Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 28

Holding his camera which sat atop a tripod, Jack aimed his camera to the long, blond haired girl, who stood in front of a blank, grey screen.

The young woman, in the middle of her twenty years of life, smiled back at him, wearing a yellow sun-dress, her hair hung down her back. She hands were held in front of her, preening up against her waist. He looked through the small, squared scoop above; getting a good look of what the photo would turn out to be.

"Okay Rapunzel." said Jay, as he focused his camera.

"Give me an elegant pose; show me a great smile like you're in a warm summer day."

The blond haired women gave but the prettiest smile that she could muster. She grinned, exposing her white teeth to him. The sight was But the exact image that Jack had in his mind.

"That's perfect." said Jack, just before he ducked down behind his camera, peering toward the small squared screen that showed the beauty of the women that stood before him.

"Just hold it right there."

Jack then pressed the bottom on his camera, as there came a flash of bright light from the two light stands at both of Jack's side.

"Alright one more." said Jack as he prepared for another shot.

As Jack took his photos of the young women, a much older man was leaning against the wall behind him. He was tall with dark brown hair, a short goatee under his chin, wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans. A camera hung down from his neck from its strap. He only stood there, glancing toward Rapunzel with a good looking smirk upon his face. He admired the look that she presented in that yellow sun dress. He couldn't help but just stare and get the sight of her in his mind. She gazed back at him; a smirk was also upon her face. There then was another flash of light as Jack's camera set off.

"Prefect." said Jack as he lowered his camera.

Rapunzel then walked up toward Jack.

"Thanks, Rapunzel." He said smiling.

"These photos are great."

"No problem, Jack." She said.

"I'm happy to help. You know if You need anymore done..."

Jack smiled.

"I'll keep it in mind."

The young Women walked past the turned to watch her walk along. She then came to the man who was watching them.

"You know." He said.

Rapunzel stopped and turned to him.

"I could use some help with my photo's."

Jack sighed and just rolled his eyes. There he was again, hitting on his girlfriend. Rapunzel chuckled as she smiled toward him.

"Oh Eugene." She said, charmed by his manner.

"You've already got plenty of photo's of me."

Eugene leaned up off the wall. He turned to face her, keeping his charming look to Rapunzel, trying to lure her in. She only looked to him, smiling and rolling her eyes. She could never fight that look he had.

"Well I could use a lot more of them." He Flirted with the young blond women.

"That dress looks so good on you. There is no way that I'm turning up the chance to capture it."

Rapunzel just chuckled in response. It was then that Eugene took hold of her by the waist and pulled her close to him, claiming her lips. Jack gazed to the two with a look of disproving expression. Eugene was always doing this, getting all close up to his girlfriend. He was such a lady's man. It was hard to believe that Rapunzel kept on falling for it.

"I hate you." Said Rapunzel, playfully, as she hit his chest,

Eugene just chuckled.

"Aw come on." He said.

"You know you like it."

Jack took a few stepped toward the two. It was before reaching the place he wished to stand, that Rapunzel departed from her boy friend and walked past him. Eugene gazed toward her as she walked away.

"You know." Jack said.

"Photography is about taking pictures, not hitting on your girlfriend."

"What can I say, Jack?" asked Eugene, as he turned to Jack.

"I just got a thing with the ladies."

Jack just rolled his eyes at him.

"Well could you keep all the Mushy stuff somewhere else?" Asked Jack.

Eugene only shrugged.

"I'll do what I can." He said, just before walking away.

"But you know me, Jack."

As Jack gazed to his departing classmate, he shook his head and turned away. He knew Eugene very well, so there wasn't much point in asking. He knew very well what Eugene was going to do, chances are that he was going to see the last of their flirting. It may sound as if he is jealous of them, but in actuality, Jack didn't have any thoughts of envy. He wasn't desperate to have a relationship with anyone. Not at the moment anyway. He was more on the lines of trying to get his career down pat then anything. Once that was done, then he was considerable of settling down with a girl.

He was more of finding the right one for him, or at least one that was stable enough. However that was but the least on his mind. He looked down to his watch and saw it was twelve ten. This was about the time that he met up with Anna, Tadashi, Kristoff and Hiro for lunch.

"Lunch break." He said as he turned to his camera beg that sat on a table at his left.

After Jack had packed away his camera, he made his way through several hallways, before he came into the University cafeteria. The wide room filled with tables, each one was occupied by several groups of people. They talked, discussed several things that were occurring either in school or in life itself. Jack made his way through the cafeteria. He had passed by several tables that were all occupied as well as other students who walked by him before coming to the place where they served the food. He turned to a tall stack of red trays and took the one that sat at the very top. He set it down on the steel rails beside the stake, coming behind another, moving along in a short line of people. It was a short time before he finally came to one of the chefs behind the counter.

"Hey, what will it be?" He asked curiously.

"Uh, I'll have a burger and fries please."Jack answered.

"Coming up."

Jack stood and waited for his meal. All the while, he shifted his sight all around before looking behind him to the whole cafeteria. Through the massive crowd of students as well as professors, he saw in a distance Anna, Kristoff, and Tadashi sitting at a long table together. It was then the chef came set down a plate with a hamburger and fries.

Once he got his food, Jack walked through the room, carrying his tray in both his hands. He came to a long table, where he found his sister, Kristoff and Tadashi Sitting came past where Tadashi sat and to the open seat beside him. It was strange; he was expecting Hiro to be occupying that seat. He first sat down his tray of food before he came down and took his seat.

"Hey guys." He said as he settled himself.

"Where's Hiro?"

"He's back up in the lab working on his microbots." Tadashi answered.

"Hey, where have you been?"

"Sorry, just had to deal with Romeo's flirting." said Jack.

"Eugene again?" Tadashi asked curiously.

Jack nodded his head yes.

"Yeah." answered Jack, as he pleased the top half of his burger over the bottom.

"I swear those two need to get a room."

Kristoff smirked, seeing how Jack was looking based on seeing Eugene and Rapunzel having their moments of love in front of him.

"Someone sound jealous." He said.

Jack gazed up to his friend, looking so disapproved of what he said. Jealousy was not the word to be used in his situation. He didn't care that Eugene and Rapunzel were together. He was more annoyed of seeing them express their care to one another. It was pretty much a daily thing to see each day in photography.

"I'm not jealous." he said sternly, before taking his burger in his hands and taking a bit out of it.

"I don't know, whitehead." said Tadashi.

"You sound kind of jealous to me."

Jack turned and looked sternly to Tadashi. He continued to chew the piece of bread and beef in his mouth for a short few seconds before swallowing it down.

"No, I'm not." said Jack, trying to clear himself from any regard of him to that word.

"I'm perfectly fine that they are in a relationship. But I'm not looking to be involved in one yet."

"Why not?" Asked Kristoff.

"There's a lot of girls in this university that might being willing to date you."

Tadashi turned to Jack.

"Yeah." He said in agreement.

"I also heard a couple of girl talk about you. I seemed to recall one of them saying that you were… Cute."

Jack only rolled his eyes and shook his head in disparagement.

"I'm very flattered to hear that." He said.

"But I'm still not interested in dating."

"Aw come on, Jack." said Tadashi.

Anna saw his brother was getting annoyed by their constant teasing of him. She wasn't in any way wanting to let it drag on.

"Guys." Said Anna,coming into the conversation.

"Leave him alone. If he doesn't want to date then that's fine."

"Thank you, Anna." he said, happy that she was willing to break this teasing that they were laying on him.

"Look guys, I'm glad that you guys want me to date, but I'm not ready to branch out yet I want to try to get my career down pat before I start a relationship. Plus I want to wait to find the perfect girl."

The three stared at him in a manner of disbelief.

"Jack, there's no such thing as a perfect girl." Anna said.

Jack looked up to his sister.

"Well one that suits me at least." Said Jack, as he took another bite of his burger.

Kristoff turned, shifting his eyes from his friend. He set his sights ahead to the cafeteria entrance. It was through the open doors that he saw the Universities top professor, Robert Callaghan. He was a tall elderly man with thin greyish hair and wore a dark red sleeveless wool shirt over a light blue button shirt and a brown pair of pants. The professor walked into the cafeteria, moving in the direction toward their table.

"Guys heads up." Said Kristoff as he looked to Jack, Anna and Tadashi.

"Professor Callaghans coming this way."

Jack turned and gazed back, where he was met with the sight of the approaching professor.

"What's the president of the University doing in the cafeteria?" Jack asked curiously, knowing that the staff had their own place to eat.

"I don't think he's here for the food." Said Anna.

Tadashi turned back toward Kristoff and Anna.

"If I had to guess, I think he wants to see us." Said Tadashi.

Professor Callaghan came up before the four students.

"Hello, Jack, Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi." He said in his gravelling voice.

"Hello Professor Callaghan." Said Jack as he turned to him.

"How's your day been?" He asked.

"It's been alright." Said Jack as he turned his chair.

"How about yours?"

"It's been fine, thank you Jack." he said back to the young white haired man.

"I actually came by to see you five. Although it doesn't seem that Hiro is here."

"My brothers back at the lab." Tadashi said.

"He's caught up with his invention."

"Well that's too bad." Said Callaghan.

"So what did you want to talk to us about?"asked Anna curiously.

"Well, I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor."

The four friends looked to one another curiously. It wasn't everyday that the president of the university would ask for a favor from four students, especially coming from that of the president of all people. Of course, they were always happy to oblige to his request.

"Sure, what do you need?" Asked Jack as he looked back up to him.

"Well as you know, professor McCoy has recently passed away." Callaghan explained, referring the physicist teach who died a few weeks ago due to his age.

"I was just asking I've you would be so kind as to clear out his office."

"You want us to clear Mccoy's Office?' Asked Kristoff, curiously.

"Well not exactly." Said Callaghan.

"We just need his research to be sorted through and put into storage."

"Well sure." Said Anna.

"We'd be happy too."

"Yeah." Said Tadashi.

Callaghan smiled gratefully. He knew that he could count on these four for help.

"Thank you." He said, nodding his head.

"Don't be in any rush. You guys can start after you finish eating. I'll be sure to have a recycling bin there for you."

"Thanks." Said Jack.

"We'll get on it soon."

Professor Callaghan then turned and began walking away from the four friends, heading back to the open doorway. After he had left sight, Jack turned around in his seat, facing toward his meal.

"Damn." said Jack, thinking of the past professor.

"All that hard work and theory all gone to waste."

Tadashi shook his head in agreement.

"And to think." He said turning to Jack.

"He was on the way of proving one of them."

Jack turned and sighed. He took hold of his burger and brought it up to his face, taking another bite.

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