Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 66

Hans was starting to lose his patients, pacing back and forth inside his tent. This was taking too long. They should have found them by now. Was it really that hard to find a bunch of collage kids and a girl wearing animals skins?

"What is taking them?" He said.

"We're wasting too much time as it is. If they have any evidence of us, this whole expedition will be ruined."

It was not that he was worried that they would go to to the authorities. Even if they did, the contracts he had them sign back in San-Francisco would surely handle that. His lawyers had ensured him that the contracts were both the same. All that was need was their signatures in order to forge them over the one for Pitch Black Industries. Hans had planned everything thoroughly to ensure the expedition would be a success.

His biggest and only worry was that his family's company would learn he is the corporate spy. No one could ever know that he was involved in this expedition. He had done good so far in covering his tracks. Even now, he had a plan in place to ensure that the public or SII would never know he was involved. As far as they knew, he had taken an extended vacation.

All he needed to do was make sure no one ever learned the truth. Now that he had another way of finding the lost ruins, Jack and his friends were the only loose ends he needed to tie up.

Although that was appearing to be more harder then he thought it would be.

Hans narrowed his head, pondering. He suspected that they would catch on to what was going on sooner or later. Though he expected they would have already found the pass to the ruins by then.

"They couldn't have gotten far," He said to himself.

"I mean, it can't be that hard for a bunch of mercenaries to find a bunch of collage kids in the jungle?"

There was a sudden sound of radio static. Followed by the voices of one of his men.

"Fortrume, we got a problem."

Hans glanced back at the radio laying over the table behind him. He went over to the table and picked up the radio.

"What is it?" Hans asked.

"We found the girl and that collage kid," The hired escort proclaimed to him.

"But we lost them in the river."

Hans frowned.

"What do you mean you lost them?" Hans asked.

"They just jumped into a river," the man proclaimed to him.

"We followed them down stream but we lost them."

Hans groaned, glanced to the side. His grip over the radio grew tighter in frustration. First Anna and the other's get away and now Jack and that wild girl slip his grasp.

"Keep searching!" Hans exclaimed to him.

"I don't care how long it takes. Just find them!"

Hans then switched the radio's frequency. He then pressed the side button and held up his radio.

"Haynes, come in," he said into the speaker.

"Have you found the others?"

"We're still following their trail," Haynes said over the radio.

"But there's no sign of them. They must gone ahead into the jungle."

Hans once again uttered a groan of frustration. Not really the news he wanted to hear at this time. His entire plan was in jeopardy if they somehow escaped and somehow make back to San-Francisco. And if they have any evidence to show his family, then everything will be ruined.

"I want them found as soon as possible," Hans said.

"If they do have any evidence against us, we can't let them escape."

"Roger." Haynes responded.

Elsa and Jack continued to climb the pile of debris that had once been a temple of this lost civilization. The wild woman came up over a small ledge of shattered stone. She then glanced down at Jack, who was coming up behind her. Jack place his foot over the rubble, causing them to break underfoot.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed as he slid down.

Elsa gasped, turning back to her mate.

"Jack!" she said.

Jack quickly caught himself before he could fall any further. He gazed up at Elsa.

"I'm okay," He reassured her.

"I'm okay."

Jack climbed back up the mound of rumble and came up to where Elsa stood. She reached down her hand to him. Jack grabbed hold as she pulled him back up over the ledge.

"Thanks." Jack said.

The two then gazed up the mound of debris, where they saw the very top. It was close. They looked to be halfway up.

"We're almost there." Elsa said in relief.

Though it was right at that moment that Elsa heard the sound of tumbling rumble. She then turned and glanced down the pile of rubble, only to see the mist covering below. Elsa stared down at the grey mist, wearingly.

Elsa suddenly caught whiff of a strange yet familiar scent. She sniffed the air before uttering a faint growl. She knew it. They were still here after all this time.

Jack cocked his head, glancing to her.

"What is it?" he asked, curiously.

Elsa only continued to stared down at the mist below. Her keen eyes in the years of living in the jungle scanned the grey mist thoroughly. They both suddenly heard the sound of more tumbling rubble. Followed by a strange grunting and snarling sound of some kind.

They then noticed something moving below in the mist. Elsa squinted her eyes, curiously. It looked to be moving on all fours and it seemed to be moving toward them. Not just one, but two other came into view behind it, giving off that strange snarling. Slowly the fog began to clear, revealing the white fur of a primate.

Elsa widened her eyes. She turned to Jack, grabbing hold of his hand.

"Climb!" she exclaimed.

Before Jack could say anything, Elsa pulled him back as they turned back and began climbing up the mound of debris. Clambering up the shattered stones, Elsa glanced back at the Tumbili as they scurried toward them. The white primates scurried up the temple rubble.

They were moving quickly. Even more then how fast then they could climb. The Tumbili snarled up at their as they bear their fangs up them. Jack looked back at the white primates.

"They're gaining on us," Jack exclaimed to her.

"What are those things?!"

Jack was unfamiliar with the many species of primates. The best he could really tell was the difference of between what is a monkey or an ape. But these were different. They seemed to resemble that of baboons. Though they seemed much larger with much whiter fur.

And by the looks of things, they didn't look to be friendly.

Seeing the white furred primate snarling it's sharp fangs back at him, Jack gasped as he continued to climb. Just as the Tumbili had caught up with, Elsa came up over the top of the mound. She turned back at Jack, who climbed up behind her. She the reached down and quickly grabbed his hand, pulling him up over the top. Jack then stood up, glancing to her.

"Thanks." He said, smiling to her.

They then heard the Tumbili hollering from below. The couple glanced down and saw that they had almost reached the top. Thinking quickly, Elsa glanced down to a large bolder to her right. She kneeled down and rolled the chunk of stone over the edge, causing it to roll down the rubble to the Tumbili below. The bolder stuck one of the Tumbilis, knocking it down into the mist below.

The other two Tumbili's glanced up to them, snarling.

"Uh, oh!" Jack said.

Elsa turned back at the other side of the mound. It looked steep enough for them to climb down. She gasped in relief, turning back to her mate before grabbing his hand.

"This way!" she exclaimed, pulling him down the steep hillside.

Trudging and sliding down along the rubble which lied beneath their feet, Elsa and Jack made their way down the mound. Leaping down onto a stone ledge, Elsa turned back to Jack who came down behind her. When suddenly they heard the hollers of the Tumbili from above. Jack glanced back, when suddenly she felt something lunge atop of his back.

Jack gasped. He reached back his hands as he tried to get it off. Only for the Tumbili raised it's hand and swiped it down over his back, clawing him.

"Ahhhh!" Jack cried out from the sheering pain.

Elsa quickly rushed over to help Jack, only to be pounced on by the other Tumbili. Elsa was pushed back, catching herself as her foot came to the edge of the ledge. She glanced back up at the Tumbili, who was snapping it's jaws at her. She growled back at the white primate. Holding back the Tumbili with one arm, she reached down to her side and drew her dagger.

She the raised her dagger and plunged it into it's side. The Tumbili hollered in pains as Elena threw it over the ledge below, pulling out her dagger. Only to then plunge her blade into it's back. The Tumbili's hollering then ceased as it's body grew still. Elsa then glanced up at Jack, who continued to struggle with the Tumbili, who was still over his back. Elsa rushed to help her mate

Just as it saw her coming, Elsa swiped her dagger and plunged it into it's chest. The white primate uttered a horrid as it fell over the debris below. Elsa drew her dagger from it's lifeless body as she stood up, her blade covered with blood of the Tumbili. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

Jack came up behind her, groaning from the scars over his back. Elsa glanced back at her mate, seeing him hunched over a bit.

"Jack!" she gasped as she came up to him.

She glanced down at his back and saw the long claw marks which had had torn through his shirt.

"I'm alright," Jack reassured, glancing back to her.

"I'm fine. Thanks, El."

Jack glanced down at the Tumbili, laying dead over the rubble.

"Jesus," He said, glancing to her.

"What the hell is this place?"

They then heard a faint hollering from the mist below. Elsa and Jack both turned back and gazed down over the cloud of mist that covered the plaza below. And then heard it again. This one sounding close by.

Elsa glanced to her mate.

"We have to go!" she claimed, grabbing hold of his hand.

The two then continued to climb down the steep rubble of the crumble temple.

Bagheera was moving through the trees after a day of hunting. As the panther strode across the branch of a tree, he then heard voices from the jungle floor below. He glanced down, where he saw Simba running below with Nala following after him.

"Simba, wait up!" She called.

Simba came to a stop as he glanced back at Nala.

"We can't wait, Nala," Simba proclaimed to her.

"Elsa is in danger!"

Hearing the mention of danger, Bagheera widened his eyes in awe.

"Danger?" The panther exclaimed.

Zazu must have returned with news of Elsa and from the looks of things, it didn't sound good. Something must have happened. The panther turned, leaping down off the branch. He then landed behind the lion prince.

"Simba, Nala." he said.

The two glanced back and saw the panther behind them. Simba turned to him.

"Bagheera!" he said.

"What's happening?" Bagheera asked, glancing to Nala.

Before they could answer, it was then the panther saw Mufasa and the Pride emerge from the narrow path behind them. The alpha lion came up to the panther with a stern expression.

"Your majesty," Bagheera greeted with a nod of his head.

"What is going on?"

"Zazu has returned with news of Elsa," The king proclaimed to him.

"From beyond out eastern boarder."

The panther glanced up at Zazu, who frowned and narrowed his head.

"He forced it out of me." He claimed in a whispering tone.

Simba groaned, his patients for this was little. Elsa was in danger and they were just standing here talking. He came up between them.

"There's no time for this!" Simba proclaimed to them.

"Man is in the jungle!"

Bagheera glanced to the lion prince in shock.

"Man!" He exclaimed.

Simba then turned and about to continue on to the far eastern part of the jungle. Only for Nala to leap in front of him, blocking his way.

"Simba, stop!" she said.

"There's something I have to tell all you."

"It can wait, Nala," Simba insisted to her, circling around her.

"We have to find Elsa!"

"No it can't wait," Nala insisted, turning back to him.

"It's about Elsa!"

Bagheera and Mufasa gazed to one another, curiously. Mufasa then turned to Nala. He had heard her say that she needed to tell them something about Elsa and that it was important. Though he was concerned with the matters at hand, he wondered what could be so important as to tell them. Especially in a time such as this.

Mufasa then approached Nala.

"Nala," The alpha said.

"What about Elsa?"

Nala turned to face Mufasa and the other member of the pride. She then glanced to the other lionesses for a moment. Seeing their curious expression all looking to her as they awaited to hear what it was they had to say, Nala was in contempt. Yet she knew in her heart this was the right thing to do. She had to tell them.

Nala glanced back at the king, taking a deep breath before speaking.

"I... found Elsa...," She said.

"With another human. A male from her own kind."

The mention of Elsa being with another human caused many of the lionesses to stare in shock. As if their worst fears had come to be realized. They knew this would happen. These feelings she's been having, they knew it would only be a matter of time before she would sought out a mate. And now it seems she has.

Yet it was the mention of a male of her own kind had Simba looking sternly to his mate. Simba had a mistrust Humans since the incident long ago. And to hear that Elsa was now with another human. A male no less.

Bagheera stepped forward.

"What?" He said.

"Earlier today, I went to see Elsa." Nala insisted to them.

Simba's stern glance changed to that of shock. His own mate had just ventured alone outside of the pride's territory. He came up Next to Nala, glancing to her.

"You did what?" Simba exclaimed to her.

"I thought we agreed we'd leave her be." Bagheera reminded her.

All but earning a stern glance from the King, who's suspicions were all then realized. Though was reluctant to speak of them at this time.

"Diata is worried she'll lose Elsa," Nala proclaimed to them.

"I was hoping that if I tell her that, Elsa would let all of this go and come home."

Nala bowed her head, narrowing her eyes.

"That's when I found her with the human male," Nala proclaimed to them.

"And when she told me that..."

Nala fell silent for a moment, hesitant to say what it was they feared would happen. Though she could already tell that they knew.

"What?" Simba asked.

"What did she tell you?"

Nala turned and faced her mate.

"She... mated with him." She then said.

The news shocked both the King and Prince. As it did Bagheera and the other lionesses. First the humans try to kill her when she was just a cub. Then they come to the jungle and now one has the audacity to make her their mate.

Simba then glared.

"She WHAT!" Simba exclaimed.

"Nala, are you certain of this?" Mufasa asked.

Nala nodded her head to the king, confirming it to be so. Mufasa narrowed his head. The shock he felt at learning Elsa had mated with another human left the king confused and worried. As were the other lionesses. Not just for her but the danger it would bring to them all. Now that man had come to the jungle.

Though Simba's would be replaced with that of anger. He shook his head, growling before he turned and continued on through the jungle. Nala glanced back at him.

"Simba..." she said.

She glanced back at Mufasa, Bagheera and the other lionesses. All of which appeared to be worried and confused.

"Mufasa?" she asked.

Mufasa glanced up to Nala, seeing her looking back at him with a look of virtue. All but insisting to him what they had to do, regardless of all their doubts. Mufasa turned back to the others.

"We have to keep going," he insisted to them.

"We must find Elsa!"

Elsa leaped down off the ledge of stone rubble before she came down over the plaza below. She suddenly heard the horrid screeching of the Tumbili from behind. Elsa and Jack both looked back at the plaza, scanning the thick grey fog. But even the keen eyes of the jungle woman could not see what lied beyond the mist. Jack glanced down to her.

"Elsa?" Jack asked, curiously.

The wild woman continued to stare, wearingly at the fog. While she could not see, Elsa relied on her sharp sense and hearing. She could hear them far off in the distance, lurking nearby. They were getting closer.

Elsa looked back up at Jack, who continued to climb down.

"Jack, hurry!" she exclaimed to him.

"Right, I'm coming!" Jack said as he turned forward.

Jack stepped down to the ledge below as he continued to climbed down the mound. Yet as he neared the bottom of the pile of rumble, it was then that the rumble gave in under foot. Causing Jack to slide down the rubble. Elsa gasped as she came up and caught him. Slowly he set him down on his feet.

Jack turned to her.

"Thanks." he said, dusting himself off.

They then heard a sudden hollering from off to their right. Elsa and Jack glanced to their right and then heard it again. Followed by another. And then another. Elsa stepped forward, squinting his eyes. When suddenly she noticed the looming shadows of the pack of Tumbili moving toward them.

Elsa gasped, glancing back to Jack as she took his hand.

"Run!" She exclaimed to him.

The two then began to run. Moving ahead through the fog which had concealed their way forward. But even still, they could hear the snarling and hooting of the Tumbili chasing after them. Elsa glanced back through the mist. She could see the Tumbili scurrying behind them, leaping atop fallen debris and the ruins of huts.

Elsa turned forward, peering ahead through the mist. She continued to run ahead, pulling Jack along with her. All thee while, Jack glanced around at the human remains and structures which laid scatter over the plaza. There was a look of shock and horror over Jack's face at the sight of them. What the hell was this place?

Jack suddenly felt his foot catch on something, causing him to almost tumble. Elsa glanced back at her mate.

"Jack!" She exclaimed.

Jack got back up quickly.

"I'm alright," He reassured her.

"Keep going!

The two continued to run ahead through the fog. When suddenly, Running as quickly as quickly as they could. Elsa glanced to her left and noticed a large pillar aligned with a large wall. She then turned right and saw another as they passed them, coming inside of a massive courtyard.

It was as the fog had cleared, Elsa and Jack noticed the pyramid like structure ahead. Jack pointed at the structure.

"In there!" He exclaimed.

Elsa gazed up at the temple like structure. Suddenly, she felt an unease feeling of despair. She never wanted to see it again. Let alone be brought back to this place.

She glanced down to Jack as the two came in through the entrance of the temple.

Jack and Elsa came out into an wide open room inside the temple. They came into the centre of the chamber before they came to a stop. They glanced back down the entrance they had came from, staring down the dark corridor. There was no sign of any moment, nor could they hear that horrid shrieking anymore.

Jack breathed a sigh of relief.

"I think we lost them." He said, glancing to her.

He then glanced back at the inside of the temple. It was an open space with what looked to be treasure ancient treasure laying over the ground.

"Wow," Jack said as he wondered into the room.

"What is this place?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa turned back to Jack, before peering passed him to the inside of the temple. She frowned, remembering what this place was. The place where the Tumbili had brought her when she captured her long ago. Where they brought he before their king. To teach them to use man's tools.

"It's an evil place." Elsa proclaimed to him.

He then peered up only to see the then a bright light beamed down through an opening in the temple roof. It looked to be the only way out.. But it was so high up. That statue underneath it looked to be easy to climb.

Jack suddenly head a small meatal click under his foot. He looked down and saw several gold pieces and other treasures laying over the ground. He kneeled down and picked up a small gold coin.

"Gold?" he said, glanced down at the rest of the treasure.

Jack then glanced over to what looked to be an alter of some kind before what looked to be a circular entrance over the wall, surrounded by shadows and foliage. Jack slowly stood up and walked toward the alter. He narrowed his head, thinking back to the old stories his Uncle. The ones of the old city which his great, great grandfather said to have found discovered long ago. He said in one of his journals he found a city of huts in the mountains with temples much like the ones in Egypt. All of them filled with gold and all sorts of treasures. Tributes that the people would bring as tributes to their gods.

He remembered there was an old photo in the journal. Of his great grand father, his cohorts and the shaman of the lost tribe. Standing before what an alter and a circular entrance. The same one as the one they were seeing now.

"Oh my god..." he then said.

Elsa glanced up to Jack.

"Jack?" she asked, curiously

"This is the alter," he claimed to her, walking up to it.

"The one I saw in the picture of my great, great, Grandfather. It's where the people came here to make tributes."

Jack then paused, his eyes widened in awe as the realization came to him.

"I can't believe it," he proclaimed, glancing to her.

"This is it. This is the lost city my uncles been searching for!"

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