Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 47

By the early rise of the mornings light, Elsa made her way to the Eastern part of the jungle. It was from the watering hole that she had returned in hopes to find answers to solve her dilemma, the jungle women had now took to the high tree tops. She leaped from branch to branch, grasping hold of vines and swung to the other side. She had but little notice of the way she was going, nor did she have much care of where it would take her. All that was of any matter to her was to be rid of these feelings and thoughts which had plagued her as of late, to no longer place that misery upon her animal family as it already had.

Esla swung up to the branch of a free and landed upon the long stretching limb. However she was not quick in continuing on her way, but rather she stood upon the branch as she thought of what may be transpired back home. It was by now that she suspected that her mother and the rest of the pride had came to realize that she was missing. She couldn't imagine how worried and upset her mother right now, all the more adding flames to the guilt she felt.

She wanted to go back, she felt so homesick already for the den and she missed her mother. But she couldn't, not now.

"I can't go back." She told herself.

"I can't face while I'm like this. But where else can I go?"

As she turned forward and faced to what lied beyond, the Eastern border of the territory that was her home. The place from which she had came to this jungle, where the plane had crashed from the storm of that night and where Diata came to find her long ago. It was much too far from the pride and the one place where she could be alone, where no one would be able to find her. Though she knew there came great risks to that decision and knew that if she was faced with danger then there would be no one to help her.

But the risks would prove to be ineffective in deterring her from going though with this decision.

"I have to keep going." She said.

"I know I shouldn't but I have to. No one will ever find me there."

Like Rafiki had showed her years ago, she climbed up the tree and leaped out to a branch. She took hold of the branch and swung herself forward before she let go. She flew toward a vine which she quickly grasped hold and began swing through the trees. She soured for a moments time before she came to another vine that hung just ahead of her, to which she grabbed hold of it and continued swinging onward toward the east.

Bagheera was laying high in the tree, for what had been all throughout the night. The panther opened his mouth wide, letting out a growling yawn before he raised his head from off his two front paws. Though as he opened his eyes, the panther had then spotted Elsa who swung by without taking a single notice of him. He turned his head to the direction she had gone, watching as she swung onward passed him. The panther became curious of the wild women as he gazed in the direction she was going. Just at the sight alone she appeared to be heading to the eastern part of the jungle, far beyond the pride's territory.

The panther turned and gazed down to Baloo's den, which was down below beside the tree.

"Baloo!" He called out to the slumbering bear.

"Baloo wake up!"

Bagheera stood up off the branch and leaped down to the jungle floor below. He the came up before the entrance of Baloo's den.


There came a loud moan from within the cave, to follow a few moments later was the dozing bear walking out from his den. He was half awake, his eyes half open with a jaw-braking yawn to follow.

"I'm up, I'm up." he groaned before coming to notice Bagheera was standing in front of him.

"Oh, hey Bagie."

"Come, quickly!" The panther encouraged, before he turned and dashed the way Elsa had gone.

"Hey, where are you going?" Baloo asked.

The bear with such haste dashed off after the panther.

Elsa swung swiftly toward the east of the jungle, grasping vine after her vine as she soured through the trees. Never once was there a moment that she stop, that was until she came toward a tree which stood in her way that the wild women landed upon one of its long sprouted branches. It was from there the wild women made her way across to the other side of the branch. Yet it was down below upon the jungle floor that Bagheera had come to have caught up with Elsa. The panther came up to a high stranding truck of a tree nearby, where he stopped and peered from around the corner and gazed up to the wild women.

It was by now that the curiousity which lead him to follow Elsa, had become a questioning suspision to the actions that she was presenting. It was already that she had gone beyond the boundary of the pride's territory, an action that was forbidden by the law of the jungle. One that he himself would never have expected on the part of Elsa who respected and followed the laws like everyone else in the jungle.

"Baghie, hey!" Baloo said as he had just caught up with the panther.

The bear came to stopped abruptly in his tracks, trying to catch his breath through his exhaustion.

"Whats... What's the..."

"Keep quiet, Baloo." Bagheera advised, looking back at the bear.

Bagheera peered back to Elsa, who had come to the back side of the tree and grabbed hold of a vine. She then leaped from between two branches and swung ahead. Bagheera came out from the corner of the tree which had hidden him away from any notice by the wild women. It was by now that she had climbed across to the other side of the tree, where to grasped her hands around a vine and leapped out from the branch that she stood upon. Bagheera had then came around the corner of the tree and rushed to the one where Elsa had been. Baloo groaned with displeasure, to the notion that they were to go further then they had already. Though it was quite fortunate for the bear alone as Bagheera did not go as far as to what he suspected, but rather the panther came up to the tree and leaped high onto the branch above. It was from there that Bagheera saw Elsa, who swung ahead into the jungle.

"Uh, Baghie?" Baloo called from below.

"Would you mind explaining why we're all the way out here. I'm pretty sure we just went passed the border."

"I saw Elsa." The panther stated.

"What?" The Bear asked, curiously.

Bagheera turned and leaped down before Baloo.

"I saw Elsa come this way." The panther stated.

"Elsa?" Baloo said.

"What would she be doing out here, this is way beyond the pride's territory?"

It was needless to say that Bagheera was just as surprised as the bear was at this turn of events. The law of the jungle was clear, that all who hunt remain in their territory, only with warning can they were to change the grounds that they hunt upon. It was forbidden for one to cross out from their territory and into anothers, one which Elsa had just come to break when she had came this way. Never would he have expected her to commit such an actions, for he knew Elsa respected and obeyed the law just as he and Rafiki had taught her to do.

"That I'm not sure." Bagheera stated, finding it to be just as odd as Baloo.

"Really I find this to be just as surprising as you, Baloo. Elsa knows that she is never to go beyond the boundaries of the pride's territory, there shouldn't be any reason for her to have gone this far."

"Hey, you don't think this has something to do with..." Baloo said, referring to the particular rumors being spread the pride.

Bagheera knew ell of the rumors and have heard them himself, really he had no other suspicions of what could be the culprit of why she would break the law. She was human after all and she had very powerful emotions that could cause her to make very foolish choices, he has seen it before himself. It was what got her captured by the monkeys of Kima Valley, who taken to their fool of a king in hopes learning man's secret of the red flower. It would make sense that her heart had been damaged by how those she had come to love think of her with this desire for a mate.

"I have no other guess to what it could be." The panther stated.

"But it would make sense, I've seen this happen before."

"So what do we do?" Baloo asked.

The panther turned and looked back the way that Elsa had gone. Baloo's question had a very clear answer to the actions that needed to be taken. Elsa had placed herself in unimaginable danger by leaving her people and venture to where she did not belong. He suspected the pride had little idea of her actions, they would need to be informed of it. But it was also mandatory that they needed to go after her and keep an eye on her to ensure that no would bring harm to her.

Bagheera turned back to Baloo.

"Baloo, go to the pride and tell them about Elsa." He said.

"And what about you?" Baloo asked, curious of his position in the plan.

"I'm going after her." Bagheera said.

"Someone needs to make sure that she's safe. I'll follow her and then I'll meet you back here tonight."

"Alright, got it." Baloo said, nodding his head.

It was with that that bagheera turned and raced off East into the jungle.

As it was that Elsa went on far from her family, there were others who were also making their way into the jungle at this time. Jack and the expedition had left the camp site of his uncle and Aunt and were now hiking through the tropical forest, being lead by their the new guides who were now helping them along on their journey. It was in a straight formation which the group was proceeding on the pathway through the lush vegetation and the dense tree's that stood up from the jungle soil from there and far beyond, North was leading everyone along with his rifle in hand. Tooth, Hans, Bunnymund, Ingrid and Jack followed behind him along with everyone else.

Though it was Balto and Jenna who were truly at the head of the group. The husky hybrid high on alert for any trouble that may lurk within the jungle that surrounds them.

"Are you certain we are going the right way?" Hans asked.

"I am much Certain, Mr. Fortrume." North insisted, looking back to Hans.

"Me and Tooth have come this way many times."

Tooth looked down upon the map she held in her hands, looking upon the routs she had charted long ago on their hikes.

"We just need to keep going this way." She said, looking to Jack, Hans and her husband.

"There's a bridge right up ahead that will take across the river. At this rate we'll be able to reach the clearing before nightfall."

"Good." Hans said, blissfully.

"I am hoping to begin our search tomorrow."

"I hope you have the same luck as Adgar did." North said.

"Both he and I searched this jungle over and over for that herb. We have come this way so many times it's become embedded in mind."

"With you, I'm actually surprised you guys found anything at all." Bunnymund said.

"Jack, you never mentioned your uncle knew professor Adgar." Hans said, tuning to look at both Jack and Anna.

Both Jack and Anna looked to one another, both were just as Surprised as Hans was that their Aunt and Uncle had met the world renown scientist. They had come to reveal it the other night, that Adgar had come to stayed at their camp when he came searching for a sample to further his research. This was quite a surprise indeed, but even more this would come to serve their expedition greatly then what they had anticipated. They knew of what they were looking for and had seen it themselves. This would make their journey a lot easier and they might be able to go sooner then what they expected.

"Well we're just as surprised as you are, Hans." Anna insisted.

"Oh, yeah we know Professor Adgar." Tooth said looking back to her niece and nephew.

"He visited on several occasions when he was conducting his research. He even funded our campsite."

"His money has kept us going a long time." North insisted.

"But I'm afraid it isn't going to last us for much longer. With the lack of visitors we're gotten, I'm afraid we'll have to close down."

Anna frowned, hearing what could be a possible outcome for the camp. For it was a very dear place not just for her Aunt and Uncle, but for her as well.

"What?" Anna said, coming up from behind Hans.

"You mean..."

Hans saw the peril in Anna's eyes and understood just what this meant to her. It was apart of her family after all.

"I think I could help you with that." Hans said, turning to North.

"After we recover a sample to study, my company can arrange funding for your camp."

Anna looked to Hans with utter joy and contempt, as did Aunt Tooth upon hearing his offer. She felt like she just wanted to hug him for his kind action. Not only would they be able to keep the camp, but they would also be able to get more visitors after they find the herb. In their own way, she and Jack were also helping them be able to keep the site.

"Really?" Tooth said.

Hans nodded his head.

"That is quite generous of you, Mr. Fortrume." North complimented.

"We would appreciate that very much."

Anna came back beside Hans, her expression had brighten all due to his actions for her family.

"Thanks, Hans." She said, smiling up at him.

It may be so that Hans's offer was a very generous one indeed, however no everyone saw it that way. Most notably Kristoff who was waling behind them along with Tadashi, staring sternly to Hans. Just at the way he was looking at her, it caused him to groan with displeasure. Sure it was nice and all that he was going to fund her and Jack's Uncle and Aunt's camp, but not even that was able to deter his suspicion of him.

"Well that's gonna be tough to beat." Tadashi commented, knowing how jealous he must be right now.

"Knock it off." Kristoff said.

"Just saying." he said, shrugging.

"I think he might have an edge over ya, right Jack?"

Jack wasn't so quick to answer him. He only continuing to walk silently in front of his two friends, using the hooked staff that Elsa had given him long ago as a hiking stick.

"Jack?" Tadashi said again.

"Huh?" he said, looking back to them.

"I was just telling Kristoff that Hans might have an edge over him." Tadashi explained.

"Over your sister, I mean."

Jack only shot back a look of disbelief, mainly to the matter of this love love triangle between Kristoff and Hans over his sister.

"Seriously, guys?" he said.

"Wow, whats gotten into you?" Tadashi said in reaction to his sudden tone.

Jack sighed as he turned and hung his head.

"Sorry, guys." he said.

"I'm not in the mood right now."

"What's going on?" Tadashi asked, curiously.

Jack came back beside his two best friends, where he reached into his camera beg and pulled out a stake of envelopes which were bind together by an elastic band.

"I found these inside my Uncle's desk." Jack,said, handing them to Kristoff.

Kristoff took the stake envelopes from Jack's hand and looked down upon the blank white surface of the top envelope, that he came to notice the words Uncle North and Aunt Tooth written down upon it. How the two names were written it resembled the hand writing of someone underage, no doubt someone who between the ages of six or seven. Though as memory came to serve Kristoff, he came to realize that it was Jack's from the first grade.

"Hey, Jack." He said, turning to him.

"Wasn't this your hand writing back when we were in grade one?"

Jack nodding his head, confirming the answer to his question. With that alone, both Kristoff and Tadashi could piece together the meaning behind what Jack was trying to imply to them. Though what they came to see what it was caused them to frown and look to each other. This one stakes of envelops he held were all letters which were written by Jack and Anna over fourteen years ago, none of which had ever been opened by their Uncle and Aunt.

"Oh..." Kristoff said, looking back at Jack.

"Yeah, exactly." Jack said.

"We've been writing to them ever since we moved to San-Francisco and they never wrote anything back to us. Now I know why, because they never bothered to open any of them."

"Why wouldn't they?" Tadashi asked, curiously.

For that question, Jack could only draw but one conclusion to it.

"Cause they're too busy chasing a fantasy." Jack answered so bluntly.

"My Uncles always been obsessed with some old stories my Grandpa used to tell of our great, great, grand father. He said that he was some explorer who I guess found this lost city somewhere here in the Uganda and I guess Uncle North wants to follow in his foot steps and find it."

Both Tadashi and Kristoff took a glance to each other, finding that to be oddly familiar to that of the Professor. It was probably no wonder as to why the two of them worked well together so much in the passed. They both had such similar intentions that all resolved around being here in the jungle, both in search of something that could potentially change the world as they knew it.

"Defiantly sounds like your Uncle has a lot in common with the Professor." Tadashi commented.

Jack could hardly deny the facts of the matter, there was some similarities between the two. Although he knew there was such a massive difference that separated them. One fact being that Adgar had found what he was looking for and what he was looking for actually proved to exist. What Uncle North was after was nothing more by some native folklore, having little evidence that could prove it to be otherwise. If anything, he was heading down the same path as Adgar, but would more then likely share the same fate as him.

(Okay, so I understand that a lot of you have been eager for Jack and Elsa to finally meet and that it's taken me so long. Well, I got some good news and even better news. The good news is that we have only one chapter left before they meet, the better news is that I will be continuing to write until we get to the end of Reuniting discovery. So a bit of news for you guys and I apologies for being so long, I hope I will give you a satisfying conclusion. Till then, please comment and review and I'll see you guys then!)

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