Jack and Elsa: The Snow Queen of Burgess @mbcarver
Spirits of the lost Forest

Chapter 5, The Spirits of the lost Forest

Elsa came over the balcony of her ice palace, cupping her hands against her chest. She turned back to Jack, who walked up behind her with Jamie. Leaning his staff against his shoulder.

"You're really Jack Frost?" Elsa asked.

Jack shrugged, holding out his hand.

"The one and only." Jack insisted.

Elsa couldn't believe it. All the stories and folklore she grew up hearing. They were all true? He's really Jack Frost?

"You mean...?" Elsa said, narrowing her head.

"Yep," Jack said, nodding his head.

"All the blizzards and all the snow days. That was me. All of it."

Jack then leaped onto the railings of the balcony.

"Yeah," Jamie said, looking up at Elsa.

"Last year, Jack took me on this sled ride all though town and I did this big jump. Like wooosh!"

Jack chuckled. He then turned, glancing over the snow covered forest.

"Although now it looks like I got competition," he said, jokingly, glancing back to Elsa.

"Though minus points on timing. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that it's spring. Usually Bunny give me flack for making it snow this close to Easter."

"The... Easter Bunny?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"Yeah, you know, the Easter bunny." Jack said.

"Ye tall, floppy ears, Kind of looks like a kangaroo?"

Elsa stared, confusingly at Jack. She then glanced to Jamie, who looked back up to her.

"You don't know the Easter bunny?" He asked, curiously

"Well... no..." Elsa admitted.

Jack raised an eye brow to her.

"Wow, where have you been the past few centuries?" Jack asked, curiously, glancing back to her.

Elsa looked up to him. She wasn't sure really. She had been moving around as long as she could remember. Wandering the world alone and unseen by all she came across.

"I'm not sure," Elsa said as she came up to the balcony.

"I've been wondering from here to there so much."

She placed her hand over the railing, looking out over the forest to the town in the distance.

"We came to this town a few weeks ago." She said, glancing back to him.

Jack squinted his eyes, curiously, glancing to her.

"You mean all those snow men you have?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa glanced to the side. Jack suddenly a felt a gust of wind blow up his hoodie.

"What the?" He said, glancing back and turning forward.

A surge of wind and leaves twirling in the air. He flew around Jamie, who glanced u laughing. His cap flouting up off his head.

"Hey!" Jamie said, quickly grabbing hold of his hat.

It then flew and came up behind Elsa, who turned to it, chuckling.

"Hey, you." She said.

The wind whistled to her.

"Wind?" Jack said, hopping down off the railing.

"You know wind?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Wind flew around Elsa and came up to Jack. He smirked, holding up his hand.

"Yeah, me and wind are tight," Jack insisted.

"He lets me ride him everywhere. It's how I get around."

Wind chirped again.

"Well, me and wind were the spirits of the Northaldren forest." Elsa said.

Jack glanced to her.

"The Northaldren forest?" He said.

"Yes." Elsa said.

"Your one of the spirits?" Jack asked, squinting his eyes curiously.

Elsa nodded her head. Jack narrowed his head, gazing in awe. He had heard of the spirits of the Nothaldren forest. It was a local legend which had been told through Burgess in the past about a magical forest. One of them being Wind, another was of Earth, Fire and then their was water.

But then what spirit was she? She had the same powers as him. But he didn't remember there being one with the power of ice and snow.

"So then which one are you?" Jack asked, curiously.

"I'm the fifth spirit," Elsa said.

"Fifth?" Jack said, squinting his eyes curiously.

"But the story said there were only four."

"Well, there's five now" Elsa insisted.

"And that would be?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa held up her hand as several snow flake surged into the air. Jack chuckled and shock his head.

"No way," He said in disbelief.

"Ice and snow?"

Elsa nodded her head.

"So, where are the other spirits?" Jack asked, curiously.

Jack, Elsa and Jamie walked through the snow covered forest. They came out of the woods and came up to the pond. Elsa walked up over the banks.

"Nokk?" Elsa said.

"Nokk?" Jack asked, curiously.

A large shape of water then emerged from the pond, revealing it to be a horse. Jack gasped in awe. The horse trotted toward the banks of the pond. He came up to Elsa, who came up and petting his muzzle.

"Wow!" Jamie said.

Elsa glanced back to him.

"Can I touch it?" Jamie asked, curiously.

"Sure," Elsa said, stepping back.

Jamie came up to Nokk, who narrowed his head to him. Jamie held out his hand to Nokk, who then pressed his muzzle against his palm. Feeling the water against his hand, Jamie gazed in awe.


Jack came up next to him, holding up his staff.

"The water spirit." he said.

He glanced to Elsa, who looked up at him, smiling.

There was a sudden flash of light behind Jack. He turned and saw a small of purple flame.

"What the...!" he said, holding up his staff.

Elsa chuckled. She turned and walked over the flame as it raced toward her.

"Hang on, Bruni." She said, twirling her hand.

A small pile of snow formed over the ground. The purple flame bounced up and into the snow, extinguishing it. A small hole was formed over the top as it sank into the pile.

"There you go, little guy." she said.

Something then climbed up out of the snow pile. It looked like a small blue lizard with a marking over it's back. He glanced up to Elsa, smiling as he turned his head. Small amounts of stream coming off his body.

Jack crouched down, peering at the small lizard.

"The fire spirit." he commented.

The small lizard cocked his head to Jack. He tilted his head, curiously at the winter spirit. Jamie came up to and narrowed down to the lizard.

"Awe." Jamie said.

Bruni crawled out of the snow and crawled up to Jamie. He lowered his hand to the lizard, offering him to come up. The salamander glanced down at it and smiled. He crawled up onto the boy's hand. Jamie chuckled as he held up Bruni. The small lizard rolled around in the boy's palm.

"He feels so warm," He said, glancing up at Elsa.

Elsa smiled down at him. Jack then stood up and glanced to Elsa.

"What about earth?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa frowned.

"They stayed behind to watch over forest." She said.

"So then what are you doing here?" Jack asked, curiously.

Elsa turned away for a moment. As if she was embarrassed to answer the question. Jack cocked his head, raising an eye brow.

"What?" He asked, curiously.

"Well... this is going to sound weird," She said, glancing back up at him.

She then turned and looked up passed the tops of the snow covered pine trees.

"But he told us to come." she answered.

Jack squinted his eyes. He looked up and saw the moon high in the afternoon sky.

"The Man in the Moon!" he said in awe.

Elsa glanced to him, curiously.

"You... you know him?" Elsa asked. curiously.

"Yeah," Jack said, nodding his head.

"He's the one that made me... well, Jack Frost. He talks to you?"

"Well... sometimes." She said.

It was rare that the Man in the moon would ever speak to her. He had told her that she had chosen her for something. But for three hundred years, wandering the world aimlessly, he had never told her what it was. It wasn't until a few weeks

"He told me to come here. But I don't know why."

Jack smirked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah, he's not too keen on details is he?" He said.

Elsa smiled and shook her head.

"No, he's not." she said.

Elsa glanced up to the moon above.

Darkness. What once was domain, now but his prison. What once was his power, was now what bind him to his layer. And his minions...

One of his nightmares galloped through the air above. Pitch leaned from out of the shadows, peering up at the lone nightmares above.

"Traitors." Pitch scarfed.

"Have you all forgotten who I am? I'm The boogieman!"

Pitch slowly crept out of the shadows.

"If it wasn't for me, you'd be prancing around in children's dreams. Bringing them joy and hope."

Pitch scoffed at the notion. He walked over the bridge and came up to the globe. All the lights were flickering over all the continent. A reminder of his defeat by Jack Frost and the other Guardians.

"And all these lights," He said, he walked around the glob.

"All these children. Putting their belief in Jack Frost and the other Guardians. And not a single ounce of fear from any single one of them."

He came up over the edge, his back turned to the globe. Peering up at the shadows above.

"Well they haven't gotten rid of me so easily." he said.

"One day, one of these miserable little brats will have to give in to their fear."

The lights over the glob suddenly started to flicker. Pitch glanced back. He then turned to the globe.

Tooth flew up to the globe, seeing the lights flickering over every country.

"Uh, guys?" She said, glancing back at North, Bunny and Sandy.

North, Bunny and Mund came up to the glob.

"What's going now?" Bunny asked, glancing to North.

North hardly noticed. He instead continued to peer up at the glob. All the lights continued to flicker over all the continents. That was all but one. A single light continued to shine and it a place which was all too familiar to them. North squinted his eyes, curiously.

"The last light?" he said.

Pitch came up to the globe, staring down at the one light which remained still.

Suddenly, ice began the spread from Burgess. The Guardians stared in shock as the ice spread across the entire globe. Bunny and Tooth each stepped back.

Pitch stepped back as he saw Ice spreading over all the continents. All the lights which it came over were snuffed out. With only the ones from which it came, remained bright and so. And as the globe became covered by ice, it remained bright and so.

North squinted his eyes up at the last light of the glob. Suddenly, the light then started to flicker...

And then die.

Tooth flew up to the glob, zipping up and down.

"It's completely frozen!" she said, turning back to North and Bunny.

North, Bunny and Sandy came up to the glob.

"This better not be Jack again." Bunny said, glancing to North.

North squinted his eyes. He walked over to the controls, peering up at the ice covered glob. While he like Bunny had his suspicions. But still there was an underlining feeling in his belly. He had seen Jack's power before. He knew the tricksters magic and all. But something about this felt different.

But how could that be?

The only one who had the same abilities as Jack is...

North widened his eyes. No he thought. That couldn't be possible. He glanced to the corner of the globe and saw the moon from the skyline.

"Manny," He said turning as he stepped forward, gazing up at him.

"Is it really her? Is it really the fifth spirit?"

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