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Stay by her side

Chapter 9, Stay by her Side

Jamie trudged through the five feet of snow which covered the forest floor. The winds continued to blow harshly through the blackened woods from which he wondered. He the felt a strong gust of wind blow from the direction of the castle, causing him to fall back into the snow below. He leaned up out of the snow and felt another gust of wind. He held up his arms as he tried to get back up.

The storm was already getting worse. The winds were getting more harsher then before. And the snow was falling more rapidly from above. The snow that covered the ground was all the way up to his knees. But even so, Jamie continued on through the blackened woods. All in the hopes of getting to Elsa's castle.

Jamie heard the sound of a horse's neigh through the currents of the storm. Jamie glanced back through the woods. It sounded far off, like it was coming from Burgess. He then heard it again. Jamie the gasped. This one sounded as if it was close. He glanced around the forest that surrounded him.

"Oh no!" Jamie gasped as he then realized.


Jamie continued to trudge through the snow, moving as quickly as he could. Falling several times in the snow, blown over by the harsh winds of the snow storm. But even still, Jamie got back up quickly and continued on toward Elsa's castle. It was a short while later that he came out into the clearing, where Elsa's castle stood. Jamie made his way to the castle stairway, where he came up to the ice doors.

He knocked on the door.

"Elsa?!" He called out to her.


But there was no answer.

Jamie continued to knock on the doors. When suddenly the two ice doors till they suddenly opened. Jamie then rushed into the castle, where the all the snowies glanced up to the boy. Most of them smiled to see he had come back. Jamie came into the middle of the room.

"Elsa, where are you?" He called out to her once more.

It was then he heard her voice from above.


Jamie gazed up the stairway balcony.

"Elsa?!" Jamie continued to call out for her.

"No... Please!"

Jamie gasped. She could be in trouble. Jamie quickly rushed toward the stairway and climbed up to the baloney above.

Jamie came into the room where Elsa slept. It was there he found the snow queen laying in her bed, groaning as she closed her eyes tightly. With small flakes of snow fell over her as if it was snowing within the castle. Jamie suddenly heard a creaking sound off to his right. He turned and saw several ice spike emerging from the wall. Jamie back away from the wall as the spikes grew closer.

Elsa continued to groan, gripping the sheets of her bed. All the while the icicles grew more and more and the snow fell more rapidly as the storm outside. Ice began to spread from the bed and climb up over the walls of the room. Jamie turned back to Elsa.

"Elsa!" he said as he came up to the bed.

He grabbed hold of her shoulder and tried to shake her awake.

"Elsa, wake up!"

Jack flew up to the castle and landed over the balcony. He came into the opened doorway, where he saw Jamie trying to wake up Elsa.

"Jamie?" Jack said.

Jamie glanced over to Jack.

"Jack." He exclaimed to him, worryingly.

Jack rushed over to the bed as he came up to Jamie.

"Jamie, what are you doing here?" Jack asked, curiously.

"I saw a nightmare," Jamie exclaimed, glancing down to Elsa.

"I was worried about Elsa. I came to see if she was okay. But she won't wake up!"

Jack placed his hand over Jamie's shoulder, coming up to the bedside. It was there that he took Elsa up into his arms.

"Elsa, wake up," Jack said, shaking her awake.


It was then that Elsa uttered a faint groan, squinting her tightly shut eyes before opening them. As her sights began clearer, she saw Jack leaning over her along with Jamie.

"Jack...?" She moaned.


Both Jack and Jamie uttered a sigh of relief to see that she was Okay. Elsa leaned up out of Jack's arms, sitting up over the bed. She placed her hand over her head. She then shook he head, before glancing to them.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, curiously.

Jack and Jamie both glanced to one another. Neither of them had any idea of how to tell her what had happened. It was then that she looked around the room and saw the snow that now slowly drifted down over them. Along with the icicles that stoke out from the walls around them and the snow storm outside.

"Oh no." she said as she then realized.

"What have I done?"

She had let her own fears get the better of her, creating the storm she saw outside. And now, the whole town of Burgess was now paying for it. Elsa narrowed her head in shame, cupped her hands to her chest. Jack glanced to her, curiously.

"You... didn't know?" Jack asked.

Elsa shook her head. She had no idea that she had created the storm. Nor did she mean for it to happened.

"I'm sorry," She said, glancing up to him.

"I must have lost control of it."

Elsa suddenly felt a familiar gust of wind circle around, chirping in utter glee that she way alright. She chuckled as the wind spirit brushed through her long icy blond hair. She glanced back to the wind spirit.

"Gale, what's gotten into you?" Elsa asked, glancing to him.

It was then she heard a familiar lizard sound from below. She glanced down and saw Bruni standing next to her, his body covered with small flames. He glanced up to her, pouting. Hoping that she could cool him down. Elsa smiled down at him.

"Awe," she said, twirling her hand around to make a small pile of snow.

"There you go."

Bruni gasped as he jumped into the snow, purring in relief as the flames over his back were put out. Elsa of which chuckled.

"Your welcome." She said to the fire spirit.

Jack squinted his eyes, glancing to the side as he pondered. He didn't understand. Was she referring to her powers? But how could that be? How could she have not have known that she had made the storm outside?

Though that was exactly his main concern at the moment.

"Elsa, did you see a man in black?" Jack asked, turning back to her.

Elsa glanced to him, curiously. She then shook her head.

"No, I didn't see anyone here," She insisted to him.


Jack shook his head.

"Never mind." he said.

It was then the three heard the gust of wind from the storm outside. They turned to the opened doorway of the balcony, where the snow blew into the castle. Jack glided over to the balcony doors. Just as the was about to push them shut, he peered out into the storm outside that Pitch had disappeared into. There was no telling what he was up to. Nor when he would be back. Either way there was no going after him. Not with this blizzard out there. He would have to wait it out for however long it would take. But one thing was sure. He could make sure that Elsa and Jamie were safe until then.

Jack glanced back at Elsa.

"Looks like the storms getting worse," he said, glancing back at her and Jamie.

"We're going to have to wait it out until morning."

Jamie of which gasp in excitement, glancing back up at Elsa.

"We can stay here tonight?" Jamie exclaimed.

Jack looked up to Elsa.

"You don't mind a bit of company, don't you?" Jack said, smirking.

Elsa paused for a moment. The idea of having other people in her castle for an entire night was not exactly something she was keen on. Especially seeing her powers were starting to get out of her control. It wasn't that she didn't want to spend time with Jamie. But she couldn't bear to let him or jack be so close. Not after all that had happened.

Elsa face suddenly turned red at his smirk, her heart pounding in her chest. She glanced away for a moment, unable to find the right words to say. She looked down at Bruni, who nodded his head to her, encouraging her to.

"I-uh..." she said, trying to figure out what to say.

"Please, Elsa," Jack insisted to her.

"Let us stay here with here with you. We just want to make sure your okay."

Elsa narrowed her eyes. She glanced back to Jamie, who stared up at her in excitement. It was at that moment that Elsa felt her heart mend. Seeing the hopeful and optimistic in the eyes of the boy that she had befriended. In Both their eyes. They almost reminded her of someone... who she once knew.

Elsa glanced up at Jack and nodded her head to him.

"Okay." she said to him.

Jack nodded his head to her.

"Thanks, snowflake." He said.

Hearing him call her snowflake, Elsa glanced away as her face blush a bright red and her heart skipped a beat. They had only just met yesterday and already he giving her nicknames. Not to mention, he was making feel such things which she had never had before. Though had only seen in the past and while she knew that love was something that took time, she couldn't deny that she had feelings for this figure of folklore.

But even still, she reminded herself that they had only just met. She couldn't just say she was in love.

At least, not yet anyway.

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