Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 27

Jack cruised down the road along with many other cars and trucks, that took to the streets. As the morning took it's toll, the city was beginning to wake up. People were starting another day in the suburban city of San-Francisco. Passing by several sidewalks, there were many of the cities citizens walking in separate directions, some going to work or making their way to some of the many shops in the city.

As they come toward a square of traffic lights, the light to the one ahead of them turned red. As the cars ahead of them came to a stop, Jack pressed down on the breaks of his blue jeep . Slowly, the blue jeep began to reduce it's speed and stop right behind the dark grey car ahead of them. Jack set back in his seat, waiting for the light to turn green, and for the vehicles on the left road to pass over to the right, while those on the right pass to the left.

"Hey Jack." Said Kristoff.

"I've been looking up some apartment buildings recently."

Jack took a glance back at Kristoff.

"Really, what did you find?" Asked Jack curious.

"I did find this two room one over at Chestnut, but that would mean that there would be only room for two of us."

"Well then, why don't you and Anna move in?" Suggested Jack.

"Hey, I thought we were all going on this." Said Kristoff.

"Well if this our big shot at getting one, one of us is going to have to give up for the other." Said Jack.

"Also, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Jamie just yet."

Anna turned to her older brother.

"Well neither am I, Jack." Said Anna.

"Him or Riley."

Jack sighed, as he set his head back on against his seat. Moving out was being a hard thing to accomplish. It wasn't just trying to find a place to live, although that was an hard enough deed to accomplish on its own. Trying to find the right price and the right payment of rent. But it was also leaving behind their two new siblings. It was over the few years together, that they had grown close to one another. Jack also wanted time to be with his brother, besides that, he knew Jamie wouldn't want him to leave. It wasn't like he wanted to leave Jamie either.

"Come on, guys." said Kristoff.

"I know that you're concerned about your siblings, I understand that. But We've been planning on this for months now."

"We're not saying we don't want to do it, Kristoff." Said Jack.

"Just that our family's been through a lot. Our mom especially."

"I get that." Said Kristoff, knowing what they had went through in the past.

"But guys, she already got herself another husband and two more kids. I'm not trying to be offensive or anything, but I personally think it's just time for guys to have your own lives. I'm pretty sure she wants you too."

It was then that the traffic light shifted to green. The few cars ahead of them began to drive ahead down the way. Jack turned back and stepped down on the pedal and drove down the road. Kristoff was right about one thing, their mother did want them to move out and begin their own lives. But Jack couldn't leave her mother or his family, ever since they decided on this apartment he's been having doubts about the whole thing. The biggest of all these doubts were of his younger brother. Jamie and him were close friends, he couldn't leave him behind.

"You're right, she does, Kristoff." He said looking back to him.

"But what about Jamie? I can't just move out, it's bad enough that don't see him everyday. "

Kristoff thought for a second of that. He understood that Jack and Jamie were close brothers and respected that on every level. He sighed, knowing that he couldn't just keep Jack away from his family when he wanted to be near them.

"Well, maybe I can try and find an apartment somewhere nearby." Kristoff suggested.

Jack turned back to his friend and nodded his head in agreement. He knew that there had to be an apartment building nearby where they could go. That way, he and Anna could still be near their family. Their one hope in the matter would be that they would find one where they could all have a room.

"Thanks, Kris." Said Jack.

There was then a hock of a scooter coming from behind. The three friends looked and saw Tadashi, who was now a young man at the age of twenty. He was tall wearing a grey button shirt overtop of a black t-shirt and a pair of Jeans. Riding right behind him was his young thirteen year old brother Hiro.

"Hey guys!" Hiro said them, waving his hand at them.

Anna and Kristoff smiled and waved back to him. Jack took his right hand off the steering wheel for second and he held it up, waving back to him.

"Hey Hiro." He said.

Tadashi sped up and came in front of Jack jeep. Jack smiled just shook his head.

"Hey!" He said.

"Your suppose to put your light on to indicate your turn."

Tadashi only waved back to him, the back of his hand faced in Jack's direction.

"Sorry about that, Whitehead!" He called back to Jack.

"Try and and keep up with me."

With that, he drove ahead, leaving Jack with such a grin on his face. He shook his head as he set back in his seat.

"Yeah, you better keep going, knuckle head!" He said.

"Wait till I catch up To you!"

Jack laughed as he looked to his sister, who herself chuckled and shook her head. This was always the thing to happen in their small group of friends. They always messed with each other at certain times. Sometimes calling each other names or what not. Sometimes even giving special nicknames that stuck. The most common in Jack's case was whitehead, due to his white collared hair. Also sometimes, another fun factor their their friendship was that of rough housing with one and Kristoff would wrestle with one another, just as if they themselves were brothers. It wasn't mean, but it was just another way for them to mess with one another.

It was a short while later, when they had arrived at the University premis. Jack drove his jeep along a line of four parked cars, when he came across one free lot. Aside from him was Tadashi and Hiro, who had parked his red motorbike in the parking tall beside it.

The two were standing beside the scooter, holding their bags. They looked to see Jack drive into view of them. Jack turned the steering wheel, making his jeep shift positions. had pulled into one of the parking lots, where he then turned his jeep and parked it in one of the few free stalls.

Jac opened the door and turned himself to face the open way. He placed his shoe clad feet upon the ground below as he closed the door behind them.

Tadashi came around his scooter to Jack.

"Looks like we win." Tadashi said, grinning gladly.

"Hey you didn't say we were racing."said Jack as he came up and tackled with Tadashi a bit.

The two just laughed as Jack took Tadashi in a headlock and held him there for a short few seconds, his cape fell from his head, revealing his short back his short black hair. Jack gave a small nuggie before he let go.

"Hey careful, guys." Said Kristoff, watching from the view of the other side of Jack's jeep

Tadashi draped his hand across his head, flattening his black. hair back down before he took back his hat.

"Well I thought when I sped up was a clear answer to you." Tadashi said, as he placed his hat back his head.

Jack just smirked and rolled his eyes. He turned around and went the back of his jeep.

"Well you know for a fact that I can't race you." Said Jack, as he pulled his camera bag out and draped the strap over to his right shoulder. Later he grabbed his backpack and pulled it out.

"The last thing I need is a speeding ticket."

"Aw come on, Jack." Said Hiro.

"No way." Said Jack.

"I got all the money I need, ain't going to waste it on trying to pay the city back."

Kristoff and Anna came around and pulled out their bags from the back of his jeep.

"We got everything?" Said Jack.

"Yeah." Said Anna,as she put her bag behind her.

"Alright let's go."

The five friends began walking up from the parking lot and into the campus. Jack led the small group in, they passed by many other students, each one walking in a separate direction. There were also a few of the students, some of them talking with one another of certain things. Also some sitting on the grass together as a group, studying from books and notes of theirs.

"So Jack." said Hiro, as he came up to his side.

"How's photography going?"

Jack shrugged. His class in photography has been real engaging, taking photo's of certain landscapes, as well as some of the girl; who modelled in certain places. His teacher, Mr, Ethier was a hands on guy. They were outside some time, gathering photo's with what Either had showed them.

"Well, you know." He said looking to him.

"Mr. Eithers got us outside shooting photo's. Showing us some tricks and stuff."

"That's cool." Said Hiro.

"Yeah." Said Jack, nodding his head in agreement.

"How are things in the lab. How's your invention coming along."

Hiro Turned and grinned to the white haired young man.

"It's been great." He answer.

"There's some kinks to work out here and there. Some of the microbots need some reprogramming, but other then that."

"Well I can't wait to see them again." he said.

Hiro nodded his head to him.


The five friends came to the stairs that lead up to the doorway to the cafeteria. Jack looked up to the doors ahead, just as one of them opened. From the one of the opening doorways, an old native man with black hair that was made into a ponytail that hung down his back. He was wearing a light blue shirt and brown vest overtop and also a blue pair of jeans. At the sight, Jack

smiled gratefully.

"Mr, Powhatan." He said, as he, Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi and Hiro stop of front of the stone steps.

The Native man came down the stairs to the last step as he faced the five friends.

"Jack." He said gladly, as he reached his hand out and shook Jack's hand.

"It's nice to see you again." Said Jack.

"As of you." He said.

Powhatan was an old biology professor in the university. Was known to be one of the most well know in the University. He recently returned last year, now helping his daughter, Pocahontas with the small restaurant they owned. He was also good friends with Jack. When Jack first came to the university, one of his major classes he chose to do was in Powhatan's field of biology. He spent two years learning from the old native professor. There was also times when Jack and his family came to his restaurant, came to eat and study as well. But after he retired, Jack grew more fonder in the field of Photography And dismissed the course.

After Powhatan retired, he often visited the University on his walks through the city. There were few times he saw Jack on the streets or driving along or what not.

"How have you been?"

"I've been doing fine." Answered Jack.

"I take it that your journey in Photography is taking you to a bright future?"

Jack nodded his head, yes.

"Getting close to my career." Said Jack.

"Pretty soon I'll be travels around and getting great photos of the world's many riches."

Powhatan smiled to his young friend.

"I have great faith in you that you will reach your dream." He said.

"Thanks." Said Jack.

"Hey, we were going into the cafeteria to get some breakfast. Would you like to join us?"

"I would like to, my friend." He said.

"But I promised my Daughter that I would be back to help her and the family with the resturaunt."

"Oh, right." Said Jack as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well we won't take up too much of your time."

"Think nothing of it." Said Powhatan.

"There's no need for your apology. It's been a pleasure to see you again."

"You too." Said Jack.

The native man tapped Jack's shoulder before he turned and began walking away. Jack looked toward his old native teacher as he departed from them. With all the time that passed by after Powhatan head retired, apart of Jack wished that he had stayed at the was a teacher that he looked up to. But this wasn't any of his choice. After all the years of teaching, deserved his opportunity to retire and run his restaurant.

Jack then looked to his sister and three friends.

"Come on."

Jack turned and started to climb up the steps. Anna, Kristoff, Tadashi and Hiro followed Jack to the top of the five steps. Once at the top, the five friends entered through the doors, that lead into the cafeteria.

(So, in case you haven't guessed, we are going to be away from the jungle for a while. This is the point in the. Story, where we see the main conflict of the story. Which will be revealed in the next chapter. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and please comment and review!)

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