Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 65

Elsa and Jack continued to be pulled along by the currents of the river, which now flowed steadily and calm. Elsa continued to perch herself over what remained of the tree branch, which had been ravaged by the raging currents. Holding Jack close to her, who was still unconscious in her arm. Her head was narrow, her eyes were barely open. She was drench and exhausted from fighting the river.

Elsa felt the branch hit something, causing her to groan. She raised her head and looked up, only to see a thick mist surrounded them from all sides. She glanced around and saw they were surrounded by tall mountain like walls from both sides. She then glanced back down at Jack.

"Jack?" She said.


Jack continued to lay still in her arm, groaning. She continued to shrug him, hoping for him to come awake. But even still, Jack remained still in her arms. Elsa began to worry. She then peered forward, scanning around the cavern for any sign of banks or dry land. But she could hardly see anything through the mist. She looked ahead down the stream, where she noticed something ahead.

Elsa squinted her eyes. As the river pulled them closer, she saw what looked to be a clearing ahead. It was there that they saw a stone docks along the banks of the mountains ahead. Elsa gasped with anticipation. She swam toward the banks, pulling Jack along through the wide lake. She kicked her legs as hard as she could, panting. Using whatever strength she had left.

She came along the docks, where a stone stairway stood at the side. Elsa swam up to the stairway, tossing the branch aside as she came up over the stone steps. She pulled Jack up the stairway and as they came up over the dock, she laid him flat over his back. She shrugged his shoulder.

"Jack," she said.

"Jack, please. Wake up."

Jack groaned, coughing up water. His eyes slowly began to open and saw Elsa hovering over.

"El-Elsa?" he groaned.

Elsa gasped in relief.

"Jack!" She said.

Jack slowly leaned up. He placed his hand over the back of his head, causing him to wince.

"Ow-" he said.

Elsa frowned, worryingly. She reached out her hand to him.

"I'm fine," he reassured her.

"I'm fine. What happened?"

"Man attacked us," Elsa claimed to him.

"They tried to kill you. They tried to-"

Jack widened his eyes in realization.

"Oh god!" He gasped as he got back up, quickly.

"Anna! They probably don't even know. I have to go find them!"

Elsa placed her hands over his shoulders.

"Jack, no!" she pleaded with him.

"It's too dangerous!"

"She could be in danger," Jack exclaimed to her.

"My friends and my family cold be in danger. I have to do something!"

"Jack, no!" she pleaded with him.

"They'll kill you. I can't lose you."

Jack shook his head.

"Their my family. Elsa." Jack said to her.

Elsa frowned. She stepped back from Jack, frowning. The very mention of his family brought back the feeling of sadness and guilt of abandoning her own. Jack was more then willing to risk the life for his. All while she had ran from hers. And for her own selfish desires. Narrowing her head, she cupped her hands against her chest turning away.

Jack frowned, seeing that he had made Elsa feel sad. He narrowed his head, sighing.

"Elsa." he said reached his hand out to her.

He placed his hand over her shoulder. He came in front of her as he placed both hands over her bear shoulders.

"Please," he pleaded with her.

"Their my family."

Elsa narrowed her eyes. The man whom she loved was willing to put himself in harms way for his own family. And though she feared for him for the harm that man would do to him. His family should not have to face their wraith either. If she truly loved him, she would help him save his family.

Elsa glanced up at Jack.

"I'm not going to let you do this alone." Elsa said, placing her hands over his arms.

Jack smiled, nodding his head to her.

"Thank you, Elsa." He said.

Jack then glanced up and peered around the clearing, shrouded in grey fog.

"Where are we?" he asked, curiously..

Elsa glanced around at the clearing as well. She stood up and walked out over the dock, gazing out over the open lake. All of it shrouded in the mist. Jack came up behind her.

"What is this place?" Jack asked, curiously.

"It looks like a fishing dock."

She then narrowed her head, pondering. The fog. She had seen this fog before.

Elsa frowned in awe, shaking her head. She backed away slowly, her body trembling at the memories of this place. Of the fog that hid it all away. Jack glanced to her.

"Elsa?" He asked, curiously.

"What's wrong?"

Elsa turned back to him with fear in her eyes.

"I know where we are." she claimed to him in a frighten whisper.

Jack frowned, seeing Elsa's terrified expression. He glanced around the docks. Whatever this place was, it was also giving him a bad feeling. He looked back over the cavern they in.

"Well there's no going back the way we came," he claimed.

"There's got to be another way out of here."

He looked back along the dock and noticed a stairway leading up between the mountains.

"Hey, look!" he said, turning to her.

"I think we caught a break."

Elsa came up to Jack, peering up the stone stairway. She stared, wearily. From the very top of the stairway concealed by the mist, lies the great evils of this lost city. From where the Tumbili dragged her to meet with their king. All in hopes that she would teach them the ways of man.

"I wonder where these stairs lead." he said.

Jack walked over to the stairway. He came up the first few steps before turning back to Elsa, who stood hesitantly. Jack turned back to her.

"Elsa, what's wrong?" he asked, curiously.

Elsa shook her head.

"No, we can't." she claimed to him.

"This place... it's evil

Jack squinted his eyes, curiously.

"Evil?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

Elsa glanced back up the stairway.

"There's a great evil in the mist," Elsa claimed to him.

"The people of the jungle never come here. This place belongs to the Tumbili."

Jack glanced up the stairway.

"The Tumbili?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Monkey people." she insisted to him.

"Monkey people," Jack said, smirking.

"What are they going to do, throw stuff at us."

"Tumbili bring caucus to the jungle," Elsa insisted to Jack.

They steal from man an bring death to all people. They stole me from my family."

Jack frowned.

"Stole you," He asked.

"Why would they steal you?"

"They wanted me to teach them man's ways," she asked, curiously.

"So that they could use it over all the people."

Jack turned back up the stairway. He had to admit it, these Tumbili people didn't exactly sound so friendly. But his sister and friends were in danger. If this was their only way out of this place, they had to take it.

"Well it looks like the only way," Jack insisted to her.

"If there's even a chance we can make it out, we have to take it."

Elsa narrowed her head, pondering. She then glanced back up at Jack and slowly walked up to him. She came up over the stairway from where stood her mate. She glanced up at her mate, who nodded his head to her in reassurance. The two then turned and climbed up the stone stairway, into what lies ahead in the mist.

Zazu flew with haste all the way to the Pride's territory. After having to crossed the boarder into the Pride's territory, he plunged down into the trees and came out over Baloo's cave.

"Bagheera?" He called, glancing over at the tree where Bagheera usually perched.

Only to see that he wasn't there. He glanced down to Baloo's cave.

"Baloo?" he said as he flew down to the cave.

He landed before the mouth of the cave, where he peered into the blacken abyss.

"Baloo?" He said as he voiced echoed off the walls of the cave.


But still he heard nothing. Zazu wandered if the bear was hibernating again. Then again, he would have heard his irritable snoring. Zazu turned, glancing around the clearing. Where were they?

They were probably out hunting. That or looking for another hive of bees for their honey. Either way, there wasn't any time to go look for them.

Zazu shook his head, groaning. Trying to think of what to do. He then gasped in realization.

"Simba!" he said.

"I'll go tell Simba!"

Zazu opened his wings and flew off toward the Pride's den.

Zazu flew into view of the Pride's den. He peered down below, only to see the Pride was not there.

"That's odd," he said.

"Where is everyone?"

He flew down and landed over the stone platform which stood before the mouth of the cave.

"Simba?" He called out.


Zazu leaped over to the edge of the platform. Her peered down over the path below. There was no sing of them anywhere. Usually some of the lionesses would be relaxing over the ledges below. Zazu groaned, shaking his head.

"Where is everybody?" He said.

"Of all the times!"

Zazu groaned, worryingly.

"Oh, this is awful!" he exclaimed.

"Not only is Elsa in danger. But now she's being hunted by MAN!"

Zazu dropped his wings to his side, narrowing his head. When he suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Elsa is WHAT?!"

Zazu froze, widening his eyes in shock.

"Oh no..." he whispered to himself.

Slowly he turned his head, glancing back behind him. Where he saw Mufasa standing behind him. Zazu gasped, turning back to the King.

"Mufasa," he said, grinning nervously.

"Did-did I say... Elsa... I meant to say...um"

Mufasa raised an eye brow at the majordomo, glancing suspiciously at his trusted advisor.

"Zazu...?" he said.

Zazu glanced from side to side, trying to think of what to say.

"Uh... well, you see, you Majesty," he said.

"I was... uh... I was..."

"Zazu!" Mufasa growled, causing Zazu to fall silent.

"Where is Elsa?"

Zazu shuddered, mumbling as he glanced around nervously. When he suddenly he let out a cry of despair as he broke under the pressure.

"Ohh, your majesty, it's awful!" he exclaimed.

"Man is in the Jungle!"

Mufasa widened his eyes in shock.

"Man!" he exclaimed.

"Man is in the jungle. Why was I not informed of this?"

"Uh... well... you see," Zazu said, trembling.

"Man is... no here...at least, not near the Pride's territory that is. And Elsa is... Well you see... Your majesty... she is...

"Zazu!" Mufasa said.

"Elsa's far to the East!" Zazu blurted out.

The mention that Elsa was far in the jungle's to the East, Mufasa stared in utter shock to his royal advisor.

"What is Elsa doing in the East?!" Mufasa exclaimed.

"I thought you said she was with Bagheera?"

Zazu paused, trembling. He then dropped to he's knees and bowed to the king.

"Oh, please forgive me, your Highness," He begged of Mufasa.

"I wanted to tell you, but I..."


Mufasa and Zazu turned and saw Nala coming off over the top of the path.

"Mufasa," She said as she came up to him.

"Mufasa, there's something..."

Nala then paused, seeing Zazu standing before him, trembling. Nala squinted her eyes, curiously.

"What's going on?" she asked, curiously.

Mufasa turned and came up to Nala.

"Nala, come," Mufasa said.

"We must gather the pride!"

"Mufasa?" She asked, curiously.

Nala glanced back to Zazu, who looked back to her with a look of shock and guilt.

"He's forced it out of me." He said.

"Zazu!" Mufasa called to him.

Zazu turned to Mufasa.

"Yes, sire?" he asked, curiously.

"Fly ahead to the Serengeti," he ordered his royal advisor.

"Find Elsa!"

Nala turned back to Mufasa in awe.

"Elsa?" she said.

"Oh, yes, at once, sire!" Zazu said as he flew off.

Elsa and Jack continued to climb up the stone steps, the grey mist surrounded them from all side. Elsa cocked her head, scanning the fog wearingly. She came then came up over the tope of the stairway, where she turned and saw Jack standing there. Elsa came up next to him. She glanced up at Jack and then peered ahead through the thick fog in their wake. They would hardly see what lied ahead of them. Only the dim light of the sun peering through the fog.

Elsa cocked her head, glancing nervously around at the surrounding mist. It was quiet. So much so that she could hear the hissing of the light winds and the gawks of vultures. Elsa then came up in front of Jack, taking him by his hand. Jack glanced down to her, seeing her, growling like a lion.

Jack nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he said.

"This place is giving me the creeps."

There was then a sudden sound in the distance. Like a something clunking over the ground below. The two peered ahead through the mist. Elsa stared wearingly, squinting her eyes. They were still here. Even after what had befallen their king. Elsa squinted her eyes, scanning the thick grey fog.

Slowly, she turned back to Jack.

"Jack, stay close" She said.

Jack glanced ahead into the fog and back down at her. He then nodded his head to her. Elsa then turned forward as they then slowly made their way into the fog. The thick grey mist now surrounded them from all sides. Looking back, Jack saw the mist block out the stairway behind them. And as he turned to look ahead, there was nothing more then thick grey cloud concealing all that may lie ahead.

Elsa continued to looking forward through the mist. She was weary and vigilant. With only her jungle instincts to guide them in this place of great evil.

As they continued forward, she noticed something in the near distance. Elsa paused as Jack stopped behind her. He glanced down to her.

"What is it?" He asked, curiously.

Jack glanced up and noticed what appeared to be a large circular structure. Elsa squinted her eyes as they made her way toward the structure. As they approached, the fog which slowly began to clear to reveal what looked to be a old native hut. The two paused as they gazed upon the structure. It looked to be still standing and in good shape for the most part. Though it's walls looked to be creped and old. Most of the bricks that made it were missing and the roof seemed to be missing, with the exception of the wooden pillars, which had collapse into the structure.

Jack came around Elsa as he walked up to the hut.

"What is it?" Elsa asked, looking back at him.

"It looks like an old hut," He said, examining the structure.

"Like the ones down in the village."

He came around the entrance and peered into hut. Only to see that the inside was filled with nothing but old pottery and dust.

"Doesn't look like anyone has been here in years." Jack said, turning back to her.

Elsa turned her head and looked across from them to see another old hut. This one looked to have collapse completely with only a large chard of it's circular wall remaining. And another hut next to it barely concealed by the fog. Jack walked up next to her, glancing around at the huts.

"This looks like a village." He said, glancing to her.

They suddenly heard a sound nearby. Elsa and Jack cocked their heads and caught a glimpse of something dashing across the street. It looked like a monkey of some kind, scurrying about on all fours before disappearing into the mist. Elsa rushed forward, growling as she pulled her dagger from her side. She peered into the mist, scanning the tick cloud. But still she saw no sign of whatever it was they saw. The quarry she suspected to be stalking them within the mist.

She felt Jack's hand over her shoulder as he came up to her.

"Don't worry," he claimed to her.

"Whatever it was, it's gone now."

Elsa looked forward. Slowly, she lowered her dagger and sheaved it to her side. But even still, the keen eyes of the jungle woman continued to peer into the mist. Jack reached out his hand, grabbing her arm.

"Come on," he said.

"We should keep moving."

Elsa glanced back in the general direction before she turned and followed her mate.

Simba was pacing anxiously in the clearing from the tall grass of the Serengeti. He then paused, peering at the jungle in the distance. Bagh era should have been here by now with news of Elsa. Nala said she was going to go and see the Panther. But she still hasn't returned.

What could be taking so long?

The lion prince sighed, narrowing his head.


Simba glanced to his left, where his mother and Diata were laying over a large rock.

"Why do you pace, my son?" Sarabi asked, curiously.

"Come and rest with us."

Simba stopped pacing and glanced to his mother.

"I'm fine, mother," The young prince claimed to her.

"I'm just waiting for Nala."

Diata nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes, she has been gone a long while." she said, gazing in the direction of the jungle.

"I'm sure it's fine, Simba," Sarabi claimed to her.

"She'll be here soon."

Simba narrowed his eyes, nodding to his mother.


Simba looked ahead toward the tall grass, where he saw Nala running up with Mufasa.

"Nala?" he said, turning to her.

He then glanced to his father, who walked came up to Sarabi and the other lionesses.

"Everyone," Mufasa called out.

"Come, we must hurry!"

Sarabi and Diata squinted their eyes curiously. She then stood up on her two front legs.

"Mufasa, what is it?" Sarabi asked, curiously.

"Elsa is in danger!" The lion king proclaimed to the pride.

"Man has come to the jungle!"

The lionesses erupted in an utter gasp of shock and horror. Both at the word of man in the jungle and of Elsa being in danger. Diata most of all. The white lioness gazed back at the king in awe at the news of her daughter. She stood up over the rock.

"Elsa?" she said.

Simba turned to his father in distraught.

"Man?!" He exclaimed.

He glanced back at Nala, who came up next to him.

"Mufasa...?" She said.

"Zazu spotted her near a ravine far to the eastern part of the jungle." Mufasa declared.

Simba turned her his head as he faced away from the pride. He narrowed his head. Slowly the memories of that day came flooding back. When Diata came running to the den with Elsa laying over her back, bearing the wound of man. The mere thought of it ever happening again enraged him.

Simba glanced ahead toward the jungle in the near distance. He couldn't let this happen. Not again. It was right at that moment that Simba turned and ran off into the long grass. Nala, Mufasa and the others turned to their prince as he rushed ahead.

"Simba?" Mufasa called out to his son.

But even so, Simba continued on through the long grass as he headed toward the east. Mufasa glanced back at Nala, Sarabi and the rest of the pride.

"Lets go!" He said before he and the Pride followed.

Elsa and Jack continued to wonder aimlessly through the grey mist. Passing by several more huts and structures, idles of what appeared to be reminiscent of those in Egypt. Most of them now but fragments from the rages of time. Jack glanced up at one of the statues, which appeared to be a lion-like man, holding a long spear. It's head narrowed down as if it was staring down at them.

He then turned to the other statue to their left. This one had the head of an elephant and holding a staff. Jack felt a sudden chill at the statue's glance, intimidated by their glances over them.

He glanced down at Elsa, who continued glancing around at the grey mist. She canned the fog, weary of what lies ahead. What hides within the mist, watching them from all around.

Elsa the turned forward, where she saw something lying ahead in the mist. Elsa squinted her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked, curiously.

Slowly she approached, pulling Jack along behind her. As they came closer, the mist slowly began to clear to reveal what looked to be a large mound of crumbled stones of temple like structure. Elsa paused, peering up at the pile of rubble and debris. She frowned in awe and contempt, recognizing where they were. The place where the Tumbili King lied buried after she and Bagheera had escaped his wraith long ago.

Jack came up next to her, peering up at the structure.

"What happened here?" he said, glancing to Elsa.

Elsa narrowed her eyes, glancing away from the ruins of the crumbled temple.

"It must had just collapsed." he claimed.

Elsa shook her head.

"No," she claimed to him.

"That's not why."

Jack glanced to her, curiously. He then peered passed her at the rubble which disappeared into the fog. It didn't seem like they could go around. Not if his friends and family were in troubled. There was no telling how long that would take. He then gazed up the pile of debris.

"Well, I don't think we can risk going around," He said.

"There's no telling what kind of trouble everyone in. We'll just have to go over it."

Elsa glanced to Jack and then back up the mound of debris. She was hesitant. There was no telling what may happen and if it was even stable. But Jack was right. His family could be in danger. They couldn't risk going around. There was no telling how long that would take.

Once more she heard a sudden sound from back the way they came. Elsa glanced back, wearingly. They were close now, she could feel it.

She turned to her mate, taking him by the hand.

"Come, we must hurry." she insisted to him.

They came up to the debris and began to climb, unannounced to them they were being watched from the mist behind them.

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