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Chapter 25

A Destiny Forthcoming

It was upon that same night in the jungle Diata had took Elsa to the watering hole, out in the great open grass fields of the Savannah. Far from the lush jungle forest, there stands what is known by all the animals of the jungle as the great Tree of Life. A gall and large baobab tree, One that has stood for over countless generations and holds all the tales that have come form the kings that have come from the past.

It is sheltered inside the great tree's high reaching branches and countless leaves that sprouted upon their twigs, Rafiki stood within its middle and face toward the large, fatten trunk of one of the many branches. Drawn atop its smooth wooden surface, there was but a small lion cub. The cub of which represented that of Simba for the place he would carry on after his father. Though his drawing stood not alone. For beside the young prince, there was but a small painting that resembled that of a familiar girl girl whom have come to the jungle.

Rafiki gazed upon Elsa's drawing, there then was smile and a chuckle from him.

"Elsa." He said as he set his hand upon her.

"They saved you."

As the mandrill took back his hand back, he looked down to three half's of melons which he used as bowls. He dipped his finger down into the left bowl which was filled with blue mush.

"The jungle's most hidden secrets, it was revealed to save you."

He then draped it across the smooth light brown wooden surface that stood above the girl-cub's head.

"There is something more to you, girl-cub..."

Rafiki looked upward to the open gap between the leaves above. He looked up toward the night sky above, where the countless stars twinkled above. The mandrill of which stood up and turned himself around as he stood under the small opening.

"The kings have chosen you... "

There had been countless times the rain had come and gone, over the jungle. The sun rose and set over the horizon more times than could be seen. Through that passing time, Elsa stayed amongst her jungle brethren, for she was not human, but one of the jungle. She had now abandoned the world of man, leaving the life of imprisonment far behind her. The jungle was but he true home, it's laws she follows, it's life she lives. But even with her choice of the life in the wild, she and Jack remained far apart from one another. Not since that first day, they had not seen one another again. Time had journeyed through a long path, and along the way, so much had changed.

Through the lush jungle, at great speed, a full grown lion runs at great speed. Along with him, a lioness prowled along the same path as thee. Covered by the shadows of the trees, only cling into given light the leaked through the openings through them, passing by tree after tree, prowling upon their four paws. The male's mane danced in the air that passed by. Yet the two lion ran not alone, for coming to his side a stranger, over its hind legs did it match the speed and yet gained it as well.

The stranger surpassed the two lion, taking the lead from the mighty beast. Plowing through the brush of vegetation, ahead of their trail, through the lush jungle woods, the leading animal had made a break forward, where a vine was seen, hanging down on one of the many trees. At the last step, it leaped up and reached out, grabbing hold of the brown hanging vine. Through the trees, it hung on the swing vine, as it came to the next, it reached out and grabbed hold of the vine and swung further through the jungle.

The lion raced in pursuit, leaping over fallen branches and over logs. Further ahead of them, a wide watering hole, where there were a few elephants stood within the water, bathing in its coolness from the heat of their tropical forest. At one of many trees that surrounded all around the pond, over a high ledge over the deepest part of the water hole, the strange figure come atop the branch in the shadows, and climbed up toward the light that stood high on another limb of the tree.

It climbed up and through two spiting limbs that reached high and came onto the branch that stretched over the water. The figure climbed down the branch in a kneeling fashion, placing its front paws ahead in the front. The figure crawled from the shadows of the leaves above and into the sun's warm light. Once cleared from the shadows, the figure standing was revealed to be Elsa. Not a cub, now to be the age of young women of her twentieth year of life. She stood tall, her legs so long and smooth, her bleach blonde hair reached down to the ends of her back, her blue loincloth was now but split to two blue pieces. Once wrapped around her chest, covering over her breasts and the other around the waist, and hung down from her front and back.

The great women of the jungle stood up on all fours, just as she leaped up and dived into the water below. She broke through the surface of the water.

Converging down into the water she then stroked her arms out as she rose up to the surface. Elsa came up from the water's deep and looked up to the ledge. It was them, Simba and Nala came into sight, both now older as Elsa. Simba jumped up and gripped his fangs on a vine and swung over the water. The vine snapped upon his teeth digging in through the tree rope and the lion then fell into the water, making a big splash. Elsa quickly looked away, as she was then splashed by water.

Elsa laughed as she turned back and saw Simba come back to the surface of the water. The young lion chuckled, his wet mane hanging down from his sides and back. just like Elsa's hair. The two looked up to Nala, who was now a full grown, beautiful lioness, standing up near the edge of the water.

"Come on in, Nala!" Simba said.

Nala gazed down to the water. She wasn't in any mindset to join her friends in the water

"I don't think so." she said.

"Don't be so worried, Nala." Elsa insisted.

"The water's fine."

"Yeah, jump in." said Simba.

Nala sighed, giving into their insistence. There wasn't anything to worry about, other than drowning. Though the longer she kicked her paws, the chances of that happening were slight. But she was still hoping to get to the shallow water. Nala stood at the edge, bringing her four paws together, as she then leaped down and dived into the water. A moment later she came back up to the surface, gasping for air.

Elsa swam over to her.

"Hold on, Nala." said Elsa.

"I got you."

The wild women took hold of the lioness, making her face her. Nala set her paws upon Elsa shoulders. Elsa kept kicking her legs back and forth, keeping Nala as well as herself from falling in the water.

"Thanks, Elsa." said Nala.

"You're welcome." said Elsa.

"Hey guys, this way!" Simba called to them.

Elsa and Nala looked to him and saw him swim toward the small herd of Elephants.

"Keep up." he laughed.

Elsa and Nala then began swimming after Simba. Elsa kept her arm around Nala's back and used her left arm to breaststroke. Nala used her paws below the water's surface and began paddling toward the Elephants. Simba swam upon the deep, till he felt his paws touch the ground beneath him. The young lion then started to run through the pond, pushing through the water that slowed him down. Simba looked back to Elsa and Nala, who came to the shallow of the pond, although Elsa was already touching the bottom long before. Nala swam, as Elsa helped her along.

She then felt ground beneath her paws, and started to stand up, the pond water was down to her chest level, she then shooed her head, clearing the water from her tanned fur.

"I never liked doing that." She said, looking up to Elsa.

The wild women chuckled in response.

"You alright?" asked Elsa.

"Yeah, I'm fine." said Nala.

"Just glad we're not in the deep side anymore."

Suddenly, the two were then slashed at, the water hit the top of Nala's head. The lioness flinched upon contact. She then looked and saw Simba, laughing.

"Gotcha, Nala!" He said.

Nala smiled scheming at Simba. As Simba laughed in triumph, he too was then splashed in the face by water. The lion turned his head, as the water hit the side of his face, making his wet mane hang down.

"Hey!" said Simba.

He looked and saw Elsa, chuckling.

"Thank you, Elsa." said the lioness, looking up to her human friend.

"You're welcome." said Elsa.

Nala then came up to Simba.

"You know, I don't think you're wet enough." she said, smiling.

Nala then pounced at Simba, pushing him over onto his back and into the water below. Nala and Elsa chuckled as they ran off toward the elephants. Simba came up onto his side and popped out of the water.

"Hey!" he called out playfully.

He then got his four paws and ran after them. The three friends ran through the herd of Elephants. The swiftly passed by the large grey giant, laughing and playing like cubs they had been before. Simba pursued after Elsa. Chasing the wild women, Elsa turned and splashed water at Simba, before she continued running. The young lion prince flinched and shut his eyes as the water his face. He only shook his head and cleared away the water.

"I'm going to get you, Elsa!" he said.

Elsa only laughed.

"Catch me, if you can." she said.

Elsa kept running past the elephants, as one of them looked to the wild women. A moment later, he saw Simba chase after her. The two friends continued on, pushing through the water, as it created a splashing wave in front of them. Coming into an open spot from the elephants, Simba was hot on Elsa's trail.

The wild women turned and saw Simba was closing in on her. Only a few steps closer to her, Elsa moved aside as the lion nearly passed her. After of which, the wild women leaped onto Simba, pushing him down. The two play fought one another, as they had done so many years ago. They pounce over on another. Nala came out from the herd and joined in the fun. She leaped atop Simba's back, biting and tugging on his ear.

As they continued playing, they were then were sprayed at with a gust of water. They looked and saw Hathi, the elephant, raising his trunk high and trumpeting.

"Hathi!" said Elsa, smiling.

The elephant chuckled and smirked.

"I still got it." he said, proudly in his old voice.

Elsa stood up and began splashing at the Elephant. Bending down and hitting the water from the back, making water splash up at many droplets of water and that merged together landed upon his trunk and partway up his face.

"I beg your pardon?" he said, in a playing light.

Hathi dipped his trunk down in the water and filled it with water, after of which, he flung it up and shot water Elsa. The jungle women chuckled, as she shook her head, like the lions, clearing the water from their fur.

Elsa kept splashing water at the old elephant, as he did back to her. The water that came from his trunk splattered upon her, the small drops and all that remains hit Simba and Nala.

"Hey!" Nala said, launching in a playful manner.

The two proceeded to get even wet more and more, as the water proceed to rain down upon them. Elsa and Hathi proceeded to play with one another, at one point Hathi took a large gulp of water in through his trunk and lifted the end up out of the water. The old elephant then let loose the large amount of water. Elsa quickly turned as she was then sprayed with by water. The large amount then pushed Elsa down and into the water.

Hathi came up to Elsa, as she leaned up out of the water; her wet, light blond hair covered her face. The jungle women lifted up her long hair from her face and looked up to the elephant, smiling. Hathi gave out his trunk to her. Elsa took hold as he pulled her up out of the water.

"Wow, Hathi." said Elsa.

"I haven't been hit by that much water before."

Hathi chuckled.

"What would you mother had thought if I did that?" Hathi asked curiously.

"You would have blown away."

Elsa shook her head in agreement, pushed her hair back behind her ear.

"I guess." she said.

"But it would have been quite the ride."

Simba and Nala came up from behind the jungle women. The young lion shook himself, clearing every drop of water from his reddish brown mane and his yellow fur. Nala flinched away as a few of the drops hit her.

"Simba." she said.

Simba stopped shaking himself dry and looked to Nala.

"Sorry." he said.

"All grown up and still you three play like cubs." said Hathi as the two lions looked to the elephant.

"You still have not shed away your young spirits. Not surprising really, as old as I am, I would pray to have moments of being young myself."

Elsa came up and placed her hand upon the elephant's trunk.

"The mighty elephant as you is not so old." she said.

"You're still the giant of the jungle that I look up to."

Hathi chuckled gladly.

"Why thank you, Elsa." he said.

"At least there are those willing to pay respect to their elders. The new cubs of the pride could learn a thing or two from you."

Redness formed on Elsa's looked away, smiling. She had never seen herself to be an idol for the cubs of her family. Of course, she was known to the jungle to be a proud lioness, one that follows the jungle laws with great the love and care to all the animals of the jungle. She could be considered a role model for the cubs.

"Thanks, Hathi." she said.

The elephant nodded his large head to the wild women of the jungle. With great respect to the people of the jungle, Elsa was given back same respect and love in return by many. Being a cub of man, Elsa could befriend many others so easily. Although, there were those who had none to give back to her, the reason being she was from the world of man. But their perception of how they saw her, was not a concern to her. She knew she was part of this jungle world, any doubt could not make her think otherwise.

Further into the day, far back to the den. Out before the cave entrance, Diata, Sarabi, Sarafina and a few of the other lionesses, were laying over the stone surface beneath them. The sun beamed its warmth feeling down upon them. Some the lioness laid, sleeping. Other lied awake, licking their fur clean, or that of their cubs. The white lioness laid along with Sarafina and Sarabi, as she relaxed, she waited patiently for her daughter's return from the jungle. They had been gone for a while, although she was not concerned that Elsa would run into trouble again, and that she was now older, grown lionesses like Nala.

All the while, among the lionesses two lion cubs were running after one another. They were two new born cubs of the pride, Kion and Kovu. The two cubs were both siblings, both of them five years old. Kion was a resemblance of Simba, his fur was yellow and at the top of his head, was a reddish brown Mohawk mane. While the other, was a brown furred cub with the same mane, but a dark brown colour.

"Come on and catch me, Kovu!" said Kion.

"You asked for it!" Kovu said, grinning.

The young brown cub pounced up at the yellow cub. He then came down landed on his brother. The two young cubs wrestled one another, rolling atop each other, biting and clawing as they came before Diata and Sarabi. The two lionesses looked to the two cubs, who continued tackling one another.

"Kovu, Kion!" Diata said.

The two cubs stopped wrestling and looked up to the white lioness. She looked down at the two, giving a stern look. The two grinned up at her, nervously.

"Sorry, aunt Diata." said Kion as he got off his brother and back up a bit.

"Me and Kovu were just playing."

Diata grinned and shook her head; it wasn't a new thing for her to see two cubs playing with one another.

"There's no need to be sorry." said Diata.

"Just not around here. You don't want to disturb any of the others. "

"Yeah," said Kovu.

"Go on now." Diata said, nodded her head to the right.

The two cubs turned and ran down toward the jungle. Diata, Sarafina and Sarabi gazed toward the jungle, ahead, watching the two cubs continued to chase each other down to the edge of the jungle.

"I never thought I would miss times like these." said Diata as she turned to looked to Sarabi.

The lioness queen nodded his head to her. She remembered time when Simba, Elsa and Nala were about the same age of Kion and Kovu, when they played with each other through many days in the past. Of course they still do, in such rare times; even at times they play with Kion and Kovu.

"I know how you feel." said Sarabi.

"I missed the little cub that was my son."

"And I miss the little cub I found so long ago." said Diata, thinking of when Elsa was just seven years.

"I can't tell you how proud I am, to see her so grown up. It didn't seem that long had passed, since I last I saw that same little cub sleeping up next to me at my side."

"I can't say that I disagree with you, Diata." said Sarabi.

"We are all proud of her. And the deed you've done for her when she needed it the most."

Diata smiled gratefully at the lioness queen.

"Thank you, Sarabi." she said.

Down below, near the line of trees, Kion chased after Kovu, coming up at his side, he leaped up his front legs and placed his paws upon his brothers back. He ran alongside him, making Kovu slow down a bit.

"hey, get off!" said Kovu, looking back at his brother.

Kovu spun himself around, trying to get at his brother, as he came along with him. But their fun was soon intervened. From the jungle, Elsa, Simba and Nala walked into view of the den. Elsa grabbed her hair and squeezed the water out of it. Simba shook himself as drops of waters flew to each side. After of which his man puffed all up in large ball of hair.

"Ah!" he said as he walked forward, his mane returned to normal.

After Elsa squeezed her hair dry and put it back behind her, she looked to the two brothers playing with one another. Elsa smiled and came up to the two brothers.

"Hey you two." she said.

Kovu and Kion stopped and looked up to the jungle women. Kion came off of Kovu's back and turned to Elsa.

"Hey Elsa." he said.

Kion then turned and saw Simba and Nala coming up to them

"Hey Simba, hey Nala, where have you guys been?"

Simba looked to Nala, who turned to Elsa.

"Oh, we were just out near the watering hole." said Nala as she then turned to Simba and Elsa.

"Right guys?"

Elsa nodded her head yes.

"Yeah," said Elsa looking back at the two cubs.

"What about you two, still wrestling one another?"

Elsa kneeled down upon her knees.

"Well, yeah." said Kovu, coming into the discussion.

Kion nodded his head, yes.

"Practicing so that one day, we'll be able to hunt with the pride." he said.

Elsa gave a smirk. She remembered herself, play fighting with Simba and Nala. Getting scratched and bit on her ear. It may have hurtled a bit at first, but she got used to it. It was also good practice for them, to be able to hunt one day along with the lionesses. Elsa had been given that chance, to hunt along with the pride. Though not so easy being human, she found other ways to catch her prey, that being a spear she had made from a sharp stone and a wooden stick.

Elsa reached both her hand down toward both the cubs and rubbed the tops of both their heads.

"Well you guys got a long way to go." she said.

"But you guys sure will be ready when it's time."

Kovu and Kion looked to each other, young and proud. The chance of one day being able to hunt with the pride, one the cubs looked to see the very day. To prove that they would become some of the best hunters the pride has had.

"You think so?" Kion asked.

"I know so." said Elsa.

"Yeah, I do too." said Simba.

Elsa stood back up on her feet, she walked toward the lioness that were up near the cave entrance. Elsa came up to her lioness mother, as she then got down on all fours. Diata turned and smiled to see her daughter had returned.

"Elsa." she said,

"Mother." Elsa said as she crawled up and nuzzled Diata

She rubbed her head under the white lionesses chin, brushing against her white fur and down the front of her neck. Diata shut her eyes and began to then lay down beside of her, as she continued to nuzzle her. Elsa then departed from Diata, still they looked to each other. Nala and Simba came up and laid amongst them

"Where have you three been?" Diata asked curiously.

"We were just as the watering hole." Elsa said.

Diata and Sarabi could tell that perfectly, due to the fact that their fur was all wet. Thinking about when they were just cub, there was only one answer as to what the reason was for that.

"I see." said Sarabi, looking to Simba's soaked mane.

Simba smirked, looking to Elsa. The lion women did the same back. It would seem that Hathi was right, even grown as they are, they were still driven by their young spirits.

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