra," Denki said with a groan.

"Yeah...for once I agree with ya," Jirou mumbled.

Izuku sweatdropped, "Aw, come on guys, it just takes a little bit of thinking and some imagination."

"Yeah, well, I'm imagining these problems will start getting easier to understand," Denki muttered.

Chuckling nervously, Izuku was about to explain even further, when his phone started to vibrate. He reached for his pocket and read the text message from his mother.

-Oh my! Are you sure? You NEVER turn down any of our katsudon cooking! Sweetie, did something happen?-

Izuku sweatdropped at the overreacting text his mother replied back with. He texted her back to reassure her.

-Mom, no, everything is fine! Don't worry! I just...want to spend some time with my friends.-

It's weird to say that Izuku now has friends, was a good kind of weird.

"Yo, Midoriya, who's texting ya?" Denki asked Izuku a little curiously.

"Oh! Um, it's my, uh, it's my mom again. I was just telling her that I was gonna eat here tonight and she just texted me back." Izuku explained.

"Heh, wow, you and your mom must be really tight." Jirou said with a smile.

"Oh, uh, heh, yeah. We-uh, we really are." Izuku said sheepishly. "Okay! Well, let's uh, try something different then..."

Meanwhile, near the gates of the Yaoyorozu Residence, the tour bus was hidden in plain view from the home's security cameras in the well-established neighborhood as the bus was in an alleyway between two other large homes.

"Okay! You know what to do, Hacker!?" Hare exclaimed the robot man.

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry your crazy little head about it. I'll even wear the mask just so the cameras won't identify me," Hacker told her flippantly.

"There are seven people on the property from my readings, so this can be an easy takeout," Thermal said. He turned to Chameleon to say to him, "Take out the gatekeeper and try to lure at least one of those front door guards to come over to the station. If one of them doesn't follow suit, then take the other guy out while Whip, Razor, Rubber, and Hare come in to take care of the remaining four guards."

"Gotcha!" Chameleon nodded.

"Heh, too bad we have to take them out quietly. I would love to know what kind of Quirks they had," Razor said as the outline of his fingers turned into razors, hence his name.

"Either way, we should all get this show on the road," Joker said with an evil grin. "Just remember to put your masks on before we get in there."

"Yes sir!/Sure thing, Mr. J!" said every henchman and Hare.

The gatekeeper looked at the security feed on the screens as he sat inside his quarters. He was carrying a mug of coffee, taking sips from it from time to time.

After two minutes, he saw a weird-looking man that looked like a blockish-humanoid robot with a clown mask on his blockish-looking head. He was also wearing a nice-looking black suit as well.

He came up and pushed the intercom button and said, "Uh, hey, is this Horikoshi Residence?"

The gatekeeper raised a brow and pushed the button to speak through the intercom. "Uh, no, sir. There's no one here that goes by that name."

"Really? But the address says it's here. I was uh, invited for some sort of party or something? Sorry, I'm not from around here."

That part was a little suspicious for the gatekeeper, "Where are you from?"

"Oh, well, I'm from the Shinjuku area. I got to say, this area looks really nice."

"Well, either way, this is the Yaoyorozu Residence. What are your directions?"

"Oh, um, actually, I came here by GPS. It's kind of a secret party, and I think I'm supposed to look for it myself."

"...Okay. Well, I'm sorry to say, but I can't help you there, sir," the gatekeeper told him.

"Ah man. Okay, well, I'll just...I don't know, keep on searching I guess. Thanks anyway."

"Sure," The gatekeeper watches the robot man leave the Yaoyorozu premises. "...That's strange," he mumbles as he took a sip of his coffee.

When Hacker was out of sight from the cameras, he dashed into an alleyway between two gated estates where Chameleon was waiting inside.

Once he came up to Chameleon, Hacker took off a small electronic device that was on his neck and gave it to him.

"Okay. You're up. Try not to make too much noise," Hacker told Chameleon as he handed him the device.

"Please. I'm like a ninja. It'll be easy," Chameleon assured him as he took it and stuck it to the outside of his throat where the voice box is.

"Just tell us when it's time for Rubber, Whip, Razor, and Hare to jump in, alright?"

"Sure, sure. Just try to hack into their security system and make this job even easier."

The gatekeeper paid close attention to the outside cameras after that odd occurrence with the black-suited robot-looking man.

'I should probably alert Miss Yaoyorozu and the kids about that...but the guy looked pretty harmless enough...still, can't be too sure when-'

Then, the cameras' frequencies started acting up, each of them glitching and having static on them.

"Huh?" The gatekeeper uttered in question.

Putting his coffee mug down, he looked at the screens in bewilderment.

"What the…?" He got one of the walkie-talkies that were on the table next to him and spoke into it. "Hey, Sho, come over here for a second."

"What happened?"

"Something's up with the cameras...but I don't know what."

"Really? Okay, I'm coming over," said one of the guards named Sho to the gatekeeper on his two-way radio. He was positioned by the doors, and turned to the other guard standing next to him. "Be right back. Something's happening with the cameras. Stay here while I go check."

The other guard nodded. "Sure thing."

With that, Sho put in his went over to the gatekeepers station, passing the extravagant fountain that was displayed in the circled looped driveway.

Meanwhile, Chameleon made his move. Thanks to his Chameleon Quirk, which makes him blend into every environment and make everything he touches blend into the environment as well, he can make himself invisible as he rushes over to the gate.

When he was close to the stone gate, thanks to the secretion on his hands to make him climb the wall like a chameleon, he jumped on the wall and used his bare hands to climb up the wall. Quietly, as he had padding to the tip of his shoes, he quickly climbed up the wall and went over it, climbing his way down. Once his foot touched the ground while being undetected, he carefully navigated through the shrubbery as he rushed around the gatekeepers' station. He stopped and waited until the guard named Sho passed Chameleon while he hid behind the wall of the station while he was invisible. Seeing as this is his chance, he rushed over to the guard's back, careful not to be in touching distance with him as he stopped behind him, letting him open the heavy door and slipping through inside with him.

Chameleon went to the back of the room as he observed, a good opportunity to take the two guards out.

"So what's going on, Heo?" said Sho as he was next to Heo.

"Just...the cameras aren't working. And not only that, the thermal and ultrasound cameras aren't working as well."

"Hm...should we alert the staff and Lady Yaoyorozu about this?"

"Well, I don't think Lady Yaoyoruzu and her friends should know about this. I don't want to cause her to panic, especially since she has friends over for a study group...hmm...who could be messing with our cameras...wait...there was a weird-looking guy that came by here earlier…" Heo hummed in thought.

It suddenly got too quiet.

"Sho? Are you-"

There was a hand draped onto Heo's mouth, and a dagger on his throat.

"Sorry, Sho's a little busy right now, so I'm gonna fill in for him. But quick question and maybe I'll let you live a little longer: Which one of these walkie talkies belongs to Sho's partner near the front entrance?"

Petrified by fear, Heo used three fingers up, indicating that it was radio '3'.

"Are you certain? Better not lie to me."

He nodded slightly with muffled 'mm-hm's' and kept shaking his three fingers.

"Is he lying?" the voice asked whoever was behind him. Heo could hear strained choking sounds.

"Ack! Aaack...N-No!"

"Alright then."


Heo's throat was slit, letting the blood seep through his neck as he never had the chance to cry out. The man went limp after a couple of seconds, his life draining away from him. Chameleon dropped the body as the gatekeeper made his last breath.

Smirking, Chameleon said, "Come on, you honestly didn't believe I would let you live, did ya?"

He then picked up a walkie talkie, the one labeled '3'. He then spoke to Heo's voice.

"Hey! Come over here! Something happened to your partner!"

"Huh? Heo? What happened to Sho? Is he alright?"

"I'm not sure! He's convulsing for some reason! I know you can't leave your position, but you need to probably get over here now!"

"Oh, uh, okay! Sh-Should I tell the others or-"

"Hurry up man! I think something's wrong with him!"

"O-Okay! Alright, alright, I'm coming!"

Chameleon placed the walkie talkie on the table and turned behind him with an evil smirk. His reptilian tail was holding Sho by the neck as he kept choking and crushing the poor man's windpipe.

"Thanks for your cooperation," Chameleon said and then-


Sho's neck was snapped, instantly killing him.

Tossing him aside, Chameleon turned invisible again to blend in his surroundings, getting his dagger ready...

Once Sho's partner came rushing in, opening and pushing the heavy door, Chameleon made his attack.

"What the he-!?" said the guard once he saw the carnage in front of him, but was soon stopped by a scaly rope around his neck, cutting off his air supply. Then, a resounding SNAP came from the other guard, declaring him dead.

"Man, you guys are making this too easy," Chameleon drolled, as he got a two-way communicator out and told the person on the other line, "Okay Hacker. The guys and Hare should take the other four out. Thermal there with them?"

"Yep. I'll tell Thermal."

"Okay, Thermal. Whenever the guards are in position, tell the guys and the Banshee to take em' out."

"Got it," Thermal nodded. Turning to Razor, he said to him, "Okay Razor. Tell Whip through the earpiece, and let Whip tell Rubber through his, while Rubber will carry Hare over the gate when I give you all the signal."

"Gotcha," Razor said with a smirk.

Thermal looked through his goggles at the time being to see where the guards were through the wall. He lessened but heightened just a bit of his thermal vision to see where they were on the other side of the gate.

"And...okay. That's your cue," Thermal said to Razor.

Razor nodded with a smirk and turned on his earpiece to tell Whip, "We're ready."

Whip was at another portion of the gate. He also smirked, "Gotti," he turned on his other earpiece, "Alright Luffy, we're up!"

"I'm offended by that. I'm way smarter than Luffy," Rubber muttered.

"That's still debatable," Hare muttered as she was on one of Rubber's massive shoulders.

Rubber growled at the blonde girl, "Let's just get this over with."

Razor climbed up the wall using his razor fingers and feet, quickly getting over the wall and landing on the ground onto the Yaoyorozu property.

He was just behind a guard, and Razor took no time to strike.

He let his arm out and the outline of his arm turned into a razor blade.

The guard, hearing a slight 'plop' sound from behind him, didn't get the chance to look at Razor fully as Razor rammed his arm up and pierced through the guard's stomach. The guard gurgled out blood from his mouth and tried to scream for help, but soon he went limp, dead as he can be.

Whip used the whip appendages that were on his top wrists to heave himself over the gate. Once he was over it and landed on the property behind a guard, he used one of his whips to wrap it around the neck of the man.


"Don't worry, it'll be over soon…" said Whip in a quiet tone with a wicked smile, "Aaaand...there!"

It was then Whip's appendages snapped off and fully wrapped around the guard's neck. It looked like the whip had a mind of its own as it continued to constrict and squeeze his neck. Making haggard sounds as he tried to get it off of him, the guard kneeled over and soon, the whip was cutting off the air supply of the man's windpipe.



The man collapsed forward onto the ground dead.

Rubber, with Hare in tow, bounced upward and went over the gate...and landing on the guard below him.

The guard didn't know what hit him...or landed on him, to be precise.


"Eeeeww...he doesn't look so good," Hare said with a mocking tone.

Rubber smirked and said, "Heh, well, yeah, I basically landed on his whole being there. I've hardened my rubber skin so that I'm about as heavy as thirty tires all combined into one! He's bound to bend that way."

"Yeah, yeah. Good job," Hare said in slight sarcasm. Before she could get off of Rubber, a guard came around the corner of the estate.

"Hey! Wha-who-...what have you done to Shin!?" Called out the guard as he was in the process of getting out his gun.

"Rubber. Throw me to him. No questions asked!" Hare said with a devious smile.

"Okay, whatever!" Rubber grabbed Hare with one of his giant hands and rears up his arm to throw her.

Once he did…

Hare flew straight to the guard. That's when all of a sudden, a bat pops out of Hare's hand and into her palm.

While she was flying to him, her smile turned into a full-blown maniacal grin as she readied her bat behind her to swing at the guard's head.

And then she swung it at him!


Teeth were knocked out and a bloody indention where the bat was swung on the guard's face. The force of the bat's swing was even certainly strong enough to break the man's neck.

Hare's knees landed on the side of the guard's face, letting her bring him down to the ground as she skidded on his face with her knees. Once the skidding had stopped, Hare got off the poor guard and stood back up, turning back to Rubber.

"He ain't getting up anytime never," Hare said with a cocky but evil grin.

"Damn, girl," Rubber blinked as he looked at the crazed woman, impressed.

Chameleon waited for the other four crooks to come into the gatekeeper's station…

The heavy door was swung open by Rubber, and Hare came in with a big mischievous grin.

"Okie-dokie! We're all set!" Hare said, her grin turning evil.

"Heh, finally," Chameleon went to his earpiece. "Okay Hack! Tell the Boss we're all ready to go!"

Hacker smirked, "Nice." he turned to Joker, "It's all clear, Boss."

Joker's mouth went into a full-blown crazy grin. "Then what are we waiting for? Everyone put your masks on, and let's make a statement!"

"Um...that's wrong, Kaminari," Izuku said with a bewildered sweatdrop.

"What? I thought I had it!" Denki exclaimed in disbelief.

" forgot to-"

"How is everyone over here?" said the voice of Momo.

Izuku jumped a bit and turned around to see Yaoyorozu, who looked to be curious at how progress was going.

"Oh, uh, well, I, uh…" Izuku sighed. "I think Denki needs some help."

"That's what I keep saying," Jirou smirked at her joke. "I do, however, know what to do so far thanks to Midoriya, though."

"Hey, I'm trying here!" Kaminari said in aggravation. He then mumbled, "Honestly, I don't think this stuff is really that important to learn, anyways."

Momo frowned at that, "Kaminari, you have to learn the basics of elementary algebra. It's a very interesting study, and it could very well help you in the long run."

As Momo kept telling Denki about the 'wonders of algebra', Izuku felt his phone vibrate once more. Reaching for his phone in his pocket once more, he looked at the text, which once again, it belonged to his mom.

-Are you sure, Sweetie? I mean, I'm not saying you having friends is an outlandish thing! Of course not, Honey! You're a wonderful boy, and you deserve all the friends in the world! And I'm so HAPPY you're making friends! It warms my heart everyday that you're making new friends at your school!

I mean, what I'm trying to say is, is that...well, you never, and I mean NEVER, turn down katsudon if it's important. Is it...Is it really serious? Does it involve a girl? I mean, you helping your friends out is wonderful! You're a very smart boy! But I was just thinking...well, you mentioned the Yaoyorozu girl and you said you were helping her out with the studying...did something bad happen to her? Is she okay? Were you trying to comfort her?

Oh my goodness. you happen to LIKE this Yaoyorozu girl!? 8O-

Eyes wide and blushing fiercely, Izuku froze at the last line his mother texted him.

"Midoriya?" Asked the voice of Momo.


Everybody turned to look at Izuku's exclamation, which the poor boy realized that he shouted that out loud.

"...U-Um…" He slowly looked at Yaoyorozu, to which the girl looked surprised and confused at the outburst.

"...Uh...wh-but...we haven't...looked at the question," Momo told him, a little baffled.

"...I-I'm sorry, e-excuse me for a second..." Izuku said to everyone with an embarrassed smile. He was still standing...and then turned around to go through one of the double doors out of the great hall.

Everyone looked on at the retreating boy…

Tsuyu put a finger on her chin in wonder while Mina scratched her head in puzzlement. Both Ochako and Shouto glanced at each other in question, while Iida put a hand on his chin to think what made his friend act that way.

Meanwhile with Momo, Jirou and Denki...

"...Uh, is he saying the answer's not true, or...?" Denki asked anyone.

Momo looked on at Izuku's exit, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Well, that was weird," Jirou said with a raised eyebrow.

"...Yeah...I'm gonna go check up on him," Momo said. She turned to Jirou and told her, "You seem to have gotten the hang of it, Kyouka. Maybe you can teach Kaminari some of the problems while I get Midoriya."

"Huh? Uh…" Jirou looked at Denki.

Denki blinked at Jirou.

Jirou stared back at him for a moment, until she asked Momo, "Do I really have to-"

As Jirou turned her head to Momo, but saw that she had already gone through the double doors.

"...Alright then."

"So, uh…" Denki rubbed the back of his head, "Um...what's up with this math stuff anyway, amirite?"

The Rocker Girl turned back to Denki with a blank stare, "...What?"

Meanwhile, Ochako looked on at the doors that Izuku and Momo walked out of.

'Hmm...I wonder what made Izuku act like that?'

However, Ochako couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous of Momo going after Izuku...

Izuku meanwhile was in an intricate hallway trying to quickly text back to his mother about the situation.

...At least he's trying to.

"No! Stupid auto-correct, I didn't mean that!" Izuku hissed as he furiously texted the right word, "Uuugh...I love you, mom, but why did you have to go and make some kind of conspiracy about this whole thing? Man, she's so paranoid…"

Unbeknown to Izuku, someone was approaching from behind him.

Izuku sighed and mumbled, "I guess...I have to tell her why I'm really here."

"Tell who?"

Izuku jumped in surprise, "ACK!" he yelped and turned around to see none other than Momo.

"...Oh. Uh, hi, um...Yaoyorozu," Said Izuku with wide eyes, feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

"Um...h-hi, Midoriya," Momo said, a little awkwardly. "What,, I mean, are you, uh...are you okay?"

"Oh! Uh, yeah! Yeah, I-I'm just t-texting m-my mom about s-something!" Izuku stuttered.

"Oh…okay," Yaoyorozu nodded as she stood there for a moment, while Izuku stood there as well in front of her…

"...U-Um," Izuku began to utter out as he rubbed the back of his head anxiously, "S-Sorry that I, uh, that I, um...left in...such a hurry. I was...I mean-"

"Midoriya, um...can I ask you something?" Momo said suddenly.

"Huh? Oh, uh...s-sure."

"...You said...something before I could approach you...about...telling someone why you'," Momo said as she looked down, embarrassed upon mentioning that she heard Izuku mumbling when she found him.

"...Oh. U-Uh-"

"D-Did you, as in my home? And...who is that person you wanted to tell? And...what could it be that you wanted to tell that person?" Momo asked him as she looked up to see his face.

...Feeling somewhat really uncomfortable about where this was going(and honestly, he doesn't know where this is going), but mostly a little confused, Izuku blinked and asked, "Uh...what?"

Momo went stiff, her whole demeanor changing as she blushed, "I-uh-I-I...well, I-I mean..." feeling even more embarrassed, she bowed and said, "I-I'm very sorry! Forgive me! I-I shouldn't have eavesdropped like that! B-But I only just heard that part of what you were saying! Nothing more!"

"Oh, um, n-no, Yaoyorozu, it's okay! It's, uh, it's just, I…" Izuku paused and thought about the next thing he should say.

'Well...first off, I'll just tell her the first part of the truth. Then...I'll just decide from there.'

Izuku started to say, "Um...well, there were actually...two people that I was referring to on what I wanted to explain to them. One was my mom, whom I was texting to. I was...going to t-tell her the...r-reason why I...was a-at your home…"

Momo stood straight again, blinking at Izuku when hearing that information. Blushing a tad more, she asked, "R-...Reason? What...What was the reason?"

"Well..." Izuku said as he shifted in his stance as he rubbed the back of his neck in anxiety, "That...that other person was gonna be you at this point. You see, uh...the real reason why I came to help, was that I-"

"M-Miss Yaoyorozu…"

Momo, startled, turned around to look at who called her. Izuku, also surprised, looked past her to see who called out as well.

Standing there, was her butler...

But something looked wrong.

His aged face looked wide-eyed with horror and...he was shaking.

"Ichiro? W-What's wrong? What happened?" Momo asked, her expression showing worry.

"We...We are under a-a-a-AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Suddenly, Ichiro, combusts into flames.

"ICHIRO!?" Momo yelled in horror, her eyes wide with pure shock.

Izuku blanched at the sight, his eyes wide with horror as well.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHH!" Ichiro went down on the floor, and on his back was...a knife.

And behind him was...a man in a black suit, wearing goggles on his head. But his goggles were off his eyes, as he seemed to be looking at the burning body.

Seeing that the butler had stopped flailing around in excruciating pain, the man places the goggles back his eyes...and also puts a clown mask back on his face. He then looks at the kids through the clown mask's eye holes and said, "Be glad it ain't any of you two."

Then, Izuku felt a strong arm wrapped around his neck, as well as something sharp under his chin.

"ACK!" Izuku exclaimed as he froze at the cold steel on his throat.

Momo, clearly horrified that her butler had just been killed, looked behind her to see that her classmate was being grappled at knife-point by a Chameleon-shaped-looking man wearing a clown mask.

"MIDORIYA!" Momo yelled out to the boy.

Then Chameleon thrust his tail to wrap around Momo's arms and waist.

"AH!" Momo exclaimed as she felt the constriction around her.

The goggle-wearing man, who was Thermal, said to Chameleon, "You should've checked if he was dead, you know?"

"Hey man, the guy was old. I thought he would keel over or something," Chameleon said as he still had his arm around Izuku's neck, in which the boy mentioned was struggling from his grasp.

"Well make sure they're dead next time. I don't want to waste my thermal combustion vision on small fries like this guy. Besides, you don't want the Boss on you, do ya?"

"Okay, okay. Next time I'll put a bullet in his head or stab him in the brain, I get it."

"Either way, I think we got everybody here. They're either dead or mortally wounded, so we should get to where the kids are at," Thermal turned his attention to the captured kids, a smirk behind his mask as he said, "You kids are lucky we're keeping you alive for last."

" the right answer?" Denki asked Jirou as he wrote the answer down.

"Um...kind of?" Jirou said with a smirk, "You're close, I would think."

"Well, hey, at least I'm close…" Denki said with a smile...but then he realized the proximity that he is with Jirou and nervously winced, "In, uh, in answering!"

Jirou rolled her eyes, "I guess whatever I'm saying is making sense to ya."

"Well, yeah," Denki said with a shrug as he scratched the side of his face. "I guess I'm paying attention now because you're a cu...cute…" His eyes went wide as if he almost just said something confidential.

Jirou blinked at Denki as she stared at him, "...What?"







"...I...well...I think...well, yeah, I think you're-"


Jirou, Denki, and the other students froze at the muffled scream.

"...Uh, what was that?" Tsuyu asked anyone.

Shouto narrowed his eyes, feeling alert as he muttered, "That sounded like someone was in pain."

"Indeed. Who was that?" Tenya asked anybody, now alert as well.

"G-Guys...?" Ochako said, her tone full of concern. She glanced at any of her friends for guidance, wondering if anyone had an answer.

"Uh...h-hold on," Jirou pulled one of her ear-jacks on her earlobe and raised it up to hear anything.

...She heard voices all around them outside of the great hall...but a pair of voices behind the front double doors were what caught her attention…

"Damn. If I had to guess, Thermal used his thermal combustion vision on some poor bastard."

"Oh, well, darn. I guess we can't give them the element of surprise. Aw well, just ram the door, Loco."

"Heh, sure thing, Boss!"

...There was a roar that sounded like a revving engine.

Jirou's eyes widened. She then yelled out, "Guys! I think we should get down!"



The heavy oak doors flung open, the hinges blown off as the wood broke in several pieces, letting the fragments fly in different directions, as huge bits of the doors came soaring through the air.

Luckily, the teens heed Jirou's advice. Tsuyu and Mina were ducking down, while Denki leaped onto Jirou to cover her, with Tenya doing the same with Ochako, and Shouto ducking down as well.

While Jirou was on the ground, she could hear well as a few guns cocking.

Also, she feels a weight on her for a second, but soon, it was off of her.



Jirou looked up and saw…

...A large bulky man in a black suit...with a clown mask on...

And he was holding down Denki's head onto the solid wood table...with a gun to his head!

Jirou's eyes went wide with terror and she exclaimed, "KAMINARI!"

She got up to try to punch the man, but...her punches bounced off of him! It was almost as if his body was made of something elastic.

"Heh-heh. That tickles, little girl." The man known as Rubber said, his eyes and gun trained on Denki's head.

"Let him go, you freaking-AH!" Her earlobe ear-jacks were pulled, making her fall back, but a hand was placed behind her head as her face was slammed onto the table as well.

"KYOUKA!" Denki exclaimed back at her.

"Don't try to fight, Punk-Rock!" said a heavily accented woman's voice. The woman then slammed a bat down on the table next to Jirou's face. " know, those ear jacks of yours need to be tied well as the rest of ya. WHIP! Come over here!"

"Alright, I'll be there in a second!" said a scraggly male's voice somewhere in the room.

Jirou heard more footsteps, but gritted her teeth as the woman began pulling her ear-jack, as well as her other one to long lengths.

"Okay. Wrap her up," said the woman.

"Sure thing."

Whip then used a whip appendage to wrap around and bind not only Jirou's arms and body, but her longer ear-jacks as well.

"AH!" Jirou exclaimed, feeling trapped by the whip-ropes that are being wrapped around her, making her fall to the floor with a 'thud'.

"There we go. Also, I wrapped up Pinkie and Frog Girl back there pretty good," Whip advised, pointing his thumb at the other two girls. Tsuyu was wrapped up to the mouth, so she wouldn't use her frog tongue, while Mina was just wrapped up from head to toe.

"Good work! Got your gun?" said Hare, who was wearing a doll-face mask.

Whip, wearing his clown mask on, smirked as he dug into his black suit and got his gun out, saying, "Of course."

Meanwhile, Tenya, Ochako, and Shoto all started to get back up.

"Is everyone okay?" Tenya asked them, helping Ochako get up.

"Y-Yeah…" Ochako said, a little shaken.

"Yeah, I think so," Shouto said with a grunt as he got up.


"AAAUGH!" Shouto hollered as a pain shot through his arm.

"Todoroki!?" Ochako and Tenya yelled.


"AAAAAHHH!" Tenya yelled as he felt a stab of pain go through one of his legs.

"I-Iida!?" Ochako yelled out to her friend as she turned to him. When she did, she saw that it was a man with a clown mask on his face. He was wearing a black suit, and looked to have thrust a finger in one of Iida's legs, the blood pouring out of his wound evident.

"Okay, Turtle, Crystal, you're up!" Hollered out Razor.

Two big guys rushed over to where Shouto and Tenya were, one a giant monstrous-looking turtle man in another black suit with a clown mask on, and the other a man in yet another black suit and clown mask on that has crystal green skin. They raised their huge fists above the two boys' heads and then…


...Their fists hit the back of their skulls, making them go forward to the surface of the table as their foreheads smashed against it, knocking them out instantly.

Ochako's eyes widened in terror. "IIDA! TODOROKI!" She yelled out to them.

She felt something cold on her temple.

"It's wise you don't do anything, little girl."

Ochako froze.

"Or if you think you're woman enough to take us all on, then I must inform you, try anything, and we will kill your friends. We'll even kill these boys we knocked out if you ever so much as lift a finger. But it's your call."

The Gravity Girl let her eyes look to her right to see who was talking...

It was another man in a black suit with a clown mask on...but the shape of his head was odd. Either way, the important thing was, the man was holding a gun to the side of Ochako's head.

She stood there as she shivered in fear.

The odd shape-headed man could only smirk behind the mask, "Good. Now get on the floor," he threatened.

Soon, Thermal and Chameleon came in the great hall with Izuku and Momo, Chameleon still holding the former at knife-point, while the latter is being held in the air with his tail.

"Okay! We got one kid and the Yaoyorozu girl!" Thermal called out to the gang of crooks.

"I think that's all of them," Turtle informed, "Also, Crystal and I knocked out Ingenium's little brother and Endeavor's kid. They're not waking up anytime soon."

"Heh, well hell, this is coming along real nicely! I thought we were gonna at least have some sort of a challenge here!" Chameleon said with a grin.

Loco dust the wood particles off his large black suit, his clown mask still wrapped around his face. Once he surveyed the room to see that the kids had been contained, he turned around to speak to someone and give that person a thumbs up, saying, "Okay Boss! All clear!"

"Thank you."

Izuku, while fearful for his friends and his life as well, turned his eyes away from the villainous crooks to the man responsible for this hostage situation.

Out from behind the huge metal man that looked like a train, came...this time, a man in a purple suit...wearing the same clown mask like everyone else.

'He...He must be the leader. He's the only male that's wearing a purple suit, so...that has to mean something, right?' Izuku thought as he gulped slightly so as not to be cut easily by the knife's blade.

But then another thought came to him.

'...Wait...that news article said that one of the robbers was wearing a purple suit…'

His eyes widened slightly.

'...Is...Is he the robber that got away?'

The man in the purple suit walked past the tied up and scared Tsuyu and Mina, and as soon as he passed Hare, the woman was looking cutesy, her bat behind her as she rocked at the balls of her booted feet, and probably making flirty eyes at the man.

The purple-suited man turned his head to her and said in what sounded somewhat like an affectionate tone, "You did really good, my dear."

Hare giggled, "Oh, thank you ever so much, Boss~!"

"Hrrmm…" he glanced at Whip. "You did an excellent job as well, Whip."

"Heh, thanks, Boss!" Whip nodded, a grin behind his mask as he gave him a thumbs up.

The man then looked down at Jirou, who was trying hard to struggle off the whip-rope as she squirmed in place.

"Don't try to struggle, little girl. Whip's appendages will react to any sudden movements, thus making them tighter around that small frame of yours," said the purple suited man.

Jirou growled as she stopped struggling and glared up at Purple Suit.

"Hmph," He passed her and once he was about to pass Denki, Purple Suit told Rubber, "If you're tired of holding him down, you can just knock him out when you want to."

"Heh, nice. Will do, Boss," Rubber said with a grin.

Purple then told Denki, "Don't even try anything as well, Electro, he's made of rubber."

Denki was shaking in terror by the gun pointing at his head alone.

The man soon came up to the unconscious forms of Shouto and Tenya, the purple suited man looking down at them. He glanced up at Turtle and Crystal and said, "Hm. Nice work, boys."

"Thanks, Boss!" Turtle and Crystal both said in unison with grins behind their masks as they raised their fists up.

Purple then glanced at Hacker, who was pointing his gun at a kneeled Ochako's head, while Razor was leaning against the table edge.

"Hmm...keep an eye on her," he said to them.

Razor snickered, "Oh I'll keep an eye on her, alright."

"Not now, dude," Hacker said in disgust.

"Actually, you might need to go to Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu's room to find anything of value, if you catch my drift. So maybe you should let Razor look after her for a while. Oh, and bring your gun with you," their Boss told the robot man.

"Oh, yeah. That's right. Sorry, I'll get right on that." Hacker turned to Ochako, "Well, I feel sorry for you right now, kid."

Ochako quivered and looked to her left to see Razor looking down at her with his arms crossed.

"You know, have some really nice skin," Razor said as he lifted a hand and a finger, transforming the digit into a blade.

Ochako looked to be on the verge of tears.

Once Hacker left the great hall, the Purple Suit finally went over to Momo and Izuku where his last two henchmen are.

"Ah, and here we have the final two. The lady of the hour, and...uh, this guy," Purple said to Izuku uninterestedly.

Momo grunted as she tried to struggle against Chameleon's tail. "What-urgh-W-What do you want!? Who are you!? Why did you-augh! Why did you let one of your men kill Ichiro!?" she yelled.

"...Ichiro?" the man asked a little bit in mock confusion, "Uh, I'm sorry, little girl, but my men and lady friend over there, killed a lot of people on this floor, including the cooks, and maybe some maids or two. And I'm pretty certain the guards are like, totally dead. Right, guys?"

"Oh yeah, they're dead." Chameleon said with a nod.

"I thought so. So, anyways, honestly, I never heard, nor actually cared, enough about who this person that goes by the name of Ichiro could be. So yeah, who is he again?"

Momo tries to keep it together, but at the end, she screams out, "MY BUTLER WHEN I WAS THREE! AND YOU KILLED ALL OF THE WORKERS!?"

"Okay, first off, wow, now I really don't care about Ichiro. Secondly, no, not ALL the workers...we haven't gone to the second floor, BUT, Hacker actually knows his way, his Quirk being that of a robot or...something. Anyway, basically, he mapped everything onto his wrist-arm-device-thing and is finding your parents' room so that we can steal a big portion of your money! Spoiler Alert!"

"Oh my word! What happened here!? M-Miss Yaoyoro-"


The voice, which belonged to a maid, was shot in the head by Whip.

The students that were all conscious, Tsuyu, Mina, Jirou, Denki, and Ochako all gasped in horror. Izuku looked on in appalled horror.

As for Momo...she didn't take it that well.

"NOOO!" Momo screamed in despair.

"...Okay, that wasn't the spoiler. That was just one of the workers that Hacker missed. Oh, and speaking of Hacker, as of right now, he's making sure all of your cell phones are not working. So, if you hear a little dial-tone...then you're not using a cell phone. HAHAHAHAAAA!"

Momo looked aghast at his humorous and nonchalant attitude.

Izuku felt the same as his eyes went wide at the disregard of human life this man was showing.

"Hehehehehehe...oh come on, it's a joke. You ever heard of one, Missy?" The man said in slight aggravation.

The Creation Girl just stared at him...but soon gritted her teeth as tears began to form around her eyes, "'re just here for money? You just killed people that I know and cared about, all because!?"

"Oh come on now, they were probably paid minimum wage. I'm doing all of these chumps a favor by killing them."

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Momo screamed at Purple.

"How dare I!? How dare I!? Oh, that's really rich! That's super rich! That's expensive rich! That's absolutely rich coming from you, isn't it, Little Miss Recommendation!"

Momo's eyes widened in shock. Izuku's eyes also widened in shock. The rest of the students were silent, but had looks of surprises on their faces.

Purple took a deep breath...and lets out a big sigh, "...I'm fine. I'm fine. I really am. I'm fine...I'm fine." The Boss said as he looked at all of his henchmen and, as he called her, his lady friend. He soon turned to Momo. "...But what's not not...working...for it."

When Izuku heard these words, he thought back to All Might...

You've earned this, Midoriya!

'...All Might…'

"Cham, throw her onto the table."

Momo broke out of shock when she was thrown by Chameleon's tail onto the table's hard surface near the bottom edge of it.

"UGH!" She rolled over a little, stopping as she laid there on her stomach, her raven ponytail undone as her hair spilled onto the table.

Izuku just looked on helplessly, not knowing what to do.

"Well, this day totally sucks, doesn't it?" Bossman mocked Momo as he made his way to the table's side, where she was closer to the edge. He dug something in the chest of his purple suit as he continued to say, "You just want to have a good day, feeling absolutely capable of something in your life, prove your self-worth, and not think of yourself as a total failure."

Momo was sluggishly getting up as she laid on her side.

"Yeah...cause God knows you didn't perform excruciatingly well at that Sports Festival, did ya?"

Izuku's eyes widened by another margin, but this time, in dread.

'Oh, no, NO! Please...don't do that to her!'

"I mean, sheesh, you were taken out of the ring in less than, what, a millisecond?" Bossman then got out the item of his suit...that being a gun.

Before Izuku could say anything, Momo...also got a gun out.

She aimed it at the Boss with anger in her eyes as she gritted her teeth.

...But the man already got his gun out and aimed it at Momo.

...It was a standoff.

Ochako gasped, "Momo!"

Jirou, and the rest of the students looked on in horror.

"...Let's not do anything stupid, kid," Purple said.

Momo then heard guns cocking. She didn't have to know what they mean...this man's henchmen have their guns pointing right at her.

"...You know...I haven't really told you what my Quirk is, didn't I?"

The young woman kept her seething eyes on him as she kept gritting her teeth at him.

The Boss kept his eyes on Momo, his gun arm pointing straight at her…

...He then leans forward...and lets his masked covered forehead touch the tip of the barrel of Momo's gun, also letting his gun be close to her face.

"...Do you want to know?"

Momo glared at him and asked, a seething tone in her voice, " your Quirk?"

"...Well, quite frankly...I don't have one."

Izuku went stiff, his eyes wide with instant shock.

'...He...He doesn't...have a Quirk?'

Momo's eyes also widened at that bombshell and uttered, "What?"

But that was a mistake.

With that moment of letting her guard down, the Boss took her gun hand and twisted her wrist. She yelped in pain and dropped her gun on the table. Throwing her hand aside, the man then grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her off the table harshly.

With a hard thud, Momo tried to get up, but a hard shoed foot slammed on her back.

"AAUGH!" Momo yelled.

The Boss put away his gun and told one of his henchmen, "One of you get a chair. When you do, Whip, tie her up."

No questions were asked, as Turtle got a chair that belonged to Todoroki. Once he placed it at Momo's side, the man told Turtle, "Pick her up."

Once the man got his foot off of Momo, Turtle quickly picked her up by her arms and placed her on the chair, the young woman trying to flail wildly.

"Whip, do your thing."

Whip used his whip appendage to wrap it around Momo, snapping the appendage off and making her be contained into place on the chair.

"Good," The man said as he came closer to the girl. Once he's close enough, he stares at her face, which Momo scowled in resistance at the madman while she struggled.

"...You know, you need to smile more." He said as he dug into the inside of his suit pockets and got out...a switchblade.

Momo's expression then slowly morphed into dread upon seeing the item.

"How about I tell a joke?" The man said with sadistic glee as he pointed the unopened switchblade at her. "Would you like that? Good! Brace yourself, though, cause this is gonna be a long one. Now, the joke starts with six pathetic low-lives who think they're better than everyone else and think they can get away with things. They're also not very good people, as you can tell. They like to rob banks and people's hard-earned cash for a living. One day they get call from an anonymous caller that goes by the name Mr. J! Mr J tells these six idiots to gather up and meet with each other with another guy to rob a bank! But Mr. J tells some of these nitwits that they can have the bigger share if they do this task for him, and that task is...wait for it...kill their own guy! And they did! One guy with wings killed a guy with scissor-hands, another guy with X-ray vision killed the wing-guy, and some dope with a flicking gun...ability thing? Yeah, I know, it's stupid. Anyway, he killed the X-ray guy, but, you know what the actual joke in all of this is?"

Momo just looked at him, fear evident on her face, until she said, "You're...You're Mr. J…the one that robbed the bank this afternoon."

"...Ooh, and you ruin the punchline!" 'Mr. J' said in faux-disappointment, "Oh, darn! Well, you know, since you already figured it out, I'll just give you the shorter version as well as the big reveal: The seventh guy was 'Mr. J' all along, and he took care of two of the big guys that were with him, one with an explosion, while the other one was done in by a simple gunshot wound to the head after he was being flown across the room from said explosion from the guy next to him. Upon hearing that, the Flicker guy saw that Mr. J executed the guy, and Mr. J shot his ass, or moreover, his arms, making him immobile. He did some bad things to the guy, and then my lady friend over there," Mr. J pointed to Hare, who in turn waved at Momo in a mocking fashion. "...came in with the van and finished him off by RUNNING OVER HIS HEAD! WOOOHOOOO! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!"

Momo looked at him appalled, as well as Ochako and the rest of the students while Mr. J laughed uproariously.

Izuku, upon listening and watching, just had his mouth dropped open in terror at…

He can't even describe this situation right now. Was it surreal? Was it bizarre? It all felt so unreal.

He just can't believe that someone could be this...this cruel...

And to do so without a Quirk.

Once his laughter died down, Mr. J continued, "And really, that's the real punchline! You don't need to be a Hero, or have a Quirk to kill somebody! All you an idea. An...innovation. Cause really, it's not about the money, believe it or not...I just want people to see the joke."

Momo sat there in stunned silence.

"...And quite frankly, my dear..."

Mr. J pushed the button on his switchblade to reveal a skinny but deadly blade.

"...It looks like you didn't get the joke."

Mr. J then grabbed Momo's face, but she was struggling, her head trying to get away from his grip.

"No, no, no, don't struggle, dooon't struggle...I just want to carve a your pretty little frown-filled face," Mr. J said as he held onto Momo's face and kept it there while he brought the blade closer to her mouth.

Momo grunted and tried not to open her mouth to let this psychopath get what he wants...but she was losing strength.

Tsuyu, Mina, Jirou, and Denki looked on in horror, helpless that they can't do anything for their friend. Ochako looked on in terror as well, wishing she could do something, but Razor had sharp fingers underneath her throat, and if she moved, she'd get her neck slit.

"You might want to not watch this," advised Razor to Ochako.

And Izuku...feels even more helpless than ever before.

'All Might...what...what can I do? I-I can't let Yaoyorozu get hurt like this! I...I…'

...He needs to do something.

'...I can't take this. This has to stop.'


...Mr. J actually stopped.

Everyone paused.

The students' eyes all widened at who yelled out.

Ochako tried to look at the person who called out, but she was too frightened to do anything. However, she knows who it was.

Momo, her face all squished up by Mr. J's gloved-hand was on the verge of tears, but froze when she heard that voice.


...Mr. J slowly turned his attention to Izuku.

Chameleon growled and put the knife up further to Izuku's throat, exclaiming, "Shut up, kid! Just watch and let it be a lesson for you!"


Chameleon looked at his Boss in confusion.

...Mr. J, actually...pulls the blade further away from Momo's face.


...He made his way over to Izuku.

Izuku was shaking, his whole body trembling with fear.

'Okay...I said it...he's away from Yaoyorozu...and he's coming over here...what now?'

Mr. J stopped in front of Izuku…

"...Cham, take the knife away from his throat, and get your gun ready, just in case."

Cham blinked, but complied either way, taking the knife away from Midoriya's neck and letting him stand there...

Izuku was free…

He was free…

So...why is he not doing anything? Anything to save his friends?

...He didn't have a plan.

"What's your name, kid?" asked the man.

Izuku, startled, looked at the clown-masked purple suited man, fear now coursing through him as he stuttered, "U-Uh...m-my-"

"Oh wait. You know what? Sorry, nevermind, stupid question. It's Midoriya, right?"

Izuku's eyes widened in shock.

"Yeah, Hacker looked into all the files at UA to know who all of the Class 1-A students are. You, though...seem...ordinary." The man said as he tilted his head at Midoriya.

Izuku froze in place as the man kept talking.

"...You didn't think this was how it was all gonna go down, did ya? You go to someone's nice home, you help out a little bit of your friends, maybe even give the girl who lives in this estate a good pep talk...I see it in your face. You have a...need to help you?"

Izuku kept shaking as he looked at Mr. J...and decided to answer that question, "Y-...Y-Yes...Yes I do."

Mr. J stared him down behind his clown mask…

"...Well, I have another question for you, Midoriya."

...Izuku gulped, still trembling.

"...Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"

Aaaaand...end chapter!


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