The Knights of Opara: Prodigy of the Realms @mbcarver
The Battle of Arthamore Part 2

Chapter 6, The Battle for Arthamore Part II

A small group of troopers raced to the front as the situation had gotten dire. Taking cover behind several crates, they held up their blasters and opened fire. Out over the Airfield, the Grimms numbers had doubled. They were now surrounded them from all around the front. They came out from behind several crashed gunships, continuing to fire at them.

All the while, more Grimm were pouring in to the base. Several gunships landed over the field as the Grimm leaped down over the runway. Lukas peered up over the crate and blasted one of the Grimm. He struck it over the chest, causing it to fall back. Flint fired several rounds of his pistol.

"They just keep coming!" he said glancing to Lukas.

A red plazma shot stuck the side of the crate. Flint flinched. He ducked down behind the crate.

"Whats taking Zak so long with the Phoenix?" He exclaimed, glancing to Lukas.

Lukas turned to him.

"He'll be here," He insisted, having the utmost faith in his team mate.

Zak pressed the release button on the control panel in the fueling station.

"That should do it." He said, glancing up through the viewing windows

He saw the fuel lines detach from the fuel port. Slowly the lines begin to retract from the ship.

Captain Willard's first lieutenant turned to him from one of the ships monitors.

"Captain, the fuel lines have been disconnected!" He reported to him.

Captain Willard turned to him.

"Initiate take off sequence," he ordered.

"Get us in the Air!"

Zak came out over the balcony of the straightway. He peered up at the ship as the engines had started up. Slowly the Phoenix slowly began rising up from the docking bay. Zak came up to the railing along the balcony, peering up at the ship. As the Phoenix came up high over the ship docking bay, he then heard the sound of a nearby gunship flying in.

Zak glanced down and saw a Gunship fly in from under the Phoenix. It flew up and landed down over the walkway below. Zak walked up to the stairway and climbed down to the walkway. He saw one of Messua's teammates, Leah leap down from the gunship and rush up to him.

"Zak!" she said.

"We got problems,"

"What is it?" he asked, curiously.

"Several Grimm Gunships slipped passed the bases defenses," She said.

"They're dropping troops on the other side of the city."

"What!" Zak exclaimed.

"We're trying to hold them off, but they're overwhelming us," Leah continued.

"We need reinforcements to continue the evacuation."

Zak glanced back to the side as he thought. They only had a three squads covering the evacuation. That wouldn't be enough to hold off Grimm long enough to evacuate the people. But he wasn't sure if they would be able to spare any troops. Everything they had was holding off the Leviathan.

Suddenly, there was the sound of an incoming fighter. They glanced up and saw several fighters coming around and firing at the docking port.

"Get down!" Zak exclaimed.

Zak and Leh quickly leaped to the side as the laser fire struck the walkway. The explosion pushing them forward, causing them to roll. The fighters then flew by as they came back up in the air. Only to be shot at by the Phoenix's anti fighter turrets. One of the fights was shot down while the other two tried to escape.

Zak and Leah leaned up off the walkway. He glanced down to her.

"Come on!" Zak said as he quickly stood up.

Leah got up and followed him to the Gunship. They quickly got into the ship along with the other troopers. Zak peered into the cockpit.

"Head back to base!" he ordered.

The pilot nodded his head.

"Copy that." he said.

The Gunship lifted off the walkway and flew back toward the base.

One of the houses nearby was engulfed in a fiery explosion as Grim fighters flew over head. Pyrrha screamed, covering her ears as she ran. She came up to the end of the alleyway, where there was a sharp turn. Pyrrha quickly turned and ran down the ally.

She glanced up and saw several fighters flew overhead, firing down at the village. She could hearing them firing their laser canons and the explosions which followed. She there was a sudden explosion in the ally behind her. Pyrrha gasped and continued running.

She then came out of the ally and back out over the street. Many of the houses were all engulfed in flames and debris covered the streets. Pyrrha turned to the street way off to her left and saw several Grimm wandering the streets. Pyrrha gasped. She quickly hid back behind some debris.

Peering over the debris, she saw the Grimm walking up to where she was hiding. It glanced around, inspecting the streets. Pyrrha narrowed down, trying desperately to stay quiet. Hoping it wouldn't see her.

The Grimm glanced back, gesturing for them to follow. He then walked by along with the others and continued on. Pyrrha glanced up and saw the Grimm walk by. Pyrrha slowly stood up, watching as the walked down the street. She then stood up and ran ahead.

Unannounced to her of the small crow that was flying close behind her.

The Grimm were starting to push forward. Advancing from the wreckage of the Gunships, they continuing firing at the Lukas and the soldiers along the front line. One of the tanks pulled up along the front line, aiming it's canon for one of the crashed gunships. The tank then fired at the Grimm, a large blue beam shot out from the barrel and struck the crashed gunship.

The wreckage exploded, causing the Grimm to be thrown from the blue fiery blaze. Lukas aimed his blaster, firing at the advancing Grimm. Flint came up and aimed his pistol, firing.

"There's too many of them!" He said, glancing down at him.

"We can't keep this up!"

"Keep up the fire!" he ordered the other troops.

"We've got to buy the people more time to evacuate!"

A looming shadow came over the airfield. The two knights glanced up and saw the Leviathan cruising over the wall as it came up over the battle.

"Shit..." Flint growled.

On one of the sharp ends at the forefront of the ship, they saw two large figures standing over the edge. They then leaped down and fell from above. They then landed over the airfield, breaking the ground beneath them.

Lukas and Flit turned away as they were hit with the sudden gust of wind. They then turned back, only to see a giant with black skin, several white rib like bones peering through it's skin, along with white spikes over it's knees and shoulders, holding a large cannon over it's right arm. It wore a large white helmet with long horns and had two red beaming eyes.

The Grimm uttered a growl like call, charging it's arm canon. It then held out it's canon arm and fired, blasting away one of the stakes of crates and the troops behind them. Lukas and flint narrowed down upon the sudden impact of it's blast.

"Damn it!" Flint cursed.

One of the tanks rolled up and blasted the Grimm. The blast stuck the Grimm, causing him to growl in pain. Though it was far from doing any damage to it. The Grimm raised it's arm canon and fired. The tanks was struck by the blaster bolt, knocking it over.

The admiral was approached by one of his officers.

"Sir, one of our fighters reported seeing gunships and cargo holds in the town square." he explained to the admiral.

"Reinforcements?" The Admiral asked, curiously.

The lieutenant shook his head.

"No, Admiral," He advised him.

"He said he saw civilians boarding them."

The admiral narrowed his head. They must be evacuating the people with the ships. If that was the case, the prodigy could have already boarded one of the transports.

Cinder stood up from the captain's seat.

"Order all fighters to converge of those transports!" She ordered.

"Let none escape!"

"Yes, my lady!" the lieutenant said, nodding his head.

As he turned and walked down the stairway, Cinder turned to the Admiral.

"Activate the engines," she ordered.

"Get us over the town."

"What about the bases defenses?" The admiral asked, curiously.

"Then bombarded the base!" Cinder exclaimed.

The two Giants continued to fire along the front lines, destroying much of crates they were using as cover.

"Those Goliaths are tearing us apart!" Flint said, turning to Lukas.

Lukas glanced to him.

"Cover me!" He ordered.

Lukas leaped over the crates. He raised his left arm, drawing his shield with his semblance. He then charge forward. Several Grimm troopers blasted at the General. Only to have him hold up his shield and block their fire. He then held up his blaster rifle around the right side of his shield and fired at the Grimm. They were then struck by the laser beams, knocking them to the ground.

As he came several feet away from the remaining Grimm, he pulled back his blaster as it transformed back into a sword. He then slashed it at one of the Grimm, slicing it in two. He then brought it back around and slashed another before her twirled around and impaled the one behind him. Retracting his sword from it's body, he then pushed forward toward the Goliaths.

The giant brute turned to Lukas and roared at the Knight of Beacon. It held up it's blaster canon and fired. Only for Lukas to dodge his blast as he leaped to the side. He then lunged forward toward the Goliath. The giant plunged it's canon at him. Lukas quickly leaped to the side as it's barrel of the canon plunged into the ground. He then lunged forward and swiped the Giants legs with his sword. Bring the titan to it's knee.

He then turned, sliding along the ground. He then charged at the Goliath once more. The giant turned, raising it's canon. Lukas them leaped in the air, spinning around as he slashed the Grimm's arm, severing it. The Grimm bellow in pain.

He turned to Lukas, who landed off to the Goliath's side. Lukas raced up to the Grimm. The Goliath swiped at him with his large crushing hand. Lukas leaped up, landing over the arm of the Goliath. He then lunged forward and with one swipe of his sword, severed the head of the Goliath.

Lukas landed behind the Goliath as it's now headless body fell behind him. It's head landing over the ground before him. He then stood up, only to see the other Goliath standing before him. The giant held it's large canon at him. And just as he was about to blast him, two laser beams shot the eyes of the giant.

Lukas glanced back and saw Flint holding up his pistols.

"Ugly's mine!" he said.

He slid his blasters to his side and leaped down, prowling toward the Grimm. He flung open his hands, his claws emerged from the ends of each finger. He then pounced up as he slashed his claws at the Goliath, slicing it's throat.

The Grimm's blood gushing from it's open wound. Flint continued slashing and tearing at the black flesh of the titan. Dodging every attempt the Grimm made to throw him off. Slowly the Goliath fell to knees and collapsed over the ground. Flint leaped off, his claws and hands stained with the blood of the Goliath.

They suddenly heard the sound of engines above. They looked up and saw the leviathan's engines start up with reddish light coming from the back of the ship. The Leviathan began to cruise forward. Fighters flew out from each of it's side hanger.

"Their headed for the city!" Lukas exclaimed.

Suddenly, they were being hailed by several laser beams. They turned and saw a squad of Grimm, firing at them. Lukas held up his shield, blocking their plasma bolts.

"Fall Back!" He ordered.

Lukas and Flint quickly turned And ran back toward the front line. Holding up his shield, he continued to provide them cover as they ran.

Overhead, the leviathans front turrets positioned themselves to fire below. The bases turrets turned and raised up, firing at the Grimm battleship. The canon fire struck the side of the ship, but was blocked by the ships shields.

"Frontal turrets are locked on, sir." The Lieutenant reported, gazing up to them from below.

"Fire!" The Admiral ordered.

The frontal turrets fired over the base below in each direction. Large plasma bolts struck behind the front lines. Throwing several Beacon soldiers into the air and destroying several tanks in a fiery explosion. The troops below quickly scattered as they were pushed aside by the explosions. All the while, firing at the bases turrets, destroying them.

Lukas and flint came back over cover, leaping over several crates as they ducked behind them. They peered up at the ship, seeing it bombard the base.

"Where is the Phoenix!" Flint exclaimed.

The Leviathan continued firing down upon the base. When suddenly a yellow beam struck the forefront of the ship.

The Ship shook upon the impact of the beam. The admiral fell to the side but quickly caught himself by the nearby railings.

"What was that?!" he exclaimed.

Cinder peered forward through the view port. She grinned.

"It would seem we have company." she said.

Ahead of the Leviathan, the Phoenix cruised forward toward the Grimm Destroyer.

Captain Willard turned from the view port, peering back from his crew.

"Prepare for battle," He ordered them.

"Launch all fighters!"

The alarm echoed through the hanger as the pilots ran to their fighter crafts. A voice came over the intercom.

"Attention all Pilots, Attention all pilots, prepare for take off!"

Climbing into the cockpits, the pilots activated the ships systems as the canopy came down over them. As the engines started up, the crafts lifted up from the hanger floor. The hanger doors opened and the fighters flew out.

Fighters flew out from the hanger below the underside of the Phoenix. The lead fighter flew at the head of the others.

"All fighters, activate your wings and follow me." The lead pilot ordered.

Two duel wings emerged from behind each fighter. The end of each wing armed with blaster torrents. Flying in tight formations, the soured ahead toward the swarm of Grimm fighters that would soon clash with them.

Just before colliding, they opened fire upon the Grim fighters, taking out a few of them. All while the Grimm fired back and took out several of Beacon fighters just as they collided. The sky were lit with blaster fire and explosions as both Beacon and Grimm fighters swarmed each other.

All the while, the Phoenix came in and opened fire upon the Leviathan. The yellow beams struck the ships forfront but was blocked by their shields.

The Admiral stood up from off the railing.

"Open fire on that ship!" He ordered, pointing forward.

"Knock it out of the skies!"

The Leviathans torrents turned and fired upon the Phoenix. It's purple beams struck the ship's shields, causing it to quack upon impact.

Captain Willard and many of the other fell to his knees at the sudden blast.

The two ships continued to fire upon each other from above.

"Looks like air supports arrived." Flint said, glancing looked back at Lukas.

Several blaster shots struck the other side of the crates. Lukas and Flint hunkered down behind the supply crates for cover. As the blaster fire light up, they came up from behind the crates. Lukas raised his shield, blocking their shots. He then held up his blaster and fired back at the Grimm.

The Grimm pushed forward, continuing to fire upon Lukas and Flint. When suddenly a missile struck down from above and came down and struck the Grimm in a great blaze of fire. Lukas looked back and saw a gunship flew in as it turned around, revealing Lukas and Leah standing at the open doorway.

The ship landed behind them as they leaped down from the Gunship.

"Lukas!" Zak said.

Lukas and flint stood up and walked up to them.

"Zak, I though I told you to assist with the evacuation." Lukas insisted.

"We got a situation." Zak insisted.

"We already know," Flint insisted.

"Captain Willard's already holding handling the fighters."

Leah shook her head.

"No it's not that," She insisted to them.

"A couple of Gunships slipped by the bases defenses. Their landing Grimm on the other side of town."

Lukas widened his eyes in shock.

"What?!" He said.

"There's too many for us to hold off alone," Leah insisted to him.

"We need reinforcements."

There were several shots from behind. Lukas turned, holding out his blaster as he fired back at the Grimm.

"We can't spare any troops," Flint said, firing one of his pistols.

"We're already stretched thin."

Zak glanced to Lukas.

"Lukas what do we do?" He asked, curiously.

Lukas held up his shield, blocking the Grimm's fire. He glanced back at Leah.

"Leah, did you see Amara and Pyrrha board one of the transports?" He asked.

Leah shook her head.

"I'm not sure, sir," she answered him.

"I never saw them at the Town Square."

Lukas turned, narrowing his head as he pondered. If they were still here in Arthamore, they would be caught up in the attack. if Qrow hadn't gotten to them in time And with the Grimm's fighters closing in on the square., what would the realm's chances be then?

He turned back to Flint.

"Flint, remain here and hold this position." He ordered.

Flint glanced confusingly at him for a moment. But the nodded his head to him.

"You got it." He said.

Lukas then turned to Zak and Leah.a

"Lukas, Leah, with me!" He ordered.

He then ran to the Gunship as Zak and Leah followed. They quickly got aboard just as it the ship rose off the ground and flew off to the town square.

The citizens of Arthamore continued to push past each other to get in front. Many of the soldiers struggled to keep them back behind the barrier. Letting in only a few of them as they boarded one of the gunship or Cargo transports.

Helping someone onto the ship, Messua looked into the Gunship at the Pilot in the cockpit.

"They're all on board!" She said.

The Pilot nodded his head. Messua then stepped back as the gunship lifted off. It then turned and flew out toward the mountains. When suddenly the ship was shot from the side by a purple plasma bolt before another struck the cockpit. The Gunship exploded in a fiery blaze.

Messua and the people below gasped in shock. A Grimm fighter then flew by as it was pursued by Beacon fighters. There was then another explosion behind her in the square. Messua turned back and saw several laser bolts strike down over the Town Square, hitting one of the Gunships below.

The people gasped, narrowing down as the Grimm fighters flew overhead. Messua glanced back to one of the troopers.

"Start boarding the Cargo transports!" She ordered.

"Use the turrets on them to provide cover!"

The trooper nodded as he made his way over to the Cargo transport. It was just then a gunship flew in and landed behind her. Messua turned back and saw Zak, Leah and Lukas.

"General Lukas!" She said.

Lukas stepped out of the gunship and came up to Messua.

"Messua, have you seen Amara and Pyrrha?" Lukas asked.

There the came a woman's voice from the crowd nearby.


Lukas glanced to his left. He saw Amara along with Tessa, Jaune and his sisters, standing outside the crowd of people.

"Amara!" He said as he and Zak rushed over to them.

Lukas came up, embracing her in his arms. Though as he glanced back to Jaune and his sisters, he noticed Pyrrha was nowhere to be seen. He turned back to Amara.

"Where's Pyrrha?" He exclaimed.

"I don't now!" She exclaimed, worrying.

"She was with me but then we got separated in the crowd!"

Lukas glanced up behind her. He came up behind the barrier, scanning the crowd as they hurried by.

"Pyrrha!" He called out.


But all he could hear were the screams and yells of all the people. Nor could she be seen through the crowd. Lukas turned peering ahead through the now empty street, littered with the the debris of the houses. She must still be somewhere in there.

Lukas turned back to Amara and Zak.

"She must still be somewhere in there!" he said.

"I'm going to find her."

Lukas turned to Amara.

"Amara, take Tessa and her kids," he instructed to her.

"Get aboard!"

Amara glanced up to her husband tearfully. She shook her head.

"No." she said.

"I'm not leaving without Pyrrha."

"We'll find her!" he insisted.

"Then we'll meet you at Beacon."

Amara stared in contempt at her husband. She bowed her head, narrowing her eyes. She couldn't bear the thought of leaving their daughter. But there was no other option.

"Please bring her back safe." she begged him, glancing up at him

Lukas nodded his head.

"Lukas, wait!" Zak said as he came up.

"I'm going with you."

Jaune glanced up to his father.

"Dad, wait!" he said as he came up to him.

"I want to go with you."

Zak turned to Jaune and narrowed down to him.

"No Jaune," He said to him.

"I need you to stay with your mother and sisters. Look after them, okay?"

Jaune glanced down for a moment, frowning.

"Don't worry," he reassured his son.

"We'll bring her back and we'll be right behind you. I promise."

Jaune glanced up at his father. He took a deep breath, setting aside his fear and contempt as he looked his father in the eye. He then nodded his head. Zak smiled and nodded back to him. He then stood up and turned back to Lukas.

"Let's move!" He said.

Lukas and Zak turned and ran ahead down the street. For a moment, Jaune stood and watched them leave. He hoped they would find her and bring her back. Amara turned to him, Tessa and his sisters.

"Hurry, we have to get aboard."

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