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The Kite

Chapter 3, The kite

It was right at the moment Jamie had gotten home from school and came through the front door, he dropped his backpack and dashed up the stairway.

"Mom, I'm home!" he called, as he raced upstairs.

After he came upon the second level of his house, he ran to the end of his hallway to his bedroom door which stood slightly open. He burst through the door and ran right up to his desk where his kite he was all to eager to fly was laid out. He picked up the kite and stormed back out his room. Afterwards he raced down the steps and passed though the kitchen where the glass screen door which lead to the backyard was.

"Jamie, where are you going?" His mother asked, walking into the kitchen behind him.

"I'm going to fly my kite." Jamie said.

He slide the door to the side and came outside, carrying his new kite in his left hand.

"Okay but be back before dinner." His mother called from inside the house.

"I got it, mom." Jamie called back, before sliding the door back into place.

The boy then turned and ran down the patio steps and across the backyard to the fence. It was there that Jamie pushed aside a single loose wooden plank and squeezed through the rectangular shaped opening, coming out upon the other end. It was there that Jamie ran down the hill, to the small pond which lied below.

As he came to stand upon the banks of the pond, facing toward the wind which soured by him.

"Okay." He said.

"Here we go!"

Jamie held up his kite into the air and began running to the other end of the pond. The kite in turn was dragged across the dirt-filled ground for a time, though it wasn't long before it began picking up wind and started rising from the ground. By the time Jamie had reached the far end of the pond, he looked up into the sky where he saw his dragon kite souring high in the air.

"Yeah!" He cheered, a large smile curved upon his face.

The boy turned and faced the other way, holding onto the kite's spool with both hands, He stared upwards in awe, watching as it floated high above him in the partly clear sky above. With it's two red bate-like wings sprouting to both sides, it almost appeared like the dragon which it represented. A giant fire-breathing horned beast that could take flight so high in the air. The sight was so astounding to the imagination driven mind of the boy, which all the more made him wish that his friends could be here to see it too.

It was by then as his friends came to mind, all the sense of joy and fun he was having all came to be replaced with that feeling of disappointment he had from earlier. The moment which he was so eager to share with them, he was now just spending it alone. The one word which all came to state most of his days. No Pippa, no Monty, no Caleb, no Claude and no cupcake.

Yet the worst out of all, no Jack. Just him all by himself with nobody there he could play with.

Jamie's smile turned upside down as his brown eyes narrowed, lowering his arms down and tilting his head to the side. He then sighed, wishing for anybody, any of his friends to be there with him.

Though as the boy stood in his moment of pondering, there was suddenly a large gust of wind that swept in from behind. Jamie was forcefully push forward which caused him take a couple steps forward.

"Wow!" he cried before falling over and landed flat on his stomach and releasing his hold on his kite's spool.

He leaned up and gazed to the kite, watching as the wind pulled it away.

"No, wait!" Jamie cried, getting back on his feet.

Jamie chased after the kite, following after the kite into the forest.

The boy ran as fast as he could, looking up at the kite as it flung around high above the trees. With another burst of wind, the kite was then swiped further away by the current and caused it to zip leftward .

"Hey!" Jamie cried stopping dead in his tracks.

He turned and ran the other way after his kite. For a time he raced swiftly though the forest of leafless trees, staring to what lied ahead while often gazing up in the air at his kite. After some time of running though the woods, the wind was beginning to ease up and so to follow was it's grip upon the kite. Like a shriveled brown fall's leaf from the twig of a tree, his kite was beginning to drift down from the air above and disappeared behind the countless bristles of leafless twigs and branches. Gasping with anticipation, he ran ahead in hopes that this could be the chance of getting his kite.

Jamie continued running only for a short time before he came before a tree, where his kite had landed in the high branches.

"Oh, no." he groaned, seeing how high it was.

Jamie looked down to the trunk of the tree and back up at his kite. The tree appeared to be climbable and really it was to be the only option he had for getting it back. He sighed, trying to relieve himself of the fear which would come with his choice.

"You can do this." he told himself in a whispering tone, sealing his eyes tight.

"You can do this!

He then gazed back up at the kite, gulping as he shuttered. He walked slowly up to the trunk of the tree, stepping up onto the to it's root and hugged trunk in his arms before wrapping his legs around it. He slugged his way up to the first branch, where he turned and reached up to grab the branch above. Though his hand was only a mere inch away from the tree limb, which proved to still out from his reach. He then leaped up and grabbed hold of the branch, quickly grabbed hold with his other hand and release his leg's grip on the truck.

He breathed in relief, seeing that he had pulled it off without falling.

"Wow!" he said.

Hanging over the branch, the boy pulled himself up onto the long and dense tree limb. He draped his leg onto the branch and pulled himself up the rest of the way onto the branch.

"Okay, Jamie." He said to himself, taking a moment to calm his nerves.

"Your doing great."

He looked up and saw his kite dangling from above, only a few climbs away from being in his reach. With only a swift second of wait and taking in another gust of air, he continued to climb up from one limb to another before he came upon the branch, which stood under his kite. Jamie came up into a crouching stance

"Okay, okay." he said, his legs shivering underneath him and his heart rapidly beating in his breast.

He gazed up at his dragon kite, which was dangling right above him. Carefully he release the grip of his right hand on the branch below and slowly reached for his kite while he felt himself shaking. As his arm came to straighten itself, his reach came only to the very tip of his dragons wing. Quickly he grabbed hold of it and tried tugging it from in between the branches it was caught between. However it only came to prove futile as the branch only came to hold it back.

"Come on." Jamie said.

"Come on!"

It was with one last strong effort that he then pulled on the kite with all his might. The twigs and branches were already beginning to give way for the kite, till right at the moment that the kite came free from the branch. However it came to be bitter sweet as Jamie came to fall backwards to the branch below where he quickly grab hold before falling.

Breathing nervously, he clanged tightly onto the branch. Though it was then that he heard a crackling sound to his side. He turned left and saw the other end of the branch he was holding beginning to break from the truck, causing it to lower down as it began to break off the trunk.

"Oh, no!" Jamie said.

Right at it's last point the branch broke off and swung downward, causing Jamie to let go and fall to the ground. He came plummeting down and landed hard on his stomach.

For a moment he laid motionless on the ground along with his kite. He groaned, striving through the pain he felt upon his landing. He leaned up off the ground, pushing himself up onto his arms. Though right at the moment he looked up ahead of him, he received a sudden surprise. For it was there that he saw a small snowman, standing in front of him.

Jamie gasped and jumped back from in, starting in utter shock at the sight. Though after a while, he had eased up and his shock turned to complete and utter bewilderment as it stepped forward to him.

"Where did you come from?" Jamie asked curiously.

The small snow man tilted his head at him, smiling. Jamie in turn came up into a kneeling position, looking down back at it.

"Are you... are you a snow man?" The boy said, realizing what it was and all the things that stood to contradict it.

It was spring after all, Jack was gone and all the snow had melted away. Not to mention, it was alive, another trick he had also seen from the mischievous winter spirit.

Though right then the small snow man turned ran off into the woods.

"Hey, wait!" Jamie said, before he chased after it.

The boy proceeded to fallow the little snow man into the woods, running past the countless trees close by and spread across for a distance. As he followed, he tripped and feel to the ground, but in a mere instant stood back upon and continued chasing after it. However the little snowman proved to be quick on it's small bobbed feet, for it was as swiftly as an ostrich in a savannah field that he dashed off through the forest.

It was then that Jamie to stop and catch his breath, after he had lost sight of it. The boy looked about the forest which surrounded him, but saw no sign of the small white snowman.

"Hey, where did you go?" Jamie asked.

Jamie walked further through the wood as he continued looking for it.

"Hello?" he called out.

"You can come out, I'm not going to hurt you."

Though as he walked along, he came to notice there was a slight chill in the air. While it was a common thing to expect at this time of year, it came to feel much different then that. For as he continued stepping forward into the woods, the air continued to grow cooler and cooler. It was to the very point where felt it touch seep right through his sweater and vest, causing him to wrap his arms around himself. His exhaling of his warm beat suddenly became visable to sight.

As he turned and looked leftward for any sign of the snowman, he suddenly took a misstep and found himself rolling down a steep yet short hill. It was upon reaching the very bottom that he landed in something with a crunch like sound. As Jamie leaned up off the ground and shook his head, he then looked about and notice over two feet of freshly fallen snow covered the ground.

"Snow?" The boy said, curiously.

He then heard a small squeeking sound nearby. Upon gazing up to look, he saw the little snowman standing just across from him.

"There you are." Jamie said, turning to face him.

The snowman then hopped up and down before he turned and ran back the opposite way behind him.

"Hey, wait up!" Jamie called, following after it.

As he chased the snow man, he was then brought into a small clearing from the forest where he then stopped and gazed upward in awe. For it was there that Jamie came to see a large castle made from ice.

"Wow!" He uttered in complete amazement.

As he gazed down at the doorway he saw the small snow man jumping up and down, trying to gain his attention. Jamie then walked up the two large doors of ice and stood before them, raising up his hand so hesitenly to knock. He first looked down at the small snow man, only to see him smiling back at him as if he wanted him to knock.

Jamie then turned back to the doors and knocked upon the door, only to have them open to reveal the inside. It was with hesitation the boy slowly stepped inside the castle.

Jamie walked into a large and wide open room with two separate stairways with a fountain made from ice in between them. As he looked above at the ceiling, where he saw a chandelier made also of ice hanging above.

"Cool!" he said, his voice echoed all throughout the castle.

He looked down to the little snow man, who had trotted up beside him.

"What is this place?" He asked.

There then came a sound of small chirping coming from above. Upon looked up to the stairway, he saw countless other little snowmen who descended from above. Each of which trotted down either the stair way or even off the balcony. Jamie stepped back a bit as they all came to surround him.

"There's more of you?" he said, looking all around at the countless little snowball men.

They all smiled and leaped up and down, some of them came up to Jamie and jumped onto his head which caused him to chuckle.

"Hey!" he said in a playful tone.

The boy's sight then drifted to the top of the stair way, where he caught sight of something standing above at the doorway at the top. He squinted his eyes, trying to get a better look of what it was. Till right then, he gasped in realization as to it was.

"Hello?" He called up to the stranger.

He then turned to the stairway to his right and went along through the massive crowd of small snowmen, stepping upon the small clear spots in between them.

"Excuse me." He said, making his way through crowd.

It was a short while before he came to the stairway, where he then began climbing up the steps. Though it was then that the hidden figure fell back from the doorway and turned to climb up a second flight of stairs.

"Hey, wait!" Jamie called to the stranger, just as he came to the top of the stairway.

He then rushed through the doorway and raced up the second flight of steps.

Jamie walked up in through the entrance of an empty room, coming to stop as he came to see the person of mystery. It was a women who looked to be the same age as Jack, she had ice blond hair made into a french braid and she looked be wearing a blue ice dress with a see through cape with snow flake patterns. The boy in turned stared in awe at the sight the way he had with Jack, when he had first came to believe in him. She then turned and saw the boy staring wide eyed back at her. Like a deer who came faced with a person, she scampered back from the boy.

"No, please, stand back!" she waned him.

"Don't come any closer."

Jamie frowned as he held It was for an instant that the two remained completely silent in each others presence, only looking back at one another in complete bewilderment. However is wasn't long before the women's expression had change, as if she had come to realize something. For she then squinted her eyes a bit and the moment of silence between the two was then broken.

"Wait." she then said.

"You- you can you hear me?"

The boy smiled back at her as he then shook his head yes. The women of which came to widen her eyes in realization.

"You- you can- you can see me?" She then asked again.

Jamie shook his yes again to her question. Much like her, a thought of realization came to stuck Jamie. It was then he came to recall the story Mr. Fredrick had told him in class about the two sisters in Arrendelle. Having to not know any other guardians of childhood who was described to look the way she did and with the belief in one he had formed that very day, it could only mean that who he was seeing right now was...

"Elsa!" He then said.

This caused her to lower her arms and widened her eyes with her mouth gaping open.

"You said my name?" Elsa said to herself.

"He knows who I am!"

There then came a smile upon her face as she looked back up to the boy. Jamie smiled back at her, knowing that today he had come to make a new friend.

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