Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 56

Hans was trudging ahead of the group, following North's map of the region. They were more then an hour or so from camp. Kimpa valley shouldn't be far now. He peered down at the map and then looked up at the dense jungle ahead. Anna came out of the foliage and came up behind him.

"What is it?" She asked, curiously.

Kristoff brushed aside the leaves and palms. He came up and leaned against the tree, hoisting his legs over his knee. His feet felt so sore. He sighed in relief, whipping the sweat for his forehead.

"You alright?" Tadashi asked, curiously.

Kristoff nodded his head, trying to catch his breath.

"Y-Yeah..." he said, coughing.


Hans narrowed his head, glancing down at the map. He then looked up and peered off to his right, glancing down at the map. The path marked on the map was pointing in the same direction. He turned to them.

"This way," he said, gesturing to the right.

Kristoff glanced up to him.

"Can we... just... wait a minute." He said.

"My feet are killing me."

"Yeah, I think we all need a break." Tadashi insisted.

Hans turned to them.

"We can rest when we get there." Hans insisted.

"The map said it's only another hour."

"In case you haven't noticed, we've been walking all day." Kistoff stated.

"And we barely got a break since we got back to camp."

"Kristoff's right." Anna said, nodding her head in agreement.

Hans sighed, nodding his head.

"Alright," He said.

"We can rest here for now. Everyone just take a fifteen and then we keep going."

Anna turned and came up to Kristoff and Tadashi.

"Am I the only one who thinks Hans seems a bit..." Kristoff said.

"Seems what?" Anna asked.

"He has us tromping through the jungle without North or Mund." Kristoff stated.

"And he just now tells us that we only have two weeks before the CEO of S.I.I pulls us out. I don't know about you guys, but there's something up."

Anna rolled her eyes.

"Kristoff, you're being paranoid." she insisted.

"Really?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

"Then why does he have us going looking for the herb when we should be looking for Jack?"

Anna stood silent for a moment at the mention of her lost brother. She narrowed her head, contemplating. She hoped it was like Hans said and that he was at the valley already.

"Kristoff," Tadashi said.

Kristoff sighed, knowing he had crossed the line.

"I'm sorry, I'm just... tired." he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I'm gonna go." Anna said as she turned.

Elsa and Jack swam into the deep parts of the lagoon. Elsa turned over her back, looking up at Jack who was breast stroking behind her. She then stood up in the water, her feet now far above the bottom.

"Jack, follow!" she said, grabbing her mate's hand.

"Where are we...?"

Elsa then dove under the water, pulling Jack along with her. The two swam down into the darken depths of the lagoon. A school of fish scattered around them. Jack glanced all around at the fish which swarmed them. The lush underwater flora far below the surface. The rays of light which which beamed down from the surface.

Elsa swam up to Jack. He turned to her. The wild women then grabbed his hand once more and turned, diving below. She then came under Jack, turning to look up at him. She placed her hands over the biceps of her chosen mate. She stared into his eyes. His icy blue eyes.

The wild woman narrowed her gaze, staring up at him with the gaze Nala uses on Simba. Jack stared in awe at the wild woman. The way she looked at him he'd be lying if he said he didn't think she was a bit cute. And that he kind of liked her back.

For a moment, the couple was kept in each others embraced. Suddenly the two began to lean upwards to the surface above. The two emerged from the water gasping for air.

Jack laid back over the rocks along the banks of the lagoon. He sighed in relief, feeling the rays of heat touching his bear skin. Elsa came up over the rock and came up to Jack. She nudged his side and laid next to him. Jack leaned up his head, glancing down at the jungle girl.

Elsa snuggled up against Jack, laying her head down over his bear chest. She placed her hand over his heart. She could feel it pounding in his breast. She glanced up at her mate. Jack smiled down at her. Slowly her instincts took over. She came over Jack, her breast pressing against his side.

"Elsa, what are you...?" He said.

The wild woman glanced down for a moment. She wanted to show him how she felt. But she had forgotten what it was that people do to show affection to each other. She then remembered a book her mother had read he years ago. About a Prince who rescues a princess from a kingdom. At the end, she remembered the they feel in love and they... kissed.

She then glanced up at Jack, staring into his icy blue eyes. Slowly she leaned her head forward before pressing her lips into his. The kiss had caught Jack off guard. He leaned his head back as she continued to kiss him. He was about to say something, reaching his hand up to grab her shoulder. When suddenly he stopped.

He slowly lowered his hand, placing it over her cheek as he leaned into the kiss. The two then parted lips, gazing int each others eyes.

"Uh..." Jack said, glancing to each side, curiously.

"That was... uh...?"

Jack was at a loss. He had no idea what compelled him to do that. They hardly even knew each other. But at the same time, he felt as if he wanted to. As if he's known her all his life.

"I should... probably tell you," he said.

"This is... Kind of... wrong."

"Jack not like?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"Well... I mean," he said.

"We... uh... we don't know each other. And... uh."

Jack shook his head. Everything felt so confusing. But even so, he felt as if they were moving too fast.

"You see, we don't know each other," He tried to explained.

"So kissing... like that... is kind of... you know."

But even so, Elsa could hardly pay it any mind. The very concept of love in the world of man was but foreign to one raised in the jungle. It didn't matter to her if it was too soon. She loved Jack and she could feel that he felt the same. That was all but enough for her.

As Jack turned to speak up, Elsa once more leaned down and kissed him. Like before, all sense of reasoning was thrown to the side. Jack leaned back over the rock, as Elsa came over top of him. Pressing her soft breasts against his chest. He placed his hands over her sides, sliding them down to her waist. Feeling his touch, Elsa gasped at the intensity. She leaned her head down and nuzzled under her chin.

Wanting more.

Kristoff stared up at Anna for the longest time. He thought about what he said. Bringing up Jack the way he did. How could he have been such a jerk?

He narrowed his head and sighed. Maybe Tadashi was right. Maybe he was just jealous of Anna getting together. It wouldn't be the first time. But still, he couldn't help but feel there was something off about Hans. Anna dated men before but Hans seemed more preoccupied with getting this herb then he did with Anna. Even with her brother missing. Why was he so concerned with this herb then Anna and her brother's safety?

"Jack?!" Anna called out.


Tadashi turned to Kirstoff.

"You think we'll find him?" Tadashi asked, concernedly.

Kristoff glanced to him.

"What do you mean?" he asked, curiously.

"I mean... you know..." Tadashi said.

Kristoff shook his head.

"No," He said.

"No, Jack's gotta be around here."

"I'm just saying," Tadashi insisted.

"What if somethings happened?"

"Like with the leopard?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

"Hey, you don't think..." Tadashi asked, smirking.

"What?" Kristoff asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You know," Tadashi said.

"What Ingrid said."

The two chuckled at each other.

"What, Jack got kidnapped by some wild native?"

"Well you said the ladies can never keep their hands off him," Tadashi joked.

Kristoff chuckled.

One of Hans men sat down over one of the tree routs. He took the canteen from his side and took a drink. He then heard a small rustling sound. He glanced to his left and saw several ferns shaking.

He lowered his canteen, putting it to the side. He then reached for his gun and held it at the ready. He crept toward the ferns. He saw the foliage rustle once more. This time it was several feet from them. He raised his gun, placing his finger over the trigger. Suddenly, something flew out from the leaves, startling the man and causing him to pull the trigger. The gun went off, firing several rounds.

The sound echoed through the jungle, causing the birds to fly scatter above.

There was a strange crackling sound from afar. Like the sound of thunder from a storm. Elsa stood up and gazed in the direction from which it came. It sounded familiar. Like one she had heard before.

Jack leaned up from under her and gazed in the direction of the shooting.

"Hans!" He said.

He looked up at Elsa, who stared in awe. Elsa glanced down to her shoulder, pressing her hand against the mark. She closed her eyes, the sound echoed in the feral mind of the wild woman. She could hear her voice calling out for her mother. Followed by her screaming from being shot. Bearing the wound of man.

She couldn't let the same thing happen to Jack. Nor any other animal in the jungle.

Elsa got off of Jack and leaped off the rock.

"Elsa?" Jack said.

Elsa donned her top and loincloth. Jack came off the rock and walked over to her.

"Elsa where are you..."

She turned to Jack.

"Jack, stay!" she said.

"Water truce. Jack safe here."

"Where are you going?" He said, curiously.

Elsa turned and leaped into the trees as she swung off into the jungle.

"Elsa wait!" He called to her.

Jack stood for a moment. There was no way he was going to stay here. His friends were nearby. He turned back to the rock and quickly got dressed. He then turned and followed Elsa into the jungle.

"What happened?" Hans said.

The man turned, clinching the gun in his hand. Anna and Kristoff came up behind Hans.

"What's going on?" Anna asked, curiously.

"Hans we said no shooting at animals."

Hans glanced back at her.

"It's fine, Anna." Hans reassured him.

"Something came at me." The man said, glancing back at the foliage.

"It was probably a bird." Kristoff said.

He glanced to Hans.

"I thought you said these guys were expert trackers." He said.

Hans turned to the group. He didn't acknowledge Kristoff's comment and instead walked passed the two. He peered down at the map. He peered up at the direction ahead. The map said it was the quickest path to the valley.

He glanced back to the group.

"Come on," he said.

"We should get going."

Kristoff glanced at Anna, curiously. Much to his suspicion, the fact their escorts had a easy trigger finger caused him to have more doubts about their host.

Elsa clung to a vine as she swung through the trees. Leaping atop the high branches, swinging from one vine to the next, the wild woman came perched in the canopy of a tree. She peered below and saw a group of people walking below through the foliage.

The wild woman crouched down, peering at the strangers below. They must be from the campsite from where she found Jack. Several of them were armed with staffs of fire and lighting. Like how the man long ago. Once more the sound erupted in her mind, flinching as she anticipated the pain which followed.

She couldn't allow the same to happen to anyone else. Nor to Jack. These strangers were not welcomed here.

Elsa stood up and grabbed a nearby vine. She then leaped from tree.

Anna heard a sudden swooping sound from above. Followed by the rustling of leaves. She turned and glanced up and saw the tree rustling above. She saw something move in the canopy above.

Anna squinted her eyes, curiously. But then smiled and shook her mind, thinking it was probably nothing. She turned and continued on. Suddenly, she heard it again. This time it was coming from the tree ahead of them. Anna looked up at to the canopy of the tree above and saw a strange figure hidden within the foliage.

"Stop!" she said.

Hans looked up from the map and looked back at Anna. Kristoff and Tadashi stopped behind her.

"What?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

Anna turned back to them.

"There's someone up there," Anna said, pointing up at the tree.

Kristoff glanced up at the tree branch. He saw the leaves slowly rattling above, nothing really out of the ordinary.

"I don't see anything," he said, glancing back at Anna.

"It was probably just a monkey or something."

"No," Anna said, shaking her head.

"No, it looked like a person."

"Anna, there's no one up here but us." Kristoff said.

"Your uncle said the villagers don't usually come to this part of the jungle."

Anna narrowed her head, remembering her uncle did say that.

"Oh, right." she said, rubbing the back of her head.

Elsa stared down at the strangers. It was too risky for her to face them like this. Five of them were carrying those staffs. She needed a different approach. The wild woman turned and looked out over the nearby tree tops.

She saw a family of chimps perched in the canopy above. Chimps were known to be resent the presence of man in their territory. Though like all the people of the jungle, they follow the law. She needn't not for a battle to the very death. Only to rid the jungle from these intruders.

She cupped her hand to her mouth and let out the call of the great apes.

"Aaaaahhhh Aaaaaahhhh Aaaaahhhh!"

Anna glanced nervously at the tree tops. It was that sound. The one they heard back at camp. This time sounded like it was nearby.

"Oh, god," Kristoff said, nervously.

"It's that sound again!"

Two of Hans's men dropped their guns from over their shoulders. They held them up at the ready. Anna glanced to Hans.

"Hans?" Anna said.

Hans folded the map and placed in his beg. He reached down and pulled out his pistol, turning to the rest of the group.

"Everyone, just remain calm." He said.

"Remain calm?!" Kristoff exclaimed.

"Kristoff!" she said.

There was faint rustling in the jungle off to their left. Anna glanced to her left.

"Do you guys hear that?" Anna asked.

She saw several leaves rustling in the distance, making it's way toward them. It was getting closer. Suddenly they heard the branches above being shaken above. Two of the escorts behind Kristoff and Anna camp up, pointing their guns toward the movement through the foliage.

"No, don't!" Anna said as she came up and pushed his gun down.

"It could be animal."

"Get back," The man said, pushing her back.

"We got this-"

There was a horrible shrieking as the man was pushed to the ground. Anna few back into the Kristoff. They glanced up in shock and awe. The hollering ape ripped the gun from his hand and threw it into brush. He proceeded to pound down over the man, slamming his fists down over him. The man screamed in agony.

The other escort turned and aimed at the chimp, only to them be pounced by another of the great apes. The man fell to the ground, trying to hold back the great ape. Hans turned to the Anna and the others.

"Run!" He said.

Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi turned and ran back the other way. Only for several chimps to drop down from trees in front of them. The three stopped dead in their tracks as the apes crept to them, howling as they bared their teeth.

"Get behind me!" Kristoff said as came in front of Anna and Tadashi.

He stretched his arms out.

One of Hans's men got up and turned to them. He glanced down to his rifle laying over the ground. He ran up and picked up his gun and as he aimed for the ape.

"Get out of the way!" He said.

Anna turned to him.

"Wait no!" She said, reaching out her hand.

They then heard the strange call once more. The man turned, only to be kicked back as his gun went off.

Elsa let go of the vine and landed over the man. She grabbed the gun by the barrel, yanking it from his hands. The man slid, back from the wild woman. She raised the gun as if she was going to club him. But instead slammed it against the tree, shattering it to pieces.

The man gasped. Elsa stared down at him and roared, tossing the barrel of the gun away.

She then glanced over at Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi. The three stared in shock and awe at the jungle woman. The three of them were not like the others. They were not armed with man's staffs. But there was something about the female. Slowly her gaze softened, as she squinted her eyes.

It was then she realized. She was in the photo of Jack's family. It was his sister.

"Anna!" she said.

She glanced back at the chimps behind them. She reached out to them and spoke in the language of the apes.

"No, leave them!" she said.

"They mean us no harm."

The apes headed to the wild woman. They stopped and instead backed away from the three friends. Elsa sighed in relief.

Suddenly, she heard a lout bang. Like thunder from the blacken clouds of a storm. The chimps all turned and scattered into the jungle. The tree to her left was then struck. Elsa turned and saw Hans, pointing the gun at her.

"Hans, no!" Anna cried.

Elsa hissed at the man. She quickly leaped into the air as Hans fired again. She grabbed the branch above and swung forward. She then grabbed a vine and swung off into the jungle.

Hans lowered his gun. He glanced back to the others.

"Is everyone alright?" he asked, curiously.

There was a moment of unruly silence among the group. All left shocked after what had happened. Finally, Anna then spoke up.

"Yeah," she said, nodding her head.

"Yeah... we're alright."

Anna turned and looked of in the direction the wild woman had gone.

"W-who was that?" she asked.

Hans shook his head.

"I don't know." Hans said, glancing back at them.

"We should keep moving."

"Keep moving!" Kristoff said as he came up.

"Uh, no. We should head back to camp before she comes back."

"Yeah," Tadashi said, nodding his head.

"But we're so close." Hans insisted.

"Hey, in case you haven't noticed," Kristoff said.

"But we were almost killed. And some of your guys need medical attention."

Hans glanced back at his men. One of them was helping another up, hoisting his arm over his shoulder. His leg was mangled and his face was cut and bruised. Hans groaned.

"Fine." he said, begrudgingly.

"Everyone move. We're heading back to camp."

As the group began making their way back, Hans looked back in the direction of the valley. They were so close. But yet they came faced another set back.

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