Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 22

The words of Kaa

The entire month had passed by since the Elsa had last saw Jack, The wild girl had been confined to the cave, due to the peril of the gunshot wound, embedded in her shoulder. Through all that time, the pain and the mark began to fade away and relieve Elsa. But that was not the pain that left such a great impact upon the jungle girl. It was now apparent to her that she had now been exiled of her own kind. But what was the most drastic thing to come to grips with was the separated from Jack.

It was upon meeting him that was a moment that barred great remembrance to her. It was the first time since the beginning of her life in the jungle, when she was reunited with her own kind. It was becoming what could be a great friendship with the boy. But that friendship was only to face a very tragic occurrence. The roar of the gun and the very strike of death it had almost brought upon her.

For every creature of the jungle, it was that very weapon of man that was the greatest fear. Now it was brought upon the young girl in an excruciating way, it apparent to her that she was like a wild animal to them. It was that factor that hurt the most. Her own kind was now rejected her.

Deep within the stone shelter, Elsa sits between the two front legs of her lioness mother, as she sticks her tongue up the girl's arm, cleaning her from all the dirt and such.

Elsa felt Diata lick her upwards. All the while, the wild girl filched at the feeling.

"Mama." She said.

"Hold still, you." said Diata as she began to lick the side of her neck.

Diata moved up and began work on her bleach blond hair. Elsa tried desperately, to stay still as her mother stroked her braided hair with her rough tongue.

"Mama." she said, having trouble with dealing with the tugging feeling of her hair.

"Just hold still." she said.

"I'm almost done."

Diata continued to lick the top of her adopted daughter's head, her hair tugged as the lionesses tong went across. After a few more times, she finally stopped. To Elsa, it was such a relief. Being raised by lions, the one thing she never did like was having a bath, in their way to be exact. Being licked cleaned all the time, it felt gross. Though the worst part was how rough it was. Her skin was not as big a deal, by her hair was another story.

"That really hurt." she said, having to feel the constant tugging.

"I know it did." said Diata, knowing herself what it was like to be bathed in such a manner.

"I wasn't so keen of it either."

Elsa rubbed her head, trying to clear away the pain. Diata simply chuckled, remembering how she felt when her mother gave her a bath. He mother when cleaning her always tugged on her white fur. It was so irritating having to put up with it. After Elsa had finished, she looked back up at Diata.

"Hey mom, can I go play?" she asked.

"I feel better and my arm doesn't hurt anymore."

Diata frowned, pondering if it was a good idea to let Elsa leave the cave. She wasn't at all convinced she would disobey her again, it was because of her want for Elsa to be safe that was the major blockade for the answer yes. She had already come close to losing Elsa by man; she couldn't give another chance for that to happen.

"I don't know." said Diata.

"Please?" Elsa begged.

Diata saw her daughter was so anxious to be outside. She couldn't just keep Elsa in the cave because she is frightened that something happened. Elsa had the right to be free in the jungle like all the other cubs in the pride.

"Well... alright." said Diata.

Elsa gasped excitedly. She came and hugged her mother tightly.

"Thank you, mama." she said.

Diata looked down to her adopted daughter, smiling at the sight of her joy. As Elsa departed from her, Diata nuzzled the young wild girl. Afterwards, Elsa got up and ran out of the cave entrance. The wild girl came outside of the stone shelter and hurried down to the jungle below, passing by a few lionesses along the way. After of which, the wild girl disappeared into the tropic woods.

Elsa raced through the jungle, hoping that he would perhaps find Simba and Nala.

"Simba." she called out, hoping that they were somewhere nearby.


There was no answer by the two cubs. Elsa turned and began to walk in another direction.


There was still no answer. Elsa looked up to a tree at the side. It was perhaps the best way to find them is from above in the tree. The wild girl turned and began to climb up the tree to the high branches pulled herself up upon a high branch, gazing down below to the jungle floor. There was nothing to be seen, even with the view from higher in the tree, she still wouldn't see them cause of all the green leaves of the tree.

If it was in that case, then she would have to keep moving through the jungle to find her two friends. The wild girl walked along the tree branch, coming to a hanging vine. Elsa reached out and grabbed onto the vine. She leapt from the branch, swinging over to the next tree. She landed on the branch of the tree ahead, just as she let the previous vine go, she grabbed a new one and continued to swing deeper into the jungle.

One of the most fun things in her jungle life was vine swinging. It felt like the closest way to fly and was even the fastest way to get around in her tropical home. When she would be hanging around the apes or even monkeys for that matter, Elsa always played on the high tree ropes, swinging back and forth. Kala would sometimes push her.

Elsa swung up to a vine ahead. The wild girl reached out her right hand and grabbed hold, swinging further ahead. Elsa resumed swinging further into the jungle, when she finally stopped at a tree. The jungle girl landed upon the branch, releasing the vine as she settled on the tree branch. Elsa gazed downward at the jungle, seeing if she could see Simba or Nala.

But she couldn't see them anywhere. Elsa looked forward and saw a small shine just ahead. The wild girl squinted, trying to keep a good sight of to whatever it was.

"What is that?" She asked herself.

With her growing curiosity, Elsa looked forward to and hanging vine. She grabbed hold and leaped onto the branch, beginning to climb down to the jungle floor. As she drew closer, she leaped down and landed in a crouching formation.

Elsa stood up, looking ahead at the shining. She began to slowly creep toward it. She came into the lush green plants, pushing through them to get a better view. She saw something moving far ahead. Elsa ducked down, peering through the openings through the lush jungle plants. She saw the shining of light reappear. Elsa gazed toward the small shine ahead, till then.


The roar echoed through the jungle, Elsa jumped in fear, her young eyes so opened wide. The sound, the roar of man's could feel her very heart beat in her chest, it felt like it was racing so much. She felt stunned, hearing that sound once more. Another roar was lead out once more. Elsa went back a bit at its occurrence. The horrifying memories that happened across the river came flooding back to her, when she and her mother scattering through the jungle as they tried to escape man's wrath.

Elsa could not bear another burden as that. The wild girl quickly turned and began to run back the way she came. She took no time to stop, not even to look back. Elsa plowed through the lush vegetation, passing by tree after tree. She had far distance herself from the site of the roar, but couldn't for a moment stop for anything.

Elsa came to a clearing from the jungle plants, when suddenly; she caught her foot upon something and tripped over, landing on the ground. Elsa slowly picked herself up. As she did, she felt her legs were draped over something. It felt… scaly and fat. She looked back to whatever her legs were draped over. What she saw, was the end tail of a snake, a large snake. Elsa gasped as she turned herself around and back away. She saw the tail slither behind the tree trunk.

The light blond jungle girl got back on her feet, gazing to the place she had saw the snake's tail. For a moment, the jungle was silent, not a sound could be heard. Elsa slowly backed away, looking left and right, but not a single animal could be seen. Elsa felt so warm and cold inside at the same time.

"Hello?" she said.

It was then a voice came to answer. It sounded to be a female's voice, one that sounded seductive and yet motherly.


Elsa turned looking all around.

"Is someone there?" she asked.

The voice answered again.

"I'm here."

Elsa looked all around.

"Where are you?" Elsa said.

"Are you alone out here?" voice questioned again.

"What isssss a poor little cub like you, doing sssso far in the jungle?"

The wild girl looked all around.

"I'm looking for my friends." Elsa answered.

"Have you seen them?"

Elsa continued to look up to the high tree tops.

"Where are you?" Elsa asked, wanting to see who it was talking to her.

"Please come out and let me see you."

There came a strange hissing sound. Elsa looked all around for what the source could possibly be. As there came another hiss that came from behind, Elsa quickly turned to face whatever it was. From behind, there was nothing but green, lush jungle vegetation and trees. She turned around and slowly backed away.

But upon a few steps, Elsa suddenly felt something scaly wrap around her. She looked down and saw large coils twirling around her, getting bigger as they came. Elsa raised her arms up and over the coils as they came around her chest. She was taken off the jungle floor and high above in the trees.

"Wow!" she said.

The wild girl came above the tree branches, before stopping some feet from the jungle floor. Elsa looked around her, panicking. She knew that snakes were dangerous, especially the big ones. She didn't want to become prey of one. Elsa looked forward and gasped. The snake's head descended from a branch above, gazing toward the wild girl.

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