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Chapter 5

Once Every Decade, a series of PotC vignettes by Tsunami Storm

Chapter 5

"By de way-" Calypso added after a minute of amused silence. "-Ya deserve a few days off fer all ya hard work, young William. Ya may stay on dis side a' Worl's End til sunset t'ree days from now. Do wid dis time what ya please." She grinned as she splashed back into the water, disappearing from sight in seconds.

"Excellent." Will grinned. "I've been waiting for a chance to do this. Now we can finally get rid of some of the unnecessary modifications that Jones made to the Dutchman. We can make it look the way it's supposed to and not 'the terror of the seas'."

"But I thought you can't step on land but once every ten years." Elizabeth frowned. "It's only been a little more than five."

"I can't, but that doesn't mean my crew is bound by the same restrictions." Will grinned, still in a lighthearted mood. "That's what Jones did when we stole the Dead Man's Chest, after all. I'll just have to wait on the Dutchman while they get supplies. It's inconvenient, but better than nothing. At least I get to see you like this." He smiled softly, looking into her brown orbs with such love in his own eyes that it made his wife gasp and tackle him in a hug- nearly tipping them both into the water. Up on the dock, Liza giggled at her guardians' silly antics.

"Mum? Where are you?" A boy's voice called from the shore near the dock, and Elizabeth turned to gaze at the beach. She beamed and waved with one hand over to a small figure, who spotted her and waved back. "Over here, Liam! Come here, there's someone here to see you!" She grinned widely at her husband- who was still looking at his son, shocked into silence.

Liam came running to the dock where his mother and adopted sister stood, then looked down to the dinghy where his mother was in the arms of an unfamiliar man. [Liam hasn't officially met his father yet, that's all.]

Elizabeth beamed at him. "Liam, this is your father, William Turner. Will, you've seen our son, William James Turner III. We always call him 'Liam' now, though."

"Ye named 'im after Norrington?!" A slightly wounded voice interrupted from somewhere nearby, and all four members of the Turner family turned to see that Jack Sparrow had returned, standing a few feet away with a pout and crossed arms.

"Well, his middle name, yes." Elizabeth smiled. "But he's got another 'unofficial' middle name. 'Jack', after the man who brought us together." She grinned, and the pirate captain smirked. "Now tha's more like it."

The Pirate King and Lord of the Sea both rolled their eyes at their closest friend, then Will turned to his son.

"Liam. My son." He began, tears already sprouting in his eyes. "I can't tell you how happy I am to finally meet you in person. And I can't tell you how proud I am of you."

Liam looked confused at this, what his father was saying. He was proud of him? For what?

As if reading the boy's mind, Will smiled. "For keeping your mother safe as well as your sister. I can see that you love them both just as much as I do. Just as a proper gentleman should." The boy sat down on the edge of the dock, and Will put a hand on his shoulder. "My greatest regret is that I can't be with you as you grow into a fine young man, Liam. But don't worry. I'll always be with you and your mother, even if you can't see me. I'll always be in your hearts, and you'll always be in mine." He put his other hand over his chest to emphasise his point, even though his heart wasn't really there. When Elizabeth looked at him quizzically, he winked. "Figuratively speaking, of course." He grinned.

"Oh, brother." Jack groaned as he had to roll his eyes. "If ye lovely gents an' ladies will excuse me, I must be off ta see 'bout some rum. I hear th' taverns 'round here 're well-stocked. Didn' have th' pleasure a' visitin' 'em last time I was 'ere."

"Knowing you, Jack, they won't stay that way for long." Will laughed, and Elizabeth and Jack's crew laughed too.

"Naturally." was the captain's only reply as he swaggered off to inebriate himself even further than he already was.

Will smiled up at his son, wife and adopted daughter after Jack had disappeared into town, then turned his gaze over to the Dutchman for a moment. "I should probably tell them what's happening and why I'm taking so long. I'll only be a moment." He promised as he leaned toward Elizabeth to give her a kiss. Elizabeth also reached for him to return the kiss, but just as their lips were about to touch-

Will vanished from the dinghy and into thin air. Elizabeth gasped and looked around wildly, then spotted her crafty husband on the deck of The Flying Dutchman, already giving orders and instructions to his crew. She could also see a sneaky smirk playing about his face.

"Why'd he have to go and do that?" Elizabeth groused as she frowned over at the vessel. Gibbs laughed. "He's just teasin', Miss Elizabeth- erm, Yer Highness." He grinned, and the Pirate King grinned back at her old friend and First Mate of The Black Pearl.

Elizabeth laughed and shook her head, then smiled wider when young Liam asked, "What happened to Dad? Where'd he go?"

"He returned to the Dutchman to give his crew some orders. They're going to be staying here in Port Royal for a few days to make- erm, repairs." She explained to her confused son, whose eyes widened in understanding as he nodded.

"Does that mean Dad can come home?" The boy asked, and Elizabeth looked down sadly and shook her head. "No. He's still bound by the Duty. He can't set foot on land for about five more years. And even then, only for one day. That's how the Curse works." She explained. She'd told all of this to him before, but she guessed it was only just now sinking in.

Then the light of hope entered her eyes. "But there may be a way to free him from the Curse." She added slowly, and Liam looked up at her in surprise and joy. "If we stay true to each other for ten years, and if he's vigilant in the Duty, then Calypso may lift the Curse, and Will can finally come home. For good."

"And then we'll be a real family, right Mum?" Liam asked as he looked up at his mother happily.

She smiled warmly at her son's exuberance, daring to hope for that outcome. "That's right, Liam. We'll be one big happy family."

-Three days later-

Three days turned out to be more than enough time for the crew of The Flying Dutchman to make their 'repairs'. With some of the treasure they had salvaged from wrecks over the years ('No sense in letting it go to waste at the bottom of the sea.' as Will had once said), they were able to pay for all the lumber they needed, as well as skilled craftsmen and carpenters to replace the figurehead and many other parts of the ship that were frankly no longer necessary. Will sold the triple guns near the prow of the ship, as he didn't see the Dutchman getting into any battles anytime soon where they would be necessary. In fact, he sold all but two of the ship's cannons, leaving one on each side of the ship. Why would a ferry of the dead need any cannons in the first place? He reasoned, but then remembered that these were dangerous times, so he decided not to sell all of them. With more of the treasure, the crew purchased an entirely new set of sails- as the old ones were more riddled with holes than Swiss cheese.

When the craftsmen and crew's labours were finally completed after about two full days, one would hardly recognise the once-cursed vessel anymore. The only thing that stayed the same about the ship was her name. Gone was the gaping, razor-toothed maw that served as the ship's figurehead, and in its place hung an exquisitely carved angel with arms and wings open wide in a welcoming gesture. It was as if the angel was receiving the unfortunate souls of those who perished at sea into a warm embrace, and was subtly implying that their passage on the ferry between worlds was free- with no strings attached. A far cry from the previous captain's conditions.

Will had also removed the imposing pipe organ from the captain's cabin, choosing to donate it to Port Royal's sanctuary. After some major modifications, of course. He knew that organs of that size were very expensive, and Port Royal wasn't exactly the most prosperous of Britannia's many territories. After the Curse was lifted, Will would probably grimace whenever he heard that particular organ on Sundays, but it was still an impressive instrument of music and he hadn't wanted to simply destroy it. He was glad that someone in the town he'd grown up in could put it to good use. [I'm assuming the denizens of Port Royal have at least one church that they can attend frequently. People back then were more religious than movies care to admit, religion being a touchy subject and all.]

After The Flying Dutchman had been fully repaired and restored to its former glory, Will thought it would be a good idea to have a proper family reunion. He wanted his son and adopted daughter to meet their grandfather for the first time, and it would be a good chance for Elizabeth to see 'Bootstrap' Bill as he was meant to be- not covered with sea-life like he was the last time. But he wasn't the only old friend that the former Governor's daughter would get to see.

"James?!" Elizabeth gasped as the Dutchman's Quartermaster appeared from below deck. The former Admiral of the British Royal Navy gasped when he saw his former love, then smiled warmly and ran to her- emotions battling ferociously within him. Half of him wanted to embrace her and twirl her around as a lover would, but the other half remembered their positions and would settle only for a bow and chaste kiss of her hand- as if greeting an old friend of higher rank. Conflicted, he glanced over at a slightly smirking Will, who merely nodded and shrugged his shoulders- as if the captain could read his thoughts and didn't mind if he showed such familiarity with his wife. James smiled sheepishly and merely settled for a combination of the two greetings, kneeling and kissing Elizabeth's hand, then standing up and embracing her. But not too tightly.

"Oh, Elizabeth. I am so happy to see you are well." He sighed in his gentle baritone voice, making the woman smile softly at the memories. "I'm so happy to see you too, James. My heart broke into pieces when I saw you get stabbed. I thought I'd never see you again. In this world, anyway." She sniffled, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Nor did I, dear Elizabeth. But then Will- er, the Captain found me adrift at sea and I signed on as a crew-mate. It was true that I did not fear death- and I still don't- but I was hoping for the chance to see you again, to properly say goodbye and show you that I was all right. Relatively speaking." He added with a tilt of his head and a small smile.

Elizabeth giggled at that, and the former Admiral's smile grew wider. A little ways away, Will smiled gently as the two old friends caught up, then turned to where his son, adopted daughter and father were talking. Both children were listening with wide eyes and rapt attention to a tale that the old sailor was spinning, and Will wondered briefly what Bill was telling them. Judging from the man's grand gestures, he guessed he was describing a battle or something to the like.

"Ya see, yer father saved me twice, young'uns." Bootstrap grinned as the man in question walked up and leaned against the nearby railing. "Not only did he save me from Jones' curse, but he saved me th' unimaginable pain an' regret that'd surely follow had I actually harmed my only son. He took th' small knife that I'd given him an' pinned my coat to th' banister, effectively disarming me an' keepin' me out of th' way at th' same time. Then he engaged Jones himself in battle."

"Yeah, and got my backside handed to me." Will laughed sourly, interjecting when his father paused to take a breath. "Despite being nearly all sea-creature, Jones was a surprisingly skilled swordsman. I was hard-pressed to keep him from doing any harm to your mum. For a while, anyway."

"He did manage to strike her with that giant claw of his, an' then he stabbed you right in th' heart." Bill growled, causing Liza and Liam to gasp aloud.

"After Jack was done gloating." Will grimaced wryly, remembering the event from his point-of-view. Why hadn't Jack just stabbed the beating thing when he had the chance? Why'd he have to rub it in? Well, what's done is done. Can't change the past. Will was grateful that Jack had given up his chance at immortality to save his life. He guessed that was Jack's 'honest streak' finally winning out in the end. It proved that- underneath it all, underneath all the roughness and pillaging and looting and general acting like a scoundrel, Jack Sparrow- sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow- was a good man.

"Mummy never told us that!" Liza gasped, and Will smiled down at her wryly. "She just said that Daddy got hurt really bad an' that Uncle Jack saved him!" She continued, looking up at her adoptive father with worry shining in her chocolate-brown eyes.

Will knelt down and ruffled his daughter's hair affectionately. "Your mum just didn't give you all the details, but what she said was true. I was hurt really badly, and Jack did save my life. In a way. He helped me to stab the heart, and helped me take Jones' place as the captain of this ship. It's really thanks to Jack that this ship has a purpose again. Someone has to care for those who die at sea. Lord knows Jones abandoned his Duty far too long ago."

"An' now yer pickin' up after 'im." came a sly, drunken slur from somewhere near them. "Tha's very noble a' ya, Whelp. As per usual."

Will chuckled. "Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear." He laughed as he turned to face his best friend and the man who'd saved his life. Then he noticed the alarming amount of stumbling and swaying Jack was doing. Well, more so than usual.

"Jack, are ye drunk again?" Bootstrap growled, visibly amused.

"I'm not as think as ye seem to drunk I am!" Jack retorted, then put a finger to his chin. "Wait, tha' didn' come out righ'-" He slurred before dropping to the deck and passing out cold.

"I beg to differ." Will laughed again as he shook his head. Jack would never change. He knelt down beside his friend and shook his shoulder, and the pirate captain regained consciousness momentarily. As he unsteadily got to his feet, Will asked jokingly, "Don't you have your own modifications to oversee?"

"Aye. Ye may be righ' 'bout that." The Lord of the Caribbean agreed rather sheepishly, then he swaggered off back to the ship that would become the second Black Pearl.

"I worry about him sometimes. I really do." Will sighed as he shook his head exasperatedly as Jack wobbled off. "I keep expecting to see a familiar face among our passengers whenever we surface in the Caribbean. And, more often than not, it's his face that I look for."

Bootstrap laughed. "Give 'im some credit, William. He didn' become Pirate Lord of the Caribbean by mere chance, y'know."

"Aye, but still, I keep imagining him getting too drunk and falling overboard, watching the Pearl sail away without him and leaving him to the depths."

"Tha's actually 'appened more times than I'd care ta admit." A familiar voice slurred. "Not th' 'falling overboard' bit- mind- but, th' other bit. An' all three times, it was Barbossa! Tha's it! Next time I see 'im, I'ma give 'im a piece o' me mind!" He huffed indignantly, causing the youngest Turner family members to giggle.

"When I grow up, I wanna be just like Mummy. The Pirate King." Liza announced proudly as she beamed over to her mother and the Dutchman's Quartermaster, who were still quietly talking.

"You're already the Pirate Princess, though. In a way." Liam observed thoughtfully. "Seeing as Mum's the King." Then he turned to his father in confusion. "But- wait. If Mum's the King, what does that make you, Dad?"

Will laughed. "The husband of the Pirate King, that's what that makes me. I don't have a title like your mother does. Other than 'Captain of The Flying Dutchman'."

"Wot about th' 'Lord of the Sea'?" Jack interjected yet again. "Tha's another one. Not to mention the 'Ferryman'."

Will shrugged. "That last one is just my job." He chuckled.

"So's Lizzie's!" Jack protested. "Lizzie's titles're jobs too, jus' like 'Lord of the Caribbean' is ta me!"

"Well, I don't care about titles and such." Liam put in with a shrug. "When I grow up, I wanna be just like Dad. A hero." He looked up at his father proudly, so much so that Will had to gasp. Will bowed his head, closed his eyes and smiled softly. "You honour me." He said simply.

"Yep. Th' Whelp's a hero, a'right. Saved my neck quite a few times, tha's fer sure." Jack laughed as he clapped Will on the back.

This only caused the immortal captain to turn redder with bashfulness. Elizabeth giggled at how red her husband's face was, and Liza started giggling too. Will just chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "You've returned the favour more than a few times too, Jack. As far as I'm concerned, we're pretty much even."

"What're best mates for, aye?" Jack grinned with his famous lopsided smirk as he sauntered over to the gangplank to finally board his own vessel. Will just smiled and shook his head slowly. "What indeed, Jack. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better best friend."

Which 'Pirates of the Caribbean' character has sleep apnea?

James Norington

Heh. Geddit?

-I know, I spelled his name wrong. That was deliberate.

End of Story

Well! That was fun for my first foray into the PotC universe! I am officially hooked!

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On that note, Will most likely replaced the 'Jolly Roger' pirate flag with a simple white flag for peace, not affiliated with any one nation. The Dutchman is a ferry of the dead, no matter where her passengers come from. They're a neutral party.

And Jack is being- well, Jack. His usual hilarious, slightly drunken self. Gotta love him. XD

Will: Slightly? He's completely knackered!

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I really liked that organ that Jones had, so I had our favourite Lord of the Sea donate it to the town in which he grew up. Like I said, I'm assuming that Port Royal has at least one church that the denizens can attend regularly. You're free to come to your own conclusions, though.

And more touching reunions. Also Jack being Jack. Need I say more?

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