Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 20

Mufassa came up on his four paws and came before the lioness. Diata turned and gazed up to him. With such an expression upon her face, this could only mean the best of his thoughts. Mufassa looked down to Elsa. He was glad to know of Elsa's well being to be safe of death. Though even now, he could only think of how much danger she was in, by the hands of her own kind. It was clear to the alfa that it was dangerous for the girl cub to be here in the jungle alone, but now her own kind. Mufassa couldn't be met with that thought.

It would now seem that it was dangerous for her to be near humans.

Far back to the campsite, inside the main cabin, Jack was lying in his bed, wide awake. The white covers were draped over his body; he had his two hand laying under the back of his head. The young white haired boy thought about the wild girl he had met in the jungle. He was feeling a mist of disappointment that she had left, although there wasn't a choice for her and her lioness mother at the time. North was shooting at them both.

He tried to stop his uncle, but by that time, they were already gone. Afterwards, Uncle North brought him back to camp. He was concerned at the fact that Jack had broken his leg. Now there was no way to go on that hike as North had planned. But at this moment, Jack was not so concerned at that. He was more concerned about where Elsa was now and if he would ever see her again.

She had helped him when he was hurt, if it wasn't for her, who knows what would happen to him. He kind of thought that they could be friends. But that chance, seemed to slip away. As Jack continued to ponder, the door to the other room opened and Aunt Tooth walked in. She looked to see her young Nephew wide awake.

"Good morning, Jack." she said.

Jack turned his head to his aunt.

"Hey Aunt Tooth." said the white haired boy.

Tooth closed the door behind her. She turned back and walked up to her nephew's bed.

"You uncle told your mom and dad what happened." she said.

Jack sighed and flung his hands in front of him.

"Great." said Jack, knowing they were going to be so freaked out by this. They were already at each other's throats, now this would add to the flames.

"Hey, don't worry." said Tooth, rubbing the top of his head.

"It's going to be alright."

Those were words he had heard so many times, but they never appear to come through. He was about tired of hearing them.

"I'll go get you some breakfast." said Tooth as she turned and walked away.

"Hey Aunt Tooth." Jack said.

The browned haired women stopped and looked back at her nephew.

"Yeah?" she asked curiously.

Jack was curious by Elsa. With a girl living in the jungle, he was curious to know if Tooth or North knew anything about it. They had explored much of the jungle in the past; did they know anything about her at all?

"Could I ask something?" asked the boy.

Tooth turned around to face toward the boy.

"Sure, what do you want to ask?" She asked.

"Well, have you seen a girl in the jungle when you and Uncle North went exploring?"

Tooth stood curiously at the boy. She wasn't expecting a question such as that.

"A girl in the jungle?" she asked.

Jack nodded his head yes.

"Uh... I've seen a monkey or two." she said.

"But none of them looked like a girl."

"Oh, never mind." said Jack, knowing she didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

"Well ok." said Tooth as she turned and walked to the front door of the cabin.

As the morning continued, Elsa, who was still sleeping, began opening her eyes, waking from her slumber. Diata was still lying at her side and watching as her adopted cub.

"Elsa." she said, greeting the awakening cub.

Elsa began to lean up from the solid stone ground under her. She suddenly, flinched at the sudden pain in her arm. She gave a small gasp. Elsa looked and saw the bullet wound through her shoulder.

"Ow." she said

"Try not to move it too much." said Diata.

Elsa looked to her mother.

"Wha- what happened?" the wild girl asked, curious of the wound in her shoulder.

Diata frowned upon her daughter asking her. The answer was far unbearable to say then she thinks. She couldn't find any other way to explained to her daughter what happened. Elsa saw her mother was looking so upset. The wild girl began looking in such awe.

"Mama?" she asked, wondering why she looked so sad.

Diata looked back up at her daughter. She couldn't keep this from Elsa, she had to know what happened.

"Elsa..." she said softly.

For a moment, she gazed into her daughter's blue eyes. The very look of such innocence of this cub.

"Do you remember what happened?"

Elsa thought back to the other day. All that came to mind was that they were returning Jack home and then they were being shot at by his uncle.

"Yeah." answered the wild girl.

"That man was chasing us with his gun... and..."

Elsa couldn't remember anything afterwards, only the sound of the man's gun, echoing its loud roar.

"Do you remember anything else?"

Elsa shook her head no.

"No." said Elsa.

The white lioness gave a small sigh, she could no longer keep the truth away from her. She needed to know what had happened.

"Elsa, there's something you need to know." she said.

Elsa looked curiously at her mother.

"What?" Elsa said.

"Elsa... that man he... he nearly killed you." Diata explained to her little cub.

From hearing her mother's words, the wild girl was left shocked. For one so young as her, it was but a shock and a confusing thing to hear.

"What?" asked the girl curiously.

Elsa narrowed her eyes, trying to fathom how this. She was confused to why the man would try to hurt her. They were of the same kind, and Jack said he was his uncle. Why would he do such a thing like that?

"But why?"

Diata looked away. She herself was questioned to why it would happen. It was known for humans to break the law of hunting, for one is to never kill without a purpose. Man has opposed the law and killed for sport, though they never were know to ever hurt their own cubs. Her mother's silence was so disturbing to girl.

Elsa looked from her mother, pondering to herself. Baloo said that humans were the most dangerous predator known to the jungle, it would appear to be were the hunters that killed for pleasure. The hard part she had to know was that they would go so far as to do to her as the rest of the people of the jungle.


From hearing the voice, Elsa looked back to the cave entrance. There she saw Simba standing just passed the opening hole of the cave. She turned around to the yellow fur cub.

"Simba!" she said.

"Can I come in?" asked the young prince, looking to Diata.

Being awake, Simba wanted to see Elsa so badly. Diata knew this to be true. They were close friends and there wasn't a reason for him not to. She nodded her head yes.

"Of course." said the white lioness, allowing the presence of the prince.

Simba came up to the plate form and climbed up upon the smooth stone surface. He faced toward Elsa, feeling so regretful and ashamed to what he had done. The young prince sat before the wild girl. He sat with a sad expression upon his face.

"Hey." he said, sitting down in front of Elsa.

"Hey Simba." said Elsa.

Looking to Elsa, the young prince let out a small sigh. Seeing her before, so badly hurt, the prince was in such guilt and torment from his choice, His pride and curiosity had just endangered one of his friends. He closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"Elsa... I'm so sorry." he said.

Elsa looked to Simba, so doleful.

"I was just try to… I didn't mean for this to happen."

"Simba." said Diata.

"No." said the cub, knowing that all the blame was on him.

"This all because of me. If I hadn't had crossed the river this wouldn't had happen to Elsa."

Simba began sobbing a bit.

"She almost died because of me. It's all my fault."

Simba narrowed his head as his tears dripped from his close eyes.

"I'm sorry, Elsa." He said.

"Can you please forgive me?"

Elsa came up to young lion prince. There was nothing for her to forgive. Being the closest of friends, she didn't blame Simba for all that happened. It wasn't his fault; he only wanted to explore the other side of the river. It was only one mistake on his part. With that entire aside, he was still her best friend and she cared a great deal for him, as he did for her.

The wild girl then wrapped her arms around Simba and hugged him tight, showing him that she has forgiven him. Simba had a look of surprised at first, he looked to Elsa as she continued to hold him tight. He began to smile gladly, shutting his eyes and laid his head down on her shoulder.

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