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Elsa's Purpose

Chapter 15, Elsa's Purpose

Elsa and the other Guardians waited by the fire place for North and Jack to get back. Glancing back to Bunny, Tooth and Sandy, the snow queen noticed there was a growing tension between them. Bunny was leaning against the side of the fire place, tapping his foot anxiously. He was worried about the Warren and whether Pitch s planning on going after him next. He had already delivered this years Easter eggs to the children, despite the unexpected weather conditions in Burgess. But it was right around this time that he would start on next years eggs and Pitch and his goons were sure to come after them.

A mindset that was shared by both Tooth and Sandy. Tooth was pacing back and forth mid air, talking so fast it was hard to understand what she was saying. All the while, her fairies tried desperately to calm her down. But it could not be helped. Like Bunny, she was worried for the Tooth Palace and her fairies. He could already be there right now, kidnapping her fairies and taking the teeth like he did before. Imprisoning them in his layer.

Tooth then groaned.

"What's taking so long?" she said, glancing back at Bunny and Tooth.

"My fairies might be in danger! Oh gosh, what if he's at the Tooth Palace right now?!"

"He could already be after my next years eggs." Bunny brought up.

Tooth shook her head, unable to wait another second.

"I can't take it anymore," she said.

"I'm going back to the Palace!"

Elsa came up to Tooth.

"Tooth, it's alright," she said, taking her by the hands.

"Just calm down. There's no need to panic. I'm sure they're fine."

"But... how can you be so sure?" Tooth said.

"They could...

"Tooth, it's okay," she insisted.

"Just take a breath."

Tooth took a deep breath and then exhaled. Slowly, she began to feel calm as her worries faded from notice.

"Okay," she said, nodding her head.

"I feel better now. Thank you, Elsa."

Elsa smiled, nodding her head to her. She glanced to Bunny and Sandy, who seemed to also heed to her words. Panicking was the last thing they needed. Especially with Pitch out there again. They needed to keep a level head.

Bunny nodded his head in agreement.

"She's right, this ain't the time to Panic," he insisted before glancing over at the globe.

"Besides, it doesn't look like any of the lights are going out."

Elsa glanced to Bunny, squinting her eyes, curiously.

"The lights?" she asked, curiously.

"Yeah," Tooth said as she flew up next to her.

"All those lights on the Globe? Those are all children who believe in us."

Elsa glanced up at the Globe, seeing all the small yellow lights underneath the ice.

"And in return, we protect them. All their hopes, their joys, their wonders..."

Sandy came up and formed a dream of yellow sand over top of his head. Tooth of which smiled.

"And their dreams, too." she said.

"What happens if those lights go out?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Tooth, Bunny and Sandy glanced to the side, frowning. Each of them remembering what that was like for Children to stop believing in them.

"Bunny, Tooth, Sandy!"

Jack and North came up to Bunny, Tooth and Sandy, who were standing by the fire place. Tooth was flying back and forth, contemplating what would entail for her and the others with the Return of Pitch. A mindset that was shared by her fellow Guardians. Glancing to them, she could see the look of panic over their faces. They all remembered well what had happened the last time that Pitch had returned. Who knows what he was up to this time.

North said as they turned to him.

"Come, we must find Pitch before he does anything."

Bunny hoped up to him.

"Right, I'll check on things back at the Warren," Bunny insisted.

"See if he's not going after any of next years Eggs."

Tooth nodded her head in agreement.

"And I should should go check things out at the Tooth Palace," Tooth said.

"Make sure my fairies are okay."

North nodded his head, knowing there was the possibility Pitch could have gone after any one of them. Much like how he did last time. He had already come after him, destroying many of the toys he had prepared for Christmas this year. There was no telling who he would go after next. They needed to ensure that the children's belief in them was still as strong as it's always been.

"Right," North said, turning to Sandy.

"Sandy and I shall go and see if the children are safe. Jack will stay here with Elsa."

Jack nodded his head.

"Got it." Jack said.

North turned to Jack, gesturing for him to go fin her. Jack nodded back to him. He then turned before he leaped up over the railing as leaped up and flew down to the lower levels. Bunny came up to North, glancing to him, curiously.

"You sure it's a good idea leaving them here in your workshop?" Bunny asked, glancing to him, curiously.

"Especially Jack?"

North glanced to him.

"I believe he can handle it." North insisted, padding him over the shoulder.

"Now, lets get a move on, everybody!"

Elsa and Jack walked along through the workshop, observing the yeti's cleaning the workshop. She glanced to the side, where she saw one of the yeti's trying to turn over one of the tables. The snow queen came up to the other end.

"Here, let me help you." she said.

They then proceeded to turn the table over and set it down over it's four legs. The yeti muffled a thank you to her, to which Elsa smiled and nodded to him.

"Your welcome." she said, smiling.

Elsa then glanced down to the toys laying over the floor. Where she then paused. Laying before he feet, she saw a small doll with bright strawberry blond hair in a green dress. She kneeled down and picked it up off the ground. Shen then stood up, gazing down at doll as she brushing her fingers through the bright orange locks of hair atop it's head. It almost looked like the one that she and Anna used to play with when she was little. Elsa narrowed her eyes. She thought back to all the times they would play together when they were little. Though at this point of time, they felt as if they were a lifetime ago.

She then turned and walked over to the balcony. It was there she leaned over the railing, gazing sullenly at the doll in her hands. She sighed, glancing to the side. She missed her sister very much. The hardest things upon becoming a spirit was she had to watch the world she once knew, change throughout the years that followed. Along with all the ones whom she loved, growing old and passing on. She remembered the promise that she had made Anna before she had passed on. That she would continue to look after the forest and that she would move on.

And while she had kept looking after the forest, she found it hard to move on. For the pain of losing someone else was almost too painful to bear again. And thus she continued to wonder the world along with only the spirits of the forest by side. It wasn't until she had met Jack and Jamie that she had began making a connection with people again. But even still, she knew she would one day lose them as she had Anna.

For so long, the Man in the Moon had told her she had a purpose. Though she was beginning to question just what that purpose was. Especially now, when it seemed that her powers were once more endangering all those around her. What purpose could be so great where she was forces to endure a life of loss and solitude?


Elsa glanced to her right, where she saw Jack standing next to her.

"You alright?" Jack asked, curiously.

"I... I'm fine." She reassured him.

Elsa then turned her head, glancing back down at the doll she was holding in her hands. Seeing the sadness and contempt in her eyes, Jack knew who it was that she was thinking of. He narrowed his eyes, glancing to the side.

"El, North told me about... your sister." he said, glancing to her.

Elsa closed her eyes, glancing away at the mention of her sister. All but confirming what Jack had thought.

"Were you two close?" Jack asked.

Elsa lifted her sadden gaze to the winter spirit.

"We were." she insisted.

"A long time ago."

She then glanced back down at the doll in her hands.

"We always used to be together," Elsa insisted to Jack.

"She was the one that helped me control my powers. By teaching me that love is more powerful then fear."

Elsa smiled, stoking the orange hair of the doll. Only for her to then frown, glancing to the side.

"But then I became the fifth spirit," She the said.

"So I had to look after the forest and then time passed. She changed, but I didn't... and..."

There was a moments pauses as Elsa closed her eyes, her tears running down the side of her face. Jack frowned, knowing what she meant. He reached out his hand and placed it atop her shoulder, as if to try to comfort her.

"I'm sorry, El." Jack said.

Elsa opened her eyes, glancing back down at the doll.

"After Anna passed, I... I just kept to myself," Elsa insisted.

"I didn't want to have to go through that again. I couldn't bear to see someone else whither and die... So, I just decided to be alone."

Jack turned his head. He knew what it was like. To wonder the world alone for all time. Unheard and unseen by everyone around you. Elsa then gazed up at the globe.

"Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is," she insisted to him.

"Why was I chosen by the Man in the Moon. If it will be worth all of this."

There was a moments paused as Elsa narrowed her eyes. Jack gazed in awe at her for but a moment's time. He then narrowed his head, pondering all that she had said. He then glanced up to her, leaning over the railing.

"I know that's like." He said.

"I had a sister too."

Elsa turned to him.

"You... did?" she asked, curiously.

Jack nodded his head.

"Yeah," Jack claimed to her.

"It was a long time ago. Before I became... well... Jack Frost."

"What... happened to her?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack shook his head.

"I guess the same thing that happened to Anna." he insisted, glancing to her.

Elsa narrowed her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Jack." She said.

Jack glanced to her, nodding his head, appreciating her sympathy. Elsa narrowed her eyes, pushing her hair back behind her hair.

"You know, I never thought that I would ever open up to anyone after Anna," she insisted to Jack.

"I thought I would always be alone."

Jack felt his heart sank upon hearing her say that. He glanced to the side. The mere thought of Elsa having to endure a life of solitary made him feel so upset. Having to endure such a thing himself, he knew exactly what it was she had gone through. It was nothing he ever wished for himself or anybody else.

"But then... I met you and Jamie." She said, glancing up at him.

Jack cocked his head to her with a look of awe. Elsa gazed up to him, smiling to him. As if to show him that she had the same feelings as he had for her. The heart of the Winter sprite then mended to know that Elsa cared for him as she did. Jack placed his hand atop his shoulder as he turn her to face him.

"I don't know what purpose Manny has for you," Jack claimed to her.

"But I promise, I'll do whatever it takes to help you find out what it is."

"Like how?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack glanced to the side for a moment and then back at her, knowing one way to help her find her purpose.

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