Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 59

There were small grunts and hollers in the trees behind them. Elsa and Jack turned back and saw the monkey family from back at the river. The youngest one hung down from a small vine, grunting to the wild smiled. She came up over the branch, crouching as she grunted back at them.

Jack glanced back to Elsa. Seeing her speaking monkey to them, it almost seemed funny really. But as he looked back at them, he saw they were responding almost well to her calls. Almost like she was actually speaking to them.

"You understand what their saying?" Jack asked, glancing to her curiously.

Elsa turned to Jack, nodding her head. Rafiki had taught her many of the languages of the jungle people. She learned to speak to them. As if they were like that of her own people.

"That one's name is name is Nico," She said, pointing to the the one hanging from the vine.

"Nico youngest one in family. Likes to play."

"Really?" she asked curiously.

To say Jack was fascinated by this would be an understatement. Being able to communicate with animals was possible of course. But being able to speak to them like they were talking to another. That was borderline fantasy. Something out of fiction.

The small monkey hooted to Elsa once again. They turned and saw Nico and the other monkeys as they climbed down from the high branches. Speaking in their language for her to come and play.

"What are they saying?" Jack asked, turning to her.

"They want us to come play." Elsa said.

Elsa grabbed the vine next to her and swung over to the tree. She came up over the branch, turning to Jack.

"Come, Jack!" she said.

Elsa then tossed him the vine. Jack grabbed the vine, glancing nervously back at her. He sighed as he stood up, taking the vine in both hands.

"Okay," he said to himself.

He glanced to Elsa, who looked back at him, assuring him that she wouldn't let him fall. Jack took a deep a deep breath. He then leaped off the branch.

"Wow!" He exclaimed as he swung through the air.

He clung tightly to the vine as he came up to Elsa. She reached out and caught the vine and pulled him up onto the branch. Jack sighed in relief. He glance to Elsa and the two found themselves, and for a moment they stared into each others eyes.

Only for Jack to bee snapped back to reality. He stepped back from her, turning away as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh... thanks," Jack said, smiling.

Elsa only chuckled, finding Jack's awkwardness kind of cute. She suddenly felt one of the monkeys leap down over her left shoulder. She turned and saw it was Nico. Elsa smiled at him.

"Hello." She said, chuckling.

She reached up and petted him as Nico hooted. She looked up at Jack, who stood laughing. He came up to them.

"Hey, little guy," Jack said as he came up.

He reached up his hand and softly petted the monkey. Nico hooted back at Jack. He then leaped off Elsa's shoulder and came up over his. Jack glanced back, laughing.

"Hey!" He said, smiling.

The small monkey stood up over his shoulder and started to pick at his white hair. Elsa chuckled.

"Nico like Jack." she said.

Jack glanced her.

"Well, I like you too." He insisted to him.

The other monkeys hollered from above. Elsa and Jack looked up at them. Nico climbed up onto Jack's head and leaped up onto a small vine climbing up to rejoin his siblings over the branch above. Elsa turned and leaped up over one of the thicker branches above, landing in a coaching position. She then turned and leaped over to the next branch where the monkeys stood perched.

Jack gazed up in awe. Seeing how quick and agile she was, it was almost impossible for him not to be amazed.

"Wow!" he said.

Elsa crouched down over the branch. She peered to the nearby foliage and saw the leaves shaking above. The wild woman grinned. She crawled over to the leafs and brushed them aside and find one of the monkeys hiding there.

He leaped out onto her and came around over her other shoulder. Elsa chuckled.

"Hmm," she said, glancing around.

"I wonder where the others are."

Nico peered from the foliage behind Elsa. She glanced back, grinning. She turned, just as he hid back behind the folaige. Elsa turned and slowly crept over the small branch. She peered up over the foliage and saw the small monkey.

"I found you, Nico!" She said.

The small monkey hooted to her.

Jack gazed up at Elsa, leaning up against the trunk of the tree, laughing. She was like a child. Climbing into trees and playing with with monkeys. Almost like what he, Anna, Riley and Jamie used to do back home. They always like climbing trees in park and the one in their backyard.

Jack narrowed his eyes. He could hardly remember the last time they did. He had been so focused on university and his job. He hardly had anytime with his younger brother.

Jack then felt something drop over his head. He glanced up and saw Nico brushing through his white hair.

"Hey, easy, Nico." He said.

Elsa hung down from the branch above and landed before Jack. She stood up, seeing Jack holding up his arm as Nico hung down from it. Jack laughed.

"Your right," he said, turning to her.

"I think he does like me."

Elsa smiled. Jack glanced back to the monkey.

"He kind of reminds me of Jamie." He said.

Elsa glanced to Jack, curiously.

"Jamie?" she asked, tilting her head.

Jack looked up to her.

"My little brother." he said, looking up at her.

"Jack has little brother?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack nodded his head.

"Yeah," he said, glancing back to Nico.

"Well half brother really. Our mom got remarried so me and Anna ended up with a new little bother and sister, Jamie and Riley."

Elsa thought back to the photo she found in Jack's pocket. Apart from Jack and Anna, she remembered seeing two other who looked younger them. A boy with brown hair and a girl with long blond hair. They had to be Jamie and Riley.

"Jamie and Riley." Elsa parroted.

Jack chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah." He answered.

He felt the little monkey climb up onto his shoulder and began grooming his hair. He glanced up at the monkey.

"But to me, they're the real thing," he said as he reached up and petted the small monkey.

"Jamie a big believer in things. You know, in like Santa and the Easter bunny. He has quite the imagination. And Riley, well she's so outgoing. She's kind of a goof ball and she's always eager to play."

"Jack close to Jamie and Riley?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"Yeah, we are," Jack said.

"We always used to play together. At the park and in the backyard."

Hearing Jack talk about his siblings, Elsa then smiled. For now there was something they had in common. She was close to Simba, Nala, Kion and Kovu the same way as he was to Anna, Jamie and Riley. She too had two younger brothers who she-

Elsa frowned. Slowly losing the happiness she felt of having something in common with Jack. Replaced by the despair and homesickness for the Pride and the jungles to the east. Listening to Jack talk about Jamie and Riley reminded her of Kion and Kovu. They sounded just like her two little brothers.

But it too reminded her of how much she missed her family. The two cubs she called her brothers. She glanced off to her right, peering east.

"Kion," She said to herself.


Jack glanced back to her and noticed Elsa turned away, frowning.

"Kion, Kovu?" He asked, curiously.

Elsa looked up to him, realizing he had heard her. She glanced down.

"Who's that?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Kion and Kovu," Elsa said, again

"Elsa's brothers."

"Your brothers?" Jack said.

"Kion and Kovu, cubs in Elsa'a pride," She explained as she came up to Jack.

"Kion and Kovu like Jamie and Riley. Elsa's little brothers. Elsa plays with Kion and kovu like how Jack plays with Jamie and Riley."

Elsa picked up Nico from Jack's shoulder and held him in her arms. Jack glanced to the side, pondering. She said cubs in her Pride. Was she referring to a group of lions?

She remember the night they met, the white lioness that she said was her mother. Which meant that she lived with lions.

"Pride," he said.

"You mean lions?"

Elsa nodded her head.

"Pride is Elsa's family." She said.

Realizing it, Jack was amazed. Though anxious at the same time. But something didn't make sense. Lions usually reside in the plains. Not the jungle. There were no lions in this part of the region. The nearest pride resided in the plains far to the East.

If that was the case, it meant she was far from home.

"But don't lions reside in the plains?" Jack asked, curiously.

"This doesn't seemed like the natural habitat of lions."

Elsa frowned, narrowed her head. She turned away, trying to hide the look of sadness and shame she had. This in turned proved Jack's suspicions. She was far from home.

"Your far from home, aren't you?" He asked, curiously.

Elsa looked back up at Jack, staring sullenly at her mate. She then turned, placing Nico over the tree's trunk. She then grabbed the vine and slid down to the jungle floor.

"Elsa?" Jack said.

He grabbed the nearby vine and slid down after her. Losing his grip, he then tumbled into the foliage below. He got back up quickly and followed after Elsa.

Elsa brushed through the foliage. She wrapped her arms around herself, her eyes narrowed. She closed her eyes, tears seeping from her eyes.

"Elsa!" Jack called to her.

Elsa turned away and only continued walking. Jack came out of the brush behind her and came in front of her. He grabbed onto her shoulders.

"Elsa, stop!" he said.


Elsa then stopped. She began sobbing, her tears seeping from her her tightly shut eyes. Feeling so guilty for leaving her family and so confused of what to she could do.

"Elsa, what's wrong?" Jack said.

"Please, tell me."

Elsa glanced up at Jack. Though as she was about to speak up, she glanced off to her left. She then paused. Somewhere off in the foliage, she notice large mass of some kind peering from over the foliage. Elsa turned, squinting her eyes, curiously.

"Elsa?" Jack asked, peering to her.

Elsa then walked off into the jungle, clawing her way through the palms and leaves. There was something familiar about the strange mass. About this part of the jungle. And as she came out of the foliage, she was then met with the sight of her past.

Elsa froze. She widened her tearful eyes, seeing the moss covered wreckage of a private jet. Slowly she stepped forward, peering down at the wreckage. Only to then realize.

It was her family's.

Elsa turned and looked back through the foliage. She walked over, brushing aside the leaves. Only to come to realize her suspicions were so. And she dropped to her knees.


Jack came out of the foliage. He then paused, seeing the wreckage of the plane. He walked up to the plane. The outside was completely rusted, covered over by moss and vines. The windows were all shattered and the tail end was completely severed.

Jack then glanced back and saw Elsa, kneeling down in the foliage behind them.

"Elsa?" he said, turning to her.

But even still Elsa faced forward and said nothing back to him. Jack came up behind her.

"Elsa, are you-"

Peering from over her shoulder, he then froze. He cover his hand over his mouth, his eyes widen in shock.

"...Oh my god..." he said in a whispering tone.

Laying out in front of Elsa, he saw the human remains. The bones of what he could tell were two human beings. One was a man. The other a woman. Each of them laying next to one another. Their bones were peering out through the dirt and foliage.

Elsa bowed her head, closing her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself, turning away. Jack looked down at Elsa, glancing up to the bones. He kneeled down next to her.

"Did you know them?" He asked, turning to her.

Elsa looked up at the now scattered remains of who were once her parents. She then spoke up in a sudden whisper.

"Mama, papa."

Hearing her whisper those words, Jack looked back in shock.

"They're..." He said in awe.

Elsa looked up at her mate, sullenly. Proving his suspicions to be so. Jack turned away as he thought. The two skeletons embedded in the jungle floor, were her parents?

"Oh my god..." he whispered to himself.

Elsa looked back to the remains of her parents, cupping her hands over her chest. She narrowed her head and continued to sob, moaning the family she once had. Jack turned to her. He came up next to her, wrapping his arms around her as he brought her close. Elsa leaned her head against Jack's chest as she cried, feeling comfortable and relieved to be held in his strong arms.

She then heard a voice. It sounded familiar. It was soft yet soothing voice.

"It's okay. It's Okay. I'm here for you."

Elsa opened her eyes. She glanced up and saw Diata looking back down at her.

"Mother." She said, as she leaned into her.

Elsa pressed her head against her mother's chest, nuzzling soft white fur. She clung to her for dear life, her body trembling. Feeling so ashamed for running away and abandoning her.

"I'm sorry, mama," she said.

"I'm sorry."

Jack glanced down at Elsa, confusingly. Did she jut call him mother?

Seeing her snuggle into his chest, trembling, her hands gripping a fistful of his shirt. Jack held her close, comforting her.

Jenna came up along the banks of the river. She peered up at the waterfall in awe. She had only seen something like this back in San-Francisco only a few times. When the family would go walking through the forest outside the city.

"Balto, it's so beautiful." she said, glancing back at him.

Balto nodded his head in agreement. He came up next to Jenna, glancing to her.

"Yeah." he said, smiling at her.

Balto glanced up at the waterfall. She was right. It was majestic. Though he had seen better in his time here in the jungle. Some more majestic then even this.

He then glanced to the side and noticed a small cave next to the falls. Balto turned, staring sternly at the cave. Years from exploring the jungle, a cave or even the bushes could be the den of a predator. Even now, their could be a predator inside, watching them. Awaiting for it's chance to pounce.

He turned to the cave, narrowing his head. Slowly he crept toward the cave. Jenna glanced to him.

"Balto?" she asked, curiously.

"Stay behind me." he said.

Jenna narrowed down and followed after him. Balto turned forward and continued to crept toward the cave. He then caught whiff of a scent. He stopped, sniffing the ground. He then widened his eyes as he then realized.

"Jack!" He said, raising his head.

Jenna glanced to him in awe.

"Jack?!" she gasped.

Balto lunged forward. He came into the mouth of the cave and gazed inside. Only to see that it was empty. There was only a bundle of banana with only a few peals inside.

Jenna came up next to him, gazing into the cave.

"He was here." he said to her.

Balto narrowed his head. He sniffed the cave floor, picking up Jack's scent. But then caught the scent of another. He sniffed curiously.

"What is it?" Jenna asked, curiously.

"There was someone else." he insisted, looking back up at her.

"Someone else was was here."

"Who?" Jenna asked.

Balto turned and came out of the cave. He followed the scent to one of the trees nearby. He then sniffed the air and turned to the jungle off to his left. Both scents seemed to lead on in that direction. They must be somewhere in the jungle.

Balto glanced back to Jenna.

"This way!" he said.

Nala was walking along the path leading up to then den. She pondered about last night when she found Elsa. Something didn't make sense. She wasn't acting like herself. And that strange scent she smelled on her.

She could tell that she was upset about what happened. And she knew Elsa wanted to come home. So then why was she so hesitant?

Nala came up over the ledge which stood before the cave entrance. It was there she found Diata, laying near the edge. She was peering below to the other lionesses and cubs. Nala came up to her.

"Diata?" she said.

The white lioness turned and looked up to her.

"Nala." she said.

Nala came up to her.

"I just thought I would come see you," Nala said as she came up to her.

"The pride's been worried about you."

Diata smiled and nodded her head.

"I appreciate it," She said to her.

"But you mustn't be concerned for me."

Nala came up to here and laid down next to her.

"You haven't been around the pride since..."

Nala then paused, unable to bring herself to mention Elsa. Diata narrowed her head, knowing what she was about to say. She then glanced up, peering below at the other lionesses. She knew she hadn't been around the pride as of late. She's been too caught up with her daughter running away. Fearing that she would lose her own cub.

"I hope that you would not have to know what it's like." Diata said.

Nala glanced to her, curiously.

"To lose your own cub and for you to be unable to do anything. Or even be responsible for it."

Nala squinted her eyes at Diata, confusingly.

"What?" Nala asked.

"There's a part of me blames myself for Elsa running away," Diata explained.

"I was the one who brought her into the jungle. Even though I knew she was human, I didn't realize I made her feel so alone. And then she becomes an outcast to her own people."

Nala shook her head, staring at Diata in disbelief.

"No," she insisted to the white lioness.

"No, that can't be true."

Diata narrowed her head, wishing that was so.

"She told me that she felt alone," Diata insisted, glancing to Nala.

"I fear that I am the one who burdened her with being the only one of her kind. Now I fear I'm losing her as well."

Diata turned away, closing her eyes. Her tears seeping down the each side of her face.

Nala narrowed he eyes. She didn't believe any of it. Diata wasn't the one to blame for this. Elsa feeling she was an outcast or that she was the only one of her kind. Non of that was her fault.

But she wasn't going to allow Diata to lose Elsa.

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