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Back to School

Chapter 5

Nabiki had left early that morning, leaving Akane to walk to school by herself. She took this alone time to compose herself once she arrived at school. She had vowed that she wouldn't let Ranma or all the rumors sure to be flying around, bother her. She would be polite, but brief. After all, she reasoned mentally, I've wasted enough of my time on him already.

Little was she prepared for her arrival at the school grounds, however.

"Akane Tendo! Date me!"

"No Akane! I shall defeat you in battle and you will be my girlfriend!"

"Akane I love you!"

"Oh great…" She muttered to herself as a hormonal horde of perverted boys began to charge her on the front lawn, some sporting various weapons. "Not again!" She screamed as she began plowing her way through the onslaught of teen boys. "I thought I had put an end to this!" She yelled in frustration.

Voices from the crowd answered her question. "You are no longer Ranma Saotome's fiancé! That means your free to date me!" And other versions of this fact echoed from the boys around her.

There was a scuffle coming from the other side of the group of boys and Akane could see bodies flying until enough space was cleared out to reveal Ranma, looking annoyed and punching perverts left and right.

Akane ignored him and continued dispatching boys herself.

"What do ya idiots think yer doin?!" She could hear Ranma yelling in frustration. "This was supposed to be done with long ago!" He growled as he kicked another boy in the face, this one wearing thick padding and carrying a hockey stick. Akane smacked a scrawny guy holding a tennis racket with her book bag and turned, ready to dispatch the next guy, but found them all to be groaning on the ground and Ranma the only other one left standing.

"Ranma Saotome! You dark sorcerer! Step away from my beautiful Akane before she falls back under your evil spell!"

"Stay out of this Kuno!" Ranma shouted as Kuno ran to stand between him and Akane, facing off with Ranma with his bokken pointed at the foul playboy.

"I shall defend the honor of the pure, innocent Akane. I shall save her from your evil powers over her! After I defeat you, Akane and I-" He was cut off as Akane kicked him from behind, tired of his lunatic ranting, and he sailed over the rooftops of the neighboring houses.

With all obstacles cleared from her path, Akane brushed dust from her dress and continued on her way towards the front doors and Ranma stared after her, stunned, and rather disappointed by the cold shoulder.

"Ah… Akane! Wait up!" Ranma called and he jogged after her, hurrying to put himself in front of her and halt her progress. "Uh… hey."

Akane stopped and slowly brought her gaze up to meet Ranma's, giving him a small, neutral, yet friendly smile as if he were just another boy from her class. "Hello Ranma."

"Umm… I just wanted to say…" Suddenly in front of her with no interference, Ranma became shy and he found his hands fiddling nervously in front of him and his cheeks heat a little. She watched him patiently, waiting for him to find his words. "I just wanted ta say that… that I'm really sorry for… for what I said."

Akane just shrugged. "It's fine. I'm over it."

Ranma froze, swearing his heart had stopped and his stomach had twisted inside-out.

Since Ranma wasn't moving and was in her way, Akane just shrugged to her friends and stepped around him, continuing to class with her friends Yuka and Sayuri on either side of her.

Ukyo had been standing aside to watch how things would pan out; she didn't want to be blamed for causing the break-up, she just wanted to take advantage of it. Now that the rumors seemed to be verified, Ukyo pounced, threading her arm through Ranma's as he continued to stand rooted to the spot from shock. "Hey Sugar, looks like you're off the hook. Come on, we should get to class." Ukyo started tugging him along and he followed, feeling hollow and empty, not really registering any of his friend's ramblings. "Later, I'll make you a special okonomiyaki for lunch!"

They disappeared into the school at a shuffling pace as Ukyo continued raining down cute affections while Ranma followed numbly behind, hardly listening to anything anyone said for the rest of the day.

Sarahplainntall here! Sorry this chapter is soooo short. I've been trying to keep them shorter so I can get them out faster, but between work and going to school to become a vet nurse, I don't have a ton of time for writing, but I'll try to get the next one out sooner. Promise! Reviews help too. ;)

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