Elsa of the jungle: The legend begins @mbcarver
Chapter 1

Elsa the girl cub

The rain was pattering rapidly outside. There was a bellow of thunder followed by a flash of bright light over the hard stone wall of the cave entrance. Yet despite the raging storm outside, the pride was sound asleep within their den. On a stone platform, a large male lion slept next to his mate and cub. Down below them were several lionesses and cubs, all deeply entranced in their slumber.

That is, all but one.

At the mouth of the cave, a rare white lioness was laying wide awake. She faced the opening and the storm outside. With sullen eyes, she glanced down to the stone floor. She contemplated. During the day, her cub had wandered deep into the jungle, alone. She was curious and had ventured far from the safety of her mother and the pride. By the time she noticed her cub her cub was missing she heard her voice, calling for her.

The lioness rushed to find her cub, but it was far too late. She heard her cub screaming in the distance. Even now she can still hear he cub, its voice was echoing through her mind. Sorrowfully, the lioness cringed. Desperately she tried to ranounced her memory, but she still found it hard to let go.

All she wanted was to have her cub at her side.

Throughout the night, she continued to ponder. Slowly the roar of thunder ceased and the drops of rain had then eased before fading from notice. The sun's light began to peek into the cave. The lioness lifted her head to look to the cave entrance. It was now morning and the storm had long passed. The lioness stood up over her four paws and walked outside the cave. She came over the ledge and faced the jungle ahead of her. She needed time, away from the pride.

"Diata." a voice called.

Diata looked back to see Mufasa, king of the jungle and alpha of the pride.

"Where are you going?"

Diata was silent as she looked back toward the jungle. An action which Mufasa understood well. He knew of what happened to her cub and the grief she was going through.

"Diata, I have the deepest sympathy for your cub," Mufassa said.

"I know it's hard but you must look past this."

"Mufassa, I appreciate what you are trying to do for me." she said, looking to the lion king.

"But I must be alone."

Mufassa sighed and narrowed his eyes.

"Very well," Mufassa said.

"Do what you must."

"Thank you." she said.

Mufassa watched Diata passed him by and made her way down the path. When she was no longer in sight walked over the ledge

Diata wandering aimlessly through the jungle. She was now far to the east and had ventured outside the pride's territory. Though she cared not of where she was nor where she was going. Diata thought of nothing more than the sort time she had with her daughter. The small cub she loved so much, no longer walking with her. She was no longer lying on her side at night or to play with every day. It was all taken away.

As the lioness walked along, she looked up ahead of her and saw a tree laying on the path she was on, blocking her way. She looked to her left and saw a trail of fallen trees and a trail of wrecked grounds. She thought to herself, what could have done this?

The lioness turned and began to follow the path of destruction. She stepped over fallen branches of fall trees, till she suddenly came across something she had never seen before. It was a giant, white bird lying dead on the ground. Its back was split into two, the glass windows were smashed and the wings torn from its sides. The lioness slowly crept toward the strange bird. She looked to its sides observing such a beast. She came up to the split back.

She then looked right and then stopped. There was the noise of crying to her left. She gazed over and the noise coming from behind a tree's corner. The lioness slowly and hesitatively peered around the tree and was met with such a strange sight. She saw a small girl cub, lying on one of the two dead bodies, crying. One was the body of a man with light brown hair; the other was the body of a woman with dark brown hair. They both lay on the ground without a hint of motion.

The small young seven-year girl with ice blond hair, blue eyes, wearing a blue dress, continued to sob. The lioness looked down at the child. The two dead humans must have been her parents. She was all alone now and was vulnerable to other predators. She felt sorry for the small human cub.

The white lioness came closer to the girl. She lowered her head down and then nudged the female human cub. The girl turned to look and gasped. She backed away to the side a bit.

"Please, don't eat me!" she cried.

"It's okay little one, I won't hurt you," Diata reassured the girl.

The girl became so shocked and even more frighten. The lioness had just spoken to her.

"You can talk?" the girl asked.

Diata nodded. The girl was both amazed and shocked. She could talk to animals, how is that possible?

"Are you going to eat me?" the girl asked seeing as how this was a lioness she was talking to.

"No, I won't," Diata reassured.

The girl was still so hesitative. She wasn't sure if the lioness was telling the truth or not. Fortunately, for her Diata was of no mindset to conflict harm upon her. The lioness took a step closer to the frighten girl cub. Elsa tried to resist the urge to react in her fear. But she found the strength to keep it under control.

The little girl cub slowly reached her hand out to the lioness. She paused halfway as Diata looked. The lioness was aware of what Elsa wanted to do. She wanted for her to feel safe in her presence. Diata lowered her head down and gently pressed it against the girl palm.

Elsa gave a small and slight gasp as she felt the lioness`s fur under her palm. Diata raised her head back up, looking to the young girl cub. Elsa then began to pet the white lioness, her small hand stroking the fur on her head. Diata shut her eyes and gave a soft purr, the lioness sat down before Elsa. The little girl began chuckling as continued petting Diata.

"You're really pretty," said Elsa, complementing the lioness`s white fur.

"Why thank you." said Diata.

Diata raised her head up as Elsa. The bleached blond girl took her hand back.

"What's your name, little one?" the white lioness asked curiously.

"Elsa." The girl answered.

"Hello, Elsa," said the lioness.

"My name is Diata."

"It's nice to meet you Diata." said the young girl.

Diata nodded in agreement.

"It's nice to meet you too." said the white lioness.

"What are you doing out here in the jungle?"

Elsa herself had little an answer for that. She herself didn't know why she was in this lush jungle. It was not her intention to be here, not her doing.

"I... don't know," She answered.

"Do you remember anything at all?" asked Diata.

Elsa could barely think of what happened. Though she could recall small fragments memories that could tell her what happened before. Those memories revealed of her parents, panicking, her mother holding her close as the plane flew downward with the sounds of thunder and the flashes of lighting.

The final thing she could remember was her father looking to her and her mother. The last expression she saw on his face was one she had not seen him make before. It still lingered in her mind. Diata looked upon the girl's face, to be met with eyes of confusion and also sadness. For what the reason this was, the answer stood behind the girl. Diata gazed back up to the bodies that lied motionless on the ground. She saw Elsa was moaning over them just a short time ago.

Elsa looked at the bodies behind her. Her happiness then faded away and sadness and grief returned.

"Were those your parents?" asked Diata as she turned to the girl

Elsa nodded her head, before narrowing it downward. Closing her young blue eyes as tears began to emerge.

"Yes," She said.

Elsa began to sob. Her parents were killed in the crash of their plane during the storm, leaving her all alone. Diata looked to Elsa and saw the poor girl-cub in so much pain and loss. The lioness frowned, feeling so remorse for the girl cub.

"Hey, hey." Diata said coming up and sat down beside the girl.

Her white lioness reached out with her right paw and brought the child close to her.

"Shh, there, there." Diata said softly and in the tone of that of a mother, comforting the little girl.

"It's Okay... It's Okay. I'm here for you."

Elsa lay against the lioness's chest, crying. She buried her face in the lionesses white fur. Diata gazed down at the young seven-year-old girl. Diata had such sympathy for Elsa; such a poor little cub lost the people she had loved. It was a similar factor to be known on her part as well. With the death of her previous cub, Diata came to see that she and this young child of man had but suffered the same loss.

Diata looked up to the two deceased parents of Elsa. Her family was gone and without them, this girl cub would never make it. Not out here. Elsa looked up to the lioness. Diata looked back at her. Elsa continued to stay close to her, pressing her head up against her chest. Elsa needed help from someone out in this jungle wilderness. But most of all, the girl needed a family. But there was no place for her to go, nobody for her to be with.

That is, with the exception of her. The white lioness knew it to be her. It was she that found this girl. Who bared such feelings of sympathy for a cub that was not of her own kind. Diata knew her own heart told her that needed to be the guide of Elsa. She knew that Elsa was her responsibility now, she needed her and Diata needed Elsa as well.

Diata parted from Elsa and faced the now orphan cub.

"Elsa," Diata said in a whispering tone.

The little girl cub looked up to Diata, gazing into her blue eyes. Diata looked back to the small seven-year-old girl, a cub so young and full of such innocence.

"I know your loss is so great for someone as young as you. But I'm going to help you through this."

Elsa's cheeks were wet with tears, and there was still that frown upon her face. But yet, there appeared something in the girl's eyes, some hope. For now, there came help to her. A new chance had been given to her.

"The jungle is not a place for you to be alone here." Diata explained.

"You need a people to survive."

"But there are no people here." said Elsa, knowing that there was no other people.

The white lioness bowed her head. The presence of her kind was a number that was far less than the jungle folk. There was none to be seen from miles around. However the lioness was not of that thinking. Instead, she wished for this cub to be cared for by her guidance and love.

"That is why I would like you to come with me." said the white lioness.

"I would like to take you to my pride. We live just east from here and you'll be safe with us."

The lioness backed up a bit and crouched down.

"Here, climb on."

Elsa hesitated a bit. She knew that Diata was a lion and that the same goes for her family. But she would be safer there then out her by herself. Elsa came up to the lioness and climbed up on her back. As soon as she settled, Diata came back up. She looked back to Elsa, who sat upon her back.

"You okay back there?" She said.

Elsa nodded her head yes.

"Alright, hang on."

Diata began to walk back the way she came, taking the child with her. As the two left the crash site, Elsa then gave one last looked back at the sight of the crashed plane. The last time she would ever see it again.

"Goodbye mama, papa." she said in a whispering voice.

Elsa then turned forward, now beginning a new life in the jungle.

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