Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 73

Guardian of the Jungle

Simba, Nala and Diata continued to search for Elsa through the open Serengeti. When it was then heard the sound of another gun shot, breaking the silence of the night. They then paused. Peering off in the direction from which it came. Nala stepped forward as she peered through the dark of the night. It was there she noticed a bright white light in the distance.

Nala glanced back at Simba and Diata.

"Look!" she proclaimed to them.

Simba and Diata turned to Nala. It was then the two noticed a strange bright light in the distance. . Squinting his eyes, Simba continued to peer off in the direction of the bright light. It was there she noticed movement. Could it have been Elsa?

It was hard to tell from this distance. Diata stared worryingly. She came up behind the lion prince, glancing to him.

"Do you see her?" She asked, curiously.

"Do you see Elsa?"

Simba shook his head. He could barely see anything from this distance. But this was where the lionesses were hunting. They needed to get in close to see what it was.

"I don't know," He said, turning to her.

"We need to get a closer look. Come on!"

It was then that Simba scurried ahead through the tall grass. Both Nala and Diata followed after the lion Prince as they made their way toward the light ahead. Plowing their way through the tall grass, it was then they heard a strange sound coming from the direction of the light. It sounded small at fists but then began getting louder and louder. Not just one. But from the sound of it three.

A sudden gust of wind swept passed them. The three of them paused as they turned away. Simba then glanced back ahead, squinting his eyes through the flowing winds.

It was there he saw man. Not just one but several, loading into these strange large black things with three long grey blades spinning above them. It was right at that moment, he noticed one of them holding an unconscious Elsa over his shoulder.

Simba widened his eyes as he turned forward.

"Elsa!" he exclaimed.

Nala and Diata both turned and saw Elsa being carried away.

Jack came up to the helicopter with Hans's gun pressed against his back. As he came up to it's open side, he glanced back at Elsa, who was being carried by one of Han's men. Only to then feel Hans once more press the barrel of the gun against his back once more. Jack glanced back at him with a stern glance.

"Get in!" He said to him.

Jack glared back at him. He then turned and climbed into the helicopter, where he took a seat next to Kristoff. He then turned back to the man carrying Elsa, who came up and placed her down over the floor of the helicopter. Jack glanced down at her, seeing her laying unconsciously before their feet. A faint moan escaped her lips.

It was then that Hans came up into the helicopter. He glanced to Jack, Kristoff, Anna and Tadashi, who stared up at him, sternly. Only for him to give a sly smirk.

"Don't give me that," he said.

"Lets not make any difficult then it already is. Play along and I'll make it worth your while."

Hans then glanced down at Elsa.

"This lovely specimen is going to make us all rich." He proclaimed to all of them.

"Go to hell, Hans!" Anna said.

Hans only smirked at her. He then turned to the pilot and gestured for him to lift off.

The three helicopters began lifting off the ground as they took off. Diata gasped.

"Elsa!" she exclaimed as she ran toward the helicopters.

"Diata, wait!" Nala said as she and Simba chased after her.

The three quickly scurried toward the helicopters in hopes of stopping them from leaving with her daughter. Only for them to come high into their air, far beyond their reach. Diata came to a stop at where they once stood, gazing up at the helicopters above as they turned and flew off toward the East.

"Elsa!" Diata exclaimed as she tried to follow.

Only to the stop as it proved to be of no use as the helicopters proved to fast to keep up.

She paused there, staring in awe as he heart became torn. Once more had her daughter been ripped from her and no sooner then she had returned to her. She then narrowed her head, shutting her eyes as her tears began to stream.

"Elsa." She said in a whispering voice.

Nala came up next to her, where she nuzzled her side in an effort to comfort from her. Simba came up next to the white lioness. He then turned and peered ahead at the three helicopters, who flew ahead over the jungle. It was the lion prince gave a madden glare. For it was not only that man had once more broken the law of the jungle.

But now they had stolen from the pride.

Rafiki was watching from his tree, having to have witnessed the capture of Elsa. The Mandrill narrowed his head as he uttered a mournful moan. Not just for Diata, having to have witnessed her daughter been taken from her. But from the act of man stealing from the jungle once more.

The Mandrill then turned and hoped down into the tree. It was there he came up to the tree branch, where he had marked it with that of Elsa. He placed his hand firmly atop Elsa's marking. Whatever destiny of which what spoken of from the Great Kings of the past, was now all for not. For they may never know what that destiny would be.

Though his time of grief was not to go on. For it was then he felt the soft evening breeze. It was there he glanced up at the air above.

"What?" he asked as he came up to the opening above.

It was then that he heard a sudden hissing sound from above. It was right at that moment that he saw Kaa emerge down from above. The mandrill shaman turned in awe at the sight of the jungle spirit, much older them himself.

"Kaa?" He said.

The Rock python hissed to him.

"It isssss time." She proclaimed to him

"Time?" he asked, curiously.

The python turned her head to the marking of Elsa of which he made.

"Her desssstiny," She hissed to him.

"The Guardian of the Jungle."

The mandrill gazed in awe at the word of the ancient jungle spirit. He glanced back at the marking of Elsa. He knew the kings spoke that she would have a great destiny. But he never would imagine she was to be this jungle's Guardian.

"Elsa is the Guardian?" He said.

It was then the mandrill erupted with laughter as he came up to Elsa's marking. He then glanced down at the small fruit bowls below, where he dipped his fingers into the blue paste. It was then her marked her forehead with the mark of the Guardian.

"The Guardian of the Jungle!" He said.

Kaa nodded her head to him. It was then that Rafiki turned and leaped up into the high branches. There the mandrill stood, staring out over the open plains. Kaa emerged behind him, peering out in the direction of which they had gone. It was indeed soon come to pass. Feeling the evening winds, she knew the King's of the past spoke of this night of man's crime.

A crime that would no go unanswered.

Elsa groaned, squinting her tightly close eye lids. Slowly, her eyes then opened as she awakened from her unconscious state. At first it was all a burr. But as he sights had cleared, she sound herself laying inside what looked to be a large brown tent. She glanced around at her strange surroundings.

"Jack?" she asked, curiously.

Elsa then sat up off the ground, where she then noticed the feelings of her wrists and ankles bounded together. The wild woman glanced back and saw that her they tied together with a thick brown rope. She struggled in her bindings, trying to free herself. But her biddings proved to be too tight.

Elsa growled in frustration.

It was then that she the a sound from the other end of the tent. She glanced up to the entrance, where she saw Jack emerge into the tent.

"Jack!" she said, pleadingly.

Jack stared in utter contempt at Elsa, seeing her tied down. He wanted to run to her aid. To free the woman that he loved. But he was helpless to do anything as it was then that Hans emerged behind him. Seeing the man who had threatened the lives of her mate's family, the one who had shot at her, the wild woman glared angerly.

Hans pressed the barrel of his gun against his back. Jack glanced back at him with a stern glance. Met with Hans's cocky smirk as if he was taking pleasure in being the one in control of the now.

And in what seemed like an act of mercy, her gestured his head to the wild woman. As if to say that he could go to her. Jack only glared back at him. He then turned and walked over to Elsa, where he narrowed down to her.

"You alright, El?" Jack asked, curiously.

The wild woman slid up to her mate, pressing herself against his chest.

"Jack." she said, pleadingly.

Jack wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

"It's okay," He reassured her.

"It's going to be okay."

"That depends on her cooperation." Hans proclaimed to them.

Jack and Elsa glanced back at Hans, who was still holding a gun on them. A sight of which made Elsa growl, bearing her teeth at the man. Hans of which smirked at the wild woman.

"You have cost us too much time as it is," Hans proclaimed to her.

"And if it was up to me, you'd all be dead already. Along with your little boyfriend here."

Hans's words all but enraged Elsa, as she continued to glare up at the man. Jack of which held her back, staring back at him with the same look of distain.

"Fortunately for all of you," He then said.

"My employer believes that you may be able to show us where the city is."

Elsa only stared up at Hans with the same stern expression. A man driven by his own greed and lust for power, believing he was entitled to take what he wanted from the jungle. So much so that he threatens his own people in order for them to do as he saids. But she did not fear him. She would never help this coward from the jungle.

It was then that Elsa spoke up so suddenly.

"Never." she proclaimed.

Hans glanced to Elsa in awe. Surprised to say the least that this jungle woman speaks and English no less.

"So she does speak." He said, grinning.

"The city is an evil place," she claimed to him.

"I will never take you there!"

Hans only smirked at Elsa.

"Oh, I think you will," he insisted to her.

"That is, if you don't want me to put a bullet through your boyfriend's head."

Hans raised his gun and pressed it against the back of Jack's head. All but to show a clear demonstration of his intentions to her. An act that angered Elsa even more. Making an attempt to pounce at Hans, only to be held back by Jack and her bindings. She growled and hissed at Hans, who only gave a smug expression.

Jack glanced to Elsa, with a look of concern. Something which did not get unnoticed by Hans, who's beliefs were then confirmed at this moment. She knew what he was talking about. Which meant that that she knew where it was.

"Let me make it clear," He insisted to him, giving a cocky grin.

"This is the only reason your all still alive. Seeing how attached you are to him, you'll do anything to make sure he's safe.

Hans then glanced to Jack.

"And you'd do the same for your her," He proclaimed to him.

"That is, if you want don't anything to happen to your friends and family. It would be a shame if your little sister ended up being a crocodiles next meal."

Jack glared up at Hans at the notion of him threatening his family and friends.

"If you touch her, I'll kill you!" He threatened him.

"Do as we say and she won't be hurt," He claimed to them.

"Mr. Black ensure you all go free. Not only that, but he will ensure you'll all be paid for your contribute to this discovery. Just as long as you agree to that you never tell anyone the truth about this expedition."

Elsa only continued to stare with a angered glared at Hans. She cathat she would bed not for whatever they offered to her in order for her to show them where the city is. Nor would she allow him to threaten her mate and his loved ones.

Jack cocked his head, shutting his eyes as he pondered. Seeing the situation, Jack narrowed his head, glancing to the side as he pondered. He knew that Hans and his Employer would not give him any other choice in the matter. Not with the lives of his family and friends and the women he loved being threatened. If they had any hope of getting out of this, they needed to go along with their plan.

"Alright." Jack then said.

Elsa glanced down in awe at her mate.

"We'll do what you want!" he then said, glancing back at Hans.

"Just don't hurt them."

Hans smirked, seeing that he had made his point. He then glanced to Elsa. The wild woman only gave a look that said, 'I'll kill you.'

Though he was sure that she understands. It was then he turned to Jack and pressed his gun against Jack's head.

"Get up!" he said.

Jack raised his hands in the air as he then stood up. Not before sharing one more glance down at Elsa, who gazed up at him with a sullen gaze. Not wanting for him to leave her here, alone abounded. Jack stared down at her in awe and contempt. He didn't wish to leave her. But for her sake and for his friends and family, he had to go along with what Hans's plan.

"Lets go." Hans said.

Jack nodded his head, raising his hands in the air.

"Alright, Alright," Jack said, cooperating with him.

"I'm going."

Jack then turned as he and Hans walked out of the tent. Leaving Elsa alone in the tent. Elsa laid over the floor of the ten in awe and contempt. Narrowing her eyes, she then closed her eyes as she bowed her head. How it was that Jack could still look at her after what she had done. After she had mercilessly attacked his uncle in such a way.

Though that only reminded her of the the true guilt of which she felt. The guilt she felt about bringing man to the jungle, endangering everyone she loved. And now here she lied, abounded as man forced her to help them take from the jungle. All for the sake of the man she loved and for his friends and family. She could only hope that he own family may forgive her for what she had done.

Tears began to seep from her tightly shut eyes.

"Mother..." she sobbed.

"I'm sorry."

Simba, Nala and Sarabi came up the path of the Meeting Rock. As they came up over the top of the path, they the pride had gathered to discuss the emergence of man in their territory. As well as Bagheera, Timon and Pumbaa. Standing over the ledge, Mufasa turned and saw his son, Nala and Diata emerge from the path.

"Father!" Simba said as he rushed before his father.

"Simba," The alpha said, turning to his heir.

"Thank the spirits you all are alright." Sarabi said as she came up to her son.

Though it was right at that moment that he noticed that Elsa was missing.

"Where is Elsa?" he asked, curiously.

"She's been taken!" Diata exclaimed to the king.

There were several gasps of shock and awe from the other lionesses. They turned to one another, talking among themselves over the event of Elsa being taken. Timon and Pumbaa both gasped.

"Taken!" Timon and Pumbaa both exclaimed, turning to one another in shock and awe.

Mufasa stood up over the ledge.

"By who?" The alpha asked, curiously.

"Man." Simba claimed to his father.

Hearing the prince announce man, the lionesses were once more in shock and awe. Though also of anger. The notion that they dared enter their territory and steal from their pride.

Mufasa narrowed his head.

"Father, we have to go after them!" Simba proclaimed to his father.

Mufasa glanced up to Simba.

"I'm afraid we cannot." The king proclaimed to him.

To hear Mufasa proclaim such a thing, Simba, Nala and Diata stared in utter disbelief.

"What?!" Diata exclaimed to the king.

"Mufasa?" Nala said.

"We cannot endanger the rest of the pride." The king proclaimed to them.

Simba shook his head.

"But father, we can't just leave her." The prince proclaimed to his father.

"It's too dangerous for us to go after man," Mufasa insisted to his son.

"There is no way for us to help Elsa without facing their wraith. I'm sorry."

Mufasa's words were true to form. Though the truth brought much sadness to the pride. Especially to Diata, who felt her heart narrowed her heart break. She frowned in contempt, bowing her head as she feared for her daughter. To see the white lioness's torn gaze, the King was riddled with much guilt and regret. He too had loved Elsa like everyone else in the pride. But the danger of man was just too great.

As King, he need to place the Pride above all.

Elsa continued to struggle, trying to free herself from her bindings. But the rope was just too tight, even with all her strength. It seemed hopeless to try and escape. But she was no about to give up so easily and would do whatever it too to escape from this place. To save the man she loved from Hans and those that followed him. Elsa growled, glancing back furiously as she continued to try and break free.

Though it was right at that moment, she heard a sound from outside the tent. She glanced over to the entrance of the tent, where she saw a small black shadow moving along the bottom of the tent. She paused for a moment, watching as the shadow came to the entre of the entrance. It then stopped. Elsa stared, wearingly. Waiting to see what was to happen next.

Elsa then noticed another shadow come up to the one at the centre. She then heard a quick thud, followed by a man's sudden gasp as he dropped to the ground. Followed by a moment of silence. Elsa continued to stare vigilantly to the entrance of the tent

It was right at that moment that the door flaps of the tent was shoved to the side. But it wasn't Jack or Hans, nor any of the men who followed him emerge into the tent. It was there that she saw a middle aged woman with the same colored hair tied into a bun, wearing a pair of glasses, a white shit, brown vest and shorts. She walked into the tent, where she came up before the jungle woman.

The woman then sighed in relief.

"It's been so long, Elsa." she the said.

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