Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 57

Jack brushed aside the leaves and branches as he came out of the foliage. He yelled out for Elsa.

"Elsa?" he called out.


Jack came up to a log laying over the ground. He climbed over it and leaped down, losing he balance as he landed on his feet. He quickly caught himself, brushing himself off. Suddenly he heard another gun shot in the distance. Jack looked up.

He then heard another shot. And then another. Then silence.

Jack stood for a moment. That didn't sound like an AK. Nor did it sound like his Uncle's hunting riffle. Uncle North never shot at animals unless he had to. And Jack had also made it clear to Hans to do the same. Was it just a warning shot?

They could just be warning off some of the animals. But three shots seemed a bit much.

There was a rustling in the trees above, breaking the jungle's silence. Jack turned and looked up at the nearby tree. He saw the branch shaking, causing the leaves to rustle.


Something dropped from the trees and landed in front of him with a loud thud. Jack gasped as he leaped back. He looked down and saw Elsa, crouching down in front of him

"Elsa!" He said, trying to catch his breath.

"Jeez, don't sneak up on me like that."

Elsa looked back the way she came. They weren't far from where she saw man. They could be looking for them at this very moment. She hoped they didn't follow her. She couldn't let the same thing that happened to her happen to Jack.

Elsa stood up and turned to Jack. She grabbed his hand.

"Jack come!" she said before she walked past him.

"Wait, Elsa!" Jack said as he was pulled along.

Elsa came up to a nearby tree and began to climb. Jack came up to her and placed his hand over her shoulder.

"Elsa, whats going on?" Jack said.

"Jack, danger." Elsa said.

"What?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa turned and climbed up the tree.

"Elsa, wait!" Jack said.

He glanced back and then back up at Elsa. He came up to the tree and climbed up after her.

"Elsa, they're my friends." he said.

"They're not going to hurt us."

Elsa came up into the canopy of the tree. She came up over the branch and reached out for a vine. Jack came up behind her. She turned to him. She wrapped her arm around him and brought her mate close.

"Wow!" Jack said.

"Elsa, hang on. we-"

Before he could say anything, Elsa leaped from the tree. Jack clung to Elsa, wrapping his arms over her shoulders as the two swung through the trees.

Anna felt herself shuddering from the shock of what happened. She wrapped her arms around herself, gripping her forearms tightly. She tried to make sense of it all. They came out of nowhere. Completely unprovoked.

Seeing those men getting mauled by those chimpanzees, those horrible screams and howlers...

That girl.

Anna glanced back. She said her name. How did she know her name?

She turned her head, narrowing her eyes. She glanced to Hans, who was walking next to her. She leaned in to him. Hans glanced down at her. Seeing her so distressed, he wrapped his arm around her, bringing her close.

Anna narrowed her head, leaning into him as he held her close.

Kristoff and Tadashi were walking ahead of them. Neither of them said a word since they left. Hardly any of them said a word to one another the entire way. Kristoff looked back toward Anna and Hans. Though as hard as it was, he resisted the urged to look at them.

He wasn't so concerned with Anna right now. He instead peered into the jungle behind them. He scanned the leaves. But saw nothing.

There was a sudden brush in the jungle ahead. Kristoff looked forward. He saw several leaves rustling.

"Stop!" he said, holding out his hand.

"What, what?!" Tadashi said, glancing up at the foliage.

The leaves continued rustling. One of the escorts was about to raise his gun.

"No!" Kristoff said, holding out his hand.

"Everyone lower the guns."

"Are you crazy?" The man said.

"Put it down!" Kristoff said in a whispering tone.

Hans glanced to his employee.

"Do it."

Reluctantly the man lowered his rifle. There was movement in the foliage. This time it was closer. Suddenly the foliage in front of them was brushed to the side as Balto came out of the foliage.

Kristoff sighed in relief.

"Balto," He said, lowering his hand.

Balto turned back to the foliage and barked. The leaves and palms were then brushed aside as then North and Mund stepped into the clearing.

"Anna!" North said.

Anna came out of Hans's hold and ran up to her uncle. She wrapped her arm around North and hugged him tightly. He felt het body shivering uncontrollably.

"Sweetie, your shuddering." he said, placing his arm around her.

North glanced up to the others. He saw one of Hans men, leaning against another, beaten and trampled upon.

"Eh, Cricky?" Mund said, turning to Kristoff, Tadashi and Hans.

"What happen to them?"

"We'll tell you later," Kristoff said.

"Right now, we gotta get out here."

North nodded his head. Those men looked like they needed serious treatment.

"Right, come!"

Elsa swung through the trees, while carrying Jack in one arm. He clung tightly, glancing down at the jungle floor. They were really far off the ground. How she was able to carry him and hold on to the vine without sliding down. She was incredibly strong for a woman. It was amazing really.

She swing up and let go of the vine.

"Whoa, whoa!" Jack cried as they flew through the air.

Elsa then reached out, grabbing another vine. Jack stared in awe, struggling to catch his breath. That was seriously scary. But at the same time, he'd be lying if he didn't say if he said it wasn't a bit fun. Swinging through the trees like he was flying.

It was amazing.

She's amazing.

Jack was so caught up in the moment, he had almost forgotten of Anna and the others. A moments thought which he had placed aside, enjoying the one with the wild woman.

He turned back, laughing.

Elsa swung up and suddenly let go of the vine. Jack turned but there was no other vine for them to grab. The two began to fall fast to the jungle floor.

"Oh, no, no, NO!" He cried out as they fell.

He clung to Elsa, tightly. Bracing himself for the moment of impact. Elsa glanced down at the fallen tree out before them and landed over one of the long roots that pointed up from the earth. She slid down the root over the tree and leaped down, landed over her feet.

She looked up at Jack. He stared back at the tree in awe and then glanced to her.

"We just...?" Jack asked, pointing back at the tree.

"Oh my god... we really just..."

Jack smirked and gave a slight chuckle. Amazing could not even begin to describe Elsa. Jack hardly knew anybody who could do the things she could. To swing through the trees while carrying him and be able to stick a landing like that.

It wasn't just amazing.

It was outstanding!

Elsa the took Jack's hand and began to pull him along.

"Come!" She said.

Jack nearly lost his balance but was quick to catch himself.

"Wait, El," he said.

Elsa plowed through the underbrush, clawing her way through the leaves and palms. Many of them hitting Jack in the face. He groaned, brushing aside the leaves.

"El, hang on." he said.

"We need to go back."

The pleads of her betrothed mate could not convince her so. She would not stop until they were safe from the strangers.

Elsa and Jack came out of the foliage and heard the sound of gurgling water. Jack looked forward and saw the rushing currents. It was the river. They were back at the waterfall.

Elsa continued to pull him along. They came to the entrance of the cave. She then stopped and looked back. There was no sign of the strangers. But sight alone could not convince her so. She glanced back at Jack.

"Come," she said.

Elsa then turn and went into the cave, pulling Jack with her. She came up to where she had placed the bunch of bananas.

"Elsa, please," Jack said.

"We have to go back."

She then turned to face Jack.

"No, Jack." She said, shaking her head.


Jack squinted his eyes, curiously.

"What?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Man." She said.

"Man come to jungle. Carry staffs that make thunder and fire."

"You mean... guns?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa nodded.

"Guns." she said.

"Man use gun. Fire at Elsa and ape tribe."

Jack widened his eyes.

"Wait, they shot at you?!" Jack exclaimed, glaring.

Elsa nodded. Jack narrowed his head. He told Hans not to shoot at any of the animals. But shooting at Elsa. Jack felt a surge of anger at the thought of someone hurting her.

"I told him he can't be doing this." Jack said.

Jack turned back to the entrance of the cave, only to be pulled back by Elsa.

"No, Jack," she said, tugging on his arm.

"Don't go. Stay."

Jack turned to face Elsa. He glanced back at the entrance. He wanted to get back to Anna and the others. But he had no idea where to go. He couldn't just go tromping through the jungle like this. Elsa seemed to know her way around, but she didn't seem to want to go back out there. Not with Hans and his men out there.

Elsa pulled Jack back. She then set down over the floor of the cave. Jack kneel down and sat in front of her. He glanced back at the entrance. Elsa frowned. Seeing him looking back.

Elsa reached out and placed her hand over his cheek, cupping it. She then turned Jack to face her. He glanced back at her. Elsa then reach up her other hand and cupped his other cheek. She smiled up at Jack.

They were finally alone.


Ingrid entered the tent. She glanced up at the others, who were sitting around several of the tables. Hans glanced back at her, his arms folded against his chest.

"Well...?" He said, turning to her.

"It was just a minor sprain," Ingrid insisted.

"I managed got some of the swelling down and bandaged him up. He should be alright."

Hans sighed in relief.

She looked into the tent. Kristoff and Tadashi were both sitting at one table. Anna sat across from them, faced the opposite way, Tooth sat next to her, comforting her.

"How is she doing?" Ingrid asked.

Tooth looked up at her.

"She's fine." Tooth insisted.

Mund glanced to Hans, Kristoff and Tadashi.

"Aye, so what the heck happened out there?" Mund asked, curiously.

"You guys were suppose to wait until me and North got back with Jack."

"Well apparently someone didn't tell us we were on a time limit," Kristoff said, glancing to Hans.

"So we couldn't exactly wait."

"That was last minute detail," Hans said.

"We were heading toward the valley when we heard that sound from this mourning." Tadashi said.

"Then a bunch of chimp came out of the jungle and attacked us."

Ingrid narrowed her head, holding her chin as she thought.

"That's not uncommon behavior for chimps," Ingrid insists, glancing at the three.

"Chimps are highly territorial and are quite aggressive towards people. You might have wondered into their territory."

"There was a girl."

Ingrid glanced down at Anna.

"What?" Tooth asked, curiously.

Mung glanced curiously to Kristoff, Hans and Tadashi.

"What's she talking about?" Mund asked, curiously.

"Oh, yeah," Kristoff insisted, looking back at North and Mund.

"Then this girl came swings out of the jungle and attacked one of Hans's men. She was wearing like animal skins."

"Animal skins?" North asked.

North and Tooth glanced to each other curiously. They've seen a lot of things in this jungle. But never have they seen a girl dressed in animal skins. Hans glanced to North.

"North?" he asked, curiously.

North shook his head.

"I can't say we ever have, Mr. Fortrume." He insisted.

"Me and Tooth have hiked through this jungle for years. We've never seen a girl wearing animal skins."

"She looked right at us," Anna said, glancing up at her Uncle and aunt.

"She said my name."

Ingrid glanced down, narrowing her head. She hoped it wouldn't have come to this. But it seemed she was already learning the language of man.

"Regardless, this was a major set back," Hans said.

"We'll have to continue with the expedition in the morning. North, would you be-"

"Wow, wow, wait a minute," Kristoff said as he stood up.

"What about Jack? Shouldn't we be looking for him?"

North nodded his head.

"Kristoffs right, Mr. Fortrume." he said in agreement.

"I think we should also be looking for whoever kidnapped my nephew."

"Hey, you think...?" Tadashi said.

Everyone glanced to Tadshi.

"Think what?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

"That girl we saw," he brought up.

"You guys don't think...?"

Kristoff thought for a moment. That strange call. The leopard. The foot prints. Mund did mentioned they were a human females. Now that he thought about it, that call did sound like a woman's voice. Was that girl the one making that sound?

"She's the one who took Jack!" he said, glancing back to Tadashi.

"What?" Hans asked.

"Back where we found the leopard," Kristoff said, turning to the others.

"Mund found some girls foot prints."

Mund nodded his head.

"That girl, she must have been the one who kidnapped Jack."

"But what would she want with Jack?" Mund asked, curiously.

Anna turned and glanced up at Ingrid.

"It's like you said, isn't it?" Anna asked, curiously.

Everyone turned to Ingrid. She glanced down and back at them,

"Yes," she said with a slight nod of her head.

"You knew about this girl?" Hans asked, coming in front of Ingrid.

"Yes, I do." she said.

"Okay, I'm all for Jack getting a girlfriend," Kristoff said.

"But this girl is way out of his league. We gotta find them."

"Agreed." Tadashi said.

"First light, we keep looking." North announced.

Balto and Jenna peered through the narrow entrance of the tent, listening as the group debated.

"Balto, I'm worried," She said, glancing to him.

"It's alright, Jenna." Balto reassured her.

"But what if somethings happened to him?" Jenna said.

Balto narrowed his head, glancing to the side. He looked back along the jungle. If something has happened to Jack, he wouldn't last the night. But they wouldn't be able to find him without the scent. But what other choice was there?

He glanced back up. He turned and scurried toward the jungle. Jenna turned to him.

"Balto, where are you going?" Jenna said.

Balto stopped and looked back to her.

"I'm going after him." He said.

"Stay with the group."

Jenna shook her head.

"No, I'm coming with you." Jenna insisted as she came up to him.

"Jenna..." he said.

"Balto, please." she pleaded with him.

"He's my family."

Balto narrowed his head. He didn't wish to put Jenna in danger. She didn't know the dangers of the jungle like he did. But he also knew Jack was her family.

"Okay." He said, nodding his head.

"Let's go."

The two scurried off into the brush.

Elsa was laying over the floor of the cave. She glanced to Jack who was sleeping next to her. She slid up to him, snuggling against the fabric of his shirt, covering his chest. Jack groaned.

Elsa narrowed her head, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, there was the sound of brushing leaves outside. Elsa opened her eyes. She cocked her head, gazing out through the entrance of the cave. It sounded like it was someone where near the cave. It could be a rival predator nearby. Or man had found them.

Elsa stood up, careful not to wake Jack. She then crept up and stood at the entrance of the cave, narrowing down as she peered outside. It was still dark. But Elsa could see through the blacken night like her fellow pride members. For even the night could not blind a hunter.

She looked out along the banks of the river. But there was no sign of man nor of another predator who stalked the night.

She then heard rustling in the foliage. Elsa turned. She saw something moving through the brush off to her left. Elsa hunkered down. She scurried down over the grass along the banks of the river. She reached to her side and pulled out her hunting dagger.

She saw the leaves and palms rustling in front of her. It was getting closer. Elsa hunkered down, holding her dagger at the ready.

But as they emerged from the brush, Elsa glanced up in awe at the sight of Nala. Elsa lowered her dagger.

"Nala!" She said.

Elsa sheaved her dagger. The two sisters scurried up to each other.

"Elsa," Nala said, pressing her head against Elsa.

The two nuzzled each other. As Nala leaned back her head, she caught whiff of strange scent. It was coming from Elsa. She leaned her her head forward and sniffed her.

"What?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"Elsa, you smell different." Nala pointed out.

Elsa narrowed her head and sniffed herself. She was masked with Jack's scent. She then glanced back at the cave. She wasn't sure if she should tell Nala. Elsa trusted her sure. They hard shared everything with each other since they were cubs. But this was different.

"It's-It's nothing." she insisted, shaking her head.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for you." Nala said.

"You need to come home."

Elsa shook her head.

"I can't," Elsa said.

"Elsa, the Pride is worried about you." Nala insisted.

"They are?" Elsa asked, glancing to her.

"Yeah," Nala insisted.

"They all want you to come home."

"And mother?"

Nala frowned and narrowed her eyes.

"She's been distant from the pride." Nala said, glancing up her.

Elsa felt her heart break. She bowed her head, glancing to the side.

Elsa bowed her head. She then turned and walked over the banks of the river.

What did she think she was doing?

She thought she was making things better for everyone. But instead she was hurting them more. And now with Jack, she didn't know what to do. The Pride would never accept him. And she would be endangering them.

Nala came up next to Elsa, glanced to her. Elsa narrowed her head, closing her eyes. Nala sat next to her. She leaned in her head and nuzzled her sister, comforting her.

"Please. Elsa." She said.

"Come home."

Elsa glanced to the side, sullenly. A part of herself wanted nothing more then to go back to the pride. To play with Kion and Kovu. To venture with Simba and Nala. But most of all, to be by the side of her mother.

Elsa loved the pride more then anything. Which was why she couldn't go back.

Not now.

Not with Jack. And not with man hunting them. At least not now.

"I can't." Elsa said, shaking her head.

"Why?" Nala asked.

"I just can't." Elsa said as she stood up an turned away.

"Not now."

"Elsa." Nala said.

"I just... I just need to be alone for a while." Elsa insisted.

Nala narrowed her head. Elsa had never acted like this before. Though with everything that's happened, she could understand why. Yet even still, Nala couldn't help but feel there was something she wasn't telling her.

Though there was hardly time to dwell on it. She knew by now, Simba was probably wondering where she was. She turned and began to walk back toward the foliage. Only to then stop and glanced back at Elsa.

Elsa stood, faced away from Nala. She narrowed her head. It wasn't until she heard rustling through the foliage that she looked back and saw Nala was gone.

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