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The Battle of Arthamore Part 3

Chapter 6, The Battle of Arthamore part 3

Lukas and Zak hasted through the now deserted streets of Arthamore. Bounding over fallen debris and wreckage of fighters and vehicles, they saw a small group of Grimm troopers ahead. One of the Grimm turned and spotted the two knights of Beacon.

"(Incoming!)" The Grimm said in his own language.

The Grimm raised his blaster and opened fire. The others came up and started blasting at the knights. Lukas sword transformed into a blaster rifle. He then aimed his blaster and fired several shots, hitting three of them flat in the chest. Zak came up and slashed his sword at one of the remaining Grimm.

He the turn and swiped his sword at the last, slicing it's upper body. He then charged after Lukas. The two continued on for a short while before cominsg to three separate pathways. They stopped, peering in each direction.

"Which way?" Zak asked, glancing to him.

Lukas shook his head.

"I'm not sure." he stated, peering down the street off to his left.

Lukas groaned, fearfully for his daughter. Pyrrha could be anywhere. They were never going to find her time. Not like this. They had to cover more ground.

Lukas turned back to Zak.

"We have to split up," he said.

"You search the neighborhood that way. I'll look for her this way. If we find we we go look for the other."

Zake nodded his head.

"Alright, see you then." Zak said.

The two knights the turned and headed down the two separate paths. Plowing through the smoke and fire, Lukas called out for his daughter.

"Pyrrha!" he cried out.

Pyrrha held her arm in front of her face moving through the cloud of black smoke and the clutter of debris. She coughed, trying hard not to breath it in. She glanced through her arms and saw an opening straight ahead. She gasped and ran ahead through the smoke. When suddenly heard a voice somewhere off to her right.

"Help, someone help!"

Pyrrha stopped. It sounded like a woman's voice. She turned and saw a woman, trapped under a large metal pole of a street light. She tried desperately to lift it off of her. But it was so heavy. She struggled to push it off.

She looked up at Pyrrha, staring pleadingly to her.

"Please..." she begged of her.

"Help me!"

Pyrrha gazed down at her for a moment. She wanted to go find Mother and Juane. But she knew she couldn't just leave her like this. She had to help her.

Pyrrha quickly rushed over to the woman. She narrowed down, reaching underneath the pole. She tried lifting it off the woman. But the pole was still too heavy, even for her. But even still she continued to to lift until her strength had then in and she was forced to set it down.

But she wasn't about to give up. She wouldn't stop until she freed the woman that was trapped underneath. Once more she tried to lifting up but still it's very weight out ways the girl's strength. But as she continued to try and raise the street light from over the woman, the pole suddenly didn't feel so heavy.

Pyrrha opened her eyes. She glanced down and saw the metal pole retracting from her hands. Hovering above them as if it was magic. Pyrrha glanced down in awe. She was lifting it without even touching it. Just like how father...

Pyrrha lifted the street light off the woman as she slid out from under it. Once she was, Pyrrha dropped the pole over the ground. Pyrrha glanced down at her hands, having little idea of these powers. She turned back to the woman, who looked back down at her in awe at the girl's powers.

"Are you okay?" Pyrrha asked, curiously.

The woman nodded her head. She then glanced back behind Pyrrha and gasped. Pyrrha looked back and saw several figures through the cloud of smoke behind them. Suddenly, several red eyes beamed through the fiery mist.

Pyrrha gasped.

"Run!" she said.

The woman turned and ran. And as Pyrrha turned to follow her, she suddenly heard a massive explosion from above. She glanced up as a Grimm fight flew by, pursued by a Beacon fighter. The lookout tower above exploded as the debris fell from above. Pyrrha gasped and leaped out of the way as the debris came tumbling to the streets below.

Pyrrha landed over her stomach as a cloud of dust swept over her. As the dust cleared, Pyrrha leaned off the ground. She glanced back and saw the rubble of the tower above blocking the path. Pyrrha suddenly heard footsteps coming from ahead.

She looked forward and saw three Grimm emerged from the smoke. She then leaned backwards and slid back from them. One of the Grimm came up and stood before the girl. He held up his blaster and pointed the barrel straight down at the girl.

As the blaster charged up and the end of barrel lit up in a neon purple, the Grimm was about to take the shot. When suddenly, it glanced up at the debris. Only to be slashed by the blade of a large sword as a man with spiky black hair flew past and landed behind the Grimm. Just as it's upper torso fell from its body, he then dashed forward.

The Grimm raised their basters and began firing, only for Qrow to block their shot with swords and dodge others. He then lunged forward and swung his blade upwards, slashing the Grimm into two. He then turned to the other and swung his sword down and to side, slashing him before turning his back and impaling him. He then retracted his blade as the Grimm fell to the ground.

Qrow then twirled his large sword and placed the blade over his right shoulder. He glanced down at Pyrrha, who peered up at him in awe.

"You alright?" he asked.

Pyrrha nodded her head.

Qrow lowed is sword as he came up to her. The blade retracted as he sheaved it behind them.

"Don't worry," he said, reaching his hand down to her.

"I'm a friend of your father."

Pyrrha reached up and took his hand. He then pulled her up off the ground.

"Thank you." Pyrrha said.

"Your welcome, Kiddo." Qrow said.

Pyrrha glanced back behind Qrow and saw another Grimm emerged from the smoke. He raised his blaster to them. Pyrrha grabbed Qrow's arm.

"Look out!" She cried.

Grow turned back and saw the Grimm. Just as it was about to fire, a large blade dropped down and cleaved the Grimm down the middle, slicing it in two. As it's body parted, it was revealed to be Lukas as he stood up.

"Father!" Pyrrha said as he ran to him.

"Pyrrha!" Lukas said, as he sheaved his sword.

He narrowed down as Pyrrha leaped into his arms and hugged him tight. The two held each other for a short time before they departed from them. Lukas held her by the shoulders.

"Are you alright?" He asked, concernedly.

"Are you hurt."

"Yeah, I'm fine," Pyrrha reassured him, nodding her head.

Lukas sighed in relief, thanking the gods his daughter was safe. Qrow came up from behind them.

"Hate to brake up the reunion." He said as they glanced back to him

There was then a sudden growling voice coming from the barrier behind them. They then turned and saw Grimm coming over the debris. One stood at the very top of the rubble and pointed down at them.

"(Get them!)" The Grimm trooper ordered.

"But we got company!" Qrow said as he drew his sword.

Lukas stood up and came in front of Pyrrha. He drew his sword and shield magnetically. As the Grimm began pouring over the debris, they held up their blasters and began opening fire at them. Lukas held up his shield, deflecting their shots.

"There's too many of them!" Qrow exclaimed.

A shot whipped by him, nearly hitting his shoulder. Qrow groaned. Lukas glanced back to him.

"Get behind me!" He said.

Qrow came up behind Lukas. Several shots bounced off Luka's shield, pushing back on him.

"Damn it!" he cursed, continuing to hold back their fire.

"Father!" Pyrrha exclaimed.

"Stay behind me, Pyrrha!" he said, glancing back at her.

The Grimm fired upon Lukas all at once. Slowly they began to advance on them. Lukas sword then transformed his sword into a blaster and aimed it around his shield. Through as he was to take a shot, a laser bolt struck his blaster and knocked it back.

"Forget it," Qrow exclaimed.

"There's too many of them. We need to move, now!"

Lukas glanced back down the street, knowing it was their only way of escape. But as he looked back upon the advancing Grimm, he knew there was no chance. The Grimm had them pinned down. Even with Lukas covering him with his shield. They wouldn't make ten feet.

Lukas narrowed his head, pondering what they to do. Suddenly, he heard Pyrrha's voice.

"Father?" she said.

Lukas glanced back at her. He saw Pyrrha looking up to him, frightened, her hands cupped against her chest. He then glanced away. Slowly his eyes shut as he bowed his head, knowing there was no other choice. If the realms had any chance of being freed from Salem and the Grimm, sacrifices must be made.

"Go!" he said.

Qrow glanced to him.

"What?" he asked, curiously.

"Take Pyrrha and go!" he ordered, turning back to him.

"I'll hold them off. Get as far away from Arthamore as you can!"

Pyrrha glanced up to her father in awe.

"Father!" she said.

Lukas glanced back to her in contempt.

"It's going to okay, Pyrrha," He reassured her.

"Go with Qrow. He'll keep you safe. I'll come find you after, I promise"

Pyrrha shook her head, grabbing onto his arm.

"Father, no!" she begged of him.

"Please, come with us!"

Another laser bolt struck Lukas's shield, pushing him back.

"There's no time to argue!" he said to her.

Lukas looked back up at Qrow.

"Promise me you'll keep her safe," He said.

"That'll you'll guard her with you'll life until the end of time. Promise Me!"

Qrow looked up to Lukas and nodded his head.

"I promise." He answered.

"You have my word."

Lukas smiled and nodded back. He looked back down to Pyrrha.

"You have to go now!" He said to her.

Pyrrha shook her head, tearfully.

"No, no!" She exclaimed.

"Father please don't go!"

Luksa dropped his blaster and placed his hand over her shoulder.

"I'll always be with you," he said to her.

"No matter what happens to me always remember, you were always be the greatest gift to me."

He reached his hand up and cupped his daughter's cheek. Pyrrha closed her eyes as he leaned into his touch. The Grimm were getting closer. They couldn't wait any longer. Qrow came up behind Pyrrha.

"Come on, Kid!" He said, as he took Pyrrha and turned her around to him.

"We gotta go!"

He then took her into his arms and hoisted her up. He then turned and ran ahead. Pyrrha look back at her father, reaching out for him.

"Father!" she cried, tears seeping from her eyes.


Lukas looked back to her, uttering his final words to her.

"I love you." he said.

As they disappeared into the cloud of smoke, Lukas turned away, narrowing his head. He glanced down and picked up his blaster. Holding it firmly in his hand, it then transformed back into a sword. Lukas then liked forward, staring sternly at the Grimm.

He then stood up, pacing one foot behind as he swung down his sword.

"FOR ARTHAMORE!" He exclaimed before charging forward.

He leaped into the air and impaled his sword through one of the Grimm. He spun around, pulling sword out from the Grimm as he slashed another. He then brought his sword back around and cleaved the upper half of the Grimm behind.

A laser bolt suddenly flew past Lukas, causing him to turn and see one of the Grimm holding their blaster to him. Lukas turned, holding his shield in front of him. He charged forward and thrust his sword forward, impaling him. He the pulled out his from the Grimm as he sword transformed into a blaster and fired at the remaining two.

Lukas then ran up and climbed up over the rubble. He came up over the top and saw more Grimm climbing up the rumble. He the leaped up into the air and fired down over them. And as he landed on the other side of the debris, the Grimm rolled down the rubble behind him.

The Phoenix came around the leviathan, continuing to fire upon the air ship. The laser canons turned and fired upon the ships side. The yellow laser bold struck the outer haul of the ship. But were still blocked out by it's shields. In response, the canons of the leviathan turned and opened fire.

A large cannon turret over the top of the ship turned and aimed for the Phoenix. The inside of the barrel lit up a bright purple as the cannon charged it's shot. And then fired a large plasma blast, striking the shield of the Phoenix.

The inside of the ship shook upon impact, causing some of the crew to tumble to the floor. The captain fell over one knee, grabbing hold of the edge of the view port. As the ship came to settle, one of his crew member looked up from his monitors.

"Captains, Shields are at fifty percent!" The officer said.

Willard glanced back to him.

"Hold steady," he ordered.

"Revert all available power to the shields!"

The ship once more shook as it was struck by another blast.

The leviathans plasma canon once more charged up and then fired. The blast struck the Phoenix's shields, causing a major shatter.

The admiral glanced back to Cinder, grinning.

"It's only a matter of time," he said to her.

Cinder smirked, seeing the tear in the Phoenix's shields. She must admit it was pitiful really. How the resistance believed they could stand against the might of the Grimm Empire. Sooner of later, they would learn that their cause is futile. For once more, they would see them bow before them.

A leviathan officer came up the steps of the balcony. She stood at attention before the Cinder

"My lady," he said, bowing his head to her.

"Several of our troops in sector five are reporting they are under attack."

The Admiral turned to him.

"How many?" he asked, curiously.

"Uh... one, sir." The officer reported.

The mention of only a single knight penetrating their forces, as displeasing as it was, caused her to grin. There were only few knights that could ever stand highhandedly against a horde of Grimm. And seeing their forces so well coordinated, with such high moral, there was only one who could bring such hope when the odds were against them.

"Lukas." she said, as she began to chuckle.

The admiral turned to her.

"My lady, I will send more of our troops to reinforce sector five." He said to her.

"No," She said as she stood up from the command chair.

"Continued to reinforce the front. I shall deal with him myself."

The Grimm were pushing forward, continuing to fire along the front lines. Many of the Beacon soldiers behind cover were struck down by the laser bolts. Some of which stood up and began backing away, continuing to fire their blasters. The trooper next to Flint was struck in the chest and feel to the ground. Flint gasped.

A laser struck the shoulder of the faunas. He Growled in pain.

"Damn it!" he cursed.

Another shot flung by him, causing him to hid back behind the crates. He slipped his blaster back into his side holster, pressing his hand against the cauterized wound over his shoulder. He hissed, bearing his fangs. The Sargent next to him narrowed down next to him.

"Sir, there's too many of them," he stated to him.

"We need to fall back!"

Another shot bounced off the crate, causing Flint to flinch. He'd hate to admit it, but he may be right. There was no way they could hold out any longer. The Grimm had them outnumbered and they were pushing forward. The had to fall back.

He nodded his head to the Sargent.

"Right!" he said.

He glanced back at the other troopers.

"Fall Back!" he ordered.

"Fall back."

He stood up from behind the crates and held up his one pistol and fried back. The Sargent and several troops stood up, continuing to lay down covering fire. All while others turned and ran ahead into the base.

Amara felt herself being pushed and shoved by the crowd as they boarded the Cargo transport. She glanced back through the crowd. But saw no sign of Lukas or Pyrrha. She then felt the earth shake beneath her feet as there was sudden explosion off to the left. The people narrowed down as the small pieces of rumble fell over them.

Amara turned to Terra, grabbing her hand.

"Come on!" she said as she stood up and ran.

Pulling her and her children along, they came up into the open doorway of the cargo hold. The trooper standing guard next to the cargo hold turned to Messua.

"We're all full!" He called out.

Messua nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Go, hurry!" she exclaimed.

The Trooper nodded. He glanced up at the bridge.

"Go, go!" he exclaimed, gesturing for him to take off.

He and the other trooper climbed aboard as the hatch lowered over the cargo hold. Amara glanced back at the close entrance, taking what would be her last time of ever seeing their home. She hoped that her husband and daughter were safe and that she would see them again in Beacon.

The four engines along both sides of the ship started up. Slowly the craft lifted off the ground and before turning it's duel engines and flew off toward the mountains. Messua glanced up at the departing transport. She then looked back at the remaining transports. There were still had so many people to transport. But aside from the Cargo transport, they only had only a few Gunships.

There still wasn't enough to get everyone out.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion from behind. She glanced back and several troopers backing up from the street, firing their blasters.

"They've broken through!" Leah called.

Messua quickly rushed over to her teammate. She gazed down the street. There was a whole squadron of Grimm coming up the street. Many of the troopers were behind cover by debris and wreckage, trying to hold back the incoming Grimm. She glanced back at Leah.

"We don't have many transports left," she stated.

"Continue with the boarding. Women and children foremost."

Leah nodded her head. She turned and ran ahead toward the transports as Messua glanced back to the the incoming Grimm. She reached down to her sides and pulled out her chakrams, holding one in each hands. She came forward and then spun around, throwing them at the Grimm. Two of the Grime down in front were struck by the bladed disks.

Messua then came up passe the two Grimm. Grabbing hold of the bladed disks and pulling out of their chests as she went. Storming through the Grimm, she slashed her due chakrams. She tossed one of her bladed disks at one them, slicing the head off it's body. Her chakram came back around to her and she caught it before she leaped into the air and spun around. She then threw the other at the Grimm behind, landing in front of him as he fell to the ground.

She glanced up and saw several Grimm, raising their blasters at her. When suddenly, one behind them turned back and was thrown into the air. The two Grimm looked back as then the blase of a familiar sword slashed through one of them, cleaving it in two. The sword then slashed the sword upwards, knocking him into the air, revealing it to be Lukas.

"Lukas!" Messua said as she stood up.

Lukas came up to her.

"Messua, has everyone been evacuated?" He asked, curiously.

Messua shook her head.

"The Grimm have taken out some of our gunships," she said, looking back into the town square.

"The last Cargo transport is providing us cover from their fighters. But we still don't have enough transports to get everyone to safety."

Lukas narrowed his head, knowing it would be so.

"What about Amara?" He asked, glancing back to her.

"She and Terra boarded one of the Cargo Transports," She reported to him.

"They should be over the mountains by now."

Lukas breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that his family were now safe. Now they needed to focus on getting as many as those who remained to safety. He then glanced back down the street.

"We got more Grimm heading this way," he said, glancing back to her.

"We need to evacuate as many as we can."

He then ran ahead toward the Town Square as Messua followed after him. They came back into the square, where they then heard a familar voice call them from nearby.


Lukas and Messua stopped. They turned off to their left and Saw Zak coming up to them, carrying a trooper over his shoulder.

"Zak, what happened?" Lukas asked as he came up.

"I came across a squad of our troops while I was looking for Pyrrha," he said, placing the trooper down

"The Grimm went right through them. They're headed straight for us!"

"Zak, remain here and do what you can," He said to his friend.

"Any wounded, you get them onto the transports."

"What about Pyrrha?" He asked.

"Don't worry," he said to him.

"She's safe with Qrow."

"Qrow?!" Zak exclaimed.

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