Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 42

It was midday within the jungle and air had become exotically hot, what is known to be a natural occurrence in this region of the Uganda. Underneath a cliff where a stream of water fell from above, Elsa stood below in the pool of water which cam to the top of both her legs as the waters crashed down upon her presently naked body. Feeling the coolness of the river upon her skin was very exhilarating, relieving herself from the heat left by the tropical touch of the Sun. Though bathing in the river was more then just bricking herself. It had much to do with cleaning herself from the sweat and dirt built up upon her body through a few days time.

Through life living in the jungle, Elsa still concerned herself with a few daily routines from her life in her family mansion. One we could all come to guess was one of those particular routines was of course bathing. Now thriving amongst animals in the lush tropical lands of Africa, getting herself dirty was more than likely to happen, whether it being rolling around in mud or the recurring sweat she received from the humidity. Of course being cleaned by her mother grooming her like any other cub in the pride, while effective, it was less favoured by the wild women. She preferred more to clean herself by swimming and bathing in either that of lakes and streams. It felt more like taking a bath or shower, when she was living back home in her family's mansion.

Elsa faced away from the falling water, her head lied back toward the water as it dropped down through her ice blond hair. Short time had passed till she raised her head rose up and her now wet hair flipped over upon her face.

The wild women chuckled as she raised it up and pushed her back behind her. She then glanced over toward the nearby bank of the pool of water, where she spotted movement within the vegetation which drew undesirably closer. Just as it seemed the suspect was to reveal himself, the wild women attempted to back away into the falling water to hide herself from plain sight. However before she could hide herself in the falling water; the suspect emerged from the lush, jungle woods and clear into sight which revealed it to be Nala.

"Nala." She said, stepping forth from the falling water.

"Elsa." She said.

The lioness came to the very edge of the bank, next to a fallen log where Elsa had laid out her blue animal pelt top and loin-cloth. The sight of Elsa naked hardly caused any disturbance to the lioness.

"What are you doing here?"

"I've been looking for you." Nala answered.

"What for?" Elsa said back.

The tanned lioness nodded her head to the wild women.

"There's something I want to talk to you about." Nala said.

"Can it wait?" Elsa asked curiously

"This really isn't the best time."

Elsa turned back to the falling water, letting it hit upon the front of her fit and leaned body.

"No, Elsa." The lioness insisted.

"This is importent."

It was for the moment that the wild women ceased cleaning her hair before she turned and looked back to Nala.

"Fine, what is it?" Elsa asked.

Nala settled herself down beside the log as she looked out toward her sole human friend, whom she had come to deem as a sister. Her glance of which also consisted with that of a feeling of concerned and also curiousness to what she came to notice from Elsa as of recent time.

"Some of the lionesses... There's been some talk amounst them." Nala said.

"About what?" She asked curiously.

Nala frowned and narrowed her eyes for a moment, hesitant to speak up. What caused much discussion among the pride was the desire Elsa had for a mate of her own. Though now it was not just the pride, but some of the other animals in the jungle as of which it had come to raise much concern. For the past few days, Elsa acted as if it wasn't of any concern to her, trying to withdraw it from her mind. But they all knew she was far from passed it. All in the jungle thought of Elsa as one of their own and loved her as such. However her desire for a companion which could only come from her own kind was a very sceptical and concerning matter to say the least. They knew of it only to bring mire humans into the jungle, along with it would bring much trouble as it may make way for man's most accused actions.

But what Nala was more intoned with is the matter that Elsa may already have an idea of who she wanted as her mate. She remembered there were times she had come to mention someone she had met on the other side of the river, someone that she knew she thought of even to this day.

"Elsa." She said looking back to the young jungle women.

"They're all talking about you. Everyone has been saying you've been having these feelings."

Hearing Nala, Elsa became stricken with apprehension as one of her most distressing concerns were coming to pass. Already her feelings and desires were affecting the ones she loved, they were now getting concerned she was going to bring trouble to the jungle.

"They're worried about you." She insisted.

"If you want to have a mate, it means having someone of your own kind. But we all remember what happened when you encountered them."

Elsa took a glance to her left shoulder, from which was now only a mark that could barely be noticed. Never could she forget that very day, the sound of the gun blasting and the pain that was all too excruciating to feel. It wasn't anything she would ever have to face again, nor to see anyone else have to experience what she had.

"No one wants that to happen again." Nala said.

The wild women looked to her lioness sister.

"It won't, Nala." Elsa insisted.

"I'm not feeling anything, really, I'm fine."

"No, your not, Elsa." Nala said.

The wild women sighed.

"Simba talked with Mufassa about it," Nala said.

Elsa looked back to the lioness, who lay upon the banks of the river. She knew this would be an action that Simba would take; after all, it was her well being he thought about the most. Since the day she had come to have a near death experience when on the other side of the river, the young heir had deemed to protect her from any means of harm. An intention that was very much admired by her, but also was wished he would not be so protective of her.

"He needs to stop worrying about me." Elsa said as she walked out from the water fall and made her way back to shore.

"I'm not feeling anything. I know what you and Simba have, it's something I can't have, I understand that."

Unfortunately, Elsa's reassurance was far from convincing to Nala. She knew Elsa was not honest with her, she could tell as plain as day it wasn't the case. The truth of the matter was that it was always on her mind, she saw it every day. This was why she wished Elsa would just be honest with her and not just try to brush it off so much like she's doing now.

"You don't have to hide it from me, Elsa." Nala insisted.

"You can talk to me."

Elsa came up out of the water, stopping before Nala.

"Please, just tell me the truth. I know your still having these feelings, I've see it every time you look at me and Simba."

The wild women stood there, countless drops of water trailing and dripping off her presently naked body. She knew Nala had but cornered her at this point, she knew any attempt to convince her acclaimed sister was but futile at this point in time. She had already gained a clear view of the truth already. In face she may just knew more then what the wild women may think.

To what ever made Elsa feel this desire she had, Nala had a guess which she knew may just well be the answer she looked to find. This was all about having a mate of her own after all. To that extent, Nala had come to hear from Elsa one in particular she may still think of now.

"You still think about Jack, don't you?" Nala asked curiously.

Elsa bowed her head, narrowing her eyes. In truth Nala was right about a lot of the situation. She was but trying to hide it all from everyone, trying to act like she was over it. But yet still lingering in her mind, it was the boy who had the whitest hair and whose eyes were as blue as hers. Her new found desire had but come to make it hard for her ever to forget him. It was meaningless to keep up the act up any longer.

"Yeah, I do." Elsa answered before turning to the log where her top and loincloth were laid out.

Nala stared to her acclaimed sister, confused and also curious. As Elsa picked up and donned her loincloth, Nala pondered over ehat was the reason for Elsa's deep desire for this human boy. She wandered to what reason it was that she still thought of him the way she did.

"Elsa, I don't understand." said Nala.

"Why does he matter so much to you?"

Elsa stood for a moment as she pondered over question, nearly finishing strapping her top to cover her chest. It had great standards to say the least. It was about someone that she had only met that very day, it wasn't of a long term relationship or anything to that extent. But in some way, she couldn't help but feel there was just something about that first meeting with that boy. Something that made it seem so unique then what it was.

"I don't know." Elsa said, as she turned to Nala.

"It's just... When I first met him, he..."

"He what?" Nala asked, tilting her head.

The more she thought of it, she began thinking of one thing in particular. It was but a simple meeting with her own kind of course, yet that may have been the answer she wanted to know. It had been so long since she had come to see another human being, especially one that was the same age as her at the time. It wasn't even since she came to live in the jungle, but since being shut in to her family's mansion.

Perhaps that was why he seemed to be on her mind so much, the answer to her desire. This was the only human being beside her family, the first she had met and the first he had ever come to know.

"He's the only one I ever met." Elsa said, tuning to her sister.

"The only one you met?" Nala said curiously.

"I mean, for someone who's just like me." Elsa insisted.

By the way Nala stared at her, she knew it was very confusing to understand. But yet still, the very answer felt much to be true, she knew it did. Her desire to have to the love Simba and Nala both shared, it all lead her to think of Jack. She knew it to be him. Or perhaps it was all just a figment of her imagination.

Elsa came to sit upon the log.

"I never knew anyone besides my family before." Elsa tried to explain.

"Ive only had you, mother and everybody else since I came to the jungle. But when I met Jack, I got a chance to see someone like me. Someone that came to know, someone, who...maybe..."

From what was told, Nala could see exactly what Elsa was trying to say.

"Someone who can be your mate?" She asked.

The wild women stood stunned for but a moment, her cheeks of which turned red.

"Well..I-I think that... maybe." Elsa tried to say.

It wasn't at all like she hadn't thought of the idea, but she also knew she didn't know Jack that well to be honest. Also it didn't look like she was ever will. Her banishment from man was already a barrier which stood in the way, yet would he even be there? She remembered Jack had said he and his sister lived in Minnesota, far back in the United States. He must have gone back a long time ago to his family. To that extent, what were the chances that he would even remember her? He may already have someone in his life, so how would he be with her then?

Elsa sighed, frowning in despair.

"What?" Nala asked, noticing her presently sadden expression.

Elsa shut her eyes as she took in a breath of air.

"No, he can't." she said, sadly.

She turned and glanced down the river stream. The odds had all been staked against her, there was but little chance that Jack would be the mate of her life. He was already over eight thousand and some miles away, never again to cross paths.

Jack aimed his camera out the passenger side window, snapping several pictures of the open grasslands and the jungles which covered the hills and mountains. After of which he came to sit back in his seat and looked to the small screen which showed him the final result. Jack of which smirked with much impression with the photo he took. Needless to say it the photo was much to his liking got the lighting, not to mention the angle he wanted.

Yet with all that, it came to have significant importance, as it was a barred resemblance to a memory which came to age in the past fourteen years.

Lowering his camera down upon his lap, Jack turned his head and gazed out to the open field of green grass, with only a few trees sprouted outside the jungle. Although somehow it felt as if it happened the day before, when they left to go back to Minnesota, he remember gazing out the window as they passed by the very spot he took his picture. It was about what he came to know as the very last time he would ever see the wild lands of Africa for fourteen years. He never thought he would ever have any opportunity to see it again.

"Still looks the way it did fourteen years ago." He complemented.

Jack laid his head back upon the seat.

"Who would have thought?"

In the back of the cruiser, Anna was but jolting with anticipation and excitement. It was by this time the group was getting close to the village, hopefully at this time Uncle North and Aunt Tooth would be there at the school they were working in. She couldn't wait to see them again.

"Oh, I can't wait, i can't wait!" she said.

"I can't believe it's been fourteen years, it's been that long. Can you believe it jack?"

Jack glance back to his younger sister.

"Can't say I do, Anna." He said.

"What did you think we should tell them first?" Anna asked curiously.

"I mean there's like so much to talk about, San-Fransisco, Jamie and Riley, where should we even begin?"

Jack only shrugged at the question.

"I don't know." Jack said.

"Maybe start with San- Francisco?"

Anna of which snapped his fingers before pointing to Jack, the idea sounded so to be the first thing they can discuss.

"Hey, Yeah!' Anna said, shaking her head in agreement.

"Okay, let's see, where do I even begin?"

As Anna pondered, Jack turned and gazed toward the wind shield. Hans, who was currently driving the vehicle, glanced over toward Jack, noticing his younger sisters anticipation for the family reunion that was to come.

"I would say your sister seems excited about getting to your Uncle and Aunt's camp." He commented.

"This must be quite the reunion you all are in for."

The young white haired man smirked at his comemnt.

"You can say that." He said.

"If you count fourteen years since the last time we saw them."

"That long?" Hans asked curiously

"Yeah." Jack said.

"He and Aunt Tooth came down here about twenty one years or so. They're mainly safari guides, they have their own camp right out in the jungle. They like to go exploring in the jungle allot, whenever there's a researching team or whatever, they're ll open arms. But they also like to teach at the school in the village, they do love to have kids around."

The description Jack had gave of his family sounded well to Hans. They sounded like they were decent people; also they seemed to be qualified to be of some help to their expedition. Hearing about their expertise in the jungle by Anna and Jack, the terrain was but all too familiar to them, which meant they could easily guide them through the jungle and without any trouble.

"I take it they will be more then happy to support our expedition." Hans said.

"I guess." Jack said.

"But quite frankly the reason they're there is mainly cause of his obsession over our great grandfather."

Hans Looked over to Jack.

"Obsession?" He asked, curiously.

"Yeah." Jack answered.

"He used to tell us stories about our great grandfather, Alagar overland, said he was an explored the Congo back in the eighteen hundreds."

"Really?" Hans asked.

"You have an ancestor who explored the Congo?"

Jack smirked and shrugged in response. It was true he had an ace story who explored the Congo, but He didn't find it to be anything impressiva. e really, he made no contributes to History or anything. He was simply some guy that was but so far over his head and in the end; he ended up losing his mind and disappearing without a trace.

"Yeah, I guess." Jack said.

"Uncle North basically idolizes him; he wants to one day find whatever discovery he made. I really think it's gotten to him."

"Well, I'm sure he can be of some help." Hans said.

"If they are what you say they are, I'm sure they can help our expedition go smoothly."

"Yeah well, let's hope." Jack said.

"it's probably the least they can do for us."

Kristoff was gazing back to the large white van which followed behind them, the guides who were hired by Hans. Meeting them back at the airport, that was the moment his suspision grew ever more then before. They didn't strike him as any familiar guides gor a safari into the jungle, they way they came off was more like mercenaries. They were each a bit muscular, they each wore military like clothing. He knew there was something up with them, something was just telling him that Hans was not all brought up to be how he seemed to be.

"Kristoff!" Tadashi said.

The blond haired man turned to the young Asian, who sat beside him.

"What?" He asked.

"You've been staring out the back for about an hour now." Tadashi pointed out.

Kritoff turned and sat straight in his seat.

"You seriously gotta got to get a grip on yourself." Tadashi said.

"Your acting so paranoid."

"I'm not acting paranoid. Kristoff stated, deflecting such criticism.

"I just think there's something about this whole thing."

Kristoff glanced sternly to Hans, who occupied the driver's seat. There was some sort of detail about Hans that still caused him to be so suspicious about him. He seemed eager to be apart of their expedition to the Congo before, even with this scientific discovery they found. Although any right minded person would possibly deem them as crazy and the research farfetched. But even then, Hans was part of a multimillion dollar company, so what was he to gain for this when he could find something else in the field of science they were geared toward?

"I just have this feeling about Hans." Kristoff explained.

"He just... Doesn't seem to be what he's saying his is."

Tadashi just rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Kristoff was defiantly acting out of paranoia, there wasn't any doubt about it.

"You sure not just jelous he and Anna are now dating?" Tadahsi asked.

"No!" Kristoff said.

"it's got nothing to do with that."

"I don't know." Tadashi said, smirking.

"I can sense a bit of jealousy in your gone there."

Kritoff only groaned in response as he turned his head away.

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