Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 77

The helicopter swerved through the raging storm as it made a quick decent into the mountain pass. Fire and smoke peering out through the exhaust pipes at the back of the rotors. The Pilot pulled back the lever, trying desperately to gain back control, flicking on several of the switches above him. But the helicopter continued to sway back and force as it disappeared into the fog.

"Mayday, Mayday!" The Pilot said over the intercom.

"We're losing altitude!"

In the back of the helicopter, Jack climbed up onto the passenger seats. He then turned to Elsa, who reached up her hand to him. Jack grabbed hold of it and pulled her back up to her feet. He pulled her up onto the to them both that Hans stood up over the seat side of the entrance to the cockpit. He glanced across to them, seeing them come up over the seats at the back. He then cocked his head down to the floor of the helicopter, where he saw his gun sliding over to the edge of the opens left side of the aircraft.

He grinned as he stood up a and quickly leaped to grab it. An act that had not gone unnoticed by Elsa, who glanced back and saw him make for the gun. Grabbing it in the nick of time before he stood up and pointed it at Elsa and Jack. When suddenly the helicopter suddenly shock, causing him to fall back before even getting the chance to pull the trigger.

He came back into the cockpit, knocking the pilot forward as he pushed the lever forward. Causing the helicopter to lean forward as it quickly crashed downward to what land was hidden within the fog. Jack pulled Elsa up over the seat.

"Quick, strap in!" Jack exclaimed to her.

He grabbed the seat belt across from her and pulled it over her. Elsa slipped her arms through the strap as Jack connected the belt over her bear stomach. Elsa clung hold to Jack, who in turn wrapped her arms around her. The two held each other close as they awaited for the inevitable. Being in the arms of the man she loved, memories of that night long ago flashed before the eyes of the wild woman. When the plane she and her parents were in had crashed into the jungle during a storm much like this one. Claiming the lives of both her parents.

And now the same was to happen again to her and Jack.

Though faced with the same fate as her parents, she was not frightened by the death that may come. Knowing that her family and friends were now safe from man's wraith and that she would die in the arms of the man she loved. Taking what was to be the last opportunity, Elsa gazed up to Jack, staring into his icy blue eyes. Jack in turned did the same.

Staring into each other's eyes, it was then that Jack wrapped his arms around her as he held her close. Laying her head against his chest, Elsa closed her eyes. For but a moment, she had forgotten the fate of death that would soon come. Of the danger that they were in. All that mattered, was the loving embrace she felt in the arms of the man she loved.

What may be their final moments together.

The helicopter came down through the mist, where the stone ground below was then revealed. The helicopter slammed down hard over the ground, the skids underneath breaking of as the aircraft slid over the ground. There was a massive shook inside the helicopter as Elsa and Jack braced themselves as they felt the impact of the crash. The helicopter leaned over as the propellers slashed over the ground before breaking off. Slowly the wreckage of the aircraft slid to a stop near a pile of stone Debris.

Inside, Elsa and Jack were still holding tight to one another. Slowly, Elsa lifted her gaze, glancing back to the open doorway where she saw they had landed. She could see the flames of the wreckage and the rain poring down outside. She turned to Jack.

"Jack." she said, who looked up from Elsa and saw they were alive.

Glancing around at the wreckage they were in, seeing the flames that were around, Jack then turned to Elsa with a carious look of awe.

"Get Out!" He exclaimed to her.

"Hurry, get out NOW!"

Quickly he unstrapped herself from his seat as he then turned and helped Elsa out of her. The two then got up and came up over the edge of the open side of the helicopter. They then leaped down over the edge and landed over the puddle of water below, losing their balance as they came over their knees. Jack then turned to Elsa and quickly grabbed her hand. He then ran forward as Elsa followed after Jack.

Running ahead through the pouring rain, they came several feet from the aircraft before it the erupted in a sudden explosion. Elsa and Jack quickly took cover in the ruins of an old hut. Kneeling behind the crumbled wall, the two clung to one another as the debris came flying through the air.

Once everything seemed to calm, Elsa opened her eyes as she peered around the corner. It was there that she saw the burning wreckage of the helicopter. Slowly the wild woman stood up and stepped out into clearing, gazing toward the burning wreckage. It was then she gave a sigh of relief, seeing the danger that had threatened the jungle had been dealt with.

"Man's greed became their own undoing," she proclaimed, glancing back at Jack as he came out of hiding.

"And now they burn for their crimes against the Jungle."

Jack narrowed his head, uttering a sigh of relief and contempt. Both Hans and the Pilot must have still been inside when the helicopter exploded. He was torn by their deaths, wishing for them to face justice of a court of law. Though was relieved to see that it was finally over. At least, he hoped that it was.

Elsa turned to Jack, seeing him bowing his head out of contempt. She reached out her hand and placed it atop his shoulder. He glanced to her, seeing her smiling back at him.

"The jungle is safe now, Jack," she proclaimed to him.

"And so are our families."

Elsa then reached up her other hand, placing it firmly atop his cheek. Jack in turned smiled down at her with the same loving gaze as she.

When suddenly there came the sound of a gun firing, followed by the sudden pain of the shot plunging into his back of his shoulder. Jack gasped at the sudden pain. There was then another firing as when felt another hit against his shoulder. Followed by a warm sensation as the back of his shirt turned a dark red.

Elsa gasped as she stared in utter shock. Jack the fell forward as Elsa caught him in her arms. They came down over her knees as Elsa held Jack close, gazing down at him.

"Jack!" she exclaimed.

The two then heard a sudden laughter. Glancing back to the sight of the helicopter wreckage, it was there they saw Hans staggering from the burning wreckage. Pointing his gun to them with a conniving grin on his face.

"I should really thank you both!" Hans said, glancing around at the courtyard.

"Thanks to the two of you, I've made the greatest national discovery the world will ever know. This place is going to make me a fortune!""

Elsa glared up at Hans. Slowly reaching down her hand, she grabbed a hold of her hunting dagger.

"It's a shame none of you will be able to share in the glory," Hans claimed.

"But I'll be sure to fully endorse your family for your cooperation."

Jack cocked his head, giving an glaring expression to Hans. Hans then raised his gun and was about to pull the trigger, when it was then Elsa pulled out her dagger and threw it at Hans. The knife struck Hans's shoulder, causing him to saunter back as he gasped in pain. Elsa then quickly stood up with Jack leaning against her. They then quickly made her way over toward the temple, disappearing into the fog.

Hans pulled the dagger from his shoulder, his shirt stained in his blood. He then glanced back at Elsa and Jack and saw them making their way toward the temple. He then raised his gun and fired several shots. Climbing up the stone stairway, Elsa and Jack ducked down as the bullets flew overhead. They then stood up and continued to climb the steps.

"Go ahead and RUN," Hans exclaimed to them.

"You're just making this more fun for me!"

Elsa and Jack came up to the entrance of the temple. Glancing back over the courtyard, where they saw Hans staggering toward them. The wild woman gave a stern glare to him before she turned and came into the temple.

Coming into the chamber, Elsa then paused as she glance around for a place to hide. She heard a faint groan escape from Jack's lips, feeling him slipping down from over her shoulder. She glanced down to Jack and seeing his eyes half opened as his strength slowly left him.

"Jack!" she exclaimed in a whispering tone.

Elsa quickly grabbed him as she pulled him back on his feet.

"I'm alright." Jack reassured her.

Elsa frowned, worryingly at the sound of his voice becoming fainter.

"Hold on, Jack!" she pleaded to him.


"Jack!" Hans's voice exclaimed from the hallway behind them.

Elsa cocked her head, glancing back toward the entrance of the hallway. Hearing the voice of the man who had tried to kill her and her mate who came to threaten the jungle and all it's people, the wild woman felt her anger rise. She would not be hunted by this coward.

Nor would she allow him to bring harm to anyone else.

Elsa then turned and carried Jack over to the alter. They came around the corner of the alter, where she place Jack down behind the front of the alter. Jack winced at the pain of his gun shot wounds as he pressed his back against the alter. Uttering a faint sigh as he breathed, heavily as he struggled to stay awake.

"Elsa..." Jack moaned.

Elsa crouched down to Jack, placing her hand over his shoulder. The sight of him in such a state, injured and bearing the wound of his own people. A feral rage drove the senses of the wild woman. Hans's crime against the jungle were not go unanswered. She would avenge her mate.

She would avenge the jungle.

There was a sudden sound from the entrance of the hallway.

Hans emerged from the entrance of the hallway as he came into the chamber. He then paused, seeing the many riches that were inside. He grinned, lowering the gun to his side. It was just as Mr. Black had described it to be. All this lost treasure would be worth a fortune. More so then his family's company.

All that stood in his way was Jack and that wild woman. He glanced around the chamber and saw that they were no where in sight.

"Jack!" He called out.

"Where are you?!"

Jack cocked his head, hearing Hans from around the corner. There was a bright flash of lighting, he saw Hans's shadow looming from around the corner. He then winced as he once more felt the pain of the gun shoots, trying desperately to not let Hans hear him.

He walked into the chamber with his gun in hand. He scanned along the alter, but still there was nothing. Unannounced to him that over the statue behind him, Elsa stood over the ledge above. She peered down over the man below, crouching down over the edge.

Reaching back, she drew her spear from behind and held it firmly in her hand. She watched as Hans then turned from the alter, as he continued glancing around the chamber. Slowly the wild woman crept to the edge of the ledge, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Hans came up before the statue, turning his back to it. It was at that moment that Elsa chose to strike. She then leaped from the statue, raising her spear as she prepared to strike down Hans.

Hans looked up in the nick of time, where he saw the wild woman pouncing down to him. Before her could react, he was then knocked onto his back as his gun went off. Grabbing hold of Elsa's spear as she tried to press it down over his neck. Hans then pushed her over onto her back as the two struggled for a moments time.

Hans raised up his foot and pushed the while woman off of him. Elsa was pushed back onto the floor of the chamber. She glanced up at Hans and saw him try and point his gun at her. Elsa grabbed a piece of stone next to her and threw it at Hans, knocking the gun from his hand. The gun flew over the alter and landed before Jack, who glanced down at it.

Hans turned back to Elsa with a stern glare. It was right at that moment that the tip of Elsa's spear was pointed at his throat. Glancing up to met the expression of pure feral anger of the wild woman glaring back at him. He then smirked.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Hans asked, curiously.

Elsa continued to stare at Hans with the same expression of anger. Jack stood up from behind the alter, where he saw Elsa standing over Hans with her spear in hand.

"Go ahead," He insisted to her.

"Show Jack exactly what you are. I'm sure he'd loved to see what a savage you are."

Elsa stared back at Hans for the longest time. Slowly her expression then softened as she came to her. She was not the savage that Hans proclaimed her to be. Nor was she anything like him.

Lowering her spear, Elsa backed away from Hans as she shook her head.

"No!" she said to him.

"I'm not like you."

Jack narrowed his head as he exhaled a sigh of relief. Though upon glancing up at Hans, it was then he noticed him lean up as he reached back behind him. It was then her saw him pull out the dagger Elsa had stabbed him with. Jack gasped in awe.

"Elsa, Look OUT!" he exclaimed.

Elsa glanced back at Hans, where he saw him coming out her with her dagger. Acting quickly, she leaped back from Hans as he tried to stab her. He glanced back at her, glaring as he slashed her dagger.

"You really are an ANIMAL!" Hans exclaimed to her.

Elsa continued to dodge his every attempt to hit her. Leaping back as he tried to swing her dagger wound in an attempt to slash her. Only to then lose her footing causing her to tumble and drop her spear. She then glanced up at Hans, who stood over, grinning in anticipation. Holding her knife in a stabbing fashion.

"Now you can die like one." He said before raising the dagger above his dagger a above his head.

Elsa stared up with a stern grin, fearing not the death that was to come. When suddenly came a loud bang, followed by Hans gasping in pain as the bullet struck his hand which caused him to drop the dagger. Elsa acted quickly, grabbing the dagger in mid air. She leaped forward and drove the blade of her dagger into Hans's stomach.

Hans gasped at the searing pain of the wild woman's blade plunged into his stomach. He glanced down to the point of entry and only saw where Elsa held the dagger. The entire blade had disappeared inside him with his blood staining his shirt. She then pulled the dagger from Hans's stomach, backing away as he fell to the ground. Elsa stared in awe and contempt, seeing what she had been driven to do.

She glanced back Jack, who was leaning against the alter, dropping the now empty gun from his hands. Elsa rushed to the aid of her mate, coming to his side.

"Jack!" She said, tearfully.

Jack glanced up to her, seeming much weaker then before. His blood staining the back of his shirt. Though it was right at that moment that they heard a familiar hollowing from within the chamber. The two then glanced around, wearingly at the sound. Both of them recognizing what it was that made such a hollering. She then glanced behind him to the shadows behind the alter.

It was there she saw them. The Tumbili. Those that had might have been spared by Kaa, who hunger might have been satisfied. Crawling out of the shadows as they crept toward her and Jack.

Elsa turned forward, throwing Jack's arm over his shoulder. She then helped him get around the alter as they made their way toward the entrance of the outside. They passed by Hans, who laid covering his hand over his stomach as he bled. He glanced back to them as they ran.

"No wait!" He exclaimed to them.

"Please... Don't leave me here!"

Though his pleads had gone unanswered by the wild woman, who disappeared into the darkness with Jack. Hans then turned forward to the Tumbili, who crept toward him with bearing fangs toward him. Desperately he sauntered back from the white primates as he continued to plead for his life. He shook his head.

"No... no, NO!" he exclaimed.

It was right at that moment that the Tumbili pounced atop Hans, ripping him to shreds as his cries of pain and agony echoed through the chamber. Along with the flashes of lighting and the echoes of thunder.

Back in the Jungle as the storm passed, Simba and Nala came to the base of the mountains. They then paused, peering up at the high cliffs above. Having to have seen the helicopter fly over head into the mountains, disappearing into the mist. The two stared worryingly for Elsa, wondering if Elsa was safe. Few had ever seen what lies beyond the mountains where the Tumbili resided. Elsa being one of the few to have ever escaped from them. Two times to be exact.

Though the question lingered in their minds if she would be able to do so again?

Simba stared up at the cliff above, unwilling to wait any longer. He turned back to Nala.

"Come on," he said.

"We have to get up there!"

He then turned and made his way over to the base of the cliff. Nala was about to follow him. When it was then she heard the sound of rustling in the tree above. Nala paused as she gazed above. She then gasped as a smile formed over her face.

"Simba!" She called to him.

Simba paused as he glanced back to her, where he saw her mate peering up at the canopy above. He then looked up at the tree above, where he saw Elsa standing in a high branch above, holding a barely conscious Jack in her arms.

"Elsa!" The prince exclaimed as he scurried up to the tree.

Elsa grabbed the vine before her as she slid down to the ground below, landing before Nala. She then heard Jay groan in pain next to her. Elsa glanced down at him, seeing him leaning over, barely standing next to her.

"Jack!" she exclaimed as she turned to face him.

Slowly she placed Jack down against the tree, to which her gasped in pain from his gun shots. He glanced up at Elsa, his eyes barely open as his strength had left him.

"Elsa..." he said in a weak, whispering tone.

"Jack..." She said, taking his hand.

Elsa felt her heart break at the sound of his weakened voice, tears seeping from her eyes. Seeing the mate faced with a death he did not deserve and at the hands of his own people. And she was to blame for it. It was because of her that Jack may die.

"Jack, I'm sorry!" she pleaded to him, placing her hand firmly against his cheek.

"I did this to you. All of this is because of me!"

Jack frowned, shaking his head to her. Slowly, he reached up his hand to her, caressing her face. He was unwilling to allow himself to die. To leave behind his friends, his family and the woman he loved. But he had no more strength left to fight against the fate that was to come. But if this was really it, then he wanted to at least tell her.

"No, El," he said, tearfully

"Don't say that. This isn't your fault."

Elsa sobbed, her tears seeping from her tightly shut eyes.

"Yes, it is," she claimed to him.

"I never should have taken you from your family."

Jack shook his head.

"El, no," He insisted to her.

"If you hadn't had, me and the others would be..."

Jack the winced at the pain he was in. Once the pain had subsided, he then looked back up to her.

"You saved us, Elsa," Jack proclaimed to her.

"You saved me, my family, my friends. If it wasn't for you, who knows what would have happened."

Elsa glanced up at Jack with her tearful eyes. The hopeful words of which he had said, though a part of her felt undeserving of them, Elsa felt that of pride to hear him say that.

"Meeting you has been the best thing to have happened to me," Jack proclaimed to her.

"And I'd rather die knowing that I had, then live a lifetime without ever having to."

Elsa closed her eyes as her tears seeped from her tightly shut eyes. The heart of the wild woman touched by the words of the man she loved. For she had felt the same. Meeting Jack was the best thing to have every happened to her and she would rather die knowing she had, then living a lifetime without ever having to.

Nala came up to her sister, nuzzling her side in an attempt to comfort her. She then glanced to Nala, leaning in to her touch. When at that very moment, she saw what was to be the hope she pleaded for. Growling before a tree, several feet from them, Elsa saw the herb that Rafiki healed her with long ago. Elsa stood up, gazing in awe at the herb. It looked just as Rafiki had said.

She then rushed over the to Herb as Simba and Nala glanced over to her, curiously. She then narrowed down, plunking the herb from the ground. She then turned back to them with a hopeful gaze.

Elsa pulled the green leaves from the herb and placed it in her mouth, chewing in into mush. She then grabbed Jack by his shoulders and leaned him forward, lifting his bloodied shirt from over his back. She then took the green mush from her mouth and placed it over one of the bullet entries. Jack winced at the feelings over his back. Elsa continued to pull off the leaves from the herb, chewing them to mush as she placed it over the other entries.

Jack groaned, wincing at the pain of the green mush over the bullet entries. Leaning him forward back against the tree, she was met with the same expression of exhaustion.

"Jack?" she said.

Jack only groaned as his head slightly to his right. Elsa frowned, worryingly. She hoped that the herb would heal him as it did for her long ago. Now it would only be a matter of time.

Nala and Simba then came up behind Elsa.

"Elsa?" Nala asked, curiously.

Elsa glanced back at her sister and Simba.

"He needs to go back." She insisted to him.

Elsa narrowed her eyes, knowing what Nala meant. She needed to return Jack to his people. As much as it broke her heart, the love she had for him could not allow for her to take him from that world. Jack did not belong in the jungle with her. She could not take him away from the comforts of civilization. Nor could she take him from his friends and family. Even though she could never return to that world, she would be at least be happy knowing that he was.

"I know." she insisted to them.

Elsa swung through the trees as she held Jack close to hers, his arm draped over her shoulder. She swung up to a nearby tree and landed over the branch above. It was there that she saw the clearing, where stood three wooden cabins. What she remembered to be where she had first met Jack long ago. And where Zazu had said Bagheera had lead his family and friends.

Elsa grabbed the vine in front of her as she swung down to the jungle floor. Landing over her two feet, she then placed Jack down against the tree along the edge of the clearing. It was there that she placed her hand firmly atop the side of his face, taking a moment to look at him one last time. Jack looked up at her, opening his eyes, narrowly.

"Elsa...?" Jack moaned.

Elsa frowned, tears seeping from her eyes.

"Jack." she said.

She narrowed her eyes.

Gazing into his icy blue eyes for what was to be the last time. It was then that Elsa leaned forward and pressed her lips against her. The kiss lasted for only a moment. But it was one that neither of them wished never had to end.

Upon her lips parting from his, she pressed her forehead against his.

"I love you, Jack," She said.

"I'll always love you."

Elsa then stood up and turned back to the clearing. She then cupped her hand over her mouth as she cried out into the clearing.


Hearing the call of the wild woman, North, Anna, Kristoff and the others emerged from the cabin. Anna cocked her head, glancing off to the jungle off to her left.

"Over there!" She said, pointing off in the direction.

North and Mattias came down the steps of the cabin as the made their way over toward the foliage. It was there they saw Jay, laying against the tree, unconscious. North widened his eyes in awe.

"Jack!" He exclaimed as he rushed over to his Nephew.

Anna, Tooth, Kristoff and Tadashi came up from the campsite. Upon seeing Jack, Anna gasped as covered her hands over mouth in complete shock. Kristoff and Tadashi gazed down in shock.

"Jack?!" Tooth exclaimed.

"Is he..."

North shook his head.

"No, he's alive," He said, glancing up at them.

"But we must get him to hospital!"

"I'll go start the jeep!" Mattias said as he turned and ran back into the clearing.

North took his nephew into his arms as he then stood up, carrying him into the clearing. Anna, Tooth, Kristoff and Tadahi followed afterward. Unannounced to them that Elsa was watching from the trees above. Perched over a high branch, the wild woman watched as her mate was taken back to the world of man.

(One Chapter left)

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