Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 46

It was the fall of the night which was now upon the jungle, a time for which is to be known for when the pride and the other predators of the region would be hunting for their next meal. However the focus of our story need not be concerned with the lionesses which stalked either that of zebras or wildebeests in the savannah fields, but rather the ones who were not chosen at the council meeting to be part of the hunt. It was those few pride members who were gathered at the den along with their alpha's Mufassa and Sarabi, along with their future heirs Simba and Nala, entranced within their a deep and soothing rest for the day which was to follow soon after. That was however all except for one in particular among them.

By the entrance of the den, Elsa was laying alongside her mother still very much awake and unrestful unlike her fellow pride members. Laying upon the hard stone floor of the den with her head resting upon her crossed arms beneath them, her blue eyes narrowed so sullenly. She found it hard to sleep at all as thoughts which had transpired from the council gathering that took place earlier that evening ran through her mind continuously. All of what Nala had told her had proven to be so after today, proven so by the conversation she had come to over hear from the lionesses and the argument she had with Simba. Though it proved to be much worse then how it was, for she had come to learn of what their intentions were behind their words. Because of her thoughts and feelings for a companion of her own, they were all coming to deem her to be a threat to the pride and to her mother.

She of course felt so astonished and resentful to all which her pride had labelled her to be. Yet to some level of understanding, she could see as to why they were so troubled by her.

"Why am I doing this?" She asked herself within her thoughts.

"Everyone thinks that I'm a danger to the pride and to..."

Elsa glanced up to Diata, who was sleeping so soundly right beside her. She thought back as to what the lionesses had said, that if these feelings and desires for a companionship then it meant it wouldn't only be herself in danger but also her mother and everyone else would be put in harms way. With the love she had for her mother after all that she had done for her, the weight of such a responsibility would be far more then what she could ever bear to be placed upon her. Never could she ever find any forgiveness in herself if anything were to happen to Diata.

"How could they think I would hurt you, mother?" She asked herself.

"After all you did for me...?"

Never could it be of her pure intention of course, however still she felt the chance of it ever happening to have a every powerful possibility of being so. For it was still so that these feelings and desires consisted to be like the words she had heard from her pride members. Not matter how it was that she tried to suppress them and withdraw her attention from them, still they continued to persisted regardless. Like the river that runs through the jungle, they continued to stream through her mind.

Elsa narrowed her eyes and bowed her head for only a moment of time. Seeing all the trouble which she was causing and the consequences which would come from it, Elsa wished only to relieve them of the burden she had placed upon them. The wild women turned her head and looked back at the entrance of the cave. It was for the sake of her mother and everyone in the pride that Elsa came to the decision to... leave the pride. Elsa turned back over upon her side, thinking over the choice which she considered.

"Maybe it's best if I leave." The wild women thought to herself.

"All I'm doing is causing the pride to worry."

It was a choice which was looked down upon and regarded it to be one of selfishness and disregard for others. It certainly wasn't one which would be expected to be acted upon by a young mature lioness such as herself. But she needed time away to deal with these sudden desires which she had been placed upon her. And also if all was to be true and the threat she may pose would be so, then it was her family's sake which she valued more then anything.

"I just... need some time." She told herself again.

"It'll only been for a while, until I can make these feelings all go away."

The wild women got up from where she was laying, carefully so not to wake her mother or anyone else. She then turned and walked over toward the entrance of the cave, though stopping for a moment before walking through to the outside. She first looked back to her mother, wanting to just take a moment to look at her one last time.

"Goodbye, Mama." She whispered, saddened that she was going to leave her.

Elsa then looked forward and as another small moment of hesitation had passed, she walked through the cave entrance to the outside of the den. She walked but a few steps away before she stopped she felt much hesitation of going through with her choice. Though Elsa was not blocked by it for very long as she instead pushed on. She made her way down the pathway to the very bottom of the stone platform, where she then disappeared into the jungle.

It was for a time that Elsa had walked through the darkness of night, through the plants which sprouted from the ground below the cover of the trees. She was now far from the sight of the den, guided by her compulsion to be away from the family for their sake. It was that very intention which had now brought her into a small yet very familiar clearing she had been once before, where there was a small pool of water underneath the clear opening to the star filled sky above. It was the one which her mother had told her to be one of the jungle's most sacred places, where people with questions can yet find the answer which they seek to find.

It was upon emerging from the path that she stopped and gazed upon the pond. It had been so long since the last time she was here, since that very special night when she was but a cub that she had shared with her lioness mother. Even now being here again, the memory of that night she could see it play out before her. She saw herself when she was just seven years old, sitting along side Diata as the two looked up at the many small bright stars which glistened above in the night sky above. She could recall everything she had said to her that night, every word so accurately. That above the stars are where all those who came before them were looking down at them watching over them. Though what was the most vital part of the night was when she had come to be free from her life of confinement and came to discover her place was truly here in the jungle.

Though now she had returned after so many passing of years, alone and so confused by these feelings and desires for a mate of her own. All in the hopes that she could find the answer to the reason behind these desires. The wild women then came forward from the jungle and walked up onto the same flat rock on the bank of the pond. She came down upon her knees and leaned just a bit forward as she looked down to her reflection upon the surface of the water, who stared back at her. Even still could she still feel her desire taking hold of her and holding tight, like how Kaa the rock python squeezing the life out of her prey, their strength could compare well to the wise serpent. She found there was to be no escape from it and for attempt she made to resist she could only feel it become so stronger then it was before. It felt like it was an unquenchable thirst, one of which would only be satisfied by having another by her side, one who could be a suitable mate for her. As so it was that she thought of the only other person that she had ever known...Jack.

It was for that reason alone which made her feel as if he was to be the answer to her problem, for what may have been such a short time together, she could only see it to have the connection that could bond them wild women sighed, turning her head away as she narrowed her eyes. The idea she was thinking of just couldn't be so.

"I can't!" She said, knowing that it couldn't be.

"I can't have a mate, he wouldn't have me no man ever would. I'm part of the jungle, to them I'm just something for them to hunt for sport just like..."

She paused, trying to hold back from the memory of that very day. Never more did she wished to think of it, nor to hear of it from anyone ever again. She sat back from the water, her eyes beginning to have tears emerged from them. It was of course the truth, that now burdened by the mark of man she was considered to be like all the animals of the jungle. Which only meant that her desire would remained so, unable to be even then, she could not suppress this desire for Jack.

To the stars that glistened with their smalls specks of light above, the wild women gazed up to the darkened night sky. So lost and confused on this path she had chosen, she came to heed her mother's words she remember of the night they had shared here at this watering hole. That from those stars which twinkled in the night, all the great kings and those before were watching over all in the jungle. Diata had told her that if she ever felt alone of lost, to always remember that those king would always be there to guide her. It was their guidance which she needed at this time.

"Great kings of the past, I seek your guidance." The wild women said, in hopes that the kings of the past could hear her words in her time of need.

"The pride thinks I'm a danger to them, all because of these thoughts and feeling I've been having."

There was only a moment of silence which transpired what was to come after, as the

"I feel so confused." She then said, looking back up to the stars.

"I don't want to hurt Mama or the rest of the pride. I know that I am jungle and I know that I can't be apart of man's world, but every time I see Simba and Nala... I keep having this feeling inside. What should I do?"

There was nothing but silence that was to come from the past kings, not a word to be utter to what could be a solution to Elsa's peril. The silence on their part had only came to distress the wild women all the more. Still left without any answers, the wild women bowed her head and sealed away her eyes. Though it was to further burden her that to be accompanied by the feeling of guilt and uncertainty over her decision to leave the pride. The act of leaving her mother and her lion family behind for how long it was to take to quell these feelings, it only meant to be that she was subjecting herself to the fate which was feared all throughout the jungle... being the only one of her kind and now being truly alone.

It was by the morning's early light that Diata was the first within the den to wake from her sleep. The white lioness opened her jaw so wide as she let out a growl like yawn before she raised her head off her two front paws. She then looked to where Elsa had slept, only to find that she wasn't there beside her. The white lioness looked leftward to the back of the den, gazing upon her fellow pride members.

"Elsa?" she called with her voice so faintly.

She did not hear the voice of her adopted daughter say anything back, nor was there any sign of her among the resting lionesses. It was by this that Diata had grew more nervous of her adopted daughter. She looked back to her right to the entrance of the den, predicting that she must be outside. Diata came up off the stone floor and up upon her four paws, stretching her legs to relieve the stiffness feeling she had received from her sleep.

The white lioness walked out through the entrance of the den and came into the world outside. She walked toward the edge of the ledge, gazing downward to the rest of the stone platform and to the jungle below.

"Elsa?" She called out.

"Elsa, where are you?!"

Still there was the soundless void that came after her voice and nothing more to follow, nothing of Elsa's voice could be heard. The silence all the more concerned Diata of her adopted daughter. Through theses passing days has she noticed that Elsa had not been herself, all to do with these feelings and desires which had been rumored by the other lionesses of having a mate of her own. She had heard herself of these rumors of her daughter, yet she had but little belief she would be so reckless to go through with such a theorized outcome. Though from all she had come to see, it seemed to begin changing her belief of the matter.

As the fearing mother continued to seek out her missing daughter, she was absent minded to Mufassa and Simba who emerged from the cave entrance with Nala to accompany them.

"Diata?" Mufassa said.

The white lioness turned and looked back to the King, his prince and his mate, her expression was of complete fear and concern.

"What's is it?"

"Where's Elsa?" Nala asked.

"Elsa's gone!" The white lioness said, so perturbed of her daughters sudden absence.

Both Simba and Nala widened their eyes with shock at her statement.

"What?!" Simba uttered.

"Where did she go?"

Diata shook her head.

"I don't know." She answered with concern and fear within her voice.

"I just woke up and she wasn't there."

Mufassa stepped forward from between his son and Nala, unconvinced that there was any cause for alarm by the situation. He was well aware of the rumors and trouble which Elsa was being subjected to, however he knew well that Elsa was very much wise by her choices. He knew that there was a good reason for her sudden and unexpected absence.

"I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned of, Diata." Mufassa insisted to her.

"She might have just gone to see Rafiki or Bagheera."

Mufassa's conclusion of Elsa's sudden disappearance hardly caused any relief to Diata, nor was it agreed upon by Simba. Much like Diata, the young prince had much suspicion that it had much to do with the desires and feelings for companionship. The argument that they had the evening before was much evident that Elsa had been troubled by all the things the lionesses had been saying, she had already came to be convinced that the pride thought of her as a threat.

"Father, I think we should look for her." Simba said as he stepped forward.

"Simba's right." Nala insisted upon her future mate's suggestion.

"She's been troubled by the thing the lionesses have said about her, she thinks she's a threat to the pride."

The words which Nala had utter stung Diata so much, leaving her with such astonishment that mindset was brought upon her daughter. More so was that it was the pride and the few other animals who had caught word of this, that damaged Elsa's heart.

"I understand your both concerned about her." Mufassa said, as he turned to his son.

"I know the pride is being unfair to her because of the feelings she been having, but that is something I shall discuss with them."

"It's not that, Father." Simba insisted, finding that to be less concerning then that of what was the true culprit of this matter.

"I'm more concerned about her, she hasn't been herself and I'm afraid they will lead her to do something reckless."

His son's concern was well noted by the alpha lion, knowing that Elsa has been less then what she was expected to be. Though Mufassa was still convinced of Elsa's maturity and knew she would avoid any decisions that were regarded in such a way. Especially in the case of her desire for a mate, he knew she understood the risks that would come of it.

"I trust Elsa will make the best decisions." Mufassa stated.

"For now, I think that I would be best if we let her be. With everything she has endured, she needs time to herself."

Simba bowed his head, frowning. As much as it was that he respected his father and came to see his decisions as ones made by a wise and noble leader, he still couldn't shake the fear for what would come for Elsa. He simply turned away from his father and proceeded to walk back to the den.

"Simba." Nala said as she followed him.

The alpha lion watched for a moment as he son walked away, knowing well that he didn't sit well with what had to be done. It was clear that having little to do in the situation was hard for him to accept. Though that was something to ne admired on the part of his son. The loyalty he had to Elsa and the will only to keep her safe, it showed that he cared for her like she was his own sister. He then looked to Diata, who turned away from him and walked back to the ledge and continued to gaze so sullenly to the jungle.

"Elsa." She said, hoping that for the safe return of her daughter would be so.

(I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I'm sorry about the long wait. It's been hard to write with the anxiety, doesn't exactly give you any confidence or anytime to think of ideas. I have been getting better though and I'm going to keep writing this story. Though I'm kind of struggling with writing the dialog and things for the characters to say. If I could get suggestions I would very much appreciate it. Till then I look forward to hearing what you have to say.)

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