The Knights of Opara: Prodigy of the Realms @mbcarver
Darkness Forthcoming

Chapter 3, Darkness forthcoming

A sudden silence fell upon the room. Upon hearing Qrow's words, Zak, Messua and flint stared in awe and disbelief at the former knight of Ataria. Questioning how it was possible.

Lukas squinted his eyes to Qrow in question, tilting his head slightly.

"The Prodigy?" he asked.

Qrow nodded his head.

"How's that possible?" Flint asked, turning to Lukas.

"Akara died along with the other Knights."

"Flints right," Zak insisted, turning to Lukas.

"Without Akara, they said there can never be another Prodigy."

"Well, apparently not." Qrow said.

"Queen Maria said that her vision of the future was Akara's chosen prodigy. So from where I'm standing, The Day of Choosing was never lost and the line of Knights was never broken.

Lukas turned to the hollo-table. He narrowed his head, confused on how this could be. The prodigy of the Realms was a sacred in all the realms. It was the Day of Choosing that the knights of Opar would decide who would be their successors. All the kingdoms would gather in the Colosseum of Opara, where all the knights of each realm would be tested in proving their worth.

Where only one who was noble and true would be chosen to be the Knight's Prodigy. They would train under under them until the day they would be passed the mantle. But after Akara died years ago, they said there could never be Day of Choosing and there would never be another prodigy.

"This prodigy," lukas said, turning to Qrow.

"What did her vision show?"

"She said she saw a girl." Qrow explained.

"A girl?" Messua asked, curiously.

"Yeah, she said she saw a girl with hair as red as a rose," Qrow explained.

"Maria's vision said she would be kind and noble like those before her. And have the heart of a true knight."

Lukas and Messua glanced to one another. There were many girls in Arthamore but only few of them with red hair. One of them being...

Lukas turned as he pondered. The Heart of a true knight?

He said that to Pyrrha. He then widened his eyes as he then realized. Could she be referring to Pyrrha?

No. It couldn't be. Pyrrha is not yet a knight. She wasn't even old enough to attend Beacon Academy.

He glanced to Zak, who narrowed his head, pondering. Lukas turned to Him. He had that look on his face. The one he usually had whenever he predicted the Grimm had gained an advantage over them.

"What is it?" He asked, curiously.

"Salem's after all the magic of each Monarch." He said, turning to Lukas and the others.

Flint tilted her head, glancing confusingly to Zak. They were all well aware that Salem was after all the magic of each of the realm's Monarchs. Believing she would be the salvation of all the Realms of Opara and bring order and prosperity where the Monarch's could not.

"Yeah, so?" He asked, curiously.

"The more Kingdoms falls to the Grimm the more her power grows," Zak said.

"And the more magic she obtains, the more her powers grow which leads to knew abilities."

"What are you saying?" Qrow asked.

"I'm saying, with Queen Maria Magic," He said.

"Do you think she would be able to...?"

Lukas narrowed his head, pondering. He didn't believe Queen Maria would ever tell Salem anything. None the less the Prodigy of the Realms. But with her powers continuing to grow, who knows what abilities would come from it.

There was a great tare above the mountains far from Arthamore. Slowly a blackened void emerged from the tare, growing rapidly till it had engulfed all in it's reach. As the void stood between two mountain peaks, above the valley between them, A great shadow emerged from the void. Cruising into the light like a maiden voyage over the sea, a Grimm battle cruiser, The Leviathan, emerged from the void.

The forest below engulfed by it's overawe shadows. Entire star fleets of any of the Realms foolish enough to battle it, were left in ruins by this singly superior Grimm star ship.

Cinder Falls was sitting over the captains seat in the ship's bridge, overlooking the crew members at their stations. She peered out over the mountains through the view port, admiring the view. When the Ships admiral came up the stairway before the Command chair.

He was a tall man with black hair, wearing and equally black Uniform with a red line along it's right side. He bowed before her.

"Lady Cinder," he said.

"We are in position."

"Perfect," she complemented.

"Are our infiltrators in place?"

The Admiral nodded his head.

"We've sent them ahead as you instructed." He answered.

Cinder grinned.

A Beacon solider was on guard along the walls near the Base of Arthamore. Walking along the wall, he was peering off to his right at the forest below as he walked along the mighty wall. As he continued to gaze over the forest below, he noticed there was something standing in a small clearing from the trees. The soldier then paused. He then turned, staring toward the clearing.

He raised his gun. Peering through the scope over the barrel, he saw a black figure standing below. The solider narrowed his gun, continuing to stare at the figure below. He once more peered through his gun, only to see the figure disappear into the woods. The soldier once more lowered his gun.

He suddenly heard the come link over his helmet go off.

"Arid, come in." A voice over the comm.

The soldier pressed his comm link.

"Yeah, I'm here," he said.

"Thought I saw something. Resuming patr-"

The soldier's words were then silenced as a strange black blade impaled his throat. The man gawked, choking on his own blood before his assassin showed mercy. Retracted the blade before throwing his body to the side. The figure behind the assassination, a tall humanoid creature, clad in black and red armor, with a white mask with two blood red eyes and a strange purple symbol over the forehead, peered down at the soldier.

With but little remorse for his fallen enemy, as the sound of him choking on his blood brought him a sense of triumph.

It then turned, gazing over Arthamore base over the other side of the wall. As two other Grimm climbed up over the wall behind it. He glanced to the command center, peering to the communication tower. He glanced back to the other Grimm at his left.

"(Plant the virus,)" He said in the alien-like language.

He took a small implant from his side and handed it to him.

"(Take out all communications.)"

The Grimm soldier took the implant, nodding in acknowledgement. his then glanced to the other Grimm.

"(We need to take out the Phoenix's communication array,)" He said.

"(We cannot allow them to call in reinforcements.)"

The Grimm nodded his head. The three then turned and lunged over the edge.

The Grimm climbed over the roof of the Communication tower. He activated the his wrist blade, as a purple plasma formed over the black blade. He then plunged it into the roof, carving an entrance.

There was a sudden metal thud as circular carving of the ceiling fell into the room below. The communication officers glanced back from the stations. Only to then see the Grimm drop down from above. Just before they could react, the Grimm pulled out a blaster and fired at them, striking one in the chest before turning to the other and blasting him.

Just as the remaining officer ran for the door, the Grimm turned and blasted the officer. The bolt struck him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground. The Grimm retracted his blaster before he turned and walked over to the controls.

He pulled out the implant and plugged it into the controls. The virus slowly began uploading, taking off several systems and arrays. The Grimm the took his comm from his side.

"(Virus planted.)" He reported.

Unannounced to him, the officer behind him staggered up the wall and pressed the alarm.

Everyone glanced up at the sound of the alarm. Lukas turned and walked to the doorway as it slid over. Bright red lights flashed in the hallway as troopers and officers running in each direction.

"Lieutenant, whats going on?" He asked one of the officers passing by.

The officer turned to him.

"A Grimm has infiltrated the base." He said.

"Grimm?" Messua said, glancing to Zak.

"Where?" Lukas asked.

"The communication center, sir." The Officer said.

Qrow narrowed his head.

"It's begun." he said, knowing this would happen.

Lukas glanced back to the other knights.

"Lets move!" He ordered.

He then turned and stormed out into the hallway as the other's followed suit.

The Grimm dropped the body of the communication officer who sounded the alarm. He took out a communication device from his side.

"(The alarm has been triggered!)" he said.

The door in front of him slid opened and on the other side a squad of beacon soldiers. The Grimm glanced up as they raised their blasters to him.

"Stop right there!" one of the Troopers ordered.

The Grimm pulled out his blaster and fired at one of the troopers, striking him in the chest. The other troopers raised their basters and opened fire. The Grimm fired back. Slowly backing away as he ducked in cover behind the controls. Firing back from around the corner.

The scroll in Zak's pocket began to vibrate. He stopped along with Lukas and the others. Pulling it out from his pocket and opened it. Captain Willard appeared on screen.

"Captain?!" he said.

"General, two Grimm are aboard the Phoenix!" he reported.

"They've taken the bridge!"

Zak galnced up at Lukas, Qrow and the others. Lukas took the scroll.

"Copy that, Captain," he said.

"We're sending reinforcements to you-"

Zak's scroll suddenly went static.

"Captain?" Lukas said.


Zak glanced up at the Lukas.

"They're jamming our signals!" He said.

"What now?" Flint asked, turning to Lukas.

"It sounds like Willard needs help," Lukas stated, glancing up at the other Knights.

"We need to divide and conquer. Messua, Flint, get to the Phoenix and assist Captain Willard."

Messua and Flint nodded their heads.

"Yes, Lukas," She said.

"Got it." Flint responded.

Lukas then turned to Zak and Qrow.

"Zak, Qrow, your with me!" Lukas said.

"Lets move!"

The three turned and hurried down the hall.

The squad using each side of the door as cover, firing from around the corner. The Grimm leaned down behind the controls. He reached down to his side and took out a grenade, pressing the button on the top.

One of the soldiers came back around to reload.


The trooper turned and saw Lukas, Qrow and Zake coming up the hall. It was just then that circular object with a blinking light rolled into the hall from the open doorway. Lukas gasped.

"Take Cover!" he exclaimed.

Thinking fast, he lunged forward as he magnified his shield onto his arm. He slid over and flung it back with shield, sending it flying into the air as it then exploded.

He glanced back to Zak, Qrow and the troopers.

"Stay down!" He ordered.

He then charged into the room as he drew his sword. The Grimm raised his blaster and fired at him. Only for Lukas to deflect his shots.

He came up and slashed his sword down over the Grimm's arm, severing it. He swung his blade back around, slicing across his chest. The Grimm flew back and landed over the floor. But was quick to recover. With his remaining arm, the Grimm drew his blade. He then lunged forward at Lukas, as he held up his blade. Only for it to collide with Lukas's sword.

The two tried pushing one another back before Lukas shoved the Grimm back. The Grimm slid back before he once more lunged at Lukas and leaped into the air. He leaped back as the Grimm came down before him. He then came up and once more tried to slash at him, only for Lukas to deflect it with his shield. The Grimm's blade slashing over the surface of Lukas's shield. As hit swung off to the left, Lukas then brought his sword around and slashed the Grimms espoused side. Cleaving through it's armor and flesh.

The Grimm hollered in pain. He staggered back, it's blood pour from it's open wound. The Grimm made one last attempt. He charged forward and pounced into the air. Only to be shot from the side, causing it be knocked to the side and fall over the control panels.

Lukas glanced back to the doorway and saw Qrow, holding his sword with it's blade hanging down, revealing the barrel of a gun. The the rolled onto the floor. Staggering, it leaned off the floor. Only to be kicked over onto his back by Lukas, who placed his blade over it's throat.

Zak and Qrow came into the room along with the other troopers. Zak came up to the controls. He tried accessing the communication array, only for the system to freeze and glitch.

"The system's been compromised!" he said, glancing back at Lukas and Qrow.

Lukas turned back down to the Grimm.

"(What are you doing here?!)" He said in the language of the Grimm.

The grimm leaned up his head and spoke with his dying words.

"(Prodigy...!)" He said in a whispering tone.

Lukas squinted his eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"(Prodigy!)" The Grimm said again

His head then fell to the said, uttering it's final breath.

The word uttered by the Grimm caused Lukas to widen his eyes in awe. He stood up, backing away as the troopers secured him. Qrow came up next to the General, looking to him.

"What is it?" He asked.

Lukas turned him but did not utter a single word.

Lukas was leaning over the holo-table in the command center, pondering. The situation had become dire. Most of the bases communications had been disrupted by the virus. Even their scrolls were receiving low signal. Not enough to make any long distance calls to anyone outside of Arthamore. They must have a disrupted the scroll towers as well.

The officer were scrambling at their stations below, trying to figure out how to resolve the issue. Arthamore's commanding officer came up the stairway and approached Lukas, Zak and Qrow. The officer came up to other side of the holo-table. Zak turned to the him.

"Commander?" He said.

"General, the virus has disrupted all our long range communications," The officer reported.

"We're at work restoring the system but it's proving difficult."

"Do what you can," Lukas insisted.

"We need to get the communication arrays up and running as soon as possible."

LUkas then heard the the door left of them slid open. The three Knights turned and Messua and Flint walked in.

"Your back!" Zak said, turning to them.

"Did you deal wit the Grimm?"

"Yeah," Flints said, walking up to them.

"There were only two. Infiltrators. We took care of them."

"Yeah, same here." Zak said.

"It was a good thing too. There was only one in the communication center, thank the gods."

"But now we have a bigger problem." Qrow countered his claim.

"What now?" Flint asked.

"The Grimm uploaded a virus into the base's communication arrays," Qrow explained.

"They've cut off all communication to the outside world."

Flint groaned, frustration.

"Well isn't that a coincidence." He remarked.

"Why is that?" Qrow asked, curiously.

"The Grimm managed to upload a virus into the Phoenix's communications systems," Messua explained, coming up from behind.

"By the time we got there the virus managed to disable the Phoenix's communication arrays."

Lukas narrowed his head. This was no coincidence. It couldn't be. The Grimm they had subdued at the communication center. He mentioned Prodigy.

That only proved what Lukas feared the most. Especially with what he had heard of Maria's vision. A girl's who hair was as red as a rose and who's heart was of a noble knight. Even though Pyrrha was yet to come of age to become a knight, it was never the skills of the knight that earned them that title. It was never the weapons which they wielded.

But rather, it the one who was righteous in his or her being. One who was selfless. Who fought only for the well being of others. Who was loyal to all the Kingdoms and fought with great honor. The heart of a knight worthy of protecting the realms of Opara.

And Lukas feared he may know who the prodigy was.

The commanding officer shook his head.

"This doesn't make any sense," He said, glancing up at the knights.

"There's nothing of interest for the Grimm here in Arthamore."

"So then why here?" Zak asked, curiously.

"Because she knows."

Everyone then glanced to Lukas, curiously. Messua turned to him.

"What do you mean?"she asked, curiously.

Lukas looked up to them.

"Salem knows the Prodigy is here." he insisted.

A look of shock and disbelief was expressed by his fellow stared in awe at Lukas, unable to consider the reality of it. That was all but Qrow,who turned to the General with And yet, there was no other reasoning to explain why else the Grimm would be here.

Zak narrowed his head as he pondered.

"Of course, why didn't I see it?" he said.

"Theses Grimm were an infiltration team. They were trying to cut off our communications."

"But why?" Messua asked, curiously.

"So we wouldn't be able to call for reinforcements." Lukas said as he stood up.


Lukas glanced up. He walked around the holo-table and came up to the railings overlooking the monitors below. He peered down at one of the officers, looking back at him from his station.

"What is it?" He asked, curiously.

"We're picking up a signal in the valley." He said, glancing back at Lukas.

"It's Grimm, sir."

Lukas glanced up at the large screen at the forefront of the room.

"On screen." He ordered.

The screen changed to a map-like radar, where a large signal was detected several near the two mountain peaks several miles outside Arthamore. Lukas peered up at the signal as it slowly making it's way toward their location.

"What is it?" Messua asked, coming up from behind.

Lukas turned back to Zak.

"Zak, do you recognize that signal?" He asked.

Zak came up, peering up at the signal. He squinted his eyes, observing the signal. He then widened his eyes.

"It's a Grimm battle Cruiser," He said, turning to Lukas.

"Destroyer class."

"The Leviathan!" Qrow said.

The Admiral of the Leviathan was speaking with the communication officer. He nodded his head to him before he turned back to the balcony of the command chair. He climbed up the stairway and came before Cinder.

"Lady Cinder," he said.

Cinder glanced to him.

"Yes, admiral?" She said.

"The infiltration has succeeded," he reported to her

"The bases communications are now offline."

Cinder smirked, pleasingly.

"Thank you, Admiral," she said.

"Commence with the assault."

The admiral nodded his head.

"Yes, my lady." he said.

Cinder stood up from her command chair and came out the stairway, peering to the small fortress in the distance. She the grinned. For soon the Realms would witness the end of the Knights of Opara on this very day.

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