Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 40

A reuniting discovery

Elsa was sat kneeling upon the seat that stood before her window. She gazed out the glass barrier to the courtyard of her family's mansion, where she saw the snow flakes drifted downward from the clouded sky above, each one shifting around in separate directions by the cool breeze that blew swiftly. The snow of which covered atop the garden of hedges and potted trees with a stone pathway that was between them. Even that of the large fountain of which stood in the middle of the yard was received that of a cold white blanket upon it.

Two years ago, this time of year was one the girl had once been cherished the most. When it snowed like this, she and her mother and father would have the most time of fun. They would skate upon the nearby lake, which was covered with a thick sheet of ice at this time. That of they would have snow ball fights, build snow men or even make snow angles. Though as of now, winter was nothing more but a changing image she would face from her bedroom window.

Her father seemed to no longer have anytime to spend with her. He was but now confined to his work, committing himself to what seemed to be a never ending time of researching . In addition, he never wanted Elsa to be outside the house. To what brought him to that decision was unknown to the girl, but by now being outside felt as she hadn't been before. Her time was mostly spent here within her own room and the mansion itself, occupied by all the lessons she had to do.

As the girl continued looking outside, it was then her bedroom door had opened and one of her family's servants stepped into the room.

"Master Elsa." He said.

"Your totterer is waiting for you in the library. He requests that you bring your social and math books."

"Thank you, Kai." The girl said as she got up from her window seat.

A Kai turned The girl walked over to her desk that stood against the wall in front of her bed. There the girl picked up four of her text books and carried them to the now opened door. As the girl came out into the hallway, she reached up to the door handle and pulled it shut. As the girl turned and began making her way down the hallway, it was then she heard the voices of her parents coming from down the hallway to he left.

"Adgar we can't live like this anymore."

She stopped and looked down the way.

"Idun please just listen..."

Elsa turned her around and face in the direction of her father's office. Her curiosity at this point had but all come to convince her to go see. Though she was hesitant, not wanting to keep her totterer waiting anymore then how he must be already. Though she had but convinced herself that a single peek wouldn't hurt.

The girl of which then made her way down to the doorway of her fathers office, which was slightly opened. Just as she had come before the opening, she peered into the room where her mother was facing her father who stood behind his desk.

"I know that it hasn't been the way we wished for it to be," He said to her.

"But I'm so close. This new medicine formula is whats going to change everything for us. I've already ran all the tests I need, I just need to find another sample and this will all be over."

Elsa continued to listen and observe her parents. Though all she was hearing was but unfamiliar to her. To what was papa so close on? Though the Bette question was what exactly this so called medicine he's talking about?

"It already is changing our family." Idun said.

Adgar sighed as he bowed his head. He understood what she meant by this, the fact that he had confined them to be in the mansion all this time.

"You haven't been around like you used to be, you keep pushing away all your colleges and even us. When was the last time you've spoken to Elsa? You've been so preoccupied with finding this plant then you have for both of us."

He looked back to his wife.

"You two are all I think about." He defended.

"I'm doing this for our family, I'm doing to make the world a better place for us. I'm giving us the life we deserve."

"Is that it?" Idun asked.

"Is that why you've been so distant from us, is that why you have one of the most dangerous person helping you?"

"I know he's making things hard for us." Adgar insisted, knowing just what his wife was talking about.

"But it's a necessary. He's provided me with help and the resources I need."

"But it's worth putting Elsa at risk?" Idun asked.

There was but silence to follow after the question. He was but unsure to what to respond to what his wife had asked him. It wasn't his intention to do so, but he knew it was something he could fix. He only needed a few weeks time and everything would be the way it had been before. They could finally be together again.

"I just need this one trip to Africa." He then said.

"This will be the last trip there.

"Will it?" Idun brought up.

"It will." Adgar insisted as he came up to her and took her hands.

"I'll find the herb again and this time I'll be finished. This time we'll all go together. Everything will go back to when it was, I promise. We won't half to worry about Mr. Black anymore."

Elsa watched he mother cup both her hands just as her Father came up to her, placing both his hands atop her shoulders. Slowly the seven year old girl back away from the doorway, her back pressed up against the wall. All that she had come to hear, she was but left confused and anxious. She wasn't told of anything they were talking of before, she knew nothing of it. Were they really in trouble, the girl could feel the rush of fear to what would come from the unknown.

To this time in this story, we are to return to present day that followed after that previous event. We are brought to what was another mid day that was upon the lush jungle lands. It was out upon the very border that separated the tropical forest and the Savannah grasslands, atop the branch of a smaller tree on the very outskirts Elsa, now grown to a young women and clad in a blue animal pelt top and loincloth rested atop the long stretching barked limb the way the many leopards who thrive in the jungle. She leaned up against the curved trunk behind her, laying her head back with her long blond hair rested upon her left shoulder. All the while she relaxed underneath the bright burning sun, feeling it's powerful heated touch upon her bear skin.

Elsa brushed her hands through her hair, her mind pondered over all which has happen in the jungle these passed few months. There was always the usual daily event of course, from hunting with her lion family and also Bagheera, helping to find honey with Baloo and playing with the new cubs of the pride and even spending time with her lioness mother. Yet there was a certain even that had come to grasp her excitement.

She turned and gazed out to the plain fields, where she saw a few of her pridemembers were resting at the hill which they met for times of hunt. There among them, she saw Nala laying in a small dirt opening nearby the hill. It was just then Simba had but come before her, the lioness of which turned to the approaching male lion.

"Simba." She said to him.

It was at that moment the two the nuzzled each other as Simba laid down with her. The sight of which caused Elsa to turn herself to faced out toward them, letting her legs and feet dangle off the branch. She then hopped down from the tree, landing in a kneeling position. As she stood up from the ground, she placed her left hand atop the trunk.

Gazing to her two friends, she couldn't help but smile proudly to the two. It was at there time of teenagers, which she knew Simba had been growing feelings for Nala. Even Nala knew this to be true. In secret Nala had told Elsa that she herself had similar feelings toward Simba. The wild women knew well that it was eventual for this to come to be and even hoped that it would come to be. When he had finally came to admit how he had come to feel to Nala, it was a day Elsa had cherish greatly the way Nala and Simba did.

Though her watching to her to friends was then interrupted, as it was she heard a voice from behind.


The young jungle women looked back and saw her lioness mother walking to her.

"Mama." She said turning to her.

Diata walked up to where she came to her adopted daughter's side, to which she then sat down beside her. She looked out to the small group of lions, her gaze mainly set upon Simba and Nala. She smiled so proudly at the two of them.

"I always knew one day." She said, looking to her daughter.

"Those two will bring about a bright future to the pride and the jungle itself."

Elsa nodded her head in agreement with her lioness mother before looking back at her two friends. Her beliefs matched well with that of the wild women, She knew that Simba would truly be a worthy successor to the throne that was his fathers. He can uphold the jungle law with pride and also nobility to his subjects. Of course Nala herself would prove to be the perfect fit for the next queen, she is more then able to contribute to the position and the jungle folk. Another advantage was that she was able to put Simba in his place, so she was a match that well suited for him.

Yet as much as the sight pleased her so, the pleasentness was accompanyed by another feeling. One that was now upon the wild women at this very moment, replacing the smile she had with a frown. Elsa narrowed her head as she pondered over a certain element her life, that being love. In the case of love for the wild women, she has experienced well. Love was something that Elsa had come to know from that of her new animal family, for the care and respect they gave her was but all she really desired. However that was but the only form of endearment in her life. She never came to feel what it was to be considered as a mate. Then again being the only human among countless species of animals, there was a great deal of doubt that it would ever happen. Although it wasn't something she deeply wanted to have, yet there was a certain time where she felt as if she was alone.

The young women slowly turned away from her the clearing, an action that didn't go unnoticed by her mother. The white lioness of which looked back to her adopted daughter.

"Elsa?" she asked, as she turned to her adopted daughter.

The wild women looked to her mother.

"Elsa what's wrong?"

"I..I've been thinking about... something." Elsa answered.

"About what, Elsa?" Diata asked curiously.

There was first a sigh before she turned to her adopted mother and spoke up.

"It's just that..." She began.

"I'm the only human here in the jungle and... and I..."

Elsa paused for a moment as she tilted her head away, crossing her arms and placing her hands on the opposit arms.

"A part of me... just feels like I'm alone."

Her daughters answer came to be one that Diata could understand well. She was speaking in the manner of love which was being shared by Simba and Nala, for one to come and make her their mate. Though like Elsa, she knew that was never a possibility for her. She was the only human to live in the jungle, that being the case there was much more opposing to her to say the least. One major being that she was but one in a single specie here in these lush tropical woods, the only one of her kind. Of course there was the addition of Man's act of neglect to her, it was another salt to her wound. She was banished from the world that they had created, leaving to to be without any other.

Of course that was not the case to that of her lioness mother. Diata approached her adopted daughter, nudging her naked thigh which caused Elsa to look back at her.

"Oh, Elsa, my beautiful young daughter." she said proudly to her.

"I know how much you feel being the only one of your kind here in the jungle, but that does not mean you are ever alone here in this home we all share together. You are loved by us as you do for all of us. You are as one with all the animals who thrive among you, you are one of us my daughter and nothing will ever change."

The white lioness nudged Elsa's hand up upon her head, to which the wild women began to stroke the white fur upon her. It was then Diata begin to purr as Elsa proceeded to pet her.

"You matter so much to me as you do to the pride and the jungle itself."

Elsa shut her eyes before she came down upon her knees beside her mother. She then pressed up beside her, wrapping her arms around the lioness who she had come to know and love as her mother. Diata of which nuzzled her in return.

"Always remember that, my mtoto." Diata said.

"Always remember."

The wild women remained plunged against his foster mother for a time which had lasted so short. The young blue eyes of the wild women were then revealed once more, as she glanced back to Simba and Nala, who were walking together toward her and her mother. Seeing the very love they shared, it only continued to fuel the desire she had and what still strengthened that of the feeling of being the only one of a specie. Her mothers words were still so encouraging, never to be neglected at this time or any in the near future. But not even they could convince her or relieve the storm raging within her.

Elsa then relieved her arms from around her lioness mother and stood up, slowly stepping back. Diata of which turned back to her daughter, frowning.

"Elsa." she said as she watched her daughter continue to back away from her.

From behind the white lioness, Simba and Nala came up to the two. It was but immediate that they came to notice Elsa, to which they looked upon her curiously.

"Elsa?" Nala asked.

The wild women suddenly turned away and fled into the jungle.

"Elsa!" Simba called to the wild women.

The future king glanced to Nala, who looked back at him, both of the concerned for that of their friend. Yet theirs could not compare with the way Diata was feeling, as she gazed to the direction her adopted daughter had fled. She then bowed her head as she sealed her eyes away.

Elsa hung from a long vine, as she was souring through the trees. She swung up to another vine, to which she reached out and grasped it tightly, releasing the previous vine she had. From one to another, the wild women proceeded along through the jungle, heading far north from her adopted family.

She flew upward to which she landed upon the branch high above in a tree. The young wild women gazed upon the view of the jungle floor further ahead of her, where she saw the very river she had crossed so long ago. Seeing the other side of the wide streaming of water at this moment of time had caused her to recollect memories which fully detailed the past that she had experienced long ago. Though it was very much expected that the returning memories had come to offer a very distressing to say the very least. Echoing though her mind was the sound that was man's gun, roaring out it's thunderous cry, that nearly claimed her life. But Elsa shook away the mere thought of it.

Elsa turned and looked to her right shoulder, the very spot which barred the wound of man's gun. She remembered the pain which was so excrusiating and outwayed any pain she ever felt before, something she hoped she would never have to bear for a second time. To know that she had been one of the few who had the greatest of luck to have survive such an ordea was the most frightening aspect of it all. Even so, she remembered just how close she was to be claimed by the wound.

However that was not the matter from which brought her here at this time, there was something else about that very day. It was the first she had ever seen her own kind in months, when she had fist met... , Suddenly a memory that had lied long forgotten was then resurrected and blossomed like a flower in the spring. She had come to remember the boy she met on the other side. It was the very one that had a mane as white as snow, the one who had pursued after her from their territory. She hadn't thought of him in so long, his name was well berried away in her mind. It was hard to recall just what it was, but she remembered that it started with a J.

Though her further attempt to remember, it slowly started to piece itself together. Yet then, she came to remember that he had tried to speak to her and the word that he said was...

"Jack." She said to herself.

The wild women gazed out to the across the river, as she then leaned against the trunk of the tree. For so long had the boy she met so long ago be so withdrawn from her memory, drawing it far back from any sort of remembrance. Yet somehow, as he came to return to her at this time, somehow she felt relief from the storm that clouded her inside. The very night that they had shared together, it was the time he had help her speak the way she did so long ago. In return, she had come to help him when he had injured his leg.

Thinking of him now, she grew all the more curious. Apart of her felt like a cub, so enraptured by these questions and the answers that could be the possible match. Though her maturity did return to form. Her time with him came with the discussion in the language she had long forgotten. She remembered him telling her of his home and family in Minnesota, which meant he had probably returned home so long ago.

Also to recall was the banishment from her own kind. She was unwelcomed by her own kind, restrained to live in the jungle with her animal family. There was no way for her to ever be reunited with him, if it wasn't, he would have come to find long ago. Yet still she wondered just where he might be at this time

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