Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 35

It was later back in the night; Jack was walking up the stairs to his room on the floor above. As he walked down the hall, he turned and walked through the open door of the wash room. He flicked on the light and turned to face the mirror. He reached across the kitchen sink and pulled out his tooth brush. Just as he was about to place tooth paste upon the white bristles, he then head laughter come from the room just across the hall.

Jack turned his head and gazed toward Jamie's room. He saw Jamie playing with Jenna on his bed just before their mom had walked into his room.

"Alright, Jamie." She said, as she came to the side of his bed.

"It's time for bed. Come on, lets get you tucked in."

Jamie sat back in bed as Jill tucked him under his covers. The twelve year old lied back down in his bed just as Jill kissed his forehead.

"Hey mom." He said.

"Hmm?" She responded.

"Do you think I can be just like Jack?" Jamie asked, thinking of all the wander and thrill it was to have him in the family.

Jack walked up to the doorway, where he gazed toward his younger brothers bedroom. Looking at his mother he could see her give a simple smile in response. It really was a question that was all too thrilling for the women. To have two Jack's in the family would truly be something.

"Be just like Jack?" She said as she imagined it in her head.

"I don't know, having another Jack in the family?"

Jack smirked and chuckled. He hung his head down before he raised it back up to stare once more to his young brother.

"But I really want to." Jamie insisted.

"I want to be a big brother just like him."

Jill chuckled in response as she rubbed her hand through his brown head.

"You be whatever you want, Jamie." She said.

"When you grow up, you're going to do big things. Just like Jack."

Jack felt so touched hearing those words. It made him think back to when he was the same age as him, when he was tucked in to bed for the night. That was what she always said to him. It was what always pushed him and what had got him to where he was now. It was only fitting for that to be passed down to his younger brother, so that he would grow up and be the person that he believed he could.

Jill gently leaned down and kissed him upon the cheek. She had always told that same thing to him. She always encouraged him to do what his heart truly desired and he can do what seem impossible. He always remembered those words. It was a moral that he always took to heart.

"Go night, Jamie." She said.

"Good night, Mom." He said in return.

Jill turned and walked outside of the boy's room, Jenna followed after her. She first turned back to her young son, returning a smile to him.

"Sweet dreams." She said just as she closed the door.

Jill turned to see Jack standing at the bathroom door. He smiled and nodded his head at her as he heard all that she had said. The one to take into account was that of doing big things. He knew that was true, for he had already made such an impact on his brother and sister. A trait he knew was in mom's side of the family.

"I already see that I've made one big accomplishment." Jack said referring to Jamie.

Jill smiled and nodded her head.

"He thinks you're his Hero."

The young man gave but laughed as he took pride in knowing that.

"I know." He said just before he turned walked back in the washroom.

Jack walked into his bedroom with Jenna sauntering along behind him. For a moment he stood facing the flat white painted door as he pondered continuously over his mother's words. He wanted nothing more then to accomplish things that were of a challenge to him. He wanted to make her proud and be the brother Jamie deserved. Jack then looked over to his desk at the folder that stilled laid there upon it's flat surface.

He turned and walked up to the desk as he gazed down to the professor's research.

"She said's I'm his hero." Jack asked as he turned to her.

"Can you believe that, Jenna?"

Jenna simply looked up at him. He simply gave a smirk to her as he looked back up at the folder.

"To think, the guy behind this research could have been a hero himself." Jack said as he opened the folder and rummaged through the research.

"He could have save so many lives by the sounds of his findings. Why do people just want to throw this away?"

Jack finally stopped when he came to the halfway point of the folder. He sighed as he closed the folder and set it back down on the desk.

"Maybe everyone's right." He said.

"Maybe I am getting obsessed about this."

The young man turned back to his bed. He reached down and pulled his shirt off and threw it at the end. After of which he walked up and laid down on his bed, settling himself. Jenna walked over to her bed in front of the window, twirling around before she laid herself down; resting her head on her white paws. For a time he gazed up at the ceiling above, pondering and asking him seek of what he was going to do. Could there truly be a way to somehow get passed this whole thing? Could he finish what Adgar had started long ago? The more he thought, the more he faded from his consciousness till finally he fell asleep.

There came a sudden ringing sound which snapped Jack awake. He leaned up off his bed, rubbing the back of his neck. He took a gaze outside to see it was early in the morning. He gazed back at his alarm clock to see it was currently a quarter past six. Just in front of it, he saw his phone ringing with what looked to be an unfamiliar phone number on the screen. Jack reached out an pressed the answer button as he put it to his ear.

"Hello?" He said in a groaning pitch.

"Hello, is this Jack?" A voice said that barred some form of recognition.

"Yes." Jack answered while a bit suspicious.

"Who is it?"

"It's Hans." The voice answered.

"Hans Fertrome."

"Hans?" Jack said as he turns himself around and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Yeah, I hope I'm not disturbing you now."

"Well other than a peaceful sleep I was having, no." Jack said.

"What is it I can help you with?"

"Yes actually." Hans said.

"I wanted to ask you about Professor Adgars research."

By the very mention of the Adgars research, Jack was but still for a second out of his surprise and a bit of shock.

"H-how do you know about..."

"Just listen." Hans instructed.

"It's come to my attention that your looking to complete it am I right?"

"Uh... Yeah." Jack answered.

"Well look." Hans said.

"I understand your having a financial trouble with it. So I'm willing to give you a hand with that. If you stop by my office, we can discuss more of it."

Jack took a moment thought of Hans offer. He really thought that maybe he was just dreaming or something but it did sound as if there was an answer to his problem. Since Hans worked for a rich cooperation, it would make sense to at least take him up on his offer. He could pay for everything that they needed for the trip and also had some professional scientists who could conduct the research.

"Alright, fine." Jack answered.

"A very wise choice, Jack." Hans said, sounding please by his answer.

"I'll send a car around to your house. Be sure to bring the research with you."

"Okay." Jack answered.

"Got it."

"Right then." Hans said.

"I'll see you in an hour."

It was then Hans hung up and Jack took his phone from his ear and pressed the end call button. Jack set his phone down in front of his alarm clock as he turned forward toward his desk. He was completely shocked as to what had happened. It felt as if a solution had just fallen right in his lap. But the thing that made Jack's suspicion was how he was aware that he had the old research of Adgar.

Yet at the same time, he felt a rush of relief and also exotic. Finally there was an opportunity to follow along in the promise he and his sister and friends had made. With Hans offering to support them with this, the financial problem that held them back was no longer a concern to them. He would be able to simply sweep it off the table as if it was buying an apple from the grocery store. Another factor that he provided was that he had access to the best equipment and the top scientists. Further research on the herb would seem easier when recovering more things about the plant.

Jack got off of his bed and walked over to his closet. He pushed the door aside to see several plaid or dress shirts and pants hanging from coat hangers. He reached in and pulled out a silk white button shirt along with black dress pants.

A while later Jack walked outside the front door of his household with the folder of Adgars research in hand. As he turned to close the door, he placed the folder under his arm and reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his keys. After he shut the door, he slid his key in and turned it counter clockwise, locking the door. He looked ahead to the street where he saw a black pull up in front of his house. Jack began making his way down the walk way of his house. The driver during of which got of the car faced toward him.

"Mr. Anderson I presume?" He asked the young white haired man.

"Uh, yeah." Jack said.

"I trust Hans is expecting me."

"Yes, he is." The driver said shaking his head.

He turned and pulled open the back door of his driver's seat.

"Thank you." Jack said as he came up and climbed into the car.

The driver shut the door behind him. After Jack had fastened his seat belt and settled into his seat, he set the folder down on he lap as he looked forward. The Driver had already gotten back into his seat ad slid his seat belt across his body. He then shifted end the car back into drive and pulled out into the street.

It was about a long while of driving when they had entered into the city. Jack sat in his seat, gazing out the window at all the people they passed by and slowly witnessed a sight of a neighbourhood of houses turn to large tall standing skyscrapers over ten stories high. By now they were coming before the entrance of one of the tall structures, that being the main office building of Southern isles industries. The car pulled up in a drive way just outside the street they were currently on. He pulled up next to the walkway to which Jack unbuckled his seat belt and opened the door, steeping out from the vehicle. The young man gazed up at the tall sky scraper. It looked to be over twenty stories high, perhaps even higher. By the appearance of the outside it looked to be an all glass window building. Just at the very top, he saw the initials of the company high above.

As Jack shifted his sights down to the entrance, He could see many investors and business men walking in or out of the building. Jack began walking up toward the main doorway. He climbed up the small stair case and walked before the glass doorway where he pulled open the door and walked inside. He entered into a wide open lobby with everlasting front desks and countless people wearing business suits making their way around. He approached one of the front desks where a women in her mid thirties with blond hair and wearing a light blue uniform at behind the desk, facing a flat computer screen.

"Excuse me?" Jack said.

The young women looked up from her computer to the young man.

"Hello sir." She said.

"Can I help you?"

"Uh... yes." Jack answered.

"I was wondering if you can direct me to Hans Fotrome. I'm Jack Anderson."

"Just a second please." She said as she turned to the phone just beside her.

She pressed upon the fifty key as she place the phone to her ear. It was but a short while that she remained in utter silence as she waited for the call to be answered. Jack stood and waited patiently before finally she spoke up.

"Mr. Fortrume." She said.

"There's someone here in the lobby who wishes to see you. He said his name is Jack Anderson."

"Send him up, please." Hans said.

"Right away." The women said just before hanging up the phone.

She stood up from her chair and faced Jack.

"Right this way, sir." She said before she walked out from behind the desk.

Jack trailed behind the women and followed her to the elevators in the back.

The elevator pulled them up passed several floors till they came to the fifty third. The doors parted from each other, opening it up to a hallway with a two door office right at the end. The S, I, I employee was the first to step off the squared elevator room and walked over to the office. Jack followed after her, he gazed to the few offices to his right while at his left was an board room with several business men and women at a meeting. As Jack turned forward, the women opened the office door for them and walked in.

"Mr. Fortrume?" She said.

Jack walked into the office to find Hans faced toward the window overlooking the city. He turned around and came faced with the young white haired man.

"Jack." He said as he walked from the window.

"Just the man I wanted to see."

Hans turned to the Employee to his right.

"Thank you, Miss Miller." He said nodding his head.

She smiled and nodded before turned and walking out of Hans's office.

"Come in, Jack." Hans said.

"Have a seat. We have a lot to talk about."

Jack walked further in and came before one of the seats that faced his desk, sitting down in upon it.

"Quite the office you got here." Jack completed.

Hans took a seat behind his desk.

"Thank you." He said nodding his head.

"Did you bring the folder?"

Jack tossed the folder on the desk before Hans. He took the folder and opened it. Browsing through all the recorded data of experiments, the young CEO raised his eye brow fascinated by what he read. Words alone by the people who've seen it was not enough justification to what this research described.

"God this is... This is...remarkable." Hans complemented.

Jack shook his head in agreement.

"How did you get a hold of this?" Hans asked as he set down the folder.

"Found it in the office of one of Professor McCoy's." Jack answered.

"McCoy's?" Hans said.

"Yeah." Jack answered.

"It seemed that he was holding on to it for a friend. But I guess he never got the chance to finish it for Adgar."

Hans pondered for a second about the missed chance of McCoy. While it did seem such a shame and loss it did present an opportunity for them. Now they could complete the professor's work and bring home a cure to these people of America.

"Well I understand that you want to finish it as well." Hans said.

Jack gazed up at Hans. The question of how he knew about this was still fresh on his mind.

"Anna told me everything." The young CEO said.

"She said that you and a few friends were looking to finish this."

"Well, we were hoping." Jack said.

"But it doesn't look like we can financially. Which I assume is what you can probably help us with."

Hans chuckled.

"Well not only with the plane ride there." Hans said.

"I take it none of you are scientists."

The young white haired man shook his head.

"Yeah." He said.

"Well what do you say if me and you together on this?" Hans suggested.

"What do you mean?" Jack asked curiously.

"I can provide all that you need, Jack." Hans said as he set back in his seat.

"I have access to several facilities all over the country and some of top scientists. We can pull off further research and quite possibly create a medicine from it. We'll pull off what Professor Adgar wanted to do."

Jack sat for a moment and pondered over the choice. This was the chance that he had long waited for. By mention of these several things, Jack shock his head in anticipation. It all seemed to be a miracle indeed. Now he can truly possible to fulfill the promise that he and his friends wanted to do.

"Well that sounds great." Jack said smiling.

"But I have some terms."

"Of course." Hans said.

"What are your terms?"

"I want my friends and my sister to help work on this." Jack stated.

"We were in on this together and I want them apart of this too."

"Alright then." Hans said.


The white haired man nodded his head.

"Thank you." Jack said.

Hans nodded his head to the young man. He gazed down at the folder of research. It was all plenty and was very informative of the subject; they need to find more about it. However the only way to do so is to find an herb and further reach it and its capabilities.

"All we need now is a sample of that herb." Hans said as he looked up to Jack.

"There's only one place we got to go to in order to get it."

Jack knew exactly where he was referring to go.

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