Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 52

Standing atop the ledge of Council Rock, Mufassa glared sternly out over the wide savanna fields that had been the pride's hunting grounds for generations before. Facing the yellow grasslands which reach so far from all around, the alpha thought of Elsa leaving the pride the night before. From all the supposed rumors said by all her fellow pride members regarding the sudden feelings and desires for a mate, she was convinced to be a threat to them. An act which the alpha found to be sordid on the part of his Pride, to have been so heedless toward one of their own.

Elsa was a true member of the pride, loyal and respectable to the family who adopted her. And yet, the very same family had but now disregarded her and forced her to outcast herself from them.

As Mufassa pondered further upon the matter, his time of thought was to reach its end. For at that very moment, the alpha had then spotted a familiar blue feathered bird soaring toward him. Zazu flew up to the edge of the the ledge from where Mufassa stood, landing before the alpha male.

"Sire!" Zazu said, bowing before the lion king.

"My apologies, I came as quickly as I could. I was just finishing my morning patrol in the East, I hope I haven't been keeping you."

Mufassa stared down at his royal adviser in such a cold matter, to which Zazu shuttered in response to his king. Fear inducing thoughts had but then entered the mind of the majordomo, considering the worst outcome to have earned him such an expression from the king. Had he missed the council meeting, had he truly kept the pride waiting for so long?

If so, then his duties for the king would now be called into question, as now Mufassa would begin suspecting he was becoming unfit to be his majordomo. He would then be dismissed after all that he had done for the king. The very thought caused him to the gulp as he tried to keep himself from shuddering.

Though right at that moment, Mufassa's expression had then softened.

"Actually Zazu, your just in time." He said.

"We were just about to start."

As the alpha turned and made his way down the ledge, Zazu gave a sigh of relief as he whipped the sweat from his forehead. He then spread his wings and flew after Mufassa.

Bagheera walked to the to the top of the hill and leaped up on the branch of the acacia tree. As he settled upon the long stretching limb, he gazed up at high ledge above where he saw Mufassa and Zazu walking down to the platform.

The pride had gathered below on the upon the stage below. The lionesses laid together, talking among one another in regards to the purpose of the gathering. Such times like this was usually for when they were to discuss the terms of a hunt later that night or for when there was a present danger in the jungle. Being that they had hunted the other night and that it was far too early to discuss such terms, it would stand to reason there was trouble somewhere within their territory. And it was what this danger was, that the pride debated over as they waited for their Alpha to reveal it to them.

Sitting at the side at the bottom of the ledge, Simba, Nala and Sarabi sat alongside one another just as it was that Mufassa had stepped down upon platform. The alpha then stepped and stood before his fellow pride members.

"My fellow Pride members, hear me!" He called out to the lionesses.

The lionesses discussions had the ceased as they turned to their Alpha.

"I have called you all here because there is a certain matter which we must discuss."

Mufassa had then fell silent for a moment, looking across the lionesses to the small acacia tree which grew upon the stone platform. It was there that he saw Diata, sitting alone from the rest of the pride. She looked back at him, gazing with sullen expression which the alpha was quite familiar to the alpha lion. The same he had seen of her those many of years ago, the very day she had lost he first cub. She had once more been subjected to such a feeling of loss as Elsa had left so suddenly in the night.

While he knew her adopted daughter hadn't gone far, Diata was still hurt from all that had happened. And it was the pride responsible for her it.

Mufassa then turned his attention back to the lionesses.

"There have been certain rumors," Mufassa explained.

"Ones which are being said among us. I am quite sure many of you must be aware of."

The lionesses looked to one another, chattering over what Mufassa meant.

"From what I understand, they all seem to be about Elsa."

When it was revealed to be one of their own, there was talk among the lionesses.

"Some of you have been saying that she has been desiring to have a mate and that she she is endangering the pride because of it."

Upon hearing Mufassa's statement, Diata felt her very heart sank. To know there were those in the pride who thought of her daughter to be a threat to her and everyone whom she loved.

"As many of you are unaware, Elsa has left the pride."

The lionesses widened their gaze while their mouths hung upon, staring in complete shock and awe. Sarabi too showed the same expression upon the news of Elsa. Though it was hardly of any surprise to either Simba, Zazu or Nala, who glanced to one another.

"I do not know of where she has gone, but I assure you we needn't be concerned. I believe for the time being she is with Bagheera or Rafiki. But we have broken the vow we made long ago when we chose to let her live among us. You have all let the fear of man cloud your judgment."

There was an expression of guilt upon their faces, turning away or bowing their heads in regret of their actions. They had squandered the promise which they had made long ago at the Council meeting, letting their fear of man lead to their outlook upon Elsa's feelings and thoughts.

"Elsa is a true member of this pride. Daughter to Diata and friends to all in the jungle. These rumors are a disgrace to her and to ourselves and for all of you to stop disregarding her."

With his final statement made, the pride left in the follow moment to fathom all they were told. Seeing that the matter had been settled, Mufassa turned back to Zazu who stood behind him next to his future heir.


Upon being called, the majordomo jumped at first before her hopped before the Alpha.

"Y-yes, sire?" He asked.

"Did you see where Elsa had gone during your morning patrol?" The alpha asked of him.

For a moment, Zazu was hesitant to answer Mufassa. While it was that he knew of Elsa's whereabouts, he knew he couldn't reveal so. The Pride was already in much distress at her sudden departure during the night, telling them that Elsa had ventured far from their territory would only exculpate matters further.

"Uh..." He uttered out, glancing back at Simba and Nala.

Simba nodded his head to the blue feathered domo, encouraging him to speak. Zazu then first took a quick break, quickly coming up with something to say in place of the truth that he meant to kept from being revealed.

"Uh, yes... your majesty." He said, turning back to the King.

"I saw her in the eastern part of the jungle with Baloo, I believe she's staying with him for the time being."

"Are you certain?" Mufassa asked.

Zazu in turn nodded his head to the alpha.

"That's good." Mufassa said, seeming pleased at the news.

"But I want you to keep an eye on her for the time being."

"Yes, sire." Zazu said, nodding his head to the alpha.

Zazu glanced nervously back to Simba and Nala, who merely stared back at him with the same mind of thought. They were relieved that the truth behind Elsa's whereabouts still remained secret from the rest of the pride. However how long it would remain so, that was a question which continued to linger in their minds.

Jack faced toward the other side of the river, running his hand through his white hair. All the while, he tried to make sense over what happened after he had come to gain consciousness.

"I can't believe this," he said.

The young man turned back to Elsa, who was laying behind him in a imitating formation of her fellow lionesses in the small clearing before the banks of the river.

"I mean, your real...?"

The wild women merely peered curiously up at Jack, his like the grunts and hollers of the Kimpa people. At the very least when they didn't speak so creepy.

"So everything that happened that night..."

Jack then smirked.

"All this time I thought that... well...I..."

Jack glanced to the side, trying to find the words to describe his state of shock and awe. However he found himself to have but little idea of how he could. Truth be told he never could entirely. After everything that had happened in the following years after, the night was lost withing the deepest depths of his mind. Only at the time of this expedition into the Ugandan jungle had he came to remember the events of the past.

He gave a slight chuckle before he dropped his arm to his side.

"I don't know what I thought." He said, looking back at Elsa.

The wild women only stared back up like an bemused toddler. Too young and innocent to understand anything at all. He knowledge of man's words was little, as her own name and Jack's were the the only two she could speak.

The young white haired man turned to face her, squinting his eyes curiously as he slightly tilted his head.

"Does any anything I'm saying make sense to you?" he asked.

Elsa only remained silent, uttering not a word to respond to him. Uttering nothing back to show she had any form of understanding to what he said. Though the message had been well received by Jack upon her very expression.

"You don't understand I'm saying do you?" He asked, peering curiously at her.

It seemed as much from the continues void of silence on her part. Yet it only continued to confuse Jack even more. Even though he knew she was feral and had living in the wild for a most of her life, it wasn't too long ago that he had heard her say his name and for her to respond when he said hers. But now it seemed everything he was saying to her had gone over her head.

As he pondered over her situation, he thought back to the events of the night they had first met. He remembered that he had exchanged words other then that of their names. Being that she was able to say his name after all these years, maybe she would be the same with some of the few words they shared.

"Wait!" he then said before turned back to her.

He then walked up to her kneeling down to the wild women.

"You remember, when were talking under the tree?" He said, gesturing to himself.

"Jack, Jack, Name."

"Jack." Elsa said.

"Yes, Jack." Jack insisted.

"That is my name. Name, N-A-M-E."

Hearing Jack utter the word, Elsa felt a feeling of familiarity to what she thought to be the equivalent of the Kimpa's mindless chatter. Though the memory of that night was modest. There was much she had forgotten about the events which had transpired long ago.

"Name." Jack said again, hopping she would try to emulate what she was saying.

Much to his anticipation, the wild women then made an attempt to speak.


Jack smiled.

"Yes, name." he insisted to him.

"Na- Naaaa!" She said.


"Naaaa!" She said back.

It was then that Jack stopped, tilting his head to the side as he thought of another word to say.

"Okay, um..."

Right then, he thought of Anna and remembered she did tell her of his sister.

"Anna!" He said, turning back to her.

"Do you remember Anna!"


"Anna." Jack said again.


It was at this point that Jack's arm dropped to his sides as he sighed, shaking his head before he rubbed his forehead. It was clear that his attempts were futile, she clearly wasn't able to say what he was trying to make her say.

Elsa stared sullenly to Jack, as he looked the other with a despondent expression upon his face. The wild women was puzzled as to why her betrothed mate was so dejected, but like any lioness with her mate she was willing to help relieve him from his distress. And being that she Jack was her future mate, she needed to show she had the qualities of a female counterpart.

Elsa came on all fours and crawled up to Jack, pressing her head against his chest as she nuzzled him. Jack looked down at her, leaning back as she crawled closer to him.

"Hey." he said as she continued to nuzzle him.

"what are you..."

Watching her snuggle into him, Jack could help but smile at how cute she looked. He slowly lowered his hand down and placed it atop her head, stroking the long and smooth locks of her bleach blond hair. To which Elsa pressed her head against his palm, feeling his touch. She then proceeded to lay in his lap as Jack continued to pet her. Jack of which smirked and gave a slight chuckle.

"You like that, huh?" He said to her.

Elsa glance up at Jack and saw him smiling back down at her. Her mate was relieved from all the stress and anguish he was under, the same way Simba when Nala calmed him when he was stressed or upset. Seeing he was in a better mood, another particular thought came to enter the mind of the jungle women.

Elsa the stood up off Jack's lap before she scurried away on all fours.

"Hey, where are you going?"

The wild women came only a few steps before she turned back to face him, to which she then hunkered down into a pouncing position. Like a cub eager to play, she leaped from side to side as she gave a playful growl. Jack of which smiled and chuckle, having a good idea of what she was trying to do.

"What?" Jack asked.

"You wanna play?"

Upon making the assumption, it was right at that moment the wild women pounced at him. Jack was then knocked down onto his back as the jungle women stood over him. The young man looked up at the wild women, who bowed her head down and nuzzled at the side of his face.

"Wow... Okay... I'll take that as a yes." Jack said.

Elsa chuckled as she leaped to the side off of Jack, letting him lean off the ground. The wild women then proceeded to circle around him, leaping one way to the other. As Jack sat up, she then grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him back down onto his back. All the while she then continued nuzzling him, rubbing her head against the side of his face. The long locks of her bleach blond hair covered his entire face.

She then stood up and gazed down at Jack, who pushed away the long locks of hair which covered his face. She then let go and walked around Jack who once more tried sitting up. As he came into a sitting position, she purposely fell back onto her side. All the while, the wild women pawed at him like a cat as she playful slashed her hands at his arm.

"Hey." Jack said as she continued to playfully claw at him.

Jack reach his hand out to her, to which she grabbed hold with both hands as she bit down upon his fingers. Tugging and shaking around like Jenna did when he played tug of war with her.

"Ahh!" Jack gasped upon feeling her teeth jab into his hand.

"Hey, easy!"

He pulled his hand from her, looking upon the teeth marks which she left imprinted upon his little finger. Though just as he saw Elsa stand up and attempt to move toward him, the young man was quick to react.

"No, stop!" Jack said to her in a high tone which caused Elsa to stop from coming any further.

While is was that what he said was unknown to her, but his tone was on par with that of the angered growl of a male lion. Whenever any of the males were in such a mood, it was often best to let them be. She looked down upon the hand of the white maned male she hoped would be her mate. Marked over his smaller finger, she saw the teeth marks she left when she bit him. Small hints of blood emerging from

"Man, you got quite the bite." He commented, turning to her.

Seeing the teeth marks on his hand, Elsa then realized why he was suddenly so irritated. She might have just hurt him by biting him. She had forgotten he was human like her, so biting and clawing weren't exactly something which was considered to be playfully.

Though she hadn't much to worry. Jack wasn't mad at her for it, he knew she didn't exactly know better. Seeing that Elsa has been living in the jungle for those fourteen years before, it only figured that she would act like a wild animal. From what he could tell and considering that her mother was a lioness, she was under the influence of lions and so acted as such. Yet even still, she felt responsible and wished to make Amen's with Jack.

The wild women took his hand and leaned down to the bark mark. She then proceeded to lick away the blood, cleaning the teeth marks the same way as lion would do to his own. All the while, Jack watched unsettling as Elsa licked the bite marks she made over his hand. As weird and uncommon as it was, he couldn't say that he didn't appreciate what she was trying to do. She was trying to treat him the same way animals would do to their own. In that perception, he had to give credit where credit was due.

"Uh... thanks." Jack said, as Elsa had finished cleaning him.

"That was... very considerate of you."

Though looking at her, he saw that same expression of questions she had been showing him every time he spoke to her. To which Jack sighed and shook his head. He knew there was no point, she couldn't understand nor speak the same language as him.

"Never mind." He said, turning away.

Once more did she see her chosen mate become so agitated. However at this time she was beginning to suspect why that was. It was the languages which they speak which continued to act as a barrier between them. Elsa knew little of how man spoke as she had spoken the language of the jungle for all her life. If Jack was to be her mate, it was this barrier between them which she had to overcome. And if so, there was only one way...

She needed to speak the language of man.

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