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Empress Salem sat revealing over her throne, gazing out over the canopy of her throne room. Beyond the walls of her Palace, the barren lands that burned from battle. Planted with the weapons of armies who had fallen to her magic. The doors to the throne room came opened with a thunderous sound as General Mercury and Emerald and his best knights came fourth. Shoving passed the two, the Sorcerers apprentice, Cinder came forward. She came before her Empress and then bowed before her.

"My Empress." Cinder said.

"We bid you great tidings."

Salem twirled her finger which caused her throne to turn and face the inside of her throne room, She glanced down at her Apprentice, Generals and their knights with her shimmering green eyes of Empress. Her stare as cold and bare as as the winters of the Sixth Realm.

"Speak of your efforts." Salem said.

"We have successfully taken the Kingdom of Ataria." Mercury said.

"Their armies and walls have fallen and we have taken the Queen."

Salem grinned.

"Perfect." she said.

"Bring her in."

The General nodded. He stood up and looked back to the doorway. Two of his Guards walked into the room as they dragged the Queen inside. They came before the Empress and threw the women before her feet. The Queen, elder and feeble looked up at Cinder, who grinned as wicked and nefarious as the blackened magic that she wields.

"Your majesty," Salem said, mockingly.

"It has been so long. And time looks to have been unkind to you then it has for me."

The queen got to her feet as she stared at Salem without a hint of fear to deter her gaze.

"To think that long ago, I was the one bowing before you. And now, it is you who bows before me."

"It is you that time has been unkind." The Queen said.

"You once were the wielder of great power. And now that power has corrupted you."

Salem smirked and rolled her eyes.

"You can spare me, your highness." She said.

"I grow tire of your lecturing."

The Empress rose from her throne and walked down the steps.

"There is only one thing I want from you."

She came before the queen and brought her hand up to her neck, seizing her by her throat. The queen gasped, struggling from the lack of air. Suddenly, she saw Salem's eyes glow a bright green. She suddenly felt her magic leaving her body. The queen slowly felt herself growing weaker and weaker.

Salem closed her eyes, feeling the essence enter and surged through her body. Before long, she had absorbed the last of the Queen's power and released her hold over her. The Queen fell before her. Slowly she tried leaning off the ground but she had little strength with the loss of her powers.

She looked up at the sorceress and watched as the magic that was once passed her, flare from Cinder's body. Slowly the blue essence changed into the witch's magic.

"All the magic of a thousand kingdoms." Salem said.

"Wasted on those who fear to even use the power that has been passed down to them."

"You… are not worthy of these powers." The Queen said.

"Worthy are those who don't understand the potential." Salem insisted.

She turned back and started climbing the steps of her throne.

"I am the Realm's salvation. I have brought order to where the Knights and all the rulers of the realm could not."

"You are not fit to speak of the knights." The Queen said.

"Akara was who brought great peace to the realms…."

Salem turned and reached out her hand to the Queen. She was wrapped in a light green glow and lifted off the ground.

"Do not speak that name in my presence." She said.

The queen stared down the Empress.

"You will never win." The Queen said.

"I have foreseen the future and your Empire will never rein over the Realms forever."

Salem peered curiously to the elder women.

"The Knights of the Realms shall return." The Queen warned.

"And there will be one that will rise to take Akara's place."

Salem glared with rage. She pulled the queen toward her.

"Show me!"

She stared into the eyes of the now feeble old women. Suddenly there came several flashes as her sights bared witnesses of the foreseeable future. Salem widened her eyes as the visions revealed all. There was village in a land covered with forest and mountains. It then changed to a girl with long red hair running in the fields. It then changed to a young woman with the same hair color, wielding a sword and shield, fighting against her legion of Grimms. She was suddenly joined by other Knights who fought alongside her. They were all there. The Knights of whom she had long vanquished. She stared in horror of the vision before turning away.

Salem faced away for a time, contemplating all that she had seen. She then looked back at the queen.

"What else did you see?!" She said.

"What else did you see?!"

"That is all that was revealed to me." The Queen said.

Salem glared once more. She blasted her with a surge of her magic, turning her to ash. Salem came up before her.

"My Empress?" Cinder said as he came before her.

"What did you see?"

Salem was silent. She glanced to her two Generals.

"The Knights." She said, abruptly.

"The Knights of the Realms."

"What?!" Mercury said.

"That's impossible." Emerald said.

Salem turned and walked up the steps of her throne.

"The Queen was right." She said.

She set down, her thoughts lingering over the future which she had seen.

"The Knights of the Realm may yet return."

"So what do we do now?" Cinder said.

Salem thought about the visions which she has witnessed. The Queen had said that one would rise to take the place of Akara. And with those words, she then recalled the vision of the girl in the fields. Was it this child which the Queen spoke off that would be the downfall of her Empire?

Salem was one to have bear witness to visions of the future before. She knew not to question them for what they reveal was to be the truth.

"Visions may tell of the future," Salem said.

Salem held out her hand, igniting a ball of purple flame over the palm of her hand.

"But even the future can be changed."

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