Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 67

Elsa watched Jack pace back and forth in front of the alter. Running his hands through his snow white hair, Jack shook his head in disbelief. All this time, he thought that all those stories were just a myth. That his Uncle was chasing a host all these years. And yet here he was, standing in the exact spot his great great grandfather and his cohorts stood long ago.

The lost city that was said to be in the mountains. The tribe that was said to reside here.

It was all true.

Jack narrowed his head, glancing down as he pondered.

"I don't believe this," He then said.

"All this time, I though it was just an urban legend."

Elsa squinted her eyes, curiously. Did Jack also know what this place was?

"You know this place too?" She asked, curiously.

Jack glanced to the side, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, kind of," her said, glancing to the alter.

"It used to be an old myth that my Uncle used to tell me and Anna when we were little. He said that our Great, Great Grandfather discovered long ago."

Jack turned back and gazed to the alter.

"He was so obsessed with it," Jack claimed to her.

"My Uncle spent years looking for it, said that it he was going to put our family on the map. Do what out Great, Great Grandfather couldn't."

Elsa frowned when she heard him say that. The same promise of which her father had heard her own father say long ago. The same one that he had said to have made to his own family. Even hearing himself saying that, Jack glanced to the side as he sighed. For so long he was mad at his uncle for chasing some pipe dream. And now here he was following his own.

Although it seemed that that pipe dream his Uncle had pursued all this time was real after all.

"I didn't believe him," he claimed, glancing to the side.

"I thought he was just chasing some urban legend all this time. We hardly ever saw him or Aunt Tooth since our family broke apart. I was angry at him."

Jack then paused as he glanced back to the alter.

"But he was right," he then said.

"The city is real!"

Jack then narrowed his eyes as he pondered for a moment.

"It's real!" He said in realization.

Jack suddenly erupted in laughter as he smiled. He turned to Elsa, placing his hands over her shoulder.

"Do you know what this means?" he exclaimed in excitement.

Elsa shook her head.

"My Uncle was right," he proclaimed to her.

"This is a discovery of a lifetime. The ancient civilization my Great Great Grandfather discovered all those years ago."

He then came passed her and came up to the pile of treasure. He narrowed down, scooping the gold and treasure in his hands. All the while he continued to ponder of when the world finds out about this place. He couldn't wait to show his uncle, the look he would have when he sees that he was right.

"Awe man," Jack said.

"My uncle is going to flip when he sees this place," he proclaimed.

"He's going to..."

Jack then glanced back to Elsa, who glanced back to him frowning as he heard what he was saying. He then stood up, the gold pieces slid down out of his hands and landed over the floor.

"El?" Jack asked, as he turned to her.

Elsa turned her head, glancing to the side in contempt. Hearing the same empty promise mad her feeling so angry. It was one her father made for her and the one that both Jack and his uncle made to their own family. Just so they can get whatever they desire. But all it ever brought was pain and loss. What good ever came from that promise?

Though it wasn't like she was didn't do the same. Leaving her family the way she did, all because of her feelings for Jack and wanting to have a mate of her own. All in the hopes that she would keep them safe. All the while she brought the danger of man to the jungle.

Jack came up to her, placing his hand over her shoulder.

"Elsa, what's wrong?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Why?" she asked.

Jack squinted his eyes, curiously.

"Why what?" He asked.

"Why are you doing this?" Elsa blurted out, turning to her.

"This place brings nothing but evil. What good will this city bring to you and your uncle?"

Jack paused for a moment. He could think about so many things a discovery such as this could bring to the world. The fact that there was an ancient tribe never discovered before, along with that of an civilization. The world of geography would be all over this place. And also with the herb, the world of medicine could change forever.

"Well I mean, where to start?" he asked, rubbing the back of his head.

"This whole city would be a geographic dream come true. I mean, this would be a find every geologists would be clamoring to see it..."

"And then more of man will come to the jungle," Elsa proclaimed, turning back to him.

"Others who will continue to take from the jungle and give nothing in return. Bring harm to all of the free people."

Jack then paused. He narrowed his eyes, pondering what Elsa had told him the day before. How man had always taken from the jungle but never gave back. But even still, that couldn't be the case. Not for all of man were like that. There was good people out there as well. Though then again, with Hans and his man it seemed the wrong kind found their way in.

And now with them out there looking for them and his family in danger, whatever discovery this would be wouldn't be worth it. Especially for the animals in this jungle.

"This p lace only brings harm to everyone," Elsa the said.

"As well as all these promises we make to our families. You said that you would give them the life they never had, but is this really what they wanted?"

Jack narrowed his head. Now that he thought about it, this whole expedition to find the herb all seemed to be his idea. His, Anna's, Kristoff's and Tadashi's, it was all their idea in the first place. But he never did really asked his family what they wanted. They seemed supportive about the idea, only because he said it was his chance to make a difference in the world.

Suddenly the realization came to him. He narrowed his head, frowning as he came faced with the truth. None of this was ever for his family. It was all about what he wanted from the very start. And now his family and friends were in danger because of it.

Something was climbing up the side of the temple, slithering her large scaly body up the steep stone. She came up over the hole above, where she peered in through the hole above. It was there she peered inside saw Elsa and Jack below. She had been watching them for a time from the time she rescued him from the leopard. When they were being hunted by man and from when they stumbled into the Tumbili's layer.

Even now, she could hear them coming from the temple entrance.

Elsa suddenly heard something from the way they had come in. The wild woman turned, peering down through the black corridor of the temple. She then heard the sound of tumbling stones, followed by that of a snarling and growling. Elsa turned to the corridor, reaching down for her hand and drawing her dagger from her side.

She the crept forward toward the corridor, holding her dagger at the ready. Jack glanced back to her, seeing her look agitated like before. He turned to her.

"What is it?" he asked.

She didn't answer him and only faced forward toward the corridor. She continued to peered forward into the shadows. When it was then that she noticed something moving toward. Not just one. Several of them.

Upon stepping out into the light, a pack of white furred primates crept toward them, snarling as they bared their fangs. Elsa and Jack slowly began to back way as the Tumbili approached them.

"Oh shit." Jack said as he backed behind Elsa.

The wild woman continued to face the Tumbili as they surrounded her and Jack. One of the white primates growled at Elsa, displaying it's fangs to her. Only for the Jungle woman to hiss back at it, displaying her teeth to it. The Tumbili continued to approach them. Elsa then came forward and swiped her dagger at them causing many of them to leap back. She then turned and swiped at another who was too close.

Yet as many times as she tried, the Tumbili continued to approach them. One of which leaped up and pounced upon Elsa. Elsa quickly caught hold of the white primate as they rolled over onto it's back, to which she she plunged her dagger into it's body. She glanced up at the other Tumbili and saw one scurry toward her.

Elsa in turn swiped her dagger, slashing it at the tumbili. And then another. Backing away as the primates continued to attack.

"Elsa!" Jack exclaimed as she tried to rush to her aid.

Only to be stop upon hearing the snarl of one of the white baboons. He turned and saw several approaching him. Jack slowly back away, glancing from side to side for anything he could use as a weapon. When he suddenly felt something hit up against his foot. He glanced down and saw a bone of some kind.

Jack reached down quickly and picked up the bone, holding it out to them. One of the Tumbili hollered at him as they leaped at the white haired man. Only for him to swing the bone and knock it away. Jack then swung the bone once more, wording off the others.

"Get Back!" Jack exclaimed.

The Tumbili only growled back scurrying around Jack. He glanced around at the Tumbili seeing them surround him from all sides. When suddenly one of them pounced at Jack. Jack quickly held up the bone he was holding before he was then shoved down to the ground by the Tumbili as it bit down over the bone he was holding. Jack turned his head as he tried desperately to hold back the Tumbili.

Drawing her dagger from the Tumbili, Elsa turned and saw that Jack was in danger.

"Jack!" She said.

Before she could help her mate, Elsa was then pinned to the ground by the Tumbili. The wild woman tried desperately to claw back at them. Only to be overwhelmed by the primates who clambered over her. Elsa closed her eyes, all but awaiting the inevitable.

When suddenly there was a loud hissing sound, all but silencing the Tumbili's chatter. The Tumbili glanced back in shock and horror. Elsa in turned glanced where they were looking, where she saw Kaa slithering in from above.

"Kaa!" Elsa said, in awe.

Kaa came down over the plaza and slithering around the inside of the temple. Many of the Tumbili quickly leaped out of the way as the pyrthon slithered by, all but to avoid her wraith. The Tumbili over Elsa quickly scattered at the sight of Kaa swimming toward them. Elsa leaned off the temple floor as she gazed in awe at the sight of the serpent.

As the Tumbili scattered at the sight of the Kaa, Jack quickly got back to his feet as he backed away. Kaa slithered passed both Elsa and Jack as she came up over to one of the statues. She came up over the statue before she turned to face them. She then utter a hiss before speaking.

"Let the Humans be!" she said to them.

"Of thy shall face my fangs."

Jack stared in awe upon hearing the Python speak. He came up next to her.

"Elsa, that snake just spoke." He said, glancing to the wild woman.

Kaa then glanced to Elsa and Jack, who stepped back behind her.

"Go, sister," she said to Elsa.

"Leave now!"

Elsa in turn smiled back at Kaa, nodding her head to her.

"Thank you, Kaa." she said, taking Jack's hand.

She then and pulled him along with her as they ran into the dark corridor. Kaa in turned hiss.

"Thank you, little sister," The Python then said as she turned back to the Tumbili.

Kaa then slithered down off the statue as she came up to the Tumbili. She stood up over the white furred primates, staring down at them. There mere glance of the Python caused them to slink back in fear.

"I shall eat well today." Kaa proclaimed.

She then opened her jaws wide, giving a loud hiss before darted forward and claimed her prey.

Elsa and Jack came down the steps of the temple. As they came down over the plaza below, they suddenly the heard the ear curdling shrieking of the Tumbili echoing from inside the Temple. Followed by hissing of Kaa. The two then paused. Jack glanced nervously back at the Temple.

Hearing the Tumbili shrieking, Jack shuddered in utter contempt. He could only imagine them being crushed in the coils of that python. He had to admit, he almost felt bad for them.


He then glanced back at Elsa.

"Friend of yours?" he asked, recalling the snake calling her sister.

Elsa smiled.

"Sister." she proclaimed to Jack.

Needless to say, Jack was quite dumbfounded by her answer. As he was for much of what she had to say about the jungle. Though right now, he was just happy to be they had gotten out alive.

"Right." He said with a nod of his head.

They then heard the shrieking of more of the Tumbili echoing from the temple.

"We should probably get out of here." Jack insisted to her.

Elsa turned and gazed ahead toward the gateway of the plaza. She remembered where she had come in to the city when the Tumbili had captured her. It was the same place where she and Bagheera had also escaped.

"I know where to go," she insisted, glancing back at Jack.

"This way."

She then grabbed Jack's hand as they ran ahead into the mist.

Zazu came up over the river where he had last seen Elsa. He turned back to Simba, who came up over the edge of the cliff.

"This is where I saw them," he proclaimed to him.

"I saw her and another human fall into the river!"

Simba leaned down his head, sniffing the ground below. It was there that he caught whiff of several other scents. Most of them were quite unfamiliar to him. Though it was then that he then sensed that of Elsa. Simba then widened his eyes as he looked out over the river below. And it seemed man's scent lead off in the same direction.

"I got her scent," Simba claimed to him.

"Zazu, fly ahead. She might be on the other side of the river."

"Yes, sire." Zazu said.

Zazu nodded his head to the prince before he turned and flew ahead. It was then that Mufasa, Nala, Bagheera and the other member of the pride emerged from the jungle behind him.

"Simba?" Mufasa asked.

Simba turned back to his father and Mate.

"I found her scent," he claimed to them.

"This way!"

Simba then ran off down the stream as the others followed suit.

Elas and Jack ran through the mountain pass. She and Jack glanced back through the mist, where she saw the Pack of Tumbili chasing after them. The white primates scurried behind them, leaping from the stone walls to each side.

"Their gaining on us!" Jack exclaimed, glancing to her.

Elsa peered ahead through the mist and as it cleared away, it was there that they saw the edge of the mountain. She and Jack quickly stopped as they peered down at the jungle far below.

"Wow!" Jack said.

They suddenly heard the snarling of the Tumbili behind them. They turned back to the white furred primates as they surrounded them.

Zazu flew ahead over the jungle, scanning the treetops below. But even still there was no sign of Elsa or any of the humans. The majordomo groaned, worryingly, glancing from side to side.

"Elsa, where are you?" she asked, curiously.

Zazu flew toward the mountains, when she the heard the hollering of primates. He glanced toward the mountains, where he gasped in awe. It was there that he saw Elsa and the other human, surrounded by Tumbili.

"Oh, dear," He exclaimed.

"I must tell the others!"

Zazu turned and flew back the way he had came.

The Tumbili uttering an intimidating snarl, bearing their sharp fangs at the two as they slowly approached. Elsa and Jack slowly back away till they came to the edge of the cliff. Jack glanced back to the edge, gazing down to the jungle below the cliff.

"Now what?" Jack asked, glancing to Elsa.

Elsa turned back to Jack and back at the Tumbili who approached them. They were getting closer. She narrowed her eyes. What were they going to do?

She then turned back, gazing down to the jungle below. The tree tops seemed to reach almost halfway up the mountain. Elsa had jumped from these heights before, she would be able to grab a vine and swing them down to safety. Though she had never done so with another. Especially with another human being.

But they couldn't just stand there. She had to something!

Elsa turned back to Jack, taking hold of his hand.

"Hold on to me!" she proclaimed to him.

"What?!" Jack said as she pulled him close to him.

Just before he could say anything more, Elsa suddenly leaped off the edge of the cliff right as the Tumbili pounced. Jack gasped, clinging hold of Elsa as they fell. They plowed into the high brush before coming down below the treetops, where Elsa then reached out and grabbed a vine.

The two then swung forward through the trees, grabbing one vine after another. All the while, holding Jack close to her as she held held him close to her. She glanced down at Jack and saw his eyes were squeezed shut. She chuckled a bit, finding it cute how nervous he seemed. Only then glance up and see the Tumbili were chasing them.

Scurrying across the branches, leaping from one to the other, the Tumbili chased after them.

"Their gaining on us!" she exclaimed.

Jack looked back at her.

"What?!" Jack exclaimed, turning back to the Tumbili.

Before they could react, a Tumbili leaped from the branch and pounced over Jack's back. Elsa gasped as she lost her grip over the vine, causing them to fall to the foliage below. Elsa rolled over onto her side before getting back up. She then glanced to her right to see Jack laying across from her.

"Jack!" she exclaimed.

Elsa got back up quickly and rushed over to Jack. He leaned off the ground, groaning. Elsa came up to his side and kneeled down next to him.

"I'm alright," He insisted, glancing up to her.

"I'm alright."

Elsa sighed in relief. When suddenly she heard the hollers of the Tumbili from above. Elsa and Jack glanced up and saw the white furred primate leaped down from above. Jack quickly got back up as he and Elsa slowly backed away. Elsa came up in front of Jack, placing herself between them and her mate. All but willing to protect him with her life no matter what was to come.

The Tumbili came up to them and was about to attack the couple.

When suddenly a lion's roar stopped them dead in their track, shuddering in fear. And suddenly, Simba pounced in from behind Elsa and Jack and attacked the Tumbili. Both Elsa and Jack widened their eyes in awe.

"Simba!" Elsa exclaimed.

Simba roared as he raised his paws and swiped his claws at a Tumbili, knocking it into the nearby trees. He then pounced upon one that tried to attack him. Taking it into his powerful jaws as he shook it from side to side before tossing it away.

Nala and the other lioness emerged from behind and attacked the Tumbili, ripping apart the pack. Simba tossed the now mangled body of the white primate before one of the few remaining. The white primate uttered a hiss before turning and scurrying off with the others.

Simba stood up as the Tumbili disappeared into the foliage. He the turned back to Elsa, when he then saw the white maned human male behind. Simba growled as he ran toward Jack.

"Wow, wow!" Jack exclaimed as he backed away.

Jack held up his hands as the lion prince came up to him, growling.

"Okay, Okay," He then said.

"Easy, boy. Easy."

Elsa came up between them.

"Simba, no!" Elsa said.

It was then that they heard another roar. This one much louder then that of the young male's. They then turned to their left and saw Mufasa and Bagheera walking up to them. He then paused as he stared to both Elsa and the one who claimed her as his mate.

Jack suddenly froze, seeing the lion gazed sternly back at him.

"Uh... Elsa?" He said, glancing to her.

Elsa turned to face the alpha lion. Mufasa in turn shifted his stern glance to her, seeming angered at seeing her and another human. Mufasa then closed both eyes, bowing his head. The truth which Nala had spoke of now laid bear before his own eyes. Elsa then approached the Mufasa. She kneeled down before Mufasa, glancing back up at the King.

"Mufasa, I..." She spoke up.

"You do not need to say anything, Elsa," Mufasa claimed, glancing back at her.

"Nala told us everything."

Elsa frowned. She turned and looked over at Nala, who glanced to the side, sullenly.

"Do you understand what you have done?" Mufasa then said.

"You have place yourself and the jungle in danger. And what's worse, you've stolen from man."

Elsa narrowed her eyes in contempt. Mufasa was right. She did steal Jack from his people and had placed the jungle in danger.

"It is time for you to return to the pride." Mufasa the said.

"Father, what about the Human?" Simba asked, glancing back at Jack.

Mufasa looked back up at Jack, who froze in place by their weary gaze. The king and Prince were both suspicious of the young white maned male. Especially after learning that he had claimed Elsa as his mate. He didn't look to be of much harm to them. He seemed more afraid of them then they were of him. Though they were concerned more with the notion that his people now searched for him.

It was then that Bagheera came forth.

"If I may, your majesty," The panther then said.

"I believe that it will be beneficial to us if we bring him with us."

Simba twitched at the notion of bringing the human with them.

"Bagheera, you can't be suggesting we bring him with us." Zazu said in utter shock.

"I am, Zazu," The Panther decreed.

"With his people searching for him, he may be our way to barging with them. Leaving him here, he may become another's prey. Then we will all have to face man's wraith."

Mufasa narrowed his head as he pondered over Bagheera's reasoning. While he would agree that it seemed reckless to bring him with them. But if this was the only way to keep the jungle and the pride safe from Man's wraith, then they had to do it.

He then glanced over to Jack and then to Elsa, who stood up off the ground.

"Bring him!" Mufasa said to her.

Mufasa then turned and walked off to his territory as Bagheera and Zazu followed suit. Elsa turned back to Jack, who glanced to her, curiously.

"What's going on?" He asked, squinting his eyes.

Elsa narrowed her eyes before turning forward and following Simba, who glanced wearingly back at him. Jack suddenly felt one of the lionesses nudge him from behind. He glanced back to her and saw Nala standing behind him. She gesture her head, insisting to him to follow.

"Okay, Okay, I'm going." He said as he followed along.

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