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The Flight of the Eagan

Chapter 14, The Flight of the Eagan

Pyrrha wandered the open courtyard behind the main building of the Academy. Walking along the white stone path, she thought bout what Rueben had told her about Qrow and everything that had happened before. She felt so distraught and confused. As if everything she had ever been told about semblances were all but a lie. What had once would have sounded as if was a gift from all the gods, was but a curse to others.

She frowned, sullenly, cupping her hands against her chest. She felt sorry for Qrow. To been given a semblance that would do that. To be an omen to him and to his own prodigies.

"I can't believe it," she said to herself.

"Mother said Semblances were a good thing. But how could something so special do something so horrible?"

Pyrrha paused, pondering about her own Semblance.

"That woman I helped," she said to herself.

"Was that my Semblance?"

She glanced down at the palm of her hands. She had just recently discovered it back home in Arthamore, when she had lifted that pole off of that woman. It was so sudden and yet it wasn't so hard to control. It was just like how she had seen her father with his weapons. He was able to draw his sword and shield to him without even touching them. He could control any metal object with magnetism.

Which meant that she had been given her father's of polarity.

Pyrrha glanced over at one of the nearby lantern posts along the each side of the walkway. She glanced down the palm of her hand, curiously. She then walked over to the post, where she looked back up at the hanging lamp above. She the raised her hand and reach out toward the lantern, hoping for her semblance to activate.

Only for the lantern to remain still over the hanging the post. Pyrrha continued reach out her hand, closing her eyes as she tried harder to activate it. But even still the lantern remained unchanged.

Yet it was at that very moment that a small faint blacken void appeared around her hand. Another formed around the lantern above. Slowly it began to shake as if the earth below it was quaking. Pyrrha gasped in awe. Slowly, the lantern began to sway in her direction. Pyrrha pulled back her hand as the void then disappeared from her hand and from the lantern, causing it to swing back and forth over the post.

She paused for a moment, staring up at the lamp post in awe. She glanced down at her hand.

"Did I... really do that?" she asked herself.

She couldn't believe it. She had just made the lantern move without even touching it. Just like how she had seen father do it. She really did have the same semblance as her father.

Though it was in the excitement, that she suddenly heard a strange sound in the distance. Pyrrha glanced up, curiously. She the heard it again. It sounded like a bird of some kind. Yet it was different somehow. It was a like a loud screeching and dragon's growl. She glanced across the courtyard. Passed the pergola and the garden of flowers around it, to the steel gate where a a great forest stood on the other side. It sounded like it was coming from the other side of that gate.

Pyrrha hesitated at first. She glanced back toward the main building, wandering if she should go get Rueben. Though hearing the screeching sound once more, her curiosity had gotten the best of her. She turned back toward the gate before making her way across the courtyard. She came up to the gate, with chains wrapped around the steel bars at each end.

Pyrrha pushed one of the gated doors opened, only for the chains to hold it back. Leaving but a narrow gap which appeared to be wide enough for her to fit through. She squeezed through the bars and came out over the other side of the gate. She then glanced ahead down the path leading into the woods, hesitantly. It was dark with the shadows of the woods looming over it's inside. Once more she glanced back to the inside of the courtyard and back to the woods, wandering if she should go or not.

But even still, there was something compelling her to follow the sound. A sudden desire to go and see what it was.

She glanced back to the courtyard once more. Slowly she turns, taking a single step forward before turning and making her way into the woods.

Pyrrha walked along along a narrow dirt path, further into the woods. She glanced wearingly to each side, peering into the darken woods. The black shadows of the trees above loomed over the forest floor below. With only a few sports of lights beaming through several gaps between them. The forest was silent. She couldn't hear that screech sound anymore.

She then paused, glancing around to the forest at both sides.

"Hello?" she called out.

"Is anyone there?"

But now she could hear nothing more then the soft evening winds. She wandered if maybe she had just imagined it.

Though her doubts would soon be laid to rest as she then heard the screeching sound once more. Pyrrha gasped as she glanced off into the woods off to her right. The screeching seemed to be coming from somewhere in the woods. Somewhere close by.

Pyrrha squinted her eyes, curiously. She then turn and ran off into the woods as she followed the screeching sound. Running through darken woods, she stopped for but an instant. She then heard it again. Pyrrha glanced slightly to her right. It seemed to be coming from that direction. It was louder then before. She had to be getting close.

Pyrrha ran ahead. She then noticed a small clearing where what looked to be a cavern, over several feet wide. More so then she could jump. When suddenly, she saw a strange winged creature rose up from the cavern, several trees from where she stood. Uttering that strange screeching sound she had heard that strange screeching sound. Pyrrha gasped as she suddenly froze in place.

The winged creature then fell back into the cavern as quickly as it rose. Pyrrha stood for a moment. Glancing back in the direction she had came and then back where the creature had fallen.

She squinted her eyes, curiously. Slowly, she crept closer toward it before coming up behind the last tree. She then peered from around the corner and it was there that she saw the creature in the cavern below.

It was a dragon like creature with two winged arms and hind legs with sharp claw like talons over each end of it's feet. It has a long tale with with two white feathers on the top and bottom. Its body was covered it what seemed to be scaly bluish green feathers. It also had small spikes along the tope of it's long neck It's head had a long reptilian muzzle with a sharp snout, bear from it's light green feathers.

Pyrrha peered around the corner of the tree, staring down over the winged beast below. She the gasped, widened her eyes in awe. Recognizing the beast which scurry's in the cavern below.

"An... Eagan?" she said in a whispering tone.

"I don't believe it."

Slowly Pyrrha came out from behind the tree and slowly came up to the edge. She came down over her hands and knees as she peered down at the Eagan. She could hardly contain her excitement. Mother had said that no one had ever seen an Eagan since Akara's death. Many had said that they all died along side her. Yet now here one stood before her eyes.

She stared down at it's bright bluish green feathers which glistened at the touch of the sun's perishing light. It was as the stories mother and father had told. It's feathers really did shine like the stars in the night.

"It's so pretty." she said, admiring the feather.

The nostrils of the Eagan began to flare, catching the whiff of nearby scent. It cocked his head as it then glanced up at her. Pyrrha gasped. Suddenly the earth beneath her hands gave in, causing her to tumble down into the cavern. Rolling down the narrow walls of the cavern over he back, she then landed flat over her stomach. Pyrrha groaned.

Suddenly, a large shadow them loomed over her. Pyrrha glanced up and saw the Eagan crawling up to her, uttering a low growl. The beast leaned it's head down to her. Pyrrha then feel backward as she slid back from the Eagan. He back became pressed against the steep walls of the Cavern, glancing from side to side. She then looked back to the Eagan.

The beast leans it's head to her. Pyrrha leaned back over the cavern wall as the beasts muzzle was now up to her face. She turned her head as it's nostrils once more flared, sniffing the girl. Pyrrha was shuddering, fearfully. Shutting both her eyes, tightly as she felt it's warm breath against her skin. The Eagan then cocked it's head, glancing to her with it's bright yellow eyes.

Pyrrha continued to face away. When she she then heard the winged creature utter a growl before lifting it's head up. She opened one eye, glancing up at the Eagan. She then turned and gazed up at the beast as it raised it head, staring down at her. Suddenly, the beast growling, narrowing it's head as closing it eyes as if it was in pain.

Pyrrha glanced down at the body of the winged beast, where she notice a small gash over it's left breast. Where it's blood poured from it's open wound. She then gasped in awe. She glanced up to the dragon, seeing the look of pain of which it expressed to her.

"It's hurt!" she thought to herself.

Pyrrha glanced back down to it's wound, where she then notice a small glisten of light. She then squinted her eyes, curiously. Slowly she approached the Eagan. The beast then opened it's eyes and glanced down at Pyrrha as she approached. It stared wearingly to the Girl. But it did not attack, instead choosing to see what it was that she was going to do.

Pyrrha came up to the Eagan, where she peered closely at it's wound. It was there that she noticed something embedded deep in it's wound. It appeared to be a silver like metal. But it was lodged deep within the winged beast. Too deep for her to get out.


Pyrrha glanced down at her right hand. She then gasped, realizing that her semblance would be able to pull it out.

She glanced back up at the wound. She then held up her hand over the large scar, closing her eyes as she tried to activate her semblance. The Eagan continued to glanced down to her, curiously. What was this young creature doing?

Pyrrha continued to hold out her hand over the Eagan's wound. As then the blacken void then formed around it. The small mental object within the breast of the beast slowly began worming to the surface. Causing the Eagan to shut his eyes, growl in pain as it's body flinched. Pyrrha gasped as she looked up at the Eagan. She placed her other hand over the beasts.

"I'm sorry," she said, sullenly.

"I know it hurts. But please, let me help you."

The Eagan glanced down at the girl, uttering a low growl to her. As if to say that he trusted her.

Pyrrha glanced back down at it's wound. She once more raised her hand and activated her semblance, causing the metal object to continue to worm it's way out of it's wound. The Eagan closed his eyes as it tried desperately to bear through the excruciating pain. Slowly the small, sharp metal object then emerged from the surface of it's wound. Pyrrha then raised up her hand as she then pulled the dagger out from it's body. The Eagan let out a great screeching holler, raising it head into the air.

Pyrrha fell back from the Eagan, dropping the small shard of metal she had taken out. Causing it to fall before her feet. She glanced down at the strange metal shard. It was there that she saw a curved silver piece of black steal from that of a swords tip, drenched it the blood of the Eagan.

Pyrrha came up onto her knees as she picked up the small chard. It had small markings which appeared to be of a language of some kind. Ones which she had never seen before. Pyrrha squinted her eyes, curiously. She once more heard growling sound of the Eagan. She looked up at the winged creature and saw it stand upright as it narrowed it's head.

It then began making a lowing humming sound as sudden faint green and white void appeared around it's body. Pyrrha stared up at the Eagan in awe.

"Wow." she said.

It had been said that they were beings of great magic. But to now see one up close and in person, displaying its power in all in radiance. It was even more greater then she could ever imagine.

There was then a bright light shining from below the beast. Pyrrha glanced down and saw it's wound now glowing a bright white light. And as the light began to dim, the once small gash of whatever weapon that may have harmed it was now healed. As if it was never to begin with. The light green flames around it then faded from around the Eagan as it then opened it's yellow eyes once more.

It then glanced back down at the girl, who quickly stood up before the beast. The Eagan one more narrowed it's head to her. He then paused as his muzzle was now but a foot from the girl. Pyrrha stood gazing up at the Eagan, standing before the beast without whatever fear she may had felt. But now of wonder and awe of the child she was.

Slowly she reach out her hand and placed it over the Eagan's muzzle. Feeling the girl's touch over his muzzle, the beast then widened its golden eyes. As it was in that very moment, it felt a sudden force come over it. One which it hadn't felt for some time. A bright yellow light appeared from it's body as it then raised its head.

Pyrrha gazed up at the Eagan, curiously. As the light around it faded away, the Eagan glanced up at the evening sky above. It then turned back down to girl. It crawled up to her before narrowing it's body down to her. As if to say to climb on.

Pyrrha glanced to the Eagan, curiously.

"You want me to...?" she asked, curiously.

The Eagan nodded it's head to her. Pyrrha then turned to the beast's back. Slowly she came up and climbed up onto it's back. Pulling herself up by it's feathers, the Eagan brought it's head and nudged her up onto it's back. Pyrrha came up in over her knees, grabbing onto it's feathers. The Eagan then stood up, spreading out it's wings.

And it leaped into the air, fluttering it's wings, Pyrrha quickly braced herself.

The Eagan rose up high above the trees before souring ahead toward the city. Pyrrha raised her eyes, slowing opening her eyes to see they were flying high in the air. She then leaped up off from it's back. her flaming red hair dancing in the winds. She gazed in awe over the view of the city.

Glancing below, she could see the buildings of the Academy passing out from under them as they came up over the city. The Eagan flew out from over the hill before coming up over the ravine which separated it from the heart of the city. Glancing down over the stream, the Eagan then turned and dove down as it made a U-turn. Pyrrha held on tightly as they fell from the sky.

Just as they were about to touch the water's surface, the Eagan quickly pulled up. Souring over the surface of the stream, passing under and flew over the stream. Pyrrha glanced down to the water below, where she saw three Aberas swimming under them. There were three dark blue aqua mammals with an oval shaped head, four fins along it's sides of it's body. A large light blue dorsal fins along their backs and their tails, flapping up and down in the water.

They leaped out of the water and dove back in, utter a small squeaking sound to her. Pyrrha of which smiled and chuckled at them.

"Hello." she said, waving to them.

As they swam down stream, it was then that the Eagan lifted up into the air. Angling his body to the right, before turning and flew off into the city. Flying in between two of the skyscrapers, the people inside all turned and rushed to the windows. They stared in awe at the sight of the Eagan as if flew by.

Coming up next to an airship, the Eagan flew up next to it. Pyrrha glanced to the people along the starboard. Seeing a small girl riding on the back of the winged creature, they all but gasped and gazed in shock and awe.

Pyrrha of which smiled and waved to them.

"Hello!" she called to them.

Several of the children aboard the ship all2 waved and yelled out hello to her. Pyrrha chuckled. It was then that the Eagan flew down and passed under the ship. Coming out on the other side of the ship, the people on deck each rushed to the port side as they saw the Eagan and the girl fly ahead.

Pyrrha waved back to them. All the kids on the ship each waved to her. While the adults all stood speechless and in awe.

The Eagan flew down over the park in the city, landing in clearing from the trees. Glancing back at Pyrrha, it slowly narrowed it's body. It growled to her, as if to say for her to get off. Pyrrha came over and slid off it's side. She then glanced around the clearing before turning back to the Eagan.

"Why did your bring me here?" she asked curiously.

The Eagan growled to her, glancing forward toward the bushes. There was then the sound of voices and music playing in the near distance behind her. Pyrrha turned and saw lights shining over in the bushes. She was then nudged from behind. Glancing back, she saw the Eagan gesturing his head for her to go forth.

Pyrrha turned and looked toward the bushes. She then walked forward and came in through the foliage. Bushing through the leaves, she looked in the clearing and saw people gathered at the place of Akara's statue. There were several tents and tables all set up in the clearing. With many lanterns hanging from above.

Some of them were gathered around at the tables, where stood a feast of different foods. All while others were dancing before Akara's statue as a small group played The Heart of a True Knight. A melody that was made in honor of the first knight of the realms. That the great savior chosen by the God of Light that would bring all the realms peace and prosperity and deliver them from the Grimm.

Pyrrha widened her eyes, realizing where it was they were.

"The festival of Prosperity?" she said in a whispering voice.

It was a festival she had grown up hearing about. Mother and father said that it was a celebration that had once been held by the House of Landora and the people of Lothadare. It was all to honor Akara and other Knights of the Realms. To commemorate all their acts and deeds to bring peace and prosperity to the realms. So that one day, all the realms would be deliver them from the Grimm and the beasts of Darkness.

The Eagan narrowed it's head as it came up next to her. Pyrrha glanced to the winged creature of prosperity. It then cocked it's head down to her before once more nudging it's head forward. Insisting that she goes.

Pyrrha turned back into the clearing. Trusting whatever the intentions the Eagan might have, she then stepped out of the bushes and into the clearing.

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