Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 9

Meanwhile far back in the jungle, Elsa continued to stalk the man and boy through the lush, jungle vegetation. The girl kept under the shadows of the plants, moving in a crotching way. The sight of another human in the jungle had caught her attention like a net catching a butterfly. Ever since she was with her lion family, she had never seen another human person in a long time. To see one, two for that matter, she had know if there were more. Jack and North continued down the path, they had no idea of being followed that a wild, feral jungle girl was following.

North gazed up at the clear sky above. He took a deep breath in, taking in all the fresh air.

"It's such a great day, no?" he asked looking down to Jack.

"I guess." The white hair boy answered.

Jack was still disappointed about missing the leopard.

"Aw cheer up, Jack." said North, padding the boy on his back.

"You'll have the chance to see more animals when we go on that hike tomorrow."

"That sounds great, uncle North." said Jack.

North looked down to his nephew with remorse. Jack had acted so depressed since he came here. The reason being that his parents were going through a divorce. Jack had heard nights of arguing between his mother and father over the loss of their fathers job. Sometimes his five-year old sister Anna would come into his room, crying. North's sister, Martha sent Jack and his younger sister to stay with him and Tooth till she got things sorted out.

Jack and North came into the clearing from the jungle. Inside the treeless sight, there were three wooden cabins and a large safari jeep parked right next to one.

Elsa crept out from the cover of the green wig bushes. She came behind a tree and continued to look toward the man and boy.

"Tooth, Anna!" North called.

"Come out, it's safe."

Two more people came out from the main cabin. If was a short women with brown hair, wearing a light blue t-shirt and brown shorts. She carried in her arms a girl with reddish-brown hair wearing a short green dress. She carried a stuffed doll with the same colour dress and orange hair.

"Jack!" She said as she came down the steps.

"I thought I told you to stay in the cabin."

"Sorry," said Jack, disappointingly.

"There's no need to worry." Said North as he walked toward the cabin with his riffle.

"Jack was nowhere near the leopard. It's was far gone before he could see it."

"Is the bad kitty gone?" Anna asked, curiously.

North rubbed the top of the girl's head with his big hand.

"Of course it is, sweetie." He said.

"The bad kitty is far away from us."

"That's good." Said Anna smiling.

North nodded his head in agreement.

"Here," said North as he took the little girl from Tooth.

"Why don't you and your brother go play, no?"

"Yeah!" Said Anna as North set her down on the ground.

Anna came up to Jacks side. She began to pulling on his right arm.

"Come on, Jack!" She said continuing to tug on Jacks arm.

"Alright, I'm coming." said Jack giving in and following his little sister.

Elsa continued watching from behind the cover of the tree. She gazed at the Jack and Anna as they walked to the back of the camp site. The girl dashed to the other side and into the vegetation to the side. She moved through the brush following after the two siblings. Meanwhile, far back into the jungle, Simba, Nala and Zarya dash through the lush tropical forest. They call out for Elsa, hoping for her being somewhere nearby.

"Elsa!" Nala called out hoping that Elsa would respond. But still no answer.


"Where could she be?" asked Zarya, curiously.

Simba and Nala thought back. They remembered that Elsa was with then at the hill-top. She must have been separated when the leopard attacked them. What if that leopard went after her instead?

"Come on, maybe she's hiding somewhere." said Simba, knowing that Elsa would be up in a tree or hiding in a small cave somewhere.

Simba turned and ran up ahead. Nala and Zarya came after the young lion prince. Meanwhile, Diata, Bagheera and Baloo were walking the trail of the four cubs. Bagheera was leading, using his sense to find them. The panther breathEd in. The sent streamed into his nose, depicting what direction the friends had gone. It was coming from ahead of them, toward the river.

"This way!" he said as he dashed forward.

The four adults came into the sight of the rushing river. Bagheera began to get a grave suspicion. If the scent of the four cubs brought them here, that only meant one thing.

"Oh no." he said, realizing where they had gone.

"What?" asked Diata wanting to know what the problem was.

"They crossed the river." answered the panther, turning to the lioness.

"What?!" The lioness mother was just so stunned to hear that. She couldn't believe this, her daughter had just disobeyed her. She could be in danger.

"After I specifically warned them not to." Bagheera said, turning away.

Though this was not much of a surprise to him. Kids never do have the intention to listen. At least some of them don't.

"We have to cross over and find them." she said, wanting to find her daughter before any other hungry predator does.

"Well then let's go!" said Baloo.

The bear walked up to the stream and jumped into the water. He made a big splash upon impact. The bear fought through the rushing water, desperately fighting against the strong current and get to the other side.

"Hold on kids!" he said.

"Baloo's coming!"

The bear came half way across the rushing stream. The water was all the way up to his chest and getting deeper and deeper with every step he took.

"Almost there!" he said in his thoughts.


The big grey bear turned back and looked to Bagheera.

"I think it's best that we take that way." said the panther, shrugging his head toward the fallen tree trunk across from them.

Baloo stood in the rushing water, feeling like such an idiot.

"Oh... yeah, that works too." said the bear.

The panther rolled his eyes as he and Diata turned and walked over to the tree trunk. Diata jumped up onto the trunk and began to cross over to the other side of the river. She hoped that Elsa, Simba, Nala and Zarya were okay. Though after this is over, there was no way she would let Elsa out of her sight for a long while.

Far back to the camp site, Jack and Anna were playing together. Jack was holding two sticks to his head, and was chasing after his little giggling sister in circles.

"Roar!" Jack said pretending to be a wild animal.

"I'm gonna get you, Anna!"

The little reddish-brown hair girl just continued to laugh.

"You can't catch me!" said Anna back to her brother.

As the two continued to play, Elsa was watching them through the cover of the bushes. The jungle girl was so amazed and shy at the same time. She was happy that for once in her life as a jungle girl, she was able to see her own kind again. But even now, she felt frightened to meet them face to face. With living among the animals for many months now, She had forgotten most of the life in civilisation, including how to talk to them.

Elsa continued to see the two siblings, chasing each other, much like her and the lions cubs of the pride.

Jack caught up to Anna, he threw down the sticks and caught her sister in his hands.

"Got ya!" Said Jack as he lifted her up off the ground and went around in a circle. Anna was laughing, being high in the air. Jack then sat down on the ground, still holding his little sister in his arms.

"How was that?" Asked Jack curiously.

"That was awesome." Said Anna.

Jack, chuckled, giving a big smile to her little sister.

"Hey Jack?" Asked Anna.

"Hmm?" He said.

"Why are mama and papa mad at each other?" Asked Anna curiously. For the past few months, their parents, their parents constantly argue. Their father had lost his job at the ice rink because of the lack of funding. Their mother insisted on getting a job, but he keeps insisting that he would find one. Though there wasn't much work to be found in the city.

"I don't know." said Jack.

"Do you think things will get better?" Anna asked curiously.

"I hope so." said Jack.

Anna narrowed her head. She hoped that things would be back the way they once were. Before their parents were fighting.

"Hey." said Jack, as he lifted head up to face him.

"Don't worry, everything's going to alright."

Jack then took Anna in her arms and hugged her tight. Anna closed her eyes, laying against her brother chest as he held her close. Elsa was still watching the two siblings. She gazed over at them from behind the bush, beginning to stand up a bit getting a look at the sight. She felt so warm inside. She began showing a smile on his face. The moment she was witnessing, The love between brother and sister. It bared so much resemblance to the moments of her and her lioness mother.

Jack began to open his eyes, he looked toward the bushes. His smile disappeared from his face. He saw something, hiding behind the bushes. It starred toward him and Anna. Jack departed from Anna.

"Jack?" asked Anna, curiously.

Jack got up on his feet. He rose up off the ground and got a better look at the thing looking at him. It looked like a girl! Elsa gasped and ducked a bit behind the bush, but stay high enough to still look to Jack. The white-haired boy looked back to Anna.

"Anna, stay here." he said.

The white-haired boy looked back toward the girl and began to approach, creeping slowly toward her.

"Hello?" the boy asked, getting closer to Elsa.

Elsa slowly backed away from the bush.

"It' ok, it's ok." Jack reassured.

"I'm no going to hurt you."

Jack came closer to the girl. Just before he could become face to face with the girl, Elsa turned and ran away into the jungle.

"Hey wait!" said Jack as he ran after her.

"Jack!" said Anna,beginning to dash toward her brother.

The boy stopped and looked back to his sister.

"Anna, stay there!" said Jack putting his hand out to her. Anna stopped in her tracks. Jack then turned and ran into the jungle, following after the mysterious girl.

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