Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 64

Jack was pushed to the ground by Elsa as the rounds of bullets struck the tree behind them. They then glanced up where they saw several men emerging from the foliage. Balto and Jenna quickly turned and hid in the nearby foliage.

Elsa stood up, hissing as she drew her dagger from her side. Jack help up his hand.

"Elsa, wait!" he cried as he came up between them.

Jack turned to Hans's men, holding out his hands to them.

"Don't shoot!" he said.

"Please, lower your guns!"

One of the escorts shook their heads.

"Tell her to drop the knife." he insisted to them.

Jack glanced back at Elsa, who was holding her hunting dagger at the ready. He reached out his hand to her.

"Elsa..." he said, echoing her to put down the knife.

Elsa glanced to him, hesitantly. She turned back toward the men, pointing their black staffs of fire and lighting at them. The wild woman growled back at them, gripping her dagger tightly in her hand. She would not be intimidated by them, nor would they bring harm to her and her mate. Nor the people of the jungle.

Balto and Jenna peered from the cover of the leaves and palms. Seeing them being held at gun point, Jenna gasped in awe.

"Jack!" she said.

Balto turned to her.

"No, Jenna," he said.

"It's too dangerous."

He then glanced back into the clearing, staring sternly.

Jack reached out his hand and grabbed her hand.

"Elsa, please," he pleaded with her.

Elsa turned to Jack, who stared pleadingly to her. The wild woman was hesitant. Glanced back at Hans's men and then to Jack. Hearing her mate try to pleading with her, Elsa glanced back to them wearingly. Slowly, she lowered her dagger.

Jack sighed in relief, nodding his head to her.

"Thank you," he said to her.

Jack turned back to Hans's men.

"Alright," he said to them.

"Now lower the guns."

One of the escorts then smirked, shaking his head.

"Afraid we can't do that." He claimed to him.

Jack and Elsa both frowned. Suddenly, the others came forward, their guns still held to them. The two glanced around at them, curiously. Elsa started to growl and hiss again, holding up her dagger.

"What are you doing?" he asked, turning to the main escort.

"It's nothing personal," The escort insisted to him.

"Just business."

Jack squinted his eyes, shaking his head.

"What...?" he said.

The escort raised his gun at him. Suddenly, Jack realized what was happening. Widening his eyes in shock, he slowly stepped back to Elsa, placing himself between her and the escorts.

The man placed his finger firmly on the trigger. But just as he was about to take the shot, he glanced to his left where Balto pounced upon the man. He was too late to respond as he was then knocked to the ground, his gun fired several rounds into the air. Jack and Elsa each hunkered down as the gun went off.

Elsa glanced up at Balto, had pinned the man down. He glanced over to them.

"Run!" he called to them.

Elsa turned and grabbed hold of Jack's hand. She then turned and pulled him along as they ran into the jungle. One of the escorts raised his gun and fired at them. Plowing through the leaves and palms, Elsa and Jack ducked down as the bullets struck the leaves and trees near them. Elsa stood up, turning back to her mate.

"Jack!" she said.

"I'm alright." He reassured her.

Elsa glanced ahead through the foliage. She then turned back to Jack.

"Come on." she said pulling him along.

The escort struggled as Balto bit down over his shoulder. Desperately he tried to push Balto back, only for the wolf hybrid's fangs to latch hold of him.

"Get him off!" he cried.

One of the escorts came up next to Balto and kicked him off of the man. Balto landed over his side before getting back up. He glanced up at the man, who aimed his rifle down at him. He fired at Balto, who leaped out of the way and scurried into the foliage. He lowered his gun and was about to go after him.

"Forget about the dog," The other insisted.

"Get the Girl!"

The other men ran ahead into jungle. Plowing through the foliage, they scanned the leaves. Only to see that they were no where in sight. There was a sudden swooping sound from above. They glanced up and saw Elsa and Jack swinging from a vine above. One of them held up their gun and opened fire upon them.

"Watch were your shooting!" Another cried out.

"We need the girl!"

Elsa swung through the air, grabbing one vine after another. All the while, Jack clung to her for dear life. He glanced down back. Only to see Hans's men running after them.

"They're gaining on us!" He said turning to Elsa.

Elsa swung them forward through the air. As several shots flung passed them, causing Jack to ducked down, Elsa reached out and grabbed another vine as she swung ahead.

"We're going out to find Jack," North said, as he and Mund walked toward the entrance of the tent.

"Tooth, hike back to village. Get authorities."

Anna rushed up to her uncle, grabbing him by his arm. She pulled him back

"Wait, no!" she pleaded, turning to her aunt.

"We can't!"

Tooth came up to her niece.

"Anna, it's fine," she said.

"The nearest ranger station is an hour hike from here."

"No, you don't understand," Anna claimed to them.

"Hans already has us involved with the expedition."

North glanced to his Niece, curiously.

"What do you mean?"

Kristoff nodded his head.

"The contract Hans made us sign," He insisted to him.

"It's to make it seem that we were working for Pitch Black industries."

"If we go to the authorities, he'll have evidence that will tie us to the whole thing." Tadashi insisted. glancing back at Ingrid and Mund.

Mund shook his head in disbelief.

"You got to be kidding me." He said, glancing to North.

One of Hans's men sauntered across the campsite toward the mess tent. Pausing several feet from the entrance, he held up his AK and switched off the safety lever.

North turned back to the entrance of the tent, slinging his rifle over his shoulder. Just as he was to walk outside, he then paused. Peering through the narrow opening, he saw one of Hans's men standing outside the tent with his gun in hand. North squinted his eyes, curiously.

Slowly he saw the man raise his gun, the barrel pointing toward the tent. North widened his eyes in shock. He turned back to his niece and the others.

"Get down!" he exclaimed.

The man opened fire upon the mess tent. Several rounds came piercing through the tent, causing everyone to drop to the ground. North embraced Anna and Tooth in his arms, kneeling down as the bullets shot over them.

"Crickey!" Mund exclaimed.

The man then stopped firing. He lowered his gun, peering forward at the tent that was now riddled with bullet holes. It was silent for the most part. Everyone inside was probably dead. Slowly he crept up toward the tent. But as he pushed aside the drapes and peered inside, he found the tent was empty.

"What the...?" he said as he came inside the tent.

The man squinted his eyes, curiously, glancing around the tent. He then peered forward, where he saw a large gash in the back of the tent.

"Damn it!" he cursed.

He reached down to his radio and pressed the button.

"We got a problem." he said.

Zazu flew overhead toward the waterfall where Elsa's den was. When suddenly he heard a strange crackling sound from below. It seemed to resemble that of thunder, only lighter. And it seemed to be coming from below. He then paused, midair.

"That's odd," He asked, curiously.

"There shouldn't be any thunder. The rain season isn't for another few months."

He heard the crackling sound again. It sounded close in the jungle off to his right. Zazu glanced back in the direction of Elsa's den and back in the direction of the crackling sound. He groaned, torn on his duties to look in on Elsa and to ensure the safety of all the jungle's people. But as the he heard the crackling sound in the near distance, the majordomo finally gave in to his instincts.

"I should probably see to this matter." he said to himself.

He then flew ahead in the direction of the crackling. He peered below, squinting his eyes as he scanned below the foliage. As he peered ahead, he noticed something moving through the trees.

Zazu flew in closer to better look. And as it swung into view of an opening between the trees, Zazu gasped in awe when he saw Elsa with another human holding onto her.

"What in the...?" he said.

Suddenly, he felt a sudden whoosh from behind, startling the majordomo.

Bullets continued to be fired from behind as Jack hunkered down behind Elsa. He glanced back at their pursuers, were still some ways behind therm. When suddenly a bullet flung passed Jack, causing him to lose his grip and fall. Elsa glanced back and gasped.

"Jack!" She cried.

Jack landed over the ground below, rolling over onto his side. Elsa let go of the vine and landed in a crouching form. She ran back to Jack.

"Jack, are you alright?" Elsa asked, kneeling down to him.

"I'm alright," Jack reassured her.

"I'm fine."

They heard the voices of Hans from behind. They looked back and saw them plowing through the foliage, coming toward them. One of them held up his gun and opened fire at them. Elsa pulled Jack up on his feet as they ran ahead into the foliage. Clawing their way through the leaves and palms, glancing back at their pursuers, they came out of the foliage and upon looking forward they quickly stopped as they came to the edge of a cliff.

The two gazed below at the rapid currents of the river below.

"Shit..." Jack cursed.

They heard the foliage rustle behind them as Hans's men emerged behind them. Elsa and Jack glanced back and saw the four armed men now holding them at gun point.

"Let's not make this complicated." One of them said.

Zazu flew up in above them. He looked down and gasped, seeing Elsa was surrounded by four humans who were armed.

"Oh dear...!" he said.

Elsa and Jack set back from the four men as they came over the edge, glancing back at the rapids behind them. Jack looked back at the four men.

"Why are you doing this?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Like we said, it's just business." one of the man in the middle insisted to them.

The man came up and held up his gun toward them. But just as he was to take the shot, a familiar blue feathered bird flew down from above and attacked the man.

"Zazu!" Elsa gasped.

The man's gun went off, causing the Jack to fall back to the edge, which gave in under his foot. He then fell back into the ravine. Elsa gasped in shock.

"Jack!" she exclaimed.

Jack fell into the river below and was swept up in the currents. Zazu continued to peck down at the man, who tried to swat the bird away, causing him to fly up from him. He turned back to Elsa. And just before they could react, Elsa leaped off the edge of the ravine. Zazu gasped.

"Elsa!" he exclaimed.

Elsa plunged into the water below and swam up into the surface, carried along by the currents. She glanced down stream and saw Jack far ahead of her. Elsa gasped as she dove under and swam after him.

Zazu flew down into the ravine, souring above the currents. Her peered down over the rushing stream.

"Elsa?!" He called out for her.


But he heard nothing. There was no sign of her or the other human that was with her. Zazu paced anxiously.

"Oh, this is awful," he said to himself.

"What do I do? What do I do?!"

Zazu pondered, quickly. He knew he had to do something. But what? He wouldn't be able to help them. Not by himself anyway.

It was then clear there was only one option, there wasn't any other choice. He had to go get help from Bagheera and the others. The pride's territory was not far. If he flew with haste, he may be able to get back in time with help.

"I'll go for help!" he insisted to himself.

"That's what I'll do. I'll go get Bagheera and the others!"

Acting quickly upon his claim, Zazu turned and flew off back to the jungles to the east. He could only hope that it would not be too late.

Jack struggled to keep his head above the currents. He stroked his arms as he swam to the surfaced, gasping for air as he emerged over the surface. He quickly glanced around as he called out for her.

"Elsa?!" he called out, only to be pulled back under.

He swept by a small bank of dirt, where several crocodiles laid. The mere sight of Jack being carried away by the river, one of them scurried into the stream and swam toward Jack. Close behind, Elsa emerged from the river's surface. She gazed ahead and gasped when she saw the crocodile swimming toward Jack.

"Jack!" she said as she swam after them.

Jack desperately tried to swim to the surface against the current pushing him forward. Pulling him down under. Suddenly, he felt himself hitting against something hard, knocking the air out of him as he fell unconscious. Looking up to see a large reptilians form swimming toward them before everything went totally black.

The crocodile swam up to the now unconscious white haired man, opening his gaping jaw to claim his prey. When suddenly he felt something pounce upon his back. The crocodile hissed as Elsa wrapped her arms around the beast, rolling over as to shake her off. He leaned up his head, snapping his jaws. The jungle girl clung to the beast tightly.

She reached down to he side, grabbing her dagger and drew it from it's sheave. She then plunged it into it's underbelly repeatedly. The crocodile hissed in pain as it's blood drifted in the currents. Slowly it's body grew still in Elsa's embrace. The wild women released it's hold over the beast as it's now lifeless body drifted in the stream. Elsa gazed ahead and saw Jack being carried away by the currents.

She swam after him came came up behind her unconscious mate. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled him up to the surface. They emerged over the surface, gasping for air. The keen eyes of the jungle women glanced around for anyway of escape. But the walls of the cavern were too narrow to climb out. There were a few roots from the trees along the edge of the cliffs above. But they were too far for her to reach.

She turned ahead down the stream and saw a long branch, dipping into the stream. Elsa reached out her hand and grabbed hold of the branch. She tried pulling them back, fighting against the currents. She quickly grabbed onto a stronger part of the branch and tried pulling them out of the water.

She glanced down at her mate.

"Hold on, Jack," she said.

"I got you."

When suddenly she heard a loud cracking sound as she felt the branch suddenly lower. She glanced down the branch and saw the far end slowly braking off from the other end. And with a sudden snap, the branch broke off and plunged into the river below. Elsa gasped and clung hold of the branch, holding onto Jack as they were carried further down stream.

There was a sudden hissing sound. Elsa turned back and saw two crocodiles crawl into the river, swimming toward them. Elsa gasped. She turned forward, gazing down stream and saw the river was divided in two separate paths. One where the water seemed to calm and the other were it continued to rush rapidly.

The wild woman glanced back at the crocodiles swimming toward them. She then narrowed her head, thinking quickly. Crocodiles were quick hunters. The rivers path that moved steadily would give them the chance to attack. They were be easy prey for the water serpents.

That is unless and if they go where the river ran rapidly. The currents were too rough. They wouldn't be able to follow. It was their only chance.

Elsa leaned her body to the right, kicking their legs as they swam toward the rushing stream. She glanced back to the crocodiles, who's heads were still over the surface. They were getting closer. Elsa turned forward, peering ahead toward the rushing stream. She wouldn't let herself or Jack fall to the jaws of the river beasts and would keep trying with all her strength.

Elsa continued to push the branch they were on toward the rushing stream. Right then she felt the currents begin pulling them forward. As the crocodiles were now upon them, Jack and Elsa were swept down the rushing stream. Dropping down a narrow currents, slamming up against several rocks, Elsa held her mate close as she held on to the tree branch.

They were tossed back and forth, the water splashing them, pulled under for but a moment, Elsa glanced up for a brief moment before the branch collided into a large rock.

Plowing through the foliage, Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi and the others paused near a tall tree in the jungle. They looked back in the other direction. The camp was now far out of sight. There were no sign of Hans's men. Kristoff turned back to Anna and the others.

"I think we lost them." he said.

Anna and Tadashi narrowed their heads, uttering a sigh of relief.

"What was that back there?!" Mund asked, curiously.

North and Tooth turned to Anna and Kristoff.

"Anna?!" he asked.

"Why were they shooting at us?" Tooth asked, curiously

Anna, Tadashi and Kristoff looked to each other. They said that Hans may attempt something like this, but they didn't think he would act now.

"I-I don't know." Anna claimed, shaking her head.

"Hans must have found out that we figured out what's really going on, " Kristoff insisted.

"And now that he thinks that with the jungle girl can lead him to that city, he thinks he doesn't need us anymore."

North squinted his eyes, curiously.

"What you talking about?" North asked, curiously.

Kristoff and Anna turned to her uncle.

"Hans isn't after the herb," Kristoff insisted to him.

"Pitch Black Industries is looking for this city or something."

North widened his eyes in awe.

"The city?" He said with anticipation.

Anna nodded her head.

"Yes." she insisted to her uncle.

North and Tooth glanced to one another, both of them were shocked and in awe. The attempt on their lives by the people who were hired to protect them. All because of the one thing that they had spent their lives trying to find. They were involved in a cooperate espionage by a cooperation who were search for the city. And just when they had finally caught wind of what was going on, Hans and his hired mercenaries to make an attempted to kill them. They were now witnesses to this whole ordeal, loose ends that need to be tied.

"We've got to do something!" Tadashi proclaimed to them

"I say we head North," Mund insisted.

"Get back to the campsite and radio the ranger station."

Kristoff shook his head.

"We can't go to the authorities!" He said.

North and Tooth embraced each other in their arms, both in fear and contempt of what was to come.

"What about Jack?" Anna asked, curiously.

"He could be in danger."

"Well right now, we're all in danger!" Kristoff said, aloud.

"You said Hans is looking for that Jungle girl, right?" Anna asked, curiously.

Kristoff nodded his head.

"Yeah...?" He asked, curiously.

"Then we have to find her first." She insisted.

Ingrid glanced wearingly to Anna, though was careful as to now show it.

"What?" Kristoff asked.

"We have to find that girl," Anna insisted to her.

"If she knows where this city is, we have to get there before they do. Whatever Pitch Black industries is after, we have to make sure they don't find it."

Everyone glanced to one another. The idea of going out into the jungle and look for some wild feral jungle woman seemed absurd. Especially when it was because it would lead them to some lost city. But what other choice was there?

There was no way they could get help from the authorities. And whatever it was that Hans and Pitch Black industries were after, whatever the city held, they had to keep them from finding it. It could be the only way out of this. Kristoff shook his head, sighing.

"Anna's right," he said, turning back to everyone.

"If we can't figure a way out of this, then we have to make sure Hans doesn't find the city. Or whatever their looking for."

"And Jack's with her." Anna brought up.

"But how are we going to find her?" Tadashi asked, curiously.

"Balto and Jenna are still missing," Mund insisted to them.

"Balto could track down her scent. But not if she's up in the trees."

Anna narrowed her head. There had to be some other way we could find her. But the only one who seemed to know anything about her was...

Anna glanced up in realization as she turned to Ingrid.

"Ingrid?" she asked.

Ingrid looked over at Anna and the others.

"How do we find her?" She asked, curiously.

The biologist frowned.

"I'm... sorry?" She asked.

"You know more about this jungle girl then any of us," Anna claimed to her.

"How did you find her?"

Ingrid did not answer the young women, but simply turned away in hesitance. Everything was falling apart. All of what she had done was to keep her safe. To keep her from the mistakes of a past she did not know. And now they wished to find her and force her to lead them to a place forgotten by the world.

It was apparent that there was no other option. If she was to protect Elsa, then she needed to find her before it was too late.

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