Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 55

Hans pushed aside the door flap as he emerged from the entrance of the mess tent. He placed his hand over his hips and narrowing his head. Anna had been gone for several hours now. There hasn't been any word back from the men he had sent with them. They should have been back by now. Had they gotten lost like Jack?

He didn't think so. North and Mund had had trekked through this part of the jungle before and had mapped it out all the way to the mountains. So what was taking them?

He glanced down at Jenna, who was laying next to the entrance of the mess tent. Her head laying in between her paws, both her eyes narrowly opened. He could hear her whimpering. She probably was missing Jack and Elsa. He could hardly blame her.

Jenna's ear suddenly twitched. She raised her head looked1 off to her right.

"What is it girl." he asked.

There was a sudden rustling in the foliage off to his right. Hans turned and saw Anna and Kristoff emerging from the underbrush along with his men. Jenna stood up, barking as she rushed up to Anna.

"Hey girl." Anna said as she petted Jenna.

"Anna!" he said.

Hans came up to Anna, embracing her in his arms. Kristoff glanced to them and then he paused, staring with a disapproving scowl. They knew each other for only a week or so and already they were hugging like they have been married for several years.

Tadashi and Tooth came out of the tent and turned to them. They walked over to Kristoff and Anna.

"Anna!" Tooth said as she came up and hugged her niece.

"Are you alright?"

"We're fine, Aunt Tooth." Anna reassured her.

Tooth then looked passed the two and looked back at the camp site. She saw the few escorts Hans had sent with them to find Jack. But she couldn't see North, Mund or Jack anywhere.

She turned to Anna.

"Where's North and Mund?" She asked.

"There still out looking for Jack." Anna said.

"No." he said, shaking his head.

"All we found was this." Anna said.

Tadashi and Tooth glanced down at Jack's camera beg. The thing looked like it had been through the shredder. The strap was cut into two, there were several tears and scratches through the fabric. The entire top looked liked it had been ripped open and was hanging from a thread.

Hans glanced up to Anna.

"What happened?' He asked, curiously.

"Leopard." Kristoff said.

"Leopard?!" Hans exclaimed.

"Yeah." Kristoff insisted, nodded.

Tooth cupped her hands over her mouth.

"Oh my..." Tooth said.

She glanced back to Anna.

"Was Jack...?"

Anna shook her head.

"No, at least we don't think." She said, glancing to Kristoff.

"What do you mean?" Tooth asked, curiously.

Kristoff and Anna glanced to each other at first and then turned back to Tooth.

"Jack's been kidnapped." Anna said, turning back to them.

There was a moment of silence following what Anna had said. Everyone looked to her and Kristoff, both in shock and awe. After some time of fathoming, Tooth finally spoke up.

"What?!" Tooth said.w

"Kidnapped?!" Tadashi said, aloud.

Anna shook her head.

"It wasn't a kidnapping."

Kristoff and Anna looked back. They saw Ingrid standing behind them, gazing back toward the underbrush as she peered off through the jungle. Anna turned to her.

"What?" she asked.

Ingrid turned to them.

"It wasn't a kidnapping." Ingrid said again.

"She was trying to protect him."

"Protect him?" Kristoff asked.

"She?" Tooth said.

"It's instinctual for many species, including human kind, to protect one another," Ingrid explained.

"She simply took Jack someplace where they can be safe. She's trying to protect him from any rival predators."

"But why would she take Jack?" Anna asked, curiously.

"Is it no obvious?" Ingrid asked.

"She wants to have a mate."

Once more it had become silent as the three friends stared dumbfounded at the biologist. Tadashi squinted his eyes and shook his head, trying to fathom what she was saying.

"The worst fate of any specie is to be the only one of your kind." Ingrid said.

"To be left with no future, no purpose. But we often forget that when we seek out what we desire, we forget our place and those we love. And she has forgotten that."

Ingrid then walked past them as she came into the campsite. Anna and Kristoff turn and watched her walk into the campsite. Kristoff and Anna glanced to each other. Both bewildered in what to think of what she was saying. For a scientist, she sure sounded very... fictitious.

"Uhh... Okay?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

He glanced to Tooth.

"Is she... always like...?"

Tooth nodded her head.

"Sometimes." she said.

"I know a thing or two about jungle folklore, but I haven't heard anything like that."

Hans turned back to Anna and Kristoff

"Well, in the mean time, I think we should start with our research." He suggested.

"Shouldn't we wait for North and Mund to get back with Jack?" Tooth asked, curiously.

"I don't know if we have time." Hans insisted.

"Don't have time?" Kristoff asked, curiously.

"My father is giving us a week to come up with something." Hans explained.

"A week?" Anna asked, curiously.

Kristoff squinted his eyes, cocking his head.

"Yeah." Hans said, nodding his head.

"So we can't afford to waste any time. If we haven't come up with any research in that time, he's pulling us out. Now while you were gone, I've looked at several of North's maps. Kimpa Valley is just a mile from here. If we leave now, we can be back before sun down."

"What about Jack?" Anna asked, curiously.

"Yeah, shouldn't we look for him first?" Kristoff asked.

"We can do both." Hans insisted.

"We'll be able to cover more ground. And for all we know, Jack could have been taken that way."

Anna narrowed her head, glancing to her side. She pondered for a moment. Hans did have a point. They would be able to cover more ground. And Jack could have been taken somewhere near the valley. Eager to find her brother, she wasn't willing to suggest otherwise.

She turned to Hans.

"Alright." she said, nodding her head.

"Perfect." Hans said.

"I'll get the maps. Why don't you all rest up for now. We'll leave in fifteen."

Balto scurried along as he continued to sniff the ground beneath the fauna, following the foot prints of the one who took Jack. North and mun followed close behind him. Trudging through the underbrush, Mund continued to hack at the leaves with his machete. Slashing at the banana leaves and palms.

There was a lingering odor along with that of Jack' was a much different smell compared to the foreign odor of North's lost nephew. This was one which the husky hybrid had encountered before in these dark depths of the jungle. It was the scent of a lion. There were few times in the past that Balto had ever seen a lion. They normally hunt in the Northern plains far from this part of the jungle.

Balto paused. Raising his head, he peered down at the tracks. he wondered if they had encountered a lion like they did the leopard. But that couldn't be right, there were no lions within miles of this part of the jungle. There weren't any paw prints either, none which coincided with the foot prints. Yet there came a lingering thought. He was following human foot prints and yet he could only smell the scent of a lion. Could the one he was tracking be bearing the...

No he thought, shaking his head. It couldn't possibly be the scent of this human. As brave as they say lions are, they would often flee when in the presence of a human. Specifically one with a rifle in hand.

Balto once more slink further through the underbrush, drawing upon the two scents. Mund and North followed suit. Glancing to the foliage to each side, North pondered for the longest time over the night before.

He followed them for only a short while before coming to a tree which stood ins path. Balto stopped, peering up the tree. He sniffed it curiously. The bark atop the tree was masked in both their scents. He turned back to Mund and North and barked.

The two men emerged from the underbrush.

"What did you find, boy." Mund asked, curiously.

Balto barked to them. The two men glanced around. There was no sign of Jack or whoever took him.

"Jack!" North called out.

The jungle was silent. He turned to Mund.

"I don't see him anywhere." he said.

Mund glanced down at Balto.

"Balto?" he said.

He turned to Mund, whimpering.

"What's the matter, boy?" Mund asked.

"Which way did they go?"

Balto once more whimpered at the two men. He turned and came back up to the tree, and stood up, placing his fore paws on the trunk. He turned back to Mund. The expert tracker gazed up at the tree and back down to him.

"What is it?" North asked.

"Think Balto's saying they went up the tree." Mind said, glancing back at him.

He glanced down at Balto who stood off the tree and turned to him, whimpering. Balto was a reliable tracker and not once had he ever lead them a stray. He couldn't think of a time when he ever questioned him. He could always rely on Balto to help find anyone who had gone missing in the jungle.

But now he wondered if his sense of smell had gone dull. There was no way anyone, a girl for that matter would be able to carry Jack into a tree.

"Eh, seems like a high climb to be carrying someone." Mund pointed, tipping his hat.

He glanced back down at Balto.

"Balto, you sure they went that way?"

Balto dropped down. He looked around at his surroundings. He turned to his left and raised his head, sniffing the air. But he couldn't pick up either scent. He did the same to his right. But still he smelled nothing. He looked back at Mund.

Mund glanced up to the treetops.

"Looks like we've got a climber." Mund insisted as he gazed above.

"If she carried him up there, they might have took to any of those vines."

North frowned, shaking his head. None of this was making sense. First his nephew goes missing and had apparently been kidnapped. And now someone had taken him up into a tree and could have swung off in any direction. And with Balto unable to was going to harder now to find Jack.

North then sighed, wiping the seat from his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt. He shook his head, feeling dizzy. The jungle humility was already getting to him. The same could be said for Mund, as he went to take a drink from his canteen. He went to take a sip and only felt only several drops drip into his mouth.

He groaned, tipping his canteen down.

"We should probably head back to camp ." Mund insisted.

"And get some rest."

North shook his head.

"No." he said.

"We should keep looking for him."

"North, we can't keep tramping through the jungle like this." Mund insisted.

"We've been walking for hours now. We need to rest."

"Mund, we can't just leave Jack out there." North stated.

"He could be in danger."

"I get that, North." Mund insisted.

"But Balto can't pick his trail and we're not about to go stoppering around the jungle."

North narrowed his head. The last words he heard Jack say was that he didn't care about him or Anna. Those word continued to echo through his mind all night. But he wasn't about the let them stand. He wasn't going to prove to his nephew that he didn't care for him or the rest of the family.

However they weren't in any shape to keep looking. He was already feeling exhausted from walking around so much and was thirsty. If they kept going like this, they would pass out or lose their way.

He sighed, knowing there was no other option.

"Alright." he said.

Mund nodded his head.

"We should probably look at some of the maps when we get back."

"Yeah." Mung agreed.

Mund and Balto started back. heading back toward the clearing. North was about to follow after them when he then paused. He peered back at the tree, his eyes squinted curiously.

He then looked back and followed Mund and Balto into the jungle.

Elsa and Jack came out of the foliage where they came to ledge, overlooking all of the jungle. She rushed over to the ledge, where she came perched over the edge. The wild woman peered out over the horizon. She could see all four miles over the jungle. The sun's light was bearing down over the canopy of the trees.

She turned to Jack, who walked up behind came up and took his hand, pulling up over the ledge. He stared out in awe over the jungle.

"Wow," he said.

He reached down for his camera and then felt her hand grip his wrist. Jack glanced down at Elsa.

"What...?" he asked.

Elsa shook her head.

"Jack no." she said.

"No picture."

Jack lowered his camera.

"Okay, okay." he said.

Jack was too drawn to the jungle's beauty. He seemed too keen from seeing it from the frames of his pictures then her was seeing it from the way she does. She wanted to teach him the ways of jungle and show him all his photo's did not show.

Elsa turned and gazed out over the jungle. The suns light was glistening over the canopy of the trees. She looked up at the sun.

"Jack, look." she said, pointing to the sun.

Jack looked up at the sun. He squinted his eyes, raising his arm over his forehead.

"The sun?" He asked, curiously.

"S-un..." Elsa said.

He glanced down to Elsa.

"Yeah, El." he said, nodding his head.

"That's the sun."

"Sun... Sun..." Elsa insisted, pointing up at the sun again.

Jack smiled.

"Yeah, sun." He said.

"Sun touch." she then said.

"What?" he asked, curiously.

"Sun's touches jungle." Elsa insisted.

She turned gazed below over the jungle.

"Sun's light touches jungle. Bring life to jungle. Since First People."

Rafiki had taught Elsa many things about the jungle. His first teaches said of the sun and how it brought life to the jungle. Since before the beginning of time itself, the light had touched the lands and the jungle grew. And with it, the first people.

Jack came up and glanced to her, curiously.

"First people?" He asked.

"First people came to jungle long ago." she said.

"Since jungle grew from great tree."

"Really?" Jack said.

"First people created Jungle Law. Created paths which rivers run. "

Elsa turned and looked toward the mountains.

"Make great Mountain peaks." Elsa said, pointing to them.

Jack smirked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Wow." Jack said, glancing back at Elsa

"That's uh.. that's quite the story."

"First people said everything light touches belongs to all people." She said, looking back at her betrothed mate.

"Jungle provides. If people live by Jungle law."

"So... your saying, the animals have laws?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa nodded her head.

"Law sacred to all people of jungle." Elsa explained.

"Those who follow laws, prosper."

Elsa walked down the ledge and came up to a nearby tree. She placed her hand atop it's trunk as she gazed above. She saw two small monkeys scurrying across the branch as they came to the fruits which hung above. They reached up and plucked the fruit from above. Jack walked up to Elsa as he peered up at the two primates.

He glanced down at Elsa.

"And those that don't?" Jack asked.

Elsa turned to Jack. There were only few that ever followed the laws of the jungle. That being their own people. Though man did not live by the law. Nor were they one of the jungle's people. Though many like the hyena's or even that of Scar who had broken the laws of the jungle, now reside in the out lands. Scavenging for remains.

"Breaking law," Elsa said.

"Scar break law."

"Scar?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Scar Mufasa's brother." Elsa explained.


"Scar break law. Try to kill Mufasa and Simba. And me."

Jack glanced to the side, grinning his teeth.

"Mufasa faced Scar. Banished Scar to Outlands."

"Sounds like Mufasa had the right idea." Jack commented.

Elsa glanced to Jack, nodding her head. She narrowed her eyes as she then sighed, remembering all that had happened that day. Jack was right. Mufasa did the right thing when he banished Scar to the Outlands.

She looked back up at She came up and took his hand once more.

"Come!" she said.

She then pulled him along into the foliage.

Elsa came out of the foliage, pulling Jack along as they came over the banks of the watering hole. There were several animals gathered around the banks. Raising their heads, they turned to see two humans emerge from the underbrush. Elsa then turned to Jack. The sight of two humans in the jungle was one which these animals had not seen before. Even though they meant no harm, the seemed restless and suspicious of them.

Elsa turned back to them. She came up to the banks, raising her hand as she then spoke the master words of the Jungle.

"We be of one blood, yee and I."

They then stared at Elsa for the longest time. The wild woman frowned, lowering her hand. She wondered if they understood her.

Right then, they turned away as they lowered their head and continued drinking'from the waterhole. Elsa breathed a sigh of relief. Jack came up behind her.

"What was that about?"

She turned to him.

"Animals and Elsa of one blood." She said.

"Animals accept Elsa. Accept Jack. Share watering hole."

Jack glanced across the banks. He saw a tiger several feet from them, drinking from the watering hole. He then turned and looked back at him, raising his head.

"You sure about that?" Jack asked, gesturing his head to the tiger.

Elsa turned and looked back along the banks. She saw the tiger, looking back at them. Staring into his eyes, she could see the stripped one was weary. The presence of two humans at the watering hole would cause any predator to be weary.

Elsa gave a small growl, reminding him of the water truce. Even a tiger, the mightiest of hunters, was abounded by the Laws of the Jungle.

The tiger chuffed back, turning away as he continued to drink from the watering hole.

Elsa sighed in relief.

"Is he...?" Jack asked, curiously.

"Tiger not harm Jack." Elsa insisted.

"Water truce. Hunting forbidden here."

"Water truce?" Jack asked.

"Law of jungle." Elsa insisted

"All people drink from watering hole. Law forbids hunting. Water truth."

Jack glanced to the side. All these rules the animals have was just mind boggling. And the fact that prey and predator would have a truth when drinking from a watering hole. It went against everything in the study of biology.

"This is..." Jack said, running his hand through his hair.

He shook his head, trying to fathom everything Elsa told him.

Elsa came up to the bank. She dipped her toe into the water. It felt so cool. She glanced back and grinned as then an idea came to mind. Suddenly, Elsa reached back and started to undo the binding of her tops.

Jack sighed. He turned back to Elsa and saw she had toss her top to the side.

"Uh... Elsa, what... are you...?" He asked.

She then reached down and undid her loincloth and discarded it to her side. The wild woman turned to him, revealing her nude frame to her mate. Jack glanced up to Elsa, keeping himself from staring down.

"Elsa swim." she said.

"Jack come."

"Swim?" he asked, curiously.

"Jack not know how to swim?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack shook his head.

"Uh... no, no..." he insisted, turning away as his face turned red.

"It's just... um..."

Elsa grinned. Jack looked so cute, looking so awkward.

"Jack come swim." Elsa insisted.

"Um..." He said.

"Jack come." Elsa said.

Jack sighed.

"Alright, alright." he said, giving into her pleading.

Jack reached down to his vest an pulled it off, dropping it down to a rock behind him. He then took the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Elsa glance down, staring down at his abs. As he pulled the shirt over his head and threw it over the rock behind him, he turned to her, revealing his muscular frame. Jack then reached down and unbuckled his belt, pulling down his shorts.

Elsa stared at Jack in awe, her cheeks blushing red. She could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Jack glanced up to Elsa, wearing only his underwear. He squinted his eyes, curiously, seeing her staring at him.

"What?" He asked.

Elsa came up to Jack. She glanced down at his muscular frame. She then raised her hands, placing them atop his chest as she stroked him. His skin felt so soft and smooth. Suddenly her feelings took hold of her. She could feel her hearing beating like native drums. She wanted to take him right then and there, feel his nearly naked body press against hers.

Jack leaned back awkwardly, glancing from side to side.

"Um... Elsa?" He asked.

She glanced up at him. The wild woman then smiled, dropping her hands down and taking his hand. She then pulled him along.

"Whoa, okay, okay," he said.

"I'm coming, El."

Elsa stepped back into the water as Jack followed. He felt a cool embrace as he stepped foot into the water. Elsa continued to leading him deeper into the lagoon. The water by then was now up to their chests. Jack continued gasping as he felt the water climb up his body.

"Oh, that's cold, that's cold." He shuddered.

Suddenly, he felt water splash his face. Jack shook his head.

"Hey!" He said.

He glanced to Elsa, who laughed.

"Oh, okay." He grinned.

Jack then splashed Elsa back. She cocked her head, holding up her hands as the water hit her. The wild woman laughed. She swiped her hand, splashing Jack back as he did the same.

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