The Knights of Opara: Prodigy of the Realms @mbcarver
The Fall of Arthamore

Chapter 7, The Fall of Arthamore Part 2

Qrow carried Pyrrha through the burning ruins that were once Arthamore. Racing up the pathway, cluttered with wreckage and debris, they came across several Grimm. Qrow glanced to Pyrrha.

"Hold , Kid!" he said.

Pyrrha clung to him tightly. Qrow then leaped forward and the Grimm turned and saw them, he swung his sword, slashing the Grimm. As the other turned to them and as they were about to respond, he swung his sword around and slash the ones behind.

Coming to the last Grimm, he came around and slashed the Grimm, slicing it's body in half. He then ran forward down the path. Qrow looked ahead and saw the tower of the impound station. The one they would usually store any vehicles they impounded. His bike had to be stored there.

He came up to the intersection, where a long storehouse-like build with several garage doors along it. Qrow ran across the street to the storehouse. He came up to one of the garage doors, peering into the small window. But saw nothing inside. He then went up to the next and looked inside. But still she saw nothing. He continued on till he came up to the fifth door. And upon looking through the small in window and saw the motorcycle inside.

"Found her!" he said.

He turned and came up to the doors control panel. He held up his sword as the blade came down to reveal the barrel of his shot gun. He then blasted the panel, unlocking the door. Qrow then came up, sheaving his sword behind him as he narrowed down and lifted up the door. He came into the garage and got onto his bike, placing Pyrrha in front of him.

"Hold on, Kid!" he said, positioning his bike.

"Where are we going?" Pyrrha asked, curiously.

"We gotta get out of Arthamore as quick as we can," Qrow explained.

"We might also have to leave the realm as well. Somewhere the Grimm can't find us."

"But will father be able to find us?" Pyrrha asked, curiously.

"We can't worry about that, kid." Qrow stated.

Qrow pressed the top button over the panel on the right handle, starting the engine. Pyrrha turned forward, grabbing the handles of the bike. Qrow then revved the engines and as the back wheel spun at high speed, bolting out of the garage. He then turned drove down the street ahead, swerving from left to right as he maneuvered through the debris.

Up ahead, a group of Grimm spotted them from up the street. They turned and aimed their blaster, opening fire upon them.

"Get down!" Qrow said.

Pyrrha ducked her head down. Qrow then pulled out his sword which shifted its's blade to reveal his shotgun. He then fired at the Grimm ahead. Several Grimm were stuck in the chest by the blasts, knocking them down as a few took cover. As as they drove through, the few remaining quickly leaped aside. Qrow then glanced back at them, firing back at them.

Pyrrha glanced forward and gasped.

"Look out!" She gasped.

Qrow turned forward and saw a Beacon fighter, crashing down from above. Qrow quickly turned and quickly got away as the ship crashed down behind them in a fiery blaze. Qrow turned back onto the street and continued on down the street. They then glanced back at the fiery wreckage behind them. Qrow turned forward.

"We gotta get to the west gate!" he stated.

He then turned his bike around, and slid to a stop before taking off down the street way to their left.

Messua help a woman on board a gunship. She then glanced to the street way to her right and saw Flint along Beacon soldiers coming into the Town Square. She glanced back to Lukas, who was talking with Zak and one of the commanding troopers.

"Lukas!" she called.

Lukas glanced back at her and saw Flint, walking into the town square along with several other Beacon troopers. His right hand pressed over his left shoulder.

"Flint!" He said as he, Messua and Zak rushed over to him.

Flint the stumbled, nearly falling over. Lukas came up and quickly caught him in his arms. Slowly he lowered Flint to his knees, holding him up.

"I'm fine..." he said, wincing at the pain.

"I'm fine."

Lukas glanced back to Zak.

"Zak!" He said as he stood up.

Lukas the stood up and stepped aside as Zak came up. He narrowed down in front of Flint, pressing his hand over Flint's shoulder.

"Hang on," he said.

"I got you."

There came a bright white glow under his palm as he pressed it over his wound. Flint growled in relief. He glanced up at Lukas and Messua.

"The Grimm overran the base," He said.

"They took out the base's defenses. We tried to hold them off but there was too many of them."

Zak narrowed his head as he thought.

"Without the base's defenses, there's nothing stopping the Grimm sending reinforcements," Zak brought up, glancing up at Lukas.

Messua turned to him.

"Lukas, what do we do?" she asked.

Lukas glanced forward. He walked passed Flint and Zak, peering at the street ahead. Seeing the troopers retreating into the Town square, some of them wounded while a few aided them. It would only be a matter of time before the Grimm would overrun the Town square. They were advancing on them in each there were still others they needed to evacuate.

Lukas narrowed his head. The promise he made to his daughter would have to be broken. For the sake of the realms and for his team, his family and all of Arthamore, sacrifices must be made.

He glanced back at them.

"Messua, finish with the evacuation," He said.

"Then you, Flint, Zak and your team board the last transport."

"What about you?" Zak asked, curiously.

Lukas turned to them.

"I'll buy you all time." Lukas insisted.

Zak stood up, staring in awe at his team leader.

"What, no!" Zak protested.

"That's suicide!"

"There's no time to argue," Lukas insisted.

"Just get back to Beacon. Warn Ozpin of what's happened."

Lukas then turned forward, facing the street ahead. Using his semblance, he drew his sword and shield. He then took one finally look back at the knights whom he had served with through the years of war.

"No matter what happens, know that it was an honor to serve with you all." He said to them.

Zak and Flint stared up at Lukas in contempt, hearing him say what would be his final words. Even Messua gazed up at the man she followed into battle throughout the war, in contempt by his words. They knew no one stood the greatest chance them him against the Grimm. But not even he would be able to hold them off. At least not for long.

Though it seemed he knew that well himself.

Lukas then turned and charged ahead toward the pathway to where their troops fled. Zak stood up.

"Lukas!" He called to him.

Messua came up behind her, placing her hand over his shoulder.

"Zak," she said.

Zak glanced back at her.

"Follow orders." she said to him.

The Grimm were advancing up the street. Beacon troopers took cover behind debris and wreckage, firing their blasters at them. Many of the Grimm were cut down by their fire. But even still they were getting closer. All the while, they fired their blasters back at them.

A trooper behind cover was shot in the chest, knocking him back. The trooper next to to him ducked behind cover, glancing back at his fallen comrade. He turned back, raising his blaster as he fired back. The Grimm dispersed, moving to the side as a Goliath came force. The giant uttered great roar as he grabbed the lever on his canon and pulled it down, loading it. He then aimed his canon at the pile of rumble in the middle of the street, where a couple of troopers were taking cover.

The troopers gasped.

"Fall Back!" One of them uttered.

The Goliath fired his canon at them. The Troopers quickly turned and ran. Only for the debris to explode, throwing them several feet into the air. They landed over the street below. One of them struggled to lean up. He glanced back at the Goliath as he held up his canon and was about to fire again.

When suddenly, the Giant was struck in the eye by a plasma bolt. The Grimm utter a cry of pain.

It was then he saw something pass over him. The soldier glanced up and saw Lukas landing before him. He then charged forward. Raising his blaster with his shield covering him from fire, he charged forward, blasting all the Grimm in his wake. As each one fell as he passed, he came up to the Goliath where his blaster then transformed back into a sword. As the Grimm turned back and was about to raise his canon, Lukas then leaped into the air and plunged his sword forward, his blade stabbing into the face of the Giant.

The Goliath fell back over the street. Lukas pulled back his sword before he leaped down. One of the Grimm behind him drew his blade and charged at Lukas and was about to slash his blade. Only for Lukas to block it with his shield and slash the Grimm's exposed thigh. He brought his blade back around and struck him down. He then swung his blade at the Grimm behind and striking another the one next to him with his shield.

He continued to plunge through the Grimm, stabbing the last in the chest. As he pulled his sword from it's body, he glanced forward. Only to be faced with more Grimm, holding their blasters to him. Lukas held his shield at the ready. Only to then see the Grimm lower their weapons

Lukas glanced up from his shield, curiously. He was surprise to see them laid down their weapons. Though he was none the less suspicious. The Grimm never laid down their weapons when having the upper hand.


He then heard a sudden blazing sound. He turned and saw a ball of fire shoot from the flames to his right. Lukas turned and blocked it with it's shield. It exploded upon impact, causing him to slide back. He then glanced up from behind his shield and through the blazing inferno, he saw a figure walking through the flames toward him. The figure looked to be that of a woman. He heard a voice speak from the flames.

"Why, Lukas."

Stepping out from the flames, a young woman, fair-skinned with ashen-black hair, violet eye-shadow, wearing a red mini v-neck dress with yellow designs. She then stood in front of him, placing her hand over her hip as she smirked nefariously.

"Cinder." Lukas said, staring sternly.

Cinder chuckled.

"Even when your troops flee are wise enough to flee," Cinder commented.

"You continue to stand and fight. How predictable."

"Is this truly the will of your Empress?" Lukas asked, referring to the destruction around them.

"Arthamore is peaceful. What is the need of all this?"

"Our Empress's only will is to bring order to all the realms," Cinder insisted, circling him.

"Where Ozpin and all the rulers could not. But now it seems Arthamore is harboring a danger to our new world order."

She then glanced to him.

"The Prodigy." she then stated.

The mere mention of the word caused Lukas to squint his eyes in anger. Seeing her threaten his daughter. Though her dared not show in the face of the Empress's apprentice.

"What are you talking about?" He asked, acting as if he knew not if what she spoke.

"Don't act like you don't know, Lukas," she said, hardly connived of his act.

"You wouldn't have gone through the trouble of defending Arthamore like you've have. So tell me where she is."

Lukas only continued to stare sternly at the Empress's apprentice. He then held up his shield and sword, standing at the ready.

"Never." He stated.

Cinder smirked.

"Very well." She commented, smirking.

Cinder raised her hand as their came a long gust of fire. She gripped her around the end, causing the flames to disburse. Revealing a long red sword with flame patterns along the center. She flung down the sword next to her, staring back at him with stern narrowed eyes.

"Then you will burn along with Arthamore."

Lukas then charged forward as he uttered a great cry. She then dashed forward toward him. At the moment they were about to collide, Lukas raised his sword and swung it down at her. Only for Cinder to block it with her own. She then pushed him back, breaking them off. She came forward and tried to swipe her sword. Only for Lukas to quickly step back.

As she swung her sword back at him, he then brought his sword back around and clung against hers. They continued to clash their bladed together. Cinder slowly pushed forward, slashing her sword downward. Lukas raised his shield, blocking her blade as he threw it down before leaping up over Cinder. She glanced up at him as he came around and landed behind her before swiping his sword upward.

Cinder quickly leaned back before the blade of his sword could touch her. Only to then be struck by his shield as he thrust it forward. She leaped back, holding up her sword as the blade along each end lit up in flames. She then came forward and slashed her sword, causing Lukas leap back as he evaded the sword's flamed blades. She came back around to strike him again.

Lukas then flung his sword, their blades then clashed together. Breaking off each time, bringing their swords back around each time. Lukas swiped his shield before turning and swung his sword around.

She then came forward, thrusting her sword froward as she forced them into the flames to his back. Lukas slid back into the inferno, before gazing up. Only to see Cinder leap high into the air. She then then came down upon him, engulfed in a flames like the stars that pass through the knight sky. Lukas held up his shield as she then struck the ground before him, sending him flying back in a fiery explosion.

Lukas passed through many burning structure before coming out into clearing, landing over his back against the solid brick street. He flipped over onto his stomach before he slid to a stop. Lukas picked himself off the ground. He glanced up and saw Cinder hovering several feet off the ground. A ball of fire hovering over the palm of her hand.

"You can never defy what is destined, Lukas." She stated to him.

She then thrust her hand forward as he shot the fire ball at him. Lukas quickly leaped out of the way, rolling back onto his feet.

"This night will see the end of the Knights and the war," she claimed to him.

"All your efforts to defy the Empress will have been for nothing. And we will have finally brought the Realms to order!"

She blasted another ball of fire at him. Only for Lukas to dodge it, leaping to the side.

"You would be wise to surrender." She said.

"I will never stand down in the face of you, Cinder!" Lukas proclaimed

The last of the women and children boarded the Cargo transport. Zak and Messua climbed into the Cargo hold while carrying Flint over her shoulders. Zak glanced to her.

"Over here!" He said, gesturing to the wall near the entrance.

They came over and set Flint down against the wall. Flint groaned. Messua then turned back to her teammates outside.

"We're all aboard!" she called to them.

Leah and the others turned to Messua and quickly over to they transport. They leaped into the cargo hold. Once they were aboard, Messua came up to the ladder leading into the bridge. She peered up into the cockpit.

"Lift off!" she ordered.

The pilot nodded down at her.

"What about Lukas?" Zak said, glancing back at her.

"There's no time!" Messua insisted to him.

Zak turned as he saw the doorway of the Cargo hold closing. He narrowed his head, unable to find the courage, nor the will, to leave Lukas. His friend and comrade whom he had fought beside. Whom he had known all his life.

Although he respected and would follow his orders, Lukas taught them to never leave each other behind. To always look out for one another and to stand and fight even when all seemed lost. And to just leave him behind to face the Grimm alone.

Flint looked up to him, knowing what he was thinking.

"Zak..." He said.

Zak glanced to him, sullenly.

"Look after my family." He said.

Lukas then turned and leaped out of the transport.

"Zak, wait!" Fint said. reaching out to him.

Messua turned and saw Zak leap out of the ship.

"Zak, what are doing?" she asked, curiously.

Zak stood up, glancing back at them as the door came down over the Cargo hold. Messua quickly rushed over to the doorway. Only for it to close before she was able to say anything. Slowly she felt to airship lifting. She turned back to the cockpit.

"Stop the ship!" she called as she rushed over to the entrance.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," one of the Pilots said.

"We have to take off!"

Messua felt a hand over her shoulder.

"Messua." Leah said.

She glanced back to her. She frown, shaking her head.

Zak glanced up at the Cargo transport as it lifted off. He nodded his head to them.

"It's been an honor serving with you all." He said

He then looked forward to the path ahead. He reached down and grabbed the handle of his sword, pulling it out. He held up his left arm which then formed into a shield. He headed toward the street ahead.

The leviathans heavy turret once more fired upon the Phoenix. The laser beam struck the ship's shield, causing the further cracks in the shield.

"Captain, shields are failing!" one of the crew members said from their monitors.

Captain Willard glanced forward through the view port. The ship once more shook as it was once again struck by another blast.

The leviathan's Admiral gazed up at the the screen over the view port. Seeing the Phoenix's shields were beginning to crack. Just one last shot and they would shatter. He Grinned.

"Hit them again," he order, glancing down at his crew.

"Full Power!"

The Leviathan's large turret positioned itself once more. Once more a purple light shined from the barrel of the canon. A large with beam with a purple outline formed, growing with each passing second.

And then fired upon the ship, striking the Phoenix's shields, erupted in a massive blast which knocked the ship back a short ways. Shaking the crew inside. The cracks in the shield began to spread across the shields.

And then it disbursed.

"Admiral, their shields are down!" One of the officers called from below.

The Admiral glanced down to them.

"Order all the turrets to open fire!" He ordered.

All the turrets turned and opened fire upon the Phoenix. The plasma bolts struck the ships now exposed side causing massive explosions. Several of the phoenix's side canons and turrets were hit by the laser bolts.

Captain Willard felt the ship shake beneath his feet as he tumbled onto his knees. The ships alarms went off, followed by red flashes of light in the bridge.

"They've taken out several of our turrets!" The crew men said from his post.

"We're losing the gravity repollsers!" another called.

"Fire the Heavy canon!" The admiral ordered.

The heavy cannon once more charged to full powers. The plasma bolt once more expanded to great size before firing upon. The blast ripped through the ship haul, causing a massive explosion down the middle that split the ship in two. Slowly each severed end of the ships slowly tipped over and fell to the base below.

Captain Willard peered the the view port, watching as his ship crashed below. He closed his eyes, waiting for the inevitable impact.

The front end of the ship crashed down into several of the bases's structures. Before suddenly erupting into a massive explosions which engulfed the entire ship.

The leviathan's Admiral stared up the screen, grinning triumphantly at the ship's destruction. Seeing the now flaming wreckage of what was once the lead ship in Beacon's navy lay beneath them.

"To think they thought they stood a chance," The admiral said, mockingly.

"But they only fall before us."

He shook his head.

"Nearly takes the honor out of victory."

He glanced down at the other officers below.

"Take us over the Town Square!" he ordered.

Lukas leaped out of the way of another of Cinder's fire blasts. Cinder continued to thrust her open hands forward, blasting him with fire. Lukas dodged every attempt, rolling out of the way. As he came back over his feet, his sword transformed into his blaster riffle. He raised it toward Cinder and fired several shots. Cinder quickly dodged the plasma bots. She then raised hand as a surged of fire was blasted to him, striking the ground before him.

Lukas slid back from the blast. He looked and saw Cinder flying toward him with a sword in both hands. As his riffle transformed back into a sword, Lukas pushed forward. He raised his shield as Cinder's blade collided against it's surface. He then hacked his sword from overhead of his shield. Only for Cinder to turn around and hold up her other sword as their blades collided. She pushed him back before she lunged at him again.

Cinder came up and slashed her right sword down over him. Lukas held up his shield, blocking her blade. She then swung her sword back around as Lukas lowered his shield ans raised his sword as their ends of their blades met. Sliding her blade against his their swords then departed as Cinder spun around slashed her other sword. Lukas held up his shield, deflecting her blade.

Ceasing his chance, he thrust his sword forward. Cinder leaned back, dodging his sword. She then grinned. Spinning back around as she once more swung her blade around, creating a wave of fire. Before Lukas could react, he was struck by the flames, sending him flying back through the air. He landed over his back, sliding back.

Lukas groaned. Slowly he leaned up off the ground. His sword and shield flew out from his hands.

"You should have heeded our Empress's warning, Lukas." Cinder said.

Lukas glanced up at her and saw her walking up. One of her swords turned to flames before disappearing. All while the other changed into a bow.

"Now you will fall like all those that stand against the order."

She held up the blow, pulling back the string as the arrow formed over it. She the released hold and shot the arrow.

Lukas reached out, using his polarity as he drew his shield to him. He held his shields, bracing himself from the impact of the arrows tip. He then heard at sudden clacking of metal. But felt nothing hit against his shield. He glanced up and saw Zak standing in front of him, holding up his shield.

"Zak!" He said.

Zak turned back to him, offing him his hand.

"Get up!" Zak said.

Lukas reached up and took his hand as he pulled him back onto his feet.

"What are you doing here?" Lukas said.

"I thought I told you to evacuate with the others."

Zak shrugged.

"Figured you could use a hand," Zak insisted.

"Besides, you know I have trouble following orders when it means leaving my teammate behind."

Lukas smirked. Zak did always have trouble following his orders, especially in times like this. But he could always count of him to come through for his teammates.

"Why, if it isn't the dim one coming to the rescue," Cinder said as Zak turned to her.

"Never could tell when you were out of your league."

Zak reached down to his side and drew his sword. He then turned to face Cinder

"I wouldn't say you count as being out of my league, Cinder." Zak said, smirking.

Lukas reached back and drew his sword too him with his polarity. He stood facing her, holding his sword and shield at the ready. Cinder smirked.

"Two knights of Beacon against one young woman," she commented, chuckling.

"Hardly seems fair."

She lowered her bow as it burst into flames, as it transformed back into a sword. Zak and lukas stood at the ready, peering sternly at her. Cinder then swung down her blade and leaped forward, charging toward them. She came up into the air, taking her sword in both hand. She came down between them, slashing her sword down. Lukas and Zak quickly leaped out of the way as she came down swiping her sword. She then turned to Lukas as she swung her blade at him.

Lukas quickly blocked her sword as their swords clung together. He stepped back, blocking each swipe of his sword with his own. He then swiped his shield at her, causing her to leap back. Lukas spun around and slashed his sword. Cinder held up her swords and their blades clashed. She then heard a charging cry from behind. She glanced back and saw Lukas charging her from behind.

Zak raised his sword and tried to strike her down. Cinder acted quickly. She pushed back Lukas and turned to him, their sword met with a loud cling. She pushed his sword aside and tried to slash him. Only for Zak hold up his and block it again. Lukas had just recovered. He leaped at Cinder as he raised his sword and swung it down, it was then met with the blade spawning from the flames.

Cinder stood between them, blocking both their swords with the two she now held in both hands. She glanced back at Zak and then back at Lukas, grinning.

"Do you really think the two of you can save her?" she asked, mockingly.

She then broke off of them, pushing them back with her fire. Zak slid back from the flames, shield his face with his arm. He looked back and saw Cinder flip into the air and slash him with his sword, knocking him back. Cinder then turned to Lukas who came up from behind. She held up her sword and blocked his.

Qrow maneuvered through the street, avoiding the fighters firing from above. Two fighters were chasing them from behind, blasting down over the stone path below. Peeing ahead through the fire and smoke, Qrow could see the gate up ahead. It was opened. He grinned, uttering a sigh of relief.

"Looks like we've caught a break," He said, glancing down to Pyrrha.

"The guards left the gate wide open."

Pyrrha gasped as a laser bolt struck one of the houses off to their right. Qrow flinched, gazing back at the fighters behind them. He then peered ahead through the open gate to the forest in the distance. They would be able to lose them in there. The fighters wouldn't be able to see them from over the trees.

"Those trees, ahead," Qrow insisted.

"If we can make it those tree, we can lose them in the forest."

Revving the engine and then drove ahead toward the open gates. The fighters flew in after them, opening fire once again. Qrow swerved down the street to avoid their fire. Pyrrha was holding tighter over the handles of the bike, feeling herself being swaying back and forth. She heard the laser bolts of the fighters struck the street from each side.

They came up to the wreckage of a beacon fighter laying ahead, it's wing bent downward over the ground like a ramp. Qrow peered ahead at the ramp, having an idea. He leaned over Pyrrha, who glanced up at him.

"Hang on!" Qrow said.

Pyrrha nodded his head before looking ahead. Qrow floored his bike forward, racing ahead toward the fighters. He came up over the wing of the crashed fighter and flew into the air. Qrow reached back and grabbed the handle of her sword. He raised his sword as the blade narrowed down, transforming into a gun. Aiming for the fighters of the cockpit, he fired three rounds which shot through the glass, hitting the pilot inside.

Just as they landed over the street below, the Fighter then turned counter clockwise as it crashed behind them. The now flaming wreckage of the fighter rolled along the street. Pyrrha glanced back and saw the fighter was gaining on them.

"Watch out!" Pyrrha exclaimed, turning forward as she braced herself.

Just as the wreckage had caught up to them, they came out through the gate. Followed by a gust of fire and fighter parts. They came over the dirt path and drove ahead toward the forest. The remaining two fighters came up over the gate and flew after them.

The pilot stared down at his targeting system, aiming for the bike ahead. The three circle on screen lined up over them, the pilot pressed the firing button over the lever.

The fighter then opened fire. The plasma bolts struck the ground and exploded behind them. The impact shook Qrow's bike, causing him to lean forward as he flinched. He then stood up and continued to drive ahead. The two fighters continued to fire upon them as they drove ahead toward the forest. It was then from under one of the fighters, a small missile turret unveiled.

The Grimm pilot pressed the red button on the lever.

Two missiles fired from the turret as two glowing red lines streamed through the air toward them. Qrow looked back and saw the incoming projectiles coming toward them. He then turned forward. The forest was just ahead. If they hurried, they could make it.

Qrow revved the engine. He sped on ahead down the dirt path as the missiles pursued them. They were getting closer and closer each passing second. But Qrow continued to stared ahead, never once taking his eyes of the woods ahead.

And just as they came into their reach, the missiles the ground behind. Erupting in a massive explosion. The two Grimm fighters flew up over the forest.

"(Targets eliminated.)" The pilot said.

"(Returning to Arthamore.)"

Qrow glanced up through the trees and saw them fly overhead. He sighed in relief, narrowing his head.

"That was too close." He said, glancing down to Pyrrha.

Pyrrha shook her head in agreement. They heard a loud sound coming from Arthamore. They glanced ahead to the town and saw the Leviathan, cruising over the ruins of what was once Arthamore. They could see the flames and smoke rising from behind the walls. The Ship suddenly began opening fire over the remains of the town below.

She stared frighteningly at the sight, seeing the red plasma bolts shooting down at what lied behind the walls. Hearing the screams of the people in the distance. Qrow glared sternly at the ship ahead. Seeing the destruction taking place. But knowing he could not do anything about it.

The same way Ataria fell.

Luka held his sword in front of him as he deflected Cinder's. They then broke off as he stepped forward as he then swiped his blade. Their swords continued a clash as he pushed forward. He then swung his shield around, causing her to lean back. He spun around slashing his blade. Cinder leaped back at every attempt before holding up both her sword, crossing the blades as she block his.

She then pulled them apart, knocking his sword back. It was then that Zak came up and swiped her with his sword. Cinder then at him and their swords met. She slashed her swords from each side as Zak deflected them with his own. He then trusted his sword forward. Cinder lean to the side, dodging his sword.

As he retracted his sword, Cinder raised the sword and swiped it at him. Raising his shield, he blocked her was then that Lukas leaped up from behind Zak, slashing his blade down. Cinder quickly leaped out of the way. Lukas stood up and swiped his sword back around.

Cinder turned, raising her blade as they collided. But upon impact, her blade was pushed aside before being pushed by as she was struck by his sword with full forced. She slid back from them. She then glanced up at Lukas as Zak came up from behind. Cinder came back from the two. She grinned.

"Akara had taught you both well." she admitted.

"We've got you outmatched, Cinder." Zak exclaimed, pointing his sword

Cinder then stood up, grinning.

"So it would seem." She said

seeing that it was time to up her game. She held up her sword as they it then burst into flames. She flung her sword down as she then narrowed her head slightly, gazing sternly at them. She then leaped forward, souring through the air as she held up her swords and swiped them at them as a long wave of fire swarmed at Lukas and Zak as they quickly leaped out of the way. Cinder landed in the opening between them as she slid to a stop.

Zak lunged at Cinder, raising his sword. Swiping her flaming sword upward, she clashed her blade with his. As Zak raised his blade too swipe at her once more, Cinder blocked it with her other. It was at this time that Lukas recovered and charged at Cinder. Just as she had pushed Zake back, she turned to him and and slashed her flamed blade. Lukas held up his shield and blocked the flames. He then came back around and swiped his sword as she raised her other.

Lukas and Zak came at her all at once. Cinder only turned to them each time they came at her, blocking their attacks. She turned to the to face them as the came at her. They swiped their blades one after the other. Cinder deflected each of their blades with her own. Lukas came at her and as he was about to raise his sword. She thrust her's forward, blasting him with with a surge of fire. With little time to react, Lukas block it with his shield. Causing him to slide back.

As he then came to a stop, he glanced up and saw Zak continuing to clash his swords against her duel blades. Cinder back away to a nearby stone brick wall and after brushing his sword aside, he turned and ran up the wall and leap up into the air. She turned raising her sword around. Zak glanced up and was just about to raise his shield. When she suddenly came down and slashed her sword over his left arm, severing it.

Zak cried out in pain, feeling the encrusting burning pain.

"Zak!" Lukas cried out.

Cinder then slashed him once more with her sword, knocking Zak bake with a wave of fire. He flew back through the air and landed on a pile of burned debris. He glanced down to the burned stump where his arm once was. Dropping his sword, he reached over placed his hand over his severed arm, using his semblance to heal his now cauterized wound.

She turned to Lukas, who turned back to her. She held up her swords and came at him, slashing her flaming swords. Lukas raised his swords, deflecting her swords as she came at him. Cinder continued to swipe her swords at him rapidly, turning and spinning in the air. Lukas raised his shield and tried to deflect it, only to have it be pushed aside by the sword.

Seeing her opportunity, she brought her blade back around and slashed his side. Lukas winced at the sudden excruciating pain. He glanced down to his side and saw a long black and red scar along the side of his stomach. He stepped back from Cinder. Though despite the pain, he continued to stand before the Empresses apprentice.

He turned back to Cinder, who once more came at him with her flaming blade held in the air. Lukas leaped back from her and tried to deflect her blade, only for it to be struck to the side by hers. Lukas was pushed back by her sudden strike. As she swung her other sword at him, Lukas held up his shield and blocked it, continuing to be pushed back by Cinder. He swung his sword at he more, clashing against her's each time.

It was then that Cinder made one great swipe of her sword knocking his out of his hand. The sword flew back into the air. Acting quickly, Lukas reached out, using his semblance of polarity. He drew the sword back and threw it forward at Cinder. Seeing the blade coming at her, she grinned. Just as it was to strike her down, she flipped into the air, coming over his sword. As she landed over her feet, Lukas once more pulled the sword back. His blade spun through back toward her. One for Cinder to spin around and with one great swipe of her flaming sword, shatter his sword in two.

The two pieces flew passed her and landed over the ground next to Lukas. He glanced back, seeing his weapon destroyed. He then looked back at Cinder. Only to see her lung at him forward toward him.

"Your finished!" she called out.

Zake glanced up and saw Cinder flying toward him. He grasped.

"Lukas!" he cried as he grabbed his sword and lunged forward.

Lukas held up his shield, bracing himself for the impact that was to follow. One to then hear what sounded like a sword piercing through armor. But yet he felt nothing strike him. Lukas opened his eyes and glanced up from his shield. Only for his eyes to lay bear on the horror of seeing Zak standing before him with Cinder's sword impaled through his chest. Lukas gasped, widening his eyes.

"Zak!" he cried out.

Zak gasped as his blood poured from his mouth. Feeling Cinder's flaming sword through his chest, he could feel the fire burning the inside of his body. Slowly he lowered his remaining arm as his sword dropped from his hand. He glanced back at Lukas and with his last breath, uttered his final words.

"It's been... an honor." he said

Cinder smirked.

"Fool." she said.

She then pulled her sword from his body, leaving a large, burning gash in his chest. It was then that Lukas came around Zak and flung his shield at her. Cinder was struck by his shield, knocking her back several feet from them. Cinder Glanced up and saw Lukas lung into the air. Raising his hand, he drew his shield to him with his polarity. He then thrust his shield down over her. Cinder Leaped back as he plunged the ground from which she stood. He then swiped it up at her.

Only for Cinder leaned back, dodging his attack. He then came around, swiping his leg at her. But even still, Cinder leaned back as it pass over her. She then came up, raising her sword as then slashed him across the back. Lukas gasped, leaning forward, nearly losing his footing. Though was quick to catch himself.

He turned back at Cinder, leaped up in the air. He turned to her and and threw he shield up at her. Cinder turned and swiped his shield away before throwing one of her sword down at him. Lukas leaped back in the nick of time as the sword plunged into the ground. Cinder landed next to her sword, grabbing the handle as she pulled it out of the ground.

She once again lunged at him, she raised her two swords up and slashed them across the chest. Lukas gasped at the pain, having a burning mark along his chest. Cinder then came back around and swiped her sword at his side once again. Lukas staggered back from her.

And just before he could respond, Cinder came at him one last time. One of her swords disbursed as she thrust her hand forward, blasting him with a ball of fire. Lukas flew back into the air. He then struck the ground, landing over his back before flipping over onto his stomach. He leaned off the ground, struggling to get back up.

Two separate shadows came over Lukas as two Grimm soldiers came up from behind. One of them struck him from behind with his Blaster, knocking him to the ground. The two came to each side of him, grabbing his shoulders as they held him.

Cinder came up before Lukas, grinning.

"After so long, the champion of Beacon falls like his master." She said, mockingly.

Lukas looked up to her.

"Even if I fall," he said, looking up to her.

"This war will not end with me. There will be others who will rise against you and Salem."

Cinder only smirked.

"We'll see about that." she said.

She glanced up at the two Grimm.

"Bring him." she ordered.

The Grimm dragged Lukas into the Town Square as they followed behind Cinder. They came . He raised his head, glancing up to see the square had been overrun by the Grimm. Two Gunships landed in the square as several Grimm dropped out from each side. Several Beacon soldiers and civilians were in a row over their knees, their hands held over their heads. He saw a single civilian glanced up to him, seeing the fear and contempt in her eyes.

Lukas then glancing up. Hovering over the square, he saw the leviathan high above them as Grimm fighters flew through the air. The Grimm brought Lukas up to the hostages. Cinder turned to him.

Cinder came up to one of the Grimm.

"Were there any Children?" she asked curiously.

The Grimm turned, glancing back to three Children among the hostages. He pointed to them.

"(They managed to evacuate many of the children,)" the Grimm said.

"(We only manage to find these three.)"

Cinder walked over to the three children. She down at them. Two of them were boys. but there was one girl next to him. She came to the girl, squinting her eyes sternly at her hair. It was brown. Not red like Salem had said of the vision. She couldn't possibly be the prodigy.

Cinder groaned, frustratingly.

"She's not the one!" she said.

Cinder leaned up and glanced back to Lukas. She came up to him, grabbing his chin and lifting up his head to face her.

"Now Lukas," she said.

"Why don't we try this again?"

Lukas drew his head back from her.

"Tell me where the Prodigy is." she said.

"I don't know." Lukas answered, shaking his head.

"But even if I did, I would never tell you."

His answer hardly phased Cinder, who only frowned and shook her head.

"Then maybe some encouragement will help with that." She said, before turning to the Grimm.

The Grimm all took position in front of the hostages, threatening them with their blasters. The people gasped upon seeing the white and red masks aiming toward them. Lukas stood up, struggling to break free from the Grimm.

"Wait, no!" Lukas pleaded with her.

"Then tell me where she is," She stated again.

"Unless it's more important then their lives."

"I don't know where she is!" he insisted upon his claim.

Cinder stared impatiently. He spoke his answer as if it was true. But even still, his persistence to deny her what truth she knew he hid from her, even the Grimm's blasters were held to his own people. It was truly a shock. To know the Prodigy mattered more lives of his people.

"Very well." she said, as she turned and walked away.

"I swear upon the Gods it's the truth!" Lukas insisted, pleading to her.

Yet even still his pleads could not deter the Empress's apprentice. Cinder came up to the Grimm, nodding to them. The Grimm turned to the others, raising his clinched fist into the air.

"(Ready!)" He said, as the Grimm raised their blasters at the hostages.

Desperately, the people gasped, pleading for the Grimm to spare their lives. Lukas tried desperately to break free of the Grimm, neglecting the pain and burns of his wounds.

"Please...!" He exclaimed.

Cinder only glanced back him, grinning nefariously at him. The Grimm threw down his arm, and yelled.


The Grimm opened fire upon the hostages, letting loose a barrage of purple plasma bolts. Lukas then heard scream and cries of the people as they were struck by their lasers. Falling over the ground, dead.

"No!" He exclaimed.

Lukas thrust both his arms forward, breaking free of the Grimm's hold over him. He then lunging forward, charging forward toward Cinder. When he suddenly felt a sharp, burning pain in his side. He then stopped, gasping. He gazed down and saw an arrow plunged into his side. He looked back up at Cinder, who was holding a bow up to him.

"How tragic it will be," Cinder said,, mockingly.

"For the Realm to hear their beloved Champion allowed the death of his own people. And all for a one single person."

Lukas glared at Cinder. Reaching down, he grabbed the arrow and pulled out from his side. He once more lunged toward Cinder, who only grinned at him as she pulled back the string. Another arrow appeared over the string. She then fired at Lukas. The arrow struck his shoulder, causing him to turn and stumble. He came over his knees, panting. He grabbed the arrow and pulled it out of his shoulder.

As Lukas stood up as he looked up at Cinder, who once more pulled back the string of his bow. It was then that three arrows spawned over the bow. She then released the string, letting the three arrows fly through the air toward him. One struck him below his knee. The other below his ribs and the last plunged into his right lung.

Lukas stood stunned, gasping as he fell to his knees, disoriented. His vision began to blur as he struggled to remain. Cinder walked over before him.

"And now, you will die," She said.

"A disgrace to your people and to your realm. Your sacrifice all for nothing."

Lukas staggered as he glanced up at her.

"Y- you are the... one who will... die a disgrace..." He stated to her.

"If you... believe... Salem will ever think... of you... as... anything more... then a pawn."

Cinder glared down at him.

"She is... only using you..." he continued on.

"The mo-ment... you become... anything less. She will... cast... you aside."

Hearing enough of his lecturing, Cinder raised her bow as another arrow formed. She then aimed it down at Lukas. She then released the arrow as it then plunged into his chest. Lukas gasped, chocking as he felt his heart burning from the inside. Slowly he leaned forward as his arms fell to his side.

"Let me ease your suffering." Cinder said, placing her hand over the side of his head.

Lukas's body then turned into a bright fiery orange as it then disintegrated into ashes that were swept away by the evening winds. Cinder then stood up. Peering ahead to the burning ruins or Arthamore. There was no telling if she had died in the ruins. Or if she had escaped on one of the transports. Whatever was to be so, she would find her. No matter how long it would take.

She glanced back at the Grimm.

"We're done here," she said.

Pyrrha stared up at the burning ashes as they rose from the burning ruins of Arthamore. Qrow turned away, sighing. He revved the engine.

"We have to go!" he said, glanced down at her.

He spun the bike around as he took off down the path through the forest.

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