Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 37

The four friends were cursing through the city of San-Francisco after an hour or so from leaving the main building of S.I.I. Jack sat right next to the right side door holding the folder in his hands. It was at this timed that the journey they agreed to follow was now at the moment they thought would be hard to achieve. With Hans now assisting them, everything was falling into place. The barrier they had encountered, that being the high finances they faced with travelling to Africa was no longer a major concern.

"Well there goes an entire year of classes." Kristoff said.

"I can't believe we're actually going through with this."

Jack gazed up to Kristoff sternly. He remembered that they all made a pat that they were apart of this and a particular hand was in the ring along with his.

"That's funny." He said.

"I seem to remember that you were in along with the rest of us."

"Yeah." Kristoff said.

"But I didn't exactly sign up for spending an entire year in the Congo looking for a plant."

"Would it kill you to not exaggerate, Kristoff?" Jack asked curiously.

"In this case, yes." The blond haired man answered.

"Jack do you have any idea what we might be getting into?"

The white haired man nodded his head.

"Yeah, I do."

Kristoff shook his head in disbelief. There was no way on earth that he would think that way after learning all that they had at this point. This herb was going to be the equivalent of following a ghost. There was a high chance against the one that they were all hoping to get out of.

"Really?" Kristoff said.

"Cause I'm pretty sure if you did, you would know just how crazy this is. You out of all of us should know, you read the journal entries."

"Yeah and from what I read I know for a fact this isn't just a make-belief thing." Jack insisted.

"Kristoff come on. We all know this is something the world needs."

The young blond haired man groaned and sighed.

"God dammit." He said.

"Your really going there aren't you?"

Jack and Anna each just stared to him sternly. This wasn't an excuse this was a real considerate reason to following along with this. People out there in the world are sick and are in need of medicine and this was a wide open door for them.

Anna shrugged Kristoff in the shoulder,

"Ow ." he said, rubbing his shoulder.

He gazed to Anna who stared in anger to him.

"Alright, alright, fine." he spat out.

Anna smiled at the fact he now changed his mind.

"But I still think it's crazy."

Jack sighed and nodded his head with very same old Kristoff that he had come to know, at least now a days anyway.

"So what are we going to do now?" Tadashi asked, curious of their next actions.

From what Hans had told them, he would have everything arranged by Tuesday which included the flight there. That gave them about two days to prepare themselves for the lush climate of the Congo.

"Well, we have until Tuesday." Jack said.

"So we can easily get packed, cancel our classes and still have the rest of the time to ourselves."

"We should also try and get a hold of Uncle North."Anna suggested.

Jack sighed and nodded his head in agreement, sitting back in his seat.

"Yeah... that too." he said.

When Anna turned to her brother, she saw Jack seem to look very disquieted and stern when mention of Uncle North and Aunt Tooth. It wasn't much of a surprise after all. Ever since they moved to San-Francisco they haven't been in much contact with them or even there when the family were going through tough times. To Jack, they became the furthest thing from his mind since then. Anna frowned and narrowed her eyes.

"So you really have an Aunt and Uncle in Africa?" Kristoff asked curiously.

Anna turned to him.

"Yeah." Anna said.

"They're both Safari guides and they teach at a school in a village near their camp. It's going to be so nice to see them again. We haven't seen the in like forever."

"Define forever? Tadashi asked.

"Oh, well about since the last time we visited them." Anna said.

"And that was...?" Kristoff asked.

"Well about when I was five and Jack was seven."

"You haven't seen them for fourteen years?" Tadashi asked.

"No." Anna said, shaking her head a bit.

"And the last time we saw them we didn't exactly stay long."

Anna glanced toward Jack's direction, looking at him with a smirk and a raised eye brow. Jack gave a slight chuckle as he thought back to the trip they had long ago. It was quite the trip to be on. Though it lasted only half a week before having to be moved back home because of his broken leg. However there was much to come from that place

"That was some trip." He admitted.

"Too bad it didn't exactly last that long."

Anna looked at he older brother so amused.

"What happened?" Tadashi asked looking forward to Anna.

"Uh... nothing." Jack said, dismissing the event.

Anna only chuckled at his answer. What happened that night, nothing wasn't the exact word to describe it.

"Uh, I don't think so, Jack." Anna said, smiling.

"Something did happen which got me and you sent home. Remember..?"

Kristoff and Tadashi each looked to Jack in temptation to hear. Jack sighed and shook his head. He had very little interest in telling them what happened that day. But he knew very well his two long known friends would only try and squeeze it out of him. If he was to save himself the trouble

"I- ended up spending a night in the jungle." Jack said.

Jack's two best friends glanced at him in shock.

"In the rain. With a busted leg to add to my misery."

"You spent a night in the jungle with a broken leg?" Kristoff spat out in shock.

The white haired man shook his head yes.

"And you were alone?" Tadashi added.

Before Jack went to answer, he was suddenly stood in silence for but a moment. As he continued to draw back memories of what happened he suddenly remembered that her wasn't alone at the time. There was someone there with him. Someone he hadn't seen or thought of in a long time. That girl in the jungle who helped him when he shattered his leg and who helped him get back to Anna, Uncle North and Aunt Tooth.

"No..." Jack finally answered.

"I wasn't alone."

His younger sister and friends each stared curiously to him. Anna being the most out of all of them. Uncle North had said that there wasn't anyone else deep in that jungle but them. If he did he must of been with one of the villagers but uncle North came back with only him, no one else.

"But... Uncle North said he found you alone in the jungle." Anna said.

"He didn't see anyone with you."

"Before that, Anna." Jack said.

"I was with someone out in the jungle... a..."

"A what?" Anna questioned.

"Well... there was... this.. girl." Jack tried to explained.

By mention of girl, Anna Kristoff and Tadashi turned to Jack curiously.

"Out in the jungle..."

As the young man gazed out upon the faces. The expressions that were written on their faces were all of utter disbelief to what he said and also for a moment without any words to say. Kristoff eyes shifted to Tadashi for a moment before returning to Jack.

"A... girl?" Kristoff said.

"Yeah." Jack answered.

"You saw a girl... in the jungle?" Kristoff said, gathering all the facts together.

"Yeah." Jack answered.

Through further pondering, the moment he had with the girl. He could recall that they were talking under that tree, he was asking her for her name. There was a small trace of the answer he was thinking of. He remembered the girl did have trouble speaking to him, but he did recall her saying her name. It began with an E followed of which by an L. As he continued to try and remember the rest of her name, he then remembered the girl very voice say...


Jack was for a moment still as he finally recalled the jungle girl he met long ago. He couldn't believe how he could have forgotten about her for so long. But after so much that had happened and his family facing a time of divorce it was hard for him to keep her in mind. As he then gazed about the small room of the car, he caught sight of his sister and two friends paused and gazing toward him.

"Elsa?" Tadashi said, noticing the word he had said.

"That was her name."

What followed was a moment of silence. Just by looking to Kristoff or Tadashi he could see their To Jacks guess he could see that they all probably think he's crazy. Not surprising really. I mean who would really believe anything like that?

"Okay..." Kristoff said nodded his head.

"Um... well. That's uh.. very... interesting, Jack."

Jack response was but a very expression of stern and a shook of his head. He was curious of himself as to why he bothered to tell them at all. Who would believe that there was a girl in the jungle? It was all just a complete work of fiction. However how could it? He knew what he saw last night and he knew very well the girl he saw was indeed there. Jack sat and continued to ponder to himself of that night and the girl he met. If it hadn't been for her he would have been hunted by the leopard that passed by the camp. How could she just be a figment of his imagination?

It was a while afterwords, Jack remained silent through the rest of the trip home. The car was already cursing through their neighbourhood The driver pulled up in front of Jacks house. Once the vehicle was settled before the side walk, the back doors opened as Jack, Anna Kristoff and Tadashi each stepped out of the car. Jack walked over to the front passenger seat and gazed in through the window.

"Thanks." He said raising his hand to him.

The driver waved his hand back to him.

"Take care."

As Jack turned away from the car, the driver shifted the vehicle into drive and pulled back into the street. The young white haired man walked up to his two friends and youngest sister.

"You guys wanna come in for a bit?" Jack offered.

"Have a drink or a bite to eat?"

Tadashi and Kristoff looked to one another. Neither of them were of the offer of welcoming. With only three days before the trip, their main concern at the moment was packing and to inform their family they will be gone a while. There was so much to get in order with very little time at that.

"Actually, I'm gonna have to pass." Tadashi said, looking to Jack.

"I should get home and probably tell Aunt Cass about our trip. You know how she gets when she's worried."

Jack smirked and shook his head. he was quite aware of his Aunt's concern. His already seen enough of it to actually believe it.

"Yeah, me too." Kristoff said in agreement.

"I should tell my parents about this too."

"No sweat, guys." Jack said.

"I understand. Some other time?"

The two only shrugged in response.

"Yeah, Alright." Kristoff said.

"See ya."

Kritoff turned around and began walking over to the house next door. Tadashi walk passed Jack the other way to where he parked his scooter in front of Jack's blue jeep. It was after their departure that the young white haired man turned to Anna.

"We should probably do the same." He suggested, knowing it was a good idea.

Walking through the now open front door, Jack came into the house and slipped off his shoes. Anna came in afterwords and turned to closed the front door. She then turned back and followed Jack into the living room. She gazed all around for any sight of their sibling or parents. However the house appeared to be empty.

"Doesn't look like anyone's home." She said looking forward to Jack.

The young white haired man sighed and shook his head. He really wanted for them to be here at the moment so he could tell them of their trip to Africa. He knew that they probably not be so accepting to it after all. I mean going to Africa for a plant that grows very rarely in the Congo. Why would they agree to to let them go after that?

"They're probably just out somewhere." Jack said.

"Maybe they might be coming back soon."

"Hopefully." Anna said.

"So how exactly are we going to tell them about this?"

Jack only shrugged in confusion. Anyway they did they may only get the same response as the other.

"I don't know." He said, shaking his head.

Jack then turned and gazed down the hallway just Passed the kitchen. The basement door was implanted upon the left wall right beside the stairs. It was a very much the first place for them to look. All of their begs and other few things for their trip to Africa were kept down there.

"We should probably head down to the basement and get our bags from the storage room." Jack said turning to Anna.

He began making his way down to the basement door with Anna following him from behind. As she followed something leaked in her mind that was from the discussion they had back in the car. The one of which resolved around the girl who Jack said he had met in the jungle during their previous visit there when they were young.

"Hey Jack?" Anna said curiously.

The young man who came faced with the door turned to Anna.

"What is it?"

"Well could I ask you something?" She said curiously.

"About what?" Jack asked again.

"Well, about that girl you said you saw in the jungle."

The questioned caused much derailing for Jack as he sighed and turned toward the basement door. He reached down and turned the rounded shape handle, opening the door and beginning to make his way down the stairs.

"I mean... You said you saw a girl... You know... In the jungle." Anna continued as she followed him.

"To be honest.' Jack said as he climbed down the steps.

"I really don't know what the heck I saw that day."

As he came to the bottom step he turned right passed the laundry machines and walked up to racks with bags, roller skates, spots equipment and boxes filled with either old toys or clothes.

"Besides there's no way that could even be possible. I mean I saw a girl running around the jungle in a loincloth. Who would even believe that?"

"I would." Anna said.

Jack sighed as he turned around to face Anna. He himself wanted to believe exactly what he saw that day. He knew it was to be true. If it hadn't he wouldn't be running through the jungle following her. But how could it even be real? He knew nothing like this could ever be possible. But yet he couldn't exactly say for sure. There was but so little time he had to see her before Uncle North started to shoot at her and her lioness mother.

"Anna, look." He said.

"I'm not going to deny what it was that I saw okay. I know what I saw and I'm sure that there maybe is a wild girl who swings on vines and talks to animals. But this whole jungle girl thing isn't really our concern right now. We need to focus on this herb and getting packed for that matter"

The young white haired man turned back to the shelves and look at the very high point. There he saw his blue beg along with Anna's pink beg side by side at the very top shelf above. He walked up closer and reached up high to the two begs. He pulled off Anna's first just before his.

"Here." He said, handing her beg to her.

"Leads head up and get packed."

Anna took her beg and turned back to the stairway up. Jack draped his beg strap over his shoulder and then began making his own way to the stairs.

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