Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 29

After they had finished with lunch, the four friends made their way to Professor Mccoys office. After they left through the doorway of the cafeteria that lead outside the building, the four friends made their way across to the complex ahead of them. The four friends walked up the steps to the two front doors. Jack reached out and grabbed Onto the door handle. He pulled it open before walking in, still holding it open for his sister. After she came and,pushed the door open for herself and Kristoff, Jack came into the front lobby of the complex.

He began walking toward the hallway, till it was then the right wall came into view, revealing two elevator doo. rs. There was a few people there, waiting at the left one for the arrival of their defending platform.

"Right here, guys." Said Jack as he turned to the elevator doors.

Jack came up to the elevator on the right of the other. It was by that time the doors opened and the several students walked. As they settle, Jack came toward the open elevator doors."Hey is there..."

Before he finished the elevator door closed, sliding over the open doorway.

"I guess not." Said Jack as he turn to Anna, Kristoff and Tadashi.

"Looks like we're taking this one."

Jack came pass the right elevator door and pressed the arrow like button that pointed upward. He stepped back, gazing above the elevator door to the five floor numbers above, placing his hands on his hips. Slowly did the the yellow light shifted from four to three. Anna, Kristoff and Tadasho stood behind him, waiting patiently for the doors to open.

"I feel bad about doing this." Said Anna.

"I mean, just getting rid of all the work Mr, McCoy did."

"Well there's not much we can do about it." Said Tadashi.

"He's already made quite a constribution to physics, some of it will be remembered."

"Yeah, it's not like we're just going to toss him away." Said Kristoff.

"just gotta make way for someone new."

"I know your right, it's just... He was a really great guy."

The four friends could all agree on that. He was a really great guy and a very well educated professor. They've met him in several time in the past, he offered such great wealth of knowledge to many things. He wasn't a professor who was full of his theory and believe that he was right. He was always open to hear whatever opinion there was from he's colleges. It was a shame for him to have passed away at this time. Just then, the elevator door the slid to the side, opening to a boxed room with mirrors on the back and both sides.

"Finally." Said Jack, relieved that it was the door opened.

"Alrights lets go."

Jack walked into the elevator as his sister and friends came in after him. Once they were all aboard, Tadashi pressed the forthbutton, making it light up. The door the slid over the open entrance and seal them inside. The small boxed room then began to be be pulled upward to the forth floor above. Jack walked and leaned back on the wall behind him, making the mirror relect his back. All the while they waited for their stop.

After a few short minutes of waiting, their elevator finally stopped and the door way came open.

"Here we are." Said Kristoff as he walked out the open doorway.

Jack leaned off the wall and walked out of the elevator along with his friends.

"Alright let's get to his office." He said.

The four began walking down the hallway leftward of them. Just ahead of them was a corner that shifted right. As they came upon the turning corner, they came to see a large blue recycling bin, sitting next to the door of Mccoys office. Jack stood there, staring toward the blue bin. He sighed, seeing what was to be the last time he would see this to be Mccoys office. Just as Anna, he didn't want to just throw away all he had made. He was a friend and he didn't want to just toss away all that he did in his time of life, but just as Kristoff said, you gotta make way for the new.

"Let's get this over with." He sighed as he walked over toward the doorway.

"Kristoff can you bring the bin in?"

"Sure I got it." Said Kristoff.

Jack came to the front of the door. He reached for the handle and pulled it down, opening it to reveal the old professors office. It was a wide boxed room with a desk in the centre of it all. There was also shelves of books, some of them binders of his research and also white boards, one at the back, littered with equations.

"Alright, let's start with his book shelves." Said Jack.

Jack walked up to the tall, full case of books.

"What should we do about his books?" Asked Anna, curiously.

"I think Callaghan would want us to take them to the library." Said Jack, as he began taking books from the high shelves down.

"We might need some boxes."

Jack turned to Kristoff, as he saw him push the recycling bin inside the office.

"Hey Kristoff." He said.

"Could you go down and see if you can get some boxes, we're going to need them for theses books."

"I'm on it." Said Kristoff, as he turned and walked out the door.

As Kristoff left the room, the young white haired man turned to the wall on his right. There upon the white surface lied a framed picture of McCoy. Jack walked to face the picture. The full frame ame before him and was given sight of the full picture. There he was, an old Professor, dressed in a grey site with a red tie, standing in front of the picture, holding his masters dagree in front of him. To both his sides there was professor Callaghan and a man with brown hair and a thin mustache. For a moment, Jack only stood there staring at the photo, thinking in aww of his passing.

As he continued to gaze upon the picture, it was then his sister came up next to him. She placed her hand upon his shoulder. Jack turned to Anna, seeing her look in such grief as he. As Jack looked back to the photo, he focused his sights on Professor McCoy for sa short while. It was then that Anna looked from McCoy and her sights came upon the man who stood at the right.

"Hey who's that?" She asked curiously.

"Huh?" Asked Jack as he turned to her.

"That guy right beside McCoy." Anna said pointed to the man with the thin mustache.

Jack turned back to the picture and looked to the man who stood next to McCoy. He stared curiously, for never in his time in the University had he seen him.

"I don't know." Said Jack.

"I've never seen him before."

Jack turned to Tadashi, who was standing in front of McCoy's filing cabinets and looking through all that he had stored away.

"Hey Tadashi!" Said Jack.

Tadashi stopped and turned to Jack.

"Do you know who this guy is?"

"What guy?" Tadashi asked as he walked around the desk and came up to him and Anna.

Jack turned back to the picture and pointed to the guy on the right.

"This guy." he said.

Tadashi looked to the man in the photo. Upon his sight of the man did the young Aisan looked in in recognition of who it was

"Hey, that's Professor Adgar." He said.

Jack and Anna turned to Tadashi curious of what he knew.

"Professor Adgar?" Said Jack.

"Yeah, he was one of the Universities top professors." Tadashi explained.

"I actully read about him in several articles in science magazines. They said that he reaserch end several theory's to do with biology. He and professor Callaghan were also colleges, they both studied in the same schools together."

"So what happened to him?" Asked Jack as he turned to Tadashi.

Tadashi turned to Jack.

"I don't know." He said.

"Last I heard, people said that he became obsessed with some reaserch on a herb. After of which they said that he and his family disappeared somewhere in Africa trying to find it."

Tadashi turned back to the photo.

"The whole University said that he went mad. He said that this would be a break through and it would be a new medicine, might even be a cure for cancer."

Jack was comeletly left without a single thought of doubt about what he heard about Adgar. He sounded to be as they way he was decribed. To be consumed by his own thoughts. It wasn't that he didn't believe that there was a cure for cancer, but this sounded to be something out of Science-fiction.

"Your right." Said Jack as he gazed back to the picture.

"He sounds completly sain to me."

Jack turned away from the picture and walked to the other side of the room. Tadashi turned and followed after him. Anna turned back to the frame. She came up and took the picture from the wall and brought to McCoys desk.

With a passing hour, Jack Anna and Tadashi had already cleared out most of McCoy's shelves of his book. Anna and Jack had already cleared the top shelves from the professors books. Tadashi had went through his cabinet, tossing most of his papers and equations in the the blue bin. Over top of McCoys desk was stakes of books aswell as hindered filled with his reaserch papers. Jack was kneeling down at the middle shelf, taking the books off and setting them down on the desk behind him.

Just then, Kristoff walked in carrying boxes in his arms.

"I'm back." he said.

Jack turned to Krisrtoff and stood up from the floor.

"What took you so long?" Asked Jack.

"Sorry." He said as he came up with the boxes and set them down in front of the desk.

"I went to cafe here. Had to wait through a long line before I could ask if they had any. It was a good thing too, there were going to throw them out soon."

Jack came around and took one of the boxes.

"Think these will be enough?" Kristoff asked, having to only carry seven of them in a stake.

"I think they'll do." Said Jack, before he turned walked back around the desk.

"Alright, let's put his books in some of these boxes."

Jack set the box down on the ground as he turned and picked up a stack of books and set them down in the box. As he, Kristoff and Anna continued to fill the boxes with McCoys belongings. Tadashi continued to skim through his filing cabinet and pull out files that kept his work in an orderly fashion. As he pulled out his files, Hde skimmed through the Professors notes and equations. Some of them seemed to be well though out as can be expected.

Tadashi closed the binder and shut the cabinet drawers.

"That's another cleared." He said as he walked up to the recycling bin and open the lid, throwing it in with alot of his work.

"Still can't believe we're getting rid of all his things."

"Me either." Said Jack as set his books down in the box.

"A man's great work all gone to waste."

Tadahsi nodded his head to Jack before he turned back to the filing cabinet. He came to the very top and slid the drawer open. There was another huge line of files to go through. Tadashi sighed as he began to rummage through the files. As he pulled one out, the young Aisan opened the folder, expecting to find more of McCoy's work. However, upon opening the folder and skimming through the notes, the young adult came to find something strange.

"What the..." He said as he read.

As he continued to skirmish through the folder, he came to find more notes. Each of them were talking about a chemicle forrmula's and also testing of a strange herb. As he continued reading through the notes, he came across a name written at the top. Professor Adgar Handrick. Tadashi's eyes widen. This was professor Adgar's work. The reaserch he was doing before his disappearance.

"Oh my god." He said in a whispering tone.

"Tadashi?" Jack called.

"Huh?!" He said, lifting his sights from the notes and turning to Jack, Anna and Kristoff who were staring towar him.

"This is no time to be reading right now." Said Jack.

"We still got to pack up the rest of Mcoys stuff."

"Hang on." He said as he turned to them.

"Think I found something."

"What is it?" Kristoff asked curiously.

Tadashi came up to the desk, continuing to read the notes in the folder.

"I just found a folder bunch of notes and formulas about a herb." Tadashi explained.

"Whats McCoy doing studying a plant?" Asked Kristoff asked curiously.

"These arn't McCoy's." Tadashi said.

"This is Professor Adgars work."

The three stood curiously, looking to Tadashi.

"Let me see that." Said Jack as he came around to him.

Tadashi gave the folder to Jack. The young white haired man read through a few of the notes. They all were explanations that discribes a herb with had a strange chemicle formula that could be used in traditional medicine. There was also some of entries of some strang tribe legend that told of a healing plant. Adgar had went one to explain that tribes men were of a strange mind set that this was a gods gift to them. For whenever they found the erb had it brought them a cure for their sick and injured.

"So this is what the guy was studying?" Jack asked.

Tadashi nodded his head. While it may had sounded something fictional. It did look to give something promising.

"What's it doing here in McCoys office?" Asked Kistoff curiously.

"It's possible that he might have wanted to continued on with Adgars work." Tadashi said, knowing that McCoy was also knew allot about Biology.

"Who knows." Said Jack as he looked back to the notes and continued to read the notes.

"Hey guys hear this... The Test subject I treated with the sample of the herb has proven to be making a recovery from it's wound. The herb sample had healed any sort of damage dome to it mussel or flesh and is well on it's way to being able to walk again."

Jack lifted his head from the notes as he continued to ponder about what he read.

"This guy was on the fast track of making a scientific discovery." Jack asid as he looked to Tadashi.

"This sounds like it could be a possible Medicene."

"So he was in the mindset of finding something that could help people." Said Kristoff.

"That's what he was saying he was doing." Said Tadashi.

Jack continued to ponder about this. He knew at first that this sounded to be something out of science fiction, but with what he read, this did indeed sound as if it could be a possible breakthrough in the field of Medicene. For them to have come across such a thing was but a great oppertonity for them.

"So if it was that he was actully on to something?" Jack said.

"Maybe this could be real. I mean, people are in the hospital sick and injued. This could be something we need."

Tadashi, Anna and Keistoff were all in the same mindset. With a need for Medicene and treatment to people sick or sufering injury. This could in fact be the next best thing to be furthered.

"Jack might be right." Tadashi said.

"We should take this to Callahan's office and see if we could get this reaserch continued with."

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