Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 24

Elsa crawled over the edge of the rock and looked down upon the rushing water below. Through the constant stream, Elsa looked down upon her reflection who gazed back at her. She saw the skin of herself, the little girl who had been confined to her home in her time in civilization. She was no longer of that world, no longer human, but part of the lush adopted home that was the jungle. Seeing herself in the water stream, she suddenly thought of her memories in her past came flooding back.

It was through her past, memories began appearing to his mind. Elsa began frowning, thinking of her past life. Elsa then saw Kaa's reflection upon the water.

"So I'm no longer human." said Elsa.

Kaa shook her head no.

"No, little cub." said Kaa.

Elsa narrowed her eyes.

"Why do they no longer want me?" Elsa said.

"I don't know." Kaa answered.

Elsa turned to look back at Kaa. The python looked down upon the girl with eyes of sympathy.

"Your place among man may be gone, but you are a part of thisss jungle." Kaa explained.

"The animalssss are your brothersssss, they will always be there on your journey, to guide you along your way."

"And sisters?"Elsa said, referring to the females of the jungle.

Kaa chucked.

"Yes, little cub." said Kaa.

"We are of one blood, you and I. Forever sssshall we one."

Elsa reached up and took hold of the sides of Kaa's face. She brought her close to her set Kaa's forehead upon hissed before closing her eyes. Through this grieving time, she was thankful to have one the friendship of the animals.

"Thank you, Kaa." said the wild girl.

Kaa departed from Elsa, smiling happily. She nodded her head the wild girl.

"You're welcome, little cub." said Kaa.

Kaa turned back to the other side of the river.

"I think it'sss time for ussss to return home." said Kaa as she looked back to Elsa.

"Yeah, mama must be looking for me." said Elsa.

"Cimb on, little cub." said Kaa, slithering up a bit for Elsa.

The young girl crawled up to Elsa and came up on her back. Once Elsa had settled upon the snakes coil, Kaa then slithered down into the rushing water, moving from left to right, as they crossed through the river. As the water hit upon Elsa's body, she felt the little force that was pushing upon her body, drenching her even more. It was a short time, when Elsa slithered up upon the bank on the other side of the river, pulling Elsa up out of the water with her.

Elsa then got off of Kaa's coil and turned to Kaa.

"Take care, little cub." said Kaa.

"Goodbye, Kaa." said Elsa.

Kaa nodded her head to the girl. She then turned away and slithered into the jungle. Elsa watched as the python disappear into the lush vegetation. Once Kaa was gone, Elsa was left sad and still so confused. The girl narrowed her eyes, pondered of all that Kaa had told her. Elsa looked back at the other side of the river. Now knowing what it truly was, the moment the gun had set off and she was marked cruelly with bullet. But also all that had happened, how she had gotten here in the first place, it was her own kind banishing her away.

From her eyes, tears began to form and roll down her cheeks. She began sobbing, bringing her hands to cover her eyes as more tears came from her eyes. Elsa turned and ran the other way, plowing through the lush vegetation. She ran further away from the river, trying to distance herself from the streaming water. She passed through all the lush green plants in her way, moving them aside.

She then entered into a clearing, where she passed by Baloo and Bagheera, who turned watch her run away, crying.

"Elsa?" said Bagheera turning in her direction.

But the wild girl did not stop, but continued forward into the crowd of trees.

"Elsa!" called Bagheera as he ran up and gazed down to the wild girl.

Elsa continued to run further into the jungle, passing by the many tall standing trees that surrounded her, every animal that was nearby. She continued to cry over her banishment from her own kind. To what she had done to deserve such this, she didn't know. Elsa then came to a tall tree, with large roots that stuck up from the ground. Elsa collapsed in front of the tree, sobbing.

Elsa looked up to the tall tree, her cheeks wet from her shedding tears. The wild girl crawled upon her hands and knees, coming up to the tree root. She pressed up against the large brown root, curling her legs up to her chest. She wrapped her arms around them, keeping them in place. Elsa narrowed her face down over her knees; she continued to draw out her pain.

"Mama, papa." she said.

She remembered her family from long ago, her mother and father. They were all gone. Everything she had ever known was taken away from her. She was now forgotten, an out casted, looked to be nothing more but an animal.

Elsa continued to lie in the very spot, continuing to cry and be left with thoughts of such pain and sorrow. Slowly she grew silent, only small sobbing was to follow. Though it was of that moment, she then heard a voice call her name.


The wild girl raised her head up and turned left. She saw Diata, walking toward her.

"Mama." said Elsa as she unraveled herself.

Diata came up to her daughter, as Elsa took her in her young arm, sobbing.

"Shhh, shhh." Diata responded, calming her daughter.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm here."

Elsa pressed herself against her mother's chest, the side of her face felt soft white fur from underneath. Elsa shut her eyes tight as her head narrowed down a bit, moving across her mother's chest.

"Mama." Elsa whispered.

"I'm here." Diata said as she sat down in front of her daughter.

"It's alright, I'm here for you"

Diata came apart from her daughter, looking down upon Elsa. The little girl sniffed as she wiped a tear from her eye. The young girl looked up to her adopted mother, her blue sadden eyes staring up at the white lioness.

"Why don't they want me, mama?" Elsa asked.

"What?" Diata asked.

"Why doesn't my own kind want me?" Elsa asked again.

"What are you talking about?" Diata said, confused as to why she would say that.

"Why did they throw me away?"

"Elsa!" Diata said.

Elsa then stopped talking and gazed up to her mother. Diata was trying to fathom all that her daughter was saying to her. Much of it was so confusing, hearing Elsa say that her own kind no longer wanted her. Though, it wasn't a surprising thing for her to think, after all, she had been shot by that man across the river. But this wasn't anything she wanted her daughter to think of, let alone feel sad about.

"Listen to me." Diata said softly.

"What happened before doesn't matter now. You weren't thrown away."

"But Kaa told me….."

"Kaa?" said Diata, a bit shocked to hear that very name.

"The python?"

Elsa nodded her head yes, admitting that she had saw the rock python. Diata was even more shocked then before. To think her own cub had met the wisest snake in all the jungle. Though she was curious to one matter, to what had the python told her cub.

"What did she tell you?" Diata asked, wanting to know what it was the python had explained to her.

"She said that I'm different from my own kind." Elsa said.

"When that man hurt me, she said that it's because… they no longer want me."

Diata was so doubtful of all she was hearing. She couldn't for a second believe that Kaa would tell this to her. While she knew that humans were a threat to her adopted cub, she didn't think for a second that it would be Elsa being cast away from her own people.

"Elsa, no." Diata said.

"That's not true at all, they didn't cast you away."

"But it is true." Elsa insisted.

"No it's not." said Diata.

Elsa looked down, narrowing her eyes below. She wanted to believe that her mother was right, that Kaa was lying, but something inside kept telling her otherwise. The long past she had endured before coming to the jungle, felt like something was true about it. Diata frowned, seeing Elsa feel so sad and torn. She wanted for Elsa to be happy, some way to relief her daughter from her pain. While the lioness though an idea then came to mind. She knew of a place, somewhere she had been before many times since she was young.

Diata looked back to her daughter.

"Elsa." she said, making the wild girl look up to her.

Diata came back up on her four paws and kneeled down to her daughter.

"Here, get on."

Elsa came up and climbed up on Diata's back. After she was over her mother back, Diata came back up and looked back to her.

"You on back there?" asked Diata.

Elsa nodded her head. Diata smiled back at her daughter.

"Alright, hang on." she said.

The white lioness then turned and walked ahead into the jungle.

As the evening light began to dim, as the jungle grew dark as the night sky that was changing the sky above and the full white moon began to shine it's light down upon the jungle below, the mother and daughter walked down a pathway through the lush vegetation around them. Elsa sat atop her mother's back, looking all around them. She had never been to this part of the jungle before.

"Where are we going, Mama?" Elsa asked curiously.

Diata turned back to her daughter.

"Someplace special." said her mother.

Elsa began feeling so curious and so eager. She wanted to know just where her mother was taking her too, anticipation was strong then it had ever been. Though soon, her question would soon be answered. The two came into an open clearing, where there was a small pond of water. From all around, there were tall trees, the banks were steep from all around the pond, High above, was the moon, shining down through the circular gap and reflected down on the water.

Elsa gazed up at the moon above, before gazing at the small open space.

"What is this place?" she said.

"This is one of the jungles most sacred places." Diata explained.

"Where one is lost, an answer can be found."

The wild girl thought to what her mother had told her. Where one is lost, an answer could be found. She was lost, trying to find out what path where she could be found. Elsa came off her mother's back and walked onto a large rock that stood in the pond.

"Wow." said Elsa.

She looked down to the water and gazed down the moon's reflection.

"It's so beautiful."

Diata nodded. The white lioness sat at Elsa's side, looking out over the pond. She gave a soft sighed, giving a smile as she thought of her past memories.

"This was always a special place to me." Diata said.

The white lioness looked down to Elsa.

"When I was your age, my mother and I would always come to this very spot. She used to tell me stories, sometimes; we would look up to the stars above."

The two looked high to the night sky, and through the darkness, the small stars twinkled their small lights.

"They're so pretty." said Elsa.

Diata shook her head yes, agreeing with her daughter.

"My mother told me this something about them." Diata said.

"She said, from above those stars, the all those that came before us look down upon us."

"Even her?" Elsa said, looking to her mother.

Diata narrowed her eyes, nodding her head.

"Even her." said Diata.

Elsa looked to her adopted mother.

"What was your mother like?" the young girl asked curiously.

Diata chuckled a bit, thinking of her own mother.

"My mother, well..." Diata explained.

"My mother was the wisest and most loving that I've ever known. Every day I think of her, I remember everything she taught me. Whenever I needed her, she was always there for me. She guided me through my years of a cub."

Diata turned up to the stars.

"Even now, I wish that she could be here. But I know that she isn't gone."

Hearing all that her adopted mother told her, Elsa looked down to the water, sad, and thinking of her own parents. Throughout her time with them, it was only her mother that was her friend, she never say her father, at least not allot. It was always her, confined to her room. Never once did she leave her house. Only her home was the world around her. Only when her father needed to travel, was it when she got to escape her trapped world.

Looking back down at her reflection, she saw herself. The one her father once called her Perfect little girl.

"Elsa?" Diata said.

Elsa looked back up at her adopted mother.

"I miss my parents." said Elsa.

Diata frowned, remembering the day she found Elsa, when she the two bodies that were her parents. She understood Elsa's pain. To lose someone you love. She felt the same way as to when she had lost her previous cub, Pora. Things felt so difficult for her. For a cub like Elsa, the pain of loss was something that couldn't be handled.

"I know you do." said Diata.

"I'm sure they were good to you as I am."

Elsa narrowed her eyes. She looked back at her reflection, remembering her parents.

"They were, I guess." said Elsa.

Diata looked curiously to her adopted cub.

"Papa wasn't there much." Elsa said.

"He was always so busy with his work. He always wanted me and mama to stay home, he didn't like for me to be outside."

Diata listened to Elsa tell of her past life. All the while, she felt so bothered to hear what her father had done.

"He didn't want me to be hurt by anyone." Elsa said.

While it was one of his greatest intentions, he hadn't realized what he had done. He was so far from close to his daughter; always working on what he believed would be a breakthrough of science. He didn't know that he was hurting Elsa by not being there.

Elsa gazed down her reflection. Staring back was the same little girl, who was forced to be trapped in a room, almost like… an animal. Her father was in reality, shutting her in a confined space, like an animal in a zoo, unable to live free, being confined for all her years in civilization.

She shut her eyes, beginning to feel emotions take over once more. Diata came down to her daughter and nuzzled her girl cub. Elsa looked to her mother, as she did to her.

Elsa gazed to her adopted mother, the time she had met Diata, had her life turned another way. She was no longer trapped, she was no longer confined. She was now free within the world, now been given a chance at a new life. Elsa looked back to the pond.

"Maybe Kaa's right," said Elsa, remembering all of what Kaa had told her.

"Maybe I do belong here."

Elsa looked back to her reflection over the surface of the water. Looking down over her reflect, her braided hair hung down on her left. As she once more looked to her reflection, it was the slithering words of Kaa being spoken in her young mind.

"Shed your skin." she said in a whispering tone.

Those exact three words were of what Elsa felt herself. Looking upon herself now, she saw her old life of confinement and loneliness, her father ever so absent from her. It wasn't until now, living amongst her adopted family, was she finally given a chance of freedom. When she experience what is like to not be so confined by the four walls that barricaded her from the outside world. The new life in this jungle had all but changed her.

Elsa looked to her French braided hair, at the very bottom; there was the small snowflake clip that held it together. The wild girl reached her right hand for the bottom of her hair and unclipped it. Her bleach blond hair began to unravel and spread from one another. Elsa gazed back down at her reflection, seeing her long hair hang down from her head.

She was no longer the perfect girl, no longer the one trapped all her life. But she was of this jungle, for its lush forest was her home, the animals her brothers and sisters.

Elsa looked back up to Diata, who smiled back at her. Seeing Elsa's long bleach blond hair, she almost looked the part of a lion.

"How do I look?" Elsa said, smiling.

Her mother gave a slight chuckle.

"Elsa, lionesses don't have manes." said Diata.

The wild girl laughed in response.

"But I'm a lion girl, right?" asked Elsa.

Diata smirked.

"I suppose so." said Diata

Elsa looked back to her reflection, she saw herself with her long blond hair. It did look somewhat like Mufassa's mane, the male lion's symbol of dominance.

"This is who I Am." said Elsa proudly.

"I'm part of the jungle."

Diata smiled down upon Elsa. Never could she imagine having a cub like her, but there wasn't any cub that she would rather have then her.

"Yes you are." Diata said.

The wild girl looked up to her lioness mother.

"And you are always my daughter."

Diata leaned her head down and pushed up against the girl's shoulder. Elsa chuckled, and smiled up at her adopted mother.

It was through her most frightening time, had the white lioness came to her. She had taken the place of a mother to her, a mother that protected her, a mother who raised her as her own, and a mother that loved her so. She had given her a new life among the animals of the jungle, giving her a long awaited chance.

Elsa then came up and hugged her adopted mother, listening to her soft and gentle purr.

"I love you, mama." she said.

Diata opened her eyes, making them look to her young, beautiful daughter. Together, the mother and daughter kept close to one another. It was a moment for them both, one that neither of them wished to end.

Far from the jungles of Africa, over to the western lands of the United States, in the city of San-Francisco, the sky above was filled with dark grey clouds. Drops of rain began fall rapidly below upon the city. At a local middle school, from a window of one of the few classrooms, Jack Overland was gazing out the window. All the while, the teacher was standing at the front of the class room, teaching language arts to the other class mates.

Jack wasn't in any mood to listen; his thoughts were upon all that had happened these past few months. He had told his little five year old sister, Anna that things would get better. But they didn't. Their parents had such a fight, his dad ended up physically hurting Jack. After words their dad left the house and soon after, they did too. They moved to San-Francisco mouth after, where their mother had met and married someone else.

Now she was three months pregnant. Anna was now in a preschool, where she was making all kinds of new friends. For the most part, things seemed to be getting better for them. That is, all except Jack. He was still sad and torn about what happened. His father had just hurt him; a scratch mark was left at the right of Jack's face. He never found a way to let it go. But things weren't all a misfire. Jack did make friends with a blond haired boy named kristoff, who was sitting in the desk beside his and also Tadashi, a Japanese kid that was sitting in the front of the class.

Jack continued to stare out the window, gazing to the countless drops fall from the cloudless sky. It was then the bell rang, ending the entire day of school.

"Alright, please finish up those math questions for homework tonight." The teacher said as all the students packed their things in their backpack and walked to the door.

Jack stood up out of his desk and began closing his books, setting them in his blue backpack. After the classroom was mostly empty, the teacher, a woman in her mid thirties with long blond hair, wearing glasses over her eyes and dressed in a black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans came up to Jack and kneeled down to him.

"Hey, Jack." she said.

"How are you doing?"

The white haired boy turned to look at her.

"I'm alright, Mrs Robinson." he said, though he was far from feeling happy about anything.

"I have to say it's been a pleasure having you here." she said.

"You got through your third month here and you're making all these new friends."

Jack shook his head a few times.

"Yeah." he said.

But the smile on his face shortly faded away. He sighed, before he draped his backpack over his back.

"Hey." she said as Jack looked to her.

"Don't worry, things are going to turn out fine." said Miss Robinson as she set her hand on his shoulder.

"You'll see."

Miss Robinson then brought her hand back and stood up.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

As Miss Roberson turned away, Jack then walked behind her and then turned to the door to the hallway outside.

As the other kids walked out from the front doors of the school and into the rain, Jack and his two friends Kristoff and Tadashi walked together out into the rain. The three friends walked down the steps of the school and began walking upon the left sidewalk.

"So you guys want to come over this weekend?" Kristoff asked curiously.

"We can have the basement all to ourselves and play video games all night."

"Sure, I'm in." said Tadashi.

Kristoff then look to Jack.

"How about you, Jack?" he asked.

Jack looked to Kristoff.

"Alright, I guess." said Jack.

"Awesome." said Kristoff.

"Maybe you guys can stay overnight."

"I don't know." said Tadashi.

"I have chores to do at my Aunt's cafe."

"Aw come on, it'll be great." said Kristoff.

"Yeah, l come on, Tadashi." said Jack, egging him on.

Tadashi sighed.

"Okay fine." said Tadashi.

"I'll ask Aunt Cass."

Ad the four friends came by a curving root at the end of the sidewalk, Tadashi began turning and walking down the street.

"I'll see you guys, tomorrow." He said.

"See ya!" Jack and Kristoff called back to him, just before they crossed the street.

Jack and Kristoff continued to walk, till there were two houses waiting ahead of them. They came to the crosswalk and looked both ways down the road. There wasn't a single car in sight.

"All clear." said Kristoff as he looked to Jack.

The two then walked across the crosswalk and came onto the sidewalk.

"See ya tomorrow, Jack said Kristoff as he turned and walked in up to the house on the right.

"See ya." said Jack as he walked up to the patio of the left house.

Jack reached out and grabbed onto the door handle, turning it counter clockwise opened the front door. Jack then stepped inside the house, closing the door behind him. Jack kicked off his shoes and took off his raincoat, setting it up on the coat hanger. Jack then walked into the living room, where he found his mother, Jill and Anna, sitting and watching TV.

"Hey, honey." she said, looking to Jack.

"How was school?"

"It was fine, mom." he answered, just as he turned and walked down the hallway.

Jill sat upon the couch, watching in awe as he son walked away down the hall. She sighed, taking off her red glasses and placing her hand over her face. Ever since they had moved, Jack hasn't been himself. He was taking the families separation to deep heart.

"Mama, is Jack okay?" Anna asked curiously.

She looked to Anna.

"Jack's fine, sweetie." her mother said.

"He's just going through some stuff right now."

"Is he sad that daddy hit him?" Anna asked.

"Let's not talk about that, Okay?" her mom said.

"Okay." said Anna.

Jack climbed the stairs up to the second floor of the house. He walked down the hall, to the white door at the very end. He then opened the door and walked into his new room. The white haired boy threw his backpack down on his desk chair and sat upon his bed that was at the side of the door. He sat there, continuing to ponder on all the changes to his life.

He didn't want for his family to go down the harsh way they did. They were so close and all the times they had together were ones Jack couldn't imagine living without. Now they were apart. Jack sighed and looked up to his desk at the other side of the room. There upon his desk was a picture of his family, Him, his little sister, his mom….and his dad, Standing together with a huge lake behind them. Jack stood up and took hold of the picture. He then sat back down and gazed down upon the picture.

It was the time they had went camping two years ago, by the lake. It was the one happy time they had together, before all this happened. What seemed to now be the last great memory they had as a family. Jack closed his eyes, as then he began sobbing. A single tear dropped from the corner of his right eyes and down onto the glass of the picture frame.

Jack then opened the picture frame and took the photo out. The white haired boy gazed down at the photo last time. He looked mainly to his dad. Inside the boy's anger grew inside. It was all because of him that this happened, their family was a close one in the past. Now it was ruined, all because of him. Jack glared down at the mere sight of him. He took the photo from the angle of his father and tore it off. The side of the picture that showed his father, tore from the rest.

Jack then got off his bed and went to the window. He pushed it up, opening a square gape. The boy then crumpled the the torn portion picture into a small ball. After of which, he threw it out the window and watch the wind carry it away.

Jack stood there, looking so depressed and so torn. It was then a single tear emerged from his eyes and rand down his cheek. Jack closed his eyes, as more began streaming from his eyes. He began sobbing just before he turned and came down on his bed. From there, the boy continued to cry.

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