Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 45

With Jack and the expedition now settled into his Uncle's camp, it is at this time that we must be taken back into the far depths of the jungle to the savannah clearing that was the hunting grounds of Mufassa and his pride. With the sun beginnings it inevitable decadence to the west horizon, both Elsa and Nala journeyed together through the open grass clearing to rejoin their fellow pride members at Council Rock. It had previously been announced by Zazu, who spread word to all the lionesses of the pride that Mufassa had declared there to be a gathering at the Meeting Rock to discuss terms of the hunt they were to have the night that was to soon come. This was a traditional custom of the pride for many generations and done by the kings which had preceded Mufassa.

The two lionesses came up a steep hill side and up upon the top to be met with the view of Council Rock ahead, where some of their fellow lionesses which laid upon some of it's ledges as well as a very familiar young male. The sight alone revealed that not all of the pride was currently present at this time. There was no sign of Mufassa who would usually be standing atop the ledge and facing out toward the open savannah. From what Elsa could see of the lionesses who were currently present, it didn't seem her mother was there yet.

"It looks like Simba is already here." Elsa said, looking to Nala.

"Mufassa and everyone else must still be coming."

"Well we should still probably get going." Nala said.

"They'll probably be here soon."

The idea was very sound to Elsa, knowing the chances of that possibility were very much high. They two had already began making their way down the hill and walked across the flat spread of grass covered ground which separated them from the meeting place of the jungle folk. A walk which only lasted that of a short time, as they had came before the steep pathway which lead up Council Rock. Elsa trotted along behind Nala, who was the first who began climbing up the path. Just as the jungle women was to follow, she then caught notice of voices which sounded as if they were to be nearby. She looked upward to her right where she saw three lionesses laying together atop a nearby ledge.

From where she stood, Elsa could hear well of the words which they were uttering to one another. Being taught by Bagheera in the ways of hunting, one lesson vital not just in the case of tracking ones prey but for ones survival was to have a sharp sense of hearing. One must always be weary of even the slightest sound, for it could either be that nearby prey or even a rival predator which had the means of being a threat.

Though as she listened to the words which they spoke to one another, it appeared to sound that what they were discussing was... her.

"We should have known something like this would happen." The middle lioness said.

"She's the only one of her kind in the jungle, we all know that is worst fate for anyone to have. It only stands to reason that she would want to have a mate."

"I can't imagine how she must feel carrying such a burden." The lioness left of her said.

"But we all know that can never be, especially after what happened to her when she last saw her kind ."

The three lionesses grieved at the remembrance of that tragic day, the sight of Elsa laying motionless atop her mother's back was a sorrowful memory to say the least. Although it was a day that had put them in perspective when they had discovered that man had shot Elsa. They had never known such a thing to come from them, to have used their sticks of fire and lightening on one of their own, one of their own cubs for that matter. The cruelty that was said of them had but now exculpated far beyond what any of the jungle folk couldn't have imagined it to go.

"I still can't fathom the thought of that." The middle lioness said.

"To think, they would do such a thing to one of their own and to a cub no less."

"I understand Elsa's plight and everything." One of them said.

"But I think that it would be best for her if she just stays away from them. Not just for her sake but also for the pride's... And for Diata's too"

The mention of her mother made Elsa twitch. It wasn't just her who was in danger on that very day, but so too was the lioness whom had come to adopt her as her own. She was the one the man was trying to kill with his staff of lightning and fire and with these feelings and desires she's been having, not only was she placing herself in that past danger but it also brings Diata into it as well. She was dedicated to her, she raised her since she was just seven years old and abandoned after the death of her parents and loved her the way every mother cares for their children and protected her. Those were all the things that could never be repaid and what had earned Elsa's affection and love.

Really that was her biggest fear in regards to these emotions which plagued her as of late. If anything was to happen to her mother or any of the ones she loved, it would be far more then what she could ever bear. Already had she lost her parents, she wished that no one else she had come to love were to suffer the same fate.

"Tabia's right." The lioness who laid across for her said.

"I think that would be best for her and all of us."

"Yeah, she's far too good for them." The middle lioness said.

She glanced to her right and suddenly let out a gasp of shock when she saw Elsa was standing down below staring up at them. Tabia and the other were soon follow with the same reaction. Elsa's very saddened expression was a sight which confirmed their fears and proof that everything they had said was heard by her.

The wild women turned away from them, letting their gossiping words run through her mind. She felt distressed at the things they had said about her, but also the feeling of shock was a present reaction much to see the very truth of what Nala had told her. The fact that these words all came from the ones she came to love as family, it was too hard for her to fathom. While she understood that they only meant well and was thinking of what was best for her, however there was no mistaking in what they thought of her within the situation she was presently in.

Staring back at Elsa, Nala frowned at the sight of her deemed sister's troubled state. She wasn't taking this well, it was very clear at that. This wasn't at all of what she wished to be known by the pride.

"Elsa?" she said.

The wild women looked up at her with a sullenly expression upon her face. She stare at her for only a moment before she faced away and walked passed Nala. The lioness turned and watched as she walked up to the pathway. She was soon to follow after her a short time after.

Elsa came to the top of Council Rock. Although she took little time in getting her baring's to those around her. Rather she made her way to the umbrella tree which sprouted out from the stone surface of the platform. Nala A few of the lionesses laying together, which included both Kion and Kovu along with their mother noticed her walking by them.

Just as they saw her, the two brother turned and raced to her.

"Elsa!" Kion called out to her.

Elsa came up to the umbrella tree and sat down. As she laid back up against it's trunk she sighed, wrapping her arms around herself as her blue eyes were glancing over to her right. She continued to surmise herself over her current situation with thoughts and feeling for a mates companionship. Though it lasted for only a brief moment as both Kion and Kovu padded up to her they way puppies do for their owners when they wanted to play.

"Hey, Elsa!" Kion said as he leaped in front of her.

"Come on let's go play!"

"Yeah, Elsa." Kovu egged on, stood up on his hind legs and placed his front upon Elsa's shoulder.

"Come on!"

Elsa turned to the two cubs, looking very sullenly compared to the way the eagerness and rush of excitement that filled the two cubs. It was a much different then how she would usually feel when the two brothers wanted to play with her, especially whenever the pride would have these meetings. She would always happy to play with them whenever these gatherings took place. She understood being a cub playing was the only thing you ever wanted to do and these meetings didn't exactly sit well with you.

Although with all that's been happening, playing wasn't anything she was so keen on at the moment.

"Stop, guys." she said, pushing Kovu off of her very gently.

"Not right now, okay?"

"Aw, please." Kovu begged.

"I'm sorry, guys." Elsa insisted further.

"I just don't feel like it right now."


"I said not now!" Elsa said, feeling some of her stress come out in her tone.

Startled by her sudden outburst, the two brothers jumped back. She stared back at them with a very sternly, something she never showed toward them before. Though she didn't appear that way for very long as expression had then softened, realizing she had just let her feelings slip from her control, something that none of the jungle people should allowed to happen. She leaned up off from the tree and toward the two.

"Kion, Kovu." She said, attempting to reach out to pet their heads and apologies to the two for lashing out at them.

Though her hand came halfway to Kion before he and Kovu back away from her. Elsa stopped and frowned, seeing them stare back at her so frightened and timid, as if they were faced by a hyena who was driven by the lust of his hunger.

"Kion, Kovu!" A voice called from behind.

Elsa gaze up and head behind the two brothers and saw Simba approaching them.

"Go back and wait with your mother and the others." He said to the two young males.

"Elsa needs to be left along right now."

"Okay." Kion said before looking to his brother.

"Come on, Kovu."

The two brothers turned and began walking away from Elsa and Simba. All the while Elsa sat and watched the two make their way back to their mother and the other lionesses. They passed by Nala who also looked back at the two before looking over to her and Simba. She frowned, feeling very regretful for having to push them away and lash out at them the way she did.

Elsa let out a sigh as she turned forward and leaned back against the tree. She glanced up to Simba, who turned to look down at her the moment which followed after.

"What was that about?" He asked, finding it hard to surmise that she would do a thing like what she had just done.

Elsa glanced up to Simba.

"It's not like you to just go off at them like that. I mean your always in the mood to play with those two, especially whenever the pride has these gatherings."

Elsa only bowed her head from Simba and glanced back the other way, ceasing to give him any answer in regards to the sudden behavior.

"Elsa?" He said.

She only remained to be in the same stance as she was before, still resentful in saying anything to him. Needless to say that her action didn't sit well with Simba, who frowned being left without an answer. It was by then that Nala came up beside Simba, staring very concerned as he to the wild women's very sullenly state of being. Simba glanced curiously over to Nala, who then stepped forward toward the wild women.

"I'm sorry, Elsa." She said, knowing it was the least that she could do as of now.

"But you know they're just concerned about you."

Elsa sighed, narrowing her head further.

"What?" Simba asked.

"What happened?"

"She heard the lionesses talking about her." Nala explained

"About what's been..."

What she was referring to Simba suspected well to what it was. It was the one thing which he had been the most anxious about in these passed few days, what reminded him on the most darkest moment of his life. Although he was also very confused as to how the rest of the pride had gotten word of it. He only shared it with Nala as well as his father and mother, he didn't share it with anyone else in the pride or the jungle.

"They know?" He asked, curiously.

"What were they saying?"

It was at that moment that Elsa had then spoke up.

"They think I'm a danger."

Both Nala and Simba both turned to look at Elsa, who had made an attempt to move and was looking up at the two lions who she deemed as her closest friends.

"What?" Simba said.

"They said that I'm a danger to the pride and to mother." Elsa said.

"And it's all because I'm the only of my kind in the jungle."

Simba was left dumbfounded to the things Elsa was saying. True that she was human and the only one in the jungle, but she was also part of the pride and was looked upon as such by everyone else. The fact that some of the lionesses were not considering it seemed odd enough on it's own, however hearing what they were saying about Elsa while he found very unsettling to him, he did understand somewhat to what their reasons for it was. He also knew that it wasn't meant in any other light then the one he knew was the one which they all intended it to be.

"Elsa, you know they're only thinking about what's best for you." Simba insisted.

"All these thoughts and feelings you've been having, we're all just afraid what it will come to."

Hearing everything he was saying to her, Elsa stared wide eyed as she shock her head in disbelief. It was true with some of the things he had stated, the pride's concern all centred around that of her wellbeing and what dangers she would be in if these feelings were to continued on. However it had also came to state what she was the most worried about with the Pride being aware of her current situation. They were afraid of her, fearing what the inevitable outcome which she would be deemed as responsible for.

"I knew it!" Elsa blurted.

The wild women rose up from her spot as fast a weed which had just been ripped out of the ground.

"You all think I'm a danger!"

Both Simba and Nala were taken back from her sudden burst of emotion.

"Wha- no, Elsa." Simba averred.

"That isn't it at all, no one thinks your a danger to us."

"Isn't it?" Elsa asked, knowing well that wasn't so.

"You all think I'll bring harm to everyone because you assume that I want what you both of you have."

It was very much a legitimate thing for the pride to be concerned of, however comfort could help ease the thought from their minds. They knew after what happened with her own kind, all that would come from another would only be the same result, only it would be far worse then what it was before.

"No one in the pride is afraid of you, Elsa." Simba said, knowing well that such a thing couldn't happen.

"It's only because we know what will come of these feelings continue. After everything that happened to you whe-"

"Stop!" Elsa blurted out as she turned and trotted a few steps away from Simba and Nala.

"Stop it, I don't wanna hear about that anymore. It's all I ever hear from you and everyone else in the pride!"

Simba and Nala both gazed to her, wide eyed and concern. The young Alpha made an attempt to step forward to the wild women, though he was then stopped by Nala who came to stand in his way.

"Simba, no." Nala said, knowing it wasn't the best for him to go any further with this.

"Leave her alone."

Simba turned to look at Elsa, who still stood faced away from him. He sighed, knowing that Nala was right and her didn't wish to upset anymore then she already at this point in time. He turned and walked the other way. Nala did the same before she followed after him.

The wild women stood silently for the moment, feeling the arm tears of her despair form from her eyes and roll down her cheek. She covered her hand over her mouth while the over wrapped itself around her stomach like a snake with it's prey, only without the unbarring tightness when it squeezed the life out of it. The feeling of sadness and grief had but now overtaken her.

She turned back to Simba and Nala as they walked the other way. Once again she had been pressured so much from the things which were happening and had lost control of her emotions the way she did with Kion and Kovu. With all the stress and shock she has been facing as of lately, she could already see it was beginning to affect her and everyone whom she had loves.

(First I would like to say that I'm sorry for taking so long on this chapter, things haven't exactly been good for me this month. I've been having some anxiety troubles as of late and I haven't been my best. Though with what lies ahead getting new chapter uploaded may not be as constant as they were before, I'm getting a job and doing a course in university, so I'm going to try and write as much as I can, till then thank you for your patients and I look forward to what you have to say.)

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