Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 36

The day was at its mid point in time. Jack and Hans were both left his office and gone three floors below to a lounging room below. The white haired young man sat in a black leather couch, his left arm resting on the arm rest, his hand tapping down upon its surface. Just in front of him was the folder of Adgars research which laid atop the surface of a long, smooth, black coffee table. Hans stood near the window that overlooked downtown of San-Francisco and beyond. He gestured back and forth, both his hands kept behind his back and his head turned leftward, gazing to the city hours that had passed by slowly grew in numbers as the two waited patiently for the arrival of Jack's younger sister and his two friends.

After the two had discussed terms with this furthering of Professor Adgar's research, Hans had called down to his assistant Miss Miller and told her to send out one of their drivers to pick up Jack's sister, Anna as well as Kristoff and Tadashi. It was ahead of time that Jack gave a cell phone call to Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi and told them about their changing luck. However as expected they had very little belief as to what he said, though they did agree to wait at his house to get picked up. He could only guess that once they see that limo pull up they might start seeing what he said.

Jack laid back into the couch, giving out a brief sigh. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and pressed the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The lock screen appeared showing a picture of him and Jamie. At the very top of the screen, the time was currently one twelve thirty and it had already been an hour or so since he had called Anna and the others.

"They should have been here by now." he said as he turned off his phone and placed it back into his pocket.

"They might have gotten caught in traffic." Hans theorised.

"Hopefully they won't be any longer."

"Let's hope." Jack said.

Jack got up off the couch and walked up over to the window. He gazed outward, catching sight of a magnificent view of the entire city and the golden gate bridge built over sea below.

"Well I got to say." Jack said turning to Hans.

"It's quite the view."

Hans smirked and nodded his head in agreement. His family's company has one of the tallest buildings here in San- Francisco. Built right in the very heart of the city, its very height itself surpasses that of the Transamerica pyramid.

"Well I'm glad you think so." Hans said.

"Of course it's something that should be expected. After all, it is the tallest building in all of San-Francisco."

"It must have cost your father a fortune." Jack said.

"In a way." Hans said, knowing very well the price far exceeded what Jack was thinking.

"But money isn't any concern to my Family, Jack. S.I.I is now what runs this entire city and the entire country for that matter. We are the ones that are going to give The United States a grand future."

The motives of Hans's company seem very familiar to his. He indeed wanted a bright future for the country which is what this cure would help present. To think that the United States itself had a cure that could embolism cancer or other known deceases in the world. Not only that but help people who are injured and help resolve and rehabilitate back to normal. However it was just the country that was such a driving force to him. He wanted to help his family most of all out of this whole ordeal.

"This research you brought with you will definitely be the tipping point. The who world will pay a fortune to have this new Medicine. That's more than enough for all of us."

Jack gave a sly smirk to Hans. He of course could see the chances of that having a high one at that. To think it could be more than enough for his own family. After the long affair that took place so long ago, it would be a nice jester for them to give them a life worth having.

"I'm defiantly counting on it." Jack said.

"Making a fortune like that I can help give my family a life they deserve. Give something back to them. Maybe even donate to the University."

Hans nodded his head as he listen to Jack's intentions. For the most part thy did sound worth while, something a man would give up to accomplish.

"Well I must say you do have high hopes for this, Jack." Hans said.

"Anyone else who had this opportunity would just as well have the money for themselves."

"If I did what would I do with it all?" Jack said.

"Can only do so much. Besides my family is the one I want to look out for more then anything."

"Perhaps fate might have found someone perfect for the job." Hans said.

The two then heard the doors in the far back of the room open. The two looked back to see Miss Miller walking in. Following behind her was Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi.

"Mr. Fortrome, your quests have arrived." She said.

Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi walked into the room and gazed all around. The mindsets of both Tadashi and Kristoff at the most were of complete astonishment that it was true of what Jack had told them. It really was true that someone did indeed wish to help them out with their journey to further Adgar's work. By the looks of the building itself and the fact that he had them all picked up by his own personal driver'The might well indeed be more than a big help.

"Nice of you three to join us." Jack said as he began walking forward to his sister and his two friends.

"What took you so long?

"We hit oncoming traffic." Kristoff said.

"It took two hours for thing to get moving again."

Jack looked back at Hans with a smirk on his face. To think that his theory was indeed correct was the actual correct answer for the reason of them being so late.

"Well I'm glad to see you guys were able to come." Hans said as he approached them.

The young fortrume looked over to his assistant who still stood by the door.

"That will be all, Miss Miller." He said.

She nodded her head and walked back out into the hallway, closing the door behind her. After of which he turned back to his three new guests.

"You must be Kristoff and Tadashi." He said, assuming they were who he thought they were.

"Uh, yeah." Kristoff said.

"Hans fortrume." He said, extending his hand to them.

Kristoff took his hand and shook it. After of which Hans extended his hand to Tadashi and shook his. Afterwards, Kristoff turned his attention to Anna.

"Anna, it's especially a greeting for you to come." He said to her.

The young browned haired girl blushed at his complement; her cheeks turned a bright red.

"Aw, thank you, Hans." She said in appreciation to him.

By the sight alone, Kristoff stained to the two curiously. Seeing Anna blush to the guy was already weird enough for him to see, but the fact that they had called each other by their first name was all the more strange to see.

"Now that we are all here, I believe we should discuss our trip to Africa."

Tadashi and Kristoff gazed to each other curiously. They then shifted their look over to Jack who nodded his head to them, conforming what they might be thinking. Anna began walking toward the lounging area of the room, Kristoff came up to her side.

"You know that guy?" He whispered to her.

Anna shook his head to him. The three walked up to the couches and the two seats to its side. Anna came and took a seat in the light brown chair to the left while Kristoff and Tadashi sat upon the black leather couch.

"So it's come to my attention that you three are trying to further this research of an old professor." Hans said.

"Well we were hoping to." Kristoff said.

"The finances that come with it aren't exactly cooperative with us." Tadashi said.

Hans smirked and nodded his head.

"Jack told me the whole ordeal with you four." Hans explained.

"You all want to help bring this new medicine the world of science but you need some help in order to do it."

Kristoff looked to him sternly. They had already known that from the very start and it was very obvious of course.

"So what's your point?" He asked.

"I wish to help you three try and finish this." Hans said.

"I can provide you all with everything you need. S.I.I has all the top minds in the world and can easily help further Professor Adgars work."

The three gazed to one another, all with the same mind of astonishment the same as Jack had when he first heard. It would seem that it was true and a miracle had did indeed happen.

"That's great, Hans." Anna said.

"We would really appreciate the help."

Hans bowed his head to the young women. It was a pleasure for him to be of assistance to them in their time of need, Even with a great scientific discovery that could change the world for the better.

"Well that's great and all." Tadashi admitted.

"But how are we going to do this? I mean where in Africa do we even look for this herb?"

"Didn't Professor Callaghan say that Adgar visited the Congo?" Anna asked remembering the conversation they had with him yesterday.

"Well from what I read of Adgars research yesterday night." Jack said, walking a few steps from the window.

Jack came up to the black coffee table where he had set the folder down. He set down the bottle of water and picked up the light brown folder, opening it to the many written pages inside.

"He had some journal entries of his research. Not enough of them but he did mention where he was going in Africa to research it."

"Where did he say he went?" Kristoff asked.

"Well from what I read one of the locations he mentioned was in the Congo." Jack pointed out.

The young man searched through the research for a short while, trying to find the journal entrée. It took but a short while before he finally came across in the far back.

"Here it is." He said as he pulled out the piece of paper.

Jack closed the folder and set it back down on the coffee table. He held the journal entree before him and began to speak out the written words.

"This was one of his entries." Jack said, gazing to the tope written words.

"Journal entire fifty eight, Liebo, Congo."

"So that's where he was going." Kristoff said.

Jack shrugged and nodded his head.

"Yeah." He said.

"At least that's what he was saying in two of the entries in the folder. He said that herb mostly required "the rich nutrients of the jungle soil there."

"Well that's great." Hans said smiling.

"So we know where to look."

"Well not exactly." Jack said, knowing there was another problem when it came to finding the herb.

"Reading the two entries in the folder, apparently Adgar had some problems when trying to find it."

"What kind of troubles?" Hans asked curiously.

"Well apparently he spends next to a year in the Congo trying to find it." Jack explained

Kristoff looked to Tadashi who in turned looked to him. It would seem that the problems they were having seemed to skyrocket to even greater difficulties. Paying for a plane ride there was hard enough, but now it seemed as if they might spend God knows how long trying to find this herb. A time that none of them wished to stay for.

"Oh great." Kristoff said sarcastically.

"So not only are we exploring through the Congo trying to find a medicine plant, but now it looks like we might spend an entire year there."

"Well that was just one of his trips." Jack pointed out.

"He also said that a few other times he went he spent a month or two there."

"That doesn't exactly help our odds, Jack." Kristoff said.

"If it took Adgar that long each time he went what will be so different with us?"

"Well for one thing Adgar searched alone with only a few men escorting him." Jack pointed out.

"We on the other hand are a group of five. That means we can easily fan out into two groups to cover more ground."

Tadashi looked to Jack in disbelief. While it seemed like the most plausible choice the one thing to keep in mind was that this was the jungles of the Congo. It would be full of predators and other dangerous animals as well. God know what would happen out there.

"Jack, your forgetting that this isn't just a stroll through the mall or something." He said.

"This is the jungles of the Congo we're talking about."

"Yeah." Kristoff said.

"We wouldn't last a minute out there."

It was then Hans stepped into the conversation.

"I think I can help you with that." He said.

Kristoff turned to Hans.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"S.I.I does have many contacts." Hans explained.

"Some of which are our own personal trained men. I can hire some experts on jungle terrain to help us."

"You mean hire guns?" Kristoff said.

"Think of it as personal escorts." Hans said.

Even with that being the case of protection, there was still another factor to cover. That being someone to help guide them through the jungle terrain and defend against any predatory animal who would attack.

"Well that's great and all." Kristoff said.

"But how exactly are we going to find our way around. We are going to need guides who know the layout of the area we're looking in."

It was then that an idea popped right into Anna's head. Jack had said early on that Adgar searched closer to Liebo. That was where Uncle North and Aunt Tooth were. They knew the entire layout of the jungle having to have been there for teen years now. They knew that land like the back of their heads. Perhaps they could help guide them through the jungle. After all, it would be a great opportunity to see them again. It had been so many years since they saw them and they haven't written much glanced up at Jack

"Wait, Jack you said that Adgar was looking somewhere near Liebo?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah." Jack said nodding his head.

"Uncle North and Aunt Tooth live in a village there." The young browned haired women said.

"They run a safari camp there and they hiked all over through the jungle. Maybe we can go to them and ask them for help."

It was hearing that very idea that Jack froze for but a moment. Thinking of Uncle North and Aunt Tooth drew some disturbance in the young man. It had been long since they last heard from them ever since their mom was divorced. They didn't really get back in contact with them. To his guess they were either busy with teaching the kinds of a village there or tending to tourists who were looking for a safari. Never the less, they were all absent since the day their family broke up.

"Well that's a splendid idea, Anna." Hans said.

Jack sighed quietly.

"Yeah." He said shaking his head a bit.


"So it's settled." Hans said turning back to Jack, Kristoff and Tadashi.

Jack shrugged, seeing that they seemed to have it all covered.

"I suppose so."

"I'll begin making preparations." Hans said,

"I'll call you by Tuesday. By then I should have everything in order and a flight to Africa arranged. It should give you a chance to prepare."

As Hans began making his way to the door, Jack turned to Kristoff and Tadashi. Both of them gazed back at them before turning to Anna. It would seem now they were truly following through with finding the herb whom Adgar had searched for in his passed time. A path that seemed very worthwhile, however one that the four friends now knew would not be easy at that.

(I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I'm sorry for it being so long but been having a hard time writing lately so couldn't exactly turn out much. I'm hoping I didn't disappoint with this chapter, we are getting close to the point you've all been waiting for so just a few more chapters to go. And as always, please comment and review!)

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