Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 2

Elsa sat patiently upon Diata's back, who carried her away from the crash site of her family's plane. They had walked for some time and were now deep within the jungle. Between the two of them there were only the jungle's occasional utterances, not a single word was gestured on either's part. As Diata continued to walk along, she took a glance back to Elsa. The girl was sitting in complete silence, here head was bowing downward and a frown was upon the girls face.

Diata gazed with sympathy of the cub's experience of sorrow from the loss of her parents. She knew very well of what it felt like when one losses someone as dear to them. The death of her cub was an experience that was too excruciating to endure. She hoped that her new home here in the jungle would be a new start for the girl. Diata turned and looked forward. However she suddenly ceased to move any further. Upon stopping, the young girl gazed up to the white lioness.

Diata stood pondering over the possibilities that would be against her desire for Elsa to stay with her. The biggest concern was if they wouldn't accept her. She couldn't fathom what would be the conclusion of that choice. She couldn't bear to see what would happen. She hadn't saved Elsa for her to just be abandoned again. If it did, then she would leave the pride and raise Elsa on her own, a choice that would be risky for both her and Elsa.

However as she pondered, it was then she heard the girl atop her back speak a word that was so assumed lost to her.


Within a single moment, she was released from her thoughts and gazed back to the girl-cub. She stared in such shock and surprise at what she had heard. They had just met what was a short time ago and already she had just considered her to be her mother.

"What's wrong?"

For a short time, Diata was silent until taking the chance to speak up.

"There's nothing wrong, Elsa." The white lioness reassured the girl.

"Everythings alright."

"Oh..." The girl said.

To follow was a brief moment of silence, Diata only stared toward Elsa. The impact of hearing the girl's worlds left much of a desired impression upon her.

"Mama?" Diata said softly.

"I just thought... since I'm staying with you... that I could call you..."

Diata smiled at the girl, knowing what she meant. She nodded her head to the girl, loving for her to consider her to be her mother.

"Of course you may." Diata answered.

Elsa smiled. While it was the first time for them to have come to meet, she had already considered the lioness to be her mother. As the two stared to one another, Diata felt the need to try. To gain the answer that she ever so longed to have, for Elsa to be her daughter. The future was unclear with the answer. But she was willing to try for Elsa.

Diata looked forward to the jungle path before her.

"We're getting close." Diata said.

"We shouldn't be far now."

The white lioness looked back to her new daughter.

"Are you ready to meet your new family?"

Elsa still felt some hesitation, knowing that they were lions. Though she had faith to the outcome she hoped would be. Seeing how her new mother was to her, what was there to fear?

The girl nodded her head.

"I'm ready."

On the pathway leading up to the cave, the lionesses and their cubs were lying outside and under the hot sun above. Among them was Mufassa who waited for Diata to return. He was worried about her. She was so affected with the death of her cub. Just then, Sarabi, the mate and queen of Mufassa came out of the cave.

Sarabi was like any other queen lioness that came before her. She ruled with honor and love. She was a kind and loving mother to their young and adventurous son, Simba. He was already out playing with his friends in the jungle as always.

Sarabi looked over at her husband. He was looking so concerned about something. The lioness walked up to her mate and sat at his side.

"Mufassa?" she asked.

Mufassa looked back to his wife, as she came up and stood at his side. The two nuzzled each other.

"Good morning." said Mufassa as they rubbed their heads together smoothly.

"Good morning, my love." His queen greeted back.

Sarabi departed from her beloved king. He smiled back to her, but only a short time did it last. He frowned as the thought of Diata returned to his mind.

"Why do you appear so troubled, Mufassa?" said Sarabi.

"I'm concerned about Diata." Mufassa explained.

"She's been deeply affected by the death of her cub."

"The death of a child can hurt a mother very much." Sarabi said.

"It's a pain that takes time to be healed. You must let her sort it out herself."

Mufassa sighed knowing she was right. This was not a simple accident, but the loss of an early life. It couldn't be forced for her to move on, only time could heal the wound. Sarabi narrowed her eyes. She then shifted away before she took a look toward the jungle. Upon the sight, the lioness widening her eyes with astonishment.

"Mufassa." she said.

Mufassa looked to Sarabi and saw her staring forward, appearing so surprised. He then looked in the same direction and saw Diata coming out from the jungle with something on her back.

Diata came out from the line of trees and lush vegetation. She looked back to Elsa, she saw the young girl looking in awe at the sight of her new home. She gave smiled at her.

"Welcome home, Elsa." She said.

"This is where you live?" she asked curiously.

Diata nodded her head to Elsa.

"Yes." said Diata.

"And it's your home now too."

Elsa, who lay still sat upon her back, gazed up to what was her new home. There was a steep rock hill before a cave entrance above. There were several lionesses, lying upon the smooth, stone ground beneath them. There were several cubs along with them. The girl looked up toward the cave. There she saw a large male lion with a reddish brown mane and yellow fur. Right beside was a lioness with tanned fur. Both of them were looking down toward them.

"Who are they?" she said, pointing upward toward them.

Diata to where Elsa was pointing. It was then she saw Mufassa and Sarabi, who looked down at them. The white lioness knew that they were as surprised to be met with the sight of Elsa.

"They are the king and queen." Diata answered, looking back at Elsa.

"The king and queen?" Elsa asked curiously.

Diata nodded her head to her.

"That is Mufassa." said Diata as she looked back to them.

"And that is his queen, Sarabi. They both rule over our jungle and uphold the law. They help protect our pride. We as a pride are a family, we protect one another."

"We're a family?" asked Elsa.

Diata looked back to her new found daughter.

"Yes." She answered.

"If their king and queen and we are all a family, does this mean that I'm also of royalty?"

Diata nodded her head yes.

"So I'm a princess?" asked Elsa.

Diata smiled to her daughter.

"Yes, you are." She said.

However that wasn't entirely true, at least not at the moment. She looked back up to them. She knew that they would question her for bring Elsa here. It was the reason; she needed to present Elsa to them. Diata looked back to the girl cub.

"Hold on." She said to Elsa.

The white lioness climbed up the steep path to the cave above. Once they came to curving path above, Diata turned to face Mufassa and Sarabi. The lioness approached them, passing by the other lionesses around her. They all stared curiously at the human child she carried on her back. Elsa looked all around, feeling a more nervous than before. A few of the lionesses stood up and walked around Diata as she passed by, all staring toward Elsa.

Diata came before The Alpha and his mate, just as Elsa turned to look.

"Mufassa." she said bowing her neck to the king and queen.

"Diata?" Mufassa said, noticing the human on her back.

"What is that on your back?"

Diata showed a smile.

"Mufassa," she said proudly.

"I would like you to meet my daughter."

Mufassa was shocked. Diata had just said that she was now her daughter. The alpha lion looked to the girl; she looked back to him with a bit of fear in her.

"Daughter?" Mufassa said as he looked back at Diata.

"I found her alone in the jungle." She said.

"And I've decided to take Elsa in."

"Elsa?" asked Mufassa, looking back to the girl.

"My name." the girl spoke up.

Mufassa became so surprised than before. The girl understood what he had said, how could that be possible?

"You understand us?" asked Sarabi.

Elsa nodded.

"Then tell me, mtoto." said Sarabi.

"Where are your real parents?"

Elsa narrowed her eyes and frowned.

"Her parents have been killed." Diata said.

Sarabi looked back at Mufassa. This girl cub before them had lost her family and would die if she was left alone. Mufassa then looked back to Diata.

"Were there any others?" asked Mufassa.

Diata shock her head no.

"She's the only one."

Mufassa looked up to the girl. There was no way to return her to her own kind and no one to care for her. The dangers of being without parents or anyone to guide her were clear to the Alpha lion. She wouldn't have a chance. Mufassa knew that she would be better off under the care of Diata.

Mufassa turned to his queen at his side. She looked back to him, knowing what he was thinking. He wanted to help Diata be relieved from her cub's death. Maybe this would be how he could help her. She nodded her head, wanting for him to allow her to keep this child.

Mufassa then turned back to Diata.

"Diata, are you certain of this?" He asked curiously.

The white lioness nodded her head to the lion king. She couldn't be more certain about anything in the world. She was now Elsa's mother and she needed her.

"I am." She said.

He gazed up to the girl who sat atop Diata's back. She saw the girl-cub stared back at him with her small and young blues eyes. There he saw a look of fear staring back at him. One who has lost so much and has but nothing left. Who is in need ever so more then she had ever had and would never have a chance on her own. However now she was given by Diata, a deed many would never take without a heart like hers.

He smiled back at the girl as he finally made his decision.

"Then I will support your choice." Mufassa said allowing Elsa to become part of the pride.

Elsa smiled gratefully, filled with joy that the Alpha accepted her to live with them.

"Thank you, mister." She said.

"Yes." She said to the king, bowed her head before him.

"Thank you, Mufassa."

The lioness looked back to her new daughter. He nuzzled Elsa, making the little girl laugh. She was once again a mother of a child. The chance she pray for was given and this time, she wasn`t going to let it slip away.

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