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Chapter 48

It was deep within the pride's den, where Diata was laying silently in the back of the den. All the while, she was frowning with her both her eyes narrowed downward, pondering ove the sudden disappearance of Elsa. So too of all the rumors being passed through the pride that forced her into exile. As she tried to bear these thoughts and accept all that had came to pass, she sealed away her blue eyes and pulling her head in upon her front paws. It was long ago that she had lost the cub of her own blood, but now she had come to lose the one she had adopted as her own.

Nala walked in through the entrance and came inside the den. She only came to where the wide hole that lead to outside was right behind her, as she had come to find Diata in the far back of the den. The white lioness laid upon the stone floor below, faced away from the young lioness who would proceed Sarabi and be the next queen.

As Nala looked upon the saddened mother and frowned as she felt much sympathy for her at this time. Much like Diata, Nala had found all these rumours and assumptions about Elsa had been so misguided to say the least. They had all cemented her in believing that she was a danger to the pride, that her desire for a mate would in the near future bring harm upon all in the jungle. But she knew well that Elsa would never do such a thing such as what they were falsely accusing her of. Her love and devotion to the pride was far too strong to have allow that to ever happen.

The young lioness gave but a silent sigh, before she turned and walked back through the entrance of the cave. As she came outside, she was met with the sight of Simba who was pacing back and forth so anxiously. As it was that Nala came out from the den, he stopped and turned to her.

"How is she?" he asked.

Nala first turned and looked back to the den.

"Not great." She answered, as she turned back to her future mate.

"She's not taking Elsa's disappearance well."

Simba gave but a brief sigh before turning forward, there was no other response which he would expect from Diata as of now. Her daughter had just ran away, any other mother would feel the same way as she did as of now. While there was the possibility which his father had insisted upon, that she just might be with Bagheera or Rafiki, or even with Zarya or Baloo, they knew well that their first suspicion of the matter was probably the true cause as to why she had left.

"We should be out there looking for her." He insisted, looking to Nala.

"We both know just as well what these feelings have been doing to her. She's already left the pride without anyone of us knowing, what if she does something far more reckless then that?"

Nala bowed her head, considering the possibility which Simba had insisted upon. She knew he was right about Elsa, that these desires she's been having may lead her to do something reckless. It was the other day that Elsa admitted to her that she still though of the man-cub she called Jack, the one which she had met so long ago. What's to say that she would make a choice so risky as that, to find the one she thought so much of?

"I'm not waiting anymore." Simba said, turning and making his way over the steep pathway.

It was then that Nala raised her head, coming to her decision.

"Simba, wait up." she said, as she came after him.

He stopped and turned back to Nala, just before she came beside him.

"I'm coming, too."

Simba smiled at his mate to be, seeing that he was right to have counted on her. The two together made there way down the path to the jungle below.

Baloo was rushing quickly through the jungle, his draws of breath grew heavier and heavier the further he ran. Though he tried his best to push any notice of it away, for there was too much at stake. He needed to get to the pride and inform them of Elsa.

"Need to keep going!" he encouraged himself.

"Have to find Mufassa and tell him about Elsa."

Though not even the greatest will power could supply the bear with enough energy to continue, for it was a shortly after that his exhaustion had set in and the bear could take no more.

"Can't... go... any... further." he said, breathing heavily

"Need... to stop..."

He began slowing down till finally his hind legs collapsed and he sat upon his bottom.

"Oh man." He said as be breathed so heavily .

"I really shouldn't have... eaten all that honey last night."

As the bear sat, trying to recover from his exhausted state of being, it was then that he started hearing voices coming from over head. The bear mustered up enough strength to raise head up and turned to look ahead. It was there that he came to see two familiar members of the pride, who were walking the other way and calling out for Elsa. It was right then that Baloo came to see the opportunity he needed, the saving grace that would spare him from them long misery of of trekking all the way to their den.

"Hey!" He called out to them.

"Hey... wait up!"

The bear got up and with haste he raced over to meet with. He came but a few paces away before he suddenly found himself tumbling down a steep hill. The bear rolled into the bushes below and came out the other end, laying flat upon his stomach before both Simba and Nala. Branches and leaves of the bushes wre caught and tangled in his brown fur.

"Baloo!" Nala said as she turned to the bear.

Baloo stood up upon his two front legs, where he the shook himself to rid the leaves and sticks stuck in his fur.

"Simba... Nala..." He said still trying to catch his breath.

"Boy... am I glad to see you... Both."

"What's wrong, Baloo?" Simba asked.

"Well... I was just... Heading to your den." Baloo explained to the young prince.

"There's something... That Bagheera... Wanted me... To tell you... Guys."

"What is it?" Nala asked, curiously.

"It doesn't matter." Simba said, looking over to his future mate.

Simba then turned back to Baloo.

"Baloo, have you seen Elsa?" Simba asked.

"Thats why... I was going to the... Den." Baloo explained, before he finally caught the breath of air which he desperately needed.

"You saw her?!" Nala said with anticipation.

"Yeah." Baloo said, nodding his head.

"Where is she?" Simba asked.

"Well that's the thing." Baloo said to the two.

"The last that I saw her, she, uh, she crossed the border that way."

It was at the moment he had released his explanation, that it was both Simba and Nala were left completely shocked and wide eyed.

"She what?" Simba blurted out.

The two pride members gazed to one another, left so questioned by Baloo's statement. They both knew well that it was forbidden for any to ever ventured out into someone else's territory. And of course they knew well that Elsa knew that law as they did. It was now that they came to realize that their fears that centered upon this matter had come to be, for not only had Elsa had abandoned the pride without any word of notice but she had also come to break one of the most vital laws of the jungle.

"We have to go after her." Nala insisted.

"Don't worry about it." Baloo advised the two.

"El's fine. Bagheera went after her. He told me to come and tell you and the pride, then we were suppose to meet back at the border."

"Take us there." Simba said.

The bear gave out a brief sigh of despair, having to have began to recover from his exhaustion only to now have to go back the way he came.

"Alright, come on." he said before he turned and lead the way.

As day turned to dusk and the sun had by then nearly descended into the far horizon, darkness had began to loom over the tropical jungle land. Elsa was now walking upon the jungle floor below, after what had been a long travel from the tree tops above. It was by now she had come so far from the border of the pride's territory and far from her animal family. Even now, she had grown so weary after the long day of travel.

It was then that Elsa looked up to the sky above the trees, noticing that the last essence of sun was due to fade by the darkness of night which followed from behind.

"It's getting late." She said to herself.

"I should find somewhere where I can sleep for the night."

Elsa then proceeded forward into the unknown part of the jungle, in search for shelter or a place which would be fitting to rest for the night. It was as she walked through the nearly blackened jungle, that there suddenly came a sound from her left. It was then that her instincts had set in and she stopped abruptly, turning her head before she inspecting her surroundings. Slowly and steady, her hand lowed down to her hunting dagger that was tucked away in it's quiver at the right side of her loincloth.

It was times such as this that Elsa came to remember everything Bagheera had taught her. To any danger that would lurk nearby, any rival predator who would dare attack, she must be ready at all times. She must rely not just on her sight alone, but also on scent and sound as well. And when it was that the rival was to make his move of attack, she must be ready for it and give it little chance of success.

Although it would come to be fortunate for her, that the slight sound which occurred did not lead to anything further. To come after was only silence, not a sight that could be deemed as suspicious could be seen by the wild women. Though sight of course can be very deceiving to one. She slowly stood back up from her defensive stance, still having her guard to be high for the unknown.

"It's probably nothing." She said, second guessing herself to rid her suspicion and fear.

It was then that she turned and continued on through the jungle. She proceed on for a short while, before she came into a small clearing from the vegetation. It was there that she to gave up to the tree top. It looked to be a suitable place to spend the night, it would keep her safe from any predators who hunted in this part of the jungle.

"That seems like a good place to spend the night." She said, before she turned and looked about the area.

"At least up there I won't have to worry about anything down here."

As all had come to be clear with not rival predator in sight, she turned and walked before the tree before she began to climb up to its high top. She had slept in trees many times before in the past, whether it was in the open Savvannah fields that was the pride's hunting grounds or in the jungle when she was with Bagheera. It was frightening at first, when she had first tried as a cub. Though overtime, under the teachings of Rafiki, being high in the tree tops had become to accustomed to her. As swiftly as Bagheera, she pulled herself up the trunk and came upon one of its high sprouting branches. It was there she came to settle, sitting up against the trees trunk behind her.

Elsa laid her head back against the tree, pondering once more of her lion family and her mother. Were they thinking about her now? Did they miss her or were they relieved that she was gone? She prayed not that was the case, though she knew well that her lioness mother would miss her regardless of that. Though as her mother came to mind, thought of how she must be at this moment.

"I wonder how mama is doing." She said to herself.

"She must be so worried about me right now."

She frowned, grieving, wishing most of all that she could be back there with her. She sighed, just imagining the pain her mother was enduring. Still it was better then what would be otherwise, how hurt she would have been if that had been. As much as that was to be comforting top know that she had just came to spare her mother that horrid misery, not even that could justify her actions and the guilt which proceeded it.

"I wish I was home." She said, wrapping her arms around herself.

It was then that she raised her sadden eyes and gazed up to the stars, which glistened above in the night sky. Her feelings and actions had but lead her down a path where she was lost and confused, left with so many questions that she seeked to find the answers to. Yet even still the great Kings had remained silent as the night to her need of their guidance.

Elsa had then sealed her eyes away and bowed her heard, her tears beginning to emerge and run down the sides of her face. She them pulled her legs in close, curling into herself as she started to cry.

However unknown to the wild women, that nearby she was watched upon one she was being watched by one she was intimated with. For it was nearby in the trees and the blackness of the shadows, that Bagheera was staring out to the wild women in the light of the full moon. As he came to bare witness upon her moment of sorrow and grief, the panther had then came to see exactly what was the cause of it and why she was here. It was the rumors and the gossip which he himself had heard from the pride and others in the jungle that had damaged Elsa's heart.

It was then that everything had become clear to him, why she had ventured out into the unknown regions of the jungle. It all had stemmed from the reason that she had become so torn from the things which had been said about her, despite the need for a mate of her own. Knowing humans, he knew for them to have very sensitive feelings and he saw the same in Elsa. For her loved one to have revealed such an outlook upon her, it was more then enough to hurt her as badly as he can see now.

Now in this tale we must turn our attention to events that now escalate back with Jack and the expedition. As it was that Elsa had come to settle for the night, tired from her long trek, the group had done the same and for reasons that were like hers. The group had come to cross the bridge that Tooth had spoke of and came into the jungle that was on the other side. By the time of the setting sun, they had come to a small clearing in the jungle which had the fitting space to set up camp. Before it was that the jungle had become dark by the blackened shadows, Hans's men had set up the tents and their equipment and everything was in place for what lied ahead the day that was to follow.

It was dead of the night, Jack, Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi and Hands were now all settled around an open fire with North, Tooth, mind and Ingrid having dinner. All the while, North was enlightening everyone with his stories of his times exploring the Ugandan jungle. Something that was an old tradition whenever his nephew and Niece came to visit him and tooth, one he hadn't done for many years and had always missed very fondly.

Though with the passing years that went by, he had ventured out into the jungle many times and had come to find some new ones. One in particular he was now sharing with Jack and the others, causing Anna to be at the edge of her seat like how she used to do when she was only five. When the thrill of her uncle's tale had come to captivate her.

"Okay wait, wait." Anna said, trying to get a clear understanding of what he was telling them.

"You came face to face at tiger, as in a real live tiger?"

North nodded his head.

"Yes." North insisted.

"But this was not any tiger I saw.

"Oh, Crecy." Mund said, rolling his eyes.

"Here we go again."

"This tiger was the biggest one known in this very region. The villagers of Nyumba call him mtuhumiwa, the killer of their people and live stock. They say whenever he is around, vultures fly ahead, jackals and hyenas follow in hopes to feed off his kill."

"Really?" Hans said, fascinated himself of North's tale.

"Well, that sounds like a very fascinating folklore, North."

"Ah, but it is true, Mr. Fortrume." North insisted.

"It was just the other year that I saw mtuhumiwa myself when me and Tooth were visiting the chief. We first heard one of the villagers screaming and the tiger's roar the next. I first rushed to our jeep and got my rifle and by the time I got there mtuhamiwa was dragging away one of the villagers goats."

Anna stared in awe, eager to hear what it was that came next. Everyone else each gazed his way, interested in the story. That was all except for Jack, who sat back in his seat while facing toward the fire. He like the others listened to uncle talk, but he was far from feeling caught up in it. His uncle's tale could hardly reshape the mood he was in, it was far from amending after what Uncle had did.

"I went to take the shot but I missed." North explained.

"Mtuhamiwa then turned his attention toward me and he pounced..."

"And what happened?" Anna asked, curiously.

"Well North got lucky that day." Tooth stated.

"He came close to being Mtuhamiwa's next meal. Lucky the villagers came to help before he could do anymore damage then he already did."

It was then that North lifted up his right sleeve and revealed three huge scar marks imbedded upon his arm. Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi and Hans stared with eyes wide at the enormous claw marks upon North's fore arm. Anna turned and nudged her older brother.

"Jack, check it out." She said.

Jack turned and looked to his sister before he noticed his Uncle's arm. It was a very stagger he had to admit, though he had little show of it unlike everyone else. Rather he merely nodded his head to all but suggest how impressed he was at his Uncles one outcome when he had faced the tiger.

"Wow, that's uh... pretty cool." he complemented, before he looked back to the fire.

His tone however did not go unnoticed by North, who picked up immediately that his nephew was far from what he claimed to be. Tooth as well came to notice what he did with their nephew.

"Are you alright, Jack?" Tooth asked, curiously.

"You've barely touched your food."

It was then that Jack so rose up from his chair.

"I'm just not hungry right now." He answered before he walked around and departed from the group.

Anna, kristoff and everyone centred around the fire pit each looked to Jack, who passed by a set up table where he set his bowl down before he walked on. Tooth and North looked to one another curiously, now suspecting that something was wrong.

"I'll got talk to him." North reassured his wife.

North got up from his lawn chair and followed after his nephew.

Jack walked across the campsite, till he came to the far end of the clearing. He had came to stop when he was then faced with the blackened jungle that surrounded the clearing. He sighed, placing his hands upon his hips before he then bowed his head. Jack then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the stake of his and Anna's unread letters. As he gazed down at them, it only came to add more to his already frustrated state of being.

"Jack?" His uncle called with his Russian sounding voice.

The young white haired man glanced back, where he saw his uncle walking up behind him. He lowered his arm to his side before he turned to confront him.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" North asked, curiously.

"Why don't you come back and join us by the fire, no?"

"Not now." Jack said, turning away from him.

North came up to his nephews side. As he came to see what was at the front of Jack, he came to see jack face was written with the emotions of anger and frustration. To what could lead him to feel the way he did, he had little idea that could be a very prominent theory. But really he cared not for the reason but rather he wanted to find a way he could cheer him up.

"You know." He said, setting his hand on Jack's shoulder.

"I didn't get to tell you or Anna how great is to have you back."

"Really?" Jack said, with a tone that sounded very unconvinced.

North nodded his head.

"We were hoping that after you were well and when things were better with your mother and father, you all would come back and visit. How have your parents been anyway, did they sort things out?"

It was then that Jack turned to his uncle, glaring out of his anger over his uncle's obliviousness to the matters that had took place in his own family. He was already well aware of this the first day they showed up at the camp, when Aunt tooth had compared him to his father.

"They're divorced." Jack answered, bluntly.

"What?" He said, turning to his nephew looking surprised and e


"After me and Anna got home." Jack answered.

"They've been divorced for fourteen years now."

It was then that North frowned in remorse for his young sister and for his nephew and niece. He hadn't known this for the time he hadn't seen them, over the fourteen years which had separated them for so long.

"Jack, I'm... so sorry." he said.

"Sorry?!" Jack uttered out with frustration.

"Your sorry? I can't believe you didn't know about this. We wrote to you several times but you never wrote anything back to us."

It was then that Jack handed his Uncle the stake of letters that he found in his desk.

"I found all these in your desk before we left camp and I notice that neither you or Aunt Tooth even bothered to open a single one of them."

North looked to the flat clear white surface, where he saw his name and Tooth's written in the writing of a child. The white bearded man went wide eyed with realization, raising his head up to look back at Jack.

"Jack, I'm sorry." He said, knowing that he had been very caught up in things that he forgot to read and write back to them.

"We were meaning to read them and get back to you but we've been so busy and-"

"Busy doing what?" Jack asked, his anger slipping from his control.

"Busy chasing your wild fantasy, busy trying to find some lost city that doesn't even exist?"

North tried to say something back in defense for his actions, however he came to provide little response to his young nephew. After hearing all that had happened to his family and how it had gone so unnoticed by him for so long, there wasn't anything which could come to excuse him.

"It seems like that's all you ever cared about!" Jack continued ragingly.

"Trying to relive something about our great grandfather while me, Anna and Mom were always the second priority to you!"

"Jack you, your sister and you mother mean everything to me!" North argued back.

"Are we?!" Jack said, knowing there were some many aspects that proved otherwise.

"Where were you when mom and dad split up, where were you when we came close to losing our house? We needed you and you were never there for us! "

North said nothing back, not right away. It was his first that he turned away from his nephew, pondering over everything he said about him.

"I don't know what to say." he said.

"Neither do I." Jack said as well.

It was for a moment that the two didn't say anything further to each other. Though it lasted for just a short while. There was one thing that he had to know in regards of his younger sister Jill.

"How is your mother?" he asked, wanting to know if his younger sister was okay.

"She's fine now." Jack answered.

"After her and dad split up, she started seeing this guy named Bill. They got married a couple months later and we ended up moving to San-Francisco cause some job offering he got. By the way, you and Aunt Tooth got a new niece and nephew"

North took a sigh of relief to hear of his sister's recovery from this tragedy they had endured all those years ago. Though he still felt a ping of guilt that he hadn't been there when she most needed her.

"Me and Anna have a new brother and sister now." Jack said, glancing to his Uncle.

"Really?" North said.

Jack nodded his head.

"Yeah, suppose its probably the best thing to come out of this whole mess." Jack commented.

It was for a moment that North looked to his young nephew, frowning.

"I'm sorry, Jack." he said.

"You know I didn't mean to do what I did."

Jack sighed, knowing well that it wasn't truly his uncle's intention for his years of neglecting his family. Though this was still far from being excusable to do the things he had done. He was still angry about it but really he was upset that he was never around.

"Sometimes I wish you would just let this go and come back home." Jack said.

"Jamie and Riley need to see their Uncle and Aunt."

North bowed his head, looking away from Jack. It was at that moment which made Jack sigh, he turned and walking back into the camp, leaving his Uncle to ponder over his mistake.

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